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Archives: August 24, 2005

In praise of disobedience

Why a booming economy feels flat (C. S. Monitor)

Do you know where we are going, America?

I just wrote to CNN thanking them for their Dead Wrong documentary.

I bet these aren't cheap...

Bad press hurting Diebold's sales

Imagine the Movie You Want to See About Election Fraud--

I start my new job tommorrow

Urinal-Sentinel calls for state Pukes to apologize for fraud charges

Fat States

Coleman met with Chavez 2 months ago

Anybody watching Keith?

Damn I Miss the Days of Slick Willy!

Chinese detainees are men without a country

Yes to Hugo! No to Cheap Gas!

CNN & MSNBC have shows with the same name? (Situation)....

Another rambling piece of mangled English.

Raw Anti-Iraq-War Words of Female Soldier Back from Iraq

Let's launch a National Children's Public Opinion Poll !

What Hugo Chavez stands for (to me)

Remember 9-11 & Remember Iraq and who got us there

Bush "I made a mistake..."

I apologize for the Christians speaking hatred in my name

Do morans know the difference . . .

What Christian in America thinks it is OK to call for assassination?

Aren't Religious Rightwingers The True "Arrogant Elite?"

Craig Crawford on Olberman - "Democrats don't have a vocal leader"

Canada is a net exporter of oil, any guesses as to what percent

"Grooming Politicians for Christ"

Limericks for our times . . . call for entries

HEALTH-CUBA: Global AIDS Fund Boosts Assistance

Ecuador Protesters are Optimistic over Oil Deal

Americans sometimes feel misled by military - poll

ANALYSIS* Republicans Eye Offshore Drilling in US Budget Bill

Bush Bikes, Boats During Idaho Vacation

Protesters, traffic snarls raise courthouse ruckus (Crawford is rumbling)

Two planes fly into restricted zone at Bush resort

Poem About a Suntan and Boobies

I can't go to bed until Mrs. Dr. Indy finishes Harry Potter

According to sundog, I may be the coolest person in the lounge

The music of Diana Krall or turkey, avocado and sprouts on 7-grain bread

Nighthawks VI (dial-up warning; thread may get long)

MP3 Animation: I can't afford my gasoline

I love Rock Star: INXS.. is that wrong?

So, my nine year old daughter wants a bra

My mom sent this to me

Its the End of the World As We Know It

Great Online Football Game

goodnight lounge!

How old were you the last time you got "carded"?

Tonight’s Mega Millions, winner, no winner?

Dmmit, my kybord keysare sticky.

Nobody f_cks with the Jesus.

So che era voi Fredo. Avete rotto il mio cuore. Avete rotto il mio cuore

Hey Moon, let me know when you get here!

@ the Crawford Peace House, ask me anything

self delete

@ the Crawford Peace House, ask me anything

NASA picks rocket for return to Moon

So: gradualism or punctuated equilibrium?

Great Online Football Game

7th Circuit Court Rules that atheism is a religion?

"Friends of John Kerry" v.s. "Keeping America's Promise" ?

john kerry shirts

Update on September 24th rally in D.C.

Jimmy Kimmel Live playing Robertson video now - excellant spoof!

A technology question? How did steam engines work ?

Cindy "Speaks" to Bush (reacts to his comments today)

BBC News (PBS) does Chavez and Robertson.

I've been hearing pundits call the Bush Admin's style "Wilsonian"

O'Lielly said Cindy Sheehan is loosing steam!

How long do you think it will be before Bush or Cheney is indicted?

Poll Shows Bush Approval Ratings Sink to Lowest Point in Presidency

Prediction: Bush will be at 24% approval by next Monday

"The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell:" A review by Anna Godbersen

Jack Bauer syndrome

How the G8 lied to the world on aid


Asia Times: The fuel behind Iran's nuclear drive

Comments about Robertson in Venezuelan media

US Christian extremist branded a terrorist

Administration Announces Weak New Mileage Standards

Cindy's Exploiting Tragedy

Regime Change by Assassin?

Base Closing Dims Republican Star (Novacula)

Drivers use credit cards to manage gas pain

It's the peace freaks who see clearly now

GOP opens Indiana state agency's door to party 'friends'

Hagel puts 'Analogy' in play

Ari Berman (The Nation): Still Dying in Darfur

Dr. Matt is Agitated

My letter to a columnist asking Bush to listen to Sheehan

President Bush's Loss of Faith

Robertson: "Bring Me The Head of Hugo Chavez"

Ballistic Missile Defense: US, China duel in South Asia

The Democrats and Cindy Sheehan (Joshua Frank)

Call It Heartless: Bush's Emotional Incapacities (Joshua Frank)

Why Pat Robertson Isn't Treated as a Terrorist

The Flag Should Not Infringe on the First Amendment

Monsieur President

Military Families May Once Again Lead Us Out of War

San Diego Union Tribune: Onward Christian Assassins

USA Today writer lambasts **, offers tips on talking to Cindy


Chavez offers cheap gas to poor in U.S.

