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Plutonium Traces in Air Near Rocky Flats Colorado former nuclear weapons site

I could see this scenario playing out if the USSC legalizes gay marriage everywhere

I hope the "independents" that have drifted away over the past year are noticing something....


Judy Shepard responds to prop 8 being overturned.

The GOPers recent shenanigans indicate they have "Soiled" themselves

How the Wikileaks, NYT, Guardian, De Spiegel expose happened, and the Murdoch plan.

Greenhouse Bananas

Ape Shall Never Kill Ape

Today was a good day for the Constitution...

Fox News poll on Prop 8 - so far most support decision

I wish we could see how many heads exploded today

Liar liar pants on fire: Fake Democrat Jeff Greene walks back a whopper.. or is it a Cuban sandwich?

Billions of national treasure flushed down the sewer that is Afghanistan and Iraq...

Yay, Stephen Harper and his gaggle of tools are losing ground again

"The Camden 28"

Alan Keyes: Lindsey Graham's Calls To Scrap Birthright Citizenship Are Too Crazy For Me

Colorado Repub Maes: Dem's Support For Bikes Is A U.N. Plot

Proposed: our republic is a duopolistic corporate kleptocracy.

Suit seeks to end Prince George's (MD) ban on feeding stray cats

States like Georgia never mention the assistance like this that they receive from the federal

Schwartz: Optimism growing on ($243 million dollar) F-35

New, clarified rules issued for Afghan fight

How U.S. reshaped Afghan prison's image

Judge Walker's ruling on Prop 8 is a victory for Americans and for the Constitution - I think

US races to trump militants in getting aid to Pakistan flood victims

"Ariz senator targets immigrants' kids"(if Repubs take back the House,this is he crap they'll intro)

Re-Assessing Afghanistan From a National Interest Perspective

Karzai Asserts Control Over U.S.-Backed Anticorruption Units

Senators worry for-profit schools cheat vets

Hey, Joey Scar! The anti-gay marriage people ARE bigots.

This is what is going on in Tulsa, bygod, Oklahoma

U.S. Underemployment Steady at 18.4% in July

Conservative justification: a child would think like I do!

Toon: More Supply Side Solutions!

does anyone have a link

does anyone have a link

Alan Keyes: Lindsey Graham's Calls To Scrap Birthright Citizenship Are Too Crazy For Me

300 New Jobs in Jacksonville, FL Mortage Fraud and Risk.

Waxman sees bright side to Nov: 'Difficult' Dems won't be back

Toon- Yes, this is all about you, Senators

My friend sends me the 'Obama scares me' email, what a bunch of whiny, paranoid cowards

My friend sends me the 'Obama scares me' email, what a bunch of whiny, paranoid cowards

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Climb to Three-Month High of 479,000

Eugene Robinson: Without a clear goal, we'll never win in Afghanistan

Scientists cast doubt on claims BP spill's no threat to Gulf

An Appeal to the Democrats in Congress...

Check Out This Pic - If You Dare

Police: Pa. suspect wanted guns to overthrow gov't

Senate Unable To Get Enough Republican Votes To Honor 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

With Arizona Immigration Laws, "Ground Zero Mosque" and now Prop 8 overturn...

Nazis are patrolling the Arizona border

Photo: Two unlikely heroes of the overturn

Niel Armstrong is 80 years old today.

Anyone out there with the time to answer some questions on the Health Care Reform Bill?

The Power of Zero - By Valerie Plame Wilson

Want good talking points? Gay vs. the Bible

Right Wingers...keep spending money fighting Gay people...

More Afghans killed by IEDs in 2010

DEVASTING (To Secular Arguments) Prop. 8 Ruling Matters Less than Judge's Findings

So has the "Quitter Twitterer" tweeted her wisdom on Prop 8 decision?

Take Back Your Taxes

Time Pictures Afghan Women, Obscures Realities of Endless War

Did anyone watch Naomi Campbell give testimony against Charles Taylor?

China Overtakes U.S. as Saudi Arabia of Wind Power

Jujitsu! Dems Will Attempt To Turn Tables On GOP Over Ethics Scandals

Rolling Stone’s Hastings responds to revoked embed

Do any of you believe you've communicated with a dead loved one?

San Francisco's Family Night

(Canadian) Judge Denies US Extradition Request

Joe Arpio being investigated again

Joe Arpio being investigated again

Tell FCC Chair Julius Genachowski: Don't cave on net neutrality

Breaking on MSNBC - 14 Americans arrested for trying to join Somali terror group

Breaking on MSNBC - 14 Americans arrested for trying to join Somali terror group

Nerds are the best

Christopher Hitchens - Topic of Cancer

Meet Randi Reitan, the woman who's taking on Target over its controversial donation to MN Forward

China Rejects US Concerns about Deals with Iran

Amusement Park Offers Alien Attack Where You Get to Shoot a Black Man

Joe Conason: Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich Need a History Lesson

Republican Attacks on 14th Amendment Exposes Insecurity About November

Legal Petition Demands FDA Move beyond Sensory Test to Look at Chemicals

Remedy will not be delayed for long. Should NOT!!

Remedy will not be delayed for long. Should NOT!!

Watching C-SPAN....

Watching C-SPAN....

Smart Growth Around America

Heads up - Obama to speak at Ford Chicago Factory

Rep. King, Dems killed the help the 9/11 workers bill so as to hurt the GOP.

MSNBC's Tamron Hall: Sherrod episode is a "kick in the gut" for journalists

GOP Fears Democratic Smear Campaign

Can the battle for Net Neutrality be won?

Evidence at trial regarding campaign to pass Prop 8 uncloaks most likely explanation for its passage

For-Profit Colleges: Undercover Testing Finds Colleges Encouraged Fraud and Engaged in Deceptive and

On Facebook, wife learns of husband's 2nd wedding

FauxNews Poll on Prop 8 reversal. Already at 62% against. Let's rate it up!

I've donated to the ADL in the past..... but I'm rethinking that now.

Raúl Castro unveils plan for massive job cuts: cuba merges with the Borg

Tony Blair Must Be Prosecuted

Suppose the right wing crazies actually do repeal the 14th Amendment

OPINION: When is 'shoot the president' a fun, innocent game? Never.

Linda McMahon is a Liberal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! True. I heard it on a radio ad this morning!


