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i love when the ignorant think that a "ban on 'assault weapons'" will make you more safe...

Another Obama/Biden benefit- Roe v Wade is safe.

A Freeper letter to Sarah Palin. Get out your tissues. It's a tear jerker.

So, with a Democratic Senate and Assembly, things WERE looking good here in NYS for GLBT rights.

Bobby Gibbs kicks Hannity's ass.

Bobby Gibbs kicks Hannity's ass.

Prop 8: Don't be taken in by the divide-and-conquer group think tactics

Democratic Takeover Leads To Boom In Gun Sales

"Oui, on peut - yes we can" awesome Obama music video

Gotta see

Alleged Glasgow Airport terrorists studied gas explosion clips filmed in Alaska

More LIES from the Mormon Church


FBI finds most terrorism threat reports baseless (Reuters)

Anyone watching the Chamber of Commerce

I just love how the MSM is NOW going to watch what the President is doing!

Prejudice in Ohio 11/8/08:

Please help! I lost my favorite picture from this historic election year! :( :(

Important things to watch, could Fox be nurturing another McVey?

Explain this to me like I'm stupid...

I wonder how close religious ownership of marriage ties with their opposition to gay marriage

Bob Kuttner on WJ this morning

Amazingly, the Dems carried 3 Southern States...............

Reliving the moment - YES WE DID

After eight years of a hateful unlawful administration

LDS Church Statement on SLC Protest and the Catholic Church Statement

Stop payment on the check!

Focus on the Family compares Obama victory to Nazi bombing.

Will Cat 4 Hurricane Paloma affect Guantanamo Bay

"Sam the Hanky" the guy Opray cried on.

AlterNet: The Desperate Right's Five Biggest Flops of the 2008 Election

I love you all

Hey malaise, where's our Washington Journal thread this morning?

Crap. That turd Patrick McHenry is still in Congrress.

Another Friday has passed, which means another bank has gone bye-bye

If the CONS are so opposed to Socialism

It is the goal, not the posts.

2008 Presidential Transition (lots of links to transition web sites)

BushCo member who's most looking forward to Jan. 20:

BushCo member who's most looking forward to Jan. 20:

Circuit City is about to go the way of the Brontosaurus

Who Wasn't On Stage With Obama (yesterday) and Should Have Been?

Most Minn. Senate 'undervotes' are from Obama turf (25,000 ballots)

Norm Coleman, strident drama queen

On Charlie Rose: "Obama felt the weight of what happened."

If you have any questions about racism in America listen to CSpan Wash. Journal this morning.

CIA Wants Obama to ‘Have Its Back’ When Things Go Wrong

The Constitution is again the President's boss. See this Organization flowchart

Note to MSM....

Bush Told He's no King, & Cheney Calls Rumsfeld the "finest" Defense Sec't in History - Bush History

What is up with all the sudden gun sales, the Michigan Militia, and the NRA?

Breaking: Obama presidency (elect) good for sinuses! Allergy doctors

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Oooo, Conservative Harpies squawking on C-Span

an open letter to President-elect Obama

DUers are you watching CSPan with the Heritage Foundation

Black people are not the enemy. Sprituality is not the enemy. SOCIAL CONSERVATISM is the enemy.

Black people are not the enemy. Sprituality is not the enemy. SOCIAL CONSERVATISM is the enemy.

Democratic party radio address today

Open letter to Robert Redford

California is one screwed up state!!

Had a thought. would there be a benefit to having a Native American

Will Sarah Palin put Todd's Silk Boxers on Ebay? . . . . . (Inquiring minds want to know.)

California Democrats got a 'yes on 8' robo call recording of Obama speaking out against gay marriage

Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic currently offline?

Look who's back less than a week after the elections

Ahmadinejad wrote to Obama:

Convicted Felon Ted Stevens

Sen. Craig raises only $4,600 for legal defense fund

There must be something about winning that brings out the worst in DUers.

Two more banks (combined assets of almost $6-billion) belly up this week

It's about equality, period.

Just wondering. Has anybody heard from Valerie and Joe Wilson?

West Wing writer: Yes, Santos was based on Obama and Lyman was based on Emanuel

Proposal: They took Gay Rights away, so let's take their Gun Rights away.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The First 100 Days

So how about that Italian Prime Minster

The Optimist's Post. (With Caveat.)

14 - 18% of black voters supported McCain

White House: We Never ‘Cheerlead’ On The Economy, Admitting It Is In A ‘Recession’ Is ‘Irrelevant’

Obama vows to go ahead with missile shield

Is Skinner gonna do a username change this time?

CA should have a law PROHIBITING out-of-state money for propositions

2 highschool girls fight over the election, other students jumped in

Off Topic: The Craine Poole & Schmidt Shoot Out.

Questions Obama must ask intel briefers to separate bullshit from reality

Is There A Conflict Between These Two Threads?

I don't care who is black, gay or from mars. Kick this if you agree.

Change the Media: No More Crooks and Liars - sign this petition please

Why marriage?

In secret agreement, Shell nets 25-year monopoly on S. Iraq's gas

Just a thought: Until you hear it straight from Obama, hold off pilloring him

About prop 8 -- isn't it likely to be overturned?

Moments great with Happiness and with Sadness . . .

Do you think “Joe the Plumber” will go postal?

It is so weird to me that we now have a discussion over whether homophobia is nature or nurture.

Members of nearly every major street gang MS-13 Bloods Crips 18th Street Hells Angels on US Bases

Poor Tina Fey. She lost out this week big time.

Hey rural voter dissers: : Vermont is the most liberal state in the country

What's really going on in Minn. with Coleman replacing Wellstone and Franken struggling to win?

Utah faces boycott after Mormon work for Prop 8

Geeze Louise, I'm already hearing the latest right wing whine...

AP Analysis: Recount will Favor Franken over Coleman

One more beautiful day ahead

If you can get the PBS show "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me," listen this weekend.

There's Something About Mary

The Right Wing's Freak Out on "Wealth Redistribution"

Can the voters of Connecticut recall Traitor Joe?

I don't believe it! We turned Fresno,CA for Obama!

Why am I still here?

It's almost there

A note out to all Christians. Be aware of people who tell you that they know the will of god.

Does anyone know where the Flying Spaghetti Monster stands on gay marriage?

This Dem uncertainty about what to do with Lieberman is exactly

Good luck repukes; President-elect Obama has a 70% approval

4 Marines one nicknamed "Psycho", have been charged with the execution-style murder of Marine & Wife

Boston Celtics want to meet Obama

Obama Offers Poland No Commitment on Missile Plan

'Mutts like me' - Obama shows ease discussing race

'Mutts like me' - Obama shows ease discussing race

John Nichols: Obama's Best Advice Will Come From Reich, Bonior

DU, I bid you a (mostly) fond adieu.

Portrait of a crazy person....

Celebrating Resisters on Veterans' Day

Bob Novak thinks Newt Gingrich can lead his people to the Promised Land

Bob Novak thinks Newt Gingrich can lead his people to the Promised Land

What is going on here?

Journalists please read

Is there any news on the Frankin recount and does he require additional legal help?

ACLU wants probe into police-staged DNC protest

Caught the recent snarkiness at the Washington Post....

Re: prop 8 and votes - something I don't get.

Things may be looking up for Mark Begich.

CBS: One Of His Top Aides Tells 60 Minutes "Zero" Meetings Were About Obama's Race

what happens to caribou barbie now in terms of the findings of the legislative counsel that she did

A Look at Federal Court Openings Awaiting Obama: "an immediate impact"


national dems groups are not funding recounts and legal help in close races??

CA 4th race between Charlie Brown and a Carpetbagging Chickenhawk

California Court bans Hetero Sexual Marriage

Obama climate policy caught in Democratic tussle

What I'd like to see the Dems do with FauxNews....

