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Reply #33: Watch How Russert (Cuts Off) Chuck Todd As Chuck Makes His Statement About How PissPoor Da FDP IS [View All]

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DaLittle Kitty Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-18-08 07:37 AM
Response to Reply #2
33. Watch How Russert (Cuts Off) Chuck Todd As Chuck Makes His Statement About How PissPoor Da FDP IS
Russert "Shaping" Da Story! :puke:
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  -Chuck Todd DaLittle Kitty  Mar-14-08 04:43 PM   #0 
  - And why are you celebrating that? eom  DURHAM D   Mar-14-08 04:44 PM   #1 
  - Just Documenting... FLorida Dems MUST CLEAN THE HOUSE, For AMERICA!  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-14-08 04:47 PM   #2 
     - YES! Florida Democrats MUST Take IT Upon Demselves To Clean Up Da FDP!  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-26-08 10:07 PM   #20 
     - Hillary MUST Be Stopped NOW! Barack Just Say NOOO To HillBill4VP!  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-04-08 07:41 AM   #28 
     - Help Elect John Russellto Congress and Deez Creeps are History!  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-23-08 09:59 AM   #35 
     - Let's DOIT!  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-27-08 09:24 PM   #38 
     - Yep Let's Doit!  DaLittle Kitty   Sep-01-08 12:13 AM   #55 
        - Right On!  DaLittle Kitty   Sep-19-08 11:35 PM   #57 
     - YES He Was Correct TOO!  DaLittle Kitty   Sep-21-08 08:28 AM   #58 
     - Yep Watch Him Again!  DaLittle Kitty   Oct-13-08 03:29 PM   #65 
     - KICK IT... AGAIN!  DaLittle Kitty   Oct-23-08 01:36 PM   #66 
     - Todd IS Da BomB!  DaLittle Kitty   Aug-07-08 12:02 PM   #48 
     - John Edwards for Vice President! The ONLY Choice that ='s WIN!  DaLittle Kitty   May-29-08 07:46 PM   #25 
     - YES WE CAN...HOPE THAT JOHNNY IS BARACK'S PICK!  DaLittle Kitty   Jul-27-08 12:03 PM   #46 
     - Watch How Russert (Cuts Off) Chuck Todd As Chuck Makes His Statement About How PissPoor Da FDP IS  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-18-08 07:37 AM   #33 
  - He might be right  bluestateguy   Mar-14-08 04:48 PM   #3 
  - Coumty DEC's Are Down and OUT Across the State!  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-14-08 05:08 PM   #4 
  - DAT's Da Truth!  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-26-08 09:26 AM   #37 
  - Mid July and County DEC's Still Down and Out!  DaLittle Kitty   Jul-22-08 08:23 AM   #45 
  - St Pete Times Says DNC "Turning Fla. Red"... How's That ? It's The FDP Doing All The Damage!  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-16-08 11:09 AM   #5 
  - FDP IS A Nightmare For Not ONLY Florida, But For ALL of AMERICA!  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-27-08 08:28 PM   #11 
     - Sad But True!  DaLittle Kitty   Aug-02-08 12:07 AM   #47 
     - John Russell IS The ONLY One That Can Stop Em!  DaLittle Kitty   Sep-10-08 11:45 PM   #56 
        - THANK YOU  DaLittle Kitty   Oct-10-08 09:44 AM   #62 
  - Next FDP Chair Must Be .. A PROGRESSIVE! NO MORE PARTY HACKS LIKE THURMAN OR GAWD FORBID...  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-16-08 10:50 PM   #6 
  - No John Edwards Let's See What Obama Can Do?  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-14-08 05:29 PM   #17 
  - Yep!  DaLittle Kitty   Sep-30-08 10:32 PM   #61 
  - John Russell Qualifies For Congress District 5! Opposition IS Nil! He Will Be Dist 5 NOMINEE!  DaLittle Kitty   May-08-08 08:29 AM   #22 
  - Go John GO!!!  DaLittle Kitty   May-15-08 10:31 PM   #23 
  - A True and Honest Voice in Congress!  DaLittle Kitty   Jul-16-08 09:14 PM   #44 
  - John Will Be CD5 Nominee!  DaLittle Kitty   Aug-18-08 11:24 PM   #52 