There's something happening here'

David Corn (The Nation): Bush's Iraq Fantasy

The Nation: President of Leisure

Variety: Right wing goes goofy in spotlight

Les Visible: Is Cindy Sheehan in danger?

CBN News: Comments Add Fuel to the Fire

AlterNet: Last in the "A Soldier Speaks" series.

DoD Has Enough Petroleum Products for Anti-Terror War

Civil liberties go by wayside in bid to curb terrorism


US General Sees Significant Withdrawl/Iraq next 12 months(FT)

Gary Hart in WP: No More Monkey Business

Terrorists Posing as Vagrants?

Chavez Dismisses Robertson Death Threat, Offers 'Medical Aid' to U.S. Poo

Today's Amy Goodman informative show on Pat Robertson: Link & Snips

"Tipping Point": local paper uses the I-word

Newsday: Squaring the circle in Iraq

Common Dreams: Memo for the President

For jihadist, read anarchist (The Economist)

S. Blumenthal: Questioning the President

this article explains the epidemic of obesity, a common food additive, LINK

(w/permit)Rave report from eyewitness to Military Swarm/Utah

How Leftists Aid Radical Islam

Containing the Anti-War Movement -- Stan Goff

NYT editorial: President Bush's Loss of Faith

Another Poll Finds Bush Sinking

WSWS: Pat Robertson calls for assassination of Venezuelan president

David Sirota: DLC helps spread claim that 'progressives destroyed America"

The "Nation:" "The Strategic Class" (How they Control all of us) Must Read

Robert Scheer (The Nation): Judith Miller: Embedded Over Her Head

Arianna Huffington: It All Goes Back to Casey

Now it's USA today ."..patriotic camp...."

Call your Rep. and tell them to sign on to the Homeward Bound Act!

Tell NBC, CBS and ABC to Air this Ad -- Genocide IS News

Transportation to Sept. 24 National Mass March in DC & regional actions

!!! !!! !!! Mass. Gay Marriage Vote Set for September 14th !!! !!! !!! !!!

Calling DU Vets

Seniors Protest Target Stores For Campaign Money (CA)

Buy Sept. 24 Bus Tickets on-line: NYC to DC

Need some technical help with recording Jay Marvin...

From Camp Casey LIVE!!!

There's a great new podcast player software out -- Ziepod

U.S. Treasury to Tighten Rules on Offshore Havens for Patents and Licenses

Bloomberg:Costco CEO pay 15% of Walmart CEO, workers get 175% of

NSF Report - No Natural Process Exists To Slow Arctic Meltdown - LAT

Antarctic Ozone Hole Grows To 25Mkm2 - Slightly Smaller Than 2003 Record

Rivers In S. German Flooding Hit Record Highs, But Threat Receding

Iraq's Marshlands Recovering Rapidly As Water Returns - MSNBC

Feds Evacuate Hanford Nuclear Workers

Northeast States to Reduce Emissions

Motor scooters gain in popularity

Of all gas consumers, Bush may be most

Sweet, light crude closes at $67.32 on inventory report.

Bush CAFE Plan - Saving Less Than 1 Month's Gasoline Demand Over 15 Years

Forest Service admits "serious" mistake in logging reserve (Babyfoot)

Tropical Storm Katrina expected to strengthen

Power generation technology's impact on water supplies.

SoCal Stirling dish plant nears approval.

Turkmenistan bans recorded music

Commission Votes to Close Five Army Bases

U.S. military space efforts face rising costs, delays

Associated Press (August 24): Text of the draft Iraqi Constitution

Manila's Arroyo boosted by opposition defection

Mothers of Iraq soldiers join Idaho protest at Bush speech

An insider's account of homeland security

With pullout past, IDF moves to fence Ma'aleh Adumim

Arab murders one, wounds another in Old City

Poll: 47% of Likud members would back Netanyahu, 30.5% prefer PM

Hopsicker - Cover-Up: ATTAH's Father in US Two Weeks before 9-11


Syrian Had Inside Knowledge of 9/11 and London Bombings

Has anyone heard about black helicopters flying around the WTC on 9/10?

