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Reply #18: Guns are not mandatory for self defense in 2008. The law says fine, [View All]

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geckosfeet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-30-08 05:27 PM
Response to Reply #17
18. Guns are not mandatory for self defense in 2008. The law says fine,
the mind says you must be kidding.
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  -Are repubs more inclined to shoot those they disagree with than liberals? Philosoraptor  Jul-29-08 04:40 AM   #0 
  - Yes. Absolutely.  Radical Activist   Jul-29-08 04:48 AM   #1 
  - Women's clinic shooters, timmy mcveigh, g.w. bush, kill, kill, kill.  Philosoraptor   Jul-29-08 04:52 AM   #2 
     - The war in Iraq, militia movement, KKK, Hitler  Radical Activist   Jul-29-08 04:55 AM   #3 
  - All the more reason for liberals to own guns.  old mark   Jul-29-08 05:15 AM   #4 
  - You forgot the sarcasm smiley. Some people might take you seriously.  geckosfeet   Jul-29-08 05:19 AM   #6 
     - I've been packing for 30 years & never shot anyone I hate.  Philosoraptor   Jul-29-08 05:22 AM   #7 
     - I haven't been packing for 52 years and I can say the same thing.  geckosfeet   Jul-29-08 05:46 AM   #9 
     - Half of U.S. gun owners are Dems and indies.  benEzra   Jul-29-08 09:02 PM   #17 
        - Guns are not mandatory for self defense in 2008. The law says fine,  geckosfeet   Jul-30-08 05:27 PM   #18 
           - Mandatory, no. An option for those with clean records who are competent with them, yes.  benEzra   Jul-30-08 06:32 PM   #23 
              - Very nice poll. Verry nice. I respect your right to own a gun. Just don't rub my nose in it.  geckosfeet   Jul-30-08 07:11 PM   #24 
                 - No problem. I respect your right not to own them, and not to like them. (n/t)  benEzra   Jul-31-08 02:33 PM   #25 
  - well, yes  barbtries   Jul-29-08 05:19 AM   #5 
  - They are more rigid, less accepting, less forgiving, and tend to blame others for their misfortune.  KrazyKat   Jul-29-08 05:36 AM   #8 
  - it certainly seems that way, but I *have* found many RW'ers to be sniveling cowards  Edweird   Jul-29-08 06:05 AM   #10 
  - Yes. But it is also satisfying when a repug bully gets their ass handed to them when they assume...  alphafemale   Jul-29-08 06:12 AM   #11 
  - As long as the people they disagree with are unarmed, yes. - n/t  Jim__   Jul-29-08 07:37 AM   #12 
  - They are simple-minded emotional children  melody   Jul-29-08 07:41 AM   #13 
  - ----------------  Philosoraptor   Jul-29-08 05:52 PM   #14 
  - Hell, they're more inclined to shoot those with whom they *AGREE* as well....  BlooInBloo   Jul-29-08 05:55 PM   #15 
  - I was gonna say the same thing  G_j   Jul-29-08 05:57 PM   #16 
  - I'd say the insane are more inclined to shoot those they disagree with.  cobalt1999   Jul-30-08 05:33 PM   #19 
  - especially when they've lost thier jobs and realize they don't have a  onethatcares   Jul-30-08 05:39 PM   #20 
  - Probably so, but a large majority of them are not inclined to shoot someone for that  slackmaster   Jul-30-08 05:41 PM   #21 
  - I don't remember a left wing terrorist that went nuts in public.  sfexpat2000   Jul-30-08 05:41 PM   #22 

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