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Biggest winner in Gulf of Mexico oil disaster: Exxon

Now for some Bread and Chunky Peanut Butter.

Hey brownies. From the Pentagon.

I want to thank the President for his words today. That is all.

Shift in loop current may keep Florida Keys safe from spill

DADT House Roll-Call Vote-------------->>>>LINK:

How much do the Chinese charge to build guillotines?

I have a layman's thought about plugging the oil leak...

Obama Oil Spill Press Conference: Government In Charge Of Oil Disaster Response

Obama Oil Spill Press Conference: Government In Charge Of Oil Disaster Response

The Gulf of Mexico is *FUCKED* for a decade at least from this. T/F ?

Lawmakers Call For Cuts In Military Spending

Orrin Hatch wants to jail/fine those that "make false statements regarding participation in combat."

MCAS Futenma to remain on Okinawa

Stars and Stripes stories on the ever continuing Afghanistan adventure

Well, here's a great example of why western corps go to China

Gen. McChrystal and Adm. Olson Actually on the Same Page

Two Leaks? Is This The Reason For The Huge New Plume?

Intelligence Reform Is a Failure

Digby: Political Advice From BP’s Handmaiden, Sen. Mary Landrieu

So did Halliburton get their business model from BP or what?

BP Negligence Lawsuit: BP, Halliburton, Transocean sued by survivors, families

The Battle for Kandahar & The “Perceptions” of American Victory

Dozens die as heat wave bakes India

White House threatens veto over F-35 alt-engine

Does it appear that the number and size of the holes in the BOP is increasing?

Fake BP PR Account On Twitter Far Outstrips The Real One - And Raises Money For Gulf Restoration

BitterSweet BP cartoon (Stahler)

Inmate labor used to make recalled helmets

Did the media forget Cheney's connection to oil companies like Halliburton? He is an expert on this

The Case of the Censored Scientist

Why can't they just stuff some nerf balls into those leaks?

Bachmann Wants Military Chaplains To Be Able To Proselytize At Non-Religious Events

WS Journal: US Agency Continues To Receive Reports Of (Fatal) Toyota Crashes

Hey Bobby Jindal.......

What went wrong at MMS? Just ask Pat Oliphant. ('toon, of course)

Nearly 20 Percent of Drivers May Be ‘Unfit for Roads,’

Has Cheney's name been invoked in any media regarding his

Oakland Pot Club Says Union, Yes! (First union pot shop in the country, if not the world)

Oakland Pot Club Says Union, Yes! (First union pot shop in the country, if not the world)

Let's plug the oil leak with the people -> card

Interior Department's 30-day Report on Offshore Drilling Safety

Fox News Anchor Asks Internet: 'Am I Dumb?'

Look who could very well replace Russ Feingold in the Senate

Darpa’s Beady-Eyed Camera Spots the ‘Non-Cooperative’

BP Considers 'Junk Shot' to Plug Leak

Scientist's blog on the Gulf

AP Reporting BP needs 2 more days before it knows "top kill" has worked - Pres. Obama to Gulf coast

Carville agreeing with guy who says Obama shouldn't have stopped drilling in deep waters

Pentagon Gets Around Troop Ban in Pakistan by Outsourcing Weapons Transport

BP: 48 hours before clear if mud stops oil leak

Pentagon: Let Us Secure Your Network or Face the ‘Wild Wild West’ Internet Alone

Is There Any Actual Video of the Leaking Fluid Changing From Black to Brown?

More European migrants are leaving the UK than arriving, Home Office figures show.

BP accounted for 97% of all "egregious, willful" safety violations handed out by OSHA in last 3 yrs

Disaster Obscuration: DADT repeal and BP Oil Spill

Because the truth must be told.

anybody have a link to that You Tube video with the "fucking booms"?

WaPo: Obama struggling to show he's in control of oil spill

The pace of GD discussions *can* be overwhelming....

UN experts say NKorea is exporting nuke technology

Here is the solution to the Oil Spill.......

nytimes: Oil Flow Is Stemmed, but Could Resume, Official Says

Want a 20% raise? Maybe if enough people kill themselves you might get it.

As Gulf Spill Drags on, Chemical Use Remains a Big Question

"Hammers and shovels are as important as guns."

Tea Party Leader, GOP Condemn Racial Slurs Hurled at Black Lawmakers

Bankruptcy talk spreads among Calif. muni officials

"I simply can’t do that anymore. For that, I say “Thanks, Africa.”

BP Pledges To Continue Being Huge Profitable Corporation

Texas newspaper stops selling reprints of 'Kill Obama Comie' photo

Question: Will hurricane season 'churn-up' the Gulf?

We can see the oil on the water, but what's in the air?

over on The Oil Drum, the consensus is Top Kill has failed, in fact never had a chance of success

As the anniversary of Dr. Tiller's death approaches, the hate mongers come out once again

Peer-reviewed journal finds no link between cannabis and schizophrenia

The Oil Drum: Deepwater Oil Spill - Top Kill Update, Restarting the Mud, and Comment Thread

Senate candidate Chuck DeVore defends expansion of offshore drilling off California coast

Radio station's giveaway angers immigrant groups


70 dead in Lahore mosque attacks

Isn't the news of the 2 giant plumes of oil found in the gulf a

Does anyone have a source for how much of the oil is exported?

If you have never been offshore in the Gulf, this will give you an idea of what we are losing.

BP stooges

SC: Haley thinks she can wait until after the election.

*LATEST!* "Top Kill" is failing....Next the "Junk Shot" with rubber balls...

Anyone else find the FB site "Being Conservative" hilarious/terrifying?

The Spillage Idiot

I'm watching the most disturbing movie I have ever seen

Republicans threatening DADT filibuster allows Pentagon to have the final say

Top 10 New Species - 2010

Wasilla Alaska 2:08 pm

The UAW has been fighting prison labor since I have been a member. But we are weakened now

RW Columbus radio station in trouble for pro-Arizona contest

RW Columbus radio station in trouble for pro-Arizona contest

Lowest estimate: Twice the amount of Exxon Valdez has been gushed.

Updates from The Oil Drum and Monkeyfister

BP: Much of injected kill mud was flowing out into the ocean instead of going down the well

Pakistan mosque attacks in Lahore kill scores

My son made me laugh out loud. He can't follow Politics too closely - just to keep the rage on low

You Say 6 Thousand. We Say 4.5 Billion

Kick off a 3-day weekend the only way that matters: by CAPTIONing this anachronistic teabagger!!!!!!

Florida Keys hit by oil threat

Police: Former 'Thundercats' writer Stephen Perry killed in Zephyrhills, Florida

Wildlife Suffer as Oil Spill Spreads ***Graphic Images***

California health insurers squeeze small business owners with double-digit rate increases

Why does it take a year and a half to reform MMS?