Hopsicker - Cover-Up: ATTAH's Father in US Two Weeks before 9-11 under attack and threat of violence from thugs

What type plane hit WTC1 & why was it strewn over such a large area?

The Bombs in the Basement

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY 8/24/05

Need some help on San Diego--DU Machine Folks, thats YOU!

Does anybody have an Idea when Arnebeck will release...

Why do Exit Poll True-Believers find it so hard to accept EP limitations?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News , THURSDAY 8/25/05

What would a Smoking Gun actually look like? Questions/Answers

about those white stickers......

I think that the CA-48 special election will give the RWers a run

Partial recount vindicates San Diego voting machines

Bush in San Diego Tues. 9/30

Schwarzenegger at the Stones: 19th PR Breakdown

Hopeful sign in Sonoma County - Spencer Hughes off the air

Assembly leader's trip to Mexico rife with political implications

What do people make of what Cityview reports?

Congressman Jim Leach (R, Iowa) 1st (R) to help out on DSM

!!! !!! !!! Mass. Gay Marriage Vote Set for September 14th !!! !!! !!! !!!

Even here we have to fight these wackos

Pastor Roberto Miranda wants to ''reclaim the state of Mass for Jesus"

Anyone familiar with the S. Acton station on the Fitchburg commuter rail?

Entenza-Hatch rumor mill

Want a serious tv news channel?

Need some technical help with recording Jay Marvin...

I'm going to be moving into a new computer

m4a to mp3 or ogg conversion?

Houston drinks liberally tomorrow night


Keep Austin Blue tonight

Two of ours come out swinging

If you are going to Crawford......

Locations having free wi-fi service in Waco, motels with free wi-fi?

If you're going to Crawford this weekend - here's what they need most

Does this mean what I hope it means?

Anybody heading to Crawford the next few days?

My Crawford report. Some disappointment and an experience.

Buses from TX metro-cities to Crawford on Saturday 8/27

MKE Vice Squad shuts down "Naked Boys Singing"; ACLU gets involved

Second Obey challenger goes public

Another candidate in the 8th Congressional district

Anyone else hearing Hugo Chavez

Just responded to yet one more of the endless nutjob e-mails

Venzuela Ambassador: "Robertson's. . . is a call to terrorism."

Tech stocks edge lower as investors worry about home sales

What evidence do they have that Chavez is a "strongman", or a "dictator"?

I'm not sure that Bush wasn't the cause of 9/11 ?

How confident are you in your knowledge of evolution?

DVD says Bush had a hunch about 9/11

CNN Klein Fires Shots Across Faux Greta Van Sustern Bows

Cindy painted a picture for me today that really touched me to the core

Statement by Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson (re Cindy Sheehan)

Bernie Ward just said that if you don't support the war in Iraq

I'm Riding My Bikey, FCK YOURSELF!

Link to Joan Baez VIDEO up on Truthout: "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"

With all the missteps w/the mis-admin

The "Bill Of Goods"

Oval Office Tour with Shrub...

Able Danger: Short Time-line

Where should I send my thank-you card to Cindy?

WOOOOHOOOO!!! "Rosenborg beat Steaua, reach Champions League group stage"

Vets Aren't Buying Bush's B.S. (from Capitol Hill Blue)

got kicked off freeper site

where is Ray Taliaferro?

Pittsburgh Trib-Review: Step back Mole Man; send in the clones

Reposted for Pat Robertson: The "Conservative" Sermon On The Mount

come on now george, stop the war. pretty please? with sugar on it?

This site is a stark reminder of the .........

Malversation (word of the day) just for us, I think

Europe's EADS to make 'major' announcement on US helicopters

Florida get ready: The rest from tropical sytems is over

Self Delete (Dup)

comment: Equating Iraq with American Revolution

God has the capability to take Chavez out, he doesn't need a hit squad

Friday August 12th - Chavez suspended co-operation w/ the DEA (US spying)

Imagine *'s reaction if a leading Muslim Cleric advocated murdering...

'what did you do for peace mummy?'

NOW Republicans try to Distance themselves from Brother Pat

Must Cindy develop group-think before she can speak out?

Robertson can openly suggest assassination, but YOU can't

Clinton poll numbers vs Bush's

Why Aren't the Dem. Leaders Rallying Behind Cindy? you don't wanna know

Tinfoil Requested - - Robertson was 'asked to do this'...... but why?

How About Dan Rather Back In The Anchor Chair? (& Other Questions)

Pursuing the Robertson Fatwah could have unintended consequences

Its a sad situation when you can no longer trust the American


Chris Matthews is a Dope

Cheney's lawyer is on C-SPAN now serving as point man

Has the movie "28 Days Later" come true????

compare reaction to Robertson's call for death and Durbin's comparison

Where is the debate in the US on "Islamic Law" and "lesser womens rights"?

