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Auld Lang Syne

hello? am i still here?

Bye GD-P

I just got here, what did I miss? ( n/t )

Question: Could Obama choose Bill as his running mate?

Auld Lang Syne


One more day of this crap and I'm outta here. I've had it. I mean it


Well, if you haven't posted here before and have planned to wait until the LAST moments - HERE IT IS

bye bye GD: P

The GD:P Time Vault

Goodbye so Soon GD:P!

Caption the guy in the middle

Is Anyone Planning on Going Out in a Blaze of Glory?

LAST posts here!

I win


What comes next? Is there a GD:P heaven?



"This was the Greatest Forum Ever"

ATTENTION:WE'VE STRUCK AN ICEBERG. Also, some NAYSAYERS are suggesting we're going down in 9 minutes

May I just say, I'm finding the eulogies I'm reading about GD/P hysterical!


last thread!!

bye bye GD: P




Onward to the GE!!! Goodbye GD-P!


This Is The End.... Beautiful Friend The End...

My's full of stars

Hillary's Pantsuits.

That's All, Folks!

T-minus 1 minute


Yes I am a firm believer...


This is like losing something you wanted on eBay in the last minute. n/t

How many people have you put on "ignore" during the primary?

Happy Trails to You GD:P

I win!

hahahaha!! I'm the last one to post....... bye GD:P


Come on, everybody ... GROUP HUG!!!

Hi everyone. See you later.

2 minutes.

Hi everyone. See you later.

In Before the Locke!!!!!

McCamy Taylor, thank you for all your hard work this primary season

Hi everyone. See you later.

This Is The End.... Beautiful Friend The End...




Hi everyone. See you later.



Burn, baby BURN!!

Here lies GDP.


Nuke me. Nuke me real good.

Sam Nunn wants to revisit the gay ban... just in time to be VP

My Last GD-P Post

To the Mods, a big fat OOGA BOOGA SMOOGA WOOGA!!

Question To Mods: Can We Have A Thread To Honor Some Of Those Who Have Left Us?


Quick, what should GD-P's epitaph be?

Final GDP limericks

At this time I'd like to express my intent to sue DU GD:Primaries


And This Was Relevant Because .......? ....... >>>>>>>>>>


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Bad waves of paranoia. Madness. Fear and loathing.

I can't count how many times I left

Camille Paglia Nails It!

It's The End of the World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine.

GD:P troll kitteh contemplates demise of forum:

Who knew GD-P would go out laughing.....

General Wesley Clark takes on Mclame's foreign policy creds..

I regret I have but one screen name to give for my favorite discussion board

Let's see ... where's the flush handle on this forum

Voters, not Haters, WITH a Cause...Democracy!

BREAKING: GD:P Ahead in the Popular Vote

Rec. this thread if you are Proud2BAmurkin

The Hillary campaign appeared to be a bunch of alcoholics...

Do you hear the people sing?

the GDP tombstone: "here lies the insanity of little people politics"

The unfortunate reality of Hillary for Vice President



Free Your Mind

Alright! I say at noon sharp we storm into GD and demand all their fruit. Who's with me?

Name the GDP replacement contest

I refuse to make any post on the demise of GD:P



Where ever we go, there we are...

Final Clinton supporter "loyalty oath": Will You Vote for Obama

I think we need a stock market crash!

Was Obama's decision to play the race card actually a form of sexism?

Is it time to drink the gorram champagne yet?

I'm off to lunch, and GDP will be gone when I get back, so here's this:


Dumbest "-gate" of the primary season!

GD:P was NOT that bad, I don't get why everybody was so emo about it all season.




So long GD-P

We Made It Everybody!!!!!

Let's all rise one last time for the GD: P national anthem

To the most vile, hateful, and disruptive forum in DU history, I bid you GOODBYE

Just heard Kerry saying McCain is confused and out of touch

Fascinating article on "Obamacons" - for those who haven't read it

Gasoline is up 93 cents per gallon since the opening of GDP

Don't Hate,

I would pay FIVE dollars to see Seabiscuit's Ignore List.

Relax Liberals, You Already Won by Michael Lind


I'd like to take this one last opportunity to say...

This has been weighing heavily on my mind and I must let it out!!!

It's the final countdown!

The bad thing about bandwagons...

Operation Kumbaya

How many of you folks still have me on "ignore"?

My Tear-Jerking Tribute to General Discussion: Primaries

Obama now up by 3 in new Michigan poll

One more hour!

Final Misc. Appreciation Thread -- Those that get overlooked

GDP feels so much like New Years Eve right now that I regret not buying champagne.

Will there be an implosion or ceremony? For some reason I'm really excited about the end of GDP...

Farewell GD: P haikus here.

Vice President Samantha Powers

Going Out With a Bang Poll: Is Hillary's nail polish presidential?

FYI: The Mayan calendar predicts the end of GD:P

DU this poll! McCain way ahead!

In honor of GD:P's passing, I am re-posting my own personal favorite post here.

"You know me. You know I’ve been a reformer all my life."

Ode to GD-P, it was well worth the fight! Thank for your passion and opinions!


McCain campaign "hits back" over "Not Too Important" remark


Oh Lord, what'll I do without GD-P to fill my hours?



Before This Forum Closes - I Just Wanted To Apologize To All That I Offended In My Defense Of Obama

Let's spread sunshine

Yikes! BAD stuff at Hillary's Web site

Goodbye General Discussion:Primaries, FINALLY /nt

Give Peace a Chance

So, will Skinner and the MODZ deliver a giant PIZZA to GD:P at noon?

So what will happen here at noon on Wed?

LET It Sink!!!!!


Goodbye GDP It has been fun Oh My brother easy_b94 says good bye also. :)

Hillary "Positive" Discussions Need to Continue

My last chance to share what I did NOT like about Barack Obama's candidacy

Montage of Primary Coverage that appeared on last night's Countdown

Hillary was Right...

Question: Will the GD: P Forum archives be accessible after Wednesday at noon?

Fuck it. Thanks for the war and peace , GD:P.

Edwards Aide joining Obama team

Time to Wave the Wheat: The official Kansas bah-bye to GDP.

All together now: So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night.

enemies list for hillary?

Fare thee well, GD-P.

Let it FLOAT!

Need To Air Out Your Dirty Laundry?

Could an Senator Obama supporter suggest something to him

GD-P race to the finish!


Who's the better candidate?


MSNBC: Strickland takes his name off Obama's VP list

Barack Won`t Veto Your Beer

My last GD:P Flame war and I don't care who gets pissed at me for it

Watch The Entire Democratic Leaders Press Conference On Presidential Campaign

Official Goodbye To GDP Thread With Music

Is this satire? Please let it be satire...

The Real Reason Why Hillary Clinton Lost

*****Obama Veepstakes Round 2: Your Picks Are NEEDED!!!!****

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, June 11 – WEA 53.72% 598.90 Obama 308-230


Fellow masochists: where do we meet tonight?

Where ever shall I go what ever shall I do ;)

Last Divisive Topic: Leibovich NY Times says Clintons maintain an enemies' list


Final DU Presidential Primary Poll

On to the Convention!! May McCain and his minions become demoralized.

In honor of the passing of GD:P, I present to John McCain, his very own...

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/11/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41


Why the Republicans REALLY Wanted Hillary to be the Nominee

Naive Question - Will This Forum Completely Disappear?

The waterskiing squirrel bids General Discussion: Primaries a fond adieu!

Well, it's time to say goodbye to GDP

Official Unity thread for the Day of Unity

It's like waiting for the start of the Academy Awards telecast in here!

12 Hours To Go: A Final GD-P Post From Me

What beer should McCain veto first?

The one person I absolutely do not want as Obama's VP.

At Noon Today, Will GD: Primaries Become GD:VP?

Comments from McCains site (golf gear)

I'm staying. Finishing my coffee.


Constructive criticism: biggest campaign mistakes of the primaries

PSA for people who are dissatisfied with the results of the primaries.

this won't leave a mark ....

Screw Clinton! Screw Obama! Screw Edwards!

McCain Briefing Video

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday June 11, 2008

No Quarter tonight is saying that Hillary did NOT release her delegates.

The most desired ticket that money can not buy...

As GD-P Comes to a Close, My Final Thoughts on how to Change the Primary System

My last post tonight in faith is that Hillary will be fine, as will Obama,

Why are Bill & Hillary NEVER caught showing affection on camera?

Hillary's Gas Tax Holiday plan dies: Remember her plan was to have the big oil co. pay for it.

Radio Lady: "It's Time for A Change" from the 1950s!

Man who said the election of Hillary or Obama would prompt a civil war, arrested on explosive charge

OK, I want to see just how far out there some of our tinfoilers are.

McCain removed from 'Vote-Smarts' board for failing to take 'political courage test'

self -delete. Re-read it and bored myself. nt.

An Oilman to Monitor the Environment? Great Idea Mr. Bush! (Bush History: 6/11 Wednesday)

Anyone have video of Turley on KO talking about impeachment?

Anyone have video of Turley on KO talking about impeachment?

Ralph Reed on Daily Show. Remember when he was caught with his hands...

Billo "We'll do it live!" Bill O'Reilly Meltdown Music mixes...

Experience v. Change - 1992 Debate - Bill Clinton v. George Bush Transcript

Anyone Else Print Up The 35 Articles Of Impeachment?

Illustration of burning flag on cover of high school newspaper seals its fate

Need someone who can do screenshots!

Vets for Peace Impeachement Petitions spurned by Conyers !

Emotional tide lifts potential for voter registration

The time must be ripe for Iran invasion

Daniel Ellsberg will be on Coast To Coast AM tonight

Are Blue Dogs still blocking the AMT patch? Looks that way.

Charlie Manson had nothin' on this guy ....

John McCain: No You Can't

CBS poll: President Bush approval rating at its lowest level to date (25%).

bush protected us

Just watched the Merkel and W press conference

The resemblances are uncanny.

Lake Delton to stay dry for the rest of the season.

Scott McClellan on the culture of D.C. and impeachment


Here is a link for your RW friends.. Unless they have never heard of the BBC

10 Pakistani soldiers killed in US raid and the

== Farewell, all you old homophobes = By Mark Morford

How would you address this issue, just be quiet?

Jampacked transit systems running on fumes

Navy dredging bottom for recruits?

AlterNet: GLBT Youth Fight for the Right to Party at Prom

Obama must learn from Kucinich's election theft impeachment

Retired cops subpoenaed, alleged torture probe into Burge ramping up

anyone here been to costa rica?

Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes?

"Kucinich is not a reliable vote for leadership. He votes against funding the war."

This poll on potential first ladies has been Freeped

What time will the Vote to Send Impeachment to Committee take place?