Why do cities and regions like N. Virginia, Chicago, and San Francisco tend to be more enlightened,

Bush appoints Lee Greenwood to National Arts Council

Walking Assist Device by Honda. The new Segway?

And what is to become of the Troopergate investigation?

I'm a straight woman asking all straights, please let's not abandon our gay brothers and sisters

Who else can we go after with the torches and pitchforks?

"I know that I know that I know"--what in the HELL does that mean? and why is this ill-spoken twit

Proposition 8: Before you Chop the Poles off the Tent

Protest in Chicago tonight against Dobson and Prop 8

I spent the past 5 days (starting on Tuesday) in North Carolina on business. And then I came to DU.

Does anyone know how Bush's Library is coming along?

I modestly propose a ban on ALL sexual relationships.

Name African American LGBT folk that you love, honor and respect

A different type of poll....

CQ Makes it Official: Labor Leaders, Abortion groups are "Special Interests" At Odds with America

Enough about "the dress"! What will Michelle wear to the swearing in?

That's it- shutting down the poll

That's it- shutting down the poll

To Pressure, Support and Correct.

To Pressure, Support and Correct.

How many "No on 8" folks are upset about the vote against Affirmative Action?

it took 4 days before the racist callers unloaded on Wash. Journal

I want to say something.

64 Percent of Republicans Want Palin to Run in 2012

What's The Difference Between Welfare And Slavery? - Video

Hey Karl, Thanks

A "Joke"

The asscarrot list of the irrelevant or soon to be irrelevant

The asscarrot list of the irrelevant or soon to be irrelevant

Trying to locate a thread from earlier

HILLARY CLINTON... Any DUers Have Seen any

California vote - tell me if I'm reading this wrong.

The right to marry is a human right.

PZ Myers on Sarah Palin / Pat Buchanan

How are you now altering your signature line? My peeing dog has got to go!

Before the end of January you all will be saying, "DaveTheWave" was right

What a hoot!!!

NewsFlash: CA Passed A Prop. That Will Allow Marriage Between Brothers & Sisters

Mark Foley on a comeback tour on Today Show soon. FL 16 is a wealth of surprises.

Anyone listen to Sirius Left Radio?

8-year-old Arizona boy charged with murder in shooting of father and another man

Wasn't Bob Novak supposed to be on his death bed

Oh sorry Larry (Craig)..... NOT!

No-on-8's white bias

MORE Rogue Diva revelations

Well damn! I just found out I'm a minority voter! Stats on WJ this AM

9/20/05: Roast of Rahm Emanuel on CSPAN now.

Obama's now roasting Rahm on C-Span1 ~nt~

The Debt I Owe to the Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Community

I hope all the infighting around here ends soon

Mayor Bloomberg is off the deep end...

US combat troops in Iraq battle to defend savings

So if Dean is being fired and the 50-state strategy is ending, what are folks so happy about?

Get Your War On: New World Order

What do black people want from the Democrats?

NY Times: Citing Workload, More Public Lawyers Reject Cases

If You are Straight and Reading this...

If You are Straight and Reading this...

There is More to Being a Progressive than Not Liking Republicans.

Why not a grassroots movement for a federal US constitutional amendment?

DU Theists, Atheists and assorted everyones - Truce?

just as a matter of curiousity--what action, if any, will the alaska legislature take in view of the

Wow step away from Du for 2 days and I come back to all this..

Garrison Keillor is doing an incredible celebratory Prairie Home Companion.

Watching Them Squirm:

Reid looks to chop Republican committee seats

McClatchy: Can Barack Obama undo Bush's tangled legal legacy?

A Justice Department inquiry into secret eavesdropping is on again

Btw, repealing DOMA will not change Prop 8

I believe the vast majority of straight DUers are completely supportive of the GLBT community

Is there even a moderator on duty today?

Who's to blame for Prop 8's success?

Coleman loses his attempt to block 32 more votes.

Mommy if Obama is our new president ... why are some people so mad?

8,000-10,000 March in San Diego [Updated]

Ok, I'll post a random reaction to some minor controversy in the news, & you attack me as a sell out

Uh Oh.. Not sure if this is funny or not. The Onion and obsessed Obama supporters.

President-elect's Queries to Briefers - By Ray McGovern

Politico: McConnell reaches out to Lieberman

Another TASER death. Sounds really fishy to me

Dear Republican National Committee, I have a simple question

Sun-Times columnist Father Andrew Greeley in critical condition

"GET OVER IT"" we all remember these kind and gentle words from the reichwingnuts as we

The wonder that is life

CNN Video: Maya Angelou: 'I love being American'

Mormon-owned businesses to shun in honor of Prop. 8:

Re-mix for the day crew

Franklin Bank (TX), Security Pacific Bank (CA) Go Belly-up

How to Treat a President Elect

Such A Shame That Some Of The Non-Religious Are Such Intolerant Bigots.

Such A Shame That Some Of The Non-Religious Are Such Intolerant Bigots.

Official "Yell at your bigoted neighbor day"

Prop 8...Cant we just reverse it

GM Opens $300 Million Russian Plant to Boost Sales

Judge Diane Wood is on CSPan now

After making landfall in Cuba, Paloma weakens to a Category 3

Is it time for GD: Bigots?????

Imagine if Sarah Palin had said, "Thanks, but no

Landlord told to pay tenants millions

anti-religion bigots

I've been staying away from the Proposition 8 threads

Do we admit to the world right now that we stole the election outright, or...

Prop 8: Not All Theists Are Bigots, But All Bigots Are Surely Theists

ok, so we're all enlightened and they're all bigots

Did you know the Mormons own Safeway?

Turkey-Iraq border war--Bitter war has Kurds divided among themselves

Bush Officials Moving FAST to Cut Environmental Protections

This world would be a great place, filled with love and tolerance,

This is my message to you:

Palin in spotlight as Republicans turn on each other

Anybody else think that the first official act that Obama should do when he is sworn in

just found this in my email been so happy havent looked since tuesday

HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE - Prop 8 still could go down in defeat....

A momentary musical interlude ...

Postelection poll results contradict media claims that U.S. is a "center-right" country

Lots of locked threads lately, lots of carping...

Take a Bow, America - By BOB HERBERT

Feeling Good! Obama!

I hope Prop 8 has opened some California eyes

"The Democratic Party Left Me"

On the other side of the coin, I noticed since tuesday afro americans are

Can we all get along?

in case you missed this here it is again

Obama has made me feel good about Religion and Christianity again.

Is it ethical for a candidate to use someone else's personal credit card to buy clothes?

Something good happened to GLBT rights.

Tomorrow on 60 Minutes.....How Obama's campaign team won the race by not obsessing about race

Poll Crashers Tilt Unscientific Polls Their Way

Hey!! It just hit me!! Anyone heard from Zell Miller?

Forget McCain and Palin -- the GOP Has Deeper Problems

Who will lead the Repub party? Boehner? Gramm? McCain?

This Week's Entire Amazing DOONESBURY Storyline (And Check Out Saturday's Strip LOL)

Howard Dean, MD, for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Rec if you agree

the family dog on the roof?

Which is Jindal, a nutjob or a cynical Republican wolf in fundie's clothing?

Something About Exit Polls Over The Years That I Do Not Understand

I have a lot to feel good about right now.

Can we declare a winner for the prediction game yet?

MODS - I am having to hide 15-20 threads daily

After Defeat, Which McCain Will Return to Senate?

Independent UK: Buying the American flag... and not for burning

Sunday News Shows

Stool transplant-new treatment for infections due to bacterial removal by antibiotics

Apparently Obama had never used a teleprompter before his 2004 keynote

Bolthouse Boycott ??

This needs to stop.

Where does the expression "batshit crazy" come from?

Do you consider yourself a liberal, centrist, or conservative on national security matters?

