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Archives: September 3, 2010

Heads up: Rachel Maddow guests on Jimmy Fallon show tonight.

Pay no attention to the stock market...

Mass Extinction Threat: Earth on Verge of Huge Reset Button?

Atlantic Coast Prepares for Hurricane Earl. pics

ATTN Army DUers: Army Chief of Staff wants opinions on DADT

More than 10% of Colombians are displaced: court .

I just sent some $$ to Scott McAdams, D-Alaska who's running

DNA test strengthens Atlanta child killings case (CNN)

Beaverton wont fund a 4th of July celebration but will fund a Mexican Independance day celebration

Oil Platform Explodes In The Gulf Of Mexico Off The Louisiana Coast

2010 already deadliest year for US troops in Afghanistan

Laura Flanders: The F Word: Accepting Defeat in Iraq

September 14 demo in front of LA TIMES: 4:30-6:00 pm

Juan Cole: Collapse of Kabul Bank Points to Fatal Corruption of Karzai Government

Karzai, NATO at odds over another Afghan airstrike

Jan Brewer debate impersonation, funny

Hawking says God not needed for creation

$547 Million Can't Paper Over Failure of Afghanistan War

$547 Million Can't Paper Over Failure of Afghanistan War

Chris Christie picked the wrong guy to call a liar

Can You Say, Fascism? The Political Consequences of Stagnation

There is not going to be a splinterist protest at the polls.

See Killer Joe Miller. See his hand wrapped around his wife's throat.

LMFAO - S. Korea Delays F-35 Program

Value-added and the non-random sorting of kids who don’t give a sh^%t

BMW dealer crashes car,tries to screw owner.

BP Says Limits on Drilling Imperil Oil Spill Payouts (blackmail?)

Nazi ideology from Germany’s Bundesbank

US bank profits back to pre-crisis heights

How Companies Turn People Against Unions

Massively ambitious automated transit project planned for Paris and environs

The only thing that repubs are winning is the mind game on Democrats.

Commentary: Mexico needs our help, not our troops

Labor Day: Honoring Labor in the South (blasts Glenn Beck)

Jingoism Run Amok

Obama to issue statement at 10:00am

Sample questoins from a Zogby poll:

Sample questoins from a Zogby poll:

Vanity Fair publishes a scathing article on Sarah Palin

54,000 Jobs Lost In August, Unemployment Rate Ticks Up to 9.6%

NYT: New Yorkers Want Islamic Center Moved, Poll Finds

NYT: New Yorkers Want Islamic Center Moved, Poll Finds

"value-added" hedge funds

AFL-CIO president to Sarah Palin: Change

AFL-CIO president to Sarah Palin: Change

OMFG - look at people at the University of Havana

So just how stupid do the Republicans think we are? Pretty stupid

So just how stupid do the Republicans think we are? Pretty stupid

I love Huffington post but seriously must they have that photo of that idiot Christine O'Donnell....

Depositors Panic Over Bank Crisis in Afghanistan

Jan Brewer, another right-wing coward

President in Rose Garden discussing Jobs NOW 10:15 AM est


Insecticide To Be Banned, Decades After Poisoning Thousands

WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE !: Great quotes for Labor Day weekend

Lie: W's tax cuts helped w/ jobs and more jobs will be lost if they expire

Ask me any question and I'll answer them like I'm AZ Governor Jan Brewer

BP attempts to blackmail government...

Unemployment is up to 9.6%

Unemployment is up to 9.6%

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Warns Sarah Palin: Tone Down The Rhetoric

Mosque funder donated to Hamas front group

AP standards editor in memo to staff: "COMBAT IN IRAQ IS NOT OVER"

Gay-Bashing Emerging as Core Christian Right Election Strategy

Rahm Emanuel's Fuck the UAW shout-out

Defense Contractor Money Fueling Push to Militarize the US-Mexico Border

I am watching the Michael Moore's Capitalism : A love Story

Burning Down the House By DEAN BAKER

The Food Safety Shell Game

Economic Uncertainty?

Palin now knows who THATCHER was.Will hate DARWIN until she finds out about HAWKING!1

What Did the Pentagon Do With That Extra Trillion Dollars?

plz delete n/t

Africa ... states of independence

Which Republican Senate seat are Democrats most likely to pick up?

The Nazification of the United States By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Hands Off Sarah Palin’s Dirty Draws..“a sad and moldering strangeness lies beneath

First Brewer waste our time, then here come Arpaio to join in

I am trying to remember how Condolezza Rice survived the racist hatred of the

While Republicans are tricking Obama into NOT passing Tier 5 Unemployment extensions..


Schooling Scholars on Classroom Success

Vets Call On Obama To Fire Alan Simpson

Rachel talks politics, makes drinks with Jimmy Fallon.

If the GOP/tea partiers shut down SSI

Message: They Care

Myth of the greedy public-sector workers

If we were serious about winning in November we would

Sharron Angle: Unemployment Insurance "really doesn't benefit anyone. You become demoralized."

So That Douchebag Newt Gingrich Wants BIG GOV'T TO Step In And FEDERALIZE MANAHATTAN

Just so we don't forget

Another week passes by and Elizabeth Warren has not been appointed

Educators Push Back Against Obama’s "Business Model" for Schools (Deprofessionalizing teaching)

Labor Day and the Easter Bunny

Did anybody here know that radioisotopes occur in produced water discharges for offshore platforms?

For families of Muslim 9/11 victims, a new pain

The economic news keeps getting better and better, and the Republicans will take the credit

Ford settles Explorer suit after losing $131 million verdict (NINE years on)


So you "sacrificed" for us, so you 'liberated us until there was no space left in our morgues'

White House reacts to book claim that Rahm once said, "fuck the UAW"

How many death-threats does Obama receive a year?

Marijuana may not be the gateway drug some think it is, study finds

Is the DLC currently trying message control at Wikipedia?

Facebook doesn't take threats on Obama seriously...