  - Obama Team Will Do What The FDP SSHOULD Have Been Doing!  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-13-08 08:30 AM   #31 
  - Chuck Todd rocks!  AmericanUnity   Mar-17-08 01:17 AM   #7 
  - Ye... DEspite Russert's Effort To Shut Him Up On It The Message Got Out!  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-21-08 05:22 PM   #8 
  - Russert Ain't What He Used ta Be?  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-01-08 01:29 PM   #13 
     - He Neds a Wake Up Call!  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-21-08 08:50 AM   #18 
     - Wish Dey Wouldn't Cut Todd Off When He's Talking!  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-25-08 08:47 AM   #19 
        - Truth Is Painful For The Corp Media 2 Handle!  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-11-08 10:07 PM   #30 
  - Yes, He Basically Tells The Truth! Certainly in this instance.  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-03-08 09:00 AM   #14 
  - Verrryy Good!  DaLittle Kitty   Aug-16-08 10:41 PM   #51 
  - Yes Deby Wass-Schlitz Screwed ANY and ALL Progressive candidates in Fla. in 2006!  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-06-08 08:39 PM   #15 
  - Russell IS About As Progressive A Candidate As You Could Find.  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-09-08 07:26 AM   #16 
  - YES ADN Here IS The Proof!  DaLittle Kitty   Oct-12-08 11:16 PM   #63 
  - Russell and Others Have Put Disgusting (dems) Like Debi on Notice In 2008...  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-09-08 03:30 PM   #29 
  - Todd IS the BOMB!  DaLittle Kitty   May-21-08 09:48 PM   #24 
  -  ChuckToddFacts   May-31-08 12:10 AM   #26 
  - Chuck Is... Ohhh Sooo Right! How'd Ya Like dat Slipcover Dress on Thurman?  DaLittle Kitty   May-31-08 10:46 PM   #27 
  - Karen Thurman IS SOOOo Tacky!  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-15-08 04:12 PM   #32 
  - You Betcha!  DaLittle Kitty   Jul-09-08 08:18 PM   #42 
  - YES He Was Correct TOO!  DaLittle Kitty   Aug-11-08 12:28 AM   #49 
  - FDP Has Not Gotten ANY Better in the Past Week Has It?  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-23-08 10:04 PM   #9 
  - FDP IS No Better This Week EithEr!  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-30-08 10:06 PM   #12 
  - NOPE!  DaLittle Kitty   Jun-21-08 08:42 AM   #34 
  - KICK IT... AGAIN! This IS WHY Dem's Lose Nationally....  DaLittle Kitty   Mar-26-08 11:44 AM   #10 
  - Florida Dem Party... "Worst In Nation, Bar None!  DaLittle Kitty   Apr-30-08 08:05 AM   #21 
  - John Edwards 4 VP.. ONLY Choice.. and... John Russell Fl CD5!  DaLittle Kitty   Jul-12-08 08:47 PM   #43 
  - Go John Russell!  DaLittle Kitty   Aug-24-08 08:03 AM   #54 
  - he's a rightwing tool...always was always will be and looking at replies in this thread  ElsewheresDaughter   Jun-23-08 11:13 AM   #36 
  - Very Sad!  DaLittle Kitty   Jul-03-08 08:55 AM   #39 
  - So... is he the new Russert?  123abawd   Jul-03-08 11:50 AM   #40 
     - NOPE, Not Yet, As You May Have Noticed Russert Was Trying To Shut Up Da Toddster!  DaLittle Kitty   Jul-05-08 02:16 PM   #41 
  - He's more than a tool. I dislike that guy as much as I dislike Andrea Mitchell.  vaberella   Sep-21-08 07:09 PM   #59 
  - Chuck Todd sometimes corresponds with me,  Wetzelbill   Aug-11-08 12:59 AM   #50 
  - Chuck Has Emailed Me Back In Da Past As Well... Chuck IS A Good Guy!  DaLittle Kitty   Aug-21-08 09:06 PM   #53 
  - Tell Chuck To Keep An Eye On John Russell Cause There's Gonna Be Somethin Happen'n Here!  DaLittle Kitty   Sep-26-08 12:07 AM   #60 
  - This thread is approaching a YEAR OLD...let it DIE already!  quantass   Oct-13-08 02:19 AM   #64 
  - YES He Was Correct TOO!  DaLittle Kitty   Nov-02-08 10:20 PM   #67 
  - Yaaa  DaLittle Kitty   Nov-13-08 10:25 PM   #68 

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