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New Yorkers to Vote on City 911 Commission in November

oops, watching the DVR

Does anyone know if corporate donations to candidates will be capped at $2300?

Justice Stevens and the NRA: Unlikely Allies in Campaign Finance Case?

Looking Back @9/11: Why Do You Think "The Terrorists" Chose Early A.M Instead of Later?

Wilson organized a town hall meeting last month -- in Majority Whip James E. Clyburn's district.

Baby born at 9:09 on 9/9/09 weighs 9 lbs, 9 ounces

Ron Paul's Heirs or Will the Revolution Be Televised in 2010?

Late-nite Caption

All three.

Hannity calls Hitler references "unhinged", "atrocious", "disgraceful"

Conservative NYT columnist David Brooks - Obama health plan

Do Tire Duties Mean Public Option For Healthcare Or Not?

Bill O'Reilly the voice of reason??? Oh, he had Ann Coulter on his show

"you can't win this battle by screaming at the TV"

Sail on, sail on O mighty Ship of State! Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

If IHad a Rocket Launcher.

Panic over syringe stabbings spreads to Beijing

(D)s Split Between Those Who Have Morals and Those Who Don't

FLASHBACK:Unhinged in 30 Days: Right Wing Media's Obama Era Implosion (2/24/09, Boehlert)

The kill-the-bill caucus

911 Wallet, WTC ID

Surprise winner of Obama stimulus spending: gun industry

Wow, a lot of people here are wound pretty tight today.

Federal court clerk recalls Oklahoma City bombing

British Defence Ministry Blocks Report Warning that Britain Faces Afghan Defeat

A Badge of Sorrow

Do you think the Baggers demonstrating in DC will get the same treatment as anti-war demos?

Do you think the Baggers demonstrating in DC will get the same treatment as anti-war demos?

The Failure of Leaders

Don't Tell Me What 9/12 Means, Glenn Beck

Wash Call: Military charities hurting ...guns for guards

Craig Ferguson Schools Rep. Joe Wilson: "It's Not The Jerry Springer Show"

Toronto Star: Gender issue opens old wounds

Wells Fargo probing Malibu mansion parties

It's a live one

NORML: Marijuana Use By The Numbers

any network carrying the "DC party"????


Another march on Washington 40 years ago...another story if you can stand it!

Another march on Washington 40 years ago...another story if you can stand it!

I heard there was a march in DC today?

It's 9/12. Now that Obama's kept us safe for longer than Bush did...

Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" website is up and running.....

Piece of shit hypocrites Fox News!!

Latest recruiter sex case prompts Corps review

These Tea Baggers are real Americans...

Why the US is afraid of 'Afghanization'

Why is My Damn Speaker wearing a Red suit?

Stock tip for the day

Stock tip for the day

Stock tip for the day

Private bus companies whine about the expansion of public transportation in Ontario

Doubt, Worry And Fear In NYC (DER SPIEGEL)

I don't know if that asshole Wilson had apologized in the well of the House yet, if not...

BUSHED-"On Every Major Measurement" Average American's Well-Being Declined

"We're # 37" (music video)

Republicans, The party like it's 1999

Republicans, The party like it's 1999

9-12 is here! Happy Astroturf Day!! Liars Unite!!!

Feminists / Liberals / Progressives - What is happening?

Wingnut Rant

Batshit-crazy Beckian Patients coming out of the woodwork...

For a Bounced Check in Dubai, the Penalty Can Be Years Behind Bars

How hard won rights were deregulated under Bush

Beck is a fucking raving lunatic

QUESTION???? Is Obama even

Let's leave Afghanistan and...

Iran War Drums Begin Beating in Washington

Orlando's HOLY LAND's free day will be Oct 6, "Come Out With Pride" event to start at attraction

Seems odd to honor the spirit of "we're all in this together" after 9/11

My only thought on the teabag march.

"Negative Space"

I just emailed the Whitehouse and told them NOT to give the teabaggers

The extreme Republican Party

So, how many have shown up for the March today? Any pics?

bad taste

It was this middle class AMERICAN that started the Teabagger Movement & Don't You Forget It

Will Obama get more people at his rally than the right wing terrorist teabaggers?

Successful launch for H-2B (Japanese cargo carrier to International Space Station)

WTF is this "tax and spend agenda," Alex Witt? Keep catapaulting the

Totally OT but Arthur Ashe's widow is a gorgeous woman. Just did a nice story on her on CNN.

GEM$NBC announced that they're carrying Pres Obama's

Why I don't trust Big Pharma

TeaBag Party Pics

Here's what I want to know - if the Chambers of Commerce,

Question for DUers - in the history of humanity, have people

Joe Conason on Acorn Video; It's not journalism unless they report everything that happened, Its

Are These TeaBagging Marchers In D.C. Being Subsidized To Be There?.......

HEY, Freepturds, even FAUX isn't covering your little 'protest' in DC

The Best Part About Glenn Beck's 912 March On D.C.?

I wonder how many Freepturds bought their guns with them in case of 'trouble' today?

Sucks for You, Teabaggers - Socialized Medicine Anyone???


CNN: Morans completely drowning out reporter,

Where are the counter-protestors?

Obama imposes tariffs on Chinese tires

where did they go?

California cemetery accused of desecrating remains

If you had the following choice for the insurance options now which would you choose?

Glenn Beck's Best Numbers Yet (there is a 'however')

So what's with this infomercial CNN keeps showing on Joe Wilson?

How You Can Tell The M$M Sponsored TeaBagger Party Isn't Even 20,000 Strong

American Life League Urges Tea Parties to “Bury Obamacare With Kennedy”

Spoiled brat teabaggers get to do anything they want but WE can't get protest permits!

Coming up on M$NBC: Healthcare Rally

Faux News just reported that "about three or four blocks worth" of protesters are on the Capitol.

one-time gubernatorial candidate Steve Nunn murders woman

Transsexual prisoner wins move to women's jail

IMO the purpose of the teabag march is intimidation

Wilson Shouts ‘You Lie' After Wife Fakes Orgasm

Matt Taibbi article: " Sick and Wrong ", your feedback please

I donated to Organizing for America and sent an email to my Congress folks

Rosehip 'better than glucosamine' for osteoarthritis

Simcoe County aquifer dispute underscores the need for a national water policy

Here's a bite of reality for Ayn Rand-ites and trolls

There is no word "rediculous".

There's a 9/12 protest on my corner. Morons.

Judge allows gray wolf hunt to proceed in Idaho and Montana

Wells Fargo Senior VP used forclosed home for family weekends...under investigation

HOLY SHIT do you see how many people are at the Target Center for Obama's rally

1 million...10 million???

First Lady, Not President, Will Present Chicago’s Olympic Case

Rep. Price: 'I was at the Inauguration on Jan. 20. This crowd far exceeds

Obama draws 20,000 in MN today, Fox estimates "tens of thousands" in DC...

a cross post for gm..they did me right

Isn't it interesting that....

