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Reply #38: Exactly. It seems like he doesn't need all that much attention. [View All]

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EOTE Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-22-08 01:25 PM
Response to Reply #13
38. Exactly. It seems like he doesn't need all that much attention.
Most Americans don't even know who Karadzic is, yet they caught him and he'll pay for what he did. Everyone knows who Bush is, yet there's a very good chance he'll get away with the crimes he committed. I pay attention to him because I want him to pay for what he's done. Hopefully that will happen and shrub and Karadzic can share a cell.
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  -Why don't you people seem to care about Radovan Karadzic? HEyHEY  Jul-22-08 12:13 PM   #0 
  - Whereas if I posted something about 9/11 conspiracies there would be 500 posts.  Zynx   Jul-22-08 12:14 PM   #1 
  - Amen  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 12:16 PM   #2 
  - if only you could link Karadzic to 9-11, that would be a million-post thread  Blue_Tires   Jul-22-08 12:48 PM   #17 
  - Either that, or linking him with Janet Jackson's boob at the Superbowl  Wednesdays   Jul-22-08 02:48 PM   #51 
  - I totally agree  EstoniaKat   Jul-22-08 01:35 PM   #42 
  - personally, this is the best news all week. May he be jailed forever  roguevalley   Jul-22-08 03:40 PM   #62 
  - It's an old story, based on events that occurred prior to 9/11!  DailyGrind51   Jul-23-08 06:58 AM   #75 
  - It is an absolute disgrace!  rpritchard   Jul-24-08 03:35 PM   #99 
  - Umm....because there's little point in investing emotion into it?  Xithras   Jul-22-08 12:22 PM   #3 
  - I think you hit it on the head - sort of  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 12:26 PM   #4 
  - I think it has received even more coverage than it deserves.  Truth2Tell   Jul-22-08 03:13 PM   #55 
  - I suppose that makes a difference  LeftishBrit   Jul-22-08 12:37 PM   #9 
     - Don't get me wrong...  Xithras   Jul-22-08 01:13 PM   #28 
     - As well as how his trial is handled and what justice is administered.  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 01:24 PM   #35 
  - I'm more concerned about what my country is doing right now. n/t  tuckessee   Jul-22-08 12:27 PM   #5 
  - So a guy responsible for genocide doesn't matter?  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 12:28 PM   #6 
     - We let the Soviet Tcheka & NKVD genociders slide so what's a Serb or two?  tuckessee   Jul-22-08 12:35 PM   #7 
     - A "Serb or two"? Not to be snotty... but it's a BOSNIAN or 100,000  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 12:38 PM   #10 
        - Really? I thought ol' Radovan was Serb.  tuckessee   Jul-22-08 12:42 PM   #15 
           - Ah, I thought you meant his victims - which are the reason people should care.  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 12:49 PM   #18 
              - I care about ALL victims of organized war crimes.  tuckessee   Jul-22-08 01:03 PM   #20 
     - It's not that he and what he did didn't matter. It is that he has been caught and now  1monster   Jul-22-08 12:36 PM   #8 
  - I suspect many feel like me... 'glad that justice might finally prevail  hlthe2b   Jul-22-08 12:40 PM   #11 
  - They are guilty of allowing  Patchuli   Jul-22-08 03:21 PM   #58 
  - OUT. FUCKING. STANDING.  Tyler Durden   Jul-22-08 12:41 PM   #12 
  - That's more like it  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 12:42 PM   #16 
     - Not all of us "USer's" are completely blind to our international responsibilities.  Tyler Durden   Jul-22-08 01:06 PM   #21 
        - Same thing is going on here  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 01:11 PM   #25 
           - Apathy is contagious. You should have put up a wall.  Tyler Durden   Jul-22-08 01:17 PM   #31 
  - We have our own war criminals to worry about  Blecht   Jul-22-08 12:41 PM   #13 
  - Exactly. It seems like he doesn't need all that much attention.  EOTE   Jul-22-08 01:25 PM   #38 
  - Threads like THIS should be on the front page: K&R.  Tyler Durden   Jul-22-08 12:42 PM   #14 
  - Justice delayed is justice denied  Alcibiades   Jul-22-08 12:50 PM   #19 
  - Or perhaps some people haven't seen the thread yet.  Marrah_G   Jul-22-08 01:08 PM   #22 
  - Frankly, as imporant as it is that he was caught  Hydra   Jul-22-08 01:08 PM   #23 
  - But, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSH  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 01:14 PM   #29 
  - I did  Hydra   Jul-22-08 01:24 PM   #37 
  - I don't mean here - if you wanna explain....  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 01:26 PM   #39 
  - So start a thread about Bush's war crimes.  SidneyCarton   Jul-22-08 03:23 PM   #59 
  - Yeah, it's real fucking tedious around here  DS1   Jul-22-08 01:27 PM   #40 
  - that, and "rules of war" are so "pre- 21st century"..  SoCalDem   Jul-22-08 04:58 PM   #66 
  - Another Fine Job By The Corporate Media  KharmaTrain   Jul-22-08 01:10 PM   #24 
