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Thu Jul 18, 2019, 04:28 PM Jul 2019

Racism.... unbelievable.

I turned to Rush Limbaugh today to get some inkling about how the RWNJs are responding to the "send them back" thing.
After interminable ads for sketchy products and services, one of the "comedy" ads that Rush has came on....
All paraphrased, since I wasn't recording.

Voiceover advertising a fictional school... then
(in a sterotypical Middle Eastern voice/accent) "I am so glad to be in America and learning new things. I am learning to fly, and learning wiring diagrams and so many things. I am also learning to hate America more than I ever did before from my teacher, Mr. Shabaz."
(Mr Shabaz, in a stereotypical black American voice/accent) "Kill all the crackers."
... and more in that same vein.

I couldn't listen any more. Less than 30 seconds was all I could take.

JFC! What is WRONG with those people? Rhetorical question, I know.

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1. what's wrong with them is that they get pangs of withdrawal if they *miss* 30 seconds of that crap.
Thu Jul 18, 2019, 04:31 PM
Jul 2019

seriously, a *lot* of people watch foxnews and/or listen to hate radio *every waking hour*.

they are indoctrinated, and addicted to that indoctrination.


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4. It is an addiction problem mixed with many other things...
Thu Jul 18, 2019, 04:56 PM
Jul 2019

The repetitive nature of the format and hyperbolic nature of the hucksters schlepping it makes for a powerful drug-like response. People watching and listening to this crap constantly lose touch with their own humanity and ability to empathize with other humans.

They see life as a zero-sum game and they KNOW they have lost, so they choose a new "team" to be part of vicariously. Then a 'hit' (or viewing / listening session) gets them high on the feeling of inclusion, of being 'in-on-the-secrets', being 'part-of-the-best-<insert platitude here>-evah"! After a few minutes or segments of a show they need a bump to stay on their high, so the shows are structured to provide it on the 30 minute run downs and recaps from commercial breaks.

Once they silo themselves away from non-bubble sources, or stop challenging themselves to THINK at all instead of simply ABSORBING instructions on who to hate/blame, they cease to be functional people and become Faux people...people living beyond the strictures of the "libs" and "cucks" and "RINOs" and other non-true believers.

They need to hit the pipe every few hours or the cognitive dissonance starts and they begin to feel like a heroin junkie starting withdraw pains. Next it's grievance time - blaming everyone they can until they get that next soothing hit of confirmatory hate - mainlined into their head in digestible segments and rigorously maintained for potency...LATHER. RINSE. REPEAT.

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