Wars, lies and lyrics: With God on Our Side

For all the RWers who say the America was founded on the Christian religion.

Google-Verizon Deal: The End of The Internet as We Know It

Liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican, Libertarian/Authoritarian - what are the differences?

Proposition 8 ruling puts Obama on the spot

Iran's religious nut Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has finally lost all of his mind

US jobless claims jump to highest level since April

USA Goal: "Wikileaks Must Be Destroyed" + Army's 32-Page Secret Plan To Destroy WikiLeaks

Trafigura found guilty in Ivory Coast waste-dumping case

Bush "Justice" department screws up another case.

Tests suggest oil dispersant washing up on Alabama beaches

Tests suggest oil dispersant washing up on Alabama beaches

Tests suggest oil dispersant washing up on Alabama beaches

Supermodel's remarks spark outrage - says there should be law mandating breastfeeding

Sens. Schumer and Feinstein seek legislation to exclude Wikileaks from Federal Shield Law protection

Whitman and Fiorina on Prop. 8 decision:

Watching C-SPAN....

What should I expect when I arrive to L.A. a week from Sunday?

Why Higher Taxes Wouldn't Kill Small Business

Laura Ingraham Book Listed as Non Fiction on Amazon

Laura Ingraham Book Listed as Non Fiction on Amazon

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC- Gay marriage is unnatural..

The Top Ten Most Embarrassing CNN Gaffes

Gulf spill impact will linger long after oil is gone: study

Faux Snooze Poll: Did Judge Make Right Call In Gay Marriage Case?

What A Government Can Do With Its Own Bank

Google- The NY Times is wrong.

Judge Walker - Thinking Ahead

Did you see this anti-Westboro Baptist Protest outside of Comic-con (not a joke, seriously!)

Heard some US soldier on TV explaining that although the Taliban are some brutal bastards ...

Photo: Freepbag response to Prop 8 Rejection

Elena Kagan's brother is a teacher & union activist

"Senate rules of debate"

It surprises me there is not more activity on DU's state forums

It surprises me there is not more activity on DU's state forums

ISP advice needed

Republican running for Tennessee governor was once found not guilty by reason of insanity

My word on the overturning of Prop 8

Thom Hartmann just mentioned a great idea

The Magna Carta

Darts Shot At Obama Likeness In Pa. Carnival Game

This is the end of the internet as we know it (re: Google & Verizon's 'tier' plans)

This is the end of the internet as we know it (re: Google & Verizon's 'tier' plans)

Cooool. China's elevated bus drives above cars.

PENNSYLVANIA: Catholic Church Uses Obama Target In Carnival Game brags about 14th Amendment, protecting freed slaves from "Democrat oppressors"

Dems tie GOP to tea parties

Freeper needs help finding picture

Oh for crying out loud.

Ed Markey on Net Neutrality: FCC needs to act quickly

Stop-lossed Vets: Have you put in for your retro pay yet?

Danny Tarkanian's mom to go after Sharron Angle

Kagan expected to be confirmed to the Supreme Court today

"Vaughn Walker’s Decision: The Takes " Excellent Article on the Process Coming Up and Poss Outcome

Tomorrow's Supreme Court makeup

ultimately, whether gay marriage stays legal will be up to Justice Kennedy

Rep. Pete King (N.Y.): Gay marriage ruling helps GOP

Delete Duplicate

How the right wing censors Digg (it's not that hard!)

Neocon Kristol group targets Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH) for signing J Street letter

Neocon Kristol group targets Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH) for signing J Street letter

Prop. 8 ruling bringing out people's true colors re. San Francisco

Yep, Typhoid endorses Malaria.

Digg Patriots: Crowdsourcing Censorship of Progressive Topics

Digg Patriots: Crowdsourcing Censorship of Progressive Topics

The GOP is slowing down the recovery with their sabotage

Fundies: "Practicing homosexual" judge responsible for "tyrannical, abusive" judicial arrogance

Could be next week for BLOGGO verdict

How to make Smart Growth affordable

Freeper's remarks: LOL

Marriage is dead!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Basil Marceaux’s Exploiters Staged a Debate

Tea Bags, Wind Bags, and Moneybags

DNC Fund raising letter from Governor Tim Kaine

Breaking: Male Prostitute who Introduced Kagan at hearings to now vote "no"

Breaking: Male Prostitute who Introduced Kagan at hearings to now vote "no"

Click on those Fred Thompon ads

WaPo opinion: Democrats must seize the immigration issue

WaPo opinion: Democrats must seize the immigration issue

Save 15% on Tees and a chance to Win $100 (made in USA)

Wikileaks Counters Attacks with New Post of Huge Encrypted File to Web

cat lovers, i have too much nip this year.

If you are a veteran who was stop-lossed from 2001-2008, GET YOUR MONEY

(Maine Tea Party) Activist reports threats to quit website

a quick way to shut down any moran who wants to undo the 14th Amendment:

Target [sort of] apologizes for donation

Google, Verizon and the End of the Internet as We Know It

Foreclosure Mills: Wall Street’s Latest Fraud Scheme

Mexico looks to legalisation as drug war murders hit 28,000

Boehner calls teachers, fire fighters & cops "special interests groups"

Tea Party Express jabbed for spending habits

I love marriage...

Oh, great. Prop 8 was knocked down.

What is the worst Comedy Team of all time?

Just Take the Money From Insurance Companies

Are DUers watching that school bus crash in Missouri

Alternatives to Overdraft Protection

Angry Old Man McCain Screaming out Against DADT

****Watch History Live - Kagan Confirmation Vote - Coming up on C-SPAN****

Report: Lobbyists backing Reid in a big way

Just a reminder - you can access real data from the Deep Horizon spill from NOAA's website

BREAKING: Elena Kagan confirmed as Supreme Court Justice.

C-Span is running an alert saying the Senate has confirmed Elena Kagan by a 63-37 vote.

Report: Obama Launches New Program to Help Corporations "Take Advantage of Low Labor Costs" Abroad

DemocratsSenateGov: GOP Job Killing Agenda

U.S. Postal Service reports $3.5-billion loss, sees more red ink in future

Policymakers are determined to drag the country into another Depression. And that's the tragedy.

Can't Maine's Prop. 1 be overturned on similar grounds?