Inquiry Into Alleged Anti-Asian Bias Expands

Yawns no protest for W's last lame-duck Europe trip. (new level of suck)

Obama's historic flag

Food banks ask gardeners to grow extra for hungry: Grow a Row

JUNE 18, 2001 Anniversary of the MASS MOONING of Bush, Sweden. 20K protestors

WHY .....

WHY .....

Can McCain pick Dick Cheney as his running mate? Just wondering.

All investigations of Bush & Cheney will have to be shut down.

EURO 2008. Spain 1 Russia 0. Great match so far

WHO Updates AIDS Model - Christian Conservatives Go Crazy

Obama Leads Poll By a whopping 89%! Yep! - Eighty-Nine Percent -

Gasoline prices - It's all about ANWR!!!!!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/11/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41

Natural Gas As a Way to Fill Up Cars

Losing America

What gender of running mate do you think McCain will pick, and why?

Gubertanorial candidate so embarassed by the Republican Party that he's identifying as the GOP Party

An Oilman to Monitor the Environment? Great Idea Mr. Bush! (Bush History: 6/11 Wednesday)

What do you all think about the Hulk Hogan, prison talk vs privacy issue? POSTS BOLD NEW ECONOMIC PLAN

McCain: Bringing Troops Home From Iraq "Not Too Important" -- Harry Reid slams him for it.

CSpan discussing Dennis' articles of impeachment with Jim McDermott

Butt buds: Sara Jessica and Fat Tony - (Ewww, on a *couple* of levels!1)

McCain dellusion grows: Cindy McCain declines nonexistent position in nonexistent administration

No, Johnny, No: Chuck Berry joins chorus of musicians snubbing McCain's campaign

Economic double-whammy hits Meals on Wheels

Why Bother Impeaching?

IF you didn't think Donald Trump was an assfacedjerk already

One of McCain's problems is that his head has too much flesh.

My Pet Goat

My Pet Goat

Ron Paul's Parallel Convention To Draw Attention From McCain... Payback For No Speaking Slot? LINK

My prediction on the new GD-P

You know what I can't wait for come January?

Funny Wasserman toon in today's Boston Globe:

A Coherent US Energy Policy

What should McCain do about Cheney?

So is the Chimp an "appeaser" now?

More fun from Redding: Mine Owner wants to Erect Statue (200 foot Jesus on the superfund site)

I really think Kucinich forget one very important article of Impeachment

(Gossip) 2fer: Regnery swiftbot book on BO. & HRC's crash = BLOOMBERG vs CUOMO for guv

Harry Reid Hammers McCain For His "Not Too Important" Iraq Comment

I see the GE as the Washington Genenrals vs. the Harlem Globetrotters

I see the GE as the Washington Genenrals vs. the Harlem Globetrotters

Gifford Pinchot

McClellan:I’m ‘sure’ White House will consider invoking executive privilege

Which Network News will report media Blackout of Impeachment ?

To me, Bush is like a huge, rotting, bloating dead fish on the beach..leave him alone...

We shall be heard: Images of American activists

How a lake went down the drain

Slime-mold Beetles Named For Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld

Vinod "Friend of Bill" Gupta's InfoUSA Receives 2nd NASDAQ Warning

McCain campaign "hits back" on the "not too important" remarks

Laura Bush brings trailer home with her on military plane to Afghanistan

Ahmadinejad to "wicked" Bush: "Your era has come to an end."

Ahmadinejad to "wicked" Bush: "Your era has come to an end."


Militants Kill Woman "U.S. Spy" In Pakistan

Nev. gov. sent 860 texts to woman in month

Bush likes giving neckrubs to Angela Merkel

Did McCain design his own website?

US airlines working towards sucking less at their jobs


"Every Republican I know looks at the Bush administration as a total failure,"

Did you guys redecorate?

Now the whole forums offline

Or not

All your fruit are belong to us GD:P maniacs

GDP is offline and there is no more 3 post limit

Let's Go Get Them Bastards !!

We're on Defcon 1


I think the GD-P was needed, was useful, and thank the admin.

We want all your fruit. We want it now.

******* Helloooooo GD, did you miss... I'm baaaackk **********

OMG! Huge and I mean HUGE Obama scandal coming...he cheated and as recently as a few months ago...

I'm homesick already

Bush: "One of the untold stories of Iraq is that we explored the diplomacy a lot"

So I guess we Take over here now?

You have fruit- We know you have fruit- Hand it over!

guess why Roberts and Alito sold their stocks last year

In honor of GD:P

This whole thing reminds me of Disco Demolition night at Comiskey

Two Books


Bush defines freedom as "noise."

Opportunity for Obama folks to help out in the Iowa & Indiana flooded areas

Democratic women leaders: McCain out of touch, time to support Obama

Is John McCain full of BS?

Can somebody explain to me why insurance companies can't compete with each other?

here that?

here that?

The Invasion of GD Has Begun.

******Heads Up: NOW Live Sen. Obama Talks About Predatory Lending In Chicago******

Dammit - with GDP gone, we need a new punching bag!

anyone watching c-span3 - Oil Supply and Demand hearing

Oh Christ, McCain already whining about "bitter-gate" today , to take focus off himself

RIP GD:P: Troll kitteh contemplates demise of forum:

Why are insurance companies afraid to compete?


Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

DU, Please do not archive and relink GD-P. Toast it.

If you want to win this election. We need Hillary supporters. And pissing them off won't do it.

I, for one, believe in an America with TWO General Discussion forums

Republicans fear worst as Jim Gibbons divorce battle gets dirty

Latest Cheney Tape May Contain Evidence Of His Whereabouts

Alright, I confess: I was EVERY SINGLE TROLL on GD:P.

"God Bless Pres. Bush. You have made good choises from a hard situation."

Bob loves (Bob Dylan endorses Barack Obama)

In remembrance of GDP. A short poem.

I hope members of this board know what is Obama's motto!!

OMG! OMG! GDP disapppeareed! This is hughhhh!!!!!111!!!!

prez shit-for-brains ALWAYS makes me feel like puking...

Uh-oh. Somebody boosted GD-P. I just don't understand why anyone would want it. nt

Is this the right room for an argument?

winds knock over 7 trucks on bridge - window washers hang 35 stories up

We have been invaded by former GDP addicts!!! run for your lives!!!

Lawyers, Nukes, and Money: The Strange Case of Weldon's Russia Plan

What should a Congressperson's first loyalty be?

ADMINS! "" is causing extensive hang time

BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions - too bad America doesn't have any journalists.

McCain Admits He Doesn't Know How To Use A Computer (VIDEO)

Obama has a huge 17-point lead over McCain in SUSA poll of Washington State

Democratic women: McCain out of touch, time to support Obama


Is GD: Primaries coming back as GD: Politics?

bush*: No regrets over Iraq invasion Picks Up Impeachment

MCCAIN / CHENEY '08 -- Keep the real leader in charge

20 seconds

Contact the Cleveland Plain Dealer to explain to their 'analist' who just spoke on cspan

oil up $4.50 since this morning to rougly $136. market down 170.

oil up $4.50 since this morning to rougly $136. market down 170.

Nev. Gov Gibbons(R). sent 860 texts to woman in month

Kerry: McCain confused, 'unbelievably out of touch'

Punishing Pentagon Propaganda

Shit-O-Nator to be unleased in Denver

What are the issues?

IT'S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

"I could have used a different tone." Bush on his comments re: Iraq War

Update from yesterday's MA Tornado watch: 'Storms Leave Thousands Without Power'


Campaign Idea: gas pump stickers?

UK Parliament votes for 42 days detention without charge

Groan......Dems reluctant to take on 'don't ask, don't tell'

Groan......Dems reluctant to take on 'don't ask, don't tell'

Princess Pickles boosts morale....

Bill Scher: Conservatives Addicted to Big Oil

i can name that tune in 6 notes!

Did Fox News find a unicorn?

Lalo Alcaraz reminds us of the true cost of George W. Bush's war

Yes. I posted the 1st new thread in GD:Pres


McCain's combover: Yea or Nay?

This forum seems so... well, foreign

I need a map. Please advise.

DU Politics/Campaigns forum

McCain's History of Blow-Ups: The Top Ten

Larisa Alexandrovna -The Truth "Gagged" and Treason Hidden...

So I missed GD:P's final hours

Chuck Todd reported this morning that Obama's vetters have a list of

I had to call the cops

Paul to Host Parallel Convention

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Smoke a Tuba Bong

The Case for Impeachment

deleted- I moved topic to general election forum

Quinnipiac College Poll of New York: Obama leads McCain by 14-points; plurality oppose HRC as VP


What's the Big Poll NBC to Reveal Tonight?

Will there be a GD : P Greatest Hits?

I am DONE with your fruits! I'm on to the NUTS!

I'm.... so.... cc o ld

Most awesome senator:

Most awesome senator:

OMG! Another terrorist fist jab--wait'll you see this one!

GD-P was Raptured - I was left behind!

Fellow Iowans, check in. How are we holding up? More rains coming

is anyone else noticing replies taking a while to load today???

Have you ever said

H.Res 1258 - When the Repukes start voting for it, don't be surprised

Independent UK: An ominous warning that the rapid rise in oil prices has only just begun

Oh noes, it's GONE!!

McCain On When Troops Can Come Home From Iraq: ‘That’s Not Too Important’

GD, meet your new overlords

Breaking News GD:Biscuits to reopen at Midnight tonight

To Foil Salmonella, Cook Your Tomatoes(porous skin won't necessarily keep bad bugs out)

Wow. Lobbyists' spending has nearly doubled in 10 years.

So what's all this Supreme Court "crap?"

THIS JUST IN: The most recent polls show our guy with a whopping big lead (+108 to 118 EVs)

Weather historians on DU

A doctor waiting in line to buy gas grabbed a tire iron and confronted a motorist who cut into line


DK is right smack in the middle of the c-span home page

For all the Molly Ivins fans (and who isn't) who missed it:

Masha, Marsha, Marsha Blackburn

Question for all the Clinton haters here, do you think the Clinton Impeachment was justified?

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee Urges Americans to Talk Directly to Iranians

delete, glitch when posting.

Jim Johnson resigns from Obama VP steering committee

Check out GD-P! Congratulations! up to 2 pages so far.

New Poll: Senator Obama takes the lead in Michigan against McBush!!-45-42%

Father faces first-degree charges for toddler's second-degree sunburn

Does she look like she is spinning clockwise or counterclockwise to you?

Wal-Mart Defender To Direct Obama’s Economic Policy!

I miss the 800-rec smears of democrats posted by freepers with cash

Local Official Caught Imprisoning Children

Why has the major mainstream media ignored Phil Gramm's role in decimating our economy?

I have a question: If I post a thread about Obama, McCain or the Presidential race HERE...

Ailing Paul Newman turns over $120 million to charity

Post your violins here: B*sh "regrets" his legacy as war-monger; feels misunderstood

Why Hasn't Anyone Said "We'll Prosecute Those Bastards If Elected"?

