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I almost cut my hair today. Modem warning.

Sources: US to sign UN gay rights declaration

Tweety just said his Irish Catholic grandparents had the same surname

Citi paid for my lunch the next two days

OK, enough with the skiing is so dangerous and deadly crap. It's not.

Take a look at Laura Flanders' GritTV. On FSTV if you have Dish Network and online

The market has rallied and CNBC has had an orgasm...

Holder Urged to Probe Allegations of Torture, ACLU Seeks Answers About Detainees

Latest Sanford request detached from reality

All the senatorial bluster is a bit much

MRI Lie Detection to Get First Day in Court

NYT: Team Effort In The House To Overhaul Health Care (Waxman, Rangel, Miller)

Has anyone here seen "The Obama deception"?

Bolton: Why does Gov. Sanford hate our state?

Now It’s Personal

Students Tie Camera To Balloon, Get Amazing Images From 20 Miles Up

Are the AIG bonuses a tipping point?

Outrages: Ruth Madoff Retreats to Florida

House Republicans To Force Geithner's Hand on AIG Negotiations

Whistleblower's tale

Gregory is in Full Corporate Mode on NBC right now

Gregory is in Full Corporate Mode on NBC right now

Australian government curbs the law re bonuses

AIG's Edward Liddy will answer questions on Capital Hill today. What would you ask?

Youy don't attack FRIENDS you JUST elected in public street protests!

The four letter word CEOs fear

By keeping Clinton scumbag holdover Larry Summers and Bush holdover Geithner....

AIG CEO Braces For Congress' Wrath

Enough with the laissez faire crap.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Dupe, pls. delete. nt


AIG Bonuses, Bank Bailouts or Credit Default Swaps.....

GOP Senators Urge Obama to Replace Hill as Nominee for Ambassador to Iraq

Homelessness czar calls stimulus 'manna from heaven'

Things I learned from watching Bill O'Reilly this morning

== Steal These Words = By Mark Morford

Obama and generals consider expanding drone strikes to targets in and around Pakistan cities

WJ this morning: What are your thoughts on a special tax

#1 Reason the Bailout Crimes Will Not Be Prosecuted

Vermont's largest newspaper (a Gannett paper at that) strongly endorses same sex marriage

An Islamic Creationist Stirs a New Kind of Darwinian Struggle

Turns out that Bush has his own acorn

Prosecutors Step Up Scrutiny Of Madoff's Assets, Seek Over $30M From His Sons

Will the AIG hearing be shown live on any venue????

Lawrence Wilkerson: Some Truths About Guantanamo Bay

Guest Post (BLASTING CHENEY) by Lawrence Wilkerson (TPM): Some Truths About Guantanamo Bay

Obama's campaign network mobilized to promote agenda

The TALF: Bernanke’s Witness Protection Program

Clerk shoots robbery suspect

Things is tough all over, brother

Get ready to hear about another "failure of imagination"

Tauscher in line for State Dept. job: Reports

Dear President Obama

CNNs Lou Dobbs tried linking The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to drug trafficking

AIG CEO tells Congress retention payments "DISTATEFUL"

I have a suggestion for best use of the AIG executives

Why are Bush's US Attorneys still on the job?

Neal Boorz criticizes Frank while supporting Bonus babies

Why does the FEDERAL RESERVE exist? Private bankers controlling the U.S money supply??

Derivative Denial ! Give me a break.

PLEASE HELP ME wrap my mind around this

Specter: I Won't Run As A Dem -- But Maybe As Indy?

Who's the boob who doesn't know how to pin the tail on the donkey speaking in the House right now?

President Obama, Why Did You Pay Blackwater $70 Million in February?

US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites

C-SPAN3 Federal Aid to AIG Insurance - House Hearing

Well sooner or later Bush/Cheney had to be right about something

Earmark-a-palooza: Hypocrites who voted against omnibus bill after inserting their own earmark$$$

Fucking blue dog dems suck!

Diebold Admits Systemic Audit Log Failure

AlterNet: We Are Entering a New Political Era, and We Need an Educated Public to Deal with It

Work toward peace, Barack Obama's sister urges CSUS crowd

These Dem conservatives are aligning themselves with conservative Republicans on Obama's budget.

Bush has to sneak around Canada

A jeb. Go figure.

Shortsighted Americans??

James Madison: Founding Father who established the separation of Church and State

Perp Walks Instead of Bonuses By Robert Scheer

When Denver was ruled by the KKK in the 1920s, the Rocky Mountain News got into the "spirit"

Oops! SEC Drops the Ball (Again)

Oops! SEC Drops the Ball (Again)

Spencer Bachus related to Jim Bachus?

I hope those assholes with bonuses at AIG get an STD

Constitution may favor GOP governors in stimulus standoff

Where online can I catch Young Turks?

The media and the outrageous offenses against Richard Cheney

Cooking the Insurance Books

"The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, ..........

ON BAILOUT: the parable of helping your gambling child...

Huffington Post: Boosted by Pro-Union Poll, Labor Targets Blue Dog Congressman, AIG, Banks

I think you're all a bunch of pinko commas!

Liberal tycoons, it's time to buy up radio stations

Notable quotables: Greed and Materialism

Ok, if we are going to give billions of money away to prop up companies...

The Husband Of Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s Is A ‘Protector Of The Palin Brand’

The Husband Of Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s Is A ‘Protector Of The Palin Brand’

This country needs a Southectomy...

Anyone else think these recent so-called bonuses were actually "payoffs" for keeping quiet?

Deputies: Sisters say they robbed Game Room to pay for Hurricane Ike damage

Did you know that Sandra Lee from The Food Network

Some men just want to watch the world burn

The Top 10 Craziest Sex Laws in America

Companies Who Got Bailout Money & Their Opposition v. EFCA!!!

What if his name was James Muhammad?

Glenn Beck INSISTED This Morning That the AIG Bonuses Were EARNED

Another Blue Dog Dem Confirms He’ll Vote Against Employee Free Choice

Shuster Tweets Rove: "next time, try defending yourself 'like a man,' - mano y mano"

One burglar shot, another stabbed in Woodbridge

There is something very, very wrong with the distribution of wealth.

The CIA responds to Seymour Hersh (via MinnPost)

jobs? shouldn't HAZMAT company's business be growing by leaps and bounds?

In Case You Missed These Stories at

Anyone else tired of Congressional faux outrage at AIG?

Media ignore Bush Treasury Department role in last year's AIG bailouts, notwithstanding bonus packag

Why I Do Not Support President Obama’s Budget in Its Entirety

If being a job seeker paid, how much do you think one would make?

Have you noticed whenever we get a new bogeyman the Dems and Republicans are always in agreement?

How Your Town Can Keep Its Water Out of Corporate Hands: A Test Case

This is rich. Rethugs whining about lack of bipartisanship from Obama admin

Wanna know the names of some of the AIG bonus boys? Here you go.

If you're going to go to an anti-war protest, why not go to a United for Peace and Justice one...

State per pupil expenditures: How does your state rank?

Neither would Afghanistan be allowed to become a tribal state nor a 'puppet,' Karzai said.

Glenn Greenwald: The Dishonest "Blame Dodd" Scheme from Treasury Officials

Can A Class Action Suit Be Taken Out On Behalf Of The American People......

Rep. Tauscher to head arms control & nonproliferation at State Dept. Open to new warheads for nukes

Are Democrat Reps SUPPOSED to Represent the Democratic Party?

The Rude Pundit: Welcome to the Party, Bitches (Fiduciary Outrage Edition)

Who Is Following TPMemo's Reporting On AIG's Possible Criminal Activity Circa 2007?

AIG Consultant's "Million Dollar A MONTH Contract" (Signed AFTER He Ran AIG Into Ground)

How violated do you feel by the AIG Decision to pay obscene bonuses

Given 30 years of "pay for performance"

And what do they have to offer to the American people ??

Evan Bayh says his new coalition is necessary to "restrain the influence of Party liberals".......

Brazen Bull. The Wall Street thieves should get the Brazen Bull.

There is a Statute of Limitations on Torture but there is not on "War Crimes"

The Chairman of America's Health Insurance Plans Supports A Public Insurance Option

The Chairman of America's Health Insurance Plans Supports A Public Insurance Option

Woah! Stephen Lynch just said "god damn" when..

Why do you think AIG blew up?

Price Freezes.....Help or Hurt??????

Bush promises to write political memoirs in 'authoritarian voice saying exactly what happened'

Pope Benedict – Winner of Dumbass of the Week!