So I just saw AF1 land at MSP.

It's Over $860,000

The crowd is this video is not even 1% of the inauguration and nowhere near 1-2 million.

Mark McKinnon doesn't want to miss the "opportunity for Republicans to tap into legitimate fears"

Dolphin Slaughter Suspended, Taiji, Japan because of movie publicity

DC Traffic Cameras - where are the Beckbots?

Alex Witt-less on MSNBC is 'concerned' that

Dick "Vagina Coastguard" Armey addressing Teapoopers.

DICK alert!

Obama Lies - Grandma Dies - Remember 9-11 (pic)

Parade of the racists!! I hope the media covers it and shows the homemade signs!!

Parade of the racists!! I hope the media covers it and shows the homemade signs!!

Reich Breaks It Down. Public Option Is NOT a Dem v. Repub Fight!

You will not be mandated to have health insurance.

The buses! The buses! They sent the rally in the buses! (someone please tell Mamma and the mooks)

Some guy on Fox guy 10s of thousands .... maybe 100 thousand people

Some guy on Fox guy 10s of thousands .... maybe 100 thousand people

The over-saturation of patriotic themes at Tea Party events is unnecessary.

Only 59.2 % of the adult population is employed? (Oh shit)

So...the teabagger Limbaughts are protesting the fact that Obama lowered their taxes? WTF????

The New Republican Tactic Is To Turn HC Reform Opposition Into Anti-Immigration Protest

Bill Maher Says: Democrats need to get OFF Their Asses!

Glenn Beck on Faux right now, NOT EVEN COVERING HIS OWN PROTEST!!!

Glenn Beck on Faux right now, NOT EVEN COVERING HIS OWN PROTEST!!!

Crystal Lee Sutton - inspiration for "Norma Rae" has died


WTOP (DCNoozRadio) Noon Nooz Report: "Big Antispending Protest in DC today."

Corp Media - The Sad Thing Is That Iraq Protests Were Large, But Much Less Coverage

Corp Media - The Sad Thing Is That Iraq Protests Were Large, But Much Less Coverage

Importer tries to get around clove smoke ban (I feel safer now that we banned something)



Is there a satellite shot of the teabagger crowd?

Obama on TV now, live from Minneapolis.


Pass this around - CEO Compensation: Who Said Health Care is in a Financial Crisis?

I needed a pair of sunglasses to watch the agitators in DC on TV

You know what's even sadder about the FootShooter Parade?

Then Her Wig Fell Off: Sometimes We Just Need to Laugh. 9/11/09.

Fox: Sen. Jim Demint, "The hundreds of thousands of people behind me."

For all intents and purposes, the 9/12 protest was a HUGH bust, my day is made

Texas , Gulf of Mexico and Florida Duers

Anyone else trying to hide all the teabagger threads today?

LA Times article--"Making sure backyard fruit isn't wasted"

Our President is soooo smart. The teevee cameras are where right now?

Death Panels Do Exist. They're in Texas, and George W. Bush OK'd Them: TEXAS "FUTILE CARE" LAW

A great article on Town hall zombies.

Actual sign just shown on MSNBC: we need less governmnt

Actual sign just shown on MSNBC: we need less governmnt

Men Stopped For 2008 Daytona Speedway Pics 'Potential Terrorists', turned out to be nothing

Men Stopped For 2008 Daytona Speedway Pics 'Potential Terrorists', turned out to be nothing

Men Stopped For 2008 Daytona Speedway Pics 'Potential Terrorists', turned out to be nothing

Thank you, Anonymous!

Jim DeMented alert

Interesting. DeMented trying to make that crowd of crazies "a cross-section of Americans"

Obama's biggest applause line at MSP rally:

Bwahahaha! It’s already TWO MILLION protestors, presstitutes! Choke on it!!

Now there's a coal industry lobbyist pretending to be a miner

Now there's a coal industry lobbyist pretending to be a miner

NNPA Cancels Conference in SC after Joe the Mouther's 'You Lie' Outburst.

People of New Orleans: Are you happy with your hurricane insurance?

Braindead Betsy alert

I looked & looked...Nope-Not a single person

Just got an unsolicited offer on my house and it's not even on the market.

Is it Halloween already ??

US Supreme Court set to ease rules on corporate campaign cash

So the tea-baggers are protesting special tax breaks for corporations

Political Wonks: Help me out re: dumping Max Baucus

i now completely believe that the democrats have to tell the republicans to GO FUCK THEMSELVES

"Baucus makes a grab for climate bill". Oh, shit.

Great rally Pres Obama


fuck you joe watkins, no one has EVER called the President a liar in the chambers of congress

Minnesota rally: joyful. Washington rally: dour and spiteful

Fired up?

Psychologist accused of war crimes opposes torture investigations

Beck and protesters show Dick Cheney no respect

I love those Secret Service guys.

Senate panel seeks end to F-22 export ban

Gross National Happiness

Marsha Blackburn said there are "1.5 million there" and

Marsha Blackburn said there are "1.5 million there" and

Elmer Fudd's Randtard son alert!!

LOL! MSNBC is now broadcasting

LOL! MSNBC is now broadcasting

So who's making money on all these teabagger text messages?

Crowds camp overnight in Brighton, CO for free dental care

If any state chose to secede, and then actually did, it would be as split as the country is now.

Fascinating: Has No Teabagger Photos or Videos

It does not matter how many are at the protest

Story Time!

Story Time!

Insurance "across state borders"

Insurance "across state borders"

The World's BIGGEST Obama Fan.

"Bury Obamacare With Kennedy"

Weren't there more people at the most recent abortion rights marches?

Overhead view of the Million Man March Vrs this POS March

anyone...just what are they protesting in washington d.c...??

My Republican Grandmother next door now understands and supports the public option

Why we should continue to push for single payer...

9/11 accused's lawyers ask to halt military tribunals

President Obama arrives in Minnesota - pics (updated)

Retired 4-stars repudiate Cheney on torture

Joe Wilson's Apology (Closed-Captioning for the B.S. Impaired)

McCarthy >> Humphrey >> Mondale >> Wellstone >> Franken!!

McCarthy >> Humphrey >> Mondale >> Wellstone >> Franken!!

Fear was no excuse to condone torture

Fear was no excuse to condone torture

U.S. court dismisses Iraqi contractor torture case

Poll question: There are 1000 Starving People Before You. You have The means to Feed All of Them

They're f**king kidding right?

the brief history of marches in washington dc....

Who is going to clean up and pay for the mess the teabaggers leave in DC?

Have any of them tried to burn a cross yet?

Mad Marsha Blackburn up now

God, this "country" singer sucks

Overhead view of the Million Man March Vrs this POS March

Overhead view of the Million Man March Vrs this POS March

Is this a teabagger rally or a goddamn Verizon commercial??

Lloyd Marcus the Black Fox News & TeaBag Composer just performed at the Demonstration..

