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Archives: May 28, 2006

Abbas loyalists threaten Hamas with civil war

Hamas planning to move militia in bid to undermine Fatah

Hundreds protest Canadian immigration laws

Abstinence Education Now Law In Wisconsin

(Canada's Harper) backs down on policy for fallen

British guards in Iraq may quit over pay

More than 1,000 desert UK forces


Hughes destroyed Gracie as expected

They... redid... the Reagan dime commercial...


"Well, I dunno why we come here....

crazycrazy crazycrazy crazycrazy crazycrazy crazycrazy crazycrazy

Sure have thunder-boomers tonight!

Was Ivo Shandor right?


Hey, can anyone get into Demopedia?

I'm thinking of losing the beard


WTF is wrong with google?

A freeper dilemma that I didn't want to post in GD.

Anyone still up?


DC9 w/ 5.5 tons of coke was CIA PLANE

Now that's GHETTO

US asks for dismissal of NSA wiretapping suits

Question answered. Ignore thread.

Will Sam Seder do any TV to promote his book, "FUBAR"?

Newsweek:How the Jefferson Search Put Bush in a Bind

Howard avoids protesters' peace tree handover(Cindy Sheehan)

So, will Immigration "debate" push Katrina, Iraq, NSA, corruption

A note about the NYT Swift liars article and RW blogs

Keillor's voice, Altman's vision fuse in "Prairie Home Companion" film

Moscow gay rights rally broken up

Fresh Roses

Polycar: A DOABLE way to ease the energy crisis

Service and Memorial Day... For the children.

BestSpeechEver;John Kerry spoke at American University on Thursday,May11

Newday/AP: Senator Clinton to Show Emotional Campaign Video

45 days ?

LAT: Big Gains Draw Angelides Even With Westly in CA gubernatorial primary

Bill "Big Dog" Clinton to keynote dinner for Wes Clark's wife Gert 6/17/06

My letter published in Joliet Herald

Scott Ritter: The Hardest Word

Have you seen Doonesbury today? I know it's been done before, but

Uribe’s Undemocratic and Insecure Colombia (Upside Down World)

Bob Barr: Picking the Wrong Fight

Used the phone lately? Worried?

The symptoms of oil withdrawal- San Francisco Chronicle - 5/28/2006

Hillary Clinton Is Too Ambitious To Be The First Female President

Time Mag: Lights, Camera, Al Gore!

Tony Blair’s Washington visit and the curious case of a disappearing BBC s

Defense Contractor's House of Cards

"It's the Identity, Stupid" (how Baptist's have taken over part of USA)

Global Eye - Bleak House

WP: Killing Fields: Iraq Is the Republic of Fear

Immigration debate impacts Mexican race

The deadliest war in the world (Time/CNN)

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

O'SHOCKER: O'Reilly calls for Bush to step down

Theocrat Buys Philly Inquirer Newspaper. Just in Time to Help Santorum?

Tropical storm Aletta

video on Bush's national forest sell-off

Can someone here explain the reasoning behind the fuel energy

Oil could top $105 in major supply outage: expert

The Siren Call of Methane Hydrates

Lead foot vs. gentle sole (Maine gas mileage experimnent)

Israeli planes strike Lebanon after rocket salvo

Blaming the Victims (Uri Avnery)

British Academics' Debate Sharpens as Vote on Israel Nears, NY Times 5/28/

In Gaza, Palestinians see fruits of labor die

Sharon Moved to Long-Term Care Facility

is this 'a good thing?'..... long 9-11 discussion on Coast-to-Coast

The 1993 "bombing" of the WTC, a transparent false-flag op

Something ...

NIST completes its self-destruction ....... zero credibility left...

Mystery of Goss's Resignation Solved!

Paper Ballots, Hand Counted, are the "Gold Standard" Around the World

Greg Palast to visit Ohio, takes swipes at Ken Blackwell

NM: Court Says That State Should Have Allowed (2004) Recount

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 5/ 28/06

Zero Tolerance for Election Fraud

Interesting Notes From the EAC Meeting

LBN thread of interest to ER group

Fifth District...

Fallon endorsed by the Iowa City Press Citizen

Just learned about Rob Borsellino's death

Poll: Culver (D) only candidate who leads Nussle (R)

The biggest voting bloc

for my foodie pals, a house update

sometimes it just doesn't work....

