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Reply #78: this guy is a true nutcase [View All]

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democracy1st Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-27-08 04:22 PM
Response to Original message
78. this guy is a true nutcase
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  -Hugo Chavez says Latin America needs Russia Zorro  Sep-22-08 07:46 PM   #0 
  - There goes Latin America. How our circle of influence is shrinking! Thanks to some of our so called  curious one   Sep-22-08 07:52 PM   #1 
  - Heard this before, in history  Pavulon   Sep-22-08 07:56 PM   #2 
     - Exactly  Zorro   Sep-22-08 08:08 PM   #3 
     - Ha! That's a laugh. Or just wishful thinking on your part?  bitchkitty   Sep-22-08 08:18 PM   #4 
        - Hopefully they will work under their influence.  Pavulon   Sep-22-08 08:23 PM   #5 
        - Guess you don't like it  Zorro   Sep-22-08 08:25 PM   #6 
        - That used to be true, when the "real world"  bitchkitty   Sep-22-08 08:31 PM   #9 
           - I'm guessing you haven't been to South America  Zorro   Sep-22-08 08:35 PM   #10 
              - I'll bet few on those waiting lists  bitchkitty   Sep-22-08 08:48 PM   #13 
              - So how about going to South America and giving us a field report?  Zorro   Sep-22-08 09:01 PM   #18 
              - I don't have to be in South America  bitchkitty   Sep-23-08 09:40 AM   #47 
                 - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Sep-23-08 09:04 PM   #57 
              - Capital  Spouting Horn   Sep-22-08 10:14 PM   #34 
              - Maybe they'll begin emigrating to Russia now.  pegleg   Sep-22-08 09:31 PM   #26 
                 - Moscow make NY Metro  Pavulon   Sep-22-08 09:38 PM   #29 
        - There seems to be a huge socail movement toward the left all  amyrose2712   Sep-22-08 08:58 PM   #17 
        - My social movement to the left happened after being involved in an illegal Reagan war.  trthnd4jstc   Sep-22-08 11:39 PM   #43 
           - Thank you, Trthnd4jstc! For realizing the evil of the policy you participated in,  Peace Patriot   Sep-23-08 01:55 PM   #50 
           - Peace man. I'm a vet, but I was lucky never to have done  happydreams   Sep-24-08 03:30 PM   #65 
           - You're the second person I've heard this kind of thing from  Lydia Leftcoast   Sep-24-08 11:18 PM   #68 
        - I hope that you are right. The US should not be imperialistic.  trthnd4jstc   Sep-22-08 11:35 PM   #42 
     - The US has no right to tell Latin America with whom it can associate.  High Plains   Sep-22-08 09:05 PM   #19 
     - The US is not telling "Latin America with whom it can associate"  Zorro   Sep-22-08 09:24 PM   #23 
     - I was responding to Pavulon's post:  High Plains   Sep-22-08 09:37 PM   #28 
        - Me too, Sailed to cuba  Pavulon   Sep-22-08 09:41 PM   #30 
           - Heck, if Russia can supply him with weapons to fight off the fascisti  happydreams   Sep-25-08 02:19 PM   #73 
     - That agreement is about to die and  Pavulon   Sep-22-08 09:30 PM   #25 
        - Tell me, you keep talking about the US killing its political opponents.  High Plains   Sep-22-08 09:44 PM   #32 
        - Dioxin  Pavulon   Sep-22-08 09:50 PM   #33 
           - This is not russian work  TheLastMohican   Sep-23-08 01:28 AM   #45 
           - Yeah....  WriteDown   Sep-23-08 02:07 PM   #51 
              - International med team was a joke  TheLastMohican   Sep-24-08 04:56 AM   #59 
                 - Amazing...  WriteDown   Sep-24-08 08:06 AM   #61 
                    - Yushenko is not dead  TheLastMohican   Sep-25-08 02:55 AM   #70 
           - You spout some of the most disjointed nonsense I've ever seen.  ronnie624   Sep-23-08 10:15 AM   #48 
              - Read A FUCKING book before you condescend  Pavulon   Sep-23-08 06:52 PM   #55 
                 - Thanks for the helpful suggestions.  ronnie624   Sep-24-08 12:44 AM   #58 