Maybe if they include some cheesecloth with that mud shot?

How utilities plan to continue evading toxic air pollution controls

Today's Satellite image of the spill- tendrils headed towards Florida?

Massey Mines congratulates itself for 'prestigious' safety awards

what to do with BP execs-- I think each and every one of them, down to district manager level,

Britain's new government moves to scrap ID cards

you know how news is brief on 3 day holidays?

Welcome to Jamrock

Cal State Satnislaus, I hope you feel every penny of the $75,000 you're paying Palin is well-spent.

Atlanta journalist lies to readers, tells them Census workers may enter their apartments

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

Kos PA Poll: Sestak 43 (+3), Toomey 40 (-5)

Wrestling Observer's most disgusting promotion tactics awards (Linda McMahon related)

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

So what is the latest update on the "top kill"? so much conjecture floating around

The Oil Drum: Deepwater Oil Spill - Top Kill Update, Restarting the Mud, and Comment Thread

UK Iraq war inquiry release list of US Officials it interviewed during US visit

State Sen. Roy Ashburn(R): I've Been A 'Hypocrite'

Friday TOON Roundup part 5

Arizona's Rancid History - Legalizing Bigotry

Kos CT Poll: Blumenthal 52, McMahon 33

Wisconsin trio accused of writing bad checks in the names of dead soldiers

Oil Sands: Also Getting Questionable Waivers & Destroying the Boreal Forest

Rand Paul Endorses Obviously Unconstitutional Plan To End Birthright Citizenship

OH Sen Poll: Fisher (D) 47, Portman (R) 46

Maybe some journalists need to start getting arrested

AP: Anti-establishment tide crashes Ark. Senate race (unions spend $5 mill on Halter vs Lincoln)

Major Embarrassment For CNN

If you lay down with dogs, you get fleas (no offense to dogs)

the wind direction change makes me nervous

Will America’s First All-Christian Prison Be Built in Oklahoma?

Tell Royal Ahold Not to Support Canada's Seal Hunt

They Say 6 Thousand, We Say 4.5 Billion.

Thank God you don't live in Oklahoma

NOAA predicts "active to extremely active" hurricane season

Meanwhile, Here Are 20 Signs That China Is Cornering The Global Oil Market

Somebody at AP is either a liar or just very sloppy..

Seriously I'm getting a bit annoyed with this Joe Sestak thing.

Holy Cow! Check out this BP video - the "asteroid shower" begins

I just woke up. OK, catch me up on the oil gusher!

Economic Systems are not Fixed Places

Angry Palin neighbor rented house to writer because Palin's owe her money

Radio station's giveaway angers immigrant groups

Rep. Mary Bono Mack votes against DADT repeal

Thad Allen

Soldier in Iraq Loses Home over $800 Debt

Robot Cam is back to work with socket wrenches

Could someone please remind the Teabaggers that in 1773

What if, as a show of protest, people in the Gulf

What if, as a show of protest, people in the Gulf

"Reagan conservative" Hannity ignores Reagan administration's reported offer of job ...

Alaska oil spill at pump (BP) possible worst in 33 yr. history

file under 'no shit sherlock'...BP says Gulf oil leak is 'environmental catastrophe'

Can we get Obambi off the cleaner beach and have him tour the soupy wetlands????

Feds: La. barrier plan could push oil onto Miss.

After TK, How about 'Discretionary Debarment'?

Sarah Palin Jeopardizes National Security

Loop Current Eddy Cuts Off - Danger to Florida Keys Greatly Reduced

Christian Group Plans Church Near Site Of Klan Lynching

New investment strategy, bet AGAINST the Republicans two years out...

Just now--looking at live cam of oil leak...what is all that yellow gushing out now?

Soldier in Iraq Loses Home Over $800 Debt

Soldier in Iraq Loses Home Over $800 Debt

BP Visionaries

How many apologies would Quitter extort if comics mocked her kids like BecKKK did Malia?!1

BP Ad Campaign: The Gulf is now Two-stroke instead of Four-stroke!

Elderly man finds 2 Streetsweeper shotguns, 2 hand grenades and a boatload of pills under his bed

Bomb charges lodged against Fruita slaying suspect - Look at this sweetheart

Fixed news reporters are going to try and hi-jack Obama's trip to the gulf.

Gary Coleman unconscious, on life support

Gary Coleman unconscious, on life support

The Rude Pundit: Three More Oil Stories to End Another Crude Week

The Rude Pundit: Three More Oil Stories to End Another Crude Week

One month after SB 1070, change seen in Arizona

My California Primary Ballot: Have one question.

Liquid Styrofoam in the well head?

Information on investing in gold -( not a sales pitch!!!!) It is not a good investment for the

It looks like Operation Top Kill will be successful

WaPo: White House transparency could have ended Sestak 'scandal'

Test your global IQ

"This is fiscal recklessness" open rant to Mitch McConnell

m$nbc goes from Obama in gulf to darrell issa shitting on democrats

My Big-Mouth NEOCON brother just blamed "ENVIRONMENTALIST!"

Barbour: Weathered oil is not dangerous

So if Saint Ronnie made the offer that the RW is all up in arms over Obama

the media has made up it's mind concerning President Obama

bp could pay entire cost of cleanup with 3.8 days of profits

A holy war?

Obama live on the teevee now!!!

Stop the BP bailout. Tell the Senate it's time to Hold BP Accountable.

Must be tough to be a Getty

Senate Approves $60 Billion For War, House Cuts $24 Billion For Unemployed Workers And State Aid

'Diff'rent Strokes' actor Gary Coleman dies at 42

Britain set to scrap ID card program

Britain set to scrap ID card program

Anybody remember the company Citizenre / Solar for residential

Graduation Night

Jobless aid set to expire despite House approval

FBI goes to WAR

Press Release: Can BP or the United States Afford to Keep Ignoring Logical Solutions?

C-span is running some of the investigations of the rig explosion ....

MSNBC: Clinton offered Sestak a job with no money and no power!

Admiral: Navy Needs F-35 Capabilities

Chicago Police Lt. Jon Burge accused of attaching electrical device to mans penis

230 Quincy (MA) teachers receive layoff notices (But $2.3m in wage giveback may cut number)

California's Jack Bauer Candidate

Looks like a new leak off camera

Interactive Graphics of methods they are trying for closing the oil well

I Know Why The WH Waited On The Sestak Question.....

Michele Bachmann's "Protection of the Religious Freedom of Military Chaplains" insert bombs

WP EXCLUSIVE: WH (Rahm Emanuel) asked Bill Clinton to talk to Joe Sestak about Senate run

Britain to scrap national ID cards, national registry with biometric data, photographs, fingerprints

Eliot Spitzer is hosting the Dylan Ratigan show.