I got called " a republican" beacuse I dislike Michael Moore

My Neighbor, The New Junior Senator From Oregon

I am not gay, I am not black, and I am not an island.

I know that we're nice Dems, but can we at least beat open a Republican piñata or something?

Funny pic

"You aren't important enough."

Please be mindful of your social responsibility

Prop 8 - Fuck why and find out how

Brain Scans Show Bullies Enjoy Others' Pain

Does anyone have the actual senate records that state that the Obama

AP: Utah faces boycott after Mormon work for Prop 8

Being a "Reagan Democrat" is like being a "Jew for Jesus". n/t

McDrained and the Wasilla Wolf Killa to stump for Saxby Chambliss

Can you help me elaborate on the topic of why the DNC represents the left wing of the party?

Isn't Obama's Rise Remarkable?

*Super cool cartogram showing 2008 presidential voting trends by population!*

Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions

Anyone who thinks the African American community doesn't support homosexuals, take a look...

I guess the voters in Washington didn't get tricked easily with Rossi's party label change.

My neighbor has worked at a homeless/transition shelter for years

PRESS RELEASE: "Catholics stand with Mormons: Prop 8 protestors are 'bigots, intolerant'. "

PRESS RELEASE: "Catholics stand with Mormons: Prop 8 protestors are 'bigots, intolerant'. "

In the aftermath of prop 8,

Flashback: Mormon church donates $500,000 of $600,000 raised to fight gay marriage in Alaska

Anyone have NEWS or comments from Governor Don Siegelman---???

many californians who voted for obama voted 'yes on 8.

"Mutts like me."

Thank You, Hosea Williams

to gay DU brothers and sisters

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll-Obama + 12

Thank you Medgar Evers. (COPY THIS THREAD)

A gentle reminder (again): 3 Draconian anti-choice measures were defeated!

Franken Recount Website

Did anyone start their "Obama Resolutions" yet?

Obama Weekly Radio Address

Thank You, Martin

'08 in summary

AMD back on track with Shanghai CPU

Barack Roasts Rahm 2005


76 years after they married, Lakeside pair die same day (Richmond VA)

A video from way back that I was reminded of today. Probably my favorite amateur Obama video.

Newsweek slide show of CariBoo Barbie Going Couture! Showing prices!

Q: How do we know the Repugs got nothing? A: They are looking to Newt as potential savior.

I checked again last night and couldn't find it, but I swear...

Denied the right to vote

We need to vent on Prop 8: Give it a week.

And here we go. Reaction from around the world. It's positive and it's time to start traveling again

Rham's brother an amazing universal health care advocate and brilliant!

Dear Dog, please add a forum for prop 8 people

Dem pickups (vs. 2004): CO FL IN IA NV NM NC OH VA GOP pickups (vs. 2004):(None)


Secret Service: Sarah Palin's Rhetoric Led to Spike in Death Threats Against Obama

Alex Witt-less's head exploding

Your Obama Bumpersticker. How long will you keep it on your vehicle?

I'm for a proposition banning

Memo to Time Magazine editors re: Person of the Year

This is rich... Guess what "McCain" means in Japanese

Community visioning: What if...?

there seems to be a pattern here of gays getting shouted down until they are silent

Palin in spotlight as Republicans turn on each other (FR is offline-Is Limbass next?)

I'm convinced no other Democrat could change the electoral map like Obama

OMG..."Infighting" at DU??....I' m Shocked !!!

McCain Staff Rips Palin-Gotta laugh at that!

All Nixon wanted was a little cocker spaniel dog named Checkers. Palin only wanted a Dr. Pepper.

Debunking Berg

Bush: "All of us must ensure that the next President and his team can hit the ground running"

How many white people voted for Obama?

Further re calls to violence by r-w -- Palin rallies ...

WOW....Nate Silver at was PERFECT this election!!!

Obama's dead to me...

What poll was the most accurate?

Hey lurking Freepers

Mormon HQ surrounded by gay rights activists

So what do you think that Bushie will be doing after he leaves the white house?

Obama Delivers Democratic Radio Address

George Bush could be our last White Guy President for a long while.

Uncounted Votes May Push Begich Past Stevens

Audio-President Elect Obama's FIRST Radio Address

The bullet electric train initiative in California passed. Here's a map of the route

Which Bible will Barak use at his inauguration?

Lighten Up, America

The accusations here on DU have hurt me to the core.

Don't support gay marriage? Come forward, and give us a reason why.

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: Looking back on a surreal campaign season

Who else is proud to be a liberal Democrat?

You Know less than a week ago people speculated that DU would have nothing to talk about.

*******The official 'who is GWB going to pardon' thread******

McCain on Leno Tuesday Veteran's Day-1st post election day interview

Obama has truly brought change: for the first time ever, I'm looking forward to watching Fox News!

Can we maybe change the "thanks for defending us" drivel for "the troops"?

The Georgia Senate Run Off and How it Impacts Obama's Presidency

All you ever needed to know about same-sex marriage as explained by the black community.

Great State of North Carolina finally delivers (pic)


Setting Sights on a Just Presidency

whatever happened to Palin's medical records?


These are the positions that need to be filled in Obama's Administration.

Is the celebration already fucking over?

OK, the 'dress' would look good if it were at the bottom of an aquarium,

Do you think perhaps that Palin

Uh Oh forget about the GA seat. McCain is going to stump for Chambliss

Obama speech transcript or video from Monday?

Has Peggy Nooner written a somewhat smarmy, somewhat snarky column about President -elect Obama yet?

Obama Wins Omaha, NE Electoral Vote; Final Tally Looks to be 365-173

I am just amazed that there is not a website that

Work with Obama to fix US, voters urge Republicans: poll

Who will run against palin in alaska for the governorship?

Any DUers have an opinion on the Dell Inspiron 640M w/dual core Intel?

Obama Malware Hits Inboxes-private information-stealing malware

Here Is How I See The Palin Situation

Screw The Puppies And Kitties....I Want Obama's Family To Get...

The awesome predictability of Conservative spin

Anybody have video of The Election being called at a McCain Watch Party?

When Palin says "the continent versus the country"...

Sarah Palin: "Me Not Be A Dictator." Really.

Two Images I Want To See

Booze pickles the brain...

So what do you think will become of the Presidential Prayer Team?

I modestly propose a ban on ALL marriage.

I modestly propose a ban on ALL marriage.

Who's blaming African Americans for the passing of Prop 8??

I'd like to thank you awesome DUers who clarified the "office of the president elect" issue

Is it me or does Sarah Palin look different since the campaign ended?

Pinay girl writes to Obama, gets response

Bill Ayers: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Can I say something about all this black and white talk....?

Could Joe Biden also serve as Secretary of State.

I'm hoping for a Palin/Kathleen Harris Ticket

Who voted for McCain? mostly "poor" older white rural/Southern evangelicals & 1/3 of Latinos

Prop 8, what I understand, and what I don't...

Should we set up a Prop 8 forum so we can talk about something else in GENERAL discussion?

Should we set up a Prop 8 forum so we can talk about something else in GENERAL discussion?

Al Franken Should Concede

New Prop 8 forum

New Prop 8 forum

I don't trust

What will Obama and Bush talk about on Monday?

Obama Splits Nebraska

If you came in lame in 2000, what kind of crippled duck are you in the last two months?

Attention ATF, FBI, or Secret Service agents.

Casting Call for "Pitbull with Lipstick: The Sarah Palin Story."

IL-Sen: Dan Seals on Blago's Short List

IL-Sen: Dan Seals on Blago's Short List

Obama vows to go ahead with missile shield: Polish president

Should supporters of Prop Hate suffer any consequences ?

BBC election coverage - cspan1

One more Gallup poll

Lots of photos from Obama election night party!

National Day of Protest - Prop 8, 102 & 2

Like Abe and FDR, Obama faces crises

Chicago Sun Times & Tribune Historical Edition Ordering Links - Posters, DVD, & more.......