Branding Robertson

I'm Watching Hijaking Catastophe On Link T.V. Right Now, And I LOVED It

If Chavez ends up being assassinated, (hypothetically speaking)

Fellow DU'ers...print these flyers and post them everywhere in your town!!

All the major networks have invited robertson to speak, but he's hiding

Check out this picture

"Saved by the Bell" producer is Dean at Pat Robertson's madrassa

How Pat Robertson got Bush Sr. elected

#1 NYT BestSeller Hardcover "NonFiction"-Boortz and Linder

Army Officer Begins Prayer Campaign To Win War On Terror

I think we should rename these Bush loyalists

Pat Robertson Supporter of Brutal African Dictators

It's now or never...Join us in Crawford: THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!

Limbaugh Rock

Christian Broadcasting Network: "How Leftists Aid Radical Islam"

Has Our Nation Declared War AGAINST Intelligence???

Two Stories on Robertson and his Business Buddies

Families Angered by Crosses at War Protest

To Pat Robertson: You can fool some of the people all the time...

Report: Fetuses unable to feel pain until 7 months or more (FOX NEWS!)

Cindy - Ask Bushco "if Isalmic Law and lesser womens rights" = Noble Cause

Switch Blame From Bush to His Party

House sales slip again; condos surge

Questione: Did Pat Robertson make his suggestion on ABC?

Hopsicker - Cover-Up: ATTAH's Father in US Two Weeks before 9-11

AILES Took Job, Now Office, of Rupert's Son, One Door Down

Republlcans call it "personal issues," I say its pedophile rape...

I had to watch Pat Robertson this morning. Really SICK!

Remember this? Feb. 21,2005: Chavez says US plans to kill him

When Will This Movie Be Available On DVD: "Enron, The Smartest Guys In. .

Any comment from nat'l DEM leaders re. Robertson?

Chicago Tribune: Reverend Terminator

Maureen Dowd exposes frontal nudity

Everyone Email ABC Family and tell them Robertson MUST GO.

Need media ratings for the MSM talking heads. Does anyone have

Mildly Encouraging re: Robertson

List of Democratic 'Leaders' who Support bush's Masturbatory War

Another "Oil Bomb" Set to Go Off in About a Year!

"America Isn't Worth Dying For"

Utah rave...

Casey Sheehan DID die for a Noble Cause.

Okay, what is wrong here.....?

Chinese, Russian troops conduct maritime blockade drill

FBI wedding sting busts crime ring

The Child of Your Enemy is the Enemy of Your Child

The religionist sickness is spreading, even in Massachusetts

What is antidote for the Goering rule of war? - DU think-tank, little help

Groton Sub Base stays open..

Freepers Hypnotized by the Dim Bulb In Chief?

"and the oil will keep flowing"

POLL: Will Islamic Iraq sink Baby Bush like NOT going to Baghdad did Dad?

Imagine a US Islamic leader calling for the assassination of Tony Blair...

Does anyone have more info on triple car bombing against our troops?

the U.S. Doesn't Condone Assassination....Just Mass Genocide

Democratic Party subject on NPR talk now:

Peace in Pink Shoes

Chirac and Chavez sitting side by side in Martinique right now

how long til this guy shows up in Crawford?

Intelligent Design star Demski praises God for creating ignorant Americans

Least Church-Going Rich Countries Give Most To Poor Countries

Me and pat robertson... with links you must read! (GOP ties)

Hear Novak Tell All! You pay only $595

Statement of Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez of Venezuela on Robertson

Pat Robertson had better pray for Chavez's safety!

Vermont National Guard soldier killed in Iraq

Pat Robertson: Harmless Kook, or Dangerous Maniac?

Victory Is . . . Not Having to Say You're Sorry

If you can call a grieving mother a 'Tragedy Slut', then Fuck you

The Bush logic of preemptive strike would apply to Chavez...

Please greet the newest all-star media whore........presenting

Able Danger failed because of Bush

A John Roberts report by People for the American Way

What is happening with the cuban that bombed the Cuban airline

America Meets the Trojan Smile

Jerry Springer just asked if Bush is worse than Nixon.

The Bush Bullshit Ear Protector:

List Republican Pols who appeared with Pat Robem$ome in The 700 Club here

Where will the anti-war movement be at this time next year if.....

