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Fri Feb 16, 2018, 11:31 PM

If Russians/Trump wanted to coordinate they would study talk radio. Trump did that in 2014.

According to the Mueller indictments the Russian operation started “Beginning as early as 2014”.

Sam Nunberg told Gabriel Sherman for New York Magazine 4/3/16 that:

Throughout 2014, the three (Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, and Sam Nunberg) fed Trump strategy memos and political intelligence. “I listened to thousands of hours of talk radio, and he was getting reports from me,” Nunberg recalled. What those reports said was that the GOP base was frothing over a handful of issues including immigration, Obamacare, and Common Core.

(Thanks to whoever alerted me to that.)

Why would they do that? Who told a bunch of city guys to study talk radio? Does anyone think a non-Russian could convince Trump to order someone to listen to thousands of hours of talk radio and that was the key to winning the primaries, and maybe the general election? Would he pay for that? Who did pay for Nunberg to spend all those hours like that?

If the Russian organization indicted by Mueller was going to keep a distance from the Trump operation they would minimize traceable contact. What better way than to coordinate with 1500 radio stations all working for their common interests?

And why not figure out how to feed those stations?

If Russians, not Americans living here and familiar with our politics, were engineering a social media attack why would they just use any old shit to attack Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and even primary opponents? To be efficient in their attack they wouldn’t just throw a bunch of shit on the wall and see what sticks.

At some point head trolls would give the other trolls the best material to use. How would a Russian know what material to use? How would they study that?

You could do some of that using RW web sites and Fox, but why not go to where a lot of their material gets it’s original unchallenged repetition?

Trump’s base, the Republican base, is generally older — why wouldn’t they want to use talk radio?

If you want to prioritize the top issues to work on why not just listen to Limbaugh, the guy at the top who’s been doing that for 30 years with guys like Rove and the major think tanks feeding and training him? Why not piggyback a proven, highly effective propaganda operation with 30 years experience attacking Clintons and Democrats?

Rove and the MIC seemed to have used Drudge a lot to feed talk radio so the Kremlin may have had to used another site, like Breitbart, for instance.

Russians may have been using talk radio since Rove lost central control around 2008. The “Climategate” hoax that set back global warming action for years started with a Russian hack and Limbaugh played a major part in that. The Koch bros probably wouldn’t want Limbaugh to spend two months pushing Republicans to default on the debt, like he did in 2011. Who would?

Talk radio is what led the attack on Obama and Clinton with Benghazi-related bullshit. That is what created the Clinton email ‘scandal’, not social media. One of the hoaxes that came out at the same time on talk radio was the lie that Clinton and Obama prevented marines guarding US embassies to carry live ammunition. That was repeated on talk radio for weeks even though any idiot could figure out it might invite terrorist attacks. It had to be formally debunked by the US Marines. What Koch think tank would want to be accused of pushing that?

Which talk radio gods was Nunberg listening to? How were the Russians coordinating their messaging for different states? If you want to really prioritize material and get efficient you’d listen to the main talk radio gods, particularly Limbaugh. If you want to prioritize messaging for a particular state you can’t do that with Fox or the major national RW web sites, you’d listen to the major local blowhards in each state.

Was Nunberg listening to talk radio hosts in particular crucial states that were also targeted by trolls?

During the primaries Trump didn’t need to spend big money to beat establishment big money candidates Rubio and Bush because he had Limbaugh on his side. Limbaugh trashed the GOP ‘establishment’ candidates and made excuses for Trump. Almost all of the talk radio blowhards follow Limbaugh’s lead or they lose their jobs. In the primaries a few split off but those candidates they preferred couldn’t be soft on immigration because that was a major reason Limbaugh attacked Rubio and Bush.

Hopefully some of the snitches will mention the radio part of this to Mueller and maybe Mueller will find a reference to talk radio gods getting freelance money through Cyprus or something.

But if Mueller’s team is as ignorant of talk radio as the media and the Democratic Party we’re still screwed. Maybe they should call Sam Nunberg.

Limbaugh’s still keeping an army of talk radio blowhards and the GOP in line for Trump. Trump would be gone in a minute if Limbaugh’s army suddenly hated Russians more than they do liberals.

And if they’re reinforcing and feeding talk radio, Americans need to start taking it a lot more seriously. If there’s not much that can be done about Russian trolling at least Americans can destroy the talk radio monopoly, which is still Trump and Putin’s best weapon.

And tonight a RW talk radio blowhard explained that Obama and the FBI totally missed the Russian spies starting in 2014....

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