Jesus enjoyed teabagging???!!??

Wasn't Glenn Beck supposed to reveal his projects today?

Just what "freedom" are these idiots afraid they are going to lose?

WOW, I just spent a week in the land of "Free Range Liberals"!

"We get the Public Option, you get Tort Reform. Deal?"

FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley: "Action Needed Now"

Folks, there is no word, "moran." It's spelled "moron."

Well it is clear why Douchebag Patriots hate charismatic speakers

AZ community college board calls for 26-year-old pro-life president to resign after DUI

Because only the Onion could honestly report "Thousands of nervous white gentry protest black...

Does Congress Qualify As A Death Panel?

RWnutz website proudly claims crowd as "Thousands" HAHAHAHA

Obama is Staking his Presidency on Health Care Reform and Taking Full Responsibility

"We don't need hope, we need freedom!"

Do you ever wish that the States who want to secede Would or Could?....Seriously.

Joe Wilson Hires Professional Tweeter

I think we need to remind these idiots what a march really is

Larisa Alexandrovna: Glenbeckistan and 'Two-Minutes Hate'

Misplaced reply inadvertently becomes OP

Will Farrell "A Final Night with George Bush"

President Obama's security detail looks like they are on a hightened

Email your Congresscritters and tell them "DO NOT LISTEN TO THE TEABAGGERS"

Please call it what it is

Whacko GOPers reveal their game plan so early...they will not fare well down the road.

WTF? Obama administration severs ties with ACORN in response to Glenn Beck's criticism

Where's the aerial photography of today's march on DC?

Man, I'm having fun watching these teabag idiots speak

Today Sen. John Kerry attended another funeral - pics

In Britain, lawmakers can be suspended for accusing others of lying (AP)

Duped Dolts Descend on DC

LIVE Webcam Link to Washington DC --- WHERE ARE THE PROTESTORS?

Atlanta police raid gay bar, arrest 8 (cross posted from LGBT forum)

Have you ever opened a book to a random passage...

to all of you excel masterminds

i don't see any crowd estimates in the msm...'thousands' yet no numbers that i can find

5 US troops among 50 killed in Afghan violence

Teabaggers have every right to be angry

Conversation with the better half about Glenn Beck

Imagine how wimpy Democratic leaders would be if the Repugs actually held any power

Obama rally replaying on CSpan now

Health Care Fit for Animals

Pro-Choice Terrorist Arrested In Michigan

Does anybody have a protester estimate?

Does anybody have a protester estimate?

It's Official! Obama has kept America safe longer than Bush did!

Does government have the power to break up gigantisaur corporations into smaller entities?

How many Du posters have RW family members at the KKK rally today?

See why media is the overriding problem?

Would you still sign the 9/11 Truth petition?

DISSENT. A lot of it today. I decided to listen to...

bertrand russell at his best

"This is not the America my Dad died for"

Bob McDonnell Drops F-Bomb On Radio (AUDIO)

Did Rep. Marsha Blackburn just say there were 1.5 BILLION...

*You* fuckers fucking LIE mother fuckers fuck your idi-fucking-it asses!

People of color in the crowd or "How is the Tea Party unlike looking at at Where's Waldo picture?"

Webcams from DC (several)

How much does a hip-replacement cost? (a math assignment for teabaggers)

Marching on Washington is a time honored tradition (pic heavy)

Here is a list of 100 or so places that will draw bigger crowds today than tea baggers

More teabag pics coming in.... (updated)

Should government push for legislation that would increase the US Supreme Court to 11 justices?

The World Trade Center redevelopment plan really is awful

Conservative punk rockers??

Can anybody produce a picture of a single person of color at the teabag rally?


Sign at 9/12 march: ‘Bury Obamacare with Kennedy.’

how many million?

Beck's protest patriots cant even be bothered to stop

The Freepturds protest lasted the same as when they have sex

When tens of millions marched against invading Iraq----what happened?

A Question For The Teabaggers...

So how many people did they get to the march? (Seriously)

Teabagger turnout....

What about State Single Payer acts

Faux viewers and the tea baggers

What independent voters would be attracted by the sentiments expressed at today's demonstration?

my memory is shot. we had two or three really good rallies during bush time. can someone remember

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

9/12 - Anybody think the teabaggers protest out of their guilt over the Iraq war?

"Maryland conservative extremists head to Washington to protest the President"

When do we take to the streets? Hullo?!?

From the 9-12 Million Maniac March

A high turn out at the teabaggers protest will only show what we already know...

State lawmakers try to halt health care changes

Can't go to the March4Healthcare in DC on Sept. 13? Link to "virtual march":

I know health corporations are using millions to fight Obama, but who is organizing these things?

91 former US attorneys general support Siegelman appeal

Repukes just don't get it - ending "protest" with "We're Not Gonna Take It"

March on Washington for Health Care Reform, Sept 13

I know for a fact that native DCers are pissed with this asshole invasion of their fair city

I wonder how many of the "Millions" of protesters rode into town on the METRO?

Walll Street Rolling the Dice Again by Ralph Nader

Would you PLEASE stop referring to the protesters as "White Trash"!

Who is organizing these assholes to protest? I know the money comes from insurance companies and

Grey wolves: hunters or the hunted?

So, When Do WE March FOR Health Insurance Reform?

OMG, 9 year old boy missing at Teabag Rally

why is everyone so wound up about tea partys, town halls etc..

The media is aiding the teabaggers

Tip the scales on Saturday, . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

"Feeding" the multitude . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Teabagging as a commercial interest

HEY Freepturds, know what a lot of Liberals in a crowd looks like? (Dial-up warning)

HEY Freepturds, know what a lot of Liberals in a crowd looks like? (Dial-up warning)

Latest AP Update OF Teabagger Protests Says "Tens Of Thousands"

How come the flags are at half staff for some of the teabag pics and not in others?

Was today's teabagger march on DC noozworthy? Was it fairly covered?

Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost to Health

1.5 MILLION March on DC (PICS)

trafficking in child prostitation

WE got "health care freedoms"!!! Sez so, right here:

So, We've Had The Tea Bagging Parties, The Town Hall Shout fests, and Now, The 9/12 March

I'm rethinking taking that job offer in Japan

Republican America - Waiting among thousands, for a tiny bit of health care -

Old Article from 11/2008: Students chant 'Assassinate Obama' on school bus

Key Blago investigation subject dead

It is intellectually dishonest to say Flight 93's intended target was the U.S. Capitol.

Had a conversation with an old school republican.

Why did the march only attract 25 thousand?

Cops Sweep Out Sacramento Homeless Camp Again; 15 Arrested

Shooting ranges for progressives only.

As CNN and MSNBC Air Obama Health Care Speech, FNC Broadcasts a Live Glenn Beck Special

Can somebody explain to me why I can't find any aerial photography of the 'massive' crowd in DC?

