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Reply #6: if you call what he does "speaking" [View All]

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WI_DEM Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-18-06 04:07 PM
Response to Original message
6. if you call what he does "speaking"
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  -Bush will speak at NAACP convention ls317  Jul-18-06 04:00 PM   #0 
  - hmmmf. This should be fun! Waiting and watching for this!  lonestarnot   Jul-18-06 04:01 PM   #1 
  - Wondering  ls317   Jul-18-06 04:06 PM   #4 
  - I hope they boo his ass  Botany   Jul-18-06 04:04 PM   #2 
  - They will probably require loyalty oaths to Bush, like every other speech  ComerPerro   Jul-18-06 04:06 PM   #5 
  - really  ls317   Jul-18-06 04:07 PM   #8 
  - Loyalty oaths at the NAACP?  Bornaginhooligan   Jul-18-06 04:08 PM   #9 
  - I hope they pie, tomato and egg the freak.  lonestarnot   Jul-18-06 04:08 PM   #10 
  - I'm sure they show more respect than * did at the Summit nt  Truth Hurts A Lot   Jul-18-06 06:28 PM   #28 
  - my god. his hands are going to get sore  unpossibles   Jul-18-06 04:05 PM   #3 
  - if you call what he does "speaking"  WI_DEM   Jul-18-06 04:07 PM   #6 
  - :ROFL:  lonestarnot   Jul-18-06 04:09 PM   #11 
  - Need I say that  zidzi   Jul-18-06 04:07 PM   #7 
  - How about, I would have let you vote but I need to win twice  MissWaverly   Jul-18-06 04:12 PM   #13 
     - bushiT gives new meaning  zidzi   Jul-18-06 04:35 PM   #19 
        - yes, and they are planning another purge the vote for 06  MissWaverly   Jul-18-06 04:42 PM   #21 
           - They're so transparently  zidzi   Jul-18-06 06:17 PM   #26 
              - what I would do if I was a big brain in the NAACP  MissWaverly   Jul-18-06 06:21 PM   #27 
                 - Excellent! That will  zidzi   Jul-18-06 07:59 PM   #29 
                    - Yes, but Bush has to get everyone to like him  MissWaverly   Jul-18-06 09:15 PM   #32 
  - I hope the wear him out so much....  politicasista   Jul-18-06 04:10 PM   #12 
  - Too little, too late. The NAACP will surely not allow this idiot the  AndyA   Jul-18-06 04:12 PM   #14 
  - Maybe It'll Be Like That Unity Conference A Couple Of Years Ago  Dinger   Jul-18-06 04:58 PM   #23 
  - I hope they embarass him.  cat_girl25   Jul-18-06 04:14 PM   #15 
  - This is the ULTIMATE in pandering and should be perceived as such by  glarius   Jul-18-06 04:24 PM   #16 
  - I hope they get to ask him questions  uppityperson   Jul-18-06 04:27 PM   #17 
  - wtf is a "moment of opportunity"??  onethatcares   Jul-18-06 04:32 PM   #18 
  - NAACP, wow  Jim Warren   Jul-18-06 04:38 PM   #20 
  - There is a method to the madness here  ChipperbackDemocrat   Jul-18-06 04:46 PM   #22 
  - That'll go well. Maybe Stephen Colbert will right material for Al Sharpton  IanDB1   Jul-18-06 05:00 PM   #24 
  - They shouldn't even give him the credibility  titoresque   Jul-18-06 05:02 PM   #25 
  - I wonder why they would invite him to "speak"  Ms. November   Jul-18-06 08:38 PM   #30 
  - How dare he! The little pissant has some big balls, I'll give him that  Blue State Native   Jul-18-06 08:40 PM   #31 

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