Temporary residents earn majority of doctorates in engineering

Okay, the right wing meme is out about Obama not honoring

Any other census workers noticing people asking if there are still census jobs available?

Greenpeace: Photos of the collision between oil and land in the Gulf of Mexico

Phone Records: Folks And Haley Spoke Often In Wee Hours

Hey! When did the Euro dip below the dollar???

President Obama was in louisiana on may 2.


Worst Drivers in America

Does everyone here understand....

How much is $1,485,454,545.454545?

Another World is Possible.......US Social Forum - June 22-26, Detroit, MI

God damn it I'm so sick of the bullshit going on in this country....

“the best way to revitalize the economy is war!” George W Bush

Interest groups use BP spill for TV ad lobbying

glenn beck is one sick motherf*cker

UN expert: CIA drone strikes violate international laws of war

Oh how I wish sarah palin was President right now.

ungrateful spoiled nephews

What will happen to all that oil in the ocean?

I have decided to reject Glenn Beck's apology

Marine gets Palin tattoo on left butt cheek, saying she’s the ‘hottest cougar in the Republican Part

BP should go bankrupt over this and Obama's failure to

UK Guardian reporting now that Top Kill is not going to work

The Subprime Crisis of Student Debt

Spelling audit needed......

When the CIA overthrew Irans popularly elected leader for British Petroleum

What would your honest reaction be to Obama donning a wetsuit and snorkeling gear

What is government

What's happening on the oil spill cam?

Gulf disaster is only unusual for being so near the US. Elsewhere, Big Oil rarely cleans up its mess

m$nbc.... this is JUST the second trip President Obama has made to oil disaster

Tweety take you f***ing Meds .... off the deep end today

Wall Street Thinks BP is going to be just Fine...Thank You...

Ann Telnaes: A slightly different take on "Did you plug the hole yet daddy?"

Gasp! The indignity! U.S. Chamber head warns of excessive regulation in wake of oil spill

Don't forget Poland! - Stork eggs are hatching - live video

Beck's apology was no apology..I apologize for falling for Beck apology

In the mood for some whiplash? ( hypocrite alert!)

BP MISSING-Last 7 hours of its data and that all written logs were lost

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

Glenn Beck's incomplete apology

Is Daryl Issa up for re-election soon? I sure hope so! I want to see him

Ron Christie ragging on Rand Paul...

BP’s Effort to Plug Oil Leak Suspended a Second Time (After Two Junk Shots)

We all know crimes were committed. We demand arrests be made.

Third-Grader Found With Syringe At School

Third-Grader Found With Syringe At School

Friday TOON Roundup part 6

BP Live Presser (video link to MSNBC)

Rand Paul: No citizenship for U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants

The two points CNN is making this afternoon are valid

Seems like corporations are too big to jail


Palin's record on oil drilling and climate change in Alaska

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!!........Rainy Day in the Sunshine State Edition

BP just had a spill up in Alaska

Media Matters: Glenn Beck advertisers as of 3/8/10. Email every one of them.

Where are the teabagger protests demanding No Bailout For Big Oil?

CNN Rick Sanchez IQ = ? Obama IQ =?

Scathing letter from Dept of Justice forced Transocean to drop $27 million liability limit

PSA for those who actually like to bike

How's that drilly, baby, drill thing working out for ya?

Incident Comand System... a short primer

Former Argentine president says Bush told him ‘the best way to revitalize the economy is war.’

The Socialized Oil Spill

The Palin fence-when capitalism (contract law) strikes the non-socialist (socialist)

Seen any environmentalists on TV lately?

Spitzer: Bill Clinton was involved in Sestak job offer.

Mistaken identity: Universal City police seeking white male suspect storm black woman's car

Interesting Brookings Institute study on Arizona’s new immigration laws.

Keith is pointing out everything I put in my post!!!!!

Caption this latest picture of BP COO Tony Hayward

The fence that keeps out the brown

The power of the pyramid can beat the SlEESTAK

Coast Guard Tells Louisiana Residents Oil Spill is not an Environmental Disaster

Kelp Forest Web Cam

When Will People Understand the Government has NO Control Over BP?

Millions of Republicans just climaxed. Ronald Reagan named Greatest American by Discovery

Either that was the shortest Special Comment ever

Credit Rating Terrorists attack Spain


Rick Sanchez shows that BP is lying their asses off!!!

Sh*tty Crime Wave in Toronto

Poll: Reid In Dead Heat With GOP Challengers

Headlines should not be questions.

Web Site Gets Put 'On-Hold' For You

Secretary of Defense Gates is making a service announcement on Armed Forces Network (DADT)

'24,' Torture and Bureaucratic Incompetence

Senate panel OKs 6,000 troops for border

Scientists Detect Huge Carbon 'Burp' That Helped End Last Ice Age

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe defends brother against right-wing death squad charge

Forget it, he's rolling

Should Reporters Being Prevented from Covering the Damage in the Gulf Risk Arrest to get the Story?

Soldier Says No More DADT...

What is Sestak's Game?

Something big is happening. Either the riser blew or they've cut it off

Something big is happening. Either the riser blew or they've cut it off

Okay, so why do righties fear, hate and distrust government, but trust big business implicitly?

BP: Clean-up show was not fake, workers will be brought back tomorrow as proof

Foreboding Signs Forming In The Tropics - Houston Chron

Cheap prices and high tax revenues underpin America's love of Big Oil

When does the Gulf spill become a Catastrophic Climate Changing Event?

bp live disaster cam .......whasssup?

FL legislature delays sending abortion bill to Crist as anti-choice groups organize.

Do yourself a favor... don't watch the movie "The Road" followed by switching back to the news...

Outed SoCal lawmaker 'sorry' for voting against gay rights - He is against DADT now

Before I lay me down to sleep I just want to say that BP has

Do local teevee newscasts get paid to air stories (think promos) about "Sex & The City2"?

200 protest BP in Manhattan - Pics

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: 35 Days From Space

We need to hire 100K people to clean the beaches, $10.00/hr plus housing: locals, including

22-Mile Oil Plume Under Gulf Nears Rich Waters

22-Mile Oil Plume Under Gulf Nears Rich Waters

Who are the real crazies in our political culture? Great article from Salon

The best and the brightest really ARE on the scene in the Gulf.

Ronald Reagan really was a mediocre president…at best.

Ronald Reagan really was a mediocre president…at best.

PetroChina to team with Boeing to develop aviation biofuels

Oil Flow Is Stemmed, but Could Resume, Official Says

Senate Approves $60 Billion For War, While House Cuts $24 Billion For Unemployed Workers And State A

Obama Judicial nominees continue to languish as the Senate sleeps

Obama opposes 1.9 percent pay raise for military members

American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act Bill! House to Vote Today!