And here we go!!!!! (MSM helping out Beck)

I just checked the local DC television station's websites - no pics of the size of that protest.

"Capitalism: A Love Story" ....... the website:

Now, here are some GREAT signs! - pics

There doesnt seem to be a lot of overhead shots of todays rally

Man who killed anti-abortion activist attempted suicide, today

Link to video from today in D.C.

I Can PROVE No More Than 50,000 At Teabagger Wankfest


I was on the road

Michelle Malkin's claim about 2 million protesters today "is a total myth"

U.S. Supreme Court says California cannot delay prison plan

CNN: Iraqi shoe thrower could get early release, "as early as Monday"

Independent Women's Forum's VILE ATTACK

sundays shows: i don't know if this has been posted yet but

Only 1.5%-5% of estimated crowd shows for DC tea-bagger rally


cheer up

Teddy Roosevelt speech from 1912.....Audio! Pretty amazing.

US/CIA played a purposeful role in creating radical Islam . . .

HuffPo: VA Gubernatorial Candidate with potty mouth

The Observer UK: Legalisation of drugs is urgent

HC is airing their documentary about infrastructure again.

Photos from the 9/12 Rally

Healthcare Mini-Mobs -- The Tyranny of the Tantrum of the Right Wing Minority

Definitely more than 100,000 people

Hyperconsumption, global warming, and the fall of basic-goods buying power among the middle class

nbc evening news disputing the park police numbers, claims

I apologize. I hit "unrecommend" accidentally.

So why is Beck not at his demonstration?

A taser used for good

Ex-Blagojevich fundraiser Kelly dead

Tea Party Protester: "We Think The Muslims Are Moving In And Taking Over"

How many cops does it take to arrest one man who ISN'T resisting arrest?

How many cops does it take to arrest one man who ISN'T resisting arrest?

Damn - George Jones is on Huckabee.

Stop fighting Republicans. Fix the Democratic Party

Shilo Inn TVs tuned to FOX news and PORN

"We create our own reality."

Man, does this rally look familiar

When I was in Washington with a quarter million people to protest the Iraq War

Exclusive: 27-Year CIA Vet says Obama May be Afraid of the CIA ... For Good Reason...

The Truth Is, Until There Is Radical Campaign Finance Reform And Corp Lobblyists Are Run Out Of DC

Daily Mail reports nearly 2 Million Teabaggers

They're at it again. Propaganda disguised as "news".

OK...They Protested. Thousands marched

Reader comment from the CBC (Canada) website re: health reform and today's Moron March

Freedomworks LIES about crowd size - misuses ABC as source

Cable "news" is not only worthless, it's just plain destructive!

Stupid PUMAs are back. Darra$h Murphy supports UK Neo Nazi Race Hate Group

Monthlong sit-in ends as woman forced out of home

If a true liberal is against the health care bill, does that equate her/him with the teabag crowd?

Photo Comparison: Tea Party 9/12/09 Event VS Obama Inauguration

My open letter to America

Andrew Kreig: DoJ Attack On Siegelman's Rights Threatens Election Rights For All

PETA Questions Aerosmith Guitarist’s Manhood

ACORN - we are their (the right's) Willy Horton for 2009

Tea Parties-FAKE Pics Being Recycled to inflate crowd estimate?

Soldier's cancer death linked to depleted uranium (DU)

On this day after 9/11...

Come Saturday Morning: Uh. Mah. Gawd.

Damn you, Glenn Beck, you're such a tease!

Hey, Freepturds and MSM lurkers, PROVE a Democrat yelled out LIAR to Bush

Against his own interests...

To Figure Out The Actual Teabagger Attendance We'll Have To

Does anybody know what ever became of "The Baghdad Blogger" Riverbend

Washington DC and its freemasons braced for new Dan Brown book

Secret Service should use Bush's doctrine of "pre-emptive strikes" against these tea-baggers.

Do fiscal conservatives ever challenge the legitimacy of military spending?

Christopher Kelly is dead. The real question is will our kooks or little ethics choir win

Newt Gingrich Accidentally Names Porn Exec 'Entrepreneur Of The Year'

Go Inland, Young Progressives

Closing The Book On The Bush Legacy

Excellent new blog...

cnn reporting that joe wilson has raised over a million dollars....

Conservatives hate Obama for the same reason they hated Clinton

Joe Wilson's Strange Friends - the new Ku Klux Klan

Would You Sign It Again?

While those on the right like to act like they care about the

Ooops, McDonnell has a "macaca"......Bwaaaaaaaa

And Democrats Cried "Crucify Him!"

Damn, Ohio State... WTF?

c-span is covering the teabaggers

In 5 yrs. Polluters have violated water pollution laws more than half a million times.

"THE MISERY THAT IS NOW UPON US...." Words of wisdom to help weather the "TEABAG TEMPESTS"

Why aren't there any private subways?

Flicker Library ... Meet the Crazies

Just noticing more Guns Posts here tonight ,than there is in a Month..

Some images from a political flame war in 4chan. (dial up/content warning)

Blue Dogs dig in as influential bloc in health care debate

I'm getting SICK AND TIRED of people on government checks WHINING about TAXES!

Rolling the Dice Again by Ralph Nader

ATTN: DUer Experts At Estimating Crowd Sizes, Need Your Services On Teabagger Crowd Shot

Shannyn Moore is tweeting that this pic of today's march is fake--

"Wow - do you have any idea how many people have organized here??"

Encouragement -- Pass It On

Americans grow cannabis to beat the recession

President of FreedomWorks just announced that ABC is Reporting Tea Party Crowd is 1.5 Million

Seems odd to honor the spirit of "we're all in this together" after 9/11

Franklin Mass. family suing Dunkin’ Donuts, claiming toddler was burned

Franklin Mass. family suing Dunkin’ Donuts, claiming toddler was burned

Are there more of them or more of us?

Is there a video of the Rove/Dean debate? I bookmarked the

Get over it DUers -

GROUPS of POUTERs...Thats the GOP of today...Losers reduced to Pout and shout

My Christmas/Holiday spending....

Former Bush/McCain political aide Mark McKinnon "Send Joe Wilson Home" Donates $1000 To Opponent

Does anybody actually believe that these people didn't go to bed at night thanking god for 9/11

I encountered overt homophobia today.

I encountered overt homophobia today.

Log Cabin Republican signing showtunes alert!!

"One of the great tragedies-how patriotism hasbeen coopted by people who claim the Confederate flag"

Get Out Of My White House - a couple more teabag pics

Crowd Size in DC: There Is No Such Thing As An OFFICIAL Number

Warning: This One is Serious

Freepers... fuck'em. There is something important for you to do today

On the other hand, More than 50,000 members representing 400 unions marched today in New York City

One last comment on today's Freeper party

CNN: Tea party movement has anger, no dominant leaders

39 Afghans and 5 G.I.’s Are Killed in Attacks- Wave of Attacks Engulfs Afghanistan

Larissa: Glenbeckistan and "Two-Minutes Hate"

Sorry to post in General- but how do I post pictures?!