Prop 19: High Youth Turnout Could Make Difference for Marijuana Legalization


DA to Decide Whether to Prosecute Operator of Terminal Velocity Ride That Left Girl Paralyzed

Healthcare to 9/11 responders or bow down to the big bad evil republicans?

"Gingrich threatens my divorce" Hilarious destruction of Republican "family values"

••• Could people please have thread titles we understand? •••

••• Could people please have thread titles we understand? •••

State of the climate: warming, with no sign of waning

Army operation against Greek truck drivers: A warning to European workers

What would you do with $1.4 billion? California & Proposition 19

So will this legal decision bring out the right wingers in droves to vote

Palin an 'expert' in not being vetted, DNC says

2fer: QUAYLE genes keeping on. & COURIC's "wtf" over PALIN kids' names (where do theyGETthese names)

Ratigan teacher rant - up next - heads up

babbling blimp Limbaugh I dislike Obama's white half as much as his black

babbling blimp Limbaugh I dislike Obama's white half as much as his black

Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate

US military working dogs need your help! Send treats, adopt one when he "retires"...

'Poo-powered' car seen on the streets of Bristol

From the mind of Scott Brown: Doesn't understand that tax burdens are raised taxes

Scott Brown Voted AGAINST Justice Kagan's Confirmation

Can someone explain how Kagan got less votes than Sotomayor?

Hickenlooper To Pick Joe Garcia - Lt. Gov.

To all Americans. The conservative movement seems to think that you are all crazed degenerates

WikiLeaks posts huge encrypted file to Web

m$m finally mentions Ensign in passing...

Republicans want to drastically change our U.S. Constitution, the one they say they love so much

BecKKK sez:

Brown-skinned immigrants versus light-skinned immigrants

MIke Thomas, Orlando Sentinel: "How Jeff Greene’s lying affects the Senate race."

The Next War

Law: Obama Stimulus Package Gives Billions to Job Training in U.S.

Google, Verizon Deny NYT Story On Their Undermining Of Net Neutrality

Google and Verizon Near Deal on Pay Tiers for Web

Based off of U.S. Scientists Report 75 percent of the Gulf Oil Gone

Did any democrats in the senate vote AGAINST Kagan?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in BlackBerry talks (BBC)

Gingrich: Prop 8 decision was a warning sign for the consequences of the Kagan vote

If you're near Hillsboro, OR or Camarillo, CA, Solar World USA has some job openings:

fyi...major troll alert.PM me-

Separated at birth?

The thing about President Obama that I've noticed...

Do We Ever Get to Take a Victory Lap?

you know it's true

‘Ethics’ violations: What about Bush & Cheney? MUST READ

Gee Rand Paul didn't graduate from Baylor as announced

Graph: Unintended consequences and gay marriage

Four of the five topics that made it to the top of the Greatest Page

Fuck You, Scott Brown

NRA Too Afraid Of Looking Weak To Fully Oppose Kagan

Two old hicks bellyaching about all the Ivies and New Yorkers (wink wink) on the Court

Senator Ben Nelson did not vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

Market bull: Right-wing media dress up political attacks as stock analysis

Official: No evidence of oil on Gulf (of Mexico) sea floor

Even if you don't like Tweety watch him talk to this Rethug about the 14th Amendment in a minute

Singer Wyclef files to run for Haiti's presidency

Faux deep anchor/pouter asks, "What is a Democrat?!1" And a DUer responds

Off the Deep End......AFA calls for the impeachment of Judge Walker

Dan Froomkin: Medicare Gets New Lease On Life; Social Security Remains Healthy

I am being persecuted according to the lady on the Hardball show

You know, I was not a big fan of Kagan's nomination, but I gotta say,

You know, I was not a big fan of Kagan's nomination, but I gotta say,

How Many Blacks Watch Fox News?

Investigate Insurance Companies Scamming Vet Families

David Fiderer: No Wonder Maxine Waters Demands A Speedy Hearing On The Charges Lobbed Against Her...

As I prepare class material for a poli sci course

Four hours for forensic DNA test (BBC)

Free health care at the ER? I don't know about

Dear Lou Pritchett (the "Obama Scares Me" guy): You Scare Me.

So we know the percentages of gulf oil recovered; yet we cannot get a grip on op scan voting?

Fred Thomson's advertisement to keep the tax cuts is saying,

Tancredo could blow up Colorado's GOP this fall

Prop 8 - Charlie Rose tonight

If 3 years ago I'd tell you that Ted Olsen would have done more for Civil Rights than Obama

What kind of witnesses could be called to the stand to defend gay marriage bans, by showing damages?

Nadler: Attacks on mosque "shameful and divisive"

This has been a Great Week, Prop 8 overturned, and Kagan Confirmed!!

Memo to the media: The Tea Party movement has collapsed.

"This decision could redefine the word marriage"

question about churches and politics and tax exemption

BP Completes Cementing Macondo Oil Well From Top

Holy Shite Keith's imaginary interview

Conn. shooter told 911 he 'handled the problem'

So the idiot son of an idiot borrows two cute little kids specifically to mislead

Sensible liberals: consider giving to the Kucinich campaign to thank him for sensible liberalism.

So the 9/11 responders bill didn't pass because the democrats didn't want to vote on amendments?

Russia's defense spending to rise by 60% by 2013

Feds Can’t Find Oil But Satellite Photos Show BP Gulf Oil Spill Covering 12,000 Square Miles


How will the Kagan confirmation negatively effect Obama?

Planets Align for the Perseid Meteor Shower

Whitman's new East LA office greeted with protesters

Tropical Storm Colin is back

Political: Obama pledges labor support

"The Hypocrite Caucus of the Republican Party. Like Newt Gingrich."

"Libertarian Conservative" is just a way of saying "I want the govt out of my life but in yours"

Back in April, I posted about a man imprisoned for a fatal car crash

Barbara Lee Applauds Federal Court's Decision to Overturn Proposition 8

Dark and Powerful Forces in History: Part III – Why they Are So Prevalent

Hanging dummy causes controversy

Fuck this guy

The Bomb: Howard Zinn's last call to rebel against war

The new class warfare: Private vs. public worker

Target execs have long history of supporting anti-gay candidates and right wing

Which Democrat voted against Kagan?