General Wesley Clark takes on Mclame's foreign policy creds..

Put ANWR on ballot in November?

Caption McLame ---pix--->>>

The House is in session

D.C. cops section off part of the city with Baghdad/Palestine check points

CommonDreams: Our ‘Cheap Oil Fiesta’ Is Over

Fox News vs. the NYT & AP & Reuters---reporting on the same UN review

So sick of Republican bungling.

Newsweek: The Economy - Why It’s Worse Than You Think

New Government Study- Pot is Bad for you - (subjects smoked 350 joints a week)

A possible military strike against Iran. All options are on the table.

Found: freeper spell checker;

I can breath in GD again. GDP is open. nt

Does Texas have the money to "rebuild" a 152-yr old mansion?

What happened with the impeachment

Jail Time for Tenet? (After Bush Leaves Town/NO Pardon)-By Ray McGovern

Bush: "I don't regret it at all. Removing Saddam Hussein made the world a safer place. "

"The Guy James Show" to have Rep. Jim McDermott on today

McLame, the Sacrifice Candidate?

McCain HEARTS Evil Dick...On Cheney In His Cabinet: "Hell, Yeah."

McCain web-ad showing picture of Obama and Iranian president Ahmadinejad

Something tells me this photo will be making the rounds

Any maps showing the extent of the flooding in the Midwest? nt

Is Dennis Kucinich a Skilled Legislator?

AH, called my Congress Woman, yes wasted my air

What's the proper protocol to complain to CNN re poor reporting?

The face of the new Republican party.

Educational videos and tips on environmental estrogens and breast cancer

The House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Backwoods Magazine

Dejavu all over again: Bush says 'all options' on the table re: Iran

Evolution Has Now Been Observed & Confirmed In Laboratory Conditions

Faux News lectures Americans on how to spell. The comedy

McCain On Cheney In His Cabinet: "Hell, Yeah."

John Kerry will be on Shuster in a mo

Trickle down economics: Reagan's gift that keeps on giving!

As I was watching the House vote for sending Impeachment

Two questions about impeachment

Now It's On! Obama Camp, Biden, Kerry hit McCain hard on "not too important" comment.

I guess Phil Gramm will have to resign from McCain's camp now..

"The administration has a major program to destabilize the regime in Iran." With support of Congress

Final Gasp Of A Post-9/11 Persecution: "Where Do I Go To Get Back Four Years DOJ Stole From Me?"

Red state update on Scott McClellan.

Lost my C-Span 2 (Senate coverage) from my cable company

9th Circuit Chief Judge, Reagan appointee, presiding at obscenity trial: Obscenity on his own site?

Jeez you GD people are boring

Seattle weather: Colder than Siberia!

Self delete

So the Republicans squashed an energy bill yesterday that could have

Anyone know if The Young Turks are broadcasting today?

Is a Gutted FDA to Blame for Salmonella-Tainted Tomatoes?

Stan Goff: The disposable oath


My LTTE today

Wonder twins activate!! form of Colbert and the embarassing "fist pump" nonsense

2005: McCain argues with Russert when Russert says that McCain is DIFFERENT than Bush!

Oil Speculation

Coburn (R-OK) Places A Hold On HIV/AIDS Prevention Bill

Coburn (R-OK) Places A Hold On HIV/AIDS Prevention Bill

Michael Ware: "Your Government Is Lying To You"

don't know if this has been posted yet...great new moveon ad with John Cusack:

War with Iran is the only answer

Need Help Responding To Pro-McCain E-Mail I Just Got

Mitt on CNN: "Everyone knows we won't force ourselves on (Iraq)"

Lieberman: Iraqi Opposition To U.S. Security Agreement Is ‘A Sign Of Our Success In Iraq’»

Ann Dunham was born in Kansas

OMG!!! Holy-Terror-Fist-Bumping H.W. Bush Photo Found!

What did you eat today?

How much FRUIT did GD conceal from GD:P during the primaries?

GD: Primaries ran a gutter campaign, I don't think they are GD: Presidential material.

If I hear ONE MORE Pub claiming that the US has the highest corp. taxes

A caller on C-span this morning

Obama Pulls Within 10 points in Georgia (Rasmussen) CLOSEST GA POLL YET

Housing crisis hits high end

Bonnaroo helps bring festivals back from the dead

My Letter to San Francisco Chron, Re: Their recent Health Care OpEd

McCain's new line of attack against Obama

Boom times wane in Venezuela

OMG: a baby terrorist

Bush Wants Iraqi Parliament To Give Him OK To Attack Iran-So He Can Avoid Congressional Approval

A Gallon Of Regular Gas Will Cost How Much By Christmas

GOP: No-Bid Contracts for corrupt corporations? YES! Unemployment benefits for the People? NO!

Shrinking Airlines Mean Higher Fares, Fewer Routes

Caption Bushboy and Prime Minister Janez Jansa of Slovenia

Does Obama need to rethink his choice of economic adviser?

MSNBC says Kucinich and Impeachment big joke.

What's with DU & Left Media? Real crisis NOW, very little mention.

Stephen Hayes (Cheney's Biographer, etc) on David Gregory's "Race for the yada yada..."

Giants Super Bowl Rings Stolen In Attleboro, MA Heist

Conyers phone number: 202-225-5126

Support the Flood Victims

TYT: Cenk With Liliana Segura Of Alternet On How The Press Is Ignoring Abuses And Crimes By Troops

Saw an amusing LTTE in the Toledo Blade today.

McCain's daughter is writing a children's book -- about her father!

Canada apologizes to Native Americans for abuse of children

GD:Primaries says it will consider spot as GD:Vice Presidential

Conservatism Failed

USAF unit left stranded on return trip from Iraq (now with photos)

Rachel Maddow Show

Meanwhile, a few miles south of me...

the other day I overheard part of a conversation by grocery store employees

97-year-old woman in Arizona falls victim to state’s stringent voter ID law.»

The Clinton's ENEMIES List!!! .......YGBFKM??

We Don't Need 60 Votes In The Senate To Pass Legislation

So, according to the panel on Tweety's show, if we have an attack or

Secret Prisons Tours, back in 2002

Missing E-Mails-Same Days As Plame Cover-Up & Libby Pardon

Kerry smacks down McCain on Iraq

Bush History, Wednesday 6/11 (An Oilman to Monitor the Environment? Great Idea Mr. Bush!)

Let's review what has transpired since Bush took power....

GDP Post-mortem.

U.S. life expectancy still trails 30 countries

So let me get this straight: Under Reagan, they started taxing unemployment "benefits"

Alternative to Impeachment

(an) Italian buys NYC Flatiron Bldg.

GOP Insiders Worry About McCain's Chances

Christian Anti-Defamation Coalition (A "We're sooo persecuted" right wing org) sticks foot in mouth

Oil price going through the roof! Whee! - Today’s Headlines 6/11/08

A tank of gas costs more than an ounce of weed!


Flood 2008

David Gregory asked the same question Tweety did about if we were attacked,

Ask your congressperson to support impeachment HR 1258

Norway Parliament Approves Gay Marriage

So much for H. Res 1258

want to know what the dollar versus the euro has to do with our gas prices?

I don't think McCain's "one hundred year" remark is a particular good thing to attack him on.

If you guys want impeachment, set up a netroots PAC

How long until someone asks McCain how many troops do we have left in Vietnam?

SOVEREIGN ARAB FUND TO - buy Chrysler bldg

Can someone please explain the Senate to me?

Clinton's Enemy List

Remember bretheren - These Times Were Foretold in the Spaghettomicon

This isn't ... the inner city; you would think that these kids would have some kind of a values...

Joe Sestak has me in tears re cancer

Mark Crispin Miller, Scott Horton, Jonathan Simon Video/Loser Take All/Don Siegelman

Did House just vote overwhelmingly to send Impeachment

Unusual GOP claim in ANWR oil drilling debate isn't true

VetVoice: McCain blind to national security, troop morale issues

$4.79 for regular unleaded this morning.

Check....double check....turn around and put your arm over the back of your seat.....

Carol McCains first husband was an Annapolis grad. What's his name? n/t

"Republican recruits make Dems chortle"

Why the war hasn't ended.

Running Out of Food and Gas as Spanish Fuel Protest Continues

Um yuck: "Human egg makes accidental debut on camera"

Bush Legacy: "Millions Authoring Narrative Of Your Awful Regime-Preserving It With Digital Clarity"

thanks,DU...BOTH my letters are "Most Commented"..

George HW Bush, secret terrorist?

NOW do you understand why I write so many letters?Letter today in my paper

KO said he's going to have a Special Comment


"There is no jurisdiction in the United States...

I spotted one of 'em today on I-80 (W '04)

Giants Super Bowl Rings Stolen In Attleboro Heist

O'Reilly Edits Moyers Interview

9th Circuit's chief judge posted sexually explicit materials on his website

Have you seen this poll - KO was discussing it

"This is the duty of our generation as we enter the twenty-first century

Kucinich Radio interview tonight - 6.11.2008 - 9pm EST

OMG! Huge and I mean HUGE Obama scandal coming...he cheated and as recently as a few months ago...

Paul Rieckhoff: Business as Usual: Troops Wait While Congress "Governs"

Read the following & take a guess where they came from:

Taxes: John McCain vs. Barack Obama

Ben Stein and Paul Krugman on Larry King right now

Suicide or a great escape -hedge fund swindler Samuel Israel

A Welcome to you all!! -- Are you fairly new to DU and have you been in GD-P mostly?

Rising gas prices to allow drilling off the coast?

Ex-NAU president sent suggestive e-mails to university **Hired to rehabilitate Iraq’s universities

Pay attention DU...

Chicago Tribune's handy guide to debunking Rezko...

Independent UK: Fade to black: Is this the end of oil?

FEMA gives away $85 million of supplies for Katrina victims

Why Oil Prices Are So High

Mullah Omar got on to a motor scooter and escaped from the entire US military?

Attack of the shitty tomatoes is BOGUS....

Chief Judge in Obscenity Case Caught Posting Porn

McCain Praised Carter, Called Brzezinski An "Invaluable" Adviser

Question on Presidential pardons and Congressional investigations.

Colombia detains Venezuelan soldier with ammunition

How Rich Are You? Very cool link:

House Republicans block longer jobless benefits

on Abrams: That sick fuck in Austria who raped his daughter is getting love letters

Three Good Reasons Not to Fund Another Year in Iraq

Just in time for the end of GD-Primaries...I've thought of a brand-new forum we can fight in!

Interesting animation detailing the complications of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities

Caroline Kennedy for VP.....why not?.....dream ticket......perfect answer....

Jail Time for Tenet?

I don't get it: We field all these MOST Liberal candidates & they're not good enough &

May I please be the MOST optimistic?

May I please be the MOST optimistic?