Message to Teabaggers

Republicans, volunteering, and my eye opening and disappointing experience today.

Photos of the "Billionaires for Wealthcare" on the March in D.C. today...

Okay...I Must Admit, This Photo Shows Their Numbers To Be Rather Impressive Today...

A few serious questions for the tea-baggers?

A few serious questions for the tea-baggers?

OK, is this pic legit - aerial view of today's circus in DC?

Florida Cigarette Sales Fall - govt hires 7 people to track down internet sales

"Tens of Thousands" March on DC, New York, San Francisco ... World Wide

Would Hillary have stirred up all this nastiness? Sure, they'd hate her

*** TOONs: Joe the Wilson ***

Fuck the "9/12 Project", we need the "12/11 Project"

The term is "sucker."

Bush's Interrogators Stressed Nudity

Old Hands Picked for CIA Oversight

Any update on the missing 9 year old from this morning?

And Glenn Beck's Teabagging Party Becomes A Total Bust

The sweet, sweet news to come out of today's parade of moronic teabaggers

What is at the root of all the animus?

Can someone explain to me why this makes sense?

Send your well wishes and protective vibes to the missing 9 year old and his family:

Besides the Confederate Flag thing, is racial insensitivity actually a problem in South Carolina?

Incitement to Riot: Why talking heads need to have different standards than private citizens.

Boston Globe Editorial: "We Now Have A Political Party That Is "Dedicated To The Nearly Deranged"

WTF Charles Darwin film too controversial for American audience

The government runs the Post Office

135 Million People Attended Teabagger Rally in D.C. today:

Real 'Norma Rae' Died Of Cancer Friday - Insurance Co. Delayed Meds: "Almost Like Committing Murder"

Shuster: Freedomworks=demonstration attracted 30,000, Park cops says that is being 'generous'

Studying the Crazies

Health care reform and domestic violence

Happy 9-12 Everybody! (BIG PIC)

IOKIYAR....Mark Foley gets his own radio show.

IOKIYAR....Mark Foley gets his own radio show.

We need a march against racism.

Rachel Maddow Quote:

"Unrecommend" . . . for the peevish, those who disagree, those who don't want

Minn. has a nuke plant event

European Union Could Get ALL its energy from Renewables by 2050 (No Nukes/no Coal)

FINALLY!! See a botched protest on pictures.

Anti-abortion group wants to make birth-control illegal in Florida

The Democrats' Long Reign of Terror ENDS! 100

Taxed ENUF Already!

Officer in Atlanta gay bar raid: “This is a lot more fun than raiding niggers with crack”

Did one of the anti-war marches of several hundred thousand people ever lead the network news?

Interesting Logo there TeaBaggers... You chose a SOCIALIST Symbol for your 9/12 rally

Radical, Racist Signs Featured At 9/12 March

Save the Public Option

Lobbyist frantically try to water down HEALTH CARE BILL even further.

State's Attorney Considers Prosecuting ACORN Video Posters

Mass. Uninsured Rate Has Gone UP Under Mandated Private Coverage Rule

"Don't Tell Me What 9/12 Means, Glenn Beck"

Study: Wind and Solar Are More Economical Than Coal and Nuclear

The Most Disturbing Photo of the Day (To Me, Anyway)

Photos - Wall of Shame 9/12

Care2 Petition: "Shame On You, Joe Wilson"

About unrecommend...

Bad People

I don't want civility, I want them DESTROYED

Joe Wilson Voted To Provide Federal Funds For Illegal Immigrants’ Healthcare

No, no. We can't call them racist

Rep Joe Wilson Opponent Receives over $ 1.0 million in Contributions

Here's video showing how Faux Snooze guesstimates crowd size ...

A 9.12.9 Tribute To That Other Joe Wilson

How do YOU determine the value of a living being's life?

Billionaires for Wealthcare at the US Capitol Today - pics

Billionaires for Wealthcare at the US Capitol Today - pics

Michelle Malkin is saying 2 million

Gender Differences in the Treatment of Myocardial Infarction

Serena Williams defaulted the semi at match point

oh my...MAUREEN DOWD? "Much To Do With Race-Some people just can’t believe a black man is president"

'Hey! That Was My Mall Money' - (more teabag pics)

Comparison DC Mall Pictures - Teabagger Protest VS Obama's Inauguration

Those of you that support single payer instead of mandated

60,000 to 70,000 says D.C. Fire Department

Jenny Beth Martin, founder of "Tea Party Patriots" ....

I'm still awaiting the Marxist revolution.

I'm still awaiting the Marxist revolution.

CONFESS! Have you ever received one of those photo radar tickets?

She don't fade

Wonderful Life - Black

Does anyone know how to use Bender?

I was rappin to the fuzz heh heh can you dig it?

the Bodeans - fadeaway

Easthampton! I know some of you live there, and...

feels like heaven - fiction factory

Boston- More than A Feeling

Robert Plant-Big Log

Wall Of Voodoo - Far Side Of Crazy

How about Startpage instead of Google?

Stained, It's been a while

Is beer drinking?

you ain't him

Just for fun - can you locate your EARLIEST evidence of your Internet presence?

Under the Milky Way Tonight

Brickbreaker -- the latest obsessive game built into the Blackberry


Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring...

Sukiyaki - Ue wo muite arukou - Kyu Sakamoto

I could be a star fleet engineer

Last September 12th Hurricane Ike payed us a visit,

When will Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert be back?

To Know Her Is Love Her

When James Mason says ciau to you he MEANS it.

I'm Going to The Packers/Bears Game Sunday Night. Ask Me ANYTHING!

Congratulations AnneD! 10,000 posts!

Glee is such a good show.

From San Francisco to Washington D.C. in 4.5 minutes

So I decided to pretend I was 8 years old again.

Rosetta Stone -- is it worth it?

What do you think of kicking your own thread after it's been dead for five months?

blended family question

Star Wars deleted scene (from the DVD)

it's obscure video from semifamous people day

Are you paid what you're worth?

About the sneezing in the arm thingy...

I signed up for CNA classes!

X-Files fans--have you ever heard of "The Truth and The Light: Music From The X-Files?"

Clamato Tab or Soymilk?

I'm watching a couple friends smoke salvia...

4AM Phone Call.


OMG.. best photo thread evah!

to all of you excel masterminds

Can someone tell me how to post pictures from my pictures.

Eugene O'Neill - depressing?

thanks to everyone who responded to my excel cry for help

How bourgeoise are you?

There is no word "ridonkulous"

O.m.g! I found this in my photobucket. Got any whack stuff in yours?

John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves

favorite children's movie soundtrack/song?

Chad Vader- Day Manager

I am a fever.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to loudsue!!*******

Great story - but debunked by Snopes, so I erased.