What's paprika good for?

My AMERICAblog's-pissing-me-off rant in GD

Strong quakes rattle Tonga, PNG: USGS

Mortgage defaults on rise (Chicago Tribune)

Roadside bombs kill at least two in Baghdad

Five dead in Iraq violence

Help - what did NPR's Michelle Norris say on Tweety this am

Immigrants are forest firefighters

EXCLUSIVE Bungled raid kills donkeys

Russia Opposes Use of Force Against Iran

Sunni sheik assassinated in Baghdad

Families seek accidental war deaths medal

Revealed: how US marines massacred 24

Sunni Arab tribal chief murdered in Iraq

Cops, protesters prevent Moscow gay parade

Duck X-Ray Reveals "Alien Head" (Quackery or Fact?)

Barry Bonds Hits His 715th Home Run

Oil shortages hit Iraq with onset of summer heat

Ken Loach's 'Wind That Shakes the Barley' Wins Top Prize at Cannes

Bush's 'candor' was scripted response to planted question

Senate Leaders Profess Less Outrage on FBI Raid

Defense Contractor's House of Cards

Iran voices support to Iraq's new government

24 children held at Guantanamo, many as adults: Time

WP: Immigration Deal at Risk as House GOP Looks to Voters

Private security staff plan strike over pay cuts (Iraq)

Former chief rabbi slams gay lifestyle

Iranian-backed militia groups take control of much of southern Iraq

Terror alert as Caspian oil pipeline opens

Key US Lawmaker (Senator John Warner) Vows to Probe Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Weak dollar may force Fed into tighter policy

NYT: Trial Opens Window on Shadowing of Muslims

'US is an expert in killing'

Schwarzenegger tries new script

Gingrich: Gov. Bush could be president

Chavez says US working for coup in Bolivia

Bloomberg Wants Same Sex Marriage Licenses

NYT/Reuters: Rocker Springsteen Takes Political Tone on Tour

Congressmen move to water down Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Pentagon Seeks Nonnuclear Tip for Sub Missiles

President Uribe has big lead in Colombia election

Frist: Protecting the flag isn't pandering

Orange County (CA) Register: War draws older generation to streets

Pope asks why God was silent at Auschwitz

NYT/AP: Murtha: New Scandal Worse Than Abu Ghraib

Cheney aide is screening legislation - Adviser seeks to protect Bush power

Germans should stop feeling Holocaust guilt: Ahmadinejad

Colombian voters lead backlash against revolution from the Left

Do any of you REALLY know how big a googol is?

This is where I chill at... Scott, bringing the PoWAH!

I want some motherfucking chocolate milk!

Do these jeans make my ass look fat?

I figured it out! How to break the barrier!

Here are some more pics of Hawaii

This still moves me

Did anyone see Gracie v. Hughes?

STD's running rampant at The Villages (Florida)

post midnight snack???

Be honest with me.

1) You know, I get the idea that the death penalty is flamebait, in

Any renters out there? Need help!

What has become of CrazyGuggenheim?

Okay, the beard's gone!

What has become of CrazyGuggenheim?

Okay, the beard's gone

Okay, the beard's gone

Former Pitt, NFL FB Craig "Ironhead" Heyward dies of brain tumor at 39

The last time I went to church,

ACK!!! I forgot I was out of coffee!!! God forbid I leave the house.

End of the earth.

What's your favorite cheese?

Rex Thread!

Nell says "hi"

I finally got a clue!

Saw X-Men 3 last night. Meh. No spoilers....

Christening gift for twins?

The Ditty Bops — GREAT tunes!

Skydiver dies after slipping from harness

"Now Hiring Home Tyrants"


Freeper, aisle 5

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/28/06)

This is exactly why I can never have kids

I am in love with Merv Griffin

If I were to invent something...

Decide my movie-going experience for me:

Jimmy Hoffa cupcakes

So I saw this show on Cartoon Network in Canada

DU ad leads me to contemplate performing marriages.

Which one?

Can I carry unopened bottles of wine on domestic flights?

My next door neighbor just came by...

I am in love with Stewie Griffin

I am in love with Melanie Griffith

Now hiring home typists!!!

