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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 04:58 PM
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Trump's Austin rally is closest-to-election Texas foray by a presidential contender in two decades

Is Texas a swing state now? http://beta.dallasnews.com/news/2016-presidential-election/2016/08/22/trumps-austin-rally-closest-election-texas-foray-presidential-contender-two-decades

Donald Trump is staging two public campaign events in Austin on Tuesday, making his foray into Texas the closest to the general election by any major-party presidential nominee in two decades.

Except to serve as an ATM for candidates briefly stopping over to raise money, Texas is generally inert during general-election contests for the White House.

It hasn't voted for a Democrat for president since Jimmy Carter carried the state in 1976 against President Gerald Ford.

Nothing much happens here after the primaries — and in some cycles, during the primaries as well as the general election.
How do you explain Trump's investment of most of a day in public events in Austin on Tuesday?

John Lewis’ March is an essential read in a turbulent political climate

I have signed copies of Book One and Book Two of this series and I am looking forward to reading book three http://www.avclub.com/article/john-lewis-march-essential-read-turbulent-politica-241001

March: Book Three is filled with smart, expressive artistic decisions like these, and the story ends with Lewis thanking his future artistic collaborator via his past self. As Lewis heads to work in 2009, he tells his future co-writer, Aydin, that he wants to pursue a comic book idea he has, and that they need to find an artist who “can make the words sing.” That’s exactly what Powell accomplishes in this trilogy, and the sweeping rhythm and rich emotion he brings to Lewis’ story makes March an unforgettable journey to the past that will surely inspire countless readers in the future.

I will be buying a couple copies of book three and hope that I can get Congressman Lewis to sign these copies.

Clinton campaign has best fundraising month

These are great numbers http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/02/politics/clinton-fundraising-july/index.html?sr=twpol080216clinton-fundraising-july1254PMStoryLink&linkId=27191684

The Hillary Clinton campaign announced Tuesday it pulled in $90 million last month for her campaign and the Democratic Party -- its best fundraising month of the race.

The campaign also announced that it had $58 million cash on hand at the start of August.

The Clinton campaign also touted bringing in $8.7 million in the 24 hours after she accepted the nomination last week -- a haul that exceeded some of Bernie Sanders best efforts in the thick of the Democratic primary.

The campaign said in a statement that the average donation for the month was just $44 and about 54 percent of donations in the month of July came from new donors.

4th Circuit case-“In voter ID case, GOP leader says ‘Daily Show’ source a ‘pain in the …’”

The daily show was cited in the 4th Circuit case on voter id http://electionlawblog.org/?p=84821

News & Observer:

A formal federal court ruling’s unusual reference to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” has left North Carolina Republicans again distancing themselves from a former party official who made racially charged remarks back in 2013 about the state’s voter ID law.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision, published Friday, quotes former Buncombe County, North Carolina, precinct chairman Don Yelton as saying on the Daily Show three years ago: If the N.C. voter ID law “hurts the whites, so be it. If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it.”

Yelton’s interview on the satirical Comedy Central show helped federal judges make the case that North Carolina’s voter ID law is discriminatory.

I am geek and so I found the footnote in question-footnote 7 http://electionlawblog.org/wp-content/uploads/nc-4th.pdf

Some of the statements by those supporting the legislation
included a Republican precinct chairman who testified before the
House Rules Committee that the photo ID requirement would
“disenfranchise some of special voting blocks
,” and that “that within itself is the reason for the photo
voter ID, period, end of discussion.” See J.A. 1313-14; Yelton
testimony, Transcript of Public Hearing of the North Carolina
General Assembly, House Elections Committee (Apr. 10, 2013) at
51. Responding to the outcry over the law after its enactment,
the same witness later said publicly: “If hurts
the whites so be it. If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that
want the government to give them everything, so be it.” See
J.A. 1313-14; Joe Coscarelli, Don Yelton, GOP Precinct Chair,
Delivers Most Baldly Racist Daily Show Interview of All Time,
New York Magazine, Oct. 24, 2013. These statements do not prove
that any member of the General Assembly necessarily acted with
discriminatory intent. But the sheer outrageousness of these
public statements by a party leader does provide some evidence
of the racial and partisan political environment in which the
General Assembly enacted the law.
Appeal: 16-1468 Doc: 150 Filed: 07/29/2016 Pg: 47 of 83

This really makes me smile

Convention update-card trick

There are cards at each seat in Texas delegation. We are in the bleachers. We are to hold up cards when told to. There is a video on how to this trick. We are not to hold cards above our heads.