My body is not a temple. It is

Slap Chop Dance Remix. You know Vince the ShamWow guy.

Anyone here travel to Italy in early April?

** Official Notre Dame - Michigan game thread **


I am absolutely furious with my employer.

I'm A Little Bit Jaggy (Midwestern for drunk); What Should I Do?

Where am I?

Ohio State - USC dotting the "i" and the cameraman

There is no word "rediculous".

I would like to apologize to the mods...

so G.M. isn't all bad

What was the nicest thing someone said to you today?

Bras That Made History


Proper tea-bagging

Body Worlds plans cadaver show dedicated to sex

I'm listening to a homophobic dumb frat boy rant about how he doesn't like gay people.


The Prisoner, original and re-make...

I take these meds to fly

Best money making system EVER!!

Everybody relax - my sister just found her cell phone charger

Arriving at a friend's for dinner, is it bad manners to IMMEDIATELY head for their liquor cabinet?

For fifty and overs only: Best liquid diet for Colonoscopy prep.

There is a cure for depression!

We don't need

Me & my GF have just been approved for a nice 2 b.r. apt.

Lauren Tom essay

Why is Seattle/Texas playing in a rainstorm?

I said lord take me downtown

Accuse the posters in this thread of lying.

Church altar smites devout Catholic

Christ in heaven (or the equivalent): I think Stevie Ray many have been better than Jimi.

I want these threads to die.

Mono or Stereo?

"And we all went to heaven in a little row boat, There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt"

Someone stopped me on the street and remarked that I look like Tim Burton's twin

What are your plans this weekend?

DU'ers who also like MST3K... A Feast For the Eyeballs!


Mono or herpes?

GREAT movie i just saw

R.I.P. Larry Gelbart

I'm playing the Powerball tonight. Anyone else here playing too?

Apparently, my economics textbook costs $300.

Let's Take Turns Making Confessions. I'll Go First . . .

Dam, I miss my old boy I had to have euthanized a few months ago. It hurts like hell

CHUCK Berry or HALLE Berry?

CHUCK Berry or HALLE Berry?

Movies where psycho gives hero speech about enjoying killing him, then gets killed by hero


I share this video every few months or so but it so cute..Michael the cat..

Alternative uses for binder clips

College Football Saturday ***Official Tailgate Party Thread***

Greatest Yankee player ever?

What to do for one day in San Francisco?

So what's for lunch, DU?

I *MUST* have those new dollar coins!

Saw 'Inglorious Basterds' tonight. Liked it a lot...if you saw it, how'd you like it? (SPOILERS)

I'm watching football(USC vs OSU). SO is watching NASCAR

Is $100 too much for a haircut by someone like...

Here's what my son just said...

15 Essential Cover Tunes and what I've been up to...

Any advice for stopping teenage bully stalking my son?

Ok, I am making chili tomorrow and want something different to put in it, any ideas?

President Obama Opens up a Second Front

Pres. Obama has now kept America safer longer in his first term than Pres. Bush did.

'All the president's emails' - Malia asks to stay at home to avoid her Dad's speech (Guardian UK)

WATCH: Bill Maher Challenges Obama: "Stand Up For The 70% Of Americans Who Aren't Crazy"

Patriotism means supporting the president, not opposing him

Patriotism means supporting the president, not opposing him

President Obama Highlights New Treasury Report on Instability of Health Insurance in America

Robert Reich: The Final Sprint for Health Care Has Now Begun and Where the White House Stands

Hey Democrats. Charlie Cook says we've split into three factions: Loyalists, Purists, and Skeptics.

We need to picket in front of Steve Elmendorf's home in Wash, DC!!!!! Hey,

Dems, let's get out there and god damn attack the wingnuts please, NOW !

Behold the March of Irrationality

Love this email: How I would have handled Joe Wilson

Obama gets a "modest bounce" in new poll

IMO, Within 4 election cycles, corporations will be allowed to be elected to Congress if

Google Economist Sees Good Signs in Searches

End Medicare for all the RW "no government health care" protestors

TRUST the GOP? After Newt, Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rummy, OReally?, Hannity, Beck, Etc,

Joe Wilson Voted to Provide Health Care to Illegals!

A Message from the President (pass it on)

Faux: "At this point, it's about half full in the Target Center. It seems that people are still

A Challenge From the Heart (Photos)

Head ups: The President on MSNBC! N/T

U.S. to Accept Iran’s Proposal to Hold Face-to-Face Talks

@Anamariecox taking suggestions for teabagger-rally drinking game

"only an idiot or an actual terrorist would want to always feel like it was 9/12/01"

President Obama says status quo no solution on health care

"Fired Up" story is on the way......n/t

'Freedom Yes! Socialism No!' CNN has live video feeds of Teabagger March on Washington

(Updated) Telling protest: two million

Fire It Up - Ready To Go.......

Your state's most embarrassing politician. Post the name here.

President Obama: Public option helps health care competition

The Public Option is a lock.

CNN on Joe Wilson

So the 2 million moran march kinda fizzled out, eh

WHAT WE'RE DEALING WITH: Groups Back Health Reform, but Seek Cover

Alan Colmes has a nice summary of the "GOP corporate push behind the teabaggers" (Armey)

President Stumps For Health Care Reform

***HEADS UP*** Health Care Rally With President Obama, Minneapolis, MN.

OMG! "Bury Obamacare With Kennedy" sign (from George Stepanopoulos blog)

A baby pony...

Text of President Obama's remarks at today's Minneapolis healthcare rally

Help. How would my Step-Brother go about getting his email/editorial posted on Huffingtonpost?

More Republican family values

Porta potties, crowd estimates, jigsaw puzzles, prayers, clowns, etc

Self-Employed, Health Insurance and The Public Option - Question........

LOL ABC's Yunji de Nies on twitter pushing back on the "2 million" quote attributed to ABC

A good analogy

So, when is there going to be a massive PRO-healthcare-reform rally?

So, when is there going to be a massive PRO-healthcare-reform rally?

Summing up today's massive right wing FAIL

The Supreme Court ruling on the Hillary Movie will up hold the

The naysayers have been wrong so often, a brief reminder is in order

Key Blagojevich Player Is Dead, Ex-Governor Says

Teabaggers and the media

Obama in Minnesota (or photos of the entire RW establishment being upstaged)

Do You Remember When They Called Obama a.....

Do You Remember When They Called Obama a.....

Call your Congressman and Senator...the ones you supported and

We need to pressure Obama!

DeMint: No more apologizing for Wilson

We WILL have health care reform, it WILL have a public option

Michelle Malkin: "ABC News reporting crowd at 2 million."

The Triumph of Wall Street: "Nothing has been fixed. Nothing has been changed ...."

Dallas is a very dangerous place. I wouldn’t go there. Don’t you go.”

25,000 of 300,000,000 is 0.0000833333%.

WSJ Letter: The Stimulus Is What Keeps Texas Afloat

Hey DU --- Guessed who VOTED for health care for illegal immigrant?