Nate Silver: AIG: How a Meme Spreads

These AIG employees who thought they "earned" their bonuses

I don't see why a contract saying that someone should get a bonus should be valid when

OxyRush: Lynch mob, peasants with pitchforks "ginned up by" Obama demanding heads at AIG

Transcending Sports and Politics: USA Baseball and an injured Iraq War Veteran

There is no way to put lipstick on this pig--The NEW CONSERVATIVE

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 18

GOP's "small government" talk is hollow

Geithner UNAMBIGUOUSLY Demands Repayment Of Bonuses!

Just Like Some In Congress Are Asking Those That Received Bonuses To Give Them Up.....

Correctly Political: Dear Abby, I Thought He'd Never Do It Again

A moment to decide who we are.

AIG's Liddy: "Necessary" bonuses also "distasteful," says he "shares public's anger"

AIG's Liddy: "Necessary" bonuses also "distasteful," says he "shares public's anger"

Why is it not criminal ??

EVAN BAYH forming splinter group of Democrats

U.S. Bans Ex-Mossad Chief Over Spy Case

Contractor accused of hacking for nude teen pics

Juan Cole will be on The Colbert Report tonight

President Obama axes GOP in new budget push

Liddy: Bonuses will be paid to avoid systemic shock to the economy.

HAHA...the Dallas Bush House is a 'no-fly-zone'!!

Are you happy with Gates as Defense Sec? I'm not

Are you happy with Gates as Defense Sec? I'm not

Charter Schools: The NEA position and a few links to reports and data

Can someone please explain to me REAL SIMPLY the concept of "hush money" in regard to the bonuses?

Bayh's Coalition of the Shilling (for Republican values) announced

Trying to move the electorate back to the right.....

Elderly Woman Sentenced to Jail and Lashings for Fraternization in Saudi Arabia

Rasmussen's Polls are becoming very suspicious.

President Obama's Final Four: UNC, Pitt, Memphis, and Louisville. Champion is UNC

91% Tax on the Bonuses: A Teaching Opportunity Missed?

after the Chase CEO's comments last week

Extremist anti-gay bill 'Don't Say Gay' debated in Tennessee today

The "Salvador Option" In Afghanistan?

Under Obama administration, Gates readies big cuts in weapons

Absolutely incredible opportunity left unseized by these AIG bonus execs...

"What We’re Seeing Today Is Policy That’s Basically On The Right Track, With Errors On The Margin."

Jazz lovers: Here is a business that DESERVES a bailout!

Who here has been on Capitol Hill petitioning Congress tirelessly for the past 6+ years?

The perfect animal for the Republican Party's new mascot

You folks in Pink, give up the signs or be removed from the room...

Dear President Obama: Why aren't Bush and Cheney on trial?

Thom Hartmann's first hour sponsor: Hummer (WTF?!?)


Change in D.C.? Not on AIG's watch

Daily Koz: Please Help Me Defend the EFCA

Federal Open Market Committee meeting results

From the burqa to the catwalk (you won't believe where)

Liddy says that he had to pay bonuses to keep country from going into depression,

Oconto County, WI man charged with poisoning 200 wild turkeys.

We Live In Ant Farm

The latest on Natasha Richardson from the NYT

AIG Boss to offer bonus *compromise*

Arianna Discusses Outrage Over AIG Bonuses, Obama Administration's Response On "Larry King"

Do you support targeted taxes to recover AIG bonuses?

Not to downplay the bonuses, but they were less than 0.1% of the AIG bailout

NBC doesn't want to get the point

Is Canada's Science Minister a Creationist?

Britain’s cover-up of torture is unravelling


President Obama: I don't want to quell people's anger. People are right to be angry.

The Daily Show forum on Jim Cramer being freeped

Curious? No Joe Scab to discuss head injury

Obama to Sign U.N. Declaration Calling for Decriminalization of Homosexuality

I totally expected Jon Stewart to rip Tucker Carlson's bowtie to shreds last night

Repubs pushing Coleman to get MN Senate election decided by SOTUS

Madoff's accountant charged with fraud

The Math on Madoff Does NOT WORK ....

He's b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck

Dem Rep. to Citigroup CEO: Explain How You Didn't Lie to Me

"Naming Names"

AIG proves that bonuses need to be banned

What's more important in the AIG Bonuses, Names or Methodology?

If the public schools in this country

Pentagon Officially Lifts Ban on Media Access to War Dead

Time For The Member Of Congress That Took "No Bonuses" Out ......

Could the AIG hedge-fund deals and subprime mortgages be connected?

I don't really care about the AIG bonuses, I just want this thing fixed.

Limbaugh Leader For The Silent Majority - LTTE

Liddy says that they will probably return their bonuses with their resignations.

Liddy says that they will probably return their bonuses with their resignations.

The Bailout Bonus Is A Wedge Issue.

I am listening to Noron ... she sounds like she's doing Entertainment Tonight

On Helmets. Head injuries can happen anywhere - shouldn't we be wearing helmets 24/7?

The media fascination with "moderates" and "fiscal conservatism"

Who put the pro-bonus language in the final version of the latest stimulus bill?

What about pay raise for members of Congress?

Bat Hung onto Shuttle During Liftoff

As a former public servant who had his SALARY published in a newspaper. . .

As a former public servant who had his SALARY published in a newspaper. . .

My cousin had a bloody nose.

Your $32 Million Takes a Village in England

Why Do Our Dem Reps Sabotage Their Majority?

Obama is quite the joker- did anyone see this?

Flashback: It Was Bush, GOP That Opposed Executive Compensation Caps

Was AIG just a means to funnel bailout money to other companies?

I feel so stimulated

Stimulus backroom deal backfires

How Long Before the "Concerned" Demand Mandatory Child Safety Seats in Cars?

Republican Lawmakers Who Opposed Salary Caps Last Month But Are Now Attacking AIG Bonuses, Part II

Can you remember a celebrity accident where so little

Judge refuses to delay hearing in Lawrence King murder

New Water-Is-Wet Poll: Obama Would Crush Palin In 2012....

A carpool leaves Denny's containing Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly

Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the Financial Meltdown

Fed Will Buy $1 Trillion In Securities To Boost Economy

Fair And Balanced Reporting from CNBC

If Franken wins, he wants Coleman to pay court costs, some lawyers’ fees

OK, explain this to me, please! Fed will buy $300B in longer-term U.S. debt

AG Holder signals shift in marijuana policy

The Husband Of Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Is A ‘Protector Of The Palin Brand’

Because we need to understand....

The importance of the AIG bonus story is

President Obama: Drain the Swamp...

You know ...... I'd rather deprive the country of truly great Senator or Representative ............

Austerity Tide Hits Florida Beaches

Mission accomplished...

Thomas Frank wrote an excellent column in the WSJ today. I heard

Marketing Idea

CNN Poll: Most Americans say Obama is doing too much

CNN Poll: Most Americans say Obama is doing too much

Timmy's brilliant plan to recoup AIG bonuses.

Some Truths About Guantanamo Bay Lawrence Wilkerson

Scenes from the recession

finally, the "the people" are pissed off - LINK

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part Cheney's Baaack! and more

Get over it

Tweety Keeps Asking Who Deleted The "No Bonus" Language .....

Pro-gun Democrats oppose new assault weapon ban

McCain is all "a-twitter" about potential Trade War.

Second Tier Medicine...

So ... Bob Shrum sez the Reps want this bailout shit to poison the well to all bailout$ and $timuli

Help needed! Who was the repuke who said recently that earmarks

For those of you who think $165M is chump change,

Congress held the AIG hearing today and Geithner & Bernanke "couldn't make it" ????

L.A.’s bottled water spending increases after ban

so..... who removed the snowe-wyden amendment....dodd says he didn't....

A $165 Million Outrage (our forces in Iraq for about 10 hours!)

A $165 Million Outrage (our forces in Iraq for about 10 hours!)

Jessica Lange hospitalized with broken collarbone

If DU existed in 1933, what do you think the board would look like?

GOP Looks to Capitalize on AIG Confusion

Jesus, Buchanan, D'ya hafta SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN??

President Obama: Why are you such a failure to people here???

Caption this old photo?

Why are we still funding Blackwater mercenaries?

NOBODY knows who took the bonus exclusion out of the bill?????

Evan Bayh

What should our national drug policy be?

Rich get food stamps in Ohio..Loophole allows those w/ 100K in bank but no assets to get food stamp

Natasha Richardson's condition likely due to delayed bleeding

Talk & Die Syndrome

Understanding Quiverfull, antifeminist, conservative Christian movement motivates the Duggars

Ed Shultz is hosting Shuster again

Ed Shultz is hosting Shuster again

I know they are saying we're not gonna be as bad as

AIG: DUers... Please stop enabling THE BIGGEST FRAUD EVER

Ed Schultz hosting for David Shuster? Could he be the next Rachel Maddow? (I hope not.)