If there's ONE THING that Congress SHOULD investigate

Happy Metastasis Day...

Senate conservatives repeat obscure objection to block another Judiciary hearing

Images - Young Obama

self-delete, dupe

Right to vote?

The Road To Redemption: In Defence Of Scott McClellan

Tornado on the ground in Salina Kansas. Nursing home has damage

Press release: Nader filing in Colorado

Attention Impeachment Monkeys: A Lil Reality Dose For You

Question can Pelosi be removed from her Speaker of House

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I have filed a complaint also

Couple confesses to beating 3-year-old boy, Kyle Smith

Thank YOU Mods

FEMA Gives Away $85 Million of Supplies for Katrina Victims

I'm voting Republican...

Blame it on the Rain......Get ready for bread and corn products to really skyrocket in price.....

New fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Kathleen Sebilius and my Wingnut Brother.

Why Most People Won't Fight: Take Back Your Power

'True Majority' asks for your help to "Save the Internet, Support Net Neutrality" - H.R. 5353

'True Majority' asks for your help to "Save the Internet, Support Net Neutrality" - H.R. 5353

DU poll please?

anyone see this commercial that has a guy dressed like a pig....

How do you expect impeachment to get past the Senate?

Go Army/Impeach Bush!

Dear Congress - there's a reason why your approval ratings are so low

Who was Cindy McCain's (nee: Cindy Sheep) first husband?

The entrance sign to the Scout Camp: "Followers in Christ" -- WTF?

McCain On Whether Cheney Might Serve In His Administration: ‘Hell, Yeah'

Kucinich Should Publish The Articles Of Impeachment Of GWB.....

Farms Take Root in Detroit's Foreclosures

97 yr woman, a Dem since FDR, won't be allowed to vote - no birth certificate.

The Marginalization of Kucinich as some "Looney Leftist" in this country just shows how...

Breaking News!! -- My sig line just changed... 2 more soldiers have been killed....

How the media has covered (up) Kucinich's heroic act

What are the stated positions regarding impeachment on the House Judiciary Committee?

The transition to General Election mode on DU has begun.

Katie Couric on sexism in the media

Nixon's Reputation Restored

Cheney called Clinton-era sanctions against Iran bad for Halliburton

Omaha has tornadoes on the ground NOW second time in 4 days injury reports coming in

I'm Voting Republican

Oil Prices Rose Today Due To Supply Issues.......

War on 'illegal immigration' is war on poor people, U.S. citizens among them

Friendswood (TX) principal fired for trying to educate

Gee, I don't know if I can really TRUST Senator Obama

Bill Press going off on Obama's birth certificate this morning...

GD-GD:P Introduce yourself THREAD!

Is 'China slant drilling 50 miles off Key West'?

Reagan Appointed Judge Caught Posting Porno on the Internet

'They hate us because of our policies' - Congressonal Study

Yes, Capitalism has succeeded!

Some Cuban emigrants return to island to live (from Miami)

This is BIG reason mass protests/demonstrations rarely happen - OH march brutally attacked by police

There seems to be a direct connection between torture at Guantanamo and the beginning of 24

Fox Smears Michelle Obama with Sexist/Racist Remark Again

Kucinich front and center on

How to use the C-Span Video library

Apparently he fixes cars too:

"I disagree with what the majority of Americans want." - John McCain

"I disagree with what the majority of Americans want." - John McCain

It there "something wrong" woth Obama?

My hometown had a tornado today ..

Local Tomatoes & Salmonella - Who's Afraid?

Bush administration gag order preventing discussion of $23 billion lost in Iraq.»

Secular, Muslim Culture Clash Ensnares French Doctors (Hymenoplasty)

Toyota plans 2 new hybrids, lithium ion production

*BIG* NBC/WSJ poll as reported by Andrea Mitchell

If the neocons take over ...

Is there a group, person, organization to investigate GWB?


In loving memory of GD/P 2008 v. 1, I ask our new friends to muster all the enviable quantities of

hummm... how do i explain this. mostly a bill gets read, it goes into committee and it dies...

If terrorists struck us on Pres. Obama's watch, would the repubs impeach him?

McCain does not know how to use a computer!

The Heinous Crimes of George W. Bush in 35 Articles of Impeachment

Tucker Carlson is a despicable little shit...

Very funny video! " I'm Voting Republican"

Righteous Indignation

Torture Is Over (if we want it)

Report: Fed. judge had sexual images on Web site

Headline on Fox at 5:30PM: Outraged liberals: "Stop messing with Obama baby mama!"

"John McCain, experience you c**ts can count on" - Jon Stewart

Impeachment: We Have What Conyers Needs!

Clinton Vampires, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, Emerge For Another Feeding

SFRC hearing Thurs 2:30p on Oil, Oligarchs, and Opportunity incl. Z. Brzezinski

Thought Bush was bad? Meet McCain, member of the Keating Five

The only way for impeachment to happen is to convince Pelosi it's politically beneficial

ATTACK BELGIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is the public transportation (if applicable) in your hometown?

2012: "I don't regret it all...Removing the GOP PARTY has made the World a Safer Place"


On Now: Kucinich vs. O'Reilly

Does anyone have a list of judicary committee members?

Obama Gains Among Women After Clinton Exit (and Kerry stands up for Michelle)

Flashback: Pelosi threatens Conyers' chairmanship over impeachment

Sounds like some Dems are eyeing Social Security change while funding a losing Iraq war.

who are these nutbags? Abortion protesters and protesting BIRTH CONTROL too? JEBUS where do they

The current "gas crisis" is manipulated....We are being "Enron-ed" by the oil co.'s

Speaker Pelosi Must Be Removed For Her Illegal Position on Impeachment Investigation

Bush: 'I fucked up' (Ok, not an EXACT quote, but...)

HELP? Has anyone ever had a problem with using a wireless keyboard?

I want to see govt. employees charged and jailed re: Katrina!

Who should be Majority Leader in the next Senate?

EXPLOSIVE: CIA Insider: CIA Blackmailed Officials So "Bush Family" Could Profit From War

I want on this jury!!!!!!!!! man kills 4 kittens with a hammer

The video is up of the Democratic leaders unity press conference yesterday.

There were not 66 Senate votes at the start of the Watergate Investigations.

All that's needed for impeachment is a SIMPLE MAJORITY in the House.

Kucinich Promises Conyers: "If There Is No Further Action-We'll Come Back With 60 Articles Not 35"

Kucinich Challenges the Dangerous Bushco 9/11 Myth in Impeachment Articles

Tim Mahoney FL D "won't tie his tail to a kite, no matter how high it soars."

Only 18% of American teenagers can point out own country on map

Investigate This, by Scott Ritter {Spot on Op-Ed}

Impeachment "Is Already Beginning" An Analysis Of Kucinich's Impeachment Case (Elizabeth Holtzman)

Let's not ignore the pending FISA cave-in!

Robert Parry: Washington Post's Enduring Bush Cover-up

all you anti-impeachment types...

Go to McCain's site and talk about his balls

Kucinich on with Randi

Nancy Pelosi Responds to Dennis Kucinich

School drops Pledge of Allegiance during ceremony

can some clever person make a fist bump smiley?





self delete

Bring on McCain!

All you Hillbots should go drink battery acid!


Online, Obama Outpaces McCain by Miles

Gates: Both Obama & McCain Would Take 'Sensible Approach' on Iraq

First Post!

I was wondering when we would get our very own McCain bashing forum...YEAH!!

I wrote this about Nancy Boyda back in 2006. I was most impressed with her.


I'm posting this

McCain and the Republican party suck ass.

Here's a gift from our friend Swamp Rat

Dear Diary,

woo hoo

OBAMA will be the 44th President!

Can we just vote today? Cause our guy's up over 100 electoral votes.

hey what's this new fangled thingy called GD:Prez?

Bush is the disease. Obama is the cure.

GD:P is Dead. Long Live GD:P.

Boren and other Dems who refuse to support Obama should be reminded of what they ARE supporting.

We may have a winner.Post #6 at this thread is on the board at 12:00 Eastern.Last GD:Primaries post?

Breaking: McCain sucks.

In before the lock!

Love seeing the word Presidential!

The Fat's In The Fire Responses To McLame's Quote That The Troops Coming Home Is Not Important

Wheew.... we're back

Breaking: Obama Wins GE...

McCain stepped in shit this morning on NBC "Today Show"

Now that the primaries are officially over....

Damn it, fifth!

now where can I exercise my 2 minutes hate???

Rasmussen Michigan: Obama 45; Gramps McSame 42

Question: Is anyone going to make a funny website out of McCain's "beer veto" line....


You mods are already kicking ass! Thank you! nt

McCain campaign "hits back" (again)on the "not too important" criticism on conference call

Barack Obama recruits team to tackle web smears

Who exactly has input in writing the party platform?

The poll you've been waiting for!

Is this where McCain got the name WALNUTS?

As a lifelong democrat I'm very concerned

Anyone else find it curious there hasn't been a national poll released yet?

Has McCain Already Given Up on Iowa?

I just talked to a friend of mine whose great grandmother


I hope the short list is a little longer than this

I've waited damn near thirty years for this, dammit, and I'll take all the help I can get!

what is wrong with us?


Obama attacks credit card companies, McCain

so, during the primary season, who fell hard for Obama?

McCain says "I will veto every beer", Freudian slip?

Proof how fucked up this country is

It's simple: President Barack Obama

Holy shit! Look at all the Severe Weather Warnings across the USA right now!!

Obama's and Jim Johnson's statement on his resignation

I see no coincidence in the fact that Jim Johnson has stepped down after the VP list leak came out

I see no coincidence in the fact that Jim Johnson has stepped down after the VP list leak came out

Energy Policy, on the arrogance and lack of vision of George Bush

Former Bush Donors: Still Hesitant About Backing McCain

McSame / Loserman



Oh for the love of god, the whole Jim Johnson thing

Senator McConnell Attacks Obama's Windfall Tax Comments On Senate Floor

LOL - WorldNetDaily complains about not getting responses back from the Obama campaign

So Jim Johnson steps down from Obama campaign but what about Graham stepping down from McCains

Democrats THUMP Mccain over troop withdrawal comments (withdrawaling is not too important)

Democratic women: McCain out of touch, time to support Obama (USA Today)

Some snark from Dana Milbank: Democrats Still Struggling With Whole 'Party Unity' Thing

Ya know, McCain doesn't even need to raise money since the MSM campaigns for him anyway

Wake up folks! Story in the MSM today is Jim Johson. We need to respond Via McCain/Gramm

Let's gather the RESEARCH on the McCain/Gramm/Subprime situation, Shall We?

Wasserman Schultz: Obama has a "real opportunity" to win back angry Clinton supporters

Lieberman verbally sucks McCain's dick...again

Decent officiating in the NBA finals equals....

Can someone explain the passport thing to me? I don't get it

Sidney Poitier is the guest on Tavis Smiley right now....

