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Reply #19: That blog is garbage by a pronuclear idiot. [View All]

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kristopher Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-13-10 11:20 PM
Response to Reply #18
19. That blog is garbage by a pronuclear idiot.
Go to post 15 below (or follow the link below) to the IAEA pub on mortality for coal and nuclear to see an example of the "sound" "statistics" that the moron used.

The number of fatalities associated strictly with the nuclear fuel chain varies widely according to the study, but ExterneE is widely reconginzed and it arrives at 2.6 deaths/TWh excluding major accidents (see remark below on accidents). Estimates rage as high as 23 deaths/TWh for nuclear.
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  -Solar Installers Death Points to Job Hazards in a Growing, Green Industry Dead_Parrot  Oct-12-10 03:59 PM   #0 
  - 3 deaths in two years?  AlecBGreen   Oct-12-10 08:17 PM   #1 
  - casting asparagus  madokie   Oct-12-10 08:41 PM   #2 
  - well, it's hardly armageddon  Dead_Parrot   Oct-12-10 09:47 PM   #3 
  - Read a little of this for some light on an injury prone occupation  madokie   Oct-13-10 03:34 AM   #4 
     - was there a point to that? nt  Dead_Parrot   Oct-13-10 06:49 AM   #5 
        - My point was that nursing home care givers is a very injury prone job  madokie   Oct-13-10 07:31 AM   #6 
           - Sorry, it really was as stated  Dead_Parrot   Oct-13-10 02:43 PM   #7 
              - Alrighty then  madokie   Oct-13-10 08:59 PM   #11 
                 - I should think so too  Dead_Parrot   Oct-13-10 09:44 PM   #13 
  - Well, given that this is a continuously tiny and useless form of energy and given the fact that...  NNadir   Oct-13-10 06:57 PM   #9 
  - Common industrial accidents like this happen at nuke plants too  struggle4progress   Oct-13-10 06:53 PM   #8 
  - Two things spring to mind:  Dead_Parrot   Oct-13-10 07:55 PM   #10 
     - If you can actually produce a good estimate of comparable death rates for all accidents,  struggle4progress   Oct-13-10 09:20 PM   #12 
        - If I could actually produce a good estimate of comparable death rates for all accidents,  Dead_Parrot   Oct-13-10 10:15 PM   #14 
        - Deaths per TWh for all energy sources  wtmusic   Oct-13-10 11:08 PM   #18 
        - That blog is garbage by a pronuclear idiot.  kristopher   Oct-13-10 11:20 PM   #19 
        - I've seen that before...  Dead_Parrot   Oct-13-10 11:56 PM   #20 
        - I'm not trying to be a smart-ass: people are morons on roofs  struggle4progress   Oct-14-10 01:06 AM   #21 
           - Yeah, I've seen similar  Dead_Parrot   Oct-14-10 01:28 AM   #22 
        - No solar, but as a starting point here is some analysis on wind coal and nuclear  kristopher   Oct-13-10 10:40 PM   #15 
  - Solar is statistically more dangerous than nuclear because of these types of accidents. nt  wtmusic   Oct-13-10 10:48 PM   #16 
     - The last time you said that falsehood you were quoting an idiot at a blog  kristopher   Oct-13-10 10:57 PM   #17 

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