I once had a job where we used blenderized human brain

For when you have emailed everyone your private life info:

ATTN: Jelly babies!!

Baby farts ..

Storms a' brewin.


Playing hookey from church because Sears delivers on Sunday

Interview with Lemony Snickett on NPR right now!!

Video: Bush and Blair sing endless love.

Enough of Mrs. Doubtfire already !

Oh, it's the Juggernaut, bitch!

OK this FUCKING Side By Side crap on the 500 is getting on my nerves.

Name a song from today that's got energy put into it?

Name a drink from today that has some energy put into it!

Michael Jackson visits Tokyo children's home

Good leather cleaner?

I'm in love with Gryphon!

Unhappy Anniversary.

I hope to god in 30 years

Paging LynneSin! THIS IS HUGH!!11!111

Not the "relaxing weekend" I'd hoped for...

Test your observation skills!

anyone getting involved on World Jump Day?

Burt Reynolds thru the years

Yeah! Got the DVD of Dark Side and Wizard of Oz synched...

Get thy bearings

How do you explain to someone?

I don't hate basket ball, but why is there NBA playoffs AGAIN!!!!!

name your favorite band that many people think is a person

Craig "Ironhead" Heyward is dead!

Madison, WI PD arrest 28 men and 1 woman for performing sex acts in park.

Damn. Ran out of disk space. Have to redownload a 4GB file again.

More fish pics:

I was born and raised down in Alabama

Anyone else grilling today?


Maya Angelou poem

does anyone know where i can find video of the bush/blair conference?

eHarmony and Focus on the Family

New Icon

Eye Test.

Why didn't Bryan Singer direct X3?

Ok, which baseball team has more repugs, the White Sox

my baby fart thread got locked

I just watched the LOST season finale, and all i can say is WTF?(spoilers)

Take the elevator at the Hotel Yorba .

Which movie would you rather see?

The Landscaping Workout.

Happy birthday evlbstrd!!

Vote for President--Bartlett or Palmer?

If you could punch one person in the face...

These guys have had better days

70,000 empty beer cans? Yes! (OMG! Moment Warning for 56K users)

Tonight I'm kicking my own ass on pay-per-view -- will you watch?

If you see a chiropter... DON'T.

If you see a velociraptor....DON'T

Insert or substitute sone bureaucratic blarney in movie titles

So, who has $2?

It's beer time!

Post a picture of something you made

BikeWriter, you here?

Time to welcome some new members...

Goodnight everyone!

Don't we all want to see this?

17 More posts to reach 1000. Ask me anything...

Goodnight people..Peace

Help! Domineering in-laws coming for HS grad weekend

OMG Macaroni & cheese PIZZA?!!!

the Realtor just called!!!!!!!

Post pictures of those you're remembering this weekend

William Hurt or John Hurt?

Some of you know I've had my heart crushed lately.

FBI and Portland City Hall, part 3.

Always keep this in mind.

I am soooooooooooo out of shape

I wannna you smile...just smile

This new website is cool and creepy!

Im crazy

I just dug a splinter out of my foot.

Im drunk

Have you ever been arrested while protesting?

John McCain was at the Sun-Mavs game... they showed him on TV

My brother finished radiation Friday

The cycle of life in four pictures.

Am I the only one who liked X-Men 3?

The youngest puppy pictures ever posted here. GUARANTEED.

New PC speakers...a little help please.

"You Cannot Fart Around With Love"

Post a quote from your favourite series no-one has heard about.

How to clean the toilet

help me out here with jeans sizes for a skinny teenager

Mozilla Firefox?

Suppose Lysenko was right after all...

I wonder if i got to much sun today


*bangs head against pillow* Make the weird dreams stop! AAAIIEEE!

is there a way to cover gray hair without colouring?

What do I need to do to get a foot rub?

Its 89 deg & the dog wants to go out. I have the air on I want to stay in

If you see a chripractor... DON'T.

Brangelina names baby Shiloh, after bloodiest battle of Civil War.

It felt good to get carded. When was the last time you were?

Are you watching FOOD network? Mine is just showing a photo, no movement

Help Grannie out

L.A. area DUers... An Inconvenient Truth @ ArcLight...