Obama stands by 'Recovery Summer'

The Shelf Life of the Tea Party

WalMart Believes In Segregation...Of Books

Mitch Landrieu blasts GOP Senate candidate in Nevada for Katrina remarks

Why can't ordinary people get appointed to government commissions?

What do you guys mean when you say "corporate" or "corporatist"?

UPS cargo plane crashes near Dubai airport

Could Carl Paladino Snatch The NY-GOV Primary From Mosque-Hating Rick Lazio's Hands?

Alan Colmes had work done on his face.

New Zealand is hit by a massive quake

Dupe - self delete

Your SS and 401K is needed to prop up the monetary system....

I liken politics to a game of tug of war.

AP internal memo: 'Combat in Iraq is not over'

John Nichols: Carly Fiorina's Campaign Against a Free and Open Internet

DAMN That Eric Holder (And Obama!!!)!!!

Facebook doesn't take threats on Obama seriously

Sad Story

(LA Times) Value-Added Rankings = not statistically reliable or valid, says new study

Jobs Report: Sluggish but a welcome break in the sense of decline

"For messaging strategy, Palin relies on William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard"

What can the WH do about jobs from here on out without Congress (constructive replies please)

I am an UnRec Troll

Paper Savings Bonds being phased out for electronic ones

We just had a UPS 747 Crash in Dubai

Can We Put A List Together Here Of All The RW Repug Tea Partier Crazies That Are In....

Tea Party Activists Protest Against John Cornyn For Allegedly Meddling In Alaska Senate Primary

Why is a dying star surrounded by a gigantic cloud of hot water vapor?

Why is a dying star surrounded by a gigantic cloud of hot water vapor?

Colbert Rally at Lincoln Memorial

Wow, CNBC REALLY doesn't want their precious rich-uns to have Clinton-era tax levels, do they?

Minnesota Chamber Of Commerce Urges Pawlenty To Accept Affordable Care Act Funds

Some statistics about America-india, America-China trade (dialupwarning: some pictures/graphs)

Jan Brewer says she did the debate solely for the $1.2M in campaign funds it would net her

BP ultimatum: Let us drill or funds will dry up

After 101 days in the Oregon wilderness, finally one fit for a lookout cookout! (DIAL-UP WARN)

US CEOs who laid off the most workers got the most pay

Charlie Crist has had episodes of 'misspeaking' before

7.4 earthquake hits Christchurch, New Zealand

A Bad Day for Arizona’s Republican Racists

Hostile juror may cause mistrial for Mexican telenovela actress in US sham marriage trial

Child victim tells judge: 'I'm mad that I'm burned'

"For every day Barker is in jail, it will cost the capitalists £10,000."

Teabaggers vs The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution

Graphic video of opossum slaughter leads to charges

Fiorina Backs Delaying Calif. Global Warming Law

Park51 Opponents Now Just Dragging Missiles Around Manhattan, Because They Understand Tact

Isn't this just so "special"

Beck is caught fibbing about holding Washington's handwritten inaugural address

Amazing how reality has been bent

"Strengthen the borders" to keep jobs and money IN moreso than people out.

Amazing how reality has been bent

I need rebuttal for a couple questions just posed to me.

Your Choice America, War or Economic Survival; You Can't Have Both

Marijuana may not be the gateway drug some think it is, study finds

Wary of tea party, GOP attacks Senate candidate.

Stocks set for best week in six as fear eases

I'd like to see Democratic Underground's name as a sponsor to the One Nation March

The BOP has been removed from the well head.

Jonah Goldberg is full of...

Do you believe mega-corporations have too much power over

Norah O'Donnell: Palin a "celestial guide post" as America is "headed in the wrong direction"

L.A. Unified moves to close charter school over alleged misuse of $2.7 million

Did son and campaign employee of Minnesota GOP governor candidate commit assault on passed-out girl?

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Objects To Family Photos Behind Obama’s Desk


Hardball tonight - Dark cloud with silver lining

Commentary: The dumbing down of America

Whoah! weird

Workers Pay 14% More for Health Insurance in 2010

Rahm Emmanuel said "FRAK THE UAW"!!!

jobless couple fined / banned from keeping pets for not taking sick dog to vet

A Message from Rick Scott (Canidate for G.O.P. Florida Govenor)

Harper's, July 2009: Barack Hoover Obama

Gawker: Will Barack Obama Love America Enough on 9/11?

First Medical Marijuana Ad Airs on TV! See It Here!

First Medical Marijuana Ad Airs on TV! See It Here!

Secret of Oz

No more polls

We can't make it here anymore

Why do we need a Department of Homeland Security?

A Mississippian responds to Barbour's Revision of History

Is filming protected by the 1st amendment?

Liberal Fear Mongering

Liberal Fear Mongering

Has anybody seen Paul Krugman on TV lately? He used to be a "go to" for MSNBC

Two friends of ours got their health insurance bill this past week - up 50%

Turbine power, not just for planes anymore

Brewer says she was wrong about beheadings

What's the deal with "STOP RESISTING!!"

Flying low, wing in ground effect, modeled after gulls and other

Too Steep a Price in Afghanistan

Afghanistan War is Becoming More Deadly

"Kangaroo Care Method" Saves Preemie

Associated Press Debunks The ‘Birth Tourism’ Myth

Alvin Greene's War Room

Those poor geese at Beck's rally.. Why didn't they land in the reflecting pool?

Those poor geese at Beck's rally.. Why didn't they land in the reflecting pool?

Sen. Graham reaches out to Tea Party

"If you want a good cool drink of water..."

WTF is wrong with Ted Nugent?

WTF is wrong with Ted Nugent?

Exclusive: Major human trafficker is huge GOP donor who fought illegal immigration

Brewer tries to lie out of beheadings now saying something else

Peter Orszag (Obama's Deficit Warrior) to Write New York Times Op-Ed Column

Jan Brewer's plan for Arizona

Jan Brewer's plan for Arizona

Is there a children's home on the planet where children are

Native American leaders call for probe into shooting death

Daily Kos: Labor Day: Labor Got It Right -- Who Could Have Known?