PUMAs failed miserably...lmao! Had one say something not so nice to me today!

Revisiting One Lawrence Summers Controversy

Another Palin Post.. But it's comical

Nebraska CD-2: YES WE DID!!!!

Breaking: Team Obama Had Planned To Lay Low, But Is Now Blanketing Sunday Shows

"It's a New Day" video about Obama winning-this sums up what most Americans and the WORLD feel!

My Choices for Obama's Cabinet

Talkingpointsmemo: Another Reason to Can Joe Lieberman

Florida DUers keep an eye on Paloma

Why voter turnout was about the same as '04: "Long lines at the polls were mostly Democrats."

I really think everyone should just walk away from the computer for

Republicans who tried to bury Obama now praise him

Sunday morning talk show line up-

Income over $200K--Obama 52% McCain 48%

Keep Lieberman in the Democratic caucus

The long road ahead

Palm Beach restaurant owner posts KKK notes election night

Obama Plays the Part in His First Presidential Press Conference: "how...presidential it was"

Are the Re-Thugs trying to create a media-sympathetic Palin for 2012?

Even the "Real" Part of Virginia Voted for Obama

I know this is a ridiculous question, but

You Can't Scapegoat a Population of 12.3% for the passing of ANY Proposition

Who we defeated gif (pic heavy gif)

Can we enlist MLK3 & Jesse et al to persuade the African American churches to support gay marriage?

Mormonism is a lifestyle choice. nt

This video should make you smile!

The problem with the "Palin is a smart woman who just needs to be tutored" meme

The Nation:The First 100 Days

A Question About Obama's Stimulus Package

IT'S ARSON - Post Election, Black Church Burned to the Ground in Massachusetts

Planet Earth celebrates -- Tina Fey stays here!

Rasmussen: 91% of Republicans have "favorable view" of Palin, 64% want her to run in 2012

Do NOT REWARD Lieberman. Contact your senators

LOL adding insult to McCain's injury the people of the country of Georgia celebrate Obama

A sign of the GOP's desperation: turning to Gingrich

Mississippi Students Told Not to Say Obama's Name

Mississippi Students Told Not to Say Obama's Name

What's the big deal about Berlusconi's "sun tanned" insult?

I think I just fell in love with Obama a tiny bit more--column on the Emanuel hiring:

SEVERAL questions I'm left with after this election!!

SEVERAL questions I'm left with after this election!!

Anybody heard anything about....

but: WHY isn't the mccain campaign CHARGED with witness tampering in troopergate?

Take the "l" out of "Palin".

How dare he? How dare that upstart Obama have the temerity to

Any new word on Stevens in Alaska?

Sunday NY Times: Republicans who tried to bury Obama now praise him

Am I the only one who thinks this picture is smokin hot?

Hold on a sec? Is Stevens even allowed to vote in Alaska

Thank you thread for those who gave voice to our concerns...

Here is the final campaign speech that McCain will never have the balls to give

Dean should not be in Obama's cabinet....

Third parties and why they are vital to Democracy

Lieberman's motives

How will Obama's and Biden's Senate seats be filled?

Anybody know where I can download an mp3 of "Yes We Can?"

I saw the most beautiful rabbit with her bunnies tonight. Darn, I sure wish I had a gun.

Palin denounces anonymous critics as 'cowardly'

Social issues are the only reason that the gop is viable right now if we can get past the social

Charlie Rose interviews the Emmanuel Brothers Ari, Zeke and Rahm...

Hmmm...I'm a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight.....

To the Administrators/Mods:

There is no such thing as "religious" opposition to gay people or same sex marriage

Our own "Liberation of Paris" moment!

Impeach Obama Facebook groups are already up

I went the new Books a Million store over at the new and improved ourdoor mall...

I want to see Palin Under Oath, charged with Grand Larceny in a state of constant Perjury..

Rejoining the International Criminal Court, that would nice.

If Only Young Voters Voted Electoral College Map: Obama 455, McCain 57

While we're cleaning up the Senate of Lieberman, how 'bout we clean house & boot Pelosi, too

The Direction of CHANGE, and why the Left, The Right and the Center are getting it Wrong.

Guy who knows Obama: He's much more liberal than he lets on

I believe Jim Robinson's is now gone for good....

How was voter turn-out this time around? n/t

Instead of GD: Presidential, can we name it GD: See how awful the Dems are?

Larry Summers—A Bad Signal To Women

it's veterans day weekend. what's your favorite war/veteran movie(s)?

What other insanely stupid things does Palin probably believe?

2005 - Rahm Emanuel KO's Bush

Anyone know if there is going to be a funeral for Toot?

help me talk my republican boss down

Should we take up a collection and buy Sarah Palin a world map?

That poor puppy. This is what he/she or both have to look forward to.

Technicolor White House!

Religion in and of itself does not cause bigotry. Signed, an atheist.

you know, I think the nascent Obama presidency will survive criticism from the left.

Have you seen last night's "New Rules?"

Did anyone get a link to Keith Olbermans special comment

Update: Obama aide says 'no commitment' to missile shield as of yet

C-SPAN Watch from 9/20/05! Rahm Roast with Hillary, David Axelrod, Obama, William Safire, Begala

C-SPAN Watch from 9/20/05! Rahm Roast with Hillary, David Axelrod, Obama, William Safire, Begala

There is a wonderful picture of the Lincoln Memorial

How much extra a month do you spend to live in a "nice" neighborhood?

Obama is going to govern from the middle, see:

"Here Comes the Sun"

Two things President Obama and the new Congress should do

Time to reclaim the symbols.

Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions on Environmental, Social Issues

Difi to chair Senate intel committee?

The company that makes "Obama Waffles" slightly redeems itself

An appeal to Christians (and Jews and Muslims) of all races and ethnicities...

People who come to the rescue of dominant, oppressive groups really chap my hide.

I would like to give a special shoutout to Ralph Nader & Counterpunch for their "thoughts"

Fema leaving Fatherland security.

The YouTube link to the Barack Obama channel for those who may have never found it - GREAT SPEECH!

Most 'undervotes' cast in counties won by Obama (Franken has edge in recount)

Huffington Post: Obama Election Night Backstage Photos

Here is the link to Flickr: Barack Obama's photostream - 50k photos. Enjoy

CSPAN's BookTV Will be Replaying Audacity of Hope Today

QUESTION: Where can I find high-resolution photos of the Election?

Al GORE VIDEO: "Some week, some week...Overwhelming"

Which network didn't get a question? Fox News.

Breaking: Coleman Files Injunction To Keep Votes From Being Counted-Court Rules In Franken's Favor

Obama can fill openings on federal bench, begin to weaken GOP hold on courts

Personally , I blame THEM for it!

Michelle Obama blazes a new trail

Mark Ames on election night, Fox News, and Freepers

Just for Fun: Meltdown on Stormfront over Obama Election

The REAL Reason Why Lieberman Wants To Keep His Gavel

The senate majority leader should tell the Republicans that anything Leiberman

I hope John Kerry becomes Secretary of State.

I just saw the CNN ticker saying Lieberman's spokesman said he is in talks with 'Pukes about...

They like us, they really, really like us! Even the Kurds in Turkey

So what CAN progressives accomplish under Obama?

if 64 percent of GOP think Palin should be their 2012 nominee

Your Free Obama Sticker- Yes we did!

Anyone have an idea how many representatives will be shifted due to the census in 2010?

Larry Summers' True Record on Women

We got this (last time until 2012)

Obama Joke by Premier Has Italy in an Uproar

Comparison of the 2008 and 2004 Presidential Exit Poll Discrepancies and their Significance

Obama is so ...real.

Obama is so ...real.

Book TV, CSPAN-2, Barack Obama, "The Audacity of Hope". On now. nt

There will be love in the White House and Number One Observatory Circle--

When was Pres. Obama's "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE" moment with McCain?