Anyone want to predict how mant delegates fail to follow instructions?

This trick will take place before the balloon drop

Roll call votes-comparison of Democratic vs. GOP conventions-my view as a Clinton delegate

The theme of the Democratic Convention will be Unity. Part of the deal for Sanders endorsement of Clinton is allowing Sanders to have some roll call votes on the super delegates, open primaries and the requirement of a formal roll call vote for the nomination itself (currently the plans are for this vote will be on Tuesday in the afternoon and not on Wednesday during prime time). There appears to no plan for Sanders to release his delegates to vote for Clinton during the roll call like what Clinton did in 2008. I would prefer that Sanders follow Clinton's 2008 example but that appears to not be part of the deal for Sanders endorsement and I want the party to be unified coming out of the convention.

The DNC could block these roll call votes if they wanted to ignore the rules and the democratic process but instead of using Roberts Rules of Order to thwart the goal of unity, there will be three to five roll call votes as the Convention and Clinton delegates are being "whipped" to show up and vote for these roll calls. The first vote will be as early as two thirty on Monday afternoon and the Clinton campaign will be busy "whipping" the delegates to be there for these votes.

The GOP blocked the roll call votes last night and will be paying a price for ignoring the rules. Democrats and DNC will be taking a different approach with the goal being a unified party. As a Clinton delegate, I am looking forward to these roll call votes and I love the fact that the Clinton campaign is trusting in the process and democracy.

We will see which method works but I think that putting your trust in democracy and the process may be the better way to go.

U.S. Curtails Federal Election Observers

One of the consequences of the SCOTUS' gutting of the voting rights act was the restriction of the DOJ's ability to federal election monitors. This is one of the provisions that the Democrats are trying to restore and which is being block by the Congressional republicans http://fortune.com/2016/07/17/us-federal-election-observers/

Federal election observers can only be sent to five states in this year’s U.S. presidential election, among the smallest deployments since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965 to end racial discrimination at the ballot box.

The plan, confirmed in a U.S. Department of Justice fact sheet seen by Reuters, reflects changes brought about by the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision to strike down parts of the Act, a signature legislative achievement of the 1960s civil rights movement.

Voting rights advocates told Reuters they were concerned that the scaling-back of observers would make it harder to detect and counter efforts to intimidate or hinder voters, especially in southern states with a history of racial discrimination at the ballot box.

The Supreme Court ruling undercut a key section of the Act that requires such states to obtain U.S. approval before changing election laws. The court struck down the formula used to determine which states were affected.

In 2012 I had a good number of poll watchers out watching the True the Vote assholes who were out attempting to suppress the vote. The DOJ election monitors were in a number of precincts in my county and in those precincts, we did not have to worry about the True the Vote voter suppression efforts. The DOJ people were great in stopping the True the Vote idiots from suppressing the vote.

I fear that we will be seeing some nasty GOP voter suppression efforts in states where the DOJ will not be allowed to monitor elections.

Again the Congressional republicans are refusing to restore this right because they do not want GOP voter suppression efforts stopped. The VRA needs to be restored which is not going to happen why the GOP control congress

Newly elected SDEC SD 17 Committewoman Sue Clark passed away

Sue Clark was an election judge, the former treasurer of the county party, member of the Meyerland Democrats Club and was just elected to committee woman on SDEC for SD 17. Sue passed away this morning. I am in state of shock. Sue was a great democrat and hard party worker. She was looking forward to being on the SDEC and would have made a great committee woman I am in state of shock I saw Sue at the Texas Democratic party state convention less that month ago

I was proud to be her friend. My she rest in peace

Some Trump RNC Delegates Surprised About Paying Their Own Way To Cleveland

Going to a national convention is not cheap but everyone knows in advance that they have to pay their own way other than trump supporters http://www.npr.org/2016/07/14/485911005/some-trump-rnc-delegates-surprised-about-paying-their-own-way-to-cleveland?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=politics&utm_medium=social&utm_term=nprnews

Tentative Speakers for DNC Convention

I just got this from one of the Texas Democratic Party officials

Elizabeth Warren on Monday
Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders on Tuesday
Barack Obama on Wednesday
Vice Presidential nominee on Wednesday
Hillary Clinton on Thursday.

I am so looking forward to Philadelphia
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