Breaking: Judge orders Bank of America to release

What would make you feel better about the Wall Street bailouts?

Here's A Way To Find Out Who Took The "No Bonus" Language Out......

Palin 2012

Three more 'anonymous' Dems involved in Bayh's new 'moderate' coalition...

Barney Frank's opinion of Boehner:

Shultz: Politico writer and Lars Larson on at the same time

Can oversight ever stay ahead of criminals?

George Bush a popular president?

Classic film comments or how I spent my sick day afternoon

Dictionaries 'redefine' meaning of marriage

I gotta say it ..... health care weasel words

Ghost Town: An American Nightmare


Split Emerging Between Conservative Media And GOP Leadership On AIG Mess

State insurance examiner: AIG is a house of cards.

Media ignore Bush Treasury Department role in last year's AIG bailouts....

Petland Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Peddling Unhealthy Puppy Mill Dogs in at Least 20 States

Those Hit Hardest Get No Bailout

Police ask Gloria Allred to leave octuplet home

Rendell Will Throw His Full Weight Behind Democrat Against Specter

Man we're getting twitchy

CNN Reporting: It Was Dodd - And Dodd Just Admitted It

Surprise! Rush Gets It Wrong on Free Choice

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post Attacks Jon Stewart For Doing Research

FYI, Obama's town hall is on CSPAN 3

FYI - Big rally happening while y'all cry about AIG. DOW up 121+.

The Story of AIG's disintegration was the cover story of Fortune magazine's

Obama ...... "I love you back" MSNBC Hell of a speech!

Diebold Admits Audit Logs in ALL Versions of Their Software Fail to Record Ballot Deletions

Oh God! Now Sanford will cut all help to us and pay down debt or whatever.

Tell me if I have this AIG bonus thing right.

Ann Coulter said that she will probably stop writing books because of Obama's Taxes on Rich

Rush fueling more freeper paranoia

Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-CA22) says a Treasury operative changed the bill while in conference

Was the Lone Ranger a Racist?

The real 'outrage' behind AIG's bonuses

The media is intentionally helping foment riots in the streets re: AIG bonuses.

Key Afghan insurgents open door to talks

Anti-Union-Tribune sold

How Long Until SOT Geithner Resigns

Instead of "Power Corrupts" why not "Power Ruins Reading Comprehension"?

What's the difference?

Is Cristopher DODO seeking re-election?

Regarding education and teachers...

What Did Geithner Know and When Did He Know It?

Glenn Greenwald: The success of drug decriminalization in Portugal

Fundie logic: Gays and lesbians who want to adopt children are fulfilling 'selfish desires'

Olbermann on Leno tonight?

Bonuses=Sideshow-'Legal Loan Sharks Confiscated Billions-Rewarded By Lobbyists'-By Robert Scheer

A little more on why, maybe, folks are so upset with this wall street stuff

Who needs Republicans when you have "Democrats" like Evan Bayh?

Who's watching Pres Obama's Town Hall Meeting

Army probes domestic use of troops in Alabama...

when cable 'news' channels cut away from the president speaking for commercials......

CNBC exec: Stewart's criticisms "unfair," "out of line"

Ebert selects "Chop Shop" for CWA film (Senator Hagel to be there too)

National Security Archive says declassified files show US knew of Guatemala's murdered, missing

I saw the new Puke Bumper Sticker this evening

Citigroup's Top Economist Tapped For Treasury Post

NY Atty General Can Release Names Of Merrill Bonus Recipients: Judge

AFL-CIO Chief: Rescind AIG Bonuses

Went to the paint store today - guess what? No paint store.

House Will Vote Thursday On Taxing AIG Bonuses

Am I wrong in saying that only assholes are jumping on Libby .......

What if moderate dems and moderate republicans formed their own party?

Greenwald: "The dishonest "Blame Dodd" scheme from Treasury officials"

Alaska begins wolf killings to boost caribou for hunters

Um---I'm guessing the Fundies will mobilize to save Natasha Richardson?

Jeez, can we get rid of Dino Dianne already? Feinstein reportedly was given $12,250 by AIG

We need higher wages, trade rules that favor nations that pay decent wages

David Schuster said "ass" ...

Anyone listening to Rep.Dana Rohrabacher (R) Calif. talk

I think we all have more in common here than not.

Per the AIG facts: Joseph Cassano-style wheeler-dealers exploited and wrote more than $400 Million

Scooter you use with both feet and sway

Closed caption just said: "San Diegans weigh in on whether AIG should have been boiled out"

McClatchy: Obama's Afghanistan 'surge': diplomats, civilian specialists

President Obama, Why Did You Pay Blackwater $70 Million in February?

Obama wants to expand Afghan force to 400,000, that's Afghanistan's own people in their own army.

Rachel Maddow I love you

How soon 'til AIG changes its name?

What will you do if the following happens? ( Warning : Disturbing Prospect)

The big picture is they have too much money to play with.

If wage was defined by hard work and a desire to learn,

Perverted Justice goes Fed

MIT Economist Simon Johnson's Web Site, Baseline Scenario, Blocked by Bank

"I don't get tenure on my job. So why should *teachers* ?"

(found on fark) Mail carrier saves woman from burning home; finishes her route

France chastises Pope on condoms (BBC)

Gay student banned from wearing rainbow

Video of tonight's Obama town hall meeting?

My ramblings about the GOP-created financial crisis.

USA Today, LA Times continue to omit Bush Treasury's role in AIG bonus controversy

Impeach the Pope

7% pay cut...

How are Corporate Bailouts NOT Fascism by another moniker?

Natasha Richardson...RIP

Bonuses allowed by stimulus bill, effectively exempting AIG

Face it. Nothing will change unless crimes are charged,...

Breaking-Bill Richardson signed a bill repealing the death penalty in New Mexico.

the business of America used to be business. We produced stuff and got paid for it.

Should be required reading for all DUers -- explains the financial crisis as no other article has:

How do you feel about stereotypes and 'hate' speech?

Watching the hearings. Here's how it works.

Why are humans not part of nature?

It is a terminal shame that our largest companies

I think I'm gonna have a New JersGasm Tomorrow Night: Springsteen on the Daily Show

John McCain throws his daughter under the bus

Juan Cole on The Colbert Report Now

Government printing mass amounts of money...

Who knows if Keith O is on with Leno or Letterman tonight? I think it's Dave

Some Guantanamo prisoners could be released in US

What pisses you off most about this current GOP-inspired financial crisis?

Heads up: Olbermann on Leno in a few minutes.

rachel is exposing the hypocrisy of my senator....bob corker (R-TN)

Maybe those futurists are about to be correct...Street legal flying car successfully tested

Obama Cynicists? Do you think this is possible?

Who owns Colorado's rainwater?

Caption this pic

House hearing with AIG Ed Liddy: CHrm - "We warned you to not take the bonuses." LIVE MSNBC 1:30EDT

Obama really got off in the weeds when he tried to explain the financial crisis ......

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

New Mexico governor repeals death penalty in state

The case for a domestic marijuana industry

The case for a domestic marijuana industry

Want to "win" in Afghanistan?

HEY! You Code Pink "ladies"....Calm the fuck down!!!1

Dodd sez:

Bayh's 15 "Moderates" Named.....

U.S. to deploy hundreds of civilian officials to Afghanistan

Strange but wonderful day

Should Employee Free Choice Act Go Even Further With Labor Law Reform?

Spitzer re WSJ blaming him for AIG:"I hope nobody relies upon them to make important life decisions"

Obama Is Still Using Blackwater

The new Dora

Where is the money AIG lost?

Bayh refuses to name anonymous members of his new Blue-Dog style coalition.

Lawrence Wilkerson: Some Truths About Guantanamo Bay -must read

Tim Geithner - Stay or Resign?

Larry Wilkerson: Cheney is "evil"

Time to pile on. Let's not forget that Tim Geithner is a tax cheat.

I am feeling like I might imagine the Romans did long about 409 AD

Geithner AND Summers need to resign. ASAP.

Ex-Bush Aide Gets 30 Months For Stealing $600K

Focus shifts to flow of cash, arms into Mexico

Time for Obama to start getting tough

Can anyone explain NCAA Tournament?

So it IS a conspiracy, Bernie!

Diebold Admits ALL Versions of Their Software Delete Ballots Without Notice

Principal in Providence bit, punched by mom, police say

Congress passed a law in 2005 that is key to the AIG scandal....

Stunning! After all the bullshit, all the years, and all it took was $150 million in bonuses?