"Obama's Change Leaves By The Back Door"

That huge voter turnout? Didn't happen

'Mutts like me' - Obama shows ease discussing race

Question about the little flap over Obama's Nancy Reagan "toe-stub" the other day.

Anyone on DU give a rat's ass what Ralph Nader and Counterpunch have to say about Obama?

Should Obama Campaign Against McCain In The Georgia Senate Run-off?

President Obama sent me a personal text message thanking me for helping with his victory

AlterNet: Watching Them Squirm: Is Fox News Abandoning the Mob It Created?

So... why did Nader call Pres-Elect Obama an "Uncle Tom"?

I do not understand the concept of combating bigotry with racism...

A Shout Out to the PUBs..."If ya take Joe in...You will be SORRYYYYY" He is Damaged Goods

New DU fund-raising campaign?

Why did Louisiana go so solidly for McCain?

Obama wins by 7% nationally, the math

Should Obama Campaign Against McCain In The Georgia Senate Run-off?


Obama Positions Himself to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions on Environmental, Social Issues

Three sisters, three brothers, and how they voted...

Obama Love Story :-)

How are we supposed to act in a bipartisan manner with Repukes if...

***Reason Number 5,348 That It's GREAT That OBAMA Won!!***

BREAKING NEWZ: Obama seen **delivering** Tombstone pizza!

Does anyone know what TIME the inauguration parade/ceremony is???

Why has DU become so mind-bendingly stupid in discussing prop 8?

Oh I just can't wait!

I hope the Obama girls go to Private School.....

Tickets to the inauguration

Palin's aide was just on Inside Edition. She did not refute that Palin said Africa was a country.

Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) for Secretary of Defense.

Should Obama Campaign Against McCain In The Georgia Senate Run-off?

This had to hurt the GOP: Murtha won

Obama raises a long-neglected concept: sacrifice

Video of Obama roasting Emanuel in 2005.... corny and funny

Toon for GD/P...

Obama: Say GOODBYE! to Bush's bullshit

Is Paul Krugman on the list for Sec. Treas?

Local nooz: An Arizona 8-year old has been charged with premeditated murder

Actual Photos of Hate. Real life yes on prop 8 supporters in their own words.

Hypo-Allergenic puppy search solved: from - The Afghan Hound!

WTF? Please caption this Bush photo:


Obama Picture Defaced At Police Station

Woo hoo! Heard Limpballs on the radio ranting about "mistreatment" of Palin by McCain.

Facebook "event": President Barack Obama's first full day on the job.

Interesting tidbit from Newsweek's Presidential race issue...

Newt Gingrich 2012? No, they're seriously considering it

What is your opinion on the future of hate radio and cabal "news"

My post is gone, deleted

Help us get early voting in Missouri

Obama's Top-Secret Security Briefings Revealed (This gave me a chuckle.)

For the right price, you too can attend an "inaugural event"

Whatever happened to this woman?

President Obama's Effect on Black Youth

So, who is doing their part to spread the wealth?


What do you expect from President Obama on the following scale:

Minn. judge today denied Coleman request to block 32 absentee ballots (may benefit Franken)

Minn. judge today denied Coleman request to block 32 absentee ballots (may benefit Franken)


"Americans have finaly gotten beyond our racial past

I wonder what ever happened to that dude who named his baby after McCain/Palin...

I think the Obamas should rescue a cat as well as a dog.

Rec this thread if you personally have not been mentioned for a possible official position

We need to make sure Obama's FCC chair KILLS media consilidation!

The American President - in 72 days

Emanuel as Obama’s Chief of Staff is “Change you can f***ing believe in”.

Staggering! Youth turnout increased by 3.4 million votes for a turnout of at least 52%

Interesting side note from our Democratic victory in the AL-02 race

Remember, Implement Plan 13B On Monday At Noon!

The great undoing has begun...Obama Positions Himself to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions (WAPO)

Who will Sarah Palin pick for her VP?

Black opposition to gay marriage remains strong (and to civil unions)

On Joe Lieberman vs Rahm Emanuel

Thank You Joe Biden - Perfect Pick!

Obama is not choosing senators (unless GOP) for his cabinet

NYT's Rich: It Still Felt Good the Morning After

Surprisingly insightful commentary from Steve Schmidt about the state of the Republican Party:

From Open Left and Fire Dog Lake: 50 State Strategy staffers being let go?

McCain's "Un-Christian" Campaign? Fascinating Exit Poll Results from

Should Obama cancel Inaugural celebrations.

Wingnut radio is having a ball with vilifying Obama...

Why I find the Palin poll so profoundly disturbing

The Al Franken Campaign Really Needs Our Help with the Recount

The Daily Widget – Final Results Thread 2008

Washington Post Ombudsman regrets newspaper's "Obama tilt"

Washington Post Ombudsman regrets newspaper's "Obama tilt"

Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi that the country must be govened from the middle?

Dear GLBT Brothers and Sisters -- What can we do to help achieve marriage equality for everyone?

I'd like to see the Obama's start a hypo-allergenic zoo at the WH

Former college GOP Girlfriend is moving out of the country: She is heading to Liverpool, England

I've seen 2 national news stories saying the "w" keys were taken when Bush took office.

A thank you note to white people who voted for Obama

You will also get a Puppy

If I found a really cute labradoodle on,

Things that will not happen in the next year.


Did you ever expect to elect a black president this early -- in 2008?

Why are we still discussing Palin?

Is it wrong to enjoy Republicans' dispair over Obama's victory? Even just a little?

How Florida turned blue

So, "West Wing" fans, does this mean Josh is now Leo?

I'd like Obama's first legislative proposal go toward fixing the voting system

WP: Obama ready to quickly reverse Bush Executive Orders (stem cells, climate change, etc.)

So when does GDP get changed to GDPO?

Can we get a shout out to phrigndumass for all the hard work on the polls

Just how big a part did Youtube play in the election?


I still can not believe how well Obama did, just look at Texas

Public gave Bush approval for 3 years

Is Freepville down?

Time Magazine's Person of the Year - IS there ANY Doubt?


Can we please stop these calls to move people from the the Senate to the Cabinet.

2 paragraphs that make me wonder just how peaceful Obama is

Zogby push-polling AFTER the election??

This toon totally sums up Lieberman, post-election...

Excellent WSJ article trashing Palin and explaining why the right is so anti-intellectual

*** Saturday TOONs: Transition and Gay Marriage ***

*** Saturday TOONs: Transition and Gay Marriage ***

In case anyone wonders why MO voted for McCain:

Why Franken will win a recount

Have Any Democracies Out Side of Africa Ever Elected a Black Head of State?

Who would YOU replace Reid and Pelosi with?

The reality is that in the eyes of the state. All Marriages are Civil Unions

Electoral results maps

What is up with Traitor Joe?

Mississippi students told not to say Obama's name

so...any idea where education might be on the agenda?

The best dog for the Obama family is a rescued Greyhound! (Photo alert...)

Obama has 70% favorability rating.

Obama can quickly deliver on some Florida promises

Obama can quickly deliver on some Florida promises

Sarah Palin 2012 Slogans

Obama is no better than Bush!

AP: Dean mentioned as possible Obama cabinet member

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Would you support the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine?

What, no new "classics" from the rightwingers? No "morans;" no "screwn?" No nothing?

Say NO to Eric Holder as Obama's USAG.

OK can we go yell at Cheney to get out of Biden's house now?


It was NOT the financial crisis that defeated McCain. Here's proof.

A message from the Dem Senate Candidate from Georgia: This election is not over!

What am I going to obsess about now?!

Said to my father by an acquaintance: "I went by the Democrat office Tues night and all the n***ers

Lieberman should be appointed Ambassador to Israel

It was like being at a klan rally except the klansmen were wearing polos and Birkenstock

In the spirit of 'We Are Sorry'...