Avoid distractions.

Fewer Young Voters See Themselves as Democrats

Question I have to ask about the DE-Sen. teabagger candidate.

I went to an Anti-War March in DC a couple of years ago with a friend

An exclusive look at the artwork of Guantanamo Bay prisoners (Slate)


HHS OKs First 2,000 Recipients in $5 Billion Early-Retiree Health Insurance Program

What would you do? Teen Golfer Disqualifies Self, Gives Up Medal

Hurricane Earl: reports from E. Coast show oiled beaches

Why has no one ever made a film of the musical Les Miserables?

Author of Vanity Fair piece on Palin: 'The Worst Stuff Isn't Even In There'

Afghan Occupation Loser McChrystal to Teach Yalies About 'Coping With Failure'

62 Year old Japanese Man Rollerblades across America

62 Year old Japanese Man Rollerblades across America

Police to draw blood from drivers who refuse breath test in DWI crackdown Labor Day weekend.

Jan Brewer is taking her toys and going home

Please help me.....Do the dems have any major candidate as bad as Brewer, Bachman, Angle?

It's time for the last 24hrs of Police Misconduct news reports from the InjusticeNews Twitter feed

CBS Evening News just played the video clip of Jan Brewer' s opening statement where

Job Market Grows…in Low-Wage Industries

Labor Day Parade minus OS he is working that day

Did market manipulation cause Wall Street ‘flash crash’?

U.S. military yields to corruption in Afghanistan

Turning Miranda ‘Upside Down’? The high court keeps pecking away at the famous 1966 decision

Turning Miranda ‘Upside Down’? The high court keeps pecking away at the famous 1966 decision

Where is Free Republic? The site is down! (Gone?)

Employment scam by Indian consultancies in US.

Fire Dog Lake does not embellish stories with anti-Democratic half-truths

Where is Rachel Maddow tonight?


World's 'oldest beer' found in shipwreck

Mexican women work, die for gangs in drug war city

Marine Turbines, big power.

Marine Turbines, big power.

In Pennsylvania, a ‘Race Card’ Accusation

Man indicted after wife is eaten alive by maggots

Cat Scratch Reaper

Keith twitted this about Rachel...

What was the greatest victory of the Progressives/Leftists?

Want to prevent the Tea Party from taking control of congress this November?

Reduce and recycle - The Ringleader Program

New Book Concludes: Chernobyl death toll: 985,000, mostly from cancer

Deadly bread riots in Mozambique

A Tale of Two Inns

The New Zealand earthquake.

The New Zealand earthquake.

Kagan Indicates She'll Recuse in A Twelfth Pending Case

If World War 1 was a bar fight;

Didn't know she was that tall

Whaat happened to Rachel's show tonight? MSNBC went straight to that stupid

Enron Ex-CEO Skilling Denied Bail While Appealing Convictions for Fraud

Health Care Reform is Evil; Give Us That Money

A classic nostalgic youtube video and trivia question

Republicans and Marijuana will Win in the November Election

I Missed This From Woodchuck Central, So In Case You Did Too...

What the hell is that disgusting crap on MSNBC...when Rachel Maddow is supposed to be on?

Commentary: The dumbing down of America

AZ Governor's debate starting NOW on C-Span

I just heard the clip with Beck saying 2+2 = 4

Obama/Pentagon DADT survey of troops & spouses isn't enough. Now there is an ONLINE INBOX

'It’s hard to believe that this president doesn’t get it'

Utterly disgusting. More Sunni suicide bombings in Pakistan but get this,

Stephen Colbert Rally - Restoring Truthiness

Marin County Sheriff Tasers 65yo Man

How much ya wanna bet Jan Brewer's melt down on live teevee will not hurt her in the polls?

Scott McAdams "Act Blue" Fundraising Page

This is 2nd Friday with NO bank closings????

Pelosi Slams Senate Republicans For Letting Jobs-Creation Program Expire

Former NRCC Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Funds

Can't men and women get along?

Chevrolet picks Michigan's Tim Allen as its new voice

Chevrolet picks Michigan's Tim Allen as its new voice

Just how sick does one have to be to throw acid in the face of another person?

Almost all terrorists are creationists. Therefore, any creationist I mean is likely a terrorist...

Two smiling lion cubs and a snuggly orangutan:This WILL make your day.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy tonight

I just got this email from a friend of mine who livs in New Zealand where the large earthquake

How sad is this. I'm moving my money again.

Aid groups hails US ruling on water for immigrants

The Oath-Keepers: Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists Waiting to Happen

Families seek justice for soldiers, Marines known as Leavenworth 10

Can't we all just get along?

Can't we all just get along?

Dems want GOP to list $700B in cuts to pay for high-end tax relief

Damned CD skipped on " Stairway to Heaven" part about forest fires!

Republican wet dream:

So... If There Are Younger People Who Believe That Soc. Sec. Isn't Going To Be There For Them

Why 100,000 jobs a month won't lower unemployment rate

As a kid I read in Reader's Digest about how "the enemy" murdered anyone it disliked and spied on

A Silly Little Sign I Saw in Honor Of Labor Day...

Woman Throws Puppies In River Found By Police

Report: Blackwater created shell companies

The Rude Pundit: Why Glenn Beck Ought to Be Repeatedly Cock-Punched (National Archives Edition)

What is globalization? Two words: unmitigated evil.

Young, single, childless women out-earn male counterparts

Just a reminder to those who want to buy in to the LIE than republicans are in favor of glbt rights

Taliban tries to stop the music in Afghanistan — again

Honest question: The Progressives get their way

Judge removes 'birther' elements from Army doc's court martial

Judge removes 'birther' elements from Army doc's court martial

The Debt Ridden American Middle Class is being Abandoned for New, Debt Free, Much Larger, Markets?

Reich: "How To End The Recession"

About this the Oct 2 march....

