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Not All Citizens' Votes Created Equal, and Study Says It Shows in Funding

Typical debate with a Teapublican:

Iran sending advisers to Syria to quell unrest, paper reports

Fungi Reduce Need for Fertilizer in Agriculture

Fungi Reduce Need for Fertilizer in Agriculture

2 firms to pay for improper military foreclosures

Sentencing looms for L.A. County welfare worker who scammed the needy

“I won’t stand by & let Obama waste our hard-earned tax dollars on these freeloading veterans"

Twitter reveals secrets: Details of British users handed over in landmark case

Willie Nelson

Many in GOP who oppose health insurance requirement used to favor it

Remember the acid test bus "Further" ?

Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now: Why voter ID bill may be unconstitutional

A wonderful 70 Yr old Bitish woman braving Japan's radiation zones to save abandoned dogs and cats.

Happy Memorial Day. It's the kickoff to summer. On Thursday 8 U.S. troops were killed

U.S. Government Offers Lockheed Assistance After ‘Tenacious’ Cyber

In a nation where polite public discourse is the norm, the dialogue quickly turned hostile

Britain Says Helicopters Risky in Libya but Needed

For Anarchist, Details of Life as F.B.I. Target

Palin's ghostwriter, Rebeccca Mansour (Twitter, Facebook) replaced.

Al Qaeda group tightens grip on Yemen coastal town

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Remembering But Not Reminded...

Is that true that Newt Gingrich owed (owes) around $500,000 to Tiffany's?

Is that true that Newt Gingrich owed (owes) around $500,000 to Tiffany's?

NY Times: Passive in the Senate

KOS thinks the Weiner thing is a fake screen image

A heroine you should see - Mexico: Teacher Sings with Students During Shooting (video clip)

Ride to kill the bill


Tunisia needs $125 billion in funding over five years - report

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in China

Paul Krugman- Discretionary Truthiness

2 killed, 11 wounded in twin bomb attacks west of Baghdad

I miss Ted Kennedy

Mitch the chinless is on MTP with Schumer

More countries accepting gay lifestyle: study

Minor Earthquake Friday here in Philadelphia(!)


Trick or Treat!

Palin's bus trip already a success

Palin's bus trip already a success

Monsoon reaches Kerala, set to advance further

Examining Governor Scott Walker's Highway Boondoggles

One eaglet is working his wings big-time! Gives him a good

SOCIAL CONTROL: Just LOOK at the racial disparity of incarceration

Sorry Paul Ryan, My Mom Will Live

How long will it be before some politician says let's update our "horse & buggy" constitution?

The Republican Job Creators Myth (graph)

What happens when you make a timeline of all the "history" related things Glenn Beck has said

Why Medical School Should Be Free

Disappointed in "Too Big to Fail?"

Collection X: Weird, Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum

nytimes: At Rolling Thunder, Waiting for Palin

Carl Hiaasen: GOP won’t let democracy get out of hand


How the public feels about the safety net

"Sesame Street's pinko puppets brainwash our kids" OMG!! is Grover a Commie?!

Gas drilling can spark neighbor disputes!(south western Pa.)

In the Rethugs' attempt to kill Medicare, Social Security payments would drop precipitously if

Hydrogen fuel cell (or other new technology) cars will save the gas guzzler from extinction.

The New and Improved Jesus

TV Host and other Activists arrested at Jefferson Memorial for dancing! See video, join 'em nxt wk!

India aims to build the world's fastest supercomputer

Met (Scotland Yard) turns on its staff over phone hacking (by Rupert Murdoch's papers)

Afghans say NATO air strike kills 12 children, two women - Reuters

More dam releases raise river ( My plant has millions in damage)

Passive in the Senate (NY Times)

A freeper explains why Sarah's bus schedule isn't published

Katrina vanden Heuvel LIVE call-in on Media Matters with Bob McChesney - 2pm EDT today

I love the Indy 500 and I hope there is a major race using electric cars in my life time.