Let's Get This Straight

Official kidnapping: Lawrence Wilkerson says Guantanamo contained many known to be innocent

Mackey Wins Dog-Sled Title

Professor: Detainees' accounts confirm White House authorized torture

I don't want my elected officials to share my outrage.

The feces has hit the rotating blades...

Tim Giethner may have known about bonuses all along ..

Tim Giethner may have known about bonuses all along ..

You Thought AIG Shit Had Already Hit The Fan? NOT!!

So my son's high school just had a gun scare and lockdown

Conyers: "We came very close to removal proceedings on the president (Bush)"


"Lord help him who hath shat in the place where he hath et".. a legislator's lament

"Lord help him who hath shat in the place where he hath et".. a legislator's lament

"Lord help him who hath shat in the place where he hath et".. a legislator's lament

Did you have good parents?

Geitner's AIG solution holds no one accountable

Army says regular troops patrolled Samson, Alabama -- inquiry under way

I cannot believe it: I got a job.

Natasha Richardson reportedly taken off life support

Dollars & Sense: Amazon Kindle Equals the Death of Personhood, Ownership, and Free Speech?

Lying Or Incompetent - Either Way, Geithner Needs to Be Fired

GM working toward making future generations of Chevy Volt affordable

Invoice from firm that advertises in pro-marijuana magazines led to arrest of Press sports columnist

65 pro-gun House Democrats push back against AG Holder's call for new gun ban

Serenity--a Short Poverty Story.

Would $100 marriage-license fee help prevent divorce?

I sent this to HuffPo regarding the AIG Bonus obsession...

Sci Fi equals 24 hour Taps, seriously, I would like to know just

Police: Teacher Made Boy Eat From Garbage

Spring Break for Iraq

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: They're going nuts over AIG

Jon Stewart VS Dick Cheney - What If

More than 400 Girls and Women Murdered in ten years in La Ciudad Juarez

Weird rant.

I accidentally sprayed deodorant in my mouth and the cat's eyes changed colors.

IT'S TIME TO GET BACK INTO THE GAME!!!! First National Protest of Wars Under Obama Wednesday

Am I the only one who can't stand "Chuck"?

Crybaby Rush Limbaugh on my front porch this morning (PIC)

OWI killer back in jail. (Good!)

Mexican tariffs will cost Oregon 'millions'

In an alleged free-market economy, how can one company's failure take the whole world down with it?

Hey, look who's still pissed off at John Stewart!

Can Kinky Friedman beat Rick Perry for Texas governor?

Cenk @ HP: What Did Geithner Know and When Did He Know It? & Jane Hamsher Joins Cenk To Discuss AIG

Why the Pope opposes condoms

Obama will be on Jay Leno tomorrow night.

Natasha Richardson has died.. per CNN n/t

As the DU World Turns......Geographic Survey of DUers.

Time to dog the 'blue' dogs

Merit pay for teachers? Obama needs to read this!

I Don't Care About AIG's Bonuses

With due respect to CODE PINK. . .

With due respect to CODE PINK. . .

Why Code Pink Protests the Way They Do

World Can't Wait is a communist front group which is infested with red cultish freakery.

Should somebody get the death penalty for starting forest fires?

re: CODE PINK, it's amazing that some DUers want to act like those of us who are turned off. . .

March On the Pentagon against the War on March 21 !

Attention TYT Fans: New XM & Sirius Hours For The Young Turks

You think I care much about all this crap over AIG bonuses? Read on.

We, the following members of DU want PROSECUTION of the BUSH/CHENEY gangsters.

The Ballad of Henry Knox

The Secret 9/11 Memorial

I have the total mom guilts tonight.


If you got a lucrative-assed job like Tom Cruise in "The Firm," would you STFU and take the money OR

Jan and Dean "Little Old Lady from Pasadena"

Anyone else ,PUI??

Wilford Brimley: Who Wants Cake?

Wanna be ballbusters....

Craig Fergusun is the man

To you


Shit! I broke an index finger nail.

I was hoping for more polls tonight

Long Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply

The Noodleboy is slightly PUI. Can you Stump the Noodleboy?

Lounge Vibes needed.

Jesus I'm drunk. Did Obama win? n/t

A leprechaun visited me on Tuesday..

I would guess he was about 8-10 years old

Anyone Posting Naked?

DUers without Animal Names, Report in!

Fucking lovely. Six cops are our front of our townhouse unit.

Tree Featured In 'The Deer Hunter' Dies

Remember this pic of Palin?

Chance for Boston-area DUers to make a quick $85

My favorite LOLcats


Would someone invite you to a party?


Are you an interesting person?

I feel bad.."Did Bat Hitch a Ride to Space?"

I saw Garrison Keillor last night in performance here in my neck of the woods.

So... how did *your* St. Patrick's Day go?

Earworm heard this AM. Sounds painful.

Any NCIS followers here?

7' 1" Moorehead State center Chief Kickingstallionsims

Are you a DUer? Check in here. Looking for other DUer's!!!! n/t

3 Hurt as Explosion Launches Canister in Pasadena


I live in a city where almost half of the population is a visible minority.

Are You Gonna Take Me Home Tonight??

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/18/09 (language warning)

Have we, the "consumers" messed things up...

Are you HUMAN??

Question for all the techies - regarding cell phone signals.

Stephen Colbert and son

Did you hear the one about the Greenlander who refused to go on the Narhwal hunt?

How come grits are from corn and Corn Nuts aren't?

I wonder if we are gonna see madinmaryland on an episode of COPS soon

What religion should you join(test).

many How people here think in you ignore on? do have you

I just found a 1937 Dime - pretty neat looking


Are you GEEK?

Are you GREEK?

Are you a MAN or a MOUSE???

I bet Narwhal would make great sushi


The greatest thing since sliced bread. I can think of 3 things:


Best TV show about TV


How many webpages do you have open at any given time?



Any Reel to Reel tape aficianados here?

Are you a NERMAL??

Are you ITALIAN?


How much should I pay for standard black coffee?

I'm creating my own soverign country. I like the name Screwallofya

Aaah, romance!

How come people in some corn-producing states don't eat grits?


Spring is in the air.....everyone is happy....I feel like shit

Christian the lion’s owners recall final farewell

My Psych teacher is a funnie.

Man showing off for a woman falls from 6th floor balcony...and survives.

Flying Car Finishes 1st Successful Flight

Thank you Norman Chad (someone had to say it - college basketball)

I'm on a webinar and the presenter is from Mississippi.

I was hoping for more trolls tonight.

Come and get it while you can...

I am an American with Lithuanian ancestors

I had to replace my Comcast digital converter box today

This weather makes me want a beer.

I am an American with Lithium addiction

Remember when Homicide combined with Law and Order...

somehow using an elliptical and browsing DU seems like i am cheating

Which Archangel Are You?

Craigslist - I went ahead and posted Angel's ad there, too.

Did you here the one about Billy Corgan?

Do you trust insurance companies?

I have a weird pain on my left index finger...

I've become very concerned about Symarip lately.

Damn, it's locked.

Come Vote! Help us Make Rockland Maine "Coolest Small Town"

If you insist on spelling "you" as "u", "yu", or "yuu"...

I've been emotionally weird lately: the smallest things have been moving me to tears

Are you an ALIEN?

Keep feeling fascination

Who is working on the health care plans...mostly behind closed doors.

The pig goes "la la la".


When I see a message by someone with the same avatar as me, I think "hey, i don't remember that!"

quick! pic today.....

Easter 1916

How are you dealing with the depression?

I'm just a love machine and I won't work for nobody but you. n/t

For the editors and other people who care about language:

She's got everything I need...

cool song

Music lovers: The best rendition of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus I've ever seen.

FOOD FIGHT! Over 200 replies to Sandra Lee thread.

new willies

I got an email from my roofer this morning.

finally someone said it

new balls

new asshole

new dick

Sioux Falls

my husband thinks he is invincible. yours?

lou rawls

Weird rant:


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/18/2009)

life decisions




I see Midlo survived her Bunco/St Patricks day bash

New England

there is a difference between oral sex and oral hygiene

Script idea for a TV show: Grizzly Adams style adventure series starring me and my cat.

If you live in Texas please read this

I just saw something weird..some big yellow ball in the sky....

Famous Alumni Of NCAA Tournament Teams....

I wish there was some form of headache relief I could apply directly to my forehead

Five simple rules to be happy...comments welcome

Who wants to see a tin of refried beans I kept in the refrigerator

CNN Breaking: Richard Valugaloz Sr. admits guilt in Conobu fraud case.

What does the buddy list do, exactly?