Just saw "The Rainmaker" a film from 1997 which shows how the

Why don't we show them how it's done

Obama: "I have no interest in having a bill get passed that fails."

Year 1994. A man opened fire at the White House. 29 shots fired. Eric Holder: "very disturbing"

Is the Right's Attack on Obama's Legitimacy New or Unprecedented?

Remember when the Media didn't want to report the head count on these?

McDonnell drops F-bomb in live interview

"Public Option" = Frim-Fram Sauce

Obama - 52%

Small Protest Agst Big Govt

The Capitalist Argument for the Public Option


Obama threat on twitter?

One of the signs here in DC: "Waterboard Obama - Find out if he knows anything"

PHOTO Fox News: 21st Century Paul Revere

Guests for the Sunday TV News Shows (Sebelius, Axelrod, Durbin, Gibbs, and "You Lie" on Faux)

Bwahahahaha - Photo: Infiltrating the 9/12ers

Suddenly, Rush Limbaugh seems benign

PHOTOS Minneapolis (Sept 12)

Organizing a MASSIVE pro-Healthcare Rally in DC - Contact Info.

An intelligent, handsome and eloquent man is on TV. And the crowd is happy and upbeat.

PHOTO Let's be honest about it, that WAS a huge crowd in DC

In honor of AnneD - Tommy Douglas - the Story of Mouseland - video snippet

Republican Scott Brown announces run for Kennedy's Senate seat

FACT - The President gave no commitment to a public option, bit did commit TO PAY OR PUNISH

Radical, Racist Signs Featured At 9/12 March

The NYT is completely clueless, beginning with Frank Rich

Why don't the Democrats organize a march on Washington?

Some of us agree with the Prez on certain issues and disagree on others

Call and email Pelosi NOW. UnitedHealth gives her a fundraiser as she backs off the Public Option

PHOTOS The Big Guy Meets, Well, The Biggest Guy

Prosecutors Are Poised to Impanel AIG Grand Jury

Obama should study how LBJ got Medicare passed.

In case you missed it: Complete speech by Obama in Minneapolis on video:

Anyone, look online and start posting local contact info for anyone who looks like they could be a..

Freepers are pissed....

Joe Wilson Outburst Leads to Boycott

What Happened To "United We Stand"? Now, Republicans Love To Say "Secede!"

Healthcare -Golden Opportunity to beat R's into the PERMANENT MINORITY. Here's how:

Minimalist Baby Names

Do The Posters That Only Post Negative Obama Articles & OP-Eds...

I think I figured out who the 2016 Democratic Nominee for President will be

One of the personal consequences of Obama's presidency.

When did Top Chef start eliminating people during the quickfire challenge?

Nation Marks Sept. 11 with Acts of Volunteerism


Card Won't Seek Kennedy's Seat

Wash Call: Military charities hurting ...guns for guards

In DePauw debate, Rove, Dean agree on need for civility

Abramoff Associate Was a 'Corrupter,' Not a Lobbyist, Prosecutors Tell Jury(Kevin Ring)

Attacks kill dozens; Afghans await poll results

Beck's protest patriots cant even be bothered to stop

California cemetery accused of desecrating remains

Monthlong sit-in ends as woman forced out of home

Taiwan ex-President jailed for life

Taiwan ex-President jailed for life

President Stumps For Health Care Reform

Lobbying Firm Says It Only Forged 13 Letters, Not 14

Brits train libyan army

Ex-attorneys general support former Ala. governor

Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost to Health

Peres 'feels fine' after collapsing at Tel Aviv event

U.S. to Expand Review of Detainees in Afghan Prison

Lobbyist trial looks at Istook’s office

Head Count: House Progressives Preparing For Public Option Showdown

US, partner nations accept Iran's offer for talks

S.C.'s Wilson Rakes In $750,000 in Less Than 48 Hours; Opponent Tops $1 Million

US stops Honduran leader's visa

President Obama on health bill: 'I own it'

Thousands march to US Capitol to protest spending

Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says

Putin hints at presidential bid


Millions More Thrust Into Poverty

5 U.S. Troops Among 50 Dead in Afghanistan

Key Blagojevich adviser Christopher Kelly dead

Fey an Emmy winner for Palin mimicry? You betcha

Chavez announces Russian missile purchase

Census Report Closes the Books on Bush's Legacy - Not one Repugs will point to with pride.

Countdown w/ Lawrence O'Donnell: 8 Years in Afghanistan - Now What?

President's Weekly Address: Losing Insurance Can Happen to Anybody

CBS: 9/11 Hero Fights for His Life

Ignore Right Wing Nuts-Move Forward

Common People - a William Shatner, Kirk & Spock tribute to the TEAbaggers...

James Traficant interview w/ Greta Van Susteren

Craig Ferguson Schools Rep. Joe Wilson: 'It's Not The Jerry Springer Show'

maxkeiser ON THE EDGE; Truck Stuck in Muck; guest, Rod Kirby-gold manipulation

Inside The Target Center

Crowd Gathers At Obama Speech - Target Center

TYT: First Hour Of The Show 9/10/09 (Obama, Healthcare, Rush & Much More)

President Obama health care speech Minneapolis ( part 1 of 4 ) - ( September 12, 2009 )

Betsy McCaughey is Back Binder & All Where's Jon Stewart When You Need Him??? Cough & All!

Young Turks: Should Obama Start Calling Out R's & Blue Dogs By Name?

CNN Interviews A Teabagger In Washington DC

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/ Mars Attacks Remix!

I Got Banned From Sarah Palin's Face Book Page

Republican Relocation Update

In Their Boots "Silent Partners" Demand Equality For All!

In Their Boots "Silent Partners" Demand Equality For All!

Angry teabagger mob chant "Glenn Beck" "Go Home", cheer "You Lie" Wilson during LIVE CNN broadcast

60 Minutes: Obama on Health Care (Preview) 'I Own It.'

Raw Video: Tea Party Protesters Converge on D.C.

Joe Scab Schools Gov. Pawlenty On Death Panels

Thom Hartmann - Why is 350 the most important number in the world?


Teabaggin' in DC - the 9/12 march!

Thom Hartmann & Michael Medved - The Great Health Care Debate

Bennet: We need to get health care reform done - and done right

CNN Guest: Republicans Are Stoking "White Racial Resentment"

Small Turnout Taxpayer March on DC vs Obama's Inauguration!

Karl Rove Claims Private Insurers Are More Efficient Than Medicare In Debate With Dean

Have you seen anything this amazing??

The Amazing Atheist OWNS The 9/12 Protesters

Beck fan and 9/12 protest attendee explains why Obama will oppress white America.

The Truth Behind Public Option

Minneapolis police mace protesters, repeatedly kicked woman while she was lying on the ground.