Help me craft a response to a freeper please.

AP Exclusive: Syria to end nuclear secrecy

If Joblessness and Hopelessness Undermine Democracy in the Middle East, What About Here at Home?

Is this Paul Ryan's finest hour?

Homegrown Terrorism or Entrapment?

So, is the Rep. Weiner photo hoax a retaliation for him tweeting about Clarence Thomas docu dump?

Typhoon approaches Japan, may threaten nuclear plant

Help the tornado victims, but hold the used clothing

Please replace "Gingrich" with "BLINGRICH" in your future posts.

Marilyn Monroe photos found at garage sale still a mystery

Deep thoughts

Hightower -- A Little Less Corporate Political Corruption

Obama's tip to Miliband: To win, you must be upbeat

Gov. Christie's battle over scrapped ARC tunnel costing N.J. $225K a month in interest alone

War, Taxes & Regulation - A quick rant

Pragmatic progressive decisions: run to replace conservative Democrat or. . .

Pragmatic progressive decisions: run to replace conservative Democrat or. . .

"Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger."

Grampy McBush tells Fox "News" that Palin Can Beat Obama In 2012 ("Of course she can")

"Vets rot in hell"

Anthony Weiner: Hackers posted lewd photos on Twitter

Fire season 2010 totally REDUX! I'm at Snow Creek again due to lookout problems.

Bill Kristol - Quote of the Week

Palin without her wedding ring.

Palin without her wedding ring.

Starve the bums

Who does this? Who endangers a child for a photo op?

Some Republican Governors are a clear and present danger

Urban sprawl and the tornadoes

Toon: Suckered again

The American People Have Made It Abundantly Clear What They Do & Don't Want...Yet

Report: UK-trained forces help quell Arab Spring

Thinking about challenging the status quo and running to fight FOR our teachers

Here's A Sentence For Ya... 'The State Justice Department Is Representing The Republicans.'

Trapped (toon)

(MO) Sen. Nieves is a bully and a fraud

How many times do we gotta explain this?

My friend's LTTE: Republican cuts’ repercussions

The Miracle Dog, Shot 40 Times And Buried Alive Survives,..

'Weiner' Photo Obvious Fake

Obama: Joplin tornado ‘a national tragedy’

Radioactive Typhoon. Just Fucking Great.

Seven Forgotten Vetrans Laid To Rest

Employers Probably Hired Fewer Workers in Latest Sign U.S. Economy Slowing

Man Poured Gasoline On Dog, Threatened To Light It On Fire: Cops

(not) HAPPENING NOW - Waiting for Palin and her political mystery tour

Street market unites tsunami-hit community in Japan

So, after 18 years, I decided to watch an Indy 500 live on TV again. I like auto racing.

Palin's Rolling Blunder: From Sled Dogs to Harley Hogs

Farming means having a personal relationship with your work.

One wish . . .

Chart: Bush Policies Dominant Cause Of National Debt

Chart: Bush Policies Dominant Cause Of National Debt

Yemen's Government Claims Al Qaeda Group Has Taken Major City

Palin DID show up at Rolling Thunder - there were cameras

Repubs. have prevented Obama from making a recess appointment of Elizabeth Warren this

A few questions for Freeptards and Teabaggers

Model plunges to death after fall from 10th-story hotel window on her 30th birthday

Wisconsin man charged with attempt to kill Planned Parenthood doctor

I have both my flags out I remember my Irish ancestors who died in war too

Alan West

A Useful Constitutional Amendment

House passes bill authorizing endless "world-wide" war, just as momentum is

The New-Economy Movement

Nasty storms moving through S.E. Michigan

Pawlenty: ‘No absolute or real cuts in defense’

Did Palin quit being Governor of Alaska because her lawyers' fees were more than her paycheck for

Hopefully this human filth will live the rest of his life in and die in prison

The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Conservative Majority of The Supreme Court - FDL

Log Cabin Republicans: Our mission is to oust Obama...