Bossy Monkey's new avatar? The bossy monkey herself

Celebrity Smackdown: The Exorcist!

please take my bacon poll

Name change still available?

Good morning Lounge

Happy Birthday, Dana Owens

Damned Twitter marketing "gurus" do they find me so quickly?

I've made my decision!

Natasha Richardson's injury is strange.

Pics from around the house(dial up warning)

Are you GERMAN?

Are you ADOPTED?

My Psych teacher is a fundie.


Speaking of new boobs...

Name change still available?

My girlfriend is Romanian and I know nothing about visas...

Amber Alert

Are you an us?

Anyone still watch Lost?

What is the strangest thing that you re-use?

a cool website with seamless HD virtual tours of the OKC National Memorial

Has anybody seen the Walken Family Reunion? It's hilarious!

New vagina.

Spoiled Brat

Uh, what is up with the horrible design of the CBS Sports NCAA brackets?

Are you Belarusian?

Lay back, relax, apathy's back in style...

According to CNN Natasha Richardson has died.

Did anyone get into a brouhaha,shennanigans or hijinx yesterday?

Spoiled Brat

Are you a MUTT whose forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world

The swelling sucks like an SOB

So, how do you like the new Twitt...I mean, Facebook layout?

I just made a Freecycle faux pas

Am I being too sensitive about this or do other people get

If all your ex's live in Texas please read this

Pharmacology Final completed. Cautiously optimistic. Tired as God on the sixth day.

Even older boobs in patent leather...

Two science jokes. The first was seen on a bathroom wall of either the biology, chemistry, or

Weird nightmare.

Dear God, that Robert Downey Jr. "Iron Man" flick was a relentless piece of CRAP.

Jazz lovers: Here is a business that DESERVES a bailout!

Hi, my name is Mike Patton and I don't suck like Billy Corgan

I tried to find a new pair of Levi's today. I went to 5 different stores

Is it possible to get a decent laptop -- used is fine -- for $500?

Blow a little sunshine up my ass. I dare you!

Epic Van Halen trainwreck!

Fuck me sideways, I just discovered the new Make Me a Supermodel season 2

New Kitty. What should I name him?

We have a live one in GD

Joaquin Phoenix: Is he joking or is he for real?

Anybody old enough to remember Curb Feelers?

The beagle's in the hospital. Vibes, please?

What is your current personal hit (with a bullet)?

Looks like I'll have myself a summer job.

I'm going to Kansas City tomorrow.

Post Your Final Four....Mine is Oklahoma, Michigan State, UCONN, and Villanova. OK Wins It.

Celebrity deaths that have touched you

Does anyone really like Adam Sandler?

Battlestar Galactica at the United Nations....

I'm in a slump. Tell me a joke!

Attention Poles & Italians. Don't forget to wear red tomorrow!


Processed vs. Fresh Food. A Story.

Since we are talking about food: how long does it typically take you to make a dinner?

Parents who feed thier children processed food should be brought up on child abuse charges.


new boobs

Are you NUTS?

Still plenty of time to enter the DU NCAA Brackets tournament - NARWHALS galore!

Today I had my 3d MRI in as many weeks (ask me anything)

2 of the 8 octuplets are home...

shaved pussy

Are cats smarter than dogs?

Dreyfuss calls attention to neglected battlefields

Workout is not a verb -- and other grammar peeves

Hey CNBC and the rest of the MSM.... the DJIA is up 13% over past 6 trading days

Bank Nationalization/Toxic Asset Plans -Whatever - It Will Cost Money - Should Obama Chicken Out?


Are you WELSH?

Customize My Forums

The Real Outrage Here

Some Dems want brake in Obama plans

Wed. 3/18/09 Media Talking Point: Veterans have to pay own insurance

Presidential pics

WHAT is the point of opening statements anyway? (during committee hearings)

Is Mark Warner Switching Parties

The Big Bash

Everyone must keep one thing in the back of their mind

Herbert Hoover/Andrew Mellon - Let The Incompetent Banks Burn! The Politically Easy Answer

Michelle lending at hand at Miriam's Kitchen (PICS)

Popular Presidents, Fractious Parties: “Defend me from friends, I can defend myself from my enemies"


Whatever happened to non-compete clauses in contracts?

What do they know right now?

old boobs

Obama Would Crush Palin (Public Policy Polling survey)

Afghanistan now 2X deadlier than Iraq... and there's no OIL there. :sarcasm:

I Have A Stem Cell Research Pledge For Those Opposed

Did any of us really think that President Obama's victory would make things easier?

Obama picks Tar Heels (again) to win the NCAA touney

All the committee members should have miniature guillotines in front of them

CA-10: Tauscher to State?

"Obama's economic brain trust is brain dead"

The President's NCAA picks (sneak peak)

Babysitter CEO AIG Liddy stated that they blindly followed the lawyers opinion.

Remember how ACORN, low income homeowners and Fannie/Freddie caused the meltdown?

Embattled AIG puts headquarters on sales block (Acutally, this is a photo thread of President Obama)

Huffpo: How to Stop AIG's Bonuses

Harold Meyerson Must Read: The Nationalization Option (plus Sander's Credit Card Interest Rate Bill)

Obama & The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight

Obama Admits "The Buck Stops With Me"! Republicans Will Go Wild With Glee!

CENTRIST DEMS?! Where the HELL were you the last 8 years?

Did Evan Byah just stab the President in the back?

In Nov. letter to Cuomo, Liddy said execs would forego pay raises, "2009 bonuses will be restricted"

Was this a Freudian slip by * ?

NBC Boss: Jon Stewart's criticism absurd and unfair, CNBC commentators have done a 'terrific' job

"Geithner's Indulgence Of Bankers Is Fast Becoming President Obama's Achilles' Heel"

If Tim Geithner had sent someone from Treasury to the AIG hearing maybe

And now we know why cheney the dick is appearing on TV, again openly defending torture.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

I know Sky News is owned by Murdoch, but this is beyond the pale.

Thanks to some on our side, the pugs now go after Geithner and through him, Obama

A few threads ask who the Stimulus bill conferees were - they are in the Senate record

Flashback - September 2008 - Bush/Paulson Announce $85 Billion Rescue Of AIG - No Regulations!

Obama Takes Responsibility For AIG Mess

AIG CEO Liddy: Chairman Bernanke And The Federal Reserve Approved Of Bonuses

Who virtually exempted these credit default swaps (created by JPM in 1997) from regulation?

I am sick of funerals. Sick to fucking death.

Is it just me but is the MSM purposely trying to politicize the AIG bonuses

President of Syria: "Obama has shown himself to be a man of his word,"

Updated: Evan Bayh's coalition members.

Did you know that Sandra Lee from The Food Network

FLASHBACK: In October, Obama Said That AIG Executives ‘Should Be Fired’ For Their Excesses

OH-Sen, OH-Gov: Dems Still in the Lead

Geithner, Bernake to tesify before Congress tomorrow.

Freepers react to Obama's NCAA bracket

Should Tim Geithner Resign over this AIG Fiasco?

Do you want to know why AIG is now all the Repigs/MSM can talk about?

Obama wants to create "regulatory entity to govern the dissolution" of AIG-like institutions

Who likes birds?

FauxNews Punk Shepard Smith compares Barney Frank to Joe McCarthy

Obama 'ultimately' responsible for AIG contracts

The GOP & Conservative media have a pre-recession mindset about the Financial Terrorists

Obama's teleprompter vs. Bush's "bulge"

AIG bonuses: Hush money intended to keep the rats in line?

so... if the snowe-widen stripper is a repub, will the media disappear this outrage "scandal"? nt

Judge: Merrill Lynch bonus info must be disclosed

Robert Reich: In the Wake of AIG: Obama's First Priority

Oh geez! The freepers are flipping out over obama's teleprompter

Bayh Has Been Bought Off

Big Eddie Schultz sitting in for David Schuster on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Contracts Can’t Be Broken—Unless They Involve Union Workers

hear Obama town hall live today at 4pm Pacific time here ->

President Obama is having a Primetime Presser on Tuesday

My question for Bayh's new GOP coalition

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

Gates: Stop - Loss to all but end in 2 years

Obama Will Be Using A Teleprompter On Jay Leno! (Story)

PHOTO Come on, caption it!

FYI: Senator Dodd up next on Hardball.

Mr. President, this is just plain wrong!

Who do you have more confidence in Bayh-D or Snowe-R?

Why conservatives remain irrelevant. To wit: Gingrich's call for AIG to declare bankruptcy

Obama to hold primetime press conference

MSM is saying AIG is receiving threats against them.

Just walked past Joe Biden's motorcade...

Nice Little Rally Today...