Paul Newman battling lung cancer?

Hogans Heros is on

anybody know the origins of "in hot water"?

Ant Spray and Cats... how long to wait?

Obama Shows His Punch

Beware of the False Horse Race.

Two nights ago, I went to an Alicia Keys concert.

McCain's Growing Fund Raising Disaster Obama/HRC out raise JSM in AZ / Only 8% Bush supporters give

Testing, testing... 1, 2, 3. We're in a real muddle here today... wish everyone well on GD: Pres.

Shouldnt do it...but I love


First Poll!

Vice President Gore should now head the Vice President Search Committee

Republicans have their nick name of GOP.

Obama attacks credit card companies, McCain

Saw this little nugget over at fark...

Top Lieberman Campaign Official: We Begged Obama For Help In 2006 -- And He Came Through

McCain On Cheney In His Cabinet: "Hell, Yeah."

The left needs to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Obama must learn from Kucinich's election theft impeachment by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

Question: I'm Seeing McSame Ads Here In PA...

Jeb Bush clone, Marco Rubio: "Obama's turning out the youth, but at a very superficial level."

"Weeds" is back with new shows starting on Monday..

Do You Think It Would Be More Beneficial To Us If People Thought McCain Was Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

AL GORE an American Patriot who respects the US Constitution

“Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!”

This should be on the frontpage of DU

Obama blog post defending Feingold's and Leahy's vote for John Roberts

Woman's car totalled by blown manhole cover

Because of skyrocketing gas prices, the Hummer has a new name!

John Cusack--SWOON--check out the ad

I *love* my dearest DU friends...


Who wants to try to get the last post in GD-P?

Home Roasting Coffee in Your Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Fresh Michigan Numbers: Obama 45, McDubya 42

TV reporter freaks and chases man interrupting this real?

McCain The Cad: A Study in Republican Hypocrisy and Why Obama Will (or Should) Win the Family Values

We Should be Worried if McCain selects Romney as His VP

One of my favorite threads.

What Am I Doing Hangin' Round?

Robert Wexler For Attorney General

Hello, I'm John McCain

Hey guys you heard of the Obama Partys? Click the link to find an event

Ten-Hour Greyhound Bus Trip Turns Into 26-Hour Odyssey For Teenager

so how does the GD P pizza party work?

Jason Linkins on HuffPo: McCain Supporter Fiorina Deserves The Same Scrutiny As Obama Veep Vetter

McCain Administration Would Include Dick Cheney

Clinton Supporters Give Obama Edge With Women Voters

John McCain is Scarface!

Who wants to have a little fun???

You may post to this thread, but please remain absolutely silent.

What will GD:P be called after the deadline?

Kucinich's articles of impeachment deserve a vote on the House floor

It's clear already the 3 post limit should remain in effect.

Jim Johnson steps down from Obama campaign

HA! 4th post in GD:P TODAY!

HI My name is max powers

need help from internet search savvy folks

Why not Feingold for VP?

Tweety's Hardball: Johnson's exit is bad news for Hillary

CONFESS!!!! You're some sort of big, fat, smart-bug, aren't you?

Keep talking, McCain. Go on and straight-talk yourself

Meanness be gone!

Please, Senator Obama, when you take office, please gut FEMA.

Faux News's Mara Liasson does NPR hit piece on Obama -

Climbing Up The Walls

Barack Obama vs. the Internet rumor machine

We Need A THREAD POSTING LIMIT in this Forum. Too much GREAT SHIT getting lost!

I wonder in what way Terry McAiluffe will help fuck the Democrats in yet another election?

Loyalty Oaths for all types of Clinton Supporters who want to Pledge Their Votes to McCain

Krugman makes the "centrist" mistake common to our elite media.

Post here if you're on my ignore list!

WSJ: "Mister Maverick, Meet Da Machine" by Thomas Frank

Anybody here keep chickens? I get plenty of eggs and I have several roosters.

L@@K! Somebody Cleaned This Place!

Did Hillary Clinton Start "Media Matters"?

khashka said to not look up your name at FR. So I looked up mine and...

Obama / Richardson 08

I am celebrating the death of GD-Primaries and the birth of GD-Presidential with a donation to DU.

So here's a proposed ad:

McCain in ‘05: I’m ‘totally in agreement’ with Bush on ‘the most important issues of the day.’»

Officially releasing my Ignore list today...

MSNBC: new NBC-WSJ Poll about to be announced...

Mark Halperin Finally Gets That Obama Isn't Like Any Other Democrat

Today on Michael Medved's show: Obama might be the Anti-Christ

McCain: Carter had "the greatest, the noblest and loftiest intentions of any president"

ECHO Echo echo

NBC/WSJ Poll: Post-primary bump for Obama - 47% Obama - 41% McCain

So when does Ken Burns come out with his 10 hour PBS documentary on GD:P...

Group hug!

McSame should be tested for Alzheimer's Disease.

You can now vote in round 2 of CQ Politics' "VP Madness" Dem Edition (June 11-16)

I supported John Edwards during the primaries.

It appears that I put my underwear on inside-out today.

He looks truly horrific at times

I owe DS1 beer. Before I send it I am making him watch

I LOVE the new title of this forum!

Johnson just stepped down from Obama's Veep search team!

The "not too important" people. An open letter to John McCain.

anyone here been to costa rica?

When is McCain

Carville: Obama Should Pick Gore for Veep


NBC poll: 22% say Clinton as VP will make them more likely to vote for Obama; 21% say less likely

John McCain will make a great president

RW radio today LOL

Given the past 8 years...why would anyone vote for McCain?

Deleted duplicate. nt

It's gone!

Obama on the Nile

Attacking McCain's perceived strengths: Obama gets it.

No post limit is needed...

"Mean Jean" Schmidt Accuses Dem Foe Of ... "Grotesque Medical Experiments" On Human Guinea Pigs

Dick Cheney as Radioactive Man

Bobby Jindal (potential McCain VP) is an exorcist?

David Gregory is a true concern troll nt

Deleted duplicate. nt

In Obama's acceptance speech im Denver...which would you rather hear?

I just had the worst dream!

TEMPER, TEMPER (Senator Reid regarding McCain: "doesn’t have the temperament to be the president")

Media Matters: Tweety Matthews asks, Is Obama "too University of Chicago or too South Side Chicago"?

In the end, a simple message.

VP Talk: Webb's Rebel Roots: An Affinity for the Confederacy

VP Talk: Webb's Rebel Roots: An Affinity for the Confederacy

Loungers time to put on the bigboy pants

Uh-oh. Looks like it's not just a rumor. It's a real live coup over in the McCain camp.

You know how I can tell the General Election had begun?

VP idea: Bob Casey

If I had a gun right now

The more I think about it, the more I believe we couldn't have a better person to run against.

Did It Really Happen?

Barack Obama's 50 state strategy!

Obama should pick Cheney-like figure for VP to gain HRC's full support

Obama maintains lead in Gallup tracking poll

Surprisingly the MSM is doing a good job eviscerating McCain's "it doesn't matter" gaffe.

Gallup: Obama builds advantage among women

OK, I'm stupid. What's with all these "hand over the fruit" posts.

For probably the first time we may have the People's President?

John McCain is Tried!

What Will Be The Margin Of Victory In 2008

I just wanted to post here, just to do it

"...a rub-your-belly, grab-your-balls, give-you-a-hug, slap-your-back, pull-your-dick...

My roommate and I had the best Idea ever today.

OMG, John McCain is an ABBA fan

McCain Might Have Vascular Dementia

Really Senator McCain can't you remember where you left things

I saw my first McCain sticker today.

This summer's biggest movie: "Carrie Bradshaw Sings ABBA in a Delaware Tollbooth"

GDP's about to get raptured, and it's pretty funny over there right now.

Joe Biden for VP - Fulfilling the Attack Dog Role Already

We've received our first set of marching orders

Sen Obama will be the next president, Gov Schweitzer hopefully the next VP(or Clark)

Interesting Tombstone

Anybody listening to Rachel?

I'd like to learn more about Gov Schweitzer for VP. Please make the case!

John McCain Has Gumption!

The Knightley News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great Website For Clinton Supporters Of Obama!

Alright, I confess: I was EVERY SINGLE TROLL on GD:P.

FORGET IMPEACHMENT - whatever happened to the HEARINGS we were promised?

There Was NO Leak From Obama's Campaign Re: Potential VP's. It Was Entirely Fabricated By Media

Which one do you like the best?

Olbermann and Wolffe Agree: McCain Getting Pass for "Not Important" Gaffe

It's an Obamanation, baby!!!

Glenn Greenwald: John McCain then and now

In remembrance of GDP. A short poem.

Holy Crap! It's gone. Totally vanished. It's like GD-P was raptured.

Barack Obama: Busy American Father (((PICS)))

My last GD:Primaries post ever. Lost fans (and fans of bad puns), check it out!

Oh! This is too funny-Must Read!... Bobby Jindal (pos McCain vp) - encounter w/ demons & excorsism?

Murtha: McCain's Age Makes It Difficult For Him To Be Commander-In-Chief

Is there a 9/11 DU Group or Subforum?

Free Your Mind

Obama starts the GE campaign as the favorite to win Iowa.

If one more person sends me an email attachment of > 5MB

WSJ/NBC: With Hillary on the ticket, Obama beats McCain by 9% ...

Dick Durbin: People Sliming Michelle Obama Deserve The "Hottest Ring In Hell"(with video)

Just got this from my Mom -my kinda humour

I didn't know we had a dog.

Talkingpointsmemo's Rosenberg: Letting Jim Johnson Go Shows Obama Has What It Takes

Oh how funny...

MSNBC Really Pumping New Poll

Teh GD:P...Iz gone!

Johnson resigns from team vetting Obama veep

Slow Down There, Tiger! ---pix--->>>

I know the parent website of this is considered disgusting by most

I started one last flame war in GD:P - come join the fun!!!

14 Republican members of Congress have refused to endorse or publicly support Sen. John McCain

While talking to the Fire Dept last night, I forgot the milk in my car. Is it ok to drink?

Adding buddy error

Rotten Recruits! Some GOP candidates are absolutely awful.

I certainly hope decorum and civility will be enforced in this one

Boyda endorses Obama

Obama's numbers look good in new NBC/WSJ Poll

McCain Lies About Obama's Position on Climate Change!!


To prevent McCain gaffes -The Captain will answer your questions now

9 arrested, one tasered in water balloon melee.

How many of you retained your GD-P purity this primary season?

Chris Matthews Praises Rendell for VP , Makes Bizarre Jewish Reference

Sen. Reid notes McCain's temper issues in an interview w/ Norah O'Donnell.

So how exactly does Jason Furman represent *change*?

Hi! I am new here. This looks like it will be a neat place to discuss the General Election.

Things that are pissing me off right now.