Building an Islamic center over a building decimated by Osama Bin Laden is the same thing as

Ex-foster child gets $30M in Calif sex abuse case

People without jobs and money aren't shopping......Wall Street flummoxed

Home Video Claims to Show AZ Police Enforcing Illegal-Immigration Law at Traffic Stop

Yippe. Stephen Harper is down to 29% in the polls. Liberals up to 28 %. This is wonderful

ADL Chairman's Triangulated Letter to the Editor (NY Times)

Father held since 2005 freed after murder charges dropped

Tom Tomorrow nails stupid

BwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahPete Hoekstra - bubye

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day 32

Marriage is a legal contract first and foremost

Marriage is a legal contract first and foremost

Where are the high fives about Kagan?

Scientists Sceptical of Government Claims that BP's Spill Doesn't Threaten Gulf

Scientists Sceptical of Government Claims that BP's Spill Doesn't Threaten Gulf

Kellogg Brown & Root's toxic fire pits in war zones

Tin foil hat time.

Awesome SF Chronicle pic from a march in the Castro following the Prop 8 decision

I was at dinner tonight at Maggiano's - probably the last time EVER I go there.

Failed Governor who caved under pressure at mid-term says Obama's "over -- in over his head"

The Jewish case for the ground zero mosque by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Reid sets up September votes on small-business bill

Think for Yourself

Black screen; soft swoosh of waves breaking on a beach with an overlay of seabirds

i already got in a little tiff with middle school coaches, and the year has yet to start.

Democrats now dominate the US 4th Circuit as the Senate confirms Judge Wynn

Alarming consequences from yesterday's proposition 8 decision...

Where conservatives can relocate if they don't wanna coexist with gay couples

Tennessee DUers how is Basil doing?

Christina Romer, Obama's Cheif Economic Adviser, Resigning

Is Obama about to bail out underwater home owners (and their banks, of course?)

Steve Wozniak warns that Google may become the 'Microsoft of the Future.' you think Moslems and Christians have nothing in common?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Charter Industry Sends Out Their A Team Against Civil Rights Leaders, Part I

for the cats-CATNIP

Target apologizes for Minn. political donation

On disagreement with mods/admins decisions

For those who miss progressive freeform's back!

The Rude Pundit - The Path to More Equal Equality: The Prop 8 Ruling Reams the Religious Right

Judge Vaughn Walker, of the Prop 8 case, has no need to recuse himself.

For-Profit Diploma Mills: 15 of 15 Crooked in GAO Undercover Investigation

Naomi Campbell, raising monkeys, and rooftop gardens - Somewhere Ted Koppel weeps.

The dirty 15: GAO finds deceptive practices at 15 for-profit colleges

do you see Ben Nelson pulling a Jim Jeffords?

John Stewart said it all for me last night: I Give Up

Do You Believe...

The real job outlook in my area

Are you happy?

Local Prop 8 Poll on Mormon Owned NBC Website - Just DU it!

Cool picture from a pro-gay marriage rally in Salt Lake City

Fire update

George W Bush / Cheney = GOPers hugh Problemas ..The Void of "Leadership" has resulted in a vacuum

Tea Party exposes diabolical U.N. plot

I just read FR's LBN thread on the overturning of Prop 8. Those people are fucking clueless loons

This November will people

Right wing activists and bloggers made group to silence liberals on news site, even made enemy list

Remember when all the cable news channels would show every second of every Bush speech?

An August Surprise from Obama?... Fannie & Freddie to forgive underwater mortgages

South African reserve’s last rhino butchered for her horn

A great graph on the difference between Liberals and Conservatives:

Sharron Angle: Make Gay Adoption Illegal, Allow Clergy To Endorse Candidates From Pulpit

Millions of Older Workers in Occupations Classified as Physically Demanding

Tin Foil Story Time! GS, ABACUS, and the Collapse of Bear Stearns

Tin Foil Story Time! GS, ABACUS, and the Collapse of Bear Stearns

Tin Foil Story Time! GS, ABACUS, and the Collapse of Bear Stearns

Democrats will cave on the Bush tax cuts and extend them

Aboout the billionaires' pledge to donate half their wealth to charity-

Bush pushes back book release until .... a week after the elections

tea baggers Talk about being called tea baggers

"mcconnell need to tell any one that vote for her will not get a committee chairmentship next year"

Social Security and Medicare still face serious financial challenges, annual review says

Limbaugh:Secession is "not the rantings of extreme kookism", some say "civil war" is "already on"

Yesterday was awesome

Proposal: Second Amendment repeal campaign

Dallas: UT Southwestern faculty let unsupervised resident doctors operate at Parkland

Good LORD, here they go again.

You know Hitler was a Christian....

"My children don't look Hispanic"

The Dark Side of Vitaminwater®

So I went to see them try to tea bag Obama, it was impotent and one sign had 3 mispellings

So I went to see them try to tea bag Obama, it was impotent and one sign had 3 mispellings

Romer To Leave White House

NewsBusters: Cenk Assails Hateful Conservatives Who Opposed Women And Blacks

NewsBusters: Cenk Assails Hateful Conservatives Who Opposed Women And Blacks

Alan Grayson Sides With Telecoms On Net Neutrality

Remember the 'Liberal Hawks' Who Got Us into the Iraq Disaster? They've Joined the Neocons on Iran

I feel bad for Giuliani's kid.

"The Republicans don’t have any credibility whatsoever"

For supporters of Elizabeth Warren, a petition.

So, you believe the admin and 74% of the oil is gone, soooo...

President Obama asks Senate to restore rank of disgraced Vietnam general

Latest problem in Germany, Radioactive Wild Boars

McConnell scolds Franken for making faces from president's chair during speech

Fight the Social Security Fear Mongers!

Fight the Social Security Fear Mongers!

Fight the Social Security Fear Mongers!

Rethugs blocking unemployment benefits have helped kill this man.

Glenn Beck's final swan dive off the deep end: President Obama reminds him of Lucifer

Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?

Has anyone had to battle Bank of America to complete a house sale?

The manner in which the BP oil spill has played out shows how powerful corporations have become

Obama confident no 'double-dip' recession coming

Question: Who in Calif. gov't is appealing Judge Walker's ruling?

Food stamp use hit record 40.8m in May

birther Lt Col charged--Lakin enters plea tomorrow **update :)

Ginsburg says no plans to leave Supreme Court

Conservatives are censoring the website Digg

Conservatives are censoring the website Digg

Get a load of this university housing questionaire mandated by the university that wouldn't give our

Media Matters exposes Breitbart writer as racist/con man. Breitbart pulls all posts by writer

How much time was wasted by this asshole f---ing around? (Letterman)

It’s Been Almost a Decade. Can We Dial Back On The Crazy Now?