Flame away ...I love the New Internet Explorer (7)

Cramps suck. I've tried ice cream, Advil, rest, and ice cream. What now?

So, today, my tweleve year old son announced

Ok, I admit it, I'm ...

I DO NOT understand shit like this

DU opera lovers! What famous opera has a duet with the word "penis" in it?

What disgusting or odd aromas do you just love to sniff??


Who came up with that name, "The Bangles?"

Gay illegal aliens speak Spanish and use flag to perform unspeakable...

Good Luck CalPeggy!

VEGETARIANS are you offended by kudzu?

X-Men 3 changed my life!!

Ok, folks. 380 million Americans. 6 billion humans. Why are people single?

Do you miss the days when computers were art deco objects?

What's on your wishlist?

ATTN: June/July babies!!

Alex Toth died yesterday

BIRDFLU forums - Best one?

I'm still shaking - any PA lawyers out there?

How the bloody fuck do I change the destination email on PayPal??!!!!!

I've been working as a Wedding DJ on Saturdays. Ask me anything.

Had any strange dreams lately?

Going to Fanimecon today

I knocked off a chrysalis. What shall I put it back up with?

Question about the OT...

Iran, Vatican City, Israel: which of those are theocratic states? e.o.m.

Is there a sound theological argument against vegetarianism?

I just looked at the major religions ranked by size and was shocked

IFCO/Pastors for Peace 2006 Caravan to Cuba

I'm looking for a National Anthem that doesn't mention God

A question.

I am wondering if anyone on DU practices Vodoun...

Suppose that a charismatic preacher and healer appears on the scene

Jews For Jesus

Christian Divided: Can They Unite?

Why is the Pope blaming God for the Holocaust?

i need Feedback on Relacore diet pills, have a neighbor wasting away on

Bush's Earthling-Martian hybrid mission puts NASA science in jeopardy

Mars robots to get smart upgrade (BBC)

A GIRL LIKE ME: THE GWEN ARAUJO STORY, (not sure if it goes here)

McGreevey Editorial

It Burns Me Up

Interesting Paragraph in Discover Magazine (June 2006)

Former Pitt, NFL FB Craig "Ironhead" Heyward dies of brain tumor at 39

El Duque makes his debut as a Met today!

Barry Bonds Hits His 715th Home Run

Former Saint Heyward dies of brain tumor at age 39......

Chess News for week ending May 28 (four annotated games included)

Adrian Beltre...

"Snap!" - Karen Bishop - May 27, 2006

MAN, I've been getting some great cards via Tarot lately.

Thanks to all my Astro buddies for the energy and good wishes

Tonight's "Road to the White House" on Cspan

Happy Birthday Tay! Tay!

fucking assholes

Ahmadijad is at it again

What wrong with some people?

I just had to rant

Just found an interesting blog containing pro-Kerry stuff AND Iraqis


I hope all of you like this!

Self referential.

Instant runoff - June contest

OK, I gotta ask it: What IS The Daily Howler's problem with Keith?????

So is Keith going to do one last Branjolina baby countdown story???

Wanna smell like dirt? Howsabout Playdoh?

Guess Keith canceled a DC book convention appearance last weekend...

Bush versus Chimpanzee

Sacrifices on the alter of freedom?

Blah, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah.

Is the 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust a legitimate topic of discussion?

Another Memorial Day Piece by Mark Twain... The War Prayer

Gonzales pressures ISPs on data retention

WTF???? Here it is 3:15 am, watching George Carlin on HBOCM

"Who's Macho Now"?...Excellent cartoon of W says it all

Playing their game

How is sending them to kill & die for MONEY supporting the troops?

More than 60 children have been held at Guantanamo Bay by the USA

God damn Bush....(Memorial Day)

Got a car ribbon?

Cheney Aide Is Screening Legislation To Protect Bush Power

It Shouldn't Be This Way , Colbert I. King Wash Post:

Pre-9/11 records help flag suspicious calling

So now we have to have cookies turned on to reply or post? wtf

What is the exact toll of American and other deaths from the war to date?

The Toledo Blade investigates itself

To honor those who have died thus far in Iraq, the war will drag on & on.

Support our Troops, Patriot-style

America the Beautiful? Home of the brave? Land of the free?

The ultimate sacrifice...