Inspired by OneGrassRoot: Is Anyone Interested in helping start an IT Co-op?

The Corporate Dream: Teachers as Temps

McCain: ‘Of course’ Palin can beat Obama

How many clowns do they have in that tiny car they call the Republican Party?

Palin’s bus tour keeps itinerary secret, baffles media and supporters

Salvatore Giunta on 60 Minutes. What an **exceptional** young man

Why did Sarah Palin get married? Hitler was single until shortly before his death.

Besides Somalia, are there any other countries that don't have a Postal Service?

Well lookie lookie - I turn on CSpan to watch Obama at 6.30pm and find Coburn

Sunday May 29 Fukushima updates

I have to agree with Sarah on one thing

I just saw President Obama shaking hands at the end of the Joplin memorial service

French ex-Minister in Libya, would defend Gaddafi

"Mission Accomlished" US Coin

Independent UK: This is a 'war' we should fight no longer

Despite the high prospect of rain - tens of thousands celebrate gay pride in Birmingham UK

Go Danica!

Gates and Mullen Sabotaged Gen. James Cartwright's Chance of being Chairman of Joint Chiefs

NatGeo has a good program on disasters tonight

GOP freshmen get a tough lesson in politics

I look and feel like an ass

Waukesha County - The GOP Firewall

Republicans still firmly against raising debt ceiling without big cuts

Right-Wing Media Attack American Jews For Not Turning On Obama

A Special "On, Wisconsin!" for Dairy State Unions

Drive Defensively, Please, ..reasons why..

Question for the formerly/currently/potentially pregnant...

That woman seriously gives me the willies

Being in Grant Park to celebrate Obama's election night was ten times better than being a pepper.

Being in Grant Park to celebrate Obama's election night was ten times better than being a pepper.

Silvio Berlusconi flees reality

Monday in Japan: Storm, blueprint, boiling water at Fukushima

Teen boot camp in Utah.

In 2012 we're going to find out just how stupid the American electorate is

In 2012 we're going to find out just how stupid the American electorate is

CNN disses our veterans

CNN disses our veterans

Memorial Day Extreme X-Cultural Military Post...

Companies look for power way, way up in the sky

I hope this woman sues Breitbart.

Taking the Side of the Billionaires

Taking the Side of the Billionaires

Michigan superintendent: Let’s turn our schools into prisons

I'm going to have to have a little talk with my mom

News from the Idiocracy

Some thoughts and reflections on The Indy 500 from someone who has been there... (edited)

EU From Worse To Horrible:Ireland Broker Than Expected,Greece Mulls Splitting Up 'Good' & Bad Greece

Kids sell lemonade to try to save teachers’ jobs

Kids sell lemonade to try to save teachers’ jobs

Arizona to sue over medical-marijuana law

Osama's Bin Legoed: Al Qaeda leader's last moments now captured in toy bricks

Dr. Fathi Abu-Zakhar "our families were not afraid of dying, they were afraid of rape"

Senators rail at big pharma's secretive lobbying

American Imams: Islam Compatible with Biological Evolution

OMG have you guys seen this too funny page and picture of Palin

Sarah Palin arrives at Rolling Thunder for Photo (sh)Op

Spain's Secret Conflict: The independence movement in Catalonia (Video)

Gerald Celente: "Off with their Heads 2.0"

Radioactive materials found off the coast of Miyagi and Ibaraki

Michele Bachmann’s Lies About Her History– Is She Hiding In Plain Sight?

I'm willingly enabling the Palin-aganda!

for those who complain of the democrats being too

Cain Ad.."I don't snuff my own seed, and if I make a mistake with one of my ho's.."..

My Dad Is My Special War Hero.....

Gas prices should go down? Saudi prince calls for lower oil prices

What's he thinking??

Nissan Leaf Commercial: What If Everything Ran On Gas?

