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- Show biz celebs urge use of social media to list issues for Presidential election.. No Elephants Mon Oct-01-12 07:31 AM1
- Why the 2012 Presidential Election Matters (according to Associated Press) No Elephants Mon Oct-01-12 07:23 AM1
- Muslims and Buddhists at odds in Bangladesh and Myanmar. No Elephants Mon Oct-01-12 06:19 AM0
- Boy Scouts to report pedophiles missed previously No Elephants Mon Oct-01-12 05:44 AM0
- The problem with Presidential elections is No Elephants Mon Oct-01-12 05:25 AM0
- Who is hotmailcity and how does this poster No Elephants Mon Oct-01-12 05:07 AM6
- WHO IS JESUS? HOTMAILCITY Sat Sep-29-12 04:34 PM0
- Be prepared for the media to declare Romney the winner of the first debate, unless No Elephants Sat Sep-29-12 11:05 AM2
- Washington Week: Where did the tide begin to turn? No Elephants Sat Sep-29-12 10:25 AM2
- If you missed this great protest by NYC parents against Won't Back Down... madfloridian Sat Sep-29-12 08:46 AM3
- FDA warning public of risks of online pharmacies No Elephants Sat Sep-29-12 06:04 AM2
- FL Gov (aka Skeletor) refuses to meet with the FL Pediatric Society over ACA changes Divine Discon... Sat Sep-29-12 05:50 AM3
- Obama leads Romney by 2 to 1 margin in Massachusetts, 64 to 32. No Elephants Sat Sep-29-12 05:37 AM4
- If you do nothing else this week, No Elephants Sat Sep-29-12 05:35 AM6
- Speaking of Viola Davis on the Ellen show....disappointing. madfloridian Fri Sep-28-12 09:50 AM8
- He's a No Elephants Fri Sep-28-12 07:36 AM2
- Swiss activist Manfred Petritsch says the West is waging a war against Islam and spirituality No Elephants Fri Sep-28-12 06:15 AM6
- GOP voter registration group funded millions by RNC under investigation for mass vote fraud Divine Discon... Fri Sep-28-12 04:47 AM1
- Another reason Mitt Romney MUST be defeated: Secretary of Education Jeb Bush seafan Thu Sep-27-12 11:57 AM8
- I think Romney looks a whole lot better with a little color in his face Cronus Protag... Thu Sep-27-12 11:07 AM7
- Green Party Pres. candidate, Jill Stein, claims Dems are holding up public campaign funds. No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 09:52 AM3
- If you're going to San Francisco, you'd better No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 09:51 AM2
- Isn't it funny how teachers go on strike in Chicago and both political Parties No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 09:49 AM5
- "Scott Brown warns staff over war whoops" No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 08:45 AM2
- Props to Willie Nelson for another Farm Aid concert on 9/22 in Pennsy. No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 08:20 AM7
- Characters in Won't Back Down crafted more like "talking points"... madfloridian Thu Sep-27-12 06:19 AM3
- Anti-cuts protests erupt on streets of Athens and Madrid No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 05:33 AM3
- Romney being interviewed: Democrats get their money from--wait for it-- No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 02:16 AM2
- Way to change California from a blue state to a Libertarian state, Holder. No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 01:53 AM2
- America's hidden unemployed: too discouraged to count No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 01:47 AM4
- ATF Probes Explosion Near Home Of Indiana Dem. Congressional Candidate Brendan Mullen Divine Discon... Wed Sep-26-12 08:40 PM3
- World's largest oil trader flouts Iran sanctions No Elephants Wed Sep-26-12 06:36 PM1
- Just the typical day-to-day news in Florida..... seafan Wed Sep-26-12 05:39 AM1
- Obama urges UN to confront roots of Muslim rage No Elephants Wed Sep-26-12 03:54 AM0
- Here's a representative sample of the iPhone 5 customer base Cronus Protag... Wed Sep-26-12 03:40 AM4
- "The Stench" Me. Wed Sep-26-12 03:36 AM1
- If this is the end, my friends, what a long strange trip it's been DainBramaged Tue Sep-25-12 03:05 PM1
- The Queen of England is a Leftie rpannier Tue Sep-25-12 03:03 PM1
- Michelle Rhee in Atlanta with preachers' group...taking back public schools. madfloridian Mon Sep-24-12 11:54 PM9
- A bill for partial privatization of Social Security has been filed. No Elephants Mon Sep-24-12 11:19 AM3