It’s Been Almost a Decade. Can We Dial Back On The Crazy Now?

The "real" reason Republicans hate Barack Obama?

This is sickening. Teenage runaway arrested, handcuffed, shackled, humiliated..

Today's WH press briefing could have made Ari Fleisher proud...

NY Times: Exotic Deals Put Denver Schools Deeper in Debt

Sign Al Franken's Net Neutrality petition!!

Sign Al Franken's Net Neutrality petition!!

American Citizens Incorporated - Let's Do This!

Google-Verizon Deal: The End of The Internet as We Know It

Let's take a look at this Islamic community center's neighbors, shall we?

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

Nancy Pelosi has really pissed off the ReTHUGS

James Carville: "Oops. Obama was right. I was wrong. My bad."

Tom Toles, I'm fire retardant

"The three youth were arrested. Two will be charged as adults."

Happy Talk That Oil is "Evaporating Rapidly" So, What the Hell is This?

Please delete.

Paul Krugman:The Flimflam Man, The Ryan plan is a fraud that makes no useful contribution

Obama Could've Become A Hero This Week... 'Obama's Position On Gay Marriage Sustainable?' - PlumLine

U.S. Marines headed for Afghanistan baptized in ocean off Camp Pendleton!!!???

The 'Beat Boehner' Billboard is live and it's causing quite a stir

NYT: Bennet Helped Future Wall Street PAC Contributors Fleece Denver Schools

Short and to the point: Guns or butter. Teachers or food.

U.S. To Train 3,000 Offshore IT Workers

How can a call center employee artificially enhance amount of calls made?

How can a call center employee artificially enhance amount of calls made?

The oceans are empty, the skies tinged yellow by evaporating oil and toxic dispersant devoid of...

Obama Launches New Program to Help Corporations...abroad

To the trolls here reading DU: If you don't like Gay Marriage then here's my advice

This photo made my week...! (caution: screen spray alert!)

Why Don't Americans Have Longer Vacations?

Can I marry my dildo now?

"They can build a mosque in New York when we can build a church in Saudi Arabia!!!"

I you have the stomach go over to Huffington Post AND

Whose Hands? Whose Blood?: Killing Civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq

Sarah Palin has morphed into Sarah Btfsplk,,,,,she is now a JINX with the lightning bolt following

Today I divorced my wife, tried to seduce my neighbor's llama,

There's quite a bit of criticism of Mrs. Obama's trip to Spain.

There's quite a bit of criticism of Mrs. Obama's trip to Spain.

On Taking Up A New Activity and Being Deceived

Mysterious tunnel discovered under Mexican ruins

Mysterious tunnel discovered under Mexican ruins

Mysterious tunnel discovered under Mexican ruins

The US isn't leaving Iraq, it's rebranding the occupation




Eugene Robinson: A judge's mighty arguments for marriage equality

Yoko Ono opposes parole for John Lennon's killer

Churchill ordered UFO cover-up, National Archives show

I dumped a quart of oil on my driveway & it evaporated!

•••CLIMATE CRISIS IS HERE - Gulf leak, crop fail in Russia, N. hemisphere, rocketing food prices•••

WikiLeaks: Hundreds of Hidden Protest Fatalities Revealed in Afghan War Diary

Axelrod: President remains opposed to same-sex marriage

Jon Stewart: "I GIVE UP"

My fellow DUers, I have a favor to ask of you.

My fellow DUers, I have a favor to ask of you.

Time Magazine cover ignites debate over Afghan War...

How A Good Samaritan Was Arrested For Driving Drunks Home

More Losses in 2010 Could Push GOP to Brink of Collapse

IWW: Squeezed Baristas Shut Down 15th and Douglas Starbucks to Protest Cutbacks

French National Assembly vote to ban the burqa: An attack on democratic rights

A timely map that shows the jurisdiction of the federal court.

Total, utter defeat (video)

Arcade Fire - Live Streaming from Madison Square Garden

Arcade Fire - Live Streaming from Madison Square Garden Tonight


Some photos of our recent successful salmon-fishing trip and some beautiful scenery

Who's President Palin going to blame for the Gulf oil disaster?

Any bibliophiles or NASA groupies around?

Cruella DeVille, is that you?

Homophobia in trucking

I noticed someone brought up an Idol Issue.

Cool new Internet radio discovery

Transcript of space alien discussion...

derby's music find of the week: Voodoo Economics

FINALLY! Some Rain!!!

Wolf loves Pork

Grave robbers from Outer Space!

I need some help

Anyone want to go fishing?

What do you want to play?

pink floyd

for all you cat slaves CAT NIP

Today I have given up Diet Coke forever...

Mildred Bailey - Trust in Me

Earlier today it was hot as fuck, but now it's hotter than fuck.

Etta James - Trust in Me

I'm watching "Bones" season one on Netflix, I need a forcast!

Which BP gusher stoppage method would make the best band name?

A Terminator was sent back into time to kill Sarah Connor by Skynet.

A little known fact...

Post the one thing you're sure would get you banned from DU. I'll start ... Here goes... get ready..

Handbag Help

I won't call for eight years. December 24, 2004. Christmas Eve. I promise.

Who's missing from DU that you're starting to notice?

Oh, my - a most hilarious (because it's incomprehensible) bit of online writing

Ratdog @ The Tower, Philadelphia, 3/30/08: "Stella Blue"

I finally understand sign language.

Levon Helm Band - "The Genetic Method / Chest Fever," live at Red Rocks June 13, 2009

Anyone have any electronics problems because of the solar flares?

WANNA SEE MY "O"-FACE ?!?!?!?!?

finally some good news

World's Greatest Airshow is over

I just realized I can no longer eat bad food at night. I'm gaining too much weigh. I know about

Deep Purple w/ London Symphony Orchestra & Ronnie James Dio - "Smoke On The Water"

It's opening in the U.S. soon! I can't wait! Samuel Maoz's "Lebanon"

Point me to the right forum--

Name the band - 5 studio albums BUT 6 greatest hits* albums


When animals attack (video)

Anyone have asbestos undergarments to loan....

I speak tonight... for the dignity of man.