100 fans arrested in Barcelona 'celebration' riots after Champions League victory

Memorial Day, tomorrow, I will shun all mention of Palin.

Pawlenty Says He Would Sign Ryan Medicare Plan

Rolling Stone - "How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory" - Must Read!

"The Bible has become a book with which to bludgeon people."

Romney - "Iowa wants me to shove this where?"

May payrolls report really about McJobs

My Friend Mister Rogers

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

It "wasn't a photo op," but that didn't stop an ass-load of photos from showing up on ""

James Fallows remembers Gil Scott-Heron

Afghans say NATO air strike kills 12 children, two women



Do we spend too much on Homeland Security?

The downside of technology

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

Paul Krugman - "Medicare and Mediscares" - Ryan Plan Will End Medicare!

Pimping the Dead: Helmet, Black Leather & Heels Palin says "I love that smell of the emissions!"

Photo: Sarah Caught Writing On Her Hand Today

Hey Sarah.....did the paparazi get some good shots?

Palin's New Movie

John F. Kennedy would have been 94 today. Remember.

I'm looking for a volunteer.Who can do a search for a sale of a piece of property in Florida for me?

I'm looking for a volunteer.Who can do a search for a sale of a piece of property in Florida for me?

Well, how do you do Private Willie McBride?

"Whose Vote?? OUR VOTE!!!" Rally for Election Integrity Madison

Paul Ryan is a liar?

Can we have a discussion about libraries and librarianship?

What is a Meat Animal?

EXCLUSIVE! GOP Briefing On Elizabeth Warren!

Palin pulls the writing on the hand trick again...

Really now, who is propping up the Palin bandwagon?

Passengers Stage 'Lord of the Flies' Mutiny on Delayed Plane

Where Does Self Defense End? Killer of Robber Convicted of Murder

Ala. town hit by tornadoes bans FEMA trailers

Poll: Floridians Sick Of Scott

This Memorial day a group of people are volunteering their time helping Joplin Mo where are repukes

Something for Memorial Day.

Something for Memorial Day.

Once again, my house is the only one on the block

Income distribution in the US from 1969 - Almost all growth went to the very wealthiest 1%

Stick horses used in cowgirls contest (this is NOT an Onion story)

Some photos of pets and owners being reunited at the Humane Society in Joplin

Some photos of pets and owners being reunited at the Humane Society in Joplin

The trunk in the attic.

George Will says Sarah Palin should never be trusted with nuclear weapons

Cool pillow cases offer new energy-saving option ahead of predicted power crunch (JAPAN)

Freeper "Catsrus"...TX Gov. Rick Perry would be "far better than" Obama because of his booming voice

Cities with the Most Billionaires, 2011

Petition: Help the Silent Victims of Gaddafi’s Rape Machine

Human Urine As A Safe, Inexpensive Fertilizer For Food Crops

Inching Closer to States’ Rights

The 10 Truest Things Harry Truman Said About Republicans

Why medical school shoud be free

What does co-op mean to you?

Eternal vigilance: In memorium and in preparation

President tours devastated Joplin

There's Something About Those Helmets...


Toon: Who to blame?

Join the DU folding@home Team.

For Memorial Day... 'ALEC - Government FOR The Corporations' - DailyKos

Iran Plans to Unplug Internet, Create Its Own

Ultra-Orthodox Group Affirms Abuse Cases Go First To Rabbi

Recipient Of Alleged Rep. Weiner Photo Issues Statement

Oregon Senator Wyden freezes second Internet censorship bill

Kind of offended that Katie Couric was replaced with a man

Well, well, well...

Well, well, well...

Sun is setting on rural post offices

Sun is setting on rural post offices

Typical debate with a Teapublican:

Strauss-Kahn assembles crisis team to fight back

Happy 50th Anniversary, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

This fucking poser can kiss....

A few questions for Freepers and Teabaggers (edited)

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting For Superman

"I love that smell of the emissions," she said.