Please excuse, wrong forum.

I'm doing the video for this song "Let's Change The World"...give it a listen

McCain: It doesn't matter how long the economy stays bad. It only matters whether...

Stupid double post, please delete

i can name that tune in 6 notes!

54% Of Americans "Think" Obama Is Going To Be The Next President

League of conservationists rate Barack Obama 96 percent.

How the heck did I miss this McCain gaffe?

There's a new GD: Presidential forum, but I can't access it.

McCain's Veep? Bobby Jindal: Scholar, Governor, Exorcist

The Progressive Economic Voices On Obama's Team That Detractors Don't Want You To Know About

Why are we at defcon 1??

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaks about predatory lending today in his hometown Chicago

New McCain AD "Only a fool talks tough about war"!

- Oh - My - Gawd - Read this email I just received.

Getting complaints about people yanking Obama yard signs and bumperstickers in Madison

McCain has a biographical TV spot up in battleground MO

The New Gallup Poll gives McCain the Obama Bump!

The New Gallup Poll gives McCain the Obama Bump!

So I missed GD:P's final hours

Which of these is Senator McCain?

What would you do with visiting family if you had no money?

It all makes sense now.

I'm voting Republican because....

I had to call the cops

Should Focus On The Election Supersede Congress' Sworn Duty Regarding The B*sh Administration Crimes

You know what would be awesome? If Michael McDonald sang all the themes for children's TV shows.

The one video that will single-handedly take down the McCain campaign

Dem Primary in 1 minute Video

Baby seal rescued from Spruce Head

First Pet?

Beware of emails that say "Snopes verified this"

I have to go get more beer and cigarettes, but

Will you please help "Save the Internet, Support Net Neutrality"- H.R. 5353 Stop Telecom Censoring

Obama Gets Bump. Why this pic?

Shout out to Rising Phoenix...

'Monkey' M-O-N-K-E-Y

The new forum is here, the new forum is here!!!!


I saw Citizen Kane over the weekend and IT SUCKED.

I need fun Myspace comments. Do you have any??

What about Ray Mabus?

Molly Ivins on Phil Gramm

I saw the Godfather over the weekend and IT SUCKED.

So - Is Lou Dobbs

So - Is Lou Dobbs

Obama Unity Drive: Scarlett Johansson; Jennifer Lopez: Barbra Streisand AND

I think someone peed in the GD: P pool


anyone ever try those adventure dating groups?

Any Newton Faulkner fans here

Yes. I posted the 1st new thread in GD:Pres

New movie out-Young@Heart

see you all later.....

Fear me! I have evolved beyond ThreadKiller! I am now


BMW builds shape-shifting car out of cloth

Breaking News GD:Biscuits to reopen at Midnight tonight

so I've made a decision

Careful in the new GD:P people. I just saw a pizza delivered with great speed.

GirlinContempt---I hope you are feeling better today---

Does anyone have a few watts they can spare?

Question to ponder: Will the waterskiing squirrel be out of a job after noon today?

Dudes! Oktoberain 'n' me are totally putting the New GD: P through its initiation!

So a co-worker brought up the presidential election at work today...

It's Funny. I Kinda Feel The Same Way I Did The Day I Got Out Of Jail.

Ten bucks to the first person who correctly guesses from which movie this quote came.

$375 bonus on my upcoming paycheque? Fuck yeah!

"...Who May Be On McCain's Veep Shortlist -- An Exorcist?"

For Clinton, Millions in Campaign Debt and Limited Options

Can I see on a map how far I walked?

GD:Biscuits is open again!!

Some of my preferences for an Obama cabinet

I have to move to my parents house for the summer. Sucks.

lounge challenge

What do women want when they want to be with a man?

John Kerry on Keith O - "McCain is having a debate with himself" on Iraq War

Unicorns Exist!

To all you weather watchers, do you read the weather "discussion"?

Police Taser Man Suffering Diabetic Seizure, Charge Him with DUI, criminal charges remain

I got "idiot proof" medication today...

Post here if you think primate1 is EVER going to pay me the $375 he owes me.

Going to Philadelphia today

You heard Skinner, -no more flamewars.

It is Wednesday! I want to Party! I need to party!

Why do people use "fucking" as an adjective?

Fuck me.

OK, who had 7 minutes to the first locked thread?

Oh, no! Anagram of Mrs. Venation is "vain monster!" Anagram generator


Hardball..If We Get Attacked B-4 the General...McCrazy Wins

Good news on the veto front

The Harry Potter prequel is now online!

Is it just me?

Okay. Bumper sticker ideas please. Me first: Jan. 2001 $1.47

McCain is "Ed Sullivan"..Obama is "Jon Stewart"

What are you looking at, dicknose?

What's for dinner?

Rasmussen WA Poll: Obama 53 (+2), McCain 35 (-5)

Britney Spears seeks guidance from her spiritual advisor, Mel Gibson, in Beverly Hills cigar club

Damn, my last GDP post didn't make it...

Any other folks here in DU who are students in the Caine-Hackman Theory?

Migration Poll - Where did we all start before we joined to support Senator Obama?

JOY! (I am scrapin' it up!)

Pilot, attendant, sex in woods, heatseeking equipment, in a shed wearing flip-flops & a wristwatch

Topless hookers....anyone tried em?

They had sex WHERE?

Do dogs think humans have "cooties"?

If it's Obama/Richardson, what should happen next?

I saw Deep Throat over the weekend and IT SUCKED!

You can tell I'm not gay...

I Like This GDP Better

My letter to various Media Mavens --re: Obama/Johnson Vs. McCain/Gramm -GIVE US BALANCE!

Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?

i wish the weather would make up its damn mind and find a happy medium

Can you smoke garlic

Topless sandals....anyone tried em?

Obama Crashes 8th Grade Graduation

Does anybody have any experience selling photographs?

What do you call it when your cat needs something?

Obama has.... FANGS!!!! re: Jim Johnson

Oh sh*t! Paul Newman battling cancer!

Sweeney Todd - You jerks could have warned me first

I said this once and I'll say it again

Okay, there is, like, crappin' hurricane force winds outside.

Is it just me, or is Miley Cyrus a sign of the apocalypse?

Oedi sounds a little like Crush the Sea Turtle

Random YouTube Video of the Day

A few (very few) pictures from Heidelberg Zoo

OK folks enough fun has been had, I need to do SOMETHING at least

GD is being invaded by ex-GD: P'ers and we could be next

"Time is going by really, really, slow."

Katherine Heigl's "How to Win Friends and Influence People"


holy shit! 'UNICORN' deer is found in Italian preserve


Some Solid Potato Salad?


*$#&@% blast it! Another wildfire!

From the moment I had to explain that 2 of 3 computers being online = working internet connection

Driving the truck in nothing but boxers and work boots

Headphones, earphones, earbuds?

I love my town: VFW members burned down our traveling meat wagon

Am I being a bad girlfriend for this?

I'm getting the sense that the new "Get Smart" movie won't be that funny.

I'm thinking about turning my sig back on...

Who's your favorite Muppet?


In Yer Face


So someone got ahold of my check card number...

Do you know any women that will be voting for McCain?

I just want to say that Nature R00Lz!

My elbow hurts!!

Yesterday: Palermo. Today: Chico. Tomorrow: the world!

Why did Constantinople get the works?

Wes Clark: McCain Is "Untested & Untried" On National Security

When does the 'Happy Hour" Lounge open?

Oh great goddess, more lyrics

Crap - new fire in Santa Cruz Mountains...

post a pic of you today!

Tonight's Lullaby - Miguel Hernandez, "Lullaby of the Onion"

stereo/computer peeps: are most aux audio in cables

Why can't I balance my checkbook?

QUICK! What's wrong with this picture?

Why can't I balance my remote on my nose?

Tonight's Beer Flight - Santa Cruz, Marin and San Diego

A Toyota to the first person who guess from which movie this quote came.

Goodnight all you yak lovers!

What do people think about Pelosi as VP?

Florida Senator Steve Geller endorses Obama. But continues his lawsuit.

The Rise Of The Obamacons-A growing number of conservatives think Barack is Mr. Right

The End of the Reagan Era In One Paragraph - So Simple and Beautiful

Cindy McCain is a Bad Person

Rez Cowgirl

Wednesday June 11 Kitten Picture of the Day

Are you more or less likely to reply to a thread with a YouTube link?

Five random questions for a Wednesday afternoon

Once again . . .

The Page: OBAMA Team Counter-Response to McCain Camp. Hits him on Carly Fiorina's checkered history

Seriously, some guy in a yellow shirt walked through our backyard

Michelle Obama to co-host on The View next week (saw this in Dowd's column today)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/11/2008)

I just genocided our newest roommates...

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, June 11 – WEA 53.72% 598.90 Obama 308-230

Miss American Pie is 5 minutes from my house.

"Can't you break into the store and get me toothpaste as a courtesy?"

Body-wash -------------- SCAM?????????!1

Why can't they just haul the water outa the Midwest

My fellow new GD:Per's: Iowa under siege!

"my sister in a soft plastic wig with cigarette circa 1963."

3-year-old Romanian singing star

Think I'm going to have screaming nightmares tonight. Should I get blind drunk?

Dammit! Too late for mother's day

Like a Rolling Stone

John McCain and the Company He Keeps

Looky what I found! Bobby Bare interviewing John Prine...

My toes - they are pretty!

Let's Play A Moral Dilemma Game...

Ugh, I just got home about 30 minutes ago

I love this place

Is anyone (everyone) afraid to attack McCain on his 'military' and 'national security' .............

Anyone have suggestions on how to treat a horrible sunburn???

Men - do you experience evolution pain??

Jason & the Obamanauts: Krugman On Furman As Obama's Economic Policy Director

What kind of music do you listen to when you're horny?

Reverse Cowgirl

Okay, foodies. Need some help.

I love John Kerry. I love Hillary Clinton. I love Al Gore.

Khash posts nasty lyrics cuz he's in a bad mood

thank you, lounge lizards!

Ever rent an Amtrak sleeping car?

worst brother ever

Should Men Of a Certain Age Dye Their Hair?

Help! Looking for a particular website

Roman Polanski a piece of garbage and so is the Hollywood that supports this ass....

Name some mainstream cultural items that hipsters are still willing to embrace.

Name some mainstream cultural items that hipsters are still willing to embrace.

Guided By Voices fans: suggested listening for a newbie?

Create a topic using as much inflammatory material as you can.

As y'all know .... we gettin' married.

"My Buk About I-Rak" by G.W. Bush

The election is over.

Tomorrow, and Friday, I will be a Crew Chief for the first time ever

I know I'm like a DU B- or C-lister, but can I create my own inner-DU kool kid thread feature?

Top Chef finale tonight! Who will win?

Should I be a good wife and move the car?