"Combat Diary" on A&E-definitely not a pro-war film

UK Army Deserters on the Rise Over Iraq

Blair beefed up his Iran speech to please Bush...

The massacre and the Marines, Took mobile phone pics of massacre...

Bush's war is unpopular? Hell it's a total disaster & it's destroying US.

Will it now be illegal for service members to own a cell phone

Fines are another regressive fact of life

Sunday guests on talking head shows:

Frist says 5.3 million jobs in the last 3 years

Remember when Bush used to constantly talk about mass graves in Iraq?

A possible solution to the mess that is, trade it back in for the

It appears the USA is turning northern Iraq over to Turkey and Iran


Murtha on Haditha: Who covered it up and why? I will not excuse murder.

(VIDEO) Joe Galloway reads his response to Rummy's heartless spokeshole

Reuters: Ahmadinejad says "Zionists" against Germany trip

do we need emergency legislation to stop an invasion of Iran? . . .

God -Bush is so Disgusting and Repulsive as a human being.

Frank Rich: Gore 'right man in right place at right time'...

TOON: more rearranging of deck chairs on the "hindenberg "- Sun. 5/28

I think Sensenbrenner needs to go get his fuckin' shinebox...

Suppose that a charismatic preacher and healer appears on the scene

The world needs Bill more than the U.S. needs Hillary. (LAT)

"Getting My Records from the NSA"

Shut up and Preach

Bloom is off the rose for public garden at Feinstein mansion

Russert had 2 Republicans on discussing immigration again this week

Gay Director Fired by Catholic Church conducts 20th Anniv. of Gay Chorus

Al-Jazeera (English language) launch faces further delays

Caption this Frist photo

300 Million People In This Country, But Pres Must Be A Clinton or Bush?

Mystery of Goss's Resignation Solved!

6.7 Quake Hits the Tonga Islands

no more bullshit and no more bushit boy.

Who put the Sun in Sunday if not a CAPTION?!?!?!?!?!

Schools Teach Combat Skills to Civilians: Lack of Regulation Troubles Some

Roth IRA really rocks when compared to traditional plan

Rocker Springsteen takes political tone on tour

Need a respone to: How Enron Worked the President

America is not at war.

G.E.RUSSERT wants MORE (literal) blood, human sacrifice (of Iraqi youth)

1st Charlie GIBSON promo: Using the Prez CLINTON smackdown

When the Democrats are asked if they will try to impeach Bush?

I have yet to see a single DU Google ad. They're just not appearing...

The most ironic title ever: "Why he fights: Donald Rumsfeld"

If You Meet a Wolf

Swift liars lie about everything (Media Matters 2004)

Help - what did NPR's Michelle Norris say on Tweety this am

War Profiteer Feinstein Razes Public Garden near New Mansion

Demand an apology

I love the Google Ads, especially the evil, scary right-wing ones.

Bush clinging desperately to the "war on terror" issue until 2008...

Nazi Who Led Cult Like A God Is Apprehended in Chile

My Lai in Babylon

Frist Backs Search of Congressman's Office...when will they investigate

I don't hate basket ball, but why is there NBA playoffs AGAIN!!!!!

Cher just called in CSPAN..... whew, is she ever NOT HAPPY

Australian Climber Revived on Mt. Everest...The man is ALIVE!

More than 1,000 troops desert UK forces

If today's Right Wing was around back in the day

Given what has recently been revealed about the NSA spying...

Credit Union Members -- Is this e-mail a scam?

Helen Thomas:Tony Snow "Mastering How To Give a Karate Chop & Still Smile"

What's with this "Help John McCain" Google ad I just saw here...

Panel Requires Annual Disclosure of Intelligence Budget (W. Pincus)

Memorial Day Was Originally Decoration Day

Rumsfeld says Flight 93 was "shot down."

House of War: The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power

anyone getting involved on World Jump Day?

On Air America Radio! Ring of Fire is going to John Hall on! He's

Minutemen building a silly, pitiful fence to keep out Mexican horde. (pic)

Give this to a local young earth creationist...

Hey, NSA. Do you want to play "Hide the Salam"?

I'll bet Ken & Linda are having a very shitty weekend.

I won't write about the media anymore

Video clip of Rumsfeld saying that Flight 93 was shot down.