TV ad: Advance America (payday loan) is where teachers should go for money for school supplies

AT&T Wants to Give You an 80s Makeover

LGBT people are fighting for their rights

OK, Sarah, now it's fucking personal.

Marco Rubio seen by some Tea Party members as ducking on immigration

Technology exists that can make insulin-dependent diabetics feel wonderful--but Americans can't have

Letter from a Fukushima mother-To people in the United States and around the world

When will interest rates go back up?

Alabama town hit by tornadoes bans FEMA trailers.

Rep. Allen West suggests U.S. can’t leave Afghanistan because Americans are dying there

A question about Health Care insurance and Unions.

Million dollar McMansion with 1-Car Garage!

Was Ayn Rand required reading in your HS?

Chinese dog eaters and dog lovers spar over animal rights

It's stupid to hold these FTAs up over $7.2B but if they won't vote for it, we'll have to try

Braindead Dutch Government

PHOTOS: A rare glimpse into daily life in North Korea (VERY pic heavy)

NYC to spend one billion on consultants while firing 4,100 teachers.

Sade - "Is It A Crime" (Live from San Diego)

Ok, why didn't anyone tell me about The Dead Weather's 'Sea of Cowards' album?

The strangest vagina I have ever seen

Let There Be Rock....

Patience is dead.

This makes me want to like Ted Nugent...

Lost in Translation

Bikers are taking over my town, the streets aren't safe anymore!

VIDEO: Santana, SRV, Cesar Rojas from Los Lobos & Jimmy Vaughan

5 Days in May

Lay Lady Lay

Monkeys with dogs

__________ Appreciation Thread.

Hello, It's Me

Brown Eyed Girl

Summer Breeze

Midnight Sky

Who Loves You Better?

Hope You Feel Better Love

Voyage To Atlantis

Harvest For The World

So You Wanna Stay Down

He never met a stage he didn't like.

You're The Key To My Heart/You're Beside Me

That poor bastard!

I am looking for a great recipe for whacamole

Maggie May

Cherry Ice Cream is a' churning..


Duke Powell works out some tough issues


A quick comic describing the Wikileaks/Julian Assange/rape charge business

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The Most Recent Fund Drive is over

I have a question about mp3 files...

(Then Came The) Last Days Of May

The Flying Nun

a side of me you've never seen before

Who has two thumbs and is red as a lobster?!

Dammit. Why do all the new action movies have to be in 3D?

Question for the formerly/currently/potentially pregnant...

Hoeing is hard

Vegetarians, do you eat milk and cheese products?

When should you give unrequested advice?

When should you request advice?

Two high school classmates on the Wall:

Not-so-smooth criminal

Things that are intended for small children but are mostly liked by 20somethings

Who's been watching the Firefly marathon on the science channel?

"Now I know you've heard about me, BAD things about me, baby PLEASE let me explain..."

Not much NASCAR love here.. but damn it...

My photo shopping might be too subtle. At least no one in GD got it.

What's on the menu ?

Photos taken by astronauts of our world

Solution for a bagel

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) 20 Pound Caption Edition

I am looking for a great recipe for guacamole.

Rules of blogging?

This old thread, it played nine, it played knick-knack on my line ...

Something for Memorial Day

Remember ELO?

Spock's lazy day.

Awesome Indy 500 today!

Mr Rogers: How crayons are made

Rules of flogging?

Modify a song to honor a Lounger

I should post of a trap that is set.

The Sad Songs of California

Is this Paul Ryan's finest hour?

Met (Scotland Yard) turns on its staff over phone hacking (by Rupert Murdoch's papers)

Park Police Slam Dancers at Jefferson Memorial

Judge denies motions by ACORN pranksters

Afghan Bank Commission Absolves Karzai Brother

Preserving and Transferring Film & Video onto DVD.

