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Reply #5: We had less than five inches [View All]

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PhillySane Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-27-10 09:09 AM
Response to Reply #2
5. We had less than five inches
on the ground at game time. And we do have public transportation direct to the stadium. The suburbs west of the city hardly got any snow. This was a network/nfl/money decision, I'm sure.
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  -Ed Rendell: "You play football regardless of the weather." PhillySane  Dec-27-10 08:56 AM   #0 
  - I agree too!  Myrina   Dec-27-10 09:02 AM   #1 
  - They're not fine anymore  Missy Vixen   Dec-27-10 11:47 AM   #37 
  - What about the ticket holders getting to and from the game?  eleny   Dec-27-10 09:04 AM   #2 
  - That's why I felt they cancelled it. No problem for the players but the weather  harun   Dec-27-10 09:07 AM   #3 
  - We had less than five inches  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 09:09 AM   #5 
  - I think it is better that they did it, if even one accident took a life  Motown_Johnny   Dec-27-10 10:49 AM   #31 
  - An abundance of caution.  GoneOffShore   Dec-27-10 07:43 PM   #79 
  - It wasn't a network/nfl decision. They lost money on it.  former9thward   Dec-27-10 11:35 AM   #34 
  - bullshit - I'm in the burbs west of the city  TorchTheWitch   Dec-27-10 01:05 PM   #61 
  - Okay  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 01:29 PM   #66 
  - I-95 was a mess! Untouched. Unplowed.  October   Dec-27-10 09:33 PM   #86 
  - My father-in-law works for SEPTA and I talked to him last night.  JoePhilly   Dec-27-10 01:14 PM   #65 
  - FAIL  WhaTHellsgoingonhere   Dec-27-10 12:16 PM   #45 
  - How do you know where everyone is driving from  eleny   Dec-27-10 02:53 PM   #69 
     - Except for all the hand ringers here who would never venture out anyway...  WhaTHellsgoingonhere   Dec-27-10 06:04 PM   #75 
        - As if people have to live up to your exectations or they fall prey to your nasty name calling  eleny   Dec-27-10 07:05 PM   #77 
  - yeah seriously rendell is full of crap regarding the situation  alp227   Dec-27-10 10:57 PM   #88 
  - Here in central Jersey people are stuck in ambulances  soleft   Dec-27-10 09:07 AM   #4 
  - Rendell is an ignorant blowhard. Would he be out there attempting  bullwinkle428   Dec-27-10 09:13 AM   #6 
  - They really overhyped this storm. Last year we had three in the Mid-Atlantic that were much larger.  leveymg   Dec-27-10 09:14 AM   #7 
  - Exactly! And after all that, D.C. is open today!!! n/t  Liberal_Stalwart71   Dec-27-10 09:29 AM   #9 
     - To be fair, DC metro got just a dusting and some wind. NY and Boston got a lot more snow  leveymg   Dec-27-10 09:43 AM   #15 
        - I think that's the point I was making. D.C. got nothing, but I'm stuck here in Jersey  Liberal_Stalwart71   Dec-27-10 10:20 AM   #24 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-27-10 09:29 AM   #8 
  - Yes!  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 09:34 AM   #10 
  - burrrrrr n/t  DeadEyeDyck   Dec-27-10 09:29 PM   #84 
  - Tell how YOU have become "sissified" ...  Hassin Bin Sober   Dec-27-10 09:41 AM   #14 
  - I don't make excuses for why something cannot be done.  Creative   Dec-27-10 10:38 AM   #26 
  - Who are the sissies? Those who wanted the game canceled,  ZombieHorde   Dec-27-10 09:47 AM   #18 
  - lol  fascisthunter   Dec-27-10 10:19 AM   #22 
  - Who are they? It's simple, "they" are the whiners...  Creative   Dec-27-10 10:39 AM   #27 
     - Specifically...?  LanternWaste   Dec-27-10 01:09 PM   #64 
     - The people whining about a delayed football game are sissies? nt  ZombieHorde   Dec-27-10 03:53 PM   #72 
  - Yep..  Upton   Dec-27-10 09:49 AM   #20 
  - oh brother  fascisthunter   Dec-27-10 10:21 AM   #25 
  - And the people of Philadelphia wanted the show to go on.  Creative   Dec-27-10 10:40 AM   #28 
     - Yowza!  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 10:43 AM   #29 
     - the sissies are complaining  fascisthunter   Dec-27-10 12:50 PM   #57 
     - Sure, the fans are complaining. For they wanted the game that they had paid to see  Creative   Dec-27-10 02:24 PM   #68 
     - You know what I think is sissy behavior?  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   Dec-27-10 09:27 PM   #83 
  - LOL! You got it right.  WhaTHellsgoingonhere   Dec-27-10 12:21 PM   #46 
     - 2010 NFC East Division Champs  October   Dec-27-10 09:30 PM   #85 
  - Ed, thanks for reminding us what an asshole you are! The game was postponed  old mark   Dec-27-10 09:35 AM   #11 
