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Reply #26: right, like how safe and effective ephedra is [View All]

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mopinko Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jul-10-05 11:04 AM
Response to Reply #1
26. right, like how safe and effective ephedra is
wake up. the "wholistic health" industry is no different from any other multibillion dollar industry. look at the lobbying effort to avoid regulation, and look at the ephedra cover-ups. they ain't a bunch of barefoot flower children. they have killed plenty of people, directly, through unsafe products, and indirectly, through disinformation that prevented people from getting proven treatments for dangerous diseases. ask me about my dead niece.
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  -Fake Research Allegations Reach New Highs Judi Lynn  Jul-10-05 05:19 AM   #0 
  - You won't find this sort of thing in the supplement industry... but you  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 05:54 AM   #1 
  - There's Also A Network Of "Debunkers" Set Up To Smear Honest Research  cryingshame   Jul-10-05 09:19 AM   #5 
  - so, what's your beef with Randi?  Raster   Jul-10-05 09:29 AM   #6 
  - He Participated In A Smear Campaign Against A Scientist Whose Work  cryingshame   Jul-10-05 10:46 AM   #22 
     - who? what was the focus point for the research?  Raster   Jul-10-05 11:15 AM   #28 
  - Yes.... let's not let it out of the bag that spontaneous remissions occur  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 09:54 AM   #13 
  - Reminds me of a recent article.....  Catchawave   Jul-10-05 10:06 AM   #14 
  - Criminy..... how in the hell did they make that mistake???  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 10:10 AM   #15 
  - Your Attempt To Misdirect Discredits Any Point You Might Try To Make  cryingshame   Jul-10-05 10:47 AM   #23 
  - Yes, it's a rather large beef of mine since my father was chemo'd  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 11:00 AM   #25 
  - There are also many cases  Demgirl   Jul-10-05 11:34 AM   #31 
     - I noticed in your post a reference to breast cancer... what if, I say,  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 11:43 AM   #35 
     - I'm one.  donco6   Jul-10-05 01:23 PM   #39 
     - Hey - I'm one of the lucky ones - I seem able to take any of my meds  TankLV   Jul-10-05 01:24 PM   #40 
  - So why don't you go claim Randi's Megabuck prize?  BiggJawn   Jul-10-05 10:15 AM   #17 
  - Because Randi Is A Charlatan & Will ALWAYS Interject Himself Into A  cryingshame   Jul-10-05 10:45 AM   #21 
     - Sorry, but...  William Seger   Jul-10-05 11:58 AM   #36 
     - He is not  alarimer   Jul-10-05 02:13 PM   #41 
     - We could ask the same questions about the Snake-Oil salesmen...  BiggJawn   Jul-10-05 04:17 PM   #46 
  - Randi is no charlatan  William Seger   Jul-10-05 11:40 AM   #34 
     - Here, here!! nt  VegasWolf   Jul-10-05 12:08 PM   #38 
  - No one knows  Demgirl   Jul-10-05 09:34 AM   #9 
  - "Supplements industry refuses to use the peer review process"  BuddhaGirl   Jul-10-05 09:51 AM   #12 
     - You go girl..... people buy whatever the corporate sources tell them  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 10:13 AM   #16 
     - Supplement companies are corporations, too  union_maid   Jul-10-05 04:02 PM   #45 
     - Do you have a link?  Demgirl   Jul-10-05 10:27 AM   #19 
        - How does one conduct studies on oh, I don't know.. "broccoli" that  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 10:44 AM   #20 
           - Clinical trials for supplements  Demgirl   Jul-10-05 11:33 AM   #30 
              - Here it is in a nutshell..... I have listened to people who have been  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 11:38 AM   #33 
                 - Need more than one study  Demgirl   Jul-10-05 02:33 PM   #43 
                    - I take your point well..... and I understand that supplements are not  4MoronicYears   Jul-10-05 03:26 PM   #44 
  - right, like how safe and effective ephedra is  mopinko   Jul-10-05 11:04 AM   #26 
     - the ephedra ban was recently overtuned  BuddhaGirl   Jul-10-05 04:45 PM   #48 
  - The researches are now following the sterling example set by the WH.  fasttense   Jul-10-05 06:21 AM   #2 
  - and just about anybody else  nolabels   Jul-10-05 09:11 AM   #3 
  - welcome to the new Dark Ages n/t  rucky   Jul-10-05 09:32 AM   #8 
  - I Stand Partly Vindicated. The Science Industrial Complex Has Perverted  cryingshame   Jul-10-05 09:18 AM   #4 
  - bullshit  alarimer   Jul-10-05 02:19 PM   #42 
  - Fake science to support the fake economy. nt  bemildred   Jul-10-05 09:30 AM   #7 
  - Don't blame everyone  Demgirl   Jul-10-05 09:37 AM   #10 
  - Ahhh, remember the "smoking beagles" .......  Catchawave   Jul-10-05 09:49 AM   #11 
  - There's BIG BUCKS to be made in "cooking" Science!  BiggJawn   Jul-10-05 10:20 AM   #18 
  - ...was found to have made up two families ... in grant applications  LeighAnn   Jul-10-05 10:58 AM   #24 
  - Lyme Disease was the pilot project for bogus research  preciousdove   Jul-10-05 11:09 AM   #27 
  - I'd throw his ass in the gulag if I had my way  DS1   Jul-10-05 11:20 AM   #29 
  - It's simple to falsify data.  igil   Jul-10-05 11:36 AM   #32 
  - I'm sure the White House would be happy to employ Dr. Friedman. eom  Straight Shooter   Jul-10-05 12:03 PM   #37 
  - i saw fellow grad students do it in the '70s-80's often  kodi   Jul-10-05 04:38 PM   #47 

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