ABC Family "strongly rejects" Robertson's comments

Conservative Xians: Just as sincere as any other believers

Officials Consider Expanding Bush-Ranch Area Parking Ban

Have You Noticed "Iraq War Critic" Con Ralph Peters Making The Rounds?

Hugo Chavez Appreciation Thread

Question- I'd like a copy of Sunday's ABC World News Tonight- Was on

Looking Back on How We Got into the Iraq Quagmire

Rift widening between Dem leaders and base on Iraq is a recruiting tool now.

How many times has Pat Robertson escaped the Legal System?

Obesity: Nurture or nature?

You know what pisses me off the most about this war?

Update on inter-racial couple driven out of neighborhood by hate mail

Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans

Do you realize American's are dying for "Islamic Law"?Where is the outrage

Rummy said he can save $52 Billion in 20 years; I can save $2 TRILLION!

A breath of fresh air from Atlanta, RE: Cobb County and Public Prayer

SF Gateway: PICS of the Sheehan family

is there a website for the sept 24th protest?

BREAKING: Pat Robertson tries to Explain himself..."I was Misunderstood."

New tactic that can devestate Republicans

Lazyass: "I'm also mindful that I've got a life to live, and will do so."

Where can I find the the surveys that prove America is pro-choice?

Check out this ad about the media...

"Detainess" Cleared of Terrorism Charges still at Guantanamo

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee / Margot Kidder visit Camp Casey

Pat Robertson -- Private Citizen ???

AQ Khan transferred centrifuges to N Korea: Musharraf

List of the August dead....

TO: General Janis Karpinski speaks about AbuGhraib

BUSH: Grounds for Impeachment? not likely, however...

"Turn it down (referring to the music) or I take your ass to jail"

Does Limbaugh have body guards?

Recruiting Woes

Druggie Limbaugh: "I don't even know what's news about [Robertson]"

Pat Robertson's contract - question

***In Solidarity with the Northwest Airlines Mechanics- Check In Here***

Have You Wondered Why Terrorists Haven't Attacked Us Again??

From Camp Casey LIVE!!!

Dependency on foreign oil is a national security threat

Hagel Considering An Independent Run?

Cindy Sheehan Contact Information Needed

A Poem for Iraq

Janet Jackson's Breast vs Calls for political Assassination

Is the only reason * doesn't like Chavez, is because Chavez is chummy with

I'd like to take a moment to defend our selected president

If you were a Pro-Bush RW'er

Robertson violated Patriot Act

please recommend GO's Day 18 thread! it helps so much!

Frickin' unreal: Is Blair off to Join $30BN World Elite?

"So long as I'm President we will stay...we will stay...and we will win

2 days ago it was "like WW2", now "Today's's a different kind


How can a pro-capitalist ayn rand parrot be pissed off at gas prices?

Americans--red and blue--can't bear to look at real people in wheelchairs.

We are spreading "the hope of freedom"....

Roberston was trying to normalize political assassination. Did it work?

*** TOONS: Pat Robertson, Compassionate Wacko Edition ***

Pat Robertson lies, continues to violate the ten commandments

What IS this -- the latest stage in Bush's "Tour de Ego"?

See how many nuclear bombs we have...

Letters of Support for sheehan from Vets

Hear Novak Tell All! You pay only $595. That's right. Only $595

September 11, 2001. September 11, 2001 September 11, 2001.

Universities and the War on Terror--CSPAN

Why is CNN carrying the entire stupid campaign speech???

Bush Counts on a Safe Crowd But he can't count high enough

Bushit live on Faux now doing comedy routine/speech

I watched CBC news last night - it was everything I was promised

Who believes that the US could be "taken over" by 'Islamo-fascists'..?

NewsMax response re: Robertson.... "but but but Clinton (Stephanopoulos)"

Wouldn't it be ironic if the 1st Congressman to call Bush a flat-out liar

I wish someone would sue that drug-laced Limbaugh

Does your boss pay for extended vacation side trips?

So I went to the 700 Club website - and learned the Left loves terrorsm.

freedom *gulp*... FREEDOM *gulp*... quick drinking game anyone?

A tree ascended there.

Pat Robertson makes me hope there is indeed a Biblical type God

Is there another link to stream Thom Hartmann?

Chimp's cycling buddy took performance-enhancing drugs?

Where in the hell did **** get such an adoring crowd?????? n/t

Knuckster * at war whooping rally

Did anyone else hear Tucker bashing Cindy for something she didn't say?

*'s job approval (58% disapprove)- lowest point of his presidency (Harris)

US Airways does something right. They listen to their employees.