Hagel Says GOP Is Not ‘Presenting Any Alternatives, Any New Options Or Any New Thinking’

The election in November is NOT about Barack Obama...

My wife owns a small business. We don't need a tax cut.

Does anyone else miss the sharks?

A 'news' story I posted here was untrue. I thought racists were to blame. It was a family dispute.

Wall Street Guiding America Toward Third World Status, and Instructing China As Well

Darwin's Arachnophobia Nightmare....

Muslims hold the key to the church where Christ is buried.. but no Mosque for them

I hope they speak Norwegian in hell

Beaverton wont fund a 4th of July celebration but will fund a Mexican Independance day celebration

ReTHUGS aren't winning shite in November

Maybe some old-fashioned values weren't so bad after all.....

Great Animal Story of the Day: Goats Rescued From 60-Foot Tall Perch

Friday Toons, part 1

Pam Geller, World-Class Shrieking Islamophobe, Goes Mainstream

Friday Toons, part 2

Friday Toons, part 3

Friday Toons, part 4

Friday Toons, part 5

Friday Toons, part 6

my "hippy dippy shoes"

Glenn Beck Admits Lying:'I Thought It Would Be A Little Easier'

How Do You Stop a Charging Elephant?

this is what i don't want from the Democratic Party

We need to cut military spending, not Social Security - PETITION

Craig Ferguson adds sound effects to Jan Brewer's opening statement - HILARIOUS!!

"Meet The 18 People Who Could Determine The Fate Of Social Security"

Wyoming Town Warned to Use Fans While Showering to Avoid Chemical Explosions

Fans Brawl At U.S. Open

Where do you plan to be on 10-2-10?

Friday Lol's - pics

WHY Tea Baggers Hate Firemen. No, It Isn't What You Think.

Engagement broken off over high student loan debt

Is this the future of America? Terry Jones discusses the income gap in Imperial Rome

Is this the future of America? Terry Jones discusses the income gap in Imperial Rome

What Will Become of Dick Cheney's Vice Presidential Records?

What Will Become of Dick Cheney's Vice Presidential Records?

Congress trying to quietly kill a bill that would cut their pay...

'toonist CAGLE gets in Dutch with Mexicans over their flag: Never never DO that

I found this image on an RSS feed: Somebody's been reading DU

People should stop pretending that the deficit commission actually has any power to do anything.

100 Grand Bore...latest from Helen and Margaret blog

What the United States of America has done to Iraq...

Malia Obama is almost as tall as her parents

Ridiculing Jan Brewer = Bad Karma

500,000 Pregnant Women giving birth in a horrendous flood!

Study Contends Pot Isn't a Major 'Gateway Drug'

Strengthen Social Security, Don’t Cut It - FDL

Why the Big Lie About the Job Crisis?

Scott McAdams is now the #1 candidate on ActBlue

So they don't want to be called "tea baggers" anymore

Heavy drinkers (supposedly) outlive non-drinkers? So what?

"Civil Union" folks: Another reminder that same-sex couples aren't equal - Social Security benefits

Obama reviewing hundreds of billions worth of tax cuts

25% of 139 million U.S. workers have lost a job during this "Great Recession"!

••• Scientists predict mass extinctions, man-caused new geologic epoch. Don't forget not to vote •••

••• Scientists predict mass extinctions, man-caused new geologic epoch. Don't forget not to vote •••

For those of you who believe current Democratic Party direction isnt Progressive enough. Join PDA

What is the difference between Vampires and Corporations?

Teabag Fraud

Convince me the rethugs aren't stirring up hate on purpose...

Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of purchases of child pornography

Toshiba Satellite Laptops Recalled for Burn Hazard

Sacramento eatery takes 'dancing shrimp' off menu

Report: Blackwater created shell companies

REAL SIMPLE: As long as outsourcing is legal, any new jobs created will be outsourced.

Texting while driving (GRAPHIC) British PSA Video.

Roger Ebert: Palin and Beck. Possible Plans for a Presidential run together.

Woman fears police will use nude pix

Dear Glenn Beck : When Did We Lose Our Honor?

Jan Brewer: I'm Done With Debates

5 Jaw-Dropping Stories in Wikileaks' Archives Begging for National Attention

There are no opportunities. Conditions are getting worse.

As a Veteran I must say this and hope it is taken in way meant

Educators Push Back Against Obama’s "Business Model" for School Reforms

Cousin with broken jaw from bike accident... No doctor will operate.

Young, nerdy-type men; where is their support?

Hey Wasn't There a Journal about a rally on 10/02 here

A World in Collapse?

go ED! now...

Flight Attendant fired for admitting she qualifies for food stamps.

The Role of Spite and Magical Thinking in Elections

Did Scott Brown really win in Massachusetts? (MUST-READ)

It's a MIRACLE! The tooth didn't hurt her...

Ed deform: Piloted under Pinochet in Chile, turning out 8th-grade literates for the walmart economy

Interrogating science . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Bob Shrum to Democrats: Stop the Catfood Commission or Lose Congress - Jane Hamsher/FDL

If a candidate proves to be extremely stupid and get elected anyway what does that make the voters?

'I found your dog. I love your dog and I'm not giving your dog back

The Amish community is a horrible place to be a rape victim...

The Amish community is a horrible place to be a rape victim...

Crickets Are 122 Calories, Small Grasshoppers Are 153 Calories & A Serving Of Red Ant Eggs Is 83 Cal

Accused Human Trafficker/ Slave importer/ GOP Donor: "...doing business legally isn't worth it."

Homer pundits fall for the Republican strategy

Small signal, big meaning? Castro in military duds

Ed Schultz just announced he's the featured speaker at the D.C. march on October 2nd!!!

Exclusive: Major human trafficker is huge GOP donor who fought illegal immigration

A company that treats workers the right way:

Is there anyone here who knows powerpoint and can help with a project to help the homeless?

Baww! If this video doesn't make you cry, I don't want to know you.

Waddaya wanna bet DU's mods wouldn't dare relocate this thread to teh Lounge?