California Republican: Immigration Is 'Killing the Republican Party'

Obama vs Bush: Compare these two photos

This rapper on Rachel rocks....

New rule: Until they fix the Gulf leak, after filling up at BP, you get to leave the pump running

Sarah Palin: I Always Feel Like, Somebody's Watching Me.......

Detroit gallery hides Banksy's graffiti art after threats

A different kind of death penalty debate - the death of criminal corporations

Money to save teaching jobs only gets "lukewarm support from the White House" So it dies.

Gay Republican State Senator Speaks Out

For 10 days after the rig sank, BP assured the White House they had the well under control

Today is the day women advance another step on the road to equality

Sandra Day O'Connor on PBS now, 'Need to Know.'

Oil cam showing pipe

Did one of the Tea Party leaders really think that only Tea Partiers would read his racist email?

Reagan administration reportedly offered job for candidate to step down...

I have the solution!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Memorial's day weekend

Oil Spill Response: 'Army Of Temp Workers' Bused To Grand Isle For Obama Appearance Leave Soon After

BP Suspends “Top Kill” Again After “Junk Shot” Hasn’t Stopped Gusher

World Still Awaiting Evidence That Blogger Had Sex

Glenn Beck apologies for insulting Obama's 11-year-old daughter.

It must be GALLING to Poppy (& Jeb Crow Shrub) that Shrub outdistances them in Google & everywhere!

Has there been any video of the open end of the riser since Top Kill began?

BANK BUST FRIDAY UPDATE !!!!! ...... Don't Be Tardy for the Party

Something's happening on the BP cam...

Gary Coleman Dies

Sunday? BP says we'll have to wait until Sunday to see if "Top Kill" worked?

Gulf DUers: I hope you are reminding your Republican acquaintences that this is their fault

Study: Today's college students lack empathy

You Want Real Progressives in Offices? Well here is one you can help

GOP asks FBI to investigate ‘collusion,’ possible obstruction of justice in Sestak case

GOP asks FBI to investigate ‘collusion,’ possible obstruction of justice in Sestak case

Feds weigh a criminal probe of BP

When does the Gulf spill become a Catastrophic Climate Changing Event?

Rahm Emanuel. Will Obama ever get rid of the cancerous Iago in the WH?

Rahm Emanuel. Will Obama ever get rid of the cancerous Iago in the WH?

If we can embed journalists with the army in Iraq

Is there anyone who thinks it is in BP's best interest to let the oil continue to flow?

Is there anyone who thinks it is in BP's best interest to let the oil continue to flow?

With all of BP's secret squirrel crap going on in the Gulf, could it be...

Spain, Netherlands and EU to help US clean up oil spill

Spain, Netherlands and EU to help US clean up oil spill

Rand Paul Opposes Birthright Citizenship

North Korea Warns 'War Imminent'

Correa to Attend Premiere of Oliver Stone Film

Thank God you don't live in Oklahoma, By Mark Morford

Patriotism Questioned !!!

FOX host Van Susteren's IQ poll backfires on her . . .

US college graduates face bleakest job prospects in decades

12 year old suspended for explosive material at school.....

Fundies: Barney Frank and the Gay Mafia are "rolling their tanks through Congress"

Did The White House Really Remove The American Flag During a Press Confrence Today?

What a great example of what is wrong with the democratic party..

What a great example of what is wrong with the democratic party..

Whatever you hear about the toxicity of the dispersants.......

Admiral Allen...Just some things I've noticed...

American Values: Senate OKs $60 billion for war; House kills money for states & laid-off workers

NEW Toxic threat to Gulf - Can This Get Any Worse?

NEW Toxic threat to Gulf - Can This Get Any Worse?

NEW Toxic threat to Gulf - Can This Get Any Worse?

'Law-Like' Mathematical Patterns in Human Preference Behavior Discovered

All fired up and ready to go for this week’s Friday DU Challenge Question?

Crooks & Liars contributor furious...rightfully so...over Glenn Beck mocking 11 year old Malia Obama

BP Supplies 80% Of Fuel To US Forces-Another Reason WHY They Will NEVER Be Prosecuted!

Wonder Why People Who are Obviously Racist

BP Protecting BP- PREVENTS Fisherman From Wearing Respirators-DUE TO LIABILITY ISSUES!!!

Oh snap! On twitter Scarborough & Markos are getting into it re: dead interns and Sestak

22 Countries Ban Gays in the Military

If I were a Republican...

Does anyone here have an IRA?

BP Readies Second BOP at Macondo (Stops Drilling 2nd Relief Well)

STUNT: BP ships in additional clean-up crews to Grand Isle on day of Obama's visit

Why isn't anyone talking about our addiction to oil and our need to

Michigan republican wants journalists to be state-licensed

WOW! It just occurred to me while I was in the bathroom

An evening with Helen Thomas

Bob Herbert: An Unnatural Disaster

Poll: Rand Paul lead collapses

When will Obama use the bully pulpit to call for just treatment of the BP execs

Fox Host Forgets His Own Name

After the 6 month moratorium, how long will it take to restart drilling?

Why aren't the teabaggers/freepers screaming about BP?

All in the family: Missouri cousins run 2 top-ranked banks

Joint U.S. / South Korea military navel operation may be conducted in disputed maritime borders!

The Crisis of Long-Term Unemployment (Washington Independent 5/28)

A thought experiment that explains a dirty little secret:

It's the Corporations, guys.

Hey Teabaggers! Look what your newly adopted Thomas Paine had to say about religion!

Salon: "In death, a child star's reduced to a scripted line that enraged him for most of his life"

Sarah Palin loses her chance

Blacks here, Rand Paul & friends over there

"...Punkin’ got a new mama..."

Can we have a round of applause for Rep Murphy? (DADT)

A moment of levity - Palins' "fencetrocity" - The Mudflats

Bobby Jindal is really pissed at Mr. Obama...

The BP Gas Station down my street

So here's an interesting thought re: Sestak:

Rand Paul is a fucking racist lunatic

Media limited to two 15-min. trips per day to Fourchon Beach, under supervision

Can we stop blaming Obama for Guantanamo?

If this BP spill is chess, Obama is pinned. He can stand with BP, or bite the hand that feeds him

Most important oil spill video this week! Main leak NOT coming from the live footage feed

White House Signals It Won't Fight to Keep Rule on Derivatives

Venezuela Mired in Deep Recession

Sacramento Bee: Whitman's spending in California race passes $80 million

Today's College Students Lack Empathy

The Hard Truth About Residential Real Estate

Which of these two activities is more likely to increase Democratic victories in 2010?

I believe that humans are, by nature, communal, compassionate beings...

Tawd QUITTER will like this Marine's butt-cheek tattoo of wifey. He's kinky that way.