Democrats and Cindy Sheehan

Robertson has an “age-defying" diet Shake - no shit

Cindy getting slammed on Huffington Post Comments

Relatives of slain Idahoans may meet with Bush

Our newest creation: TALIBAN-IRAQ-IRAN-ISTAN

Is Ed Schultz a Fake Lib?

Terminology 101

convicted serve for stealing backpack no additional time for hate crime/mu

while the GOP Senate takes a break, let us honor their work this year:

I nominated Cindy for the JFK Profile In Courage Award. You can, too.

"We'll complete our work in Afghanistan and Iran," - is this a typo ?

ATTN: White males, please report for crowd duty - Bush speech in Idaho...

NOW! NOW! NOW! Live from Camp Casey!

My Private Idaho By MAUREEN DOWD

Finally a timeline from gwb...In his speech today he said,"As long as I'm

does this describe GWB or Pat Robertson the best?

"I started laughing on the phone. She didn't like that."

Can someone tell me why this story isn't national news...

The have-less and the have-mores just got wider with high gas prices...

So, is Cindy back at Camp Casey yet?

"Buy today! So we can win in Iraq!"

New Iraqi version of 'Cops' comes to Kirkuk television

New Iraqi version of 'Cops' comes to Kirkuk television

Robertson was not on the menu at ABC Family.

Bush speaking in Iowa. Boy, that jaw grind just gets worse and worse.

Stan Goff smacks down Tom Hayden's gradual withdrawal plan

"Hijacking Catastrophe" LINK TV...Wolfowitz is an evil

Why the Silence on the right-wing sphere over Robertson?

Hypothetical: Another terrorism attack on USA soil.....

God, AAR Sucks

We are on the verge of World War III

Caption this * pic....

On A Scale Of One To Ten, Just How Bad Is Your Freaking DU Addiction?

Bush does not have the intestinal fortitude ...

KIRO host can't manufacture the emotion over what's going on in Iraq

Me To Pat R & Limbaugh: "Jesus Never Said That!"

Deadly Daddy?

Do Shrub supporters not want to know or simply don't care?

If the solution to Islamic Militantism...

Bush’s Latest Attack Against Cindy Sheehan (in Idaho)

Protesters put aside politics during breakfast in Crawford

Waco VA Hospital known for psychiatric help set for closure

Bush Gets Hit on Iraq on Sports Page

Time Magazine reports 880 JULY murders in Baghdad....

Here's another hateful winger to be aware of:

Christopher Walken for President?

Rush Limbaugh's take on the environment.

U.S. Islamic leader calls for assassination of Blair

Sick words of a false prophet

Oil Prices Soar Above $67 Per Barrel

Call for Cannon Fodder for a Noble Cause

Poor George!...This insane man is on the verge of hysteria!

I've noticed our side is GREAT at collecting and distributing video clips.

What is our military up to in Paraguay?

So--Looks like nothing of significance is gonna be happening

Cheney Consumed Day And Night With Nuclear Retaliation In Iran

Venezuelan Embassy wants to hear from you if you condemn the "Patwa"

War of the Words (What to do if you are in the 700 Club)

DC area DUers, need your help

Natalie Holloway day 1793

Rumor about cancelled military leave for Sept./October??

Caption this * photo. Are those Iraqis' in the background?

Video from Dennis Kucinich's wedding (news broadcast ) bride is 27

DC Plans may change for some due to fire

Discover the RW Network

Fox full of shit?...or what.....

maybe Pat Robertson is the "canary in the mineshaft"...

Creative use of RICO laws: election fraud & corporate warmongering?

so apperently jesus would kidnap not assassinate...

I can't take Al Franken anymore. Giving his dittohead pal is a crime.

Can't stream Randi on Real or Windows media..


Robertson: What if Sharpton said it?

Boycotting ABC isn't enough....

Here's a section of Rush Limbaugh's program today...

In Iraq jail, resistance goes underground

Bush gives a good speech

Has anyone gotten DU to work with Netscape 8?

Army Res Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski :Abu Ghraib torture

All day CNN

Robertson just said his statement was taken out of context .....

Oh Goody! Just what we need. Another Hurricane!

Randi worship thread (even tho she didn't get the joke)

Can you say Tet ?

You know Bush is doing bad when he is campaigning against Cindy Sheehan

The Worst Children's Book Ever (Or, how to raise little Freeps):

Bush has spent most of his time on this vacation

Text of the Draft Iraqi Constitution

There IS an anti-war movement. Yahoo says so.

Good article refuting piece of RW crap about Cindy Sheehan

ABC Family has a lifetime contract with Robertson

Just saw Idiot Son speech. What's up with the desperate screaming?