Maher: NEW RULES - 9/11/09 - Hurry & watch it before it's gone! Also links: monologue & Weiner

Bridgeport residents threatened by 9/11 tea party mob

A Mormon Speaks About Prop 8 in Church (Bishop turns off mic half way through!)

President Obama in Pictures: September 11, 2009

Parsing Mr. Wilson’s Apology

Wilson’s “Lie” reveals GOP wants untenable Citizenship test for healthcare.

A Buttload of Moolah! - latest from Margaret & Helen

Why It Might Be Healthier to Sleep Alone

Malarkey Overflow

Groups Back Health Reform, but Seek Cover.

The Godzilla Amendment

How Health Proposals Could Affect Americans Who Buy Their Own Insurance

Day-to-Day Malarkey Spares No One

Neil Gabler-The extreme Republican Party

Malarkey is as malarkey does

Just a touch of MALARKEY

It was a great day for MALARKEY

Its Prisons Dangerously Full, Why Is CA Fighting for Custody of a Dying Prisoner Across the Country?

Colbert I. King/Washington Post: Inspiring Obama Haters

The Wing-Nut Code: What Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Are Really Saying to Their Followers

Hey Teabaggers: Guess What the ORIGINAL Teabaggers Woulda' Said

Spank Me, Then Let's Do Lunch

Almost half of all Americans under 65 will lose health insurance in the next 10 years

Only the Insurance Companies Want a Level Playing Field

In Case you missed it: VIDEO President Obama health care rally in Minneapolis

The Chamber of Commerce doesn't think consumers need real protection after the financial crisis

Obama's Big Silence: The Race Question by Naomi Klein

New Rule: Float Like Obama, Sting Like Ali

U.S. Gives AFghan detainees rights to challenge their indefinite detention

Lesbians united: Facing down homophobic bullies

Some Politicians Use Hitler's Propaganda Techniques to Fight Against Health Care Reforms

Why Is Congress Negotiating with Health Care Industry Scofflaws?

Where the White House is placing its healthcare bets

Exposing the Bottom Feeders in Debt-Collection Industry

Attack on America: Right wing fringe wants to overthrow government

Fried Green MALARKEY at the Whistle Stop Café

Boy, Oh, Boy -- Some people just can’t believe a black man is president & will never accept it

(Canadian Minister of Economic Development and Trade) ‘By 2014, we will no longer use coal’

Documentary "The Electricity Fairy" will be shown Sept. 16 (Appalachian State University)

China''s August crude oil imports up 18 pct

Oil Pushes Up Manufacturers' Costs

Schwarzenegger to veto renewable energy bills

How to slash Medicare funding (surreptitiiously and in plain sight)

The 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

Extreme glacial melting (TED video, Greenland is a *must see*)

Yorvit Torrealba, I think I love you.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, September 11)


** The Official Smallmen vs. Dodgers Thread **

Seeds of Giants renewal sprouting fast..

Should I even bother to watch the Dodgers/Giants game again tonight?

Transitions key in changing division (AFC East)

Trouble at The Dick Cheney Bowl

Small boy runs onto Comerica Park field


Houston-44; Oklahoma-35.

Sharks get Danny Heatley

Fucking Kevin And Pat Williams Get Big Fat Kiss From 3-Judge Panel

Union files grievance for Seymour

Boxing 9-12-09

Vin Scully is doing the MLB Network feed from Frisco

The PAC 10 rules!! The Big 10 sucks!!

That was a crazy end to the Clijsters/Williams match

Ohio State Coach should be fired. Called the dumbest game

Sorry, Buckeyes. Tressel sucks.

Guatemala arrests nine in assassination of Rosenberg

EU to warn Honduras of further sanctions over coup

Cuban revolutionary commander dies of heart attack

Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says

My Dialogue with Peruvian Embassy

Radio Globo: U.S. yanking visas of golpistas, including Micheletti

Cuban revolutionary Almeida dies

Mexico's Monetary Crisis

Pittsburgh cop killer Poplawski: A gun nut who followed white supremacist sites


Jews who sell to Arabs are enemies

Israel's Peres collapses, recovers in hospital

The West Bank's Deceptive Growth

Newly confident Ramallah struts out at Ramadan

Any thoughts on why the gun grabbers don't respond to the stories when a woman does the shooting.

Jailed Iranian trade unionist urgently needs your help

Economic Report: Wage Theft Victimizes U.S. Low-Wage Workers

Daddy, Did Wall Street Win the War?

Former Republic Windows and Doors President Goes to Jail

Safeway Presents "Last" Contract Offer in Colorado; Faces Strike Lines in Canada

Great recession may be bottoming out, but workers still have a long way to go

Today in Labor History Sept 12, Jobless workers march on grocery stores and seize food in Toledo, Oh

Some Interesting Art Pieces From a Community Garden

Remember the little red-headed girl? I met her today at the Dolphin Research Center

Cab driver strikes back, kills would-be robber

One Stabbed, One Shot During Home Invasion

Woman: Shooting man was self-defense

Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber Fights Back After Being Tasered

Teen burglary suspect killed

Armed homeowner holds youth suspected of burglary try

Intruder Shot At Northland Apartment Police: Woman Fired Gun At Man During Attempted Break-In

Police: 2 teens killed trying to break into home

James Balog: Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss (TED)

How Do Space Pictures Get So Pretty?

Up, up and away! Scientists levitate mice

Caster Semenya reported to be intersexed. - DUPE

Protect Maine Equality Tomorrow from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Lesbians united: Facing down homophobic bullies

We can quote the Bible too

Orlando's HOLY LAND's free day will be Oct 6, "Come Out With Pride" event to start at attraction

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/09/09

World faces hi-tech crunch as China eyes ban on rare metal exports

The 'Dirty Little Secret' : Poverty Linked to Early Death Now Just as 100 Years Ago

How long ago was it, when it possible to go into a doctor's office and ask.....'s me again

I need some tips from you !

Go gratitude

Saturn return

Where do they get this shit?!?! (Personal encounter with a Salem, OR Teabagger)

Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins square off for the WSJ in "Man vs. God"

Would this constitute evidence that there is no God?

If we cap secondary school size at 1000 students, how would that affect quality ?

What math courses did you take in High School ? Did you go to a public school ?

Need ideas please - 18 hungry teenagers and it's my turn to bring the food

Fifty questions on 9/11 By Pepe Escobar

"The building shook"

WSJ Letter: The Stimulus Is What Keeps Texas Afloat

Toyota moving Tacoma production to San Antonio

Wharton woman to take on Perry, Hutchison

Man it feels good to be back in Austin!

911 Wallet, WTC ID

Swanson in KC, OK City, Dallas

John Farmer, The Ground Truth

Interesting article on WTC collapse.

2009 North Texas Salute to Jim Wright -- OCTOBER 10th - Fort Worth

It is intellectually dishonest to say Flight 93's intended target was the U.S. Capitol.

Shack's new website

Roger Ebert 'reviews' Creation

Very Cool Michael Jackson Remix/Tribute