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Senator Clinton Wants Hearings On Morning-After Pill [View All]

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norml Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-27-05 02:14 PM
Original message
Senator Clinton Wants Hearings On Morning-After Pill
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Senator Clinton Wants Hearings On Morning-After Pill

August 27, 2005

Senator Hillary Clinton and Washington Senator Patty Murray are calling for hearings to weigh the issues holding up the release of an over-the-counter version of the so-called morning after pill.

The Food and Drug Administration has delayed the release of the new version of the pill by an additional 60 days to reach a decision on the matter.

The issue seems to be how the agency would enforce the rule that only women over 17 should have access to the drug.

The drug is said to reduce the risk of pregnancy if taken three days after having unprotected sex.

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  -Senator Clinton Wants Hearings On Morning-After Pill norml  Aug-27-05 02:14 PM   #0 
  - Good for them  OKNancy   Aug-27-05 02:20 PM   #1 
  - dont make me laugh(a huge ga faux)  OKthatsIT   Aug-28-05 06:03 PM   #84 
  - My question: Is it safe...  I concur   Aug-29-05 09:31 AM   #99 
  - Who makes the "morning after pill?"  FlemingsGhost   Aug-27-05 02:25 PM   #2 
  - Why don't you do the research? And do you ask the same question of Murray?  CTyankee   Aug-27-05 02:33 PM   #4 
  - Doing it right now ...  FlemingsGhost   Aug-27-05 02:36 PM   #5 
  - Barr Pharmaceuticals,  rodeodance   Aug-27-05 02:39 PM   #6 
  - Pharmacists for Life  insane_cratic_gal   Aug-27-05 10:26 PM   #37 
     - Pardon this man's potential ignorance, but isn't the MAP...  Zhade   Aug-28-05 03:55 PM   #69 
  - Maybe they gave her a years ...  Andromeda   Aug-28-05 04:50 AM   #46 
  - this should be done, but WHY NOT IRAQ or ELECTION REFORM????  Lerkfish   Aug-27-05 02:32 PM   #3 
  - psst! Hillary, Have you heard of Cindy Sheehan? how bout Obama??  Imagevision   Aug-27-05 06:28 PM   #20 
     - She's sucking up to GOP...  madeline_con   Aug-27-05 08:49 PM   #34 
     - Because she voted for this fu%@ing war.  drummo   Aug-28-05 01:06 AM   #41 
        - I don't agree with that sentiment.  Zhade   Aug-28-05 03:57 PM   #71 
  - Good move by our Senators  MaineDem   Aug-27-05 02:40 PM   #7 
  - How about hearings on the Downing Street memo, Hillary?  IndianaGreen   Aug-27-05 02:54 PM   #8 
  - I hear ya! Another distraction by the DLC. ANYTHING but deal  leesa   Aug-27-05 10:13 PM   #36 
  - I agree- she has yet to even mention that document. n/t  Dr Fate   Aug-28-05 03:53 PM   #68 
  - How does she do it ,Grand Theft Auto and the Morning After..  bahrbearian   Aug-27-05 03:07 PM   #9 
  - Yeah, reproductive rights is really low on the scale of important issues  WildClarySage   Aug-27-05 05:40 PM   #17 
  - Actually  OzarkDem   Aug-28-05 05:29 AM   #48 
  - I bet if you were pregnant and in need of one  Chovexani   Aug-28-05 07:28 AM   #52 
  - Nice to know that a women's rights are not important to some on this board  saracat   Aug-28-05 01:32 PM   #61 
     - Extremely important: War 82%, abortion 52%  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 04:00 PM   #73 
        - Nothing is more important than the rights of the individual! Reproductive  saracat   Aug-28-05 05:09 PM   #81 
           - What about the rights of the Iraqis?  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 09:03 PM   #93 
              - So their rights render ours nonexistant?  saracat   Aug-29-05 09:13 AM   #95 
  - Like I said, it IS important, but the other issues are just as  Lerkfish   Aug-28-05 11:29 AM   #58 
  - Maybe school uniforms will be next on the agenda  CityDem   Aug-27-05 06:58 PM   #23 
  - From what I understand from watching  joanski0   Aug-27-05 03:08 PM   #10 
  - Read this in the paper this morning  FredScuttle   Aug-27-05 03:08 PM   #11 
  - Well said FredScuttle!  Iowa   Aug-27-05 03:24 PM   #12 
  - Thanks for this info, Fred. n/t  joanski0   Aug-27-05 03:30 PM   #14 
  - When will they ever learn  CityDem   Aug-27-05 06:57 PM   #21 
  - Clinton and Murray voted AGAINST Crawford.  Mass   Aug-27-05 07:05 PM   #27 
  - Thanks for the info  FredScuttle   Aug-27-05 10:08 PM   #35 
  - Thanks for that.  Andromeda   Aug-28-05 04:45 AM   #44 
     - But I don't think that negates my original point  FredScuttle   Aug-28-05 03:17 PM   #63 
  - AAAIIIGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!  Zhade   Aug-28-05 04:00 PM   #72 
  - fine but why not girls 17 and under also?  pitohui   Aug-27-05 03:26 PM   #13 
  - People under 17 don't have sex  bush still has to go   Aug-27-05 03:36 PM   #15 
     - And if by chance they do have sex, they have to be punished.  daleo   Aug-27-05 07:13 PM   #29 
  - I don't understand why any DUers would minimize this issue  baby_bear   Aug-27-05 04:40 PM   #16 
  - Go to a shooping center/mall, talk to the first 50 women you meet-  Prodemsouth   Aug-27-05 07:08 PM   #28 