Q: Do TIGERS like catnip??

What's the rationale behind "Too Legit to Quit" by MCHammer?

The Horror Film, "The Human Centipede"

My new vintage pinball machine

Best modern rock guitar player?

I saw a bumper sticker that left me howling with laughter.

A new poem: Poetry

Well, here I am again. Hi. Long time no see.

House o' Parche


Roman Polanski's THE TENANT

Have you ever had to live without toilet paper? Reason I ask is this.

Summertime at the Elephant Sanctuary

Wow, my GF has gone feral

I made a LOST mix CD

Maple bacon and egg sandwich on mac and cheese pancakes

How did you propose...or how were you proposed to?

Ever hid something, and forgot where you hid it?

Pain is tiring. Gout attack hit me 2 days ago

Do any of you believe you've communicated with a dead loved one?

Need Help Naming a Country Estate for a Story

Did you cry, even a drop, when you watched Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of KING KONG?

Tom Brokaw will host (Calif.) gubernatorial debate

Karzai calls for probe of U.S.-backed anti-corruption task force

Naomi Campbell to testify at Charles Taylor's war crimes tribunal

Alan Keyes: Lindsey Graham's Calls To Scrap Birthright Citizenship Are Too Crazy For Me

Zimbabwean gov’t miscommunication causes drill to be reported as a real plane crash

Network of right-wing PACs preys on small donors, nets millions in fees

U.N. dispatches flood envoy to Pakistan

Hezbollah warns it will strike heart of Israel if Lebanon hit

Senator Debbie Stabenow sponsors the "Americans Want to Work Act" for the 99ers

Honor restored for general blamed after Nixon denied authorizing Vietnam bombing

Chicago man accused of plotting to aid al-Qaida

U.S. Terrorist Hit List May Face Legal Challenge by Civil Liberties Groups

Gulf oil rig's owner had safety issue at 3 other wells

Pakistan floods spark fresh chaos (80% of food reserves have been destroyed)

Chinese government targets Liverpool deal

Federal prosecutors drop Young case

Appeal of ruling could delay gay weddings in CA

Jobless claims rise 19,000 to 479,000

Federal prosecutors drop Young case

Holocaust survivors slam Arab museum for Helen Thomas statue

Florida won't appeal campaign-finance ruling

Senate approves jobs bill to stop teacher layoffs

Law Will Extend Medicare Fund, Report Says.

An August Surprise from Obama?

Toyota not likely to agree to UAW recruitment terms

Bank robber with a conscience turns himself in

60 Senators Commit Support For Kagan Nomination, Assuring Confirmation

Fla. developer sues Halliburton over Gulf spill

School buses, truck crash in Mo.; 2 dead

Trustees: Medicare hospital fund extended 12 years

Democrats to GOP: You're Either With Tea Party or Against It


Head of defunct lobbying firm PMA indicted on charges of illegal campaign gifts

'Poo-powered' car seen on the streets of Bristol

IRS to end release of taxpayer debt information

Kerry pushes $600 million bill to create national hepatitis strategy

Elena Kagan Confirmed to the Supreme Court

ACLU warns police not to act on (Virginia AG) Cuccinelli's immigration opinion

Cuban police lift ‘hold departure order’ on Canadian teen

President Obama target game gets feds' attention

Biden's NYPD Escorts In Minor Accident On Way To JFK Airport

Westboro member faces neglect trial (Shirley Phelps-Roper could face up to 15 months in jail)

House GOP committee pays fine to settle fraud case

Israel needs green light from US to assault Iran – Chossudovsky

Bolivia begins military training for civilians

Senate approves $4.5B child nutrition bill

Remaining Gulf Spill Still Bigger Than Exxon Valdez

U.S. underemployment rate 18.4 percent in July, according to Gallup poll

FutureGen is a Go

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 5

birther Lt Col charged--Lakin enters plea tomorrow **update :)

Kerry: Net-neutrality legislation unlikely, FCC must act

Kegan approved by Senate 63-37

Geithner says GOP wrong, ending tax cuts for wealthy won't hurt small business

China takes more aid money for aids and malaria than African countries

Adolf Hitler Campbell's Parents Denied Custody Of Nazi-Named Children

Senate passes bill to save teacher, police jobs

Obama touts pro-worker achievements in speech to union leaders

19 U.S. citizens charged with trying to join Somali terror group

Halliburton balks at telling U.S. early of major deals

Trustees: Medicare hospital fund extended 12 years

BP pumps cement into damaged Gulf of Mexico oil well

Age-bias case vs. Google can move forward, state Supreme Court rules

Cuba rejects inclusion on U.S. list of terror sponsors

Franken, Progressive Groups Begin Whip Campaign For Elizabeth Warren

Drop in legal Mexican visitors hurts Southern Arizona

Bigotry Takes a Hit. Prop 8 ruling is a turning point...there's no going back (Michelle Goldberg)

Geithner Says GOP Wrong, Ending Tax Cuts for Wealthy Won't Hurt Small Business

Cambell testifies she received dirty 'stones'

The Hill: Reid Plans September Showdown on Extension of Tax Cuts

Blanche, voting for Demint's amendment to refer aid to states back to committee won't save you

Russia Bans Grain Exports After Drought Shrivels Crop.

Senate Approves $600 Million Border Bill

Obama's backup birthday

Romer, key Obama economic aide, resigning

Supreme dust up: Franken apologizes to McConnell

Public Policy Polling: GOP losing "Moderate voters" by wider margin than McCain did in '08

DNC Chairman Kaine on Prop 8 Decision

Toyota Driver Rejects Plea Deal That Would Spring Him From Minnesota Prison (Koua Fong Lee)

Quinnipiac Poll: Dems still lead race for Governor of Connecticut

REPORT: The GOP’s Agenda To Change The Constitution

E. J. Dionne: ‘Dropping Babies,’ Abandoning Principles

MA DUers what Dems in the state are gearing up to take on Scott Brown?

BP May Seek to Avoid Responsibility, Transocean Says

Woman held during G20 protest to launch class-action lawsuit

FCC abandons net neutrality talks

Senate confirms new fed prosecutor in S.F.

