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Reply #8: It's OK. I understand. However, I give people time to discuss their topics. [View All]

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Radio_Lady Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-12-08 02:06 AM
Response to Reply #6
8. It's OK. I understand. However, I give people time to discuss their topics.
Edited on Tue Feb-12-08 02:14 AM by Radio_Lady
I've talked to Presidents and paupers, zealots of every kind of religion and non-religion you can imagine, even kindergarten kind of sex fantasy, and of course... politics... politics... politics.

When I tell people I'm on the radio, there is a pause. "What do you talk about?" is the usual question. My reply is, "Anything my studio guests or telephone caller wants to talk about, except sports." However, I am a closet supporter of the Boston Red Sox, NE Patriots, and the Miami Dolphins. Used to follow NY teams, but my ex-husband was the main fan, not me.

I'm sure if there are call-ins to my shows, as there have been in the past, you would have time to present your point of view. Interestingly enough, Rod is a very kind and interesting man whom I befriended when he contacted me to interview him about his book "River of Fear."

Hey, Art Bell discussed these theories for years, and so did I, usually on the overnight shift. Having a slow night? Invite an astrologer on a show! Or a psychic! Believe me, I've done my share of those. Also, we had a Date-A-Mate show (people called in and described themselves, then left their telephone number with the radio engineer and anyone could get it) and something I called "Ellen's Sellin' Corner." Have a used sofa for sale? Chairs? A desk? A collectible? No problem. Remember the show "Northern Exposure"? In the early 1970s, we were all friends on the all-night radio shift and there weren't any problems. It got much uglier after 1972. Daytime radio became shrill and uncompromising -- and when I finished my shift after dark on winter nights, CBS assigned someone to walk me to my car for security purposes. This was at the Prudential Center garage.

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  - It's OK. I understand. However, I give people time to discuss their topics.  Radio_Lady   Feb-12-08 02:06 AM   #8 
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  - UPDATE: Rod C. Davis will be my guest in the springtime on a completely different topic.  Radio_Lady   Feb-18-08 09:47 PM   #14 

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