When your child doesn't want to attend college

I have over 100 ins. co pre approved patient procedures waiting. Patients can't afford the copay.

Sarah Palin's Small-Town Downfall Has Begun

Privatized school bus/budget cuts blamed for fatal school bus accident

Privatized school bus/budget cuts blamed for fatal school bus accident

Privatized school bus/budget cuts blamed for fatal school bus accident

Limbaugh to Wed Longtime Girlfriend

About Darrell Issa's demand for a Special Prosecutor.

Palin, GOP say Obama's Oil Spill Response Comes up Short

Smart Pig: BP's AK CEO- Hired Former CIA To Break Into Home-Hunt & Destroy Whistleblower

For those who may not recall: Darrell Issa was the guy who got the Gray Davis recall going.

"We need to create a worldwide sequence of threats and emergencies

"We need to create a worldwide sequence of threats and emergencies

In Memory of Dr. Tiller: Reflections on the Death of An American Hero One Year Later

PHOTOS: Wildlife, dead and dying in the Gulf

Reporter: "Where are you from?", Clean up person: "I can't tell you"

Snake Oil in Your Snacks -- Foods masquerading as drugs have become a $160 billion business.

Obama didn't commit act GOP wants to impeach him over, BUT REAGAN DID!!!!

As bad as is the tragedy of oily sea birds or turtles, the most serious danger is to these creatures

Environmental Refugees

I promise not to kill myself: Apple factory workers 'asked to sign pledge'

Just thinking about safety in drilling, mining, etc.

Student suffers amputation after embarrassing school assault

Gulf Of BP 2010 ...

Schools: Immigrant families leaving Arizona because of new immigration law

Ask Alliance for Retired Americans to take the lead on fighting the Catfood Commission

In the next 50 years , what are the chances that the 14th Amendment will be repealed ?

Thug who raped and killed 3-year-old Riley Fox is caught. Police had her father in jail for 8 months

The Baker

The World After Abundance: Sleepwalking through one of history's major transitions.

Worked in the Garden after a rainy day

If you can bear it..Renowned Marine Biologist Carl Safina on the BP Oil Disaster

Right-wing radio host ‘hopes’ NYC mosque gets blown up

Right-wing radio host ‘hopes’ NYC mosque gets blown up

DON'T LOOK! - The big picture, oil as far as the eye can see...(Photo From Commercial Jet)

A call for Civil Disobedience in regard to BP's shutting out the PRESS & Others From Beaches

Tales from the Frontlines: Why Are My Accomplishments Less Important than My Face?

What are your suggestions for a better USA?

The hummingbird cam watchers, check in.

Violent Video Games Hailed as Learning Tool

Why Does Jim Webb Oppose The Repeal Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

I no longer salute the American Flag

Math teacher fired from catholic school because she facebooked that she didn't believe in God

Study: Poor spend more on lottery tickets...

The Capitalist Peace: Why a Capitalist World Means a World At Peace

Found interesting Bible verses re: offshore oil drilling...



Can doctors actually deny women health care? Yes, they can and do.

Why aren't people uniting to take over duty from BP spraying chemical dispersants in the gulf?

"SS cuts will be voted without hearings or open debate"

Have to vent. Just came back from a board meeting for a grad school program at our state college...

US's smallest nuke would be perfect to shut the well down...

Who are you calling a "Cootie queen", you Lint Licker?

Now for some Bread and Chunky Peanut Butter.

There is a god!

Flying to CYPRUS for work

I have no idea why I'm not asleep

L O S T - Will we finally get some damn answers...

It brought a smile to my face (includes possible spoiler)

This has always bothered me

Has anyone seen the movie "Son of Rambo"?

National Parks Closed For Annual Remajestification

Support Plaqumines Parish, Louisiana this weekend

I no longer salute the American Flag

In the rotation tonight:

Does DU need better prizes for its fundraisers?

I'm Eating Junior's Devil's Food Cake Cheesecake

GD sucks pustulent scabs

Just watched "It's Complicated" last night - what a really fun movie

I just watched the last episode of Lost, what the hell.

Cardinals vs. Cubs on now.

Is it me, or does "Top Kill" sound like a mash-up of a movie

I have no clue , do you have to bring in a gift when you attend a baptism ?

The other day (Wed.) I posted about...

What'cho Talkin' About?

Remember the plan to plug the oil gusher with El Rushbo?

"Screw you guys, I'm going home...."


I've been miserable enough in my life to fill my misery quota for 5 lifetimes

Creep child manniquins in pimp suits

The AT-AT Walkers Were A Brilliant Analogy of Useless Empire Weaponry That We Still See To This Day

Interpol - Take you on a cruise

Do you have a minor issue with your cat that you've never fixed?

A buddy booked a teaoff time for midnight,in Yellowknife.

Time 2 play-Make me Laugh-with a joke or whatever!

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for suggestions for comfortable bras.

A heartfelt dedication to the good people of Arizona:

Is anyone here observing Facebook Quit Day?

Oh no. Nonononono...

This morning I had a dream that President Obama terraformed the moon.

I'm sad. One of the baby hummingbirds is missing.

Baron von Tollbooth / Your Mind Has Left Your Body (youtube)

Sweet Child O' Mine

Jefferson Airplane - Good Shepherd (youtube)

Walk on the wild side

I come here because at least the Lounge likes Democrats

Bigelf - The Evils Of Rock & Roll

My latest Pencil Work "Portrait of Pat"

I have an odd problem here, with my computer.

Do you have a minor issue with your car that you've never fixed?

Anyone seen elshiva,lately?

A friendly reminder . . .

Can someone tell me...

LIMBOsevic is getting "married" this weekend. Let's do the planning!1

Ray Allen's mom is having a great time


Well, considering recent events...

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (youtube)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (youtube)

For those of you who gave advise re: 18-yr-old traveling to Eastern Europe...

Well I'm not the world's most physical guy... (youtube)

Do you have a minor issue with your cat that you've never fixed?

Man Man - Rabbit Habits

Wish me luck!

ungrateful spoiled nephews

Starting the weekend: What are you drinking, and what are you listening to?

early one mornin' the sun was shinin'

What'chu talkin' about, St. Peter?

God Damned Cat! I am not your janitor!! I am not picking up the

Carole King and James Taylor, Tuesday nite, PBS!

I can't stop crying tonight.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Oh GAWWWWWWD, I have a Kalua Pork monkey on my back. Must...go...TOMORROW.

if this is wrong

Is a bread maker a sound investment ?

My offer was accepted on a new home!

Oh goody. The non-stop prison/lockup shit has begun on MSNBC

Todd Bridges, Charlotte Rae and Conrad Bain are still amongst the living...