View of Obama dims in Arab world

Waxman sees bright side to Nov: 'Difficult' Dems won't be back

Chinese Missile Could Shift Pacific Power Balance

Obama Stumps for Dems, but Not On Campaign Trail

Law Will Extend Medicare Fund, Report Says

Boehner derides police officers and teachers as 'special interests'

Vote on Kagan Supreme Court Confirmation Expected at 3:30pm

Young cleared in Alaska case

Google: No Verizon Deal, We Support 'Open Internet'

Lummis enjoys comfortable lead in race (WY)

Obama admin skewers GOP attack on stimulus cocaine monkeys

Congressman John Dingell: Make It in America

Elena Kagan fate

Kos: Back in the polling game! Teams up with Public Policy Polling (PPP).

US jobs data expected to underline fears for recovery

Obama: Kagan will make 'outstanding Supreme Court justice,' he's proud of making history (AUDIO)

Let's list all the black presidents who signed Healthcare bills...

Kerry Introduces Bill to Fight Viral Hepatitis

Prosecutor won't re-try man in Toyota crash

5 Republicans voted for Kagan--Scott Brown wasn't one of them

Barack Obama's election marked a sweeping mandate for a progressive agenda!

Kerry: Kagan Makes History as Women Comprise Full Third of Supreme Court

Obama–AFL-CIO Lovefest: Once Again, Labor Hopes President Will Prove Loyalty

SEIU: Deciphering Scott Brown

"Ariz senator targets immigrants' kids"(if Repubs take back the House,this is he crap they'll intro)

Hardball: Tweety had Gingrey and Gutierrez on about the immigration issue.

Obama to raise $1 million for struggling Senate candidate

Binnie Under Fire From Conservative Group

Hickenlooper taps CSU-Pueblo's president as gubernatorial running mate

Accusations Of Illegal Tactics Fly In Connecticut Republican Primary

Haley's taxes filed late

It's Official: Affordable Care Act Improves Strength of Both Medicare And Social Security (Pelosi)

Krugman: Bending The Curve

Live: Ed Schultz not buying White House line on Gulf Oil Spill.

Ras poll CA Senate: Boxer +5; Obama 56% approval Arnold 29%

Geithner making shit up again - this time about Medicare

Elena Kagan... has it!

Even without legislation, Obama is leading on energy

Waxman: I give Obama high marks. The problem is congress

Russia fires pose nuclear threat, death toll hits 50

Chris Matthews: They are talking about abolishing aspects of the 14th Amendment.

Grayson Sides With Telecoms On Net Neutrality. Franken says foremost free speech issue of our time.

So Merrick Garland's going to be Obama's next appointment to the SC, right?

Oy. McConnell: Obama will have to negotiate more with GOP next year

USAID facts

Hoekstra silent on endorsement after Mich. vote

Christina Romer To Leave White House - reportedly "frustrated" by lack of direct line to POTUS.

This Time It's Armenia: USAID Funds IT In Eurasia (to establish low cost IT outsource center)

After one-on-one with Obama, McConnell vows to slow White House agenda

I got an email from the President

Palin says Obama 'in over his flux', suggests he wasn't properly vetted

Jeb Bush to join Bill McCollum on campaign trail

The more Palin talks, the better Democrats are going to do in November

Barack Obama + 19 months = two WOMEN on the Supreme Court

Ask the President to Support Full Marriage Equality (Americablog)

President Obama's response to the Prop 8 ruling

OH BOY here we go the right is going to benefit from the prop 8 ruling from the Judge

Judge puts wolves back on endangered species list, hunts halted

Mr. President, when you said "change you can believe in" were you speaking to the people?

Republicans are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked...

Cyclists Are Said to Back Claims That Armstrong Doped

Target apologizes for Minn. donation

US Senate confirms James Clapper as US spy chief

An August Surprise from Obama?

McConnell scolds Franken for making faces from dais during his speech

Who wants to hug me!? My multi-term bubba, GOP C-Street Congressman has BEEN DEFEATED!!! (Zach Wamp)

How will "A-Rod's Home Run" adversely effect Obama?

US attends Hiroshima bomb memorial for first time

Cenk you are an A$$HAT!...

Obama’s Birthday Dinner With Oprah

TRENDING: Obama starts mentioning Bush by name

Sweet! A bit of "Operation Chaos" in reverse. "Dems accused of tea party tampering" (Politico)

Pentagon Tells WikiLeaks: "Do Right Thing"

Carvile: Obama played his cards right on BP

US Army begins relief missions in Pakistan

Do you remember...your first lunch box?

Suit alleges exploitation of Filipino teachers in La.

Sarah Palin comforts Bristol on her breakup with handnotes

Arpaio Ad

Drug Enforcement In America

BP's OTHER Spill

Maj Neil Franklin from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition at Netroots Nation

Reporter Of The Year

Bernero wins Dem nod for governor

Breaking news 99ers Tier 5 we got a bill (S 3706) Aug 5th 2010

Dan Rather talks about the corrupt Corporate media

Awesome attack ad against Illinois GOP Governor candidate Bill Brady

Another Brick In The Wall (Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!)

WE GOT IT !!!!! s.3706 Tier 5 Bill ( Americans want to work act)

Unemployment Extension Stabenow S.3706 Bill

Senate confirms Kagan

Anchor babies? Shred the Constitution!

S.3706 Unemployment Extension Tier 5 bill is here! 08/05/2010

Joan Baez- With God on our side (Bob Dylan cover)

Midweek Politics: Koran-burning "Doctor" also adds that all Homosexuals and Jews are going to hell

Obama Rebrands Iraq Withdrawal?

Thom Hartmann - Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?

McGrumpy is back. Watch his meltdown over DADT and Hate Crimes

Mike Malloy - Prop 8 Is Dead (Best Rant Of 2010)

Countdown Segment :Sharron Angle "Interview"

Mosque at Ground Zero (controversy): That's Bullshit

Arizona Woman Taken By Border Patrol After Routine Traffic Stop

The Top Vlog: Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead On Single Women/Obama Hate

Mike Malloy - Get Out Of My Country!!!! (A Screaming Feast)

The Top Vlog: Governing Against Our Will? Random Rush (Sam Seder)

The Top Vlog: Stupid Sarah Palin Thing of the Week (HuffPo's Bob Cesca)

In the Name of Christ, I Quit Christianity

Mayor_Bloomberg- on the separation of chuch and state- and the Mosque in New York

Mildly Relevant News: Mitch McConnell's 14th Amendment and Prop 8 Hath Been Repealed!