It's 4 am. Anybody else awake?

Oh yeah, the Harry Belafonte is on, the marinara is reducing, and...more importantly.....

Today is my last day of work for a week and a half!

Do you remove your eardrums at night?

So this is what my facebook friends are promoting today -damn those democrats!


If you marry a woman/man for money, what would you do if they lose the money?

If historical events had Facebook status....

Lam di lam di la

I Dream Of Jeannie's Dr. Bellows. ÜberWeasel in need of an ass kicking or simply misunderstood?

The End-of-Interview TV Pause Must Die

Lady Gaga song rings at ISU's stately bell tower

California Soul

Baltimore Oriole

Chicago Damn

Detroit Summer

New York City

Philadelphia Freedom

The Boston Wrangler

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Robin Guthrie: "Close My Eyes And Burn"

Hollywood Swinging

BOB w/ Mike Bloomfield, "Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar" live in SF, 1980

Do You Know the Way to San Jose

I can't think of anything to post.

L.A. Woman

Cee Lo Green - discuss

Band of feline brothers (HD videos):

Sausalito Calling

I...I will be king, and will be queen: The Wallflowers, "Heroes," live 1998

Honolulu City Lights

Labor Day Weekend drive with the family - mountains or ocean?

"Needs more cowbell" hall of fame (or shame)

Happy LABOR Day everyone!! Take time to remember what this holiday is about

For the last goddamn time people, Elton Brand is not the Pinball Wizard in Tommy

Modern Love

Do you remove your sunglasses at night?

Deutsches Apotheken Museum (pictures)

Golden Years

Let's talk about anxiety and panic attacks.

Rebel Rebel

Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

My doctor just told me that I have a case of The Crunge

Crack, baby, crack...Bowie, "Cracked Actor" Live @ the Beeb, 2002

We know Major Tom's a junkie...Bowie @ the Beeb 2000, "Ashes To Ashes"

Dyer Maker

The single GREATEST performance from the post-9/11 "Concert For New York City"...Bowie, "Heroes"

I have become Comfortably Numb

Black Dog vs The Ocean

Virtual girlfriends

David Bowie - "Young Americans" Live. Dick Cavett Show 1974

"I ironed around it."

I am listening to a copy of Can's"Bel-Air" on a pair of headphones that only cost me $25

Thought I'd try a differently angled pic...


We had a really Cruel Summer this year, didn't we?

Second book post:

Fuck You

The Barrel Cellar in the Ladies' Palace (yes...more pictures)

I like beer...who's with me?

Project Runway.. (No spoilers)

Jerry Lewis: I'd smack Lindsay Lohan in the mouth

It's Friday night, I'm sick of Beck and I'm sick of work. LETS ROCK.

In a group of 100 random people on the street, how many would you say are astronauts?

Gary Wright, "Love Is Alive," live on The Midnight Special 1976. WITH COWBELL! YES, COWBELL!

There are too many helicopters in the sky these days

You know what?

I don't know what to say. Except...

Yeah, Tommy & Casino were great, but Elton REALLY shined as Curly Bill Brocious in Tombstone.

despite the nearly 100 degree heat, it is apparently autumn

My favorite part in the movie "Casino" was where Elton John stuck that guy's head in the vise...

**pic** Me and one of my pals last Saturday night.

Do you remove your earrings at night?

Graphic designers and mac people weigh in please! Need to choose.

Show us one of your HTML inventions. Here's my latest!

I just realized something tonight,my partner and I share the same first name

Just finished watching "Tommy"...Elton John ROCKED as the Pinball Wizard! His GREATEST performance!

First book post: Did you buy/read Scholastic Books in grade or Jr high school?

Now I know I must love jason....

Is it just me, or does Wayne Newton sound like a girl?

ah fuck it.

My Aunt just called, one of my cows had her calf.


Who are you? Who the FUCK are you?

What Book are You Currently Reading?

Your favorite strangler?

I have cherry pepper juice under my fingernails.

So, this happened...

Anyone familiar with the quartet Clogs?

Heidelberg Schloss (pictures - dial-up warning)

Free screen cleaner,


Series inquiry: How can I access "Demopedia"?

Abe Lincoln: Cubs fan or White Sox fan?


Serious question about weight lifting.

Quick question: "Woe unto him" or "Woe unto he"?

Angel Perfume...

The Top 10 Liberal Punk Rock Songs

I just love these girls!!

The doctor told my cousin that he is going to die

So my Conversative Republican boss has met his match....

In a Bowie mood - such passion, lovely harmonies and guitar lines

Why is my holly plant losing its leaves?!

"Thank you for your support"!

LOLcats are again on hiatus.

Incredible pictures of Hawaiian waves (dial-up warning)

I will never buy a kindle only because of the music in their adds!

Famous Stoners throughout history!

Did yall know there is a Denmark, SC; Norway, SC; and Sweden, SC?

Regenesis Marathon on Halogen Channel this weekend

Who is your celebrity hero?

We lost a 16-year old student from our district yesterday.

Define "total asshat."

Fight at US Open (subtitled: Cast of Jersey Shore goes to a tennis match)

It's odd how Palin and Boehner would look if they switched faces

President mulls new measures to spark economy

President mulls new measures to spark economy

Congressional shocker: Yarmuth and Lally in a dead heat

Mideast talks close; leaders agree to meet every two weeks

Matthew Yglesias: The War's End

WTF!!!! 67,000 new private sectors jobs created and the rate RISES

This morning's SUSA numbers (CA sen and gov + KY 3rd)

Tea Bag Candidate Christine O'Donnell criticized masturbation

WEST WING WEEK: This week's episode, "Dispatches from Iraq"

Poll--KY SENATE: Paul: 42% Conway 37%

(R)asmussen Poll--MA Governor: Patrick: 44% Baker 42% Cahill 8%

(R)asmussen Poll--Nevada Senate: Reid 50% Angle 47%

EPI: Unemployment rate creeps up

The 'Hammer': Republicans' aim is to 'get rid of those big government entitlement programs.'