Kayaking Prince William Sound Dial up warning

Stanley Cup Predictions: Flyers vs. Blackhawks. Who will win

Digital artists, 3D modelers, sculptors...I have a program for you!

I still have terrible nightmares about high school - and I'm 62! Anyone else

OH DEAR GOD NOOOOOO! Heidi Montag is separated from Spencer Pratt. OH DEAR GOD NOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!

The game of Monopoly is very simple.

OK, so for the umpteenth LOST thread - I'm suffering withdrawal. Recommend similar books/shows?

What is your favorite candle scent?

Things "normal" people do that make no sense to you?

Hey hey DU

Pictures of my Iran trip, part 5 *PIC HEAVY*

cool Interstate highway map for memorial weekend travelers

Support for female circumcision stirs controversy in US

Japan PM in deal to keep US base on Okinawa

Best cameo ever

Police Jail Group for Protesting (in Santa Barbara against anti-immigration policies)

Wow, Abraham Lincoln was 56 years old when he died, my age.

U.N. official wants C.I.A. drone strikes axed

BP Top Kill Process May Last 2 More Days - CEO

Phila. rally decries Ariz. immigrant crackdown

The Oil Drum: Deepwater Oil Spill - Top Kill Update, Restarting the Mud, and Comment Thread

Czechs vote in hope to end policy deadlock

Who do you call family?

BP Uses ‘Junk Shot,’ Says Spill an ‘Environmental Catastrophe’

Tentative Progress Reported On Gulf Spill Top Kill

Czechs go to the polls in a general election

WH used Clinton to get Sestak out of Pa. race

Arresting images of oil spill help drive story

Sectarian Attacks Hit Two Pakistani Mosques

BP managers avoid testifying at hearing (Transocean Atty want to know about a grant of immunity)

BP calls Gulf oil leak 'environmental catastrophe'

Hearings: Concerns over mud leaking led to another test

Spanish reform talks struggle

Reid Neck-and-Neck With GOP Challengers

Gary Coleman DEAD: 'Diff'rent Strokes' Actor Dies in Utah Hospital

North Korea 'trading nuclear technology' says UN panel

Correa to Attend Premiere of Oliver Stone Film

Iraq inquiry: Bremer says UK backed post-war plan

American Lawyer Wrongly Arrested in Rwanda

Hearings: BP cementing engineer refuses to admit his actions led to disaster

TV: 2 mosques attacked in Pakistan

Lift Six-Month Shallow Water Drilling Ban: Congressman (Charles Boustany (R))

'We Have Nothing to Hide,' Oil Dispersant Maker Says

San Jose union begins organizing pot workers

Cops: San Jose man threatened Chicago Mayor Daley

Lawmaker seeks cooperation from Google, Facebook (Due to privacy problems)

BP can clean up worst of spill in weeks, official says

Obama steps up fight against oil spill

Regulators Shut 3 Florida Banks


Oil Flow Is Stemmed, but Could Resume, Official Says

Australia Sues Japan Over Whaling

Fitch Downgrades Spain's Credit Rating

Foxconn lifting employees' wages in China by 20%

Critics say plan to cut Coast Guard personnel will harm readiness for crises

There Was 'Nobody in Charge' (on the Deepwater Horizon)_

5 million charging stations for electric vehicles by 2015

Supercomputer Builds 3D Model Of Gulf Oil Spill

Tax Credits For Electric Cars Could Increase

Most Guantanamo detainees low-level fighters, task force report says

Berlusconi quotes Mussolini, laments lack of power

(UK) Defence chiefs gag damning Iraq invasion findings

China 'will not protect' Korea ship attackers

Hon Hai to raise China wages after spate of suicides

La. scientist locates another (3rd) vast oil plume in the gulf

EXCLUSIVE: White House asked Clinton to talk to Sestak about Senate run

Foreboding signs forming in the tropics

There Was 'Nobody in Charge' After the Blast

Rig's manager says BP tried to skip test, changed drilling plan

Norton turns in petition for Senate race

Gary Coleman Dead

Wisconsin Candidate Wall To Drop Out Of Senate Primary

Barnes way ahead in Georgia Democratic governor's race

Oliverio team walks back Pelosi comments

Obama gets OK on boosting Israel against rockets

BP’s Effort to Plug Oil Leak Suspended a Second Time

Labrador: tea party 'helped tremendously'

Benton: Rossi a 'colleague' not rival

Cheney backs Barrett in S.C.

BP systemic failure' endangers Gulf cleanup workers

"He's trying his best to sound concerned, and he's not a 'concerned' kind of guy."

Former Argentine president says Bush told him ‘the best way to revitalize the economy is war.’

U.S. "regrets" that Israel singled out in treaty text

Pretend it's Jan. 19th (end of Bush reign) - Dow at 8000, 700000+ jobs lost monthly, etc..

Responding to Spill, Obama Mixes Regret With Resolve

A perspective of the Gulf effort that's different from the media's

Major Garrett knew the Sestak question would make him look like a total

If the GOP wants to talk about propaganda, we can talk about propaganda

This is the man Obama should hire to take charge of the oil disaster

Rightwing group seeks to strip climate change from US classrooms

Obama Urged To Protect Uncontacted Tribes

China May Start State-Guided Carbon Market by 2014

Why BP is the Anti-Katrina

(San Francisco Mayor) Newsom seeks college accounts for kindergarteners

latest on SC Governor race "nikkigate"

Joe Sestak lets loose GOP impeachment fantasies

KY-Sen: Paul Leads Conway by 3

Scientists Build Case for Undersea Plumes

White House: No 'improper conduct' on Sestak

American Death Toll in Afghanistan Reaches 1,000

things you do that no "normal" person would?

delete: duplicate

US coast guards harass journalists covering BP's oil spill disaster

Bo takes on a Secret Service K9 and the Press

Research 2000/ Daily Kos poll: Obama 54/41 (net gain +1 for week)

Rendell Shows Terminal Silliness of (Some) Obama Oil Spill Crticism

Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Retire?

Memorandum from White House Counsel Regarding Review of Discussions Relating to Congressman Sestak

Issa just went on CNN and said the Bush administration never did anything like Obama's did w/ Sestak

Why liberals and democrats are polar opposite of conservative

I think most Americans are too detached from the oil spill to hurt Obama politically

Just when I think the media can't get anymore lazy or hypocritical . . .

Just when I think the media can't get anymore lazy or hypocritical . . .

"Experts: Sestak Job Offer Politics As Usual" (and nothing more)

CNN's Dana Bash and Tony Potts are doing their best to blow this Sestak situation into Watergate. If

Jimmy Carter told us to get off gas / Raygun said we have enough

How much does Sestak suffer with the White House memo?

Today's Gallup Poll has Obama at 45% approval. Today's Rassmussen Poll has him at 48%!