The War President At Play. A New Graphic For The Cause.

$67.40 a bbl - Will THIS finally destroy Bush?

Sheepish "I Should Know This" Question Of The Day...

Democracy for America: Robertson petition

The BRAC commission OK'd closing all 4 of the bases in Ga.

Jesse Jackson Sr. radio show archives/streams?

Politcal Cartoons

Today in Baghdad.

Any thoughts on this thread? (Hackett)

In today's college newspaper-Gas prices not bad

The hijacking of the probe into the 9-11 hijackers

Pentagon orders two infantry battalions to Iraq

1873 reasons why the DSM is Important

What Part of 'We Don't Want this Fucking War" don't you get bush?

Are We Next Sending Over Fighter Pilots to Help with the Election?

Californian Upset By Credit Card Offer Sent To 'Palestinian Bomber'

AAR is fantastic!!

"I didn't say 'assassination.'" - Yes you did.

how can a tiny group of maniacs drag the whole world down with them?


Oil closes at $67.40 a bbl - Will THIS finally destroy Bush?

Has a reporter ever asked Bush if the twins or George P will enlist?

TahitiNut! Where R U TahitiNut?

sure peace...

Insurgents launch attacks in Iraq

"You Don't Speak For Me Cindy'" Tour headed for Crawford, Texas

I agree with Pat Robertson

What, is he gonna pose for GQ now???

New poll.

How do we know when the "war on terra" is won?

DU This poll

CNN: Robertson apologizes for assination of Chavez statement

US Fed Debt $1 trillion in 1980s, almost $8 trillion today--worried?

Pat Robertson and His Business Buddies

CNN Crawl: "Nation under terror alert--level yellow/elevated"

That's it..just turned Franken off

Robertson now denying assassination idea-says AP took him out of context

Are we between issues of "Vanity Fair"???

"Thou shalt not kidnap is not a commandment'

Exclusive: Downing Street reporter dissects pre-war Iraq intelligence

What Robinson said IS the American Way..

found some pics of bush speech wednesday

Ed Schultz is a lightweight ..... "I don't speak Cuban."

those who send money to pat robertson are REALLY fucking stupid

US to send 1500 more troops to Iraq

"A Jordanian responsible for carrying out one of the biggest suicide

CNN Crawl: "Nation under terror alert--level yellow/elevated"

To all the AAR/Franken/Randi Bashers: an epiphany

When will Bush send Tammy Pruett to face off with Cindy Sheehan?

UNREAL! Great Escape Revisited!

Iraqi talks head for deadlock

Why 'Able Danger' was not in the 9/11 Commission

A Constitution? Iraqis Are Thinking About Their Lives First

Self-delete. Dupe.

With 3+ years to go, the chances of impeachment look pretty good

Vile bile about Cindy by George Will. Read at own risk.

The Declaration of Independence from Conservatism

Its insane, Bush sent our Troops into War w/o right equipmt

Why Casey Sheehan was killed

Who wants to wager that Pat got a call from Karl Rove?

Cindy is scheduled to arrive at Waco Airport at 4:30 pm today

Nigerian oil workers expected to shut down industry, protest privitization

"Bring It On."

The NY Times Tries To Cover It's Ass

How to best take the wind from their sails: You Don't Speak For Me Cindy

OK Freeps, I confess...

CNN Situation Room: Gary Hart going to rip into wimpy Dems

Ad dropped featuring nun holding condom

Gary Hart is slapping the country...with the FACTS!

British MP George Galloway Announces September Tour of United States

WMR: Bushco pulling Coup on NSA (firing madness)

For those with steel stomach linings only: Pat Robertson quotes

Hallelujah, What Would Jesus Snort ?

Time to stop hammering Bush.

Has anyone looked at the Salon pictorial: Iraq: The Unseen War

Eco-terrorists are now above ultra-right extremists on the FBI charts

Tony Blair To Join Carlyle Group

Never Kick a Grieving Mother Unless She's Down, how Noble

Rove and Ashcroft face new allegations in the Valerie Plame affair

i missed the memo, why should we hate Chavez???

Pat was only talking about kidnapping.

Bush just said: "Businesses are putting patriotism ahead of profits"

Another wasted life (letter from

Sibel Edmonds Press Conference Today ??

Can someone please explain why Social Security has to be fixed?

(In NYC,) New Cameras to Watch Over Subway System

HuffingtonPost: Big Media Lie -- People Like George Bush

ZELL MILLER begs the Dems to take him back.

DU is nothing but a bunch of smartasses.

Great Song! 'God Bless You Cindy Sheehan'

How far will the RW'ers go?