* returns from Camp David with 'Laura' - pics

The question must be asked: Is Haditha an isolated incident?

"We are at war because it sounds good." (Richard Lapauvre)

Love Of Country

Anyone else watching the Pope at Auschwitz on TV?

"Liberty News TV"

is this the reason for the recent campaign vs

John Ashcroft

Does the Democratic compliance with Big Brother bother you?

Do you ever feel bad for the wingnuts?

Long application/interview process.Indication of a bad economy?

read this thread on LBN re:Detainment of children

Hundreds rally at West Point gates as Bush addresses cadets

Congressman Jefferson was set-up.... Remember the Katrina hoopla?

Larry Johnson: Howie Kurtz, Unreliable Source

Two less guys to compete with for the gals

Repukes trying to keep the working poor down

Iraq Is the Republic of Fear: By Nir Rosen

I Had to Go Off on a Rightie Today

I think this would make a great bumper sticker...

Is it unreasonable to expect better?

Are illegal immigrants getting free college tuition?

Two ads "legitimize" the invasion of Iraq based on Lie$ on DU.

I hate the psycho-in-chief. I hate Dick, shoot 'em up, Cheney.

G8 summit 2003 Police Brutality

Female soldiers linked by loss

Anyone flying Chinese made American flags for Memorial Day?

Sam Stone

It's On! Al Gore - "Please never sigh into a microphone again, sir!"

An entry I saw at PostSecret that made me sad.

Hagel: ‘Things Are Worse In Middle East Today Than They Were 3 Yrs Ago'

Hugh Hewitt thinks Rush Limbaugh is the most trusted journalist...

Kerry's new evidence...

Do you ever get angry at the Mainstream News Media (M$M)?

Bush Makes Blair Jump Through The Hoops

Frank Rich seriously doesn't get Al Gore

War is a racket.

BushWatch: What We Don't See on TV

Corruption, government failure fuelling (sic) Afghan insurgency

Terrible news: American Idol voting RIGGED! Diebold & ES&S??

Disturbing Police Footage of Gestapo Tactics in Portland, 2002

Censored Stories - “Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death”

Boy Scouts Honor Defense Secretary Rumsfeld

Poland's Chief Rabbi Attacked

Turkish press: "Second Abu Ghraib Scandal in Iraq ".

This is funny

Mediabistro: Fox reporter to become Vatican spokesman?

If you are flat busted broke when you die what happens to your

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

A Commandant against the Vietnam War.

"Answered by Fire" -Australian miniseries- how can I see it here?

Prediction-If the Dems take a House and the Pres by '08...

A sort -of tribute to Keith Olberman....

Demand Truth

"it's awfully hard to elect the spawn of Satan, even for the Democrats."

Intense news from Iraq

Death and Taxes: The grisly toll of illegal immigration on Pima County

Special Memorial Day Broadcast of the Head On Radio Network

Would Iran and Saudi Arabia Like To Jointly Govern Spain?

Matt PUDGE sucks really bad

At 3:00 pm, Monday afternoon, a National Moment of Remembrance

I didn't know the current Pope was an ex-Nazi

Because there was a post earlier,Re purple hearts....

In honor of Memorial Day

Worst idea ever-Non-Nuclear Trident Missiles

The Law Enforcement Role in Containment (outbreak)

The Beattitudes and Vietnam....

Everything you ever needed to know about Net Neutrality, in video

Bill Maher: "Religion Is Bad & Drugs Are Good-Find Me A Campaign Manager"

Whats up with

Marines and the 'massacre': a neighbour tells of aftermath

What about not DRIVING anywhere on Memorial Day?

GODLESS: Southern Baptist rePUKE leader says Ann Coulter hates God

I'm against Illegal Immigration, but I'm not going to demonize them...

Umm... WOW, a music website I go to got hacked ... Let the dissent begin

New Yorkers fight mobile phone ban {in public schools} (BBC)

just watched the very first episode of West Wing. God..I wish

Sullivan Ballou


Breaking News Once more: USA Hangs sign on front door: WE ARE BROKE

Ex-dean says Harvard run like day care

"May all Iraqis rest in peace"

Tabloid exclusive! Bush marriage breakup! Link to full article here.