Elections Have Consequences

(a final video tribute) "Don't Cry For Me, Alaska"

Did free republic dry up? Just went to their site to watch them fall apart and

Rumors of Obama's choice of dog sparks outrage!

Only World of Warcraft Level 70 Geeks will understand this Obama Photo

Only World of Warcraft Level 70 Geeks will understand this Obama Photo

So, Lieberman is telling the dems what to do again. If you boot me from my chairmanship

So, Lieberman is telling the dems what to do again. If you boot me from my chairmanship

California Sends Pickens Packing - Prop 10 Loses

I'm still LOL at Obama's "seance" crack

Did Obama really change the map? Is his coalition sustainable?

Is the country "center-right"? Excellent debunking by Mediamatters' Foser

I think that JimRob has fled the country. Took his 4Q Creep-A-Thon $$$ to Paraguay

Rec if you want to tell Obama: NO PARDON FOR BUSH

Folks, all who know Obama say one thing about how he will govern:

If Germany has laws that prevent defamatory ads so can we

Why Isn't Gay Marriage A Separation Of Church And State Issue ???

David Sirota: Obama, Be Progressive!

Though By No Means All, Some Of The Most Beautiful, Charitable, Sincere, Loving, Kind, Decent And

How can anyone, after 8 years of Bush, want to govern as if the minority party didn't exist

Now the professor dude wants me to work with him again in the spring!

Post-election... on what doorhandles should I rub raw chicken?

good night all

underpants plans to rub his chicken raw in public places

Okay the little people have started to try to tie me up

How can someone be afraid of a cupcake?

You hippie types'll like this--Kaiser Cartel "Seasons of the Year"

was the election last week?

Good Night Crimmie

Memos from God's desk

Obama has appointed me undersecretary of stalking birder lads on the internet

Maybe a little pizza coming up?

I'm wearing flippers right now

I'm wearing slippers right now

I'm hearin' skippers right now.

I'm watching the Clippers right now

Did JeffR go on a week long bender after Obama won?

I am going old school and listening to some Bloodhound Gang!!

Update on Siggy : He seems to have had an unidentified but very treatable infection .

Ask me anything.

Relate your best spider stories here!

Obama picks his cabinet!

Is anyone else just simply EXHAUSTED?

Does anyone know anything about cognitive behavioral therapy?

I am going to see Madagascar 2 this afternoon and I don't care who knows it.

I am a registered republican and I want Palin to run in 2012

Does anyone know if Dick Cheney is still at an "undisclosed location"? If so, can the Bidens move

Who else is in a PEZ mood?

Everything is very quiet

Who else is in a Pez mood?

Floyd and Virginia Schooles married Jan. 26, 1932 they both died Nov. 6, 2008

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/8/2008)

I need someone to share in my happiness

I know this is minor, but could I have some patented lounge vibes please?

Finally, a proper fog...!

No luck in GDP, so I'll try here, too. WHERE can I download the "yes we can" song?

Old drawings of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, as recaptioned by...

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?

Venutians: I need some help

Coffee-mate canon

Organic beet juice with cocoa powder

In lieu of Lizziegrace's post regarding Thomcat . . .

Morans line up to buy guns after Obama win

Vegas: I need some help.

Coffee-mate cannon!

SANCTUARY SANCTUARY! I have run away from GD, good grief that place is a warzone

Give me a reason!

Viceroy: I need some Shemp.

Things I miss at the store: Help me here folks.

You may be a redneck use a blowtorch to clean up cobwebs

Victory: I need some Shrimp.

i got a blow job last night

kitten picture of the day for saturday november 8

Vulcans I need some Help.

Struggling Americans Forced To Work Extra-Dimensional 4th Shift

Moran Family Feud

Ugh I feel like such an ass

Brewing up a pot of strong Vietnamese Coffee

My almost-two-year-old son started singing along with "Psycho Killer" in the car today.

Got a question about college football penalty.

Mothers Appreciation Thread!

Watch this YouTube on full screen...

The GOP Strategy to Pin the “Class Warfare” Label on Democrats

I bought Giada's new food porn book today

One of the cutest things you will see today! A "box o' puppies."

Can I haz cookie now?

Should I be fried ?

BREAKING NEWS: See post for more info

I hate similes

One singer revels in "Twilight"

Do you really want to hurt me?

Vegans: I need some hemp.


Who here thinks of Concrete Blonde whenever they see somebody here talk about Janet Napolitano?

Bill Maher, why do I simultaneously love you and hate you all at once?

Joel Hodgson "Cinematic Titanic" (MST3K reunion) DVD coming Nov. 20

Voltrons: I need some help

I swear, I have not been drinking...

A way to kick start the economy by growing "green.""

Seriously, has anyone heard from Hypno Toad???

HP Lovecraft fans

Your favorite AND THE Motown group...Martha AND THE Vandellas, Jr. Walker AND THE All Stars, etc.

Vorlons:I need help.

Lost Abbey Inferno Ale

I hate smilies.

It's official, Obama has been accepted with great enthusiasm by Canada.. know why?

So I live in Tx, went to a family party...

I survived my kid's 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Hold me.

I want to know: Does your dog brush your teeth?

So I'm thinking of making a Kudzu Salad for dinner

I've been hanging around someone's house, and they refused to feed me...

Hungarian goulash.


Official Cartoons of The Lounge

WOW! I just blinked...

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land (Tom Morello)

Last night I dreamed that I went to college again. And I moved into the dorms.

Obama Gets Punk'd on 1st Day!

Wow. Even Denny Crane knew how he had to vote.

Want to see some eye popping dance steps?

Yesterday I had my first asthma attack in five years. In the middle of a mosh pit near the stage.


Computer Processors: your choice?

Gents (or ladies who buy for gents): Best online/catalog outfit for men's clothes?

I want to know: Do you brush your dog's teeth?

My 13 year old daughter decided to dye her hair jet black

Took my son to see Madagascar 2. Loved it.

My Obama earworm

How could I have failed to post a picture of my new GREAT-nephew?

Could I get away with hosting Halloween party in which I do nothing but recline on the couch by...

Obama's first full day: This Facebook "event" should go viral

Ashes into diamonds?

Wow, what a piece of crap that "Dream girls" movie is.

According to the, ahem, folks, at Rapture Ready, Ronald Reagan cannot roll in his grave

are you a little pig when it comes to coffee?

What a way to spend a Saturday, cleaning out a dead person's apartment.

Who will Obama appoint as Secretary of Boobs & Butts?

Who will Obama appoint as Secretary of Boobs & Butts?

delete, dupe

I've been feeding a woman that's been hanging around my house...

So, who knew cats could fly now?

Sweeny Todd is starting on HBO.

3 dog night - black&white

Report from the Year 2050

I'm running to Walgreen's to get deodorant. Anyone need anything? nt

TCM is premiering "The Trip" right now.

Please Caption this photo:

GD has turned into Numbnuts Junction

Installing Software -The progress bar is going backwards

One star reviews of "Twilight"

My life has reached new levels of excitement...I'm spending my Saturday night

I am reading "Kafka on the Shore"

What drug is this smilie on?

I'm not as dumb as I look.

Goddam viruses

i would like some company

Anyone else lie awake at night listening to "BBC World?" Their programming

Is the Force strong with you? Or, like with me, is it slightly ambivalent?

My new rescue kitty

Are 6 pairs of shoes and 3 black skirts overkill when packing

One week ago my friend had a brain aneurism, she is still in a coma.

I am loopy on some kick ass cough syrup!

How do you treat the people who work in the service industry?

Little kitty, big meow... (YouTube)

hey action jackson, what do you want to be?

Vegans: I need some help.

Have you ever went over to a friend's house to eat and the food just ain't no good?

Pizza delivery for Ivan Trolan?


