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Thu Jan 18, 2018, 11:22 AM Jan 2018

Republicans Spent 8 Years Sabotaging Obama In Effort To Retake White House

And it worked.

Republicans even voted against the stimulus when we were losing 1 million jobs a month.

Now they will run on the "Look at the great economy" platform. By November they will have spent billions in advertising, all billionaire money, convincing "Americans" that the "good economy" is because of them. It's already starting.

We have to be ready. It will probably work. I watched all them "Trumpers" bragging about all the good economic news on CNN.

By not pointing out the economic treason of the GOP during the Obama Administration, we will now pay the price. Republicans will get credit for better economy from destroying environmental protections, reducing business restrictions, and making the workplace more dangerous. When you set corporations free to profit at any cost you get a boost. And our children will pay with their lives.

Sorry Dems.

Too many Americans will vote for a sexual predator as long as they think they will get an extra $1 in their paycheck every week.

I know I'm right.

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