Obama Would Crush Sarah Palin In 2012: Poll

I'm sick and tired of impatient whiny-ass Democrats

Veterans angry at Obama for planning to cut their benefits. Jon Stewart outraged as well

Should anti-war protests continue under the Obama administration?

Chris Dodd on HardBall... I only learned about bonus's late last week.... hmmmm n/t

Sssh, Don't Tell Freepers, Obama Does Not Have A Teleprompter At Townhall Meeting

Time to apologize to Greenwald. Administration Officials pushed"reluctant" Dodd to apply limits

msnbc showing obama live town hall meeting. nt

Shame. The amount of people on this board willing to buy the lies

Damn he's GOOD...

Sen. Snowe just on msnbc said the admin. was resistant to the SNOWE-WYDEN Amendment...

Could you imagine Bush doing something like this?

Now comes the "talking heads" to tell us all about what we just heard

Obama defends Geithner, criticizes AIG and Wall Street

Mary Landrieu forgets that Obama negotiated with Repubs only to have them vote against the stimulus

Obama only has 96% of his term left and everything is not fixed yet!!!

"I ran for President to solve these problems so you've got a better shot at life!"

I have a dumb question. Can anyone help me out?

Obama will not sacrifice Geithner on Bush's Altar

Dodd admits he removed the rule that would of limited AIG bonuses??

Are you MEXICAN?

Must read by Al Giordano: The Banality of Outrage

Check out the retirement agreement AIG signed with the former chief of AIGFP

Ed Schultz gives Obama an "A" for his performance today and thinks this plays to his strength!

REMINDER: Conservative economic ideals got America where she's at NOW

They Were Against It Before They Were For It

Obama's approval rating has been between 60 and 65 since inauguration...

C'mon GDPer's! Don't get caught watching the paint dry!

shuster in for olbermann. nt

The Obama administration will endorse U.N. Gay Rights Declaration

Have a little patience people...

I will defend this man against any enemy..... no matter what....

The President's Teleprompter and the Irish Prime Minister

So, Greenwald said Dodd "gave in" and today we learn that Dodd "gave in".

Breaking: on Obama's claim that drop-out rate has tripled

Obama Administration to Stop Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensers

Barney Frank surprised to hear that Rush thinks McCarthy was a bad guy...

Polite way of telling people to shut the f*&# up!

20 to 25 people at AIG basically brought AIG to the brink of disaster....

President Obama to address nation/hold press conference on Tuesdy March 24, 2009 at 8 pm ET

can't treasury just deduct the aig bonuses from the next aig bailout payment and move on?

All of you complaining incessantly about everything

And Jon Stewart Just Asked Our Former VP

Obama town hall Costa Mesa - video for those who missed it

TX-Gov: Hutchison Leads Perry, But Not By Much

Indiana's Hamilton is Obama's first judicial appointment (already criticized as "ultra-liberal")

NYT editorial: Now the Democrats can get election reform - don't let this moment slip away!

MEDIA: We Care about the Millions much more than the Boring Billions!

THANK YOU Mods and Admins

PA-Sen: Gov. Rendell pledges support for Dem candidate

Leader of the Republican Party defends AIG from "Lynch Mob...Ginned Up By Obama"

Bust of MLK Joins President Obama in Oval Office

"President Barack Obama should serve the taxpayers, not Goldman Sachs, and liquidate AIG"

Congratulations, you agree with boehner->"Geithner in serious trouble"

I AM SO LOVING THIS. This is what a President looks like! GO-BAMA is right!!

I use to like Roland Martin but he's acting like the rest of those pundits at CNN.

Mika and Scumborough throw Gillibrand under the bus..they call Carolyn Maloney the next NY Senator

Rasputin1952 Rocks! Thank You! n/t

Greenwald's Response To Dodd's Remarks Today....

We're a torturing country that allows war criminals to go free so Dodd matters?

How do people feel about Sen. Grassley's suggestion that AIG execs should resign or kill themselves?

I'm thinking Ed Schultz might become the 10 p.m. guy on MSNBC

Geithner resignation bandwagon starts rolling in House GOP

Just to prove that I am not always disappointed in Obama's choices

My 12 Biggest Decisions by George W Bush (he is gonna write a book)

Historical Question What Agency Was Responsible For Regulating AIG In Pre-2008?

Obama Seeks Legal Authority To Rein In Future Bonuses

Thanks, Chuck Hagel; I wish you'd been one of the remaining ones.

Tim Geithner has a LOT on his plate, and very little help at this point

Obama bumps 'American Idol'

Obama Versus The Pope On Abstinence Only - Pope Says Condom Use Increases AIDs Problem

Obama's main priority is getting the financial system stabilized,...this is a big distraction- Rahm

Obama's main priority is getting the financial system stabilized,...this is a big distraction- Rahm

Save your breath... neither Summers nor Geithner are going anywhere

Too Big to Live

I Can Honestly Say - I love my President

Are folks here being realistic about the what the Administration can do on the economy and when?

Why Obama is the best president: Coulter says he's the reason she's done writing books.....

Who heard the woman question Obama about credit card interest rates tonight?

Yglesias: Gates, Obama to Take on Military-Industrial Complex

Yglesias: Gates, Obama to Take on Military-Industrial Complex

I made a bet that this place would be melting down over AIG.. and I won!!

Overwhelming majority of the Americans: Stop The AIG Bonuses

Don't tell me this man doesn't understand economics.

"The Failed Presidency Of Barack Obama"

How long until stench of corruption & incompetence of economic team rubs off on Obama?

PHOTOS The President's Day (March 18)

Watching my President filling out a bracket is so cool

Democrats who refuse to be named as Blue Dogs... rather cowardly.

Is Specter Fed Up with the GOP? He might run as an Independent in 2010

It was Obama officials, not Dodd, who demanded that already-vested bonus payments be exempted.

Funny that trigonometry is more widely taught than economics

Season of the Witch - Super Session

Season of the Witch - Super Session

I Bitch a Lot, But Ya Know What...

This should tell you all you need to know- Spitzers real target is Geithner

Tim Geithner. Scapegoat.

Yo Glen Greenwald! You Were Wrong. Time To Apologize and Retract

Battle Lines Drawn. Insurance Industry 1. The President 1 - and Vets and our own scored their goal.

"Today, President Obama showed that he understands and respects our nation's veterans."

Obama explaining why AIG is too big to fail

Why Geithner Has To Go, And Who His Replacement Should Be, Sheila Bair of the FDIC

People, please let's give Obama and his administration a break...

The White House is getting a vegetable garden!!

Molly Ivins warned us about the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999. Yes, Phil Gramm's responsible.

White House Backs Away From VA Proposal...

I'm Sorry to Announce....

Evan Bayh announces NEW MODERATE COALITION of 15 Senate Dems

Is Barack Obama an atheist?

Health Care Reform: A Peek Behind the Curtain

Match Game Story: "Seamus, Irish teacher of drinkin' a wee bit, fought Limey Mick in ___ cairn."

AIG CEO to Testify Before Congress Today

Sudan leader: No international court can touch me

£60,000 awarded to terror suspect

Washington knew AIG was preparing to pay bonuses


EXCLUSIVE: New deal for Blackwater

Homelessness czar calls stimulus 'manna from heaven'

China’s Economy May Be Stabilizing, World Bank Says (Update1)

Newt Gingrich attacks federal bailouts during Tulane visit

Case packed with TNT found in Tibet capital: report

FBI gets 270,000 applications for 3,000 jobs

Debunking a RW meme: Shrub using a teleprompter

Syria’s Assad praises Obama, wants meeting

Rape reports rise in US military

AIG staff: We deserve this money

Lawyers target ex-Bush official

11 mortgage lenders sued over Wesley Snyder fraud

Warren Rudman to advise CIA on Senate investigation

Reports: Russia Confirms Iran Missile Contract

ACLU Asks Justice Department To Appoint Independent Prosecutor To Investigate Torture

Rebels threaten to behead ICRC worker in Philippines

Geithner: AIG must pay back bonus money

Only 34 out of each 100 Colombians believe they live in a democratic country

US to force AIG to repay bonuses

Middle East and North Africa: US Cuts Cluster Bomb Supply

2nd Arrest In Madoff Case (Madoff's Chief Accountant)

Arianna Discusses Outrage Over AIG Bonuses, Obama Administration's Response On "Larry King"

1-year sentence for Dearborn appraiser in mortgage fraud

The Husband Of Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Is A ‘Protector Of The Palin Brand’