OBAMA Opens Real National Lead

OMG! In a speech yesterday, Ferraro praises Obama? She even throws down a 'Yes We Can'?

J-Lo Backing Obama?

Tonight, I diced and froze 39 cups of rhubarb

Doctor uses hammer to pull nail from man's head

Fucking DirecTV screwed up

Who would you give your life to protect?

Anybody here keep chickens? I get plenty of eggs and I have several roosters.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/11/08

Did Midlo stop performing bastinido on the soles of her housekeeper yet for redecirating?

Women- do you experience ovulation pain?

Match Game Story: "Dorcas' doorknob was so unbrassy, even her __ recorded a tinny Ravel's 'Bolero'"

Can anyone recommend a good (FREE) photo-album site?

Strange lyrics But I love Laurie Anderson

So, some jackass idiot Civil War buff called Antietam "America's self-inflicted holocaust".

Why is Caroline Kennedy on Obama's search team?

The worst garden pests!

The new GD:P is FUN!

Had sushi for lunch. I guess I'm just not a huge fan.

"Obama's Baby Mama?"

DayDreaminHippie68 and I are going to the Tigers-Chisox game tonight...

Shoes that flap when you walk should be outlawed from the workplace

Camille Paglia: Obama's best veep choice

My neighbor kid was throwing rocks at a cat.

McCain, gooks, and the media.

Barbra Streisand changes tunes from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama

Cats Aren't Standoffish, They're Just Not Needy

Prequel to "The Davinci Code" now filming in Rome

What do you think of Tom Daschle for VP?

Terrorist smileys! Get yer free TERRORIST SMILEYS here!

Pic thread: post pics that The Lounge might not have seen yet

Yaks. Love em? Hate em?

Foreign Languages and the Candidates

Fist bump smilies, created by dicksteele

I'm a white male...and I'm voting for Obama.

What do you call it when your cat kneads something?

John McCain's Daughter Writing a Children's Book..."She's a Looker!"

Bad news! We may have lost money -- the builder of the home we wanted went BANKRUPT!

So, This tomato scare is totaly Crap

Can you all send some Lounge Vibes to my aunt and uncle.

"They're spectacular . . . and they're all MINE" !

Let's vet the possible VP candidates ourselves!

If you can't get interested in Euro 2008 after watching this, you just don't like soccer

Obama has moved into double-digit leads over McCain in two new polls of women voters

Seeing a lot of pro-Camille-Paglia posts. Do you guys know who she is?

Bush Political Prisoner Gets Her Day in Court – Susan Lindauer Collins/Scoop

Have you read the comments on McCain's Golf Gear page? Hysterical.

John Kerry on Countdown: McCain Confused on Iraq

USA Today "Straw Poll" - Obama Needs Votes

The Prosecution of George W. Bush

This damn forum needs a lolcats thread.

Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain are study in contrast

First Official GD-Prez VP Poll

I was just thinking. Doesn't John Kerry deserve the highest consideration

Maybe $4 a gallon isn't too much to pay for gas

Handy Guide to John McCain Being a 3rd George Bush Term and a Disaster to Democrats

Howard Dean on Morning Joe discusses the primary, healing, Jim Johnson, and McCain. Video.

Edwards polls the strongest by far among other VP choices

OK, DUers. How much did you pay for gas recently?

Do you believe corporate MSM is prepping us for...

Is Big Fish (2003) worth renting?

My case for Tim Kaine as Vice President.

***************u4ic Appreciation Thread***************

Anti-Child-Porn Tactic Criticized

Indo-US civil nuclear deal dead: US official

Red Cross Is Fined For Blood Violations

GAO finds Army medical evaluations lacking

Arar sent to Syria legally: U.S. official

Afghan civilians killed in U.S.-led operation

McCain says his home state is a SWING state


China revokes 700 toy export permits

Iraq Criticizes Demands For Future of U.S. Role

US-Iraq Security Deal in Trouble

Judge: Ex-Black Panther should get 3rd trial

Energy Dept. says Gas expected to stay around $4 a gallon through next year

Lake Delton to be dry this year

Report: Antidepressants being used more among U.S. troops on front lines

McCain plans new overseas trip

NASA Plans to Visit the Sun

McCain Unlikely To Use Cheney In Campaign

LA obscenity case nauseates some potential jurors

Secret al-Qaida, Iraq files found on British train

In Germany, Bush Protests Lose Appeal

Search broadens for missing ex-hedge fund manager (partner to John Ellis - Bush cousin)

Key member of Obama's VP committee steps aside.

F-22 decisions delayed until end of Bush term

Helen Thomas and Cartoonist Chip Bok Collaborate on Children's Book

BREAKING NEWS: Jim Johnson steps down from VP vetting post in Obama campaign

Secret documents left on train (UK top secret, "damning" assessment of Iraq forces)

Ron Paul plans his own convention

McCain to speak on free trade in Ottawa

Norway legalises gay marriage

Pakistan blames US coalition for troops' death

Oil prices soar after Energy Department report

Pakistan condemns "cowardly" U.S. attack; 11 dead

'Bean can grenade' recipe lands man in U.S. custody

USA Today "Straw Poll" - Obama Needs Votes

Stimulus plan pushes deficit to all-time high

Russia Is Biggest Oil Producer, Above Saudi Arabia: IEA Data

9th Circuit's chief judge posted sexually explicit matter on his website

9th Circuit judge had sexual images on Web page

Border Patrol implements zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigrants

Targeted strike on Iran nuclear sites again under discussion

Lieberman: Criticism of McCain comment ‘outrageous’

No permanent bases in Iraq - Bush

(Louisiana) Bill defies federal ID requirements

Pluto Now Called a Plutoid

White House Names 6 for Medal of Freedom

SuperValu to lay off 80 employees in Boise's finance department (India)

Paul Newman responds to cancer rumors

Obama camp: Rep. Boren ‘has his facts wrong’

Legislative pay raise approved in state Senate

An Italian Snags the Flatiron

OPEC Wants Oil Price `Solution' From Saudi Meeting

Corn Surges to Record on U.S. Crop Loss; Soybeans, Wheat Rally

Fed: High energy, food prices keep economy weak

Bush to U.S.: Pandora's Box is Open

FBI probing ex-Rep. Sweeney

Playing the Age Card? Obama Camp Calls McCain "Confused," Jumps On McCain Comments on Iraq

Al-Qaeda documents left on train

New Gang of 14 won’t back McCain

Lawmakers say Capitol computers hacked by Chinese

The Pentagon invites rock bands on pro-war tours


Extension of jobless benefits loses in House

Top Military Officer: 'Stop Loss' Won't End Soon

Obama Admits Smoking Cigarettes in Last Few Months

FEMA gives away $85 million of supplies for Katrina victims

Christian leaders meet privately with Obama

Iraq, perceived hypocrisy fuel record anti-Americanism:report

European beer maker InBev offers to buy Anheuser-Busch for $46.9 billion

TEMPER, TEMPER (Senator Reid regarding McCain: "doesn’t have the temperament to be the president")

Jampacked transit systems running on fumes

Boy Scout Facing Deportation Learns New Meaning of "Be Prepared"

Fox News Regrets . . . Again

Kucinich Forces Vote on Bush's Impeachment

Kadhafi slams Obama over Jerusalem remarks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 11

Police Order Protection for Judge in Polygamist Ranch Case

4 deaths at scout camp TORNADO Little Sioux Iowa

GOP claim about Chinese oil drilling off Cuba is untrue

Kucinich referendum to impeach passes to the judiciary.

Kucinich - Impeachment Article 35

Barack Obama ad

2008 Primary Season Redux

[REMIX] McCain - Loves Dehydrated Babies

Views on the News 6/11/08

Countdown: Articles Of Impeachment Pt-01 6-10-08

KO's Countdown: Primary Redux 6-10-08

Countdown: Economic Reality, McCain versus Obama on the economy

Support Robert Wexler for Congress (FL-19)

McCain: Bringing Troops Home from Iraq "NOT TOO IMPORTANT"

Sen. John McCain Interview: Iraq pullout "not too important"

Rep. Kucinich: Article 20 Imprisonment of Children! Bush Impeachment

More Assholism via O'Liely!

Notes Destroyed at Gitmo!? gnooze 6-9-08

Countdown: Priest denies communion to Obama Supporter

Molly Ivins speaks at Tulane:

Lieberman to Obama: You Can't Intimidate Me (Faux clip)

BBC probe: US Gag orders hide contractor corruption in Iraq

Evolution of the Fist Bump

Tucker Carlson: Obama Should End Affirmative Action

Dean blasts McCain

John Lennon - Imagine

DNC Pounces on recent McCain Gaffes

Fox and Friends - Spelling

Warrior dancers greet Pickles

Kucinich issues articles of impeachment against BUSH

Waxman on Iraq's missing billions.

National Campaign Fund - 2008 President - Was Obama A Muslim?

Democracy Now on Iraq's missing billions.

Olbermann on McCain's statement.

Change that Works for You: Chicago, IL

TYT: Phase Two Of Iraq Investigation Is Out -- Bush Lied (Not On Homepage)

Bill-O Attacks Moyers & Media Reformers

Countdown: Brandon Friedman from Vote Vets - McCain's Comment a "Morale Crusher"

I got dumped for Obama!

Countdown: Impeachment Off the Table

O'Reilley gets owned by high school kid!

"World reacts favorably to Obama nomination"

Japan's Obama Girls

John Cusack Gives the Bush-McCain Challenge - 30 sec version

John Kerry on Countdown: McCain is Confused


VoteVet's Friedman on Countdown: McCain Should Know Better

Iraq's missing billions.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 30.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 29.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 28.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 27.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 26.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 25.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 24.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 23.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 22.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 21.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 20.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 19.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 18.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 17.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 16.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 15.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 14.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 13.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 12.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 11.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 10.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 9.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 8.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 7.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 6.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 5.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 4.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 3.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 2.

Kucinich: Articles of Impeachment 1.

JFK- Bill Hicks- (offensive, brilliant, still relevant) Enjoy.

Kicking It Trailer**The Homeless World Cup

Red State Update: Obama, McCain In Iraq Together?

Oh-oh! Today's front page of The Independent....

A good way to 'measure' climate change!

Jampacked transit systems running on fumes

couple of Green Building things - conference in Boston Nov 19-21 & EPA webcast

Many may already know this, but it needs

Top Gulf exporters cut heavy crude prices to lows

China Orders Coal Companies to Increase Production, Steps in to Keep Prices Stable

China Using Up Natural Resources Fast, Report Says

Naples "Submerged" In Garbage As Berlusconi Makes Weekly Visit - AFP

Study: Arctic warming rate could triple

13 National Academies Of Science Warn G8 Leaders Of Direct Climate Impacts On Food, Water - AFP

Rich Diet Of Toxic Metals In Air Pollution Worsens Health Outlook For Bangalore Residents

Canadian Commercial Beekeepers Have Lost 26% Of Hives So Far In 2008 - G&M

283 deaths. Do they matter?

