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Just STRAIGHT UP THANK YOU -- To Senator Kamala Harris!!! (Original Post) LovingA2andMI May 2019 OP
I have known what the term "suggest" means since I was about five years old. dameatball May 2019 #1
Yep.... LovingA2andMI May 2019 #2
Oh, Barr knew. He just choose to make a big Fool of himself. riversedge May 2019 #6
And Trump's MO is not say anything outright that come back on him. Thomas Hurt May 2019 #3
The last two minutes Barr bold faced lied ... again. Rosenstein had ... NOT ... been cleared to make uponit7771 May 2019 #4
👀 underpants May 2019 #5
She impeached his credibility in less than 4 minutes. ffr May 2019 #7
K & R SunSeeker May 2019 #8
KH must eat nails for breakfast! Duppers May 2019 #9
I expected better from her It was not bad, it was good.I just expected a more polished examination. Pepsidog May 2019 #10
I did, too. She's capable of pressing more. ancianita May 2019 #11
She's the ONE! djacq May 2019 #12
Dayum! She had him stammering and stuttering . . . . didn't know which way was up. pdsimdars May 2019 #13
I thought she did GREAT! MontanaMama May 2019 #14
And this is why he's not going to testify at the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow.... MrScorpio May 2019 #15
heck yea i want Kamala as VP to Joe :) onetexan May 2019 #16
She had him stuttering, NastyRiffraff May 2019 #17
House Democrats should pursue this issue further sop May 2019 #18
Nothing "Honorable" about this POS. Totally Tunsie May 2019 #19
Several Senators (non rebukes) burrowowl May 2019 #20
That was masterful! I am definitely giving her another look. smirkymonkey May 2019 #21
I am currently supporting Warren. However, Harris's masterful handling of CTyankee May 2019 #22
Giddeyup! Bigredhunk May 2019 #23
Harris and Warren are fighters Generic Other May 2019 #24


(7,006 posts)
2. Yep....
Wed May 1, 2019, 03:41 PM
May 2019

As Barr is suppose to be a Ivy League Trained Lawyer. What type of Ivy League Lawyer does not know what the word SUGGEST means? BS #IMPEACHBARRNOW


(90,444 posts)
4. The last two minutes Barr bold faced lied ... again. Rosenstein had ... NOT ... been cleared to make
Wed May 1, 2019, 04:39 PM
May 2019

... a charging decision on a case he was a witness on.

That's false and it's not the dAG's job to do such


(13,147 posts)
16. heck yea i want Kamala as VP to Joe :)
Wed May 1, 2019, 06:32 PM
May 2019

she's damn good. Her intelligence and strength oozes out of her. She had Low Barr crapping his pants and sweating bullets


(12,448 posts)
17. She had him stuttering,
Wed May 1, 2019, 06:34 PM
May 2019

asking for help from his staff. He did everything he could to evade, distract. He looked at his staff like he was begging them to get him OUT of there and away from this woman! And Miz Lindsey was probably near tears.


(10,674 posts)
18. House Democrats should pursue this issue further
Wed May 1, 2019, 06:48 PM
May 2019

Asked whether anyone at the White House had “suggested” opening criminal cases, Barr paused, squirming visibly, then said he was trying to recall. "It seems you would remember,” Harris noted, giving him that look of hers.

When Barr finally claimed no one had “asked” him to open an investigation, Harris asked whether anyone had “hinted” at it, or “suggested” it. Barr didn't know how to answer, probably wondering if someone else present in those meetings would have a different recollection. “You don’t know?” Harris asked. “I don’t know,” Barr responded. The guy was obviously lying.

Trump surely discussed investigating his political opponents with everyone, likely employing the same sort of coded language used to order mafia hits. That's all he talked about during the campaign, even threatening Hillary in one of the debates, promising to order an investigation and have her jailed as soon as he was sworn in. Trump and Sessions were leading chants of "lock her up!" at every one of his Bund Rallies. It's probably the real reason he fired Sessions; for not arresting Hillary Clinton as AG.

If the Democratic House members were listening, Harris just showed them how to get Barr to tie himself in knots, and commit perjury.



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21. That was masterful! I am definitely giving her another look.
Wed May 1, 2019, 07:57 PM
May 2019

There is nothing I would love more than to see her take Trump down in a debate. If she can make Barr cower, imagine how well she could trigger President Snowflake.


(64,051 posts)
22. I am currently supporting Warren. However, Harris's masterful handling of
Thu May 2, 2019, 10:47 AM
May 2019

the Barr hearing was incredible and makes me want to choose BOTH women! I know I cannot and it makes me sad. They both have intellect and fiery passion. But I do believe that Trump is afraid of Harris (hence no nasty nickname like Pocahontas for Warren). Harris would chop Trump up in itty bitty pieces in a debate. God knows what he'd try to throw at her but I think he'd look dumb even trying...

Generic Other

(28,980 posts)
24. Harris and Warren are fighters
Thu May 2, 2019, 10:57 AM
May 2019

They do not mince words or worry about what the other side thinks of them.

When we see the last of Trump, it will be the women of this country who will finally say enough.

edit: And don't forget Hirono.

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