Obama to discuss "broader package of ideas" for economy next week

Obama to discuss "broader package of ideas" for economy next week

PPP: How the "enthusiasm gap" is hurting the Dems in key races

The campaign had the President criticizing the "Professional Liberals." No one thought he could be

Obamas and their law licenses

FDR’s Labor Day Plea Resonates Today

Taxcuts are right out of the Republican playbook...

President Obama to stump for Sestak

Senate poll: Giannoulias, Kirk neck and neck (IL 34-34)

the Rahm quote strikes me as fiction

PPP: The most unpopular person in Alaska? Palin--No, Levi Johnston

One of Obama's Social Security Slasher Wannabes Threatens Small Town with Nuclear Annihilation

Some dentist is trying to start up TROUBLE!!! for the democrats anyone see this ad

Indianapolis GM Workers Resist Company, Union Pressure to Cut Pay

Dems Hope That Delaware Republicans Follow Alaska's Lead - Teabagger gaining steam.

Did anyone see Chris Mathews show yesterday?

Crisis after crisis after crisis

Mark Kirk smears Greeks!

Rattner is a disgruntled ex-employee who is making shit up

Rahm Emanuel's 'F--k The UAW': White House Pushes Back On Account In Rattner Book

Dan Pfeiffer: Next Week on the Economy...

According to this article the GOP still has an uphill battle to take back there 06 and 08 loses

A Class Act

Silver/538 Governor predictions are out.

A Primer on the 2010 US House and Senate Elections

Todd Palin Pals Around with White Supremacist Blogger

White House new pre-election package of TAX CUTS for bussiness and hiring

Tinfoil hat: Are the polls showing neck & neck races a set up for machine vote flipping?

SurveyUSA Poll: Whitman Leads Brown By 47%-40% In CA-GOV Race

Goodbye and thank you

Things on the internet that annoy you.

GOP Will 'Descend Into A Brawl' Upon Taking Power: Top Strategist

There was something mentioned on Harbball today about Haley Barbour.

Obama looks at new tax cuts to speed recovery

"Jobs Report Caps a Week of Positive Econ Numbers"

CNN: August jobs report: Signs of life for employment

Peter Orszag becomes New York Times columnist

For those in great need of an historical benchmark to which you can compare this year, here you go:

Walking A Razor's Edge, Juggling Ten Chainsaws, With Snipers Trying To Take Him Out From His Flanks

Dentist buys Hillary Clinton 2012 ad

I understand the frustration with Blue Dogs but to quote Rahm, "F' them" its about Pelosi

Michelle Obama, Jill Biden: The troops need us

Barney Frank: GOP thinks Obama inauguration ranks with 9/11 as national tragedy

Dems want GOP to list $700B in cuts to pay for high-end tax relief

The myth of Obama's 'plummeting' Gallup approval rating

My dear DU friends and family...those numbers are starting to go our way

Brewer: No more debates - period. 'Why would I give Terry a chance to redefine himself?'

Fewer Young Voters See Themselves as Democrats (vs.

Accomplishments by the Administration and Congress on LGBT Equality

Obama to stump for Sestak in PA

Forget the economy, the midterms for a moment, enjoy some fun pics of our Prez. (dialup warning)

"Let me explain something to you about Obama"

CNN Poll: Obama approval rating at 50% (+3 since August)

The American people didn't want "bipartisanship" when they elected Obama

Obama Unleashed-What will the president say to get Democrats excited for the coming campaign?

Don't let those who blocked Obama at every turn take back power in November! Vote Democratic!

Eugene Robinson: Our Quick-Fix Electorate

The Republicants Aren't Going To Impeach President Obama

The Republicants Aren't Going To Impeach President Obama

Obama hasn't done more for gay rights than Clinton did

The New York Times' Latest Bogus Trend Story.

Engineering lab finds dispersant in Biloxi water

TRENDING: Judge removes ‘birther’ elements from Army doc's court martial

Nate Silver: G.O.P. Poised to Control 30 Governor Seats

Leaked Study on Peak Oil Warns of Severe Global Energy Crisis

he's playing 37,000 dimensional chess.....Janet N. ...

James Traficant, Ex-Con and Former Congressman, on Ballot in Ohio

More than 10% of Colombians are displaced: court .

Tax-fraud conviction voided because judge didn't stop trial to let defendant go to son's deathbed

Seattle teachers OK 3-year contract

Deaths as Russian wildfires return

Deaths as Russian wildfires return

Asylum seekers can sue over sex demands

U.S. Lost 54,000 Jobs in August; Rate Rose to 9.6%

Ex-NRCC treasurer in court on misuse

Strongest jobs recovery in decades. Seriously (CNN)

Blast Rips Through Rally in Pakistan, 22 Dead (100 Wounded)

DGA Files Complaint Against Fox News For Illegal Contribution To GOP Candidate

Marijuana may not be the gateway drug some think it is, study finds

Court Won't Force Appeal of Proposition 8 Ruling

Two Dead As Cargo Plane Crashes In Dubai

Chris Matthews just proposed that President Obama replace Gates with Hillary Clinton.

1.3 mn Haitians still in camps months after quake: UN

Global food shortage fears as Russia extends wheat ban

Cargo plane crashes in Dubai

U.S. Lost 54,000 Jobs in August; Rate Rose to 9.6%

Shiite bloc names new candidate for Iraqi PM

Amazon river level in Peru at 40-year low

New Zealand Hit By Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake

Mariner opposed federal safety rule

Full panel to decide bin Laden driver's appeal

Muslim-bashing televangelist Bill Keller to bring inflammatory brand of worship to Ground Zero

Authorities: Fire at Tenn. mosque site was arson

Amish man charged with string of sexual assaults on children, including his own cousin

White House: August jobs report reassuring

70-year-old scientist sparks bomb scare at Miami airport

Obama promises new jobs initiatives, slams GOP

Ex-Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Phillips sued (for allowing minors to drink alcohol)

Harley-Davidson, Unions Agree On New Contract

BP removes failed blowout preventer from damaged Gulf well

Michigan Tea Party has links to some Democrats

Injurious heist but 'Pink Panther' member to avoid lay judge trial

Feingold to miss Obama Labor Day visit

First pictures of earthquake damage in New Zealand

Court Tosses Littering Conviction for Leaving Water in the Desert

Strong 7.4 quake hits New Zealand near Christchurch

Dear Glenn Beck : When Did We Lose Our Honor?