Are There Groups Ready And Prepared To "Swiftboat" the GOP '08 Candidate

My husband is on the government's Terrorist Watch list

Do you think rich people get off easy with fines? Percent based fines!

Dave Letterman is a sappy, bleeding heart, lefty liberal ......

How many think Ken Lay will flee the country?

Greg Palast to visit Ohio, takes swipes at Ken Blackwell

"I asked 'Butch' several times if all the people were killed.

OMG, marriage is under attack!

Eventually they'll have to hide W in a bunker he's so hated by Americans.

So how did the other 30,000 Iraqis Bush admitted to killing die?

Is Christopher Walken running for President in 2008?

Memorial Day: A Promise to a Real Ranger

"DU the Troops/Vets" Top of Greatest K&R Memorial Day Marathon

'The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans' From Political Cortex.

Five Things I Know To Be True (A Rant)

If, thanks to AMERICAblog, you believe the majority of us voted for Harper

CNN takes shots at US Army for Pat Tillman's death

Had two revelations today....

Give a listen to Dixie Chicks says Neil Young


Bush's 'candor' was scripted response to planted question

Cher just called into Washington Journal

This memorial Day,Let's DU our troops...send them gear they need

Who do you honestly believe will be 44th President of the United States?

Within 5 yrs, 90% of world's scientists and engineers will live in Asia

O my god! I just realized who President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is!

Is Public Shaming by the Church Legal? TX Appeals Court Will Decide.

I'm having a harder time each day

From my Journal: Mom's note of appreciation for this week goes to...

Racists are taking advantage of immigration anxiety

What will it take to start the New American Revolution??

Is it time for a Constitutional Convention ?

Bush reflects on military sacrifice = WTF!?!

Dear God, what has happened to our country?

*** TOONS: Mr Fish Pulls No Punches (not for faint of heart) ***

"Stabbed in the back". With Iraq lost the Right goes looking for traitors

I Remember Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. on Memorial Day

AP Poll: "Americans are Impatient" (???)

Conservatives believe ...

Want to stop a freeper dead in their tracks?

One Mother's Son -- powerful words from a Gold Star mother.

Know any soldiers?

Ever seen the rules at Falwell's "Liberty University"?

To all DU vets this Memorial Day weekend

*** TOONS: Mr Fish Part II ***

The trailor for the new "9/11" movie with Nicholas Cage almost made me cry

I wish Barry Bonds had the tact and grace to retire before he hit this

Before Haditha, there was this

My Marine son's take on Haditha

NYT: It's time for chart a course...or admit that there is none.

PIC of fence minutemen are building --what a JOKE--

cheney isnt the only one eavesdropping

Southern Baptist leader says deliberate childlessness defies God's will.

In Flanders Fields

the ADS the ADS

I really shouldn't do this, but I'm going to give Bush some advice here

Baghdad ER - on the internet now

I just had an idea re: signing statements

Honoring President Bush For His Service & Sacrifice ......

FIFTY-THREE THOUSAND NAMES on a Wall in Washington.

May 28th, 1830 - the passage of the Removal Act. Do you know what it is?

Doonesbury : IN MEMORIAM

If living in East Germany was like living in the USSR, then why was

Pat Robertson leg-presses 2000 lbs.! Wow! Must be God's influence

To infect: medical concept versus legal concept --> an important contrast?

If your marriage becomes worth less to you due to gay marriage

Meteorologist Compares Al Gore to Adolf Hitler

Memorial Day is here yet again - PEACE TAKES COURAGE ANIMATION

Ret. AF Col on Haditha: These incidents will increase monthly

Do parents have a moral obligation to pay for children's college?

Reflections on my '91 deployment to Iraq

Kucinich discussing nationalizing the oil companies?

There is NO American flag flying at my house this weekend.

Simply put I am Evil

Post your CafePress Products!

The economic side of immigration:

Analysis: Bush lands in same hole as dad

What's your opinion of soldiers who commit atrocities during war?

Indonesian villagers blame magic, not flu

Cindy Sheehan - Peace has no Borders A Festival of Resistance

Lou Dobbs: Liberal Bias in Media Prevented Criticism of Colbert.

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walls work both ways, morans!!

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For 99 cents you can really stick it to the right wingnuts!