I've been wondering, why do some here disparage Caroline Kennedy?

"We have no base," Rahm said of the Democratic party.

are people who claim that they are intelligent

what song reminds you of Obama/Biden win?

I love the 'Yes' dance

Sigh, my poor ex-roomie is not having fun in Seattle

I wish you could pick which channels to NOT get w/cable.

Anyone watch Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab 2?

I quit smoking on Wednesday!

Why do DUers hate Thomas Kinkade?

Rec if you think the Lounge should have a thread with a lot of recs.

Lebowski Fans: Check out Dudeism's new virtual shrine

When I watch those Prison shows on TV, I'm always torn between two thoughts

I've been feeding a cat that's been hanging around my house...

A lazy ragdoll kitty

Pain...A poem of mine...

Some more Autumn Pics:

What I believe happened to Freeperville

DC du'ers- do i need a ticket to the inauguration? can i have fun without

I am a man who hugs other men. Am I bad?

Today's College Football Thread

woo, fun fun

What book would you swear in on if elected President of the Lounge?

Is the Prime Minister of Ukraine Hotter Than Palin? [PIC]

Let's play "Name That 80s Tune" again!

3 dogs with diarrhea. Beige carpet.

No funeral or other ritual?

Did you 'do it' on Election Night?

I Just Sold My Bookstore...

Georgia Still Counting, But Senate Runoff Is Already Underway

Chinese entrepreneurs get Obama-mania

Obama wins electoral vote in Nebraska

Sarah Palin offered big money to appear in porn film

Proposal: Thugs take Gay Rights away so we take their Gun Rights.

Judge won't take action against SEC officials

8 Year Old Arizona Boy Shoots, Kills 2 -- including dad

U.S. Army Colonel and Lt. Colonel Convicted of Conspiracy for Role in Fraud Scheme in Iraq

Like Abe and FDR, Obama faces crises

British troops 'out of Iraq by April '09'

Director goes on leave amid probe of Ohio plumber

'Mutts like me' - Obama shows ease discussing race

Controversial Malaysian blogger freed

Back at work, Palin vents a bit over campaign criticism

13 years later, thousands rally in Tel Aviv to honor slain PM Rabin

76 years after they married, Lakeside pair die same day (Richmond VA)

Militants in Pakistan kill 2 alleged US spies

Brain Scans Show Bullies Enjoy Others' Pain

Spain: Son of Osama bin Laden deported

OPEC president: Oil cuts likely if no price rally

Rescue workers search for survivors of Haiti collapse (Survivors found)

OSCE 'failed' in Georgia warnings

US combat troops in Iraq battle to defend savings

Bangladesh ups watch along Myanmar border

Obama and Medvedev to meet soon, Kremlin says

Police: 90-year-old living with 3 siblings' bodies

Obama vows to go ahead with missile shield: Polish president

Obama Offers Poland No Commitment on Missile Plan

U.S. government opposes release of prisoner abuse photos

Voting begins (ends) in New Zealand election

New Zealand opposition wins poll

In secret agreement, Shell nets 25-year monopoly on S. Iraq's gas

Pilot blinded by stroke is guided safely to ground

Small Oregon city elects transgender mayor

Democrats plead automakers' case to Treasury

Postelection poll results contradict media claims that U.S. is a "center-right" country

Parents pull kids from day care as money tightens

Most Minn. Senate 'undervotes' are from Obama turf

As a road to a better economy, an old idea gains ground

Obama will take to Internet as Roosevelt took to radio

Report: FBI kept file on author David Halberstam

Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions

Questions grow after Uzi death of child

Georgia fired first shot, say UK monitors

Indonesia 'executes' Bali bombers

Franken sees boost in nail-biter election

Priest: Slain dad had taught boy, 8, to use guns

Report: Auschwitz blueprints found in Berlin apartment

Sarah Palin Blamed by the US Secret Service Over Death Threats Against Barack Obama

Dodd Says Obama Wouldn't Want Messy Fight Over Lieberman

Twenty die on Russian submarine

Tardy Medicare reimbursements are hurting doctors in California, Nevada and Hawaii

Moving Day for the Obamas (WaPo)

Obama's victory a 'shock and awe' moment (Tant / Athens Banner-Herald)

Who's who on Obama's new team (BBC)

The Desperate Right's Five Biggest Flops of the 2008 Election (Reed / Alternet)

Athens Native Sons Against Bringing Saxby Back (HuffPo)

Bush's seven deadly environmental sins

Contractors Nervous About Losing Immunity in Iraq

The American dream must be available to everyone

There's another way to look at this Rahm thing...

Exclusive Transcript of the Obama-Nancy Reagan Phone Call

Obama's Triumph Is America's Too

Audaciously Reasonable-On the huge expectations that await America's new president.

The Last Ride on the Straight Talk Express

For Obama, four different transitions; "We" now means the United States of America

Palin Redeemed! Euphoria Over Obama Leads Africa to Unite as One Nation

The Big Change: Lessons from the Great Depression

With Alaska Senate race unsettled, candidates seek cash

Analysis: Obama changes could test Castros' grip

The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace What must our enemies be thinking? JEFFREY SCOTT SHAPIRO

In the Inner Circle, a Spokesman in Waiting (Robert Gibbs)

"President-elect's Queries to Briefers" by Ray McGovern (11-7-2008 Consortium News)

US elections: reactions in Obama city, Japan

Stinging Talk About Obama? Never Mind Now

Questions Obama must ask intel briefers...

Obama Has to Pay for Eight Years of Bush's Delusions

Birmingham mail, afterparty Obama (part 1)

Gay Rights: Part One of Two

A Few Obama Thank-Yous: Here's hoping his list includes....

Still weeks to go, but America tunes into Obama as Bush fades from view

One Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words

Obama is inspired by Lincoln's writings: "'For Lincoln, words mattered immensely."

Gordon Brown: "America has embraced the values of progress." The election of Obama has inspired mill

CBS's Hit New Show: The Wasilla Hillbillies

New Deal economics more FDR not Less- By Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman

Media Matters: All over but the lying

Bob Herbert: Take A Bow, America

N.C. Republican Party Election Night 2008

The Climate for Change - Al Gore NYT OpEd

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Sarah Palin is the Future of Conservatism (John Brown)

Obama Positions Himself to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions on Environmental, Social Issues

Obama offers new hope in Afghanistan

GM opens first Russian factory

Cat Stevens we all know better

Bush's Failing Final Grade

The Week in the Toon I love best!

Dorothy Day Documentary: Don't Call Me a Saint

South Park: For McCain supporters - "Looosers looosers..."

Al Gore NY Times -The Climate for Change

President Elect Obama: Saturday Radio Address 11.08.08

Maureen Reagan on Donohue (1984)

Gavin Newsom on passing of Prop 8

Don't Cry for me Alaska (a final tribute to Sarah Palin)

Lucille Ball on sitcoms of the late 1978 ("comedy of terror from the streets") (1978)

Human Rights: Persecution of LGBT People of the World

There's No-one As Irish As Barack O'Bama

ABC News: Cabinet members accused of being "disloyal" to the President (1979)

Cocoa Tea's Barack Obama Reggae Song

For those interested in what is going on in Alaska's election

Real Time with Bill Maher - 11/07/08 - Sarah Palin Doesn't Know 3rd Grade Geography

CNN: Germ-free research and the real-life "Boy In the Plastic Bubble" (1984)

Generation O Gets Its Hopes Up

Maron v Seder: Operation Leper

The Barack Obama Honeymoon is Over, According to Kyl

Howard Zinn: Obama's Historic Victory

The monster years by Paul Krugman

Christian Violence in Sarah Palin's Church

Frank Rich, Sunday, Nov. 9: "It Still Felt Good the Morning After"

onion news

Obama Fever in Africa

Bill Maher New Rules - 11/7: Tax Form for Joe The Plummer 1040FU

Iraq Troops React to Election

Obama roasts Emanuel in 2005

Olbermann: Palin tells Alaskan media exactly who is to blame for blaming her

President Obama - Callie Shell, The Photographer's Story

What Can America Become? | Bill Maher Nov. 7, 2008

CBS: Bush Makes Last Minute Changes

Melhem Barakat youghanni Barack Obama!!!