  - I disagree  JerseygirlCT   Aug-27-05 08:32 PM   #33 
  - I agree with JerseygirlCT  baby_bear   Aug-28-05 01:14 AM   #42 
  - I am not talking about YOU. Disagree all you want, the TRUTH is  Prodemsouth   Aug-28-05 05:17 AM   #47 
     - So, you actually DID this? Talked to 50 women you didn't know  Crowdance   Aug-28-05 09:29 AM   #53 
     - So just because these women  Lars39   Aug-28-05 06:54 PM   #87 
     - So where does intelligence and discretion come into it then?  JerseygirlCT   Aug-28-05 10:52 AM   #54 
     - That's not valid  MaineDem   Aug-28-05 11:11 AM   #55 
  - Wrong.  Andromeda   Aug-28-05 04:48 AM   #45 
  - You're right  OzarkDem   Aug-28-05 05:32 AM   #50 
  - We didn't say ignore reproduction issues  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 03:38 PM   #64 
  - It IS a huge issue, no question.  Zhade   Aug-28-05 04:04 PM   #75 
  - Why is the issue surrounding this regarding access to teenagers?  WindRavenX   Aug-27-05 06:19 PM   #18 
  - Sorry it is not huge! Gas Prices are huge ask any congress  Prodemsouth   Aug-27-05 07:02 PM   #24 
  - Well, this is certainly more important than Steroids in Baseball...  ALiberalSailor   Aug-27-05 06:26 PM   #19 
  - This is what they think is important right now? This is why Hillary  Prodemsouth   Aug-27-05 06:57 PM   #22 
  - This is important for women,sorry...  Mass   Aug-27-05 07:03 PM   #25 
     - I will reapeat this for you - go to the first 50 women you meet and  Prodemsouth   Aug-27-05 07:17 PM   #31 
     - Not saying it is the only important issue, but it is important  Mass   Aug-27-05 08:25 PM   #32 
     - I'll take that bet.  bezdomny   Aug-27-05 11:32 PM   #39 
        - Bottom Line if these issues were as important as people like you  Prodemsouth   Aug-28-05 05:30 AM   #49 
           - It's when people like yourself  bezdomny   Aug-29-05 04:42 AM   #94 
     - War is as important for women and Hil dont give a damn  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 03:40 PM   #65 
     - Hillary Clinton has more care in her for the people  leetrisck   Aug-28-05 04:57 PM   #77 
     - Hurricane Katrina is Hillary's fault doncha know?  oasis   Aug-28-05 05:03 PM   #80 
  - I don't get the analogy to cigarettes and alcohol  CTyankee   Aug-27-05 07:04 PM   #26 
  - Alcohol is natural and healthy if used responsibly.  daleo   Aug-27-05 07:15 PM   #30 
  - Hormones  athenap   Aug-27-05 10:39 PM   #38 
  - I see all the usual Dem haters are out tonight  paulk   Aug-27-05 11:57 PM   #40 
  - Is Hillary a Dem? Who would have known?  leesa   Aug-28-05 11:22 AM   #57 
  - The left doesn't need to be partisan  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 03:43 PM   #67 
     - Polls: War almost twice more important than abortion  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 03:55 PM   #70 
     - the left doesn't need to be damned if you do, damned if you don't  paulk   Aug-28-05 06:50 PM   #86 
  - Hillary has wasted a lot of time with trivial issues  fujiyama   Aug-28-05 01:55 AM   #43 
  - You mean they can call for hearings on stuff?  babsbunny   Aug-28-05 12:53 PM   #59 
     - 9 billion could pay for a lot of Health Education programs- I agree.  Dr Fate   Aug-28-05 05:02 PM   #79 
  - This may not be the most important issue to everyone but it's still big  MaineDem   Aug-28-05 06:34 AM   #51 
  - "Ya body belonga me!"  pfitz59   Aug-28-05 11:16 AM   #56 
  - This is important, but what about the illegal war based on  pberq   Aug-28-05 01:31 PM   #60 
  - morning after  bluetuesday   Aug-28-05 01:53 PM   #62 
  - Wrong - come election time,it will be about abortion,  leetrisck   Aug-28-05 03:42 PM   #66 
     - Abortion is not a Top Issue for Voters  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 04:02 PM   #74 
     - And most voters are idiots.  saracat   Aug-28-05 04:57 PM   #76 
        - I agree with you  leetrisck   Aug-28-05 05:01 PM   #78 
        - You contradict yourself  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 05:20 PM   #83 
        - Idiots because their priority is not abortion?  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 05:17 PM   #82 
           - Think about it. This nation is founded on the preservation of the rights  saracat   Aug-28-05 06:58 PM   #88 
              - The rights of the Iraqis are as important  glendavis77   Aug-28-05 09:01 PM   #92 
                 - If we had respect for our own citizens , we wouldn't do that.  saracat   Aug-29-05 09:21 AM   #97 
                 - Where were you when Iraq was invaded?  Bridget Burke   Aug-29-05 09:27 AM   #98 
     - wrong  bluetuesday   Aug-28-05 07:59 PM   #90 
  - A thread like this -- Hillary AND women's issues -- is like a magnet...  Zenlitened   Aug-28-05 06:08 PM   #85 
  - Maybe these knuckle-draggers having to support 7 kids  Lars39   Aug-28-05 06:59 PM   #89 
  - Nero Clinton fiddles while rome burns.  The_Casual_Observer   Aug-28-05 08:11 PM   #91 
     - Yeah. SOOO much more important than individual rights.  saracat   Aug-29-05 09:19 AM   #96 

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