Calgary teen's hate crime conviction a 1st

UC Irvine upholds suspension of Muslim group, bans it for one quarter

Rise in public benefits to children of illegal immigrants in L.A. County has supervisor 'very concer

Escaped Alabama fugitive busted trading gun for NASCAR tickets

U.S. to temper stance on Afghan corruption

Mesa woman suffers burns in acid attack near apartment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 3

Fewer Young Voters See Themselves as Democrats

Jerry Brown would cut pensions if elected governor

House Dems To Obama: No Cuts To Social Security

Portugal child abuse case 'proven'

Dolphins herded in Japanese cove but none killed

Bosnian police believe they have located a girl filmed hurling puppies into a river

US Congressional delegation meets PM,says US desires continuation, strengthening of democracy in Pak

Blackwater Won Contracts via Web of Companies

Animal rights groups face off with scientists over fate of chimps

Volcano spews in Indonesia, sends villagers fleeing (3rd & largest eruption so far)

(Dr. David) Kelly doctor cautioned for breaking GMC rules: New cloud over pathologist

Second drill joins effort to aid trapped Chile miners

Air Force hero's actions in Laos finally recognized after 42 years(Medal of Honor)

Fewer Young Voters See Themselves as Democrats

CNN Poll: Obama approval up after Iraq speech (50%

October 2nd One Nation march

Obama visit won't include Feingold

Cobra vs. Mongoose (Republicans are the cobra, we are the mongoose)

Soldier from WikiLeaks Video: 'Iraq Troops Just Going to Be Sent to Afghanistan'

Countdown: 9/11 Families Outraged That Islamic Center Protests Planned On Same Day

The Crystal Ball: Predictions for Mid-Terms.

The Big Picture: September 3, 2010

"Million Dollar Militia" - Fascinating Insight Into Dangerous US 'Buying' Of Afghan Tribes Strategy

Chicago Seniors Tell Rep. Paul Ryan: Hands Off My Social Security!

Social Networking Reshapes American Politics

Murfreesboro vs. Muslims

Obama thanks a war criminal.

Global Food Supply Fears Grow

If u think a hurricane in the border of cat 2 and 3 is nothing, you need to watch this video

The Dread Pirate YouTube

One Nation March - Get On the Bus

Rachel Maddow & Eugene Robinson destroy Haley Barbour's bizarre 'memories' of race & the south

Barack Obama's BBQ

Secret of Oz

Jim Cornette rants on linda mcmahon & republicans!!

Government is the Problem, Less Regulations, Less Government...Really?

MSNBC: Cenk In Funny Marijuana Ad!!!

Glenn Beck admits lying at rally because he thought it would be a little easier in the speech

FIerce Freelancer on Mortgage Refinancing Rip-Off

Tea Time

Benny and Mahmoud (Let's Be Friends!)

Weird Liberal Head Show #151: 2010- Let's Not Blow It!

John Cusack Vs. Fox News

Theme Song for 10.2.10 March On Washington? PLEASE???

Jan Brewer - AZ Gov. full of Lies - How Can We Trust Her?

Tea Baggers Have Just 3 Words for You Liberals

Sam Seder Interviews Glenn Beck Rally Goers: Do We Look Racist? TBS

Study: Cash For Clunkers Was A Wash

Where are they now? Serial Iraq misinformers find home at Fox

Why Free Trade is not fair to American's...or "those jobs are just not coming back"

Waking Up in the 1930s

Behind the Israeli Wall: A Lesson in Reality (Ramzy Baroud)

Teabaggers LIE about George Washington!

Message to U.S. Airmen: "Accelerate Your Christian Journey"

Ban Drone-Porn War Crimes

Gay-Bashing Emerging as Core Christian Right Election Strategy

Satan's Candidates

FDR’s Labor Day Plea Resonates Today

Choke It, Starve It, Shrink It: What That Government Shutdown Talk

Life Challenges for the 20-Something Generation: Far More Harsh Realities Than Arrested Development

One of Obama's Social Security Slasher Wannabes Threatens Small Town with Nuclear Annihilation

The DGA files a challenge to Fox News' promotion of Kasich campaign

5 Ways the Tea Party Agenda Screws Tea Party Supporters

Indianapolis GM Workers Resist Company, Union Pressure to Cut Pay

9/11 rally wrong for Democrats, okay for teabaggers

Legalize Marijuana to Stop the Drug Cartels

Speaking in Yellow: The Crisis in Our Politics

Rahm Emanuel's 'F--k The UAW': White House Pushes Back On Account In Rattner Book

Six American Zeroes: Reason Enough to Support California Prop 19

A Match Made in Smoggy Toxic Hell: Koch and Prop 23

NV-Sen: Angle says unemployed are lazy

A Daughter's Chance Encounter With Father She Never Met

The Lack of Memory of Cuban-American Congress Members

Fewer Young Voters See Themselves as Democrats

Eric Alterman: Think Again: Anniversaries: Remembering Ted Kennedy

Chile’s trapped miners: Victims of a ruthless drive for profit

Glenn Beck Admits He Held 'Mein Kampf' In His Hand

Rapture of Charlatans

The Breakdown of Capitalism and the Fight for Socialism in the United States

Who is rigging our elections? Clues from Massachusetts.