New UN Atlas Uses 30 Years Of Satellite Images To Track Degradation Of Africa's Environment - BBC

Reversing Winds: America's Rediscovery of Manufacturing

China using up natural resources fast: report

Can China Keep the Lights On? (BusinessWeek)

China, Africa, and Oil

Welcome to Thanet Earth: is this a taste of future for UK agriculture?

Clear Skies Solar to build 8 MW Photovoltaic Farm (Calif.)

An open letter to the Army Corps

Hybrid Sales Down As Demand Far Exceeds Build Capacity - USA Today

Damn it!!! We need our National Guard back home from Iraq to take care of the flooding disasters

Nuclear waste burial plan may smooth building of new plants (UK)

Madrid: Police escort petrol tankers as truck strike hits hard

With Possible Truckers' Strike Looming, Panic Gasoline Buying Begins In UK - Times

House approves Amtrak funding {by veto-proof margin} (CNN)

Hurt by rain, U.S. corn crop to fall short of demand

Yes! Solar Solutions Begins...PV Systems for 3 Affordable Housing Developments

McCain Q&A: McSame's Strategy of how to beat Obama in Nov (Newsweek)

China's Oil Imports Up 12.7% YOY During First Five Months Of 2008 - Xinhuanet

Katrina Meets Kucinich

Iraqis Condemn American Demands

Deport this illegal immigrant, too

McClellan and the Ethics of Spin

Orders of Magnitude (America's Infrastructure Crisis)

Full text of Chuck Norris's energy proposal letter (short read)

Lebanon Intrusion (House Resolution 1194)

Dennis Kucinich

Bush: I regret talking tough before war in Iraq

USDA Humanitarian Wheat Sale Leaves 2.1 Million Bushels On Hand - CCC Supplies Effectively At Zero

Billing The Grandkids: "George Washington would have been appalled."

New York nuclear plant shutdown triggered by digital camera

Rep. Charles Rangel: With singular vision, Democrats will unite and win in November

Forget Charlie Crist as VP, McCain Poised to Go With Christ

New York Times: Obama on the Nile

Gene Lyons: It’s not tough to be stupid

Trouble at the Pentagon: " just seems to disappear..."

Running Away From the Republican Brand

Robert Scheer: Just Blame Bush

Hillary’s Latest 'Enemies List' Headed-Up by Bill

The two parties are asymmetrical.

Guardian UK: Housebuilders come crashing down

David Suzuki: Reacting to the nuclear trend

Why Da' Brooklyn Guys Really Have McCain's 'Number'

Independent UK: An ominous warning that the rapid rise in oil prices has only just begun

McClatchy Newspapers: Strike on Iran nuclear sites under discussion again

What the Internet is doing to our brains

Christian leaders meet privately with Obama

Rice Voices Disappointment Over Changes In Russia Under Putin

BP Data Show That US Still Clinging To Narrow Lead Over China In GHG Output - Bloomberg

Ray McGovern: Jail Time for Tenet?

I'll see your Arnold and raise you a Jennifer

Nuclear Power: Good, Bad, Ugly?

Those Loyal to the Clintons Take Note of Who Was Not

Loyalty Oaths for Clinton Supporters Pledging Their Votes to McCain


I'm Voting Republican

Gates: Military must accept outside criticism

Nocturnal Work: The Mission Continues

Pentagon plans to sell goggles to Iraq

New Vehicles Improve Safety for Wounded

Japan Mulls Afghan Ground Mission

Kucinich Calls for Bush Impeachment

US-Iraq Security Deal in Trouble

Ill. loses last-ditch bid to keep F-16s

Army’s high-tech gates hung up on software glitches

Today's mailbag at the Air Force Times is interesting. . . .

3rd Marine sentenced in sex case

Major: I don’t recall actions during assaults

Choice for new AF secretary seen as safe move

Striking Spanish drivers damage commissary trucks

Vicenza-based soldiers knew what needed to be done as their second tour in Afghanistan began

Relocation costs going up for S. Korea?

F-22 decisions delayed until end of Bush term

Report: Antidepressants being used more among U.S. troops on front lines

USAID calls on Camp Darby during cyclone crisis

Budget mandate has PACAF prioritizing

Reserve stands up 2nd F-22 associate wing

Gates: Cuts caused a ‘double hit’

Bill aims to honor infantry with silver dollar

Editorial: Look deeper at problems in Air Force and Navy

Yokota helicopter makes emergency landing

Backtalk: The right direction

Michigan guardsmen head to Latvia

Mullen: New Air Force picks based on talent

Marine gets 15 months in gang-rape case

Navy: Rulings hurt sonar training, readiness

Groundbreaking this week on new command

Backtalk: Precision ground-pounding

Sailor gets 4½ years for child porn

900 Indiana guardsmen on flood duty

Highest monthly officer promotions in 2 years

Kessler to take helm of 198th Infantry Brigade

Pentagon seeking trainers for Afghanistan

Retired O-5 pleads guilty in fraud case

Cleared O-2 not returning to active duty

Hard-hit Guard unit returns from Iraq

Guard misses May recruiting goal

GAO finds Army medical evaluations lacking

Think tank: Pakistan gave info on U.S. troops

Welcome to the General Election. So, what does this mean for Democratic Underground?

Can someone explaine this Financial Times article please and

UBS warns of future property market losses

Bank Worries: SEC 'Scarlet Letter' Drive Hurts Asset-Backed Market

WEEEEEEEE the stock market continues to go down

Central bank body warns of Great Depression

Today in labor history June 11 striking United Fruit Co. in New Orleans; 1 killed, 2 wounded

Striking Spanish drivers damage commissary trucks (xpost from Veterans)

Pennsylvania Employer Gives Workers $100 Each to Offset Cost of Gas

Wisconsin Child Care Providers Win Landmark First Contract

Former President Clinton not speaking at UCLA commencement ceremony

LIUNA Endorses Senator Barack Obama for President

NYT: Study Shows Colorado Has Largest Rise in Child Poverty

Unions make another push for extended unemployment benefits (we all lost today)

Dems Reluctant To Take On DADT or Why I Don't Trust The Dems

Palm Springs is Open for Business!

The flag of modern Pride celebrations has seen three decades of change

We're gettin married!!!

Israeli fire kills girl in Gaza

Bill banning would-be MKs who visit enemy countries passes first reading

Anti Israel-lobby authors to speak at Hebrew U.

Israel urged to bare findings in journalist's death

EL SALVADOR: President’s ‘Path to Peace’ Award Draws Outcry

Some Cuban emigrants return to island to live

McCain plans new overseas trip

NEW DOC FILM: Cuba, An African Odyssey

Cuban official says equal pay may not work

Chavez's Call for FARC Disarmament Takes Washington By Surprise

VENEZUELA: The Capitalist System Has Brought Humanity to the Biggest Food Crisis Known

Worth watching -

OK, so I am finishing up my certificate to teach English as a Second Language

Biden on Tweety's Sideshow, Name that VEEP!

Biden Press Release today - on return of troops

Did corrupt NBA refs hand Game 3 to the Lakers?

Breen, Jackson, Van Gundy and ABC are the absolute worst.

Citizen Papi

Rick Dutrow: "I can't keep my big mouth shut"

Horseplayers and racing fans, any reading recommendations for a novice?

Chipper Jones is batting .420

Begging for your input...

SFRC hearing 2:30 Tues. on oil

"Ooooooooh...Wheeeeeee! Get Ready!" - Karen Bishop - June 11, 2008

SFRC hearing today: Sovereign Wealth Funds

"Pluto Now Called a Plutoid"

Time for Curlin to strut his stuff

"Everything I'm hearing, Biden is the hot name this week"

Thanks to you, my kitty has survived!

June 2008 Prayer, Light & Healing Requests Thread II

Barn Swallow in flight


Endangered Timber Rattlesnake


Doctors Miss Cultural Needs, Study Says

More Than You Bargained for in Your Chicken

Sleep Apnea Linked to Memory Loss

Trip to India suspected in rare case of German measles in N.D.

Showing the Patient the Door, Permanently

X-post from the lounge.

Alfalfa sprouts

OMG---GAO, Brady Campaign apparently fall for ".50 BMG for $29.95" hoax.

Probably just me, but I found this hilarious....

The first computer - the Antikythera mechanism

Curious 'quasiparticles' baffle physicists

Archimedes would love it

Texas Joe Horn: "Law-Abiding", Backshooting, Self-defense Expert

NYT: Unlike other, U.S. defends freedom to offend in speech

Israel Museum Displays Ancient Book of Isaiah

A Question About The Punchout Hole At The Pentagon:

Let's listen to the children

Hello dungeon folks I have a question

Direct challenge to "planehuggers"...

Who here thinks the Moussad knew about, or took part in 9/11

Does anyone have any comments on these pictures?

Why on earth can't we even agree on that??

Article II: Falsely conflating September 11 with Iraq as threat to justify war of aggression...

The White House Conspiracy to Cook the Books - Halliburton, Carlyle and CIA

OT: More Bill O'Reilly fun

These are worth checking out

self delete

In case you did not see it - JK coming up

Kerry Slams McCain over Iraq comments today

In case anyone missed this on GD-P, Fox News NOW has no problem with Kerry's bike wear

JK on Countdown TONIGHT-NOW

This post on Balloon Juice is interesting re: differences between JK now & in 2004

The other smackdown today: MASSHOLE!!!!

I need computer help and support ..

Buh-bye Usenet

Could someone walk me through this please?

What do I need to set up a camera on two computers in different states

Austin Runners!

Fundraiser for Harris County D.A.

State Convention: Bomb Threat, Cornyn, Radisson..... Coincident

Creepy GOP Dolls

Campaigning in Missouri Foreshadows Obama Advantages

Bush Loyalist Fights to Save ‘No Child’ Law

Harper Index: Pharmaceutical lobby calls shots on food and drug amendments

Grope and Flail: "Senior Tory resigns in wake of Couillard affair"--and it ain't Bernier!

Mulroney won't testify again at Commons committee: lawyer

Ed Brayton: Boissoin Case Ends in Unjust Result

Globe and Mail: Once more, with feeling ... but will it make a difference?

Obama must learn from Kucinich-BUSH WAS NEVER ELECTED-by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

Dennis Kucinich Wants it, and

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6//11/08

Optical-scan voting nears South Florida debut

Dear God, NO!

Who's gonna win Top Chef 4?

Ziegler can't seem to sit out enough cases now

Arrest warrant issued for Sultan of Brunei's brother Prince Jefri

It stinks.

Just lost my job in a weird way.... and need advice (definitely for UK crowd)

Russ Feingold will hold a listening session in Waukesha County on Saturday, June 21 Update

Does anyone know when exactly the budget will be released?

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