That DeMint is vulnerable in SC spells BIG trouble for GOP in November

Democrats/Progressives aren't fired up this year!! Democratic candidates should quit now.

Career environmentalists anguish over gulf oil disaster

White House: ‘No Improper Conduct’ in Sestak Job Offer

White House: ‘No Improper Conduct’ in Sestak Job Offer

On the "terminal silliness" of the criticism of the President's response to the BP spill

'Diff'rent Strokes' actor Gary Coleman dies at 42


"Senate Race in Nevada Tightens"

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks About the BP Oil Spill, 1:15pm EDT ****

"Congress Clears Major Hurdles To Ending 17-Year-Old ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy"

TRENDING: (Rand) Paul: No citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants

WOuld you have cared if Bush had offered Someone a job to stay out of a Senate race??

Senate Panel Blocks Funding for Obama’s GTMO Closure Plan

Media frenzy on MSNBC as Sestak leaves the House after final Defense Authorization vote

PhotOh! Ronald Reagan’s super corrupt job offer to Sen. S.I. Hayakawa

Now it's the President's "politically tricky" Gulf visit

President Obama ought to do a Harry Truman on Glenn Beck for Malia jokes

Counterpunch 2002: Bush's War For Economic Growth

Added benefit to DADT.....homophobes leave the military in droves!!!

"The Largest Cleanup Effort in U.S. History"

"Administration ready to send first ‘doughnut hole’ checks to seniors"

On The President And Tarballs

Mary Matlin ... on CNN now ... I want to hear her DEMAND tighter regulations

Do you think Joe Lieberman is in love with his own voice?

Campbell gets more from donors than Fiorina, but her war chest still beats his

Sestak's response

Rand Paul's Upstart Ophthalmology Group Leaves Little Mark

Is Obama still going to close Gitmo?

Ad war in GOP governor's primary approaches $13 million (FL)

Hannemann officially announces run for Hawaii governor's seat

Twitter fight! Twitter fight! (Between Morning Joe & Kos)

D'Annunzio losing tea party support

FYI - The White House wanted Sestak to keep his House seat so could only offer positions compatible

"This was always hard to see how this was a 'Watergate Moment'-It was more like a Casablanca Moment-

White House Caught Playing Politics

Can you say President Biden?

4/19/01 Star Tribune: Cheney advises Pawlenty not to run for Senate; Majority leader bows to request

World Bank cancels remaining Haiti debt

"Obama Puts "More Muscle" Behind DADT Repeal"

Joe Madison:Mr. President you didn't impress me in that news Conference

Clinton: Rich aren't paying fair share

GITMO-Report: Two dozen terror leaders among detainees

'Anti-Muslim' ad sparks suit - Bus system refused to show ad aimed at those leaving Islam

Administration seeks employer sanctions review

Under the radar: The Livability Moment

This is hilarious. Megyn Kelly has Michael Mukasey (Bush's AG?) on about the Sestak matter and he is

BP Buses In 400 Workers During Obama's Visit (they leave after Obama left)

Issa not satisfied

Dirty Diapers Vitter questions Obama going on "vacation"

WH on Sestak: "... allegations of improper conduct rest on factual errors & lack a basis in the law"

Did anyone hear Glen Beck making jokes about Obama's daughter asking about plugging the hole

Shut the F up Tweety

"Ky. Senate adopts civil rights resolution"

FLASHBACK: Reagan Administration Offered Hayakawa a Job

IN THE GULF OF MEXICO — The ocean caught fire.

Special Election to Replace Souder Set for November

Reality Be Damned

Ok folks, he is now LITERALLY picking up tar balls on the beach! Ya happy now!

Obama's new security strategy stresses diplomacy (Dumps Bush Doctrine)

Is BP's cure worse than the spill? Maine toxicologist tells about swimming in gulf

A critical difference between Katrina and BP

New Poll has Sestak leading Toomey in PA!

Photos: The Cameras May Leave One Day, But We Will Not (The Obama Presidency, Day 494)

McCain Cancels Town Hall: Protesters Outnumbered Supporters

Conservative media (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox etc) showed split screens to attack the President

Rand Paul against birthright citizenship (w/ video)

After Obama left, BP workers also left (BP Buses In 400 Workers)

I fully expect Sarah Palin to come out against Glenn Beck at any moment.

i have officially lost my mind

Little Rock: Clinton tells Arkansas voters this is 'about using you and manipulating your votes...'

President Obama takes responsibility for thinking BP could handle disaster

Obama's Press Conference: You Can't Negotiate With Disaster

Media's main concern: did the President look "sufficiently enraged"

Glenn Beck apologizes for smearing Obama's 11-Year-Old Daughter

My only critique of K Olberrmann's "Special Comment" re: Obama

Here comes impeachment (pretty much guaranteed with a Republican House)

Damn it is nice to see a grown up in charge ..... Obama

Glenn Beck smears Obama's 11-year-old daughter

And Speaking of Sestak, He Just Jumped 14pts Among Independants

Obama’s Missing Moral Narrative: George Lakoff for BuzzFlash

Fantastic dirt on Darrell Issa!

Was Arizona’s controversial immigration law a small step toward fulfilling The 2008 Democratic

"EXCLUSIVE: White House asked Bill Clinton to talk to Sestak about Senate run"

Bill Clinton rips left in Arkansas race

Way cool World Cup calendar

Republicans, media annoyed by attempts to blame Bush

Plaquemines Parish President: "He cares and he's a hands-on guy. I was real impressed."

Hillary Clinton is now the most popular politician in America who has held elected office

Whoa whoa wait wait. Is that Elliot Spitzer on MSNBC in the anchor's chair?

I'll tell you what unseen LOST scene would have been a real tearjerker

Well.. .errrrr... .uummmm..... EEEEEEEEWWWW!

Obama breaks with Bush security policy

Bernie Discusses BP Oil Spill on MSNBC's Morning Joe

NASA l Satellites View Growing Gulf Oil Spill

Dan Coats: Deny, Deny, Deny

Iraqi workers and occupation Pt. 4

Papantonio: We Need a BP Perp Walk

Louisiana Congressman Charlie Melancon (D) Breaks down in Tears during House Energy Meeting

Obama talks tar balls

President Obama's Conference Call With Gulf Coast Governors On Oil Leak

Kurt's Dad's Speech Glee

OilDrum: Junk Shot/Explosion 8am 5/28/10

KO: Dan Savage on DADT and people who are paranoid about people being ******** in their sleep

Laura Ingraham pulls a Bill O'reilly! (Angry screaming at faux news staff)

Mike Malloy - Murder Machine

Louisiana Fishermen: “How Are We Going to Live?”

