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Sat Nov 24, 2018, 07:21 AM Nov 2018

Face the facts. And the lame media ought to be reporting this every time 45 opens his mouth

Obama faced an economy at the abyss when entering office. Some economist say it was the worst recession or depression since FDR. Most of the world was in economic trouble at the same time.

The fact is that Trump faced no such economic peril when he came into office. It was not "a mess" like he lies every time he gets a chance to speak. Obama had turned the economy around and his health care agenda really helped to do that. When Trump came into office the US economy was on an upswing, needing only to have the GOP-loving corporate oligarchs to lend a helping hand by doing what they should have done for President Obama (get in the game and bring that off-shore money back home.) None of those insane tax cuts were needed to do that since corporations were enjoying profits at historic highs at the time.

Trump did not inherit a mess but he did start making a mess. This is the story that needs to be told by the media in every format possible and in every media outlet possible.

Since it doesn't appear that the media will do it, it is up to EVERY DEMOCRAT IN CONGRESS to do it every chance they get. Even the newbies in the House and Senate need to do this to get it set firmly in the heads of voters before 2020.

Yes, we need a bold new agenda. Facts and truth ought to be a major part of that agenda...not tearing down the Democrats who had to fight trough the tough times, making hard decisions and sometimes losing their own jobs for doing the right thing. I love the new Democrats now in office but they will be making a huge mistake if they do not recognize and honor our past while building our future. We only have each other to carry the facts and truth forward and we should be unified when we do it.

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Face the facts. And the lame media ought to be reporting this every time 45 opens his mouth (Original Post) allgood33 Nov 2018 OP
Not to mention, Scarsdale Nov 2018 #1
The reason the economy was soooo bad and is on a second decline is because it is capitalism Farmer-Rick Nov 2018 #2
The Orange Menace killed the Obama stock market. That should NCjack Nov 2018 #3
So True Roy Rolling Nov 2018 #4
Obama's Economy - How bad is Trump messing it up? populistdriven Nov 2018 #5
We have 1 federal and many state-level BOLD NEW AGENDAS, Hortensis Nov 2018 #6
getting in the game. mopinko Nov 2018 #7
They demolish. We build. Garrett78 Nov 2018 #8


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1. Not to mention,
Sat Nov 24, 2018, 09:16 AM
Nov 2018

President Obama had to do all that while fighting the vile obstructionist McConnell and the rest of the racist gop. They just could not accept an intelligent, competent Black man. Now, look what they have!! A big orange blob of STUPID.


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2. The reason the economy was soooo bad and is on a second decline is because it is capitalism
Sat Nov 24, 2018, 09:36 AM
Nov 2018

Capitalism is all about random ups and downs, out of control kings betting on an out of control market ruled by monopolies. When it crashed last time, instead of getting it under control with rules and regulations like FDR did, for whatever reason, it was not restrained. It was allowed to remain out of control. Instead, the kings of capitalism decided austerity was the way to go and that is what they gave the people all over the world...and the kings of capitalism got richer...and the rest of the population got poorer.

Then you got Trump.

Roy Rolling

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4. So True
Sat Nov 24, 2018, 09:46 AM
Nov 2018

But temporarily lacking simple-to-understand hard evidence. Once the stock market crashes and interest rates go higher, then it will be apparent to low-information Trump cheerleaders. Once that happens, the cheerleaders will change teams and all that "Trump is great for the economy" bullshit will suddenly end.


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5. Obama's Economy - How bad is Trump messing it up?
Sat Nov 24, 2018, 10:08 AM
Nov 2018

Its all about the headline

Trump's Economy was Obamas and now its in a rut

Trump drives Obamas Economy into recession in 3 short (or long) years


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6. We have 1 federal and many state-level BOLD NEW AGENDAS,
Sat Nov 24, 2018, 10:21 AM
Nov 2018

and you'll be much happier finding out what has our professionals in and out of government so excited right now. And they're certainly all going to be far too busy pursuing worthy goals to waste time running behind the media carping at them instead of reporting proudly from up front on what they're doing.

The blue wave is biggest at the state level, so in many states addressing important issues won't be waiting for 2020. Big things are going to be happening. We will have complete control of governments in 14 states now and control state legislatures in 18. We picked up 7 additional governorships and well over 300 legislative seats.

This goes both directions, of course, blue states more vital, healthy and democratic, red states the other direction: Interestingly, in January all state legislatures, excluding Minnesota, will be controlled by ONE party. Democrats control 18; Republicans control 31. Republicans will be forcing their states farther right; here in Georgia, a first priority item is anti-LGBTQ oppression. People in still-red states will get more of what most have already been unhappy about.

Meanwhile, for blue states think things like: Voting rights, campaign finance reform -- automatic voter registration is expected to become the norm in blue states. Sustainable energy? Fresh water protections? Drawing new business and good, new infrastructure jobs?

How about adequate funding of schools after, in some states, years of Republican starvation of public education? Even expanding public schooling to include full-day kindergarden and preschool? Medicare expansion and other healthcare issues? Minimum wage raise? Affordable or even free state college? Restoration of labor rights and benefits, like paid sick leave? Restoration of equality legislated away by Republicans?

Speaking of that last, the blue wave is of course a rainbow wave also, in spite of widespread post-2016 attempts at persecution and repression. Before the midterms 7 states had still never elected an openly LGBT legislator, but now voters in IN, KS and NE have.

VOX: Democratic wins in these 9 states will have seismic policy consequences

Democrats flipped seven governorships, six state legislative chambers, and more than 300 state House and Senate seats on election night. The party went a long way to regaining control at the state level after suffering devastating losses throughout the Barack Obama years.

In some states, the consequences are obvious. Maine elected Democrat Janet Mills as its next governor and put Democrats in complete control of the Maine Legislature, which should bring a rapid end to a year-long fight over Medicaid expansion in the state. Tens of thousands of low-income Mainers should soon get health insurance, now that Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s obstruction of a voter-approved ballot referendum is coming to an end, and 70,000 people will gain health insurance.

Democrats even made some important gains in states where they didn’t win legislative control. In Pennsylvania, for example, they merely broke the GOP supermajority in the Senate. After Pennsylvania Republicans last year considered impeaching the state judges who ruled that the state’s congressional maps should be redrawn — which would have required a supermajority in the Senate — that is still a notable achievement for Democrats. Gretchen Whitmer will have to contend with a GOP legislature as Michigan governor, but she still broke full Republican control over the state.

The biggest changes will come in states where Democrats won legislative chambers and the governor’s office. Democrats secured trifectas — control of the governor’s mansion and both state legislative chambers — in Maine, Connecticut, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, and New York on election night. They will now have total control of 13 states, versus 21 states under full Republican control. ...

Some Democratic priorities are likely to cross state lines: strengthening voting rights, reforming the process for drawing their state’s congressional and state legislative maps, countering the Trump administration on health care and the environment, and more.

But state governments have a strong influence on the core issues — health care, taxes, immigration, climate change — that dominate the national discourse too. This is how the big Democratic wins could change things.



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7. getting in the game.
Sat Nov 24, 2018, 10:44 AM
Nov 2018

i think the whole juice we are seeing in the economy is the oligarchs are doing just that for their buddy/puppet.
can he piss them off enough to take their foot off the gas?
or will they power him through after his stupid ideas start killing it?
and will that make the inevitable crash that much worse?


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8. They demolish. We build.
Sat Nov 24, 2018, 12:14 PM
Nov 2018

From Reagan and Bush to Clinton.

From Dubya to Obama.

And once again, we will build back up what Trump is demolishing.

That's a simple enough message that's easy to convey in less than 30 seconds.

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