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Reply #58: I vacationed there a lot as a child. [View All]

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intheflow Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-27-05 03:01 PM
Response to Original message
58. I vacationed there a lot as a child.
Edited on Sat Aug-27-05 03:17 PM by intheflow
My family took the pop-up trailer up every summer during the '70's. I have very fond memories of the island.

A friend of mine from high school in Massachusetts bought a summer cottage up there a couple of years ago. She's renovating it, and hopes to use it during the summer and retire to it eventually.

I say, buy now. You can't even look at land or houses on islands off the coast of northern Maine anymore. So I'd buy while the buyin' is good. It's my dream to live on an island up there.

*Edited to add: I understand the winters are cold, but you don't get whacked with as much snow as inland because the salt in the sea air supposedly keeps the snow from forming. Not sure if that's true, but that's what I've heard of islands off northern coasts.

**Edited a second time because this thread has inspired me to scour the web for beautiful imags of PEI. Here are a few:

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  -I need some Canadian expertise, re PEI MADem  Dec-11-04 12:24 PM   #0 
  - The island  Joel   Dec-13-04 02:23 PM   #1 
  - The pop bottle RULE!  HEyHEY   Dec-15-04 12:08 AM   #2 
  - I live here on the Island.  NinetySix   Dec-15-04 08:36 PM   #3 
  - WOW, thanks for the advice!!!  MADem   Dec-21-04 10:28 PM   #4 
  - I got flooded out of the Merchantman Pub a couple of years ago...  SidDithers   Dec-30-04 09:16 PM   #5 
  - So, I guess I need to buy at a decent elevation, then!!  MADem   Jan-02-05 04:05 PM   #6 
  - omg....  leftchick   Apr-24-05 07:07 AM   #29 
     - great link in your sig  staticstopper   Jan-08-06 04:52 AM   #66 
  - I am shamelessly kicking my own thread  MADem   Feb-01-05 01:27 AM   #7 
  - I don't know about costs and taxes - but you better buy now or never.  applegrove   Feb-11-05 07:50 AM   #8 
  - Where do they grow the potatoes?  MADem   Feb-12-05 04:49 PM   #10 
     - You'll love it and if you do not have kids don't worry about the intensive  applegrove   Feb-22-05 04:15 PM   #20 
  - We've been watching  auntAgonist   Feb-11-05 09:40 AM   #9 
  - Tell me EVERYTHING about your holiday!!!  MADem   Feb-12-05 04:53 PM   #11 
     - PEI is a very laid back sort of place.  auntAgonist   Feb-12-05 06:18 PM   #12 
        - I've heard that the Japanese go mad for her as well!  MADem   Feb-12-05 07:47 PM   #13 
           - We went from Nova Scotia to PEI via ferry  auntAgonist   Feb-12-05 08:59 PM   #14 
  - Another PEIslander reporting  blue northern   Feb-15-05 09:06 PM   #15 
  - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  MADem   Feb-19-05 04:59 AM   #16 
  - TV and Phone/net  Joel   Feb-20-05 04:37 PM   #17 
  - Bookmarked!!! Thanks, Joel!!! n/t  MADem   Feb-20-05 08:52 PM   #18 
  - The north shore is the most commercially developed,  blue northern   Feb-21-05 10:26 AM   #19 
  - Blue Northern, I've already made up my mind!!  MADem   Mar-03-05 09:57 PM   #21 
  - Tignish is near the Western tip of PEI  blue northern   Mar-04-05 07:07 PM   #22 
     - Thanks, yet again!  MADem   Mar-05-05 03:16 PM   #23 
  - Hi blue northern  midnight   Feb-12-06 08:05 PM   #67 
  - Internet service on PEI  rambler_american   May-26-05 06:22 PM   #37 
     - Fascinating!!! Any idea where the tower is located? n/t  MADem   May-27-05 04:30 AM   #39 
        - Internet service/water tower  rambler_american   May-31-05 05:35 AM   #41 
  - PIE  Akela Ely   Mar-26-05 02:07 PM   #25 
     - There's now a bigass bridge.  Hand   Mar-27-05 08:35 AM   #26 
        - Confederation Bridge  rambler_american   May-26-05 06:31 PM   #38 
           - That bridge is an architectural wonder  MADem   May-27-05 04:34 AM   #40 
  - Do you guys know much about Souris?  MADem   Mar-10-05 09:53 PM   #24 
  - BLUE NORTHERN, et. al.  MADem   Apr-21-05 02:43 AM   #27 
  - just a note about "dual citizenship"  iverglas   May-22-05 12:24 PM   #33 
     - Push come to shove, I'll buy a business  MADem   May-26-05 11:04 AM   #34 
        - well, no harm in trying  iverglas   May-26-05 01:02 PM   #35 
           - I've looked at it all pretty carefully  MADem   May-26-05 01:11 PM   #36 
  - Sorry I know nothing about PEI But  wakeme2008   Apr-22-05 10:35 PM   #28 
  - Some say it is like Cape Cod, back in the day  MADem   Apr-24-05 03:25 PM   #30 
  - I will be going there for 2 days in August.. Will that be too late to help  GreenPartyVoter   May-14-05 10:51 PM   #31 
  - Nope, that would be PERFECT, in fact, and THANKS for the offer  MADem   May-21-05 09:14 PM   #32 
     - Wow, this thread can't be killed!  NinetySix   Jul-18-05 10:34 PM   #43 
        - Hey, THANKS!!!  MADem   Aug-09-05 10:04 AM   #44 
  - PEI  WinkyDink   Jul-17-05 10:28 AM   #42 
  - I golf..........BADLY  MADem   Aug-09-05 10:16 AM   #45 
  - Just wanted to say..I've  zidzi   Aug-16-05 07:03 PM   #46 
  - Let me know how your trip went  MADem   Aug-17-05 01:17 PM   #47 
  - Thanks!  MADem   Aug-30-05 10:42 AM   #64 
  - Something to look out for  jilln   Aug-17-05 04:06 PM   #48 
  - Huh??? In PEI??? Surely they wouldn't do that--any islanders know?  MADem   Aug-19-05 04:32 PM   #49 
     - Well  CHIMO   Aug-19-05 04:42 PM   #50 
     - For The Record  CHIMO   Aug-19-05 07:33 PM   #55 
        - I know the government allows a very limited amount of culling  MADem   Aug-20-05 09:35 AM   #56 
           - To The Best  CHIMO   Aug-20-05 10:26 AM   #57 
  - Why  achtung_circus   Aug-19-05 05:03 PM   #51 
  - Because PEI is a place worth learning about! n/t  MADem   Aug-19-05 06:31 PM   #52 
  - Ok,  achtung_circus   Aug-19-05 06:38 PM   #53 
     - I am one of those people that not only does the essential  MADem   Aug-19-05 06:43 PM   #54 
  - Well, I'm going to kick this thread..  SeveneightyWhoa   Aug-29-05 12:53 AM   #59 
     - It won't piss me off.  achtung_circus   Aug-29-05 04:56 PM   #60 
     - Insh'Allah... nt  Hand   Aug-29-05 06:11 PM   #61 
     - It's like Celine Dion's heart, I guess!!!  MADem   Aug-30-05 10:28 AM   #62 
     - Geez, I feel kinda bad  MADem   Aug-30-05 10:44 AM   #65 
  - I vacationed there a lot as a child.  intheflow   Aug-27-05 03:01 PM   #58 
     - Those are beautiful pictures  MADem   Aug-30-05 10:32 AM   #63 

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