Malta says 'Yes' to legalizing divorce

Militants Tighten Grip on Yemeni Coastal Town

Jacob Zuma to meet Muammar Gaddafi in last-ditch peace bid

Goodluck Jonathan sworn in as Nigeria’s president, faces challenge of uniting the nation

Libya: Britain prepares 'bunker buster' bombs for assaults

Chart: Bush Policies Dominant Cause Of National Debt

Back from Europe, Obama turns to the rubble and heartache of tornado-ravaged Missouri

President Obama to nominate Michael McFaul for Russia

What are your thoughts on "Papa" John Phillips?

Companies look for power way, way up in the sky

I look and feel like an ass

No G8 talks between Harper and Netanyahu: spokesman

Record turnout for 'Indignant' protesters in Athens (100,000)

Omaha closes floodgates

Parent anger plays role in Japan's reversal of raised radiation limits at schools

Stabilizing reactors by year's end may be impossible: Tepco

UK training Saudi forces used to crush Arab spring

Mexico women activists demand safe abortion

Number unaccounted for drops to 40 in Joplin

Serbia braces for Mladic extradition protests

Post your favorite British insult, you hobnocker!

Pro-Obama group targets Mitt Romney in Medicare ad

Republican Legislators Push to Tighten Voting Rules

John F. Kennedy To Get Name On Next USS Carrier

McConnell: Ryan Medicare plan 'on the table'

Afghanistan’s Karzai Gives U.S. Final Warning: Stop Killing Civilians

Colombia: Land theft put at 7m hectares

French minister accused of rape resigns

Germany pledges to end all nuclear power by 2022

Afghan Official: NATO Airstrike Kills 14 (All Women & Children)

email for MFM thread

Greenpeace activists climb Greenland oil rig

Tim Pawlenty Says He Would Back Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan

Why aren't cats unionized?

Brand New update on Allan Lichtman's 13 keys to the White House

House Caucuses to Meet With President Obama

Nat Journal: Will Hill Democrats Embrace Obama in 2012?

President Obama gets an iPad 2 filled with Polish pride

'Motorcycle Mamas' No Sure Thing For 'Mama Grizzly' Palin

This is what Rolling Thunder should be about...

President Obama in Joplin, MO. (IMAGES and RAW VIDEO)

*LAME* - Palin bus tour doesn't actually exist - but you can DONATE to it

Palin not even a factor because of one word -- "Quitter"

Obama admin caves to China, refuses to say that China is manipulating its currency

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Arrives in Joplin, MO, Speaks at Memorial Service at 3:00 PM (ET)

McCain: Palin can beat Obama

Palin in White house FUNNY!!!!! "LMAOROTF"!!!

So does the Palin Bus Tour thingy not post an itinerary to avoid protestors?

Really, shouldn't we just sit back and watch the Palin debacle and enjoy it?

Plates of aide to right wing conaway gives finger to pres.

The Obama Administration wants US troops to stay in Iraq past the Dec 31 deadline

Palin is the quintessential Fox News creation. Good looking, shallow, ignorant, mean to the core.

Anyone remember when (p)Rick Santorum tried to PRIVATIZE WEATHER?

Retail cleaners 4th day of Hunger strike. Joined by State Senator, clergy, rabbi and other leaders

CTUL Hunger Strike Day 6 : Delegation goes to Cub Food headquarters,

Letterman, Conan spoof Gingrich

Students join the 3rd day of the hunger strike, Mpls Lutheran Bishop stand with the workers, Police

Kindergarten Teacher In Mexico Keeps Her Students Under Control During Cartel Gunfights Outside.

If you think this is not political you don't know what is happening in Michigan

Does Sarah Palin's Bus Tour Mean She's Running?

Missile Offense Shield? 'Expect anything from govt lunatics'

Adam vs. The Man Host Arrested in D.C.