Uses for WD-40..........

Back at work, Palin vents a bit over campaign criticism

African American Muslim Teen Beaten by People Shouting 'Obama'

Deception and Reactions @ the Official McCain Election Party

Obama’s EPA appointment will supremely define his place in human history.

Real Time w/ Bill Maher - 11/7: Prop 8 Gay Marriage

TYT: Melissa Etheridge Won't Pay Her Taxes Because of Prop 8

Obama wins! Dancing in the streets!

TYT: Why Republicans Want to Paint Bush as 'The Lone Gunman'

KUTV CBS 2 Prop 8 Protest In Salt Lake City

On Election Day Obama Shoots Hoops & Scores!

Is Obama Screwing His Base with Rahm Emanuel Selection?

Senator wants answers on dangers of burn pits

Government presses appeal on detainee photos

Slain capt. mulled taking job from suspect

Captain gets 1 year for firearms conspiracy

Gold Star license plate now available in SC

SD Guard prepares to help with blizzard

Applebee’s offers free meals to military

Cracks in wing hinges sideline 10 Hornets

NC Marine charged with murder of stepson

2 Blue Angels found guilty, await punishment

Sadrists reject U.S.-Iraq security pact

Lawmakers to Air Force: Spend F-22 money now

Navy to develop software to help run GI Bill

Aircraft repair ‘a team effort’

Former Hill airman pleads guilty in shooting

IG: $16M wasted on rental cars at Bagram

Stadium renovation won’t erase painful past

Results of water testing in 11 Naples homes are delayed

Sailor admits to dumping ammo off Sasebo coast

The Rage of a Soldier Described

Suspected US Strike Angers Pakistan

Rice Visits Former Militant Stronghold

Air Force Leader to Appear on Fox News

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Neocon Bunker Hunker

Tomb of Unknowns: Repair or replace?

519,000 ballots cast by overseas troops

(Air Force) Re-enlistment rates plunged in 2008

General Bucks Silence on Mental Health

Israel demolishes homes for 'City of David' heritage site

Bush officials moving fast to cut environmental protections (uranium mines, Grand Canyon)

Paloma becomes Category 4 storm, heads toward Cuba - AP

A Day to Prevent Exploitation of the Environment in War

Renewables struggle in US state ballots

Latest from The Environmentalist Online

Scientists say a rock can soak up carbon dioxide - Reuters

Tesla Roadster consumes two refrigerators worth of energy while PARKED.

Audio Podcast: Prop 8 Protests in CA Capitol

Slideshow From Protest in Salt Lake City

A great video to inspire

Protests on Sunday 11/9 ?

Sherri Shepard and "The View"

Breaking: 15,000+ protesters in SF over Prop 8

I have a bad feeling about the protest Saturday in Silverlake

The advancement of religion?

I have to work with a lot of Mormons - What do I do?

I blame no goup for Prop 8.

I came out of DU retirment...for THIS?

A suggestion for us about the shit stirrers.

A question for the legal types (re: FL Amendment 2)

millions to rally for YES on Prop 8 in CA tomorrow -

This isn't my usual forum...

Thousands march in San Francisco tonight.

My Take After Prop. 8

Donny and Marie Osmond AGAINST Prop 8???

How about a little good news? Transgender mayor elected in Oregon

There is a rift in the Democratic party. The question is ...

Will ENDA be reintroduced in Congress???

Find out who donated in support of Prop. 8 here....

Live video from tonight's LA/Silverlake protest re: Prop 8?

Utah is the new Coors. Pass it on

Prop 8 Bigots seek to invalidate 18,000+ same-sex marriages

Re: to the Quit Fighting letter (prop 8)

I hope it's okay to post here. This debate has really awakened me, and made me ashamed.

Get Ready For The Final Put Down


Excellent thread on GD about hate crimes- please support!

Candlelight Rally Against Prop 8 Turns Ugly in Palm Springs

QueersUnited has a (more) complete list of protests and rallies against Prop 8...

Mormon stars face backlash after gay marriage ban

An Ugly Op Ed Published in the LA Times Today.

Credit Swap Disclosure Obscures True Financial Risk

Zero Rate World May Lie Ahead as King, Trichet Cut (Update4)

Developing Economic Reforms by Catherine Austin Fitts

Postal Service Looks To Cut 40,000 Jobs In First Layoff In History

List of the Bailout Bucks to Banks

2 more banks go belly-up (

More on the Fair Trade Mandate!

Obama raises a long-neglected concept: sacrifice

Who’s to blame for the foreclosure epidemic?

Elaine Supkis has a new website

National Day of Protest (prop 8): November 15th, 10:30 a.m PST/1:30 p.m. EST

Today in labor history Nov 7 Taft-Hartley Act is upheld by the Supreme Court, breaking a 116-day str

Today in labor history Nov 8, 20,000 workers, black and white, stage general strike

Names on Obama list for Labor Secretary

Wonder Why We Are So Upset? Prejudice & Social stress!

Paloma becomes Category 4 storm, heads toward Cuba

Russia Invites Cuba To Join Glonass

Plan Colombia misses coca target

Mercenaries in Havana Vote for McCain

PANAMA: Officials Who Freed Posada and Accomplices Stand Trial

Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Paloma (CAT 4) Heading for Cuba- 4PM Update

Michigan takes the Little Brown Jug again!

Roy Jones, Jr. vs Joe Calzaghe

Iran invests $2.5b in stem cell research

Insurers Hire Radiology Police to Vet Scanning

Study: Migraines Cut Breast Cancer Risk By 30 Percent

Good news for those who suffer with migraines

So I was bored and self-indulgent today....

Wow! Have you seen Rahm Emmanuel's chart? Explains everything!

Nov. 12, 2008 - The Sixth Day

Meet Lola, rescue kitty.

Interesting gift: Polaroid 110A Pathfinder

Calling CC! And all other weasel lovers. :)

i love when the ignorant think that a "ban on 'assault weapons'" will make you more safe...

HR 1022 is 'our' version of the PATRIOT Act

Democratic Takeover Leads To Boom In Gun Sales

If not gun control, what?

Priest: Slain dad had taught boy, 8, to use guns, kills two.

Barack Obama asked gay bishop Gene Robinson what it was like to be 'first'

anyone know of a source for frozen sour cherries?

Dogs, Food and Whine.......

Ecologists use oceanographic data to predict future climate change

SETI Radio Telescopes Track New Horizons

Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor

Obama promises new era of scientific innovation (New Scientist)

Biologist/Obama Supporter PZ Myers to Obama: Just Say No To RFK, Jr As Head of EPA

Are the Autism/vaccination people any different than Creationist?

** The Official DU-GLBT Pets and Critters Thread! **

NYT, Bob Herbert: Take a Bow, America

Tears to Remember: "One generation released its grief. The next looked up confusedly...."

Michael Rolince weighs in on the new FBI powers

Rare TV NEWS report about WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge

The President's Picture in Every Classroom

Anyone know a magician in the Austin area?I am wary of

Cynthia Dunbar smackdown

Considering a 1 year old Inspiron 640m Dual Core laptop

Mandriva 2009 Review Update

Ok this little girl is just adorable.......

Who is more popular online: Sarah Palin or Tina Fey?

A little pitter-pat for Marvin

Why are people so scared of...?

MUST read post about networking, with a great essay about & what it accomplished

Who is paying for the recount?

Anyone know when the recount will be done?

Did you get phone calls about the election? , Is This Legit?