  - Our course, Rendell is chauffeured to the game and sits in a heated glass box, but never mind,  FSogol   Dec-27-10 09:36 AM   #12 
  - Remember: snow + Philedelphians = violence  AngryAmish   Dec-27-10 09:39 AM   #13 
  - Hyperbole.  October   Dec-27-10 09:43 AM   #16 
  - Is it also hyperbole to state that Philly fans cheered when Michael Irvin lay motionless, and ...  11 Bravo   Dec-27-10 11:53 AM   #39 
     - It's equally true  October   Dec-27-10 12:11 PM   #43 
        - You should be proud that it is only a minority of Pilly fans who are sociopathic assholes.  11 Bravo   Dec-27-10 12:34 PM   #54 
           - No one said anything about being proud -- just don't fault all of us  October   Dec-27-10 12:56 PM   #59 
           - And it's NOT the minority who behave well. Don't be stupid.  October   Dec-27-10 01:02 PM   #60 
              - Reading comprehension not your strong suit?  11 Bravo   Dec-27-10 03:05 PM   #71 
                 - Yes, and spelling is not yours.  October   Dec-27-10 09:23 PM   #81 
  - and Tuesday...  WhaTHellsgoingonhere   Dec-27-10 12:25 PM   #47 
  - There will also be big black men outside...  Dappleganger   Dec-27-10 12:27 PM   #49 
  - Correction  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 02:11 PM   #67 
     - Well that's what they get for playing for the Cowboys.  name not needed   Dec-27-10 04:07 PM   #73 
  - I was in Philly last night...  October   Dec-27-10 09:47 AM   #17 
  - That could also be the reason  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 10:19 AM   #23 
     - I wondered that myself.  October   Dec-27-10 09:26 PM   #82 
  - I totally disagree, but then, I don't worship at the feet of American gladiators.  loudsue   Dec-27-10 09:49 AM   #19 
  - Yeah, and why did the Vikings move their game?  JustABozoOnThisBus   Dec-27-10 09:55 AM   #21 
  - I have a feeling that this decision was based entirely on money.  obxhead   Dec-27-10 10:46 AM   #30 
  - Obstructed view, better ratings Tuesday night  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 11:07 AM   #32 
  - Why would there be better ratings on Tuesday night?  ProudToBeBlueInRhody   Dec-27-10 12:27 PM   #48 
  - The NFL actually makes more money off TV broadcasts and  Missy Vixen   Dec-27-10 11:52 AM   #38 
  - The Governor wanted the game to be played  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 11:57 AM   #40 
     - The game was canceled because the mayor declared a snow emergency  WhaTHellsgoingonhere   Dec-27-10 12:32 PM   #52 
     - Oh, well, that makes it all okay  Missy Vixen   Dec-27-10 12:33 PM   #53 
  - Football has turned into a rich man's game  Dappleganger   Dec-27-10 12:29 PM   #50 
  - The postponement sounds like the work of the almighty accountants. nt  ladjf   Dec-27-10 11:25 AM   #33 
  - Its not about the football - who is going to drive there to watch the  jwirr   Dec-27-10 11:38 AM   #35 
  - You don't know Eagles fans  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 11:43 AM   #36 
  - Like I stated above, we were at the ballet... and the shows went on  October   Dec-27-10 12:13 PM   #44 
     - You're seriously comparing the two events?  onenote   Dec-27-10 12:38 PM   #55 
        - I'm just having some fun...  October   Dec-27-10 12:54 PM   #58 
  - The real reason they cancelled it was not because of hazardous driving conditions...  LynneSin   Dec-27-10 12:02 PM   #41 
  - Yea, you're probably right  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 12:05 PM   #42 
  - Dome teams are a giant fail in the playoffs when they have to go thru cold city teams for the win.  LynneSin   Dec-27-10 01:06 PM   #62 
  - And the snow on the ground will be gone on Tuesday? The mayor...  WhaTHellsgoingonhere   Dec-27-10 12:40 PM   #56 
     - It's already melting today and Philly only got about 5-6 inches.  LynneSin   Dec-27-10 01:07 PM   #63 
  - no, not in lightning  CreekDog   Dec-27-10 12:29 PM   #51 
  - .  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 03:04 PM   #70 
  - Ed Rendell Update: "We've become a Nanny State"  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 04:33 PM   #74 
  - yep shoulda played  ncteechur   Dec-27-10 07:04 PM   #76 
  - Three words: The Ice Bowl  MilesColtrane   Dec-27-10 07:38 PM   #78 
  - Right?  PhillySane   Dec-27-10 08:12 PM   #80 
  - I love Rendell-I've met him 4 times & he's great  mrmpa   Dec-27-10 10:31 PM   #87 
  - has there been any discussion regarding NBC in this decision  rufus dog   Dec-27-10 10:59 PM   #89 
  - not to mention at this time of year there's not much on primetime  alp227   Dec-28-10 01:25 AM   #91 
  - The Roger Goodell influence continues to spread  Awsi Dooger   Dec-28-10 01:03 AM   #90 

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