Memories of Decoration Day (Harry Smith commentary on Face the Nation)

President Obama In Joplin, Missouri (Memorial)

The Whitest Kids You Know - Pledge of Allegiance

TYT:Senate Denies Obama Recess Appointments

Tom Friedman on Netanyahu Speech

Targeted Peace Activist distrupt AG Eric Holder's visit to U of MN: Dissent is not a Crime!

Taibbi: 'Nothing stops big banks from ripping off people again'

DNC chair/US Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on Face the Nation

Angry Biker Yells At Paparazzi To Get Away From Palin

'Berluskahn’: Sex Scandals Challenge Two European Leaders

Greece ‘misses’ fiscal targets, edges closer to default

Education cuts 'will turn Britain into yesterday's country'

The Old Economy’s Not Coming Back. So What’s Next?

India lashes out at rich nations over IMF top job

Republican Legislators Push to Tighten Voting Rules

Diplomat skeptical of North’s food shortage claims

Obama opens door for Polish visa waiver

The Monster and Monterrey: The Politics and Cartels of Mexico's Drug War

PA & NJ: Better to Look Good, Than Do Good (Phil. Inq. Column About Repub Priorities)

Greece Set For Severe Bail-Out Conditions (Internationa Involvement In Tax Collection/Privatisation)

Santorum Troubled By Most Disgusting Google Bomb – Ever!

Gardening as politics: Digging the Founding Gardeners (LA Times Op-Ed)

Fish in a barrel - Glen Beck (remember him?) and his historian discuss blacks and women

A Peaceful End to the War on Drugs?

Karoli @ Crooks & Liars calls bullshit on WaPo Op-Ed RE: John Edwards

Gov. Walker's (WI) approval rating at 43 percent

After the crash: the pauperisation of middle-class America

Sesame Street's pinko puppets brainwash our kids

Spain's election results may lead to a more unpopular government

Alan Greenspan's Ayn Rand Connection Explored in BBC Documentary

Blue Fin Tuna and Dolphins working cooperatively to feed

Revolt brewing against nuclear plant in Bhavnagar

Pakistan PM: Floods caused Rs855 billion loss

2011 drought worst in Texas since 1895

Pump failure nearly brings No. 5 to a boil

How the 'ecosystem' myth has been used for sinister means

TEPCO believes stabilizing Fukushima reactors by year-end impossible

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

Tepco can't stabilize reactors by year-end: report

Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan 'unready for typhoon'

(Nature) Fukushima nuclear plant is leaking like a sieve

Study: Radiation affects birth sex ratio (atomic weapons tests and nuclear power plants)

Gil Scott-Heron obituary by Channel 4 News (UK)


Family Values

Berkeley jail tries to avoid religious bias

Malta votes for divorce

First hymnal for Atheists

What is Islam's Gulen movement?

Atheist converts after mom wins $1 Million Lottery

Is "clergycrat" a word?

Mayor Margie Rice: Knowing Atheists Exist Makes Me Sick

man lived with body of dead fiancee for days, praying she would return to life

No True Scotsman

'I had to send my son to heaven and myself to Hell': mother executes her boy at firing range

Oh. Oh. Nuclear shortage means ENORMOUS RISK FOR EVERYONE ON EARTH.

Since NEW YORK is again taking up the question of GAY MARRIAGE...

The USC case sets a new standard; but will the NCAA uphold it?

Hottest the Dodgers have been all season

The JR Chess Report (May 29): Gelfand to challenge Anand for World Title

I did NOT just see that! (Indy 500 spoiler)

Editor's Notes: Worlds apart

Palestinian government deal by June 6: Shaath

Haaretz: Netanyahu asked Canada PM to thwart G8 support for 1967 borders

Israel Seeks to Tighten Grip on Jerusalem

Gaza border crossing will remain free of European observers, Hamas official says

New generation of Palestinian jihadists challenges Hamas

Netanyahu's 'no' speech could spur a resounding 'yes'

'Jordan is Palestine,' MK Eldad declares at embassy

Amid Egypt's border easing, Gazans feel rare hope

Memorial Day