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Reply #25: Knowing there are tens of thousands of these dangerously [View All]

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Hornito Donating Member (460 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-08-04 11:56 AM
Response to Original message
25. Knowing there are tens of thousands of these dangerously
deluded wackos (DDW's) out there, I sure hope Kerry's Secret Service contingent is on the ball. Some of these people are extremely dangerous, and I expect as the poll numbers start going Kerry's way in a major way, they are going to lose it.

This nasty hatred is a direct legacy of Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage (Weiner), North, et al. If their actions cause any harm to come to our candidate, I would think they would need some protection themselves. Violent fascism must simply not be tolerated, and those responsible for stoking it, are as guilty as those committing the crimes.

Having lived through the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, and Martin Luther King, many of us have already seen radicals, and the right-wing, at work. We don't need to see it again.

Take care John.
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  -Heckler tossed from Kerry's Cincy speech underpants  Sep-08-04 11:09 AM   #0 
  - OMG  fertilizeonarbusto   Sep-08-04 11:11 AM   #1 
  - Nope not BOB too many teeth!!!!  billybob537   Sep-08-04 11:12 AM   # 
  - Another angry white man.  DesertDem   Sep-08-04 11:11 AM   #2 
  - Right, rabid, foaming at the mouth  Warpy   Sep-08-04 11:22 AM   #20 
     - actually these are not the same guys  G_j   Sep-08-04 12:02 PM   #27 
  - Kerry's response to him was dead on . . .  mbali   Sep-08-04 11:11 AM   #3 
  - NICE  fertilizeonarbusto   Sep-08-04 11:17 AM   #16 
  - That freeper is scared shitless  deutsey   Sep-08-04 11:11 AM   #4 
  - I thought he looked very hateful too!  devinsgram   Sep-08-04 01:06 PM   #34 
  - At least they let him in  Rambis   Sep-08-04 11:11 AM   #5 
  - Gee - no pent-up Limbaugh-stoked rage in THAT face..  Richardo   Sep-08-04 11:12 AM   #6 
  - Why is it all hecklers...  southpaw4kerry   Sep-08-04 11:12 AM   #7 
  - What the f*ck...  tomfodw   Sep-08-04 11:15 AM   #12 
  - Kerry cleverly responded  rocknation   Sep-08-04 11:13 AM   #8 
  - That is dead on  underpants   Sep-08-04 11:20 AM   #17 
  - He is so good at that  skygazer   Sep-08-04 03:43 PM   #36 
  - Yikes! He hates us for our freedoms.  mr_hat   Sep-08-04 11:13 AM   #9 
  - I don't think you could get that guy sign a loyalty oath.  Texas_Dem   Sep-08-04 11:14 AM   #10 
  - they should have let him stay in and showed him for the ass he is  JI7   Sep-08-04 11:15 AM   #11 
  - I can't imagine they would have kicked him out...  tomfodw   Sep-08-04 11:16 AM   #15 
     - yeah, that's a good point, it seemed he was causing noise  JI7   Sep-08-04 11:20 AM   #18 
  - A Cheerful Photograph, My Friend!  The Magistrate   Sep-08-04 11:15 AM   #13 
  - He distruped poorly...  madmax   Sep-08-04 11:15 AM   #14 
  - Scary looking guy.  gatorboy   Sep-08-04 11:22 AM   #19 
  - another "wild-eyed" idiot for Bush  tandot   Sep-08-04 11:30 AM   #21 
  - Looks as if a couple of brothers had heard enough. I think this will play  yellowcanine   Sep-08-04 11:31 AM   #22 
  - Take out the trash boys  rumguy   Sep-08-04 11:37 AM   #23 
  - Wrong, and not too bright, either  RichardRay   Sep-08-04 11:38 AM   #24 
  - Knowing there are tens of thousands of these dangerously  Hornito   Sep-08-04 11:56 AM   #25 
  - I hope he explained why Bush is afraid to tell us the truth  Cronus   Sep-08-04 11:59 AM   #26 
  - I hope this repuke dope feels proud.  AmerDem   Sep-08-04 12:34 PM   #28 
  - Just reported on msnbc he was 2000 * campaign county chairman  independentpiney   Sep-08-04 12:42 PM   #29 
  - As a plant, what kind of response are they looking for?  napi21   Sep-08-04 12:48 PM   #31 
  - Another proud moment for the Republican Party  skygazer   Sep-08-04 03:46 PM   #39 
  - Freeper Learns the Politics of Whup-Ass!!! n/t  blitzen   Sep-08-04 12:46 PM   #30 
  - Typical White hood boy,  dieharderdem   Sep-08-04 12:50 PM   #32 
  - He looks mentally disturbed  Bushneedstogo   Sep-08-04 12:50 PM   #33 
  - Sludge is posting another pic - hey don't mess with the Union folks  rmpalmer   Sep-08-04 03:38 PM   #35 
  - boy, Glen looks like one sad little man.  thebigidea   Sep-08-04 03:45 PM   #38 
  - Notice the diversity at Kerry gatherings?  skygazer   Sep-08-04 03:48 PM   #40 
  - I said "Sit your Ass Down!" "You need a lesson in doin' that?"  alphafemale   Sep-08-04 03:44 PM   #37 
  - haha, i bet that redneck hates being TOUCHED by black men  drdigi420   Sep-08-04 03:53 PM   #41 

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