Thom Hartmann - Is it time to pay reparations to gays?

Worst Fox News Poll Spin Promoting Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich?

Ralph Nader on Running for President

MUST-SEE Cenk on MSNBC: Gay Marriage Is Inevitable - 'The Arc Of History Bends Toward Justice'

Living Colour: Voting PSA

Tired of war, thousands of Iraqis want to go to U.S.

Google and Verizon Near Deal on Pay Tiers for Web

Guardian UK: The US isn't leaving Iraq, it's rebranding the occupation

Show Me Your Insiders - Missouri primary

How Democrats Helped Fire Up the Crazy Right While Demoralizing the Left

The time to organise resistance is now (Tony Benn)

GOP blocks jobs

FCC draws fire over talks with Internet, telecom giants on 'net neutrality' - WaPo

Deficit Scare Talk Is a Big Scam by Corporations and Right-Wingers

When police hide evidence innocent people go to jail, and

Re-visiting Project Vigilant

Mutual Assured Cuteness in US-Japan Relations (or the Pentagon has REALLY Gotten Too Big)

Brett Favre Still Wavering On Decision to Play Hamlet

U.S. needs to reevaluate Plan Colombia

Russia: Heat also rises for parched Kremlin

Hey, Bravo: Try spotlighting social heroes instead of social climbers (re Real Housewives)

To quote John Stewart, "I give up"! School lunch programs payed by cutting food stamps.

We Can't Let Republicans Take Over in 2010 -- All Hands on Deck!

Electric cars could make toll roads inevitable

Who's to blame for the dysfunction in the Senate?

Jon Stewart Gives Up

Bob Inglis has seen the light.

Germany expects fast growth of renewable energy (20% of total energy by 2020)

Govt policies spur green energy boom in China, iSuppli says

Drumbeat: August 5, 2010

Irony alert: Unity College (Maine) gives (Carter) presidential solar panel to Chinese

Judge orders protections reinstated for gray wolf

America’s Most Common Bat Headed for Eastern Extinction

Life In Moscow "Like Living On The Set Of A Tarkovsky Film" - Independent

NRG Energy Cuts Capital Spending On Texas Nuclear Power Project

Now The Indian Ocean Has Its Own Garbage Gyre, Too

This is absolutely sick

Giants rookie Posey N.L. Player of the Month (July)

LOL...headline on "Colin vs. Favre: Who returns first?"

Texas, Notre Dame agree to series

Why did it take me so long to notice this? >>

O's Manager has Best Winning % in Baseball.

Am I a Rangers fan again?

*snort* The Rockies lose to the WORST team in the Natinal League...

Peruvian judge frees suspected drug boss, goes for beer with him

For the DU'ers who followed the story of the Santa Cruz-contracted mercenaries

13 soldiers killed in Colombian minefields

U.S. needs to reevaluate Plan Colombia

Morales: Drug Cartels Better Equipped Than Bolivian Army

Colombia: SOA Watch protests at Tolemaida military base

Crimes against journalists not being punished in Honduras

Peace monument to be sculpted from paramilitary weapons .

This is also our heritage

Cuba rejects inclusion on U.S. list of terror sponsors

Bolivia begins military training for civilians

Bolivia begins military training for civilians

Tomas Uribe accuses judge of obstructing justice .

Advise about skeet shooting for gson.

Here is another idiot that needs to go to prison......

Sheriff supports citizens arming themselves against burglars ...

Gov. Quinn (D-ILL) Receives Well-Deserved Endorsement From Radical Gun Control Group (Brady Bunch)

Justified shooting?

Dear Gun "enthusiasts"......your sacred NRA opposes Kagan......

A sad irony on this very happy day

Courage Campaign - Support the fight in the "court" of popular opinion

Judy Shepard on prop 8 being overturned.

Barf bags ready? - PhoboQuotable - Randy Thomasson

I'm perplexed. I know there are smarter people. Please help me understand.

Eye Candy Time!

Does anyone have a link to the complete prop 8 decision?

Overseas gay weddings will remain blocked to Aussies

Who they were: Vintage Jakey Gyllenhaal

Is Mexico Next For Marriage Equality?

Thrice-Married Serial Adulterer Newt Gingrich Is OUTRAGED About Prop 8

The Consequences of Gay Marriage

C'est moi, and I want to share

Target CEO: Sorry for $150K Donation

Fiorina Opposed to Prop. 8 Ruling

Pro-prop 8 demonstrators were "referencing" Judge Walker's sexuality...

Toon: Too Bad, Haters!

Hospital Responds to Discrimination Trans Flap

Let the hate begin! American Family Association Calls For Impeachment Of Judge Vaughn Walker

Picture of the day! Absolutely MUST see!

I admit, I wish Judge Walker were straight

Obama on the Proposition 8 decision and gay rights

Senate Passes $26 Billion Aid Package For States As Unions Hail The Jobs It Will Save

Maryland Home Care Providers Win First Contract Rights

Ford says deals bring back (2,000) jobs

A drunk (?) threatened my life because Rush had him pissed

Toronto mayoral candidate Ford: "I support traditional marriage."


Filoli Woodside, California

Loose on the Palouse

The lie behind the right wing's truth

Who will speak up for Israeli citizens' right to free speech?

ISRAEL Women Take On the Orthodox

Israel needs green light from US to assault Iran – Chossudovsky

Iran launches cartoon website aimed at questioning the Holocaust

WASPs at last

Holocaust survivors slam Arab museum for Helen Thomas statue

Hezbollah warns it will strike heart of Israel if Lebanon hit

Ancient 'cat-like' crocodile had bite like a mammal

Gamers solve protein puzzles

When the Sea Saved Humanity

Cleopatra pearl cocktail proven possible

Hard Science, Softened With Stories - "The Disappearing Spoon"

Physicists: Is this idea valid?

Dominionist religious group trying to co-opt Vietnam vets?

How heart-warming! Xians and Muslims unite - to kill gays.

Campaigning to the Choir

Anne Rice Talks About Quitting Christianity

god hates divorce. is it true

Anyone ever heard of a book called The Medusa Code?

The search for Love and ultimate truth

If this isn't pretty good evidence that reincarnation is real, I don't know what is...

I got a job...kind of

You want inspiration? Here's inspiration...

I'm married!

More important than ever to focus healing on the Gulf

I am taking a CCW class........

WASPs at last