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Thu Sep 6, 2012, 10:01 AM Sep 2012

It's the President's fault I am going to miss his speech.

A little context.

After I left the UN I wanted to see what I could do in the private sector. I started a small business in my garage. Eventually we had to move out of the garage, we had to get more room, eventually room for 440 employees. We made furniture in Thailand mostly for the European market.

They took down the damned Berlin Wall (very inconsiderate that they couldn't have waited another 24 months until I got my IPO) and Poland and the Czech Republic actually became cheaper than Asia because their currencies had collapsed. Wipeout number one.

I made appointments to see the CEO's of other factories that I knew were growing and asked the astonished owners if they could take twenty or thirty of my excellent workers (they thought I was there to ask for a VP job). All my employees got a job offer.

Returned to the US and worked as a subcontractor and hired more employees. Got wiped out a second time. Promised Mrs. grantcart I would never hire again, couldn't stand the wipe outs. So I drew a line in the sand. Just do personal production, never hire again, never again would I be a 'job creator'.

I kept my resolve for 3 years. For 3 years I weathered yet another wipeout, this one because I couldn't buy health insurance, lost yet another house, but Mrs. grantcart understands the persistent cycle of kharma was just having fun messing with our minds so just grinned and bear it, atleast I wouldn't have to worry about hiring a bunch of others and all of the problems that brings, no more job creator.

Then my little sliver of the economy got a lot better. Yes I read about other DUers who are facing hard times, have been wiped out and are near that edge that I have had my toes overhang a couple of times. I know what its like to go to the landlord and have to ask for an extra couple of weeks and to finish out the last two weeks of a month on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Everytime I read one of those threads it hits me hard.

But my business kept getting better and now I am basically able to work every day but holidays. I can only make it to DU when somebody has to cancel an appointment.

My next scheduled day off is November 12th. The reason for that is I broke down and hired a secretary. She had been on unemployment for 2 years. She couldn't afford a phone, fix her car or use the internet. The same month that I hired her she went on Social Security. She works for me about 15 hours a week and earns about $ 400 (its based on output not hours and she keeps my schedule full).

I only did it because the President's optimistic outlook is so persistent and so infectious that if you give it half a chance it will take over. And that's the reason I hired a devout Catholic 62 year old that goes to Church 4 times a week to pray for others. And that's why when she told me that this job allowed her to fulfill a dream that she gave up 40 years ago when she had a teenage pregnancy. And that's why I am paying for all of her college expenses.

Yes we can go down the list of all of the policy victories that this President has either accomplished or tried, but this country will get another huge dose of "Yes we Can" and "Yes we have in the Past" and "We can be greater" and "I don't care how many times the Republicans diss me I still like them and think that I can get them headed in the right direction" and "I am still breathing so I believe that great things can be done" Obama-isms.

It reminds me of a 25 year old guy I used to know. He went to countries like Singapore and Indonesia and Malaysia and Thailand and when no one else believed that more could be done and that countries could modify a policy on refugees he got them to modify a policy, or a 32 year old guy I used to see that filled his garage with tables so that he could cut templates for some furniture.

Now I could call the appointment in Temecula tonight and postpone it so I could watch the President on the TV.

I can't.

You see the 38year old mother of 5 who just re-entered the job market that I just hired for another full time position can't wait to get started, so you see its' the President's fault that I am going to miss the speech and I blame him.

I also understand that beyond the policies this President has given this nation what it needs most, a level of optimism that is almost obnoxious if he weren't so damn sincere about it.

He's got us believing in ourselves again.

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It's the President's fault I am going to miss his speech. (Original Post) grantcart Sep 2012 OP
i agree with you. clearly alllll his fault. mopinko Sep 2012 #1
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Fired Up, ready to GO! goclark Sep 2012 #3
I thought I'd missed the first half of Clinton's speech last night BUT beac Sep 2012 #4
Thanks for thr link ~ I may be going out this evening goclark Sep 2012 #6
There are some other live streaming options listed here: beac Sep 2012 #8
Thanks a lot! goclark Sep 2012 #12
Congratulations my good friend cliffordu Sep 2012 #5
grantcart is the best! goclark Sep 2012 #11
thanks grantcart Sep 2012 #14
thanks grantcart Sep 2012 #13
Wonderful story clydefrand Sep 2012 #7
Bravo. bleever Sep 2012 #9
And you just passed your xxqqqzme Sep 2012 #10
Yes he did ~ pass his obtimism on us goclark Sep 2012 #15


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4. I thought I'd missed the first half of Clinton's speech last night BUT
Thu Sep 6, 2012, 11:07 AM
Sep 2012

I was able to scroll back in the YouTube "live streaming" video and watch it from the beginning. So, I saw it last night, but as if I was a ninja time traveler.

Maybe you will be able to do the same w/ the Obama's speech tonight after your appointment.

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/DemConvention2012


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8. There are some other live streaming options listed here:
Thu Sep 6, 2012, 11:41 AM
Sep 2012
http://www.democraticunderground.com/11025753 in case you can't get on YouTube (site was slow last night at times and will likely be so again tonight for POTUS.)

But You Tube was the only one I could travel back in time with successfully.


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5. Congratulations my good friend
Thu Sep 6, 2012, 11:19 AM
Sep 2012

I know up close and personal how hard you've been working and I gotta say that you've held on to this much longer than I would have.

Your courage and stubborn vision is paying off.




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7. Wonderful story
Thu Sep 6, 2012, 11:39 AM
Sep 2012

When I first started reading this, I wondered why the heck would you be on DU. It took me a few minutes to understand...I'm only 71 ...what you were getting to.

I'm so sorry that all the republicans can not appreciate what our president has done for us and will continue to do so if the rich people don't take over our country and make it much worse than ever before. They just don't understand the "real" people.

Again, thank you for your story.

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