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Reply #2: I agree, I hit on ppl profile to see post counts. 1000+ sometimes [View All]

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wakeme2008 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-02-07 12:52 PM
Response to Original message
2. I agree, I hit on ppl profile to see post counts. 1000+ sometimes
just isn't enought for nosey ppl like me :evilgrin:

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  -Why are there people on DU who disable their profiles? 48percenter  Jan-02-07 12:49 PM   #0 
  - That would be their business, really.  jobycom   Jan-02-07 12:52 PM   #1 
  - People are judged by how many posts they have  classicfilmfan   Jan-02-07 12:53 PM   #5 
  - yeah, but without a profile  hfojvt   Jan-02-07 06:08 PM   #30 
  - I did for a while, wanted people to respond to just my writing.  uppityperson   Jan-02-07 07:54 PM   #34 
  - I agree, I hit on ppl profile to see post counts. 1000+ sometimes  wakeme2008   Jan-02-07 12:52 PM   #2 
  - We've got spirit, yes we do. We've got spirit, how about you?  hfojvt   Jan-02-07 06:11 PM   #31 
  - It's just their choice, I'd say.  Lex   Jan-02-07 12:53 PM   #3 
  - I have adopted the practice of never responding to or  DURHAM D   Jan-02-07 12:53 PM   #4 
  - I have an internet stalker  holly4755   Jan-02-07 01:00 PM   #8 
  - I think it's a sensible thing to do for many. It's wrong for DUers to assume that  blondeatlast   Jan-02-07 06:02 PM   #29 
  - Bad assumption.  jobycom   Jan-02-07 01:01 PM   #9 
     - Oh sure, you would say that, you "gender undeclared"  Gormy Cuss   Jan-02-07 01:10 PM   #12 
        - lol. People make assumptions about that, too.  jobycom   Jan-02-07 01:20 PM   #18 
  - What assurances does a profile provide? Can't people put anything  ariellyn   Jan-02-07 12:56 PM   #6 
  - of course they can  pitohui   Jan-02-07 12:59 PM   #7 
     - I've been online for 17 years  hyphenate   Jan-02-07 02:57 PM   #27 
  - Maybe because we don't know who else is on DU?  cornermouse   Jan-02-07 01:04 PM   #10 
  - I know several of us discussed this in the Lounge a few years ago.  blm   Jan-02-07 01:09 PM   #11 
  - well, that is friggin' scarey!  48percenter   Jan-02-07 01:36 PM   #21 
  - Yep. I remember the guy  hippywife   Jan-02-07 06:34 PM   #32 
  - I'm boring!  dave_p   Jan-02-07 01:10 PM   #13 
  - Perfect question for the 21st century  NoMoreMyths   Jan-02-07 01:13 PM   #14 
  - It's an interesting question. I think the reasons are mostly in a similar class.  TahitiNut   Jan-02-07 01:13 PM   #15 
  - They don't call them reTHUGlicans for nothing, you know.  pabsungenis   Jan-02-07 01:14 PM   #16 
  - The thing I am most interested in when I look at a profile is where  jwirr   Jan-02-07 01:14 PM   #17 
  - the only two things I look at are where they live and post count...  wakeme2008   Jan-02-07 01:28 PM   #20 
  - I can think of two people I know.  sammythecat   Jan-02-07 03:09 PM   #28 
  - That's the thing I look at most, too. --nt  CrispyQGirl   Jan-02-07 02:00 PM   #22 
  - it's because they are freeper trolls  datasuspect   Jan-02-07 01:27 PM   #19 
  - Because it's an available option?  Bornaginhooligan   Jan-02-07 02:06 PM   #23 
  - I live in California, I'm male, I've posted many times here since 2002.  hunter   Jan-02-07 02:08 PM   #24 
  - What bothers me when people  Nite Owl   Jan-02-07 02:24 PM   #25 
  - I have PTSD and know my limits as to how much I can engage on a  applegrove   Jan-02-07 02:40 PM   #26 
  - Those are all the famous people!  Will Robinson   Jan-02-07 07:44 PM   #33 
  - Because if you found out who I really am, I'd have to kill you.  Redstone   Jan-02-07 07:56 PM   #35 

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