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pelsar Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-30-05 11:39 PM
Response to Reply #23
26. Djinn.....
with the palestenians... a lot of the killings is not "collaborators, its internal revenge, somtimes crimes, etc. and its going to happen, just as rape happens.

What I would like to see is precisly what happens when the IDF officer killed the 13yr old, or what we have "breaking the silence" the very least a public discussion about it within the palestenian society, irrelevant of israel. If you want to compare then compare.....(without blaming us for "causing it-responsability for ones actions)

where are the palestenians talk shows, interviews with the "man in the street" the public outcry.....where are the intl HR organizations screaming for it to stop? Where is the Hague?
Wheres the "left"?..if israel is under a microscope..why not the palestenians?

Thats whats missing, a society will have its warts, thats natural, the palestenian society wants us to look at them as a potential neighbor...we're nervous about it. We would like to see a society that adheres to some basic western values for its own society, and that is reasonable.

but your not comparing the samethings....have a palestenian child/person killed by a soldier from a distance etc is far different then torturing a person and leaving the body for all to see, or dragging the bodies in the streets, in terms of societies.

one is upclose and personal and requires a very ugly mindset, the other is the mindset of a combat soldier fighting an enemy within a civilian area....
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