                    - google is your friend for sure...  Pavulon   Sep-26-08 09:02 PM   #76 
        - This is stupid arrogant  Flanker   Sep-23-08 11:39 AM   #49 
           - No shit  Pavulon   Sep-23-08 06:55 PM   #56 
     - Who cares what the US accepts now that Bush has shown us to be the paper tiger we really are?  Vidar   Sep-25-08 10:34 AM   #71 
  - I would be scared  DiamondKrosse   Sep-22-08 08:28 PM   #7 
  - "Those who do not miss the USSR have no heart..  Pavulon   Sep-22-08 08:30 PM   #8 
     - sounds like....  unkachuck   Sep-22-08 08:52 PM   #14 
     - its the same thing,  DiamondKrosse   Sep-22-08 08:53 PM   #15 
     - I understand your Putin-bashing  TheLastMohican   Sep-23-08 01:30 AM   #46 
  - You can judge a man's character by the company he keeps n/t  Psephos   Sep-22-08 08:42 PM   #11 
  - Absolutely.  Judi Lynn   Sep-22-08 08:56 PM   #16 
  - What do those photos have to do with Putin and Chavez? n/t  Psephos   Sep-22-08 09:17 PM   #21 
  - Russia did not invade Latin America or run death squads killing civilians there  IndianaGreen   Sep-22-08 09:33 PM   #27 
     - They played there too  Pavulon   Sep-22-08 09:44 PM   #31 
     - You've got no problem with Putin's character?  Psephos   Sep-22-08 10:19 PM   #36 
        - My views on Putin are identical to those of the Communist Party of Greece  IndianaGreen   Sep-22-08 10:26 PM   #38 
           - My view is simpler. He's an atavistic motherfucker. n/t  Psephos   Sep-22-08 11:25 PM   #41 
  - Exactly what the Pentagon needs  hack89   Sep-22-08 08:45 PM   #12 
  - My goodness. The moldering corpse of Scoop Jackson has arisen...  High Plains   Sep-22-08 09:12 PM   #20 
  - ...  UTUSN   Sep-22-08 09:19 PM   #22 
  - And the point of this picture is?  Peace Patriot   Sep-23-08 03:35 PM   #53 
  - Everybody needs Russia. They're a huge supplier of natural gas, not to mention oil.  ryanmuegge   Sep-22-08 09:26 PM   #24 
  - Watchit, Zorro! The Commies are coming!  sfexpat2000   Sep-22-08 10:18 PM   #35 
  - Isn't amazing. You can just see their yearning for the good ol'  happydreams   Sep-24-08 03:23 PM   #64 
     - Yeah, since there's no "Islamic threat" in Latin America  Lydia Leftcoast   Sep-24-08 11:21 PM   #69 
     - OOPs... should have read: "Isn't it amazing?..."  happydreams   Sep-25-08 02:22 PM   #74 
  - Latin America does not "need" Russia. Che was right and Fidel was wrong.  David Zephyr   Sep-22-08 10:25 PM   #37 
  - I agree with you about the leftist democracy revolution in South America  Peace Patriot   Sep-23-08 03:12 PM   #52 
  - Fidel played the USSR off against the US for his own ends. This, IMHO, gave him  happydreams   Sep-24-08 03:33 PM   #66 
  - Didn't we already go through this shit once?  Dark   Sep-22-08 10:48 PM   #39 
  - He needs Russia because Buscho won't deal with him. Just like Castro...  olddad56   Sep-22-08 11:20 PM   #40 
  - Exactly right.  ronnie624   Sep-23-08 12:59 AM   #44 
  - Castro had limited options then, primarily oil. That is not the case with Latin America 2008.  David Zephyr   Sep-23-08 05:46 PM   #54 
  - I don't know  Dorian Gray   Sep-24-08 07:11 AM   #60 
  - As long as the US is "dicking " around down there (cf Cheney), Chavez is right:  Vidar   Sep-24-08 10:17 AM   #62 
  - That's what I'm thinking. Chavez is just playing hardball as he should be.  happydreams   Sep-24-08 03:36 PM   #67 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Sep-24-08 03:22 PM   #63 
  - Zorro: Captulos  happydreams   Sep-25-08 02:14 PM   #72 
  - Tyrants need each other  MellowDem   Sep-25-08 06:36 PM   #75 
  - Yeah thats what we need.  bamacrat   Sep-27-08 11:21 AM   #77 
  - this guy is a true nutcase  democracy1st   Sep-27-08 04:22 PM   #78 
  - Which guy?  happydreams   Sep-27-08 06:31 PM   #80 
  - I'm alright with that.  Unvanguard   Sep-27-08 04:23 PM   #79 
  - Every time R's rail against "communism" in the Americas...  Duke Newcombe   Sep-27-08 08:48 PM   #81 

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