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Reply #33: clearly they don't. VT attracted captives because no [View All]

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AP Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-27-03 11:06 AM
Response to Reply #26
33. clearly they don't. VT attracted captives because no
other state was willing to cut the insurance industry the deal Dean was willing to cut.

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  -"Dean's Tax Incentives Raise Doubts" by Sarah Schweitzer, Boston Globe flpoljunkie  Dec-27-03 07:37 AM   #0 
  - Many of the candidates have established their personas well enough  AP   Dec-27-03 07:40 AM   #1 
  - Interesting  Jim4Wes   Dec-27-03 07:45 AM   #2 
  - I like Clark,  AP   Dec-27-03 07:52 AM   #4 
     - Actually Clark isn't playing the anti-iraq angle  SahaleArm   Dec-27-03 07:58 AM   #9 
     - That's my point.  AP   Dec-27-03 08:00 AM   #10 
        - His diversification will be key...  SahaleArm   Dec-27-03 08:05 AM   #12 
           - How 'bout another thread?  AP   Dec-27-03 08:12 AM   #15 
              - Another thread would be better...  SahaleArm   Dec-27-03 08:15 AM   #16 
                 - Reagan won because Republicans did a deal  AP   Dec-27-03 11:04 AM   #31 
     - But there will still be terra  Jim4Wes   Dec-27-03 08:03 AM   #11 
        - Perhaps another thread would be the appropriate place to discuss this  AP   Dec-27-03 08:10 AM   #13 
  - yeahsureright  TeacherCreature   Dec-27-03 07:50 AM   #3 
  - I'm sure Dean would have done the same stuff as a senator.  AP   Dec-27-03 07:56 AM   #7 
     - yeah and again look at the policy of other state and what is happening  TeacherCreature   Dec-27-03 08:37 AM   #18 
        - How 'bout a state like Arkansas?  AP   Dec-27-03 11:00 AM   #28 
           - You mean they didn't just hate him  Jim4Wes   Dec-27-03 11:28 AM   #35 
  - Of course Edwards  HFishbine   Dec-27-03 10:31 AM   #25 
  - Every time you write this,  AP   Dec-27-03 10:59 AM   #27 
     - Are you telling me  HFishbine   Dec-27-03 11:44 AM   #37 
        - I don't "think" the allegations are unfounded. They are, in fact,  AP   Dec-27-03 01:45 PM   #47 
           - Sigh  HFishbine   Dec-27-03 01:58 PM   #49 
              - What is nefarious about this? You're going to have to spin this out  AP   Dec-27-03 02:01 PM   #50 
              - Now you're putting words in my mouth  HFishbine   Dec-27-03 02:21 PM   #52 
                 - Little guys want jobs in NC. People who want quiet skies don't want jobs.  AP   Dec-27-03 06:19 PM   #55 
              - Hard time finding the scandal here.  AP   Dec-27-03 02:20 PM   #51 
                 - You just made the point  HFishbine   Dec-27-03 02:27 PM   #53 
                    - Dean accepted 100K+ last Feb from Energy execs for whom he did dereg  AP   Dec-27-03 06:16 PM   #54 
  - Dean NOT CREDIBLE in National Security, Now not credible in DOMESTIC  Raya   Dec-27-03 01:22 PM   #46 
  - this is troubling  maddezmom   Dec-27-03 07:55 AM   #5 
  - Oops. There's that word 'confidential.' Makes you wonder if someone might  AP   Dec-27-03 07:58 AM   #8 
  - Because VT has a large number of radically liberal inhabitants.  stickdog   Dec-27-03 01:06 PM   #41 
  - This has gotta smart  Jerseycoa   Dec-27-03 07:55 AM   #6 
  - Hey, does anybody know where.....  libview   Dec-27-03 08:11 AM   #14 
  - Is that the one where he's playing Sympathy for the Devil?  AP   Dec-27-03 08:28 AM   #17 
     - I am sure it is painful to be an Edwards supporter  TeacherCreature   Dec-27-03 08:39 AM   #19 
     - Oh yeah, sure. Deans the man to take back the whitehouse  libview   Dec-27-03 08:52 AM   #21 
     - being an Edwards supporter gives me hope.  AP   Dec-27-03 11:02 AM   #29 
     - freaking awesome!!  windansea   Dec-27-03 11:49 AM   #38 
        - Mick Jagger deserves the credit.  AP   Dec-27-03 01:49 PM   #48 
  - Actually Senators Kerry, Lieberman and Edwards are more responsible  TeacherCreature   Dec-27-03 08:47 AM   #20 
  - What do you know, you don't even have the picture of  libview   Dec-27-03 08:54 AM   #22 
  - Dean supporters  Tom Rinaldo   Dec-27-03 10:12 AM   #23 
  - Right you are, Tom  eileen from OH   Dec-27-03 10:28 AM   #24 
  - Listen up. The average voter LIKES a governor who tries to lure jobs to  stickdog   Dec-27-03 01:13 PM   #43 
  - Nicely said Tom.  Myra   Dec-28-03 07:05 AM   #57 
  - All state executives do this to lure corporations into their state.  w4rma   Dec-27-03 10:33 AM   #26 
  - but why all the secrecy?  maddezmom   Dec-27-03 11:04 AM   #32 
  - Because VT is about 15% radical socialist/Green.  stickdog   Dec-27-03 01:14 PM   #44 
  - clearly they don't. VT attracted captives because no  AP   Dec-27-03 11:06 AM   #33 
  - People look at stories like this and assume they know what it means  KaraokeKarlton   Dec-27-03 11:11 AM   #34 
  - The budget was always balanced and our social services are great  KaraokeKarlton   Dec-27-03 11:03 AM   #30 
  - Looks like more of an enforcement issue  mouse7   Dec-27-03 11:31 AM   #36 
  - Dean tried to lure corporate business to sleepy Vermont.  stickdog   Dec-27-03 01:05 PM   #39 
  - Sarah is up to her old tricks again, I see  dsc   Dec-27-03 01:05 PM   #40 
  - Save this for future use  killbotfactory   Dec-27-03 01:09 PM   #42 
     - Oh yes  dsc   Dec-27-03 01:15 PM   #45 
  - Info carried over from the last thread on Dean  wyldwolf   Dec-27-03 08:55 PM   #56 

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