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Reply #15: Basically doesn't every progressive, optimistic and forward-looking [View All]

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Meritaten1 Donating Member (241 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-07-04 10:13 AM
Response to Original message
15. Basically doesn't every progressive, optimistic and forward-looking
movement draw some roots from liberalism? From the New Deal to the Civil Rights movement to concern for the environment and human rights?


Liberalism=compassion for society's less fortunate

Liberalism=faith that an informed electorate can act on behalf of the public interest through government

The reason "compassionate conservatism" became such a buzzword for the Republicans is precisely because conservatism is not something one would normally associate with compassion. "Conservative" usually connotes holding unwillngness to venture forward?
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  -Let's make a list of what liberal movements in this country have done. elperromagico  Jul-07-04 09:57 AM   #0 
  - The American Revolution  RatTerrier   Jul-07-04 09:58 AM   #1 
  - Right -the conservatives ( "Tories") wanted to stay with the Crown  underpants   Jul-07-04 10:12 AM   #13 
  - You gotta understand something  sirjwtheblack   Jul-07-04 09:59 AM   #2 
  - You are right. I can't understand why the leadership of the  SonofMass   Jul-07-04 10:06 AM   #10 
  - Time saver.  aden_nak   Jul-07-04 09:59 AM   #3 
  - Indeed. FDR's liberal programs,  elperromagico   Jul-07-04 10:03 AM   #7 
  - Rural electrification?  underpants   Jul-07-04 10:12 AM   #14 
  - Gave us the 8 hour work day and 40 hour work week  Radical Activist   Jul-07-04 10:00 AM   #4 
  - The Constitution.  Itchinjim   Jul-07-04 10:01 AM   #5 
  - Abolition of slavery  Radical Activist   Jul-07-04 10:01 AM   #6 
  - Rural electrification  MrBenchley   Jul-07-04 10:05 AM   #8 
  - Pure food & drugs  baldguy   Jul-07-04 10:06 AM   #9 
  - Free public education, the public University system, community colleges  Radical Activist   Jul-07-04 10:09 AM   #11 
  - How about Liberal Democracy?  drdarwin   Jul-07-04 10:09 AM   #12 
  - Basically doesn't every progressive, optimistic and forward-looking  Meritaten1   Jul-07-04 10:13 AM   #15 
  - Exactly.  elperromagico   Jul-07-04 10:15 AM   #17 
  - A few more  dryan   Jul-07-04 10:19 AM   #18 
  - The entire civil rights movement  shylock1579   Jul-07-04 10:15 AM   #16 
  - The environmental movement  CWebster   Jul-07-04 10:19 AM   #19 
  - virtually everything ... Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democracy  cosmicdot   Jul-07-04 10:30 AM   #20 
  - Women's right to vote  kcwayne   Jul-07-04 10:40 AM   #21 
  - 40hr work week, minimum wage  rman   Jul-07-04 10:43 AM   #22 
  - Interstate highway system  lib71   Jul-07-04 10:48 AM   #23 
  - U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Applying the Bill of Rights to States  pdmike   Jul-07-04 10:53 AM   #24 

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