- Double whammy: Arne Duncan on Morning Joe. No Elephants Mon Sep-24-12 09:32 AM0
- The worst economic conditions in "a generation---or two." No Elephants Mon Sep-24-12 06:10 AM1
- Thousands brawl at one of China's largest prisons Divine Discon... Mon Sep-24-12 06:03 AM1
- "Romney gave millions to charity." No Elephants Mon Sep-24-12 05:46 AM1
- What do you eat while watching the Emmies? No Elephants Mon Sep-24-12 03:53 AM2
- Birthers demand Obama's birth certificate; Others demand his No Elephants Sun Sep-23-12 11:48 AM0
- 2012 challenge: Corral undecided likely voters (A mentality I will NEVER understand.) No Elephants Sun Sep-23-12 09:22 AM0
- If Romney is really such a great turnaround CEO, why hasn't he turned around his own campaign? No Elephants Sun Sep-23-12 08:57 AM0
- Link to online videos of the Warren Brown debate No Elephants Sun Sep-23-12 08:44 AM2
- Lugar Will Not Campaign For Mourdock In Ind. rpannier Sat Sep-22-12 01:47 AM7
- According to instant polling, 50% thought Brown won the debate, as opposed to 40% for Warren. No Elephants Fri Sep-21-12 09:47 AM2
- How would you address Jesus' wife? Mrs. Christ? Mrs. Of Nazareth? No Elephants Fri Sep-21-12 08:18 AM1
- Tim Pawlenty Finally Grows A Set Me. Fri Sep-21-12 06:28 AM4
- Oh oh ...DU3 glitch? L0oniX Fri Sep-21-12 05:52 AM2
- Re-distribution of wealth; class warfare. No Elephants Fri Sep-21-12 03:55 AM2
- The first debate between Warren and Brown--the one likeliest to be watched--will be moderated No Elephants Fri Sep-21-12 03:25 AM4
- If it's fair to use Bill Ayers on Obama then it's fair to use Marc Leder's association with Romney. L0oniX Fri Sep-21-12 02:41 AM8
- Dishonest Morning Joe does it again. No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 07:26 AM3
- Warren six points ahead of Brown after her speech at the Democratic National Convention. No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 07:06 AM3
- Romney's father and grandfather were on welfare. No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 06:44 AM2
- No Kennedy in either house of Congress right now, but here's wishing luck to Joe Kennedy III. No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 06:37 AM3
- Gov. Patrick "accepted resignation" of the Commander of the Massachusetts National Guard. No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 06:30 AM1
- Amendments on FL ballot in November sound disastrous for state. madfloridian Thu Sep-20-12 06:02 AM2
- I keep watching this because it keeps making me laugh. L0oniX Thu Sep-20-12 05:44 AM1
- With all his money, all his alleged CEO talents and 20 years in politics, No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 05:37 AM1
- Good morning, fellow victims! No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 05:34 AM1
- "Today, Mitt Romney Lost The Election" (showed us he despises Americans. He said some nasty sh*t) Divine Discon... Wed Sep-19-12 06:26 AM5
- Mitt Romney exposes the Republican id. And it is very, very nasty. seafan Wed Sep-19-12 06:19 AM3
- Romney despises 47% of electorate, in secretly obtained video in Florida. Goodbye, senior vote. seafan Wed Sep-19-12 06:17 AM4
- What ELSE is Romney hiding? No Elephants Wed Sep-19-12 06:09 AM4
- SECRET VIDEO excerpt #2: On Israel, Romney Trashes Two-State Solution seafan Tue Sep-18-12 04:01 PM2
- Laptop problems. No Elephants Tue Sep-18-12 12:22 PM3
- The new right wing meme: "I don't think we are seeing the real Romney." No Elephants Tue Sep-18-12 12:12 PM3
- Maggie Gyllenhaal calls anti-union movie a fairy tale. Admits it is not realistic. madfloridian Tue Sep-18-12 11:11 AM1
- Time to pack it in around here? (Poll) Divine Discon... Mon Sep-17-12 07:47 PM19
- Romney will not release the names of his bundlers. No Elephants Mon Sep-17-12 07:47 AM2
- RW talking point on the Chicago teachers' strike: poor, single working moms scrambling for daycare No Elephants Mon Sep-17-12 07:11 AM6
- Romney: Gene Hackman should play him in a movie Contrary1 Mon Sep-17-12 05:40 AM8
- Al-Qaida calls for more attacks on embassies No Elephants Mon Sep-17-12 03:51 AM2
- Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt No Elephants Mon Sep-17-12 03:30 AM2
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