Swaps Backfire on Hospitals Firing Workers to Pay Wall Street

A.I.G. Chief Asks Bonus Recipients To Give Back Half

Federal Reserve to Buy $1.2T in Bonds, Mortgage-Backed Securities

Army to Stop Extending Tours Beyond Service Obligations

Fed to buy Treasuries; pump $1 trln into US economy

Congressman (Rep. Ackerman, D-NY) Says AIG Sold Snake Oil Without Even Having The Oil

Sources: Pentagon to stop forced tour extension

Argentina Moves to Re-nationalize Lockheed Aircraft Factory

Forget the bonuses, AIG can't repay its loans, GAO says

Orleans Parish School Board fighting for relevance in charter-dominated system

Diebold Admits Audit Logs in ALL Versions of Their Software Fail to Record Ballot Deletions

Professor: Detainees' accounts confirm White House authorized torture

Consumer Price Index February 2009

Chernobyl 'shows insect decline'

A.I.G. Chief Expected to Offer Bonus Compromise

Report: IDF Chief Gave U.S. Fresh Intel On Iran Nukes Program

US to sign UN gay rights declaration

Top feds scouring WaMu files for evidence of fraud

RNC FBI Informant faces Criminal charges

Feingold urges House to reject automatic pay raises, too

TSA: More gate searches in store for fliers

Ollie’s to Pay $2.3 Million in Back Wages (largest amount ever collected in a single case)

House to vote Thursday on bill to tax bonuses

Feds suing Union Pacific, alleging pot found in rail cars

Hedge funds could reap billions from AIG

Anger in Pakistan at US plan to expand drone attacks

Boeing unveils F-15 Silent Eagle

Thompson (D-CA) seeks to capture AIG bonuses

Four months after the election, President Barack Obama is resurrecting his campaign army in Florida

Army-backed leader cements grip in Madagascar

AIG staff get death threats

Sarah Palin's Aerial Wolf-Killing Program Angers Feds

Obama's computer chief once shoplifted 4 shirts

TIME: Treasury Learned of AIG Bonuses Earlier Than Claimed

New Mexico Abolishes Death Penalty

Cuba neighbours to restore ties

Kentucky counties fined $400,000 for posting Ten Commandments

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 18

Indonesia cleric detained for marrying 12-year-old

NBC boss: Jon Stewart's criticism absurd, unfair

Obama drops disputed vet medical plan

Natasha Richardson dies at age 45

Fed buying $300B in Treasurys

Bill Introduced to End Mandatory Minimums in All Drug Cases

Attorney general signals shift in marijuana policy

Taliban Commander Says U.S. Troops are Being Targeted

Bat Hitches Ride to Space on Shuttle Discovery

Baghdad's water still undrinkable 6 years after invasion

Dallas judge criticized for racially charged quote

'Twittering' threat to US trials

Russia bans baby seal hunting

AIG's Political Donations

AIG considering selling Manhattan headquarters

Feds were involved in ACORN raid in Nevada, officials say

Dodd: I'm to Blame for Bonus Loophole

Just four days with new son: soldier, 21, killed

Mark Danner: Bush Lied About Torture of Prisoners

Baby boomlet: US births in 2007 break 1950s record

To the new "Moderate" faction. Moderate is something you ARE NOT.

The Next AIG Scandal? (firm's problems may extend to its 'healthy' insurance side)

Attorney general signals shift in marijuana policy

Filipino who accused Marine of rape changes story

'When You Love Someone' and your soldier...

Betty Bowers Explains Prayer to Everyone Else

The Deficit Scare Game

No Reason (You have no reason to care about water)


Freeper goes to see "Watchmen." Hilarity ensues.

Rick Perlstein at The Nation Guide To Living Liberally

Dolphin Bubbles: Behind this Amazing Behavior

Hagel on Cheney saying Obama is making the U.S. less safe: 'That's Rediculous'

Women in Politics

Taxpayers Gather To Protest Spending, Taxes, Growing Debt

Mashup Henry Rollins Liar and Bush

Keith Olbermann on latest attacks by Dick Cheney

Rep. Gary Peters on AIG

The Erotic Awakening of O'Reilly

Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul In The New Borat Movie!?

Chairman Frank on AIG, 3/18/09

Anti-Seal-hunt march in Nanaimo BC 2009-03-14

How Bush Pimped America

TYT: Do You Agree With BB's Analogy On Saving The Banks?

Feingold on Ending Automatic Taxpayer-Funded Bonuses

Free speech is sacred!

US prison population dwarfs China and Russia?

A Soldier Speaks: Lessons from Vietnam

Day in 100 Seconds - Covering Their Bare Assets

Rooting for Rush

Rachel Maddow - St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Moment w/ Irish Coffee

The Pope VS. Condoms

More Evidence Of Bush/Cheney War Crimes!

Rachel Maddow: Mark Danner, Publisher of Red Cross Torture Report

Dodd: 'Staff-Level People' Talked About Defanging Bonus Provision

Will Ferrell crashes CNBC show

Bayh: I'm not telling you who's in my new Blue-dog style coalition.

Senator Dorgan On A.I.G. Bonuses

Obama: The AIG Buck Stops With Me

Snide little man Karl Rove calls Gibbs a "junior high smart mouth"

Democray Now. FMLN wins El Salvador election!!

TYT: Is Tim Geithner Stuck in the Wall Street Bubble?

AIG under Criminal Investigation

TYT: Limbaugh Defends Bonuses for AIG---What Does Cenk Think?

Rachel Maddow interviews former Senator Chuck Hagel

TheRealNews: Historic Power Shift in El Salvador

The Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right

Still Broken

A.I.G.’s Bonus Blackmail

Robert Scheer: Perp Walks Instead of Bonuses

Perp Walks Instead of Bonuses

AIG, Ed Liddy, and Me in NYC

AIG Headquarters for Sale

Those Hit Hardest Get No Bailout-By Amy Goodman

Obama administration supports U.N. gay rights declaration

Obama, Hispanic Dems to huddle on immigration

The stark facts about violence against women

Cuomo letter to B. Frank re: AIG bonuses.

U.N. Official Attacks Western Policies on Iran and Sudan

Obama Rebuffs Israeli Hawk

Checks And Balances= Wall Street Lamp Posts?

Senate Quietly Stripped Measure Restricting Bonuses From Bailout Legislation

The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle Against America’s Veterans

Obama & U.S. against human rights abuses except for those committed by Americans

CommonDreams: How To Destroy the Government in Three Easy Steps

Dollars & Sense: Crisis = Opportunity for Single-Payer

AIG's Edward Liddy Reveals Envy of G. Gordon Liddy

Brains Jam together

Extremist anti-gay bill 'Don't Say Gay' debated in Tennessee today

How to become A Right-Wing radio or TV personality

Fannie plans bonuses of $1M for 4 execs!

Kissinger Leads ‘Wise Men’ to Russia as Obama Seeks Better Ties

Garrison Keillor: At AIG, we're all about people

'Obama's anti-outsourcing may hurt global trade'

David Sirota: Lying Or Incompetent - Either Way, Geithner Needs to Be Fired


ELIOT SPITZER: Scandal not bonuses but banks paid back in full who already got bailout bucks

AIG's Best and Brightest? Try Dumb and Dumbest




Rider Haggard

Plant Mitchell a step closer to converting to biomass

Tyndall Center Report - UK Government Carbon Plan Far Too Weak, Wildly Optimistic - Guardian

LNG Carrier Rates Down By 1/3, 40 Ships Idled Worldwide - Lloyds List

crops txt msg u 4 h2o

Solar PV market doubled to 6 Gigawatts in 2008 — U.S. left in dust, having invented the technology

Low-Water-Use Toilet Rebate Programs in U.S.

Database of Govmt Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

Scientific American: Five big alt-energy letdowns: Ideas that sounded good but ...

1.5% decline of endangered Iberian Lynx in one day

Near miss, but no threat—Asteroid in close pass was smaller than thought, astronomer shows

A Nuclear Waste

Americans support action on global warming despite economic crisis

Salt Water System Could Generate (small amounts of) Hydrogen

Exxon vs. Obama—The biggest oil company in the world is also the most resistant to…green energy.

Australia's Dry Run - Welcome To The Murray-Darling Basin

New Evidence from … ANDRILL Demonstrates Climate Warming Affects Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability

Zinc oxide gives green shine to new photoconductors

Deep-sea trophic cascade caused by acidification

Vilsack announces wildland fire prevention stimulus $$

Insurers Must Disclose Climate-Change Exposure

More Than One-Third Of Leatherback Turtle Mortality Due To Ingesting Plastic Bag Garbage - Mongabay

New Scientist - Squid 'N Chips, Jellyfish Sushi - Preparing For Future Fisheries

It's been a while since I posted this...