Rachel Maddow- The more spills change - the more they stay the same

Mike Malloy - Michael Savage, You Filthy Moron!!

Dylan Ratigan Hosting TYT: Oil Spill, Government, Corporations & Special Interests

Rand Where Is My Honeymoon Paul on the children of illegals: FUCK 'em.

Midweek Politics w/David Pakman - AZ gun store owner FLIPS OUT on Obama when called...hilarious

Welcome to Mussolini Land folks!!

Midweek Politics w/David Pakman - Epic wingnut KS Gov candidate claims Bush conspired to kill her

TYT Hosted By Dylan Ratigan: Police Shoot Woman After Shotgun Pulled On Census Worker

Take A Minute For A (New) LAUGH

Near Ground Zero, the Sacred and the Profane

Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act: Was he right?

David Sirota: The Michael Jordan of Bailouts

The Socialized Oil Spill

Stories Of Impact Will Push Us To Fix The Oil Spill, Homelessness, And Other Big Problems

Was the Shocking Murder of a Brave Abortion Provider Really the Work of a 'Lone Wolf'?

There Was 'Nobody in Charge'

Eugene Robinson: Defending Our Natural Resources From Presidents and Profits

Sarah Palin can't see the truth through her kitchen window.

Soldier in Iraq Loses Home Over $800 Debt

Safe Words: How the prevention message disappeared from the public conversation about sex.

A disgrace of historic proportions

Something big is happening. Either the riser blew or they've cut it off

Robert Koehler: Stopping Orwell's Nightmare/ WARS!

Uribe: Washington Post penetrated by criminals

Mass. moves closer to crackdown on illegal immigration

DEMOCRACY NOW! : Ecological Disaster of Oil Leak

Friday Talking Points (125) -- Ask! Tell!

Bill Clinton: I Did Not Have a 'Rahm-in' With That Sestak

Bobby Jindal isn't anti-government anymore

20 Funniest Left-Wing Bumper Stickers

Glenn Beck Attacks President's Daughter

Weekend Economists' Book-Cooking Class May 28-31, 2010

Drumbeat: May 28, 2010

Peak oil notes - May 27

ODAC Newsletter - May 28

Spiraling Costs Threaten International Fusion Reactor Project

Transient Orcas hunting in Puget Sound

The Oil Drum: Deepwater Oil Spill - Top Kill Update, Restarting the Mud, and Comment Thread

Could the "tree farms" of the Northwest...

Industrial Hemp

Extensive Methane Venting To The Atmosphere From E. Siberian Arctic Shelf - Shakhova et. al.

TX State Agency Botched Benzene Readings From Ft. Worth Drilling, Said Nothing For Weeks

UVA Goes To Court Against Cucinelli Subpoena - Claims AG Exceeding Legal Authority

What Polar Bear Tipping Point Means - Potential Population Declines Of Up To 30% In One Year

90 Workers Evacuated From Gullfaks Platform; Statoil Claims Safety Equipment Cutting Gas Pressure

European Dream of Desert Energy Takes Shape

22-Mile Slick Approaching De Soto Canyon Off FL Panhandle - May Ride Currents Down State's W. Coast

Florida PSC approves 100 MW biomass plant in Gainesville

NY grants aim to save rare bog turtles, habitat

Nissan Leaf battery pack unveiled

Offshore energy report could dash defeatist arguments against the rocks

GRL Study - Global Sea Ice In "Constant Retreat" - 7,240 KM3 Loss In Past Ten Years - Reuters

When cyclists go uncensored

Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic Agree to Cooperate on Hosting a Gen IV Fast Reactor

5/27 - NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Continuing To Diverge Below 2007 Record Low

A Puffin Comeback

Electric cars 'won't cut global warming emissions'

The Auto Channel fights for the truth about Ethanol

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, May 27)

Becks Visits the Troops in Afghanistan

It's official: The Special One is going to Madrid

Essien to miss World Cup in South Africa

Calhoun, UConn accused of 8 major violations

Horse Racing Thread

So now I'm in a fight over EPL goal of the year...

Nate Robinson is NUTS

Grand Junction’s Suplizio Field Named Colorado Sports Turf 2009 Field of the Year

Algeria thrashed by Irish

Mets with back to back to back shutouts of the Phillies

Does this look like Jerry Rice?

Steve Nash- The bob Cousy of our times


Randy Romero, Azeri, Best Pal, and Point Given in HOF

Fonteyn: Revolutionary ballerina?

7 killed in Colombian paramilitary conflict

Obama Urged To Protect Uncontacted Tribes

Ecuador volcano erupts, villagers flee

World Bank cancels remaining Haiti debt

Guatemala declares emergency as volcano erupts

Uribe insinuates "criminals" have penetrated the Washington Post

States continue to mandate anti-LGBT curriculum in the classroom

The Final Letter: A love letter from a gay WWII GI (You should read this one)

Construction materials continue to enter Gaza

Shaw’s/Supervalu Strikers Rally In Boston At End Of 60-Mile March

Mayor Daleys comments on 80-year-old robbery victim's self defense...

Today in Labor History May 28 Sit-in at a segregated lunch counter in the Woolworth’s & more

NYT: Honda Strike Becomes a Rallying Point in China (largest strike of global company in China)

ATF Reverses Interpretation of GCA; Redefines "Transfers" of Firearms

Ohio Senate Passes Bill allowing CCW in places serving alcohol

Israeli gunships head to sea to block flotilla

I liked the way the sun was hitting these buildings, nothing more to it


tickle me Buddha

relieving the pitcher

Can anyone recommend a telephoto extension for a Nikon D100?

My first experiment with tilt shift...

Summer has returned to Anchorage and it's glorious!

Adobe Clock Tower Home (under construction)

Can you guess what it is?

ah, baseball

frisbee day

Mesoamericans Were The First Polymer Scientists

Sahara cave may hold clues to dawn of Egypt

New picture of Earth from space (pale blue crescent)

I have two children. One is a boy born on a Tuesday. What is the probability I have two boys?

Wesak Day


Hummingbird chicks scared from nest earlier,

It's okay to let this one sink, but I have to say

Uranus in Aries - riding the rapids

Starcodes this week - Heather Roan Robbins

WHEE! Met my goal for Readings for Hope!

Wanna see a cat groove?

Why the Gulf? (Has this question been asked before?)

Past life reading tomorrow. I'm excited.


A Theologian Objects to the Courtier's Reply Charge against Theology

Prenatal exposure to BPA and DES may increase breast cancer risk

Increasing BPA levels in urine associated with worsening male sexual function

Benefit to risk on Gardasil? Or profits to greed? New news about the unnecessary vaccine.

Another gem from Karl Denninger

Is Gold the Next Bubble?

Is your bank on this list of banks being "warned" by FDIC.?

Is Europe heading for a meltdown?