Drugmakers script social media to push meds

Vanity Fair's Sarah Palin Profiler: 'The Worst Stuff Isn't Even In There'

Labor Day Irony: The People Who Want to Cut Social Security All Have Great Retirement Plans

Sarah Palin inks deal to sell “Palin’s Pee-Pee Power Pills” on QVC

Obama downshifts American imperialism in Colombia

Obama could kill fossil fuels overnight with a nuclear dash for thorium

How to End the Great Recession - R. Reich

I'm getting tired of the president's apologists... and of the hard core left

Friday Talking Points (137) -- Listen To Westen And Lakoff, Democrats!

Come Unto WE, All Ye That Labor: Weekend Economists Sept. 3-6, 2010

Unilateral Disarmament Has Destroyed the Democrats

Drumbeat: September 3, 2010

Response to the Fire on the Vermillion Oil Platform in Photos

Petitions to Sign Re: Japan's Dolphin Hunting ( The Cove):

Dramatic arieal photos of yesterday's Gulf of Mexico oil platform fire

Amazon River In Peru @ Lowest Level In 40 Years - Shipping System Breaking Down - AFP

PNM Gets Green Light for 22 MW of Solar (New Mexico)

Georgia losing out on renewable energy (breathtaking stupidity)

Koch Industries Donates $1 Million To Prop 23 Effort To Kill California Climate Law

Governor Rell: Electric Vehicle Council sets goal for 25,000 EVs on state roads by 2020 (CT)

Why Conservatives Are Bad on Energy

International protestors blockade Finland’s Olkiluoto NPP for 10 hours

SJC ruling gives Cape Wind project green light to build

Give renewable energy providers a chance, Florida

The Facts About Wind Energy and Emissions - anti-wind groups attempting to defy the laws of physics

Salt Lake City plans nation's largest rooftop solar array

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill’s 30-Year Legacy (Ixtoc I)

CPUC Approves Major Solar Initiatives in California (650 MW PV- lower cost than natural gas)

Deepwater Horizon: After the oil (Nature news feature)

Corruption & Timber Mafia - Open Looting Of "Protected" Forests Powered Pakistan's Record Flooding

Putin - Russian Grain Export Ban May Remain Until 2011 Harvest Is In - AFP

(Butte) College to save $150m generating own solar power (CA)

What Exelon’s Wind Energy Buy Means For the Future of Nuclear Power

Western NSW braces for 7th major rain event this year, worst flooding in 15 years expected

Indian government approves 1,000 MW solar power projects (plans 20 GW by 2020)

Stations Picked, Huge Automated Transit Project for Paris is Closer to Realization

First Test: 2010 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Prototype (70 mpg)

Fragile tennis egos

Earl postpones Manny

As a former Presbyterian, I can't help but be proud

Ben Roethlisberger's ban at 4 games

Alabama's Dareus ineligible for two games

Nyjer Morgan suspended for 8 games

Which college sports team is most in need of a nickname change?

Floyd Mayweather: 'I'll cook that chump' -unleashes racist and homophobic video rant

DOE explains why the nuclear industry collapsed in 1974

More than 10% of Colombians are displaced: court .

Venezuela's rife crime political peril for Chavez

Obama administration considering Cuba prisoner exchange? (Miami Hurled Blog)

Obama downshifts American imperialism in Colombia

The Lack of Memory of Cuban-American Congress Members

14 cops killed in Colombia ambush, rebels blamed

Colombian troops storm rebel camp

Santos tells Colombian military to 'get tough' with rebels

Venezuela's Chavez violating campaign rules ahead of legislative vote, official says

Salim Lamrani on Political Prisoners in Cuba

Second drill joins effort to aid trapped Chile miners

Woman puts bullet hole in attacker's SUV

Philadelphia woman hears knock, shows she's armed, police confiscate gun

What to do when confronted with 3 to 1 odds?

ATTN Army DUers: Army Chief of Staff wants opinions on DADT

A gay judge's sexuality isn't news

Kalamazoo's Terry Kuseske passed away

(Australia) Head teacher drops "gay" from famous Kookaburra song

An image for this month's hostess...GreenPartyVoter

Surf photos in the lounge - Just how did he do that?

Labor union leader (American Federation of Grain Millers, NLRB) dies

NLRB rules that union ‘bannering’ is permitted under labor laws

Technical employees at two Kansas City hospitals vote to join union (nurses petition too)

NLRB rules outcome of challenged 7-year-old NY election should stand (W's backlog)

Today in Labor History Sept 3 Railroad workers won the 8 hour day 1st regulated by the US Government

Some 900 employees in Yuma, AZ will be affected when Dole Fresh Vegtables

One thing not like the other...

For Arabs And State Of Israel, It's Always 1947

Armed groups vow Israel attacks

Jimmy John's Workers Press For More Pay

Books & Films about Unions and Working People

Brandeis study disputes perception that U.S. Jews are disenchanted with Israel

Employees Sue TierOne Bank

UN human rights chief joins condemnation of deadly West Bank attack

Middle East peace talks are 'doomed to fail', says Ahmadinejad

Teamsters union and Genesys Regional Medical Center file unfair labor practice charges

Wind, Web, Telecom and Sanitation Workers Join AFL-CIO Unions

Israel and Palestine: A true one-state solution

Fox News: Democratic Despair Increases Labor Clout

Outcry over EU man's 'antisemitic' remarks

Workers at California Medical Marijuana Company Join Teamsters

The Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) is delicate and stunning

CSI Sittingbourne: An Anglo-Saxon museum with a difference

Mass Extinction Threat: Earth on Verge of Huge Reset Button?

Three arguments for the consciousness of cephalopods

Federal stem cell ruling blocks Yale scientists

Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipped Superfast

Watch Arthur C. Clarke predict the world we live in, in a 1964 interview

Greg Shaskan

Web Site Mixes Satire, Religion and the Weather

Thank you somebody, for my star.

Need healing for my Mom who was just diagnosed yesterday

~September 2010~ Visionary, Intuition & Dreaming Thread!

Public Health 101: Ten Great Achievements

Scientists figure out what makes fish oil so good for you