If I had a MONSTER burn pile last year

Anaysts Say Global Carbon Price Unlikely For 10-15 Years - Reuters

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse Could Alter Earth's Axial Rotation

Utility PG&E placing bets in solar tech race

75% of all food crops are now gone? 20% of human DNA is patented?

Whistleblower's Revenge: A Signature Ends Bush's War on Science

Indians challenging Morales in Bolivia face danger

DC: Reinventing the Revolution (Contemporary Cuba) Panel Discussion - American Univ. Thurs. 3/19

They needed $1,800 in rubber bands monthly to wrap money

Remember our old embezzler friend at the White House, Felipe Sixto?

US Senators to Treasury: Respect Cuba Trade Rules

Ecuador Approves New Constitution: Voters Approve Rights of Nature

Argentina Moves to Re-nationalize Lockheed Aircraft Factory

Victory for the left in El Salvador

UN Gen. Assembly Prez, D'Escoto, Continues to Kick Ass at the UN (sp and eng)

Colombian women only find empty graves

Felipe Sixto Gets 30 Months in Jail

Prensa Latina: "El Salvador May Join ALBA"


Only 34 out of each 100 Colombians believe they live in a democratic country

Peru Police Charged With Torturing Mine-Proj Opponents

Union reform challenge in S.F.

Today in labor history Mar 18 The Great Postal Strike Nixon sent in federal troops to sort the mail

SEIU President Andy Stern to Speak & Deliver 'Reality Check' at AIG Building in DC March 19th

Caterpillar to lay off 2,454 workers in 3 states

National Union of Healthcare Workers gets its first members

Rick Helling, the player who warned the union about steroids, hired by union

Commentary: U.S. exports falling at 49% pace as customers fade away

Judge lets bankrupt Vallejo void union pacts

LA Times: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis pumps up crowd at workers conference

Policy update in Calif. to prevent heat deaths (last summer over a dozen died working the fields)

Bernard W. Rubenstein, labor lawyer (Vet of WWII and voice for the workers past away)

Iowa bills would protect families, strengthen child labor laws (in response to packing house bust)

Pressmen's union approves contract concessions with Star Tribune

Department of Labor may roll back union disclosure rules

NLRB rules against National Union of Healthcare Workers

Massachusetts manufacturer facing $110K OSHA fine

OSHA orders Connecticut-based air carrier to pay more than $400,000 to employee it terminated

Strike looms as actors negotiate commercials pact

AIG execs vs. UAW workers

Want a job? Try health care

Economic Report: Utah Is Most Economically Competitive State In U.S

New York Times columnist who demanded concessions from auto workers, “makes case” for AIG bonuses

Since when did Jamie Dornan become a sports figure and why are people here

Meet the sports "fans" that drive me insane.

Brodeur sets record for all-time wins

Miami Hurricanes, Notre Dame could renew football rivalry

Why the heck hasn't this photo been posted here yet?

Venezuela eliminates USA in world baseball classic

President Obama's Brackets

Adam Lambert - is he to gay for American Idol fans?

Phone Banking for "No on 1".

Woman Attacks Wife with Sperm-Filled Turkey Baster...

Gay-themed film cost Oklahoma teacher her job

Gay student banned from wearing rainbow

I finally uttered the words "I am gay" to my class

BBC rejects play on Israel's history for impartiality reasons

The writing on the wall

Injured American fence protester improves - Tristan Anderson

Discard the mythology of 'the Israel Lobby', reality is bad enough

Money to Burn?

Team Effort in the House to Overhaul Health Care

Strive for '100 steps per minute' (BBC)

Ski injuries.

A question: Mast cell stabilizers (ie Nasalcrom) and infection

Phil Weiss: Let me to the marriage of realists and leftists admit one impediment

The racist Israeli fascist in me

CNN Scaring Christians and Minorities about Healthcare Reform

Why did AIG pay its counterparties?

The Problem With AIG's Credit Insurance Payouts

Hey, if ReRushlicans didn't vote for the spending bill that they requested earmarks for, then

Chairman of embattled AIG says company made financial mistakes,

Buffett Is Unusually Silent on Rating Agencies

kucinich on bailouts

It was Geithner, not Dodd, who protected Wall Street bonuses. Another reason for him to go.

With all this anger and rage about AIG, are we missing something?

ING Bank files mortgage racketeering lawsuit in Seattle -- !!!

The Real AIG Scandal

Did you see what happened to the dollar today?

Jim Cramer says there will be no "Great Depression" II

Hedge fund makes headlong rush into gold

Haaretz exposure: IDF testimonies paint grim picture of Gaza war

Clerk shoots robbery suspect

Few Ripples From Supreme Court Ruling on Guns (Heller)

Federal Flight Deck Officer program ended

All spent military brass to be destroyed.

MARCH photo Contest Finals

bird is the word

in keeping with our bird theme today...

Help Maestro find the Cardinal in the blossoms - and who knew they have a beautiful song as well?

Blooming Bradford Pear in the morning backlight.. an attempt at HDR

does anyone NOT have any bird pics

Remember when I said I had a photograph published in Birder's World?

"Here is my first and the long-awaited photo ..."

Bluebirds are nesting in my yard. I checked the box

All Ducks and No Swan

Since Blue in AK is obviously busy photographing this

Poll: Fewer back war in Afghanistan

DoD: Sexual assault reports increased in 2008

VA to monitor burn-pit exposure data

Reservist ends protest, will go to Iraq

No jail time for vet who claimed false awards

Pentagon: No surprise Iran using UAV over Iraq

Army: Missing GI ID’d on bank videotape

Iraqi al-Qaida leader: U.S. admits defeat

Suit filed over guardsman not rehired as lawyer

Simulated ammo cleared for use at Mass. base

7 Afghan militants killed in U.S. raid

LCS designations blurred in recent announcements

Sailors recover after Boxer flight deck fire

TSP participants seek safe G Fund haven

Lejeune staff NCO faces peeping charges

Corps investigates E-6 death in Afghanistan

Clinton help sought in Laurean extradition

Air Force nurse charged in 3 patient deaths

Airman killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

Wyo. leaders push Warren for new nuke command

Pentagon: Dover media ban likely to end within weeks

Raytheon unveils missile decoy

Families and media weigh in on Arlington funeral coverage policy

General: Mexico violence poses U.S. threat

Counselors: Insurance scams on the rise

Chaplain heading to general court-martial on sex charges

CG petty officer gets 13 months for assault

Kadena graduate killed in West Africa

Final decision on Mineo to be made next year

Report Says Troops Need More Sleep

Verizon plans at Kadena will feature 100 minutes of free calls to U.S.

Russian President Vows to Upgrade Nukes

Suicide: Forty-One Too Many

Retro Machine Gun Still Serves

Defense Tech: Russia Seeks to Improve UAV Technology

Navy reneges on housing lease for civilian worker in Italy

DoD contracts for 3/17/2009

Combat zone sexual assaults up sharply

Senator Opposes Closing Guantanamo

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Hypocrisy in Government

Colbert heads downrange, maybe New Mexico

AFRICOM to stay put

DoDBuzz: Don’t Buy Dragon Skin: PEO Soldier

A prayer you might find useful

Mystic Radio

Relief is on the way....!

Really moving rendition of Stand By Me

"Fire the Grid" revisited. . .

Mysticism and Psychosis

Kisspeptin the miracle reproduction kick-starter? Some cool pics. Venus looks like a rainbow..

Brrrrrrrr! It is cold! But does it being cold mean anything?

Earliest Dinos May Have Been Fuzzy (NPR)

On the Ground..Amateur View of folks who watche Shuttle Launch Video

Illinois declares Pluto is still a planet

"Nightline" debate to take on Satan in Ballard (Washington) church

Which is more likely?

Pious 'fight death the hardest'

It's Wednesday morning in the U.S. right now, 2 or 3 or so hours before noon.

French physicist wins million-pound Templeton Prize

Do you believe in pre-existence?

Where are you on the Religion/Belief scale?

Crepe Teaser

Need suggestions....

For all you no knead bread lovers....

Whoopie Pies are having their moment!

What's for dinner? ~ Wednesday the 18th Edition

What does your ABIN5 dough look like right after mixing?

Just a little prayer/good thought thread for Tab and family.

Funny cast iron skillet thread in teh Lounge

Meet Fester


A change I've made to the Ain5 dough ~ yeast related

Anybody have any success storing bean sprouts...

Religious people less anxious, brain activity shows

A Texas icon passes away. Lakewood (Dallas) has lost Matt Martinez

Baby found in abandoned dryer in SW Houston

Tories considering relief for private TV networks

Any great computer hardware types around?

Do I need these Microsoft programs?