  - It's front page up here  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 01:12 PM   #27 
     - It Was All Over BBC As Well...  KharmaTrain   Jul-22-08 01:29 PM   #41 
  - Is he trying to steal Angelina from Brad?  robertpaulsen   Jul-22-08 01:12 PM   #26 
  - I've read three posts re: his capture  LanternWaste   Jul-22-08 01:17 PM   #30 
  - yeah, but  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 01:21 PM   #33 
  - He had rape camps that got 12 year old girls pregnant  Ichingcarpenter   Jul-22-08 01:21 PM   #32 
  - How do people get so fucking nuts?  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 01:23 PM   #34 
  - I think we all may be capable of it but for some reason we let this or that keep us from crossing  madokie   Jul-22-08 01:42 PM   #47 
  - Routine rape, routine mutilation  nam78_two   Jul-24-08 03:06 PM   #97 
  - Is he a Harry Potter villian? eom  DangerDave921   Jul-22-08 01:24 PM   #36 
  - Clark fans care.  Clark2008   Jul-22-08 01:36 PM   #43 
  - I was going to ask about him this morning but I didn't have a clue how to spell his name  madokie   Jul-22-08 01:39 PM   #44 
  - haha - his name is the REAL crime  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 01:40 PM   #45 
  - I've been following the coverage here in Germany from the word "breaking"  Solly Mack   Jul-22-08 01:40 PM   #46 
  - 5th rec  Blue_Tires   Jul-22-08 02:37 PM   #48 
  - I am glad they caught the bastard...  truebrit71   Jul-22-08 02:38 PM   #49 
  - I can remember when there were Milosevic apologists on this website  IAmJacksSmirkingRevenge   Jul-22-08 02:39 PM   #50 
  - Never seen one yet  eridani   Jul-23-08 03:25 AM   #70 
     - No one said that NATO was perfect and noble  IAmJacksSmirkingRevenge   Jul-23-08 06:23 AM   #73 
        - The point is that US economic and military policy all over the world is imperialistic  eridani   Jul-24-08 01:27 AM   #89 
  - I felt deep satisfaction at Karadzic's apprehension, but didn't post about it.  philly_bob   Jul-22-08 02:49 PM   #52 
  - We have a new, and much more efficient, crop of murderers and torturers to deal with.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Jul-22-08 02:50 PM   #53 
  - He executed Muslims. That makes him a shoo-in for McCain's VP.  gatorboy   Jul-22-08 02:51 PM   #54 
  - Oh, god. You again.  Iggo   Jul-22-08 03:20 PM   #56 
  - I am fucking amazing, thanks  HEyHEY   Jul-23-08 01:05 PM   #86 
  - Thank you for bringing up Mr. Karadzic.  SidneyCarton   Jul-22-08 03:20 PM   #57 
  - he didn't show his tit at the superbowl  corkhead   Jul-22-08 03:27 PM   #60 
  - Why the fuck  otherlander   Jul-22-08 04:41 PM   #64 
  - We are inured by the atrocities of the Bush administration.  MasonJar   Jul-22-08 03:29 PM   #61 
  - Very Pleased Here  jberryhill   Jul-22-08 04:37 PM   #63 
  - K&R, I CARE.  48percenter   Jul-22-08 04:49 PM   #65 
  - I commented in a thread about it in GD.  otherlander   Jul-22-08 05:03 PM   #67 
  - Were NATO forces involved in his alluding capture for so long?  Bornaginhooligan   Jul-22-08 05:06 PM   #68 
  - Some say  HEyHEY   Jul-22-08 05:48 PM   #69 
  - It is pretty much true of Americans although not so much of DUers. n/t  sfexpat2000   Jul-23-08 03:31 AM   #71 
  - Glad they got him  shadowknows69   Jul-23-08 04:39 AM   #72 
  - Because Bush is 100 times worse?  baldguy   Jul-23-08 06:54 AM   #74 
  - If you really believe that  EstoniaKat   Jul-23-08 08:15 AM   #76 
     - Tell that to the 1,000,000+ dead Iraqis  baldguy   Jul-23-08 08:22 AM   #77 
  - Yes, berate us naughty Americans  Wabbajack_   Jul-23-08 08:27 AM   #78 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-23-08 01:03 PM   #84 
     - I thought DUers were above  Wabbajack_   Jul-24-08 01:37 AM   #90 
        - Stil trying to justify not giving a shit?  HEyHEY   Jul-24-08 01:22 PM   #92 
           - Where did I say I didn't give a shit?  Wabbajack_   Jul-26-08 12:18 AM   #100 
  - I can only hope that whatever country captured him  old mark   Jul-23-08 08:35 AM   #79 
  - awww  Snarkturian Clone   Jul-23-08 08:45 AM   #80 
  - Your signature applies directly to your post  IAmJacksSmirkingRevenge   Jul-23-08 08:49 AM   #81 
  - Indeed.nt  nam78_two   Jul-24-08 03:01 PM   #96 
  - I love that an ignorant prick will defend his ignorance.  HEyHEY   Jul-23-08 01:04 PM   #85 
     - Waaah! Only 30 people responded to my OP that had 2 dupes! Waah!! NT  Snarkturian Clone   Jul-23-08 01:08 PM   #87 
        - It wasn't my OP... if you were at all intellectually ambitious enough ot READ threads  HEyHEY   Jul-23-08 02:05 PM   #88 
  - I'm waiting for the arrest of Bushco  malaise   Jul-23-08 08:53 AM   #82 
  - It was before my time  Juche   Jul-23-08 08:54 AM   #83 
  - You're just a maple-leaf-lover. What do you know!?  quantessd   Jul-24-08 02:07 AM   #91 
  - Does he support impeachment?  EstimatedProphet   Jul-24-08 01:31 PM   #93 
  - I care.  skip fox   Jul-24-08 01:43 PM   #94 
  - I have been following the story elsewhere  nam78_two   Jul-24-08 03:00 PM   #95 
  - Because there's just not much to say, except "Good!"  KamaAina   Jul-24-08 03:33 PM   #98 

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