My letter to the American Legion (re: War on Protestors)

Separated at birth?

Republican Committeeman Accused Of Molesting Boy

ABC Family "Strongly Rejects" Robertson's Comments

Whatever you do, George, stay the course!

Latest Weather Radar out of Miami online conservative pub has offered me op-ed

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #6: Colin Powell

DU this Dobb's Poll!!!!!

What are the best LIBERAL frames?

FREE AT LAST! DU the right thing!

Tammy Pruett, mother of 4 Soldiers in Iraq, bush's Anti-Cindy weapon

Bush Meets War Widow Twice (that's once more than Cindy)

"Why This Band Plays On" -- NYT Op-Ed piece on The Beatles

What’s the difference between president #41 and president #43?


Historians: What happened after we left Vietnam?

The American Legion vs. The American Legion

Must Read! The Neo-Con Able Danger Scandal -- Atta Coverup!

Need help from the number crunchers out there....

Randi Rhodes going to Camp Casey on Saturday!!

Woman offended by doc's obesity advice

Florida, watch out for Katrina

Heat advisory for Crawford

CNN (again)

Do you think the public is "getting it" about Camp Casey?

Dear Pat: Torture, yes. Assassinate, no.

From a Rovian PR perspective, Bush's vacation is stupid

Air Force Officer Punished

DU this Lou Dobbs' Poll

Portland Oregon Lloyd Center pharmacy refused to fill


NY Times Editorial: If only you had told the truth when it was happening..

So now, Robem$ome apologizes.

"The Oil will Pay for this"

George Soros- On Globalization (book)

In Drudge's headline, the operative phrase is "Bush points out"

Iraq through the crazy mirror

From Bush's Speech Today

Good God, now photographers are harassed b/c of the "Patriot" act!!

"The Strategic Class" (A Must Read for Why Kerry & Dean had problems)

Photo: With God on our side

The Presidential Pot and the Peaceful Kettle (pabloonpolitics)

"America Lives in Freedom because of Families Like the Pruetts"

Sept. DC taxi question. Please help.

Go do Lou Dobbs' Poll...

Call to Assassinate Chavez Puts Leader in International Limelight,boosts

Banking Question

"Bill Clinton’s popularity on the day of his impeachment was...

What's up with CNN?

Europeans witness the bike rider and his photo ops and

Today Idiot Son said being slaughtered in Iraq is "a good way of life"

Here's how you challenge pro-Iraq war people to defend their arguments

Jeb just gave our homes away to insurance companies and hurricanes.

Exclusive: Downing Street reporter dissects pre-war Iraq intelligence

Big Brother at the SLC rally Aug 22 >>>

Will Venezuelan oil exports to the US stop if Chavez is assassinated?

Ammo coding idea shelved in CA

Who was the last member of your family without running water?

If only I had Money $$$$$$$$$'s like the Repbublicans I would Give it..

Resort Clubs Raise The Price Of Admission

How to Shut-up an Illiterate Design Pusher

Don't get me wrong

Welcome to the Trillion Dollar War

From an article in "Mobile" magazine, sept '05... re: worker turnover...

Firefight in Baghdad


New Bill Clinton initiative for Africa--Professeurs pour la Liberte'

DU THIS ON YAHOO! 'Peace Mom' Returns to Texas War Protest

The one phrase I can't wait to hear Cindy Sheehan say to Shrub:

Petition the FCC to revoke CBN's license for Robertson's terrorist threats

Mother of the Year Winner

Has there been an update on the US soldier in Iraq - Leonard Clark?

How can Chavez possible buy more weapons for self-defense than he needs?

Ten U.S. troops die in separate incidents in Iraq

What happened to the imminent changes in Social Security?

Did Anyone Catch The ID "Debate" on Larry King Last Night?

Obesity: nature or nurture

Is anyone else tired of this "I know more people than you do in Iraq" game

The Taste In Their Mouths is Bitter

How the hell can * get up infront of Guard units? He went AWOL from .....

Bush and rest of Rethugs could stop illegal immigration immediately

where did the "adoring crowd" come from

DSM -- a Republican signs on

"Wired" interview with Jon Stewart . . .

Milwaukee paper calls for state GOP to apologize for voter fraud charges

My Mega-Tinfoil-Hat-Thought of the Year - re: No Child Left Behind

Able Danger II

A letter to my senator, Barack Obama

hillary vs mccain - what's the damn difference?

Chimperor** has something the make-up could not cover on his face again!

Lou Dobbs just told it like it is! He just finished a segment on how

Olbermann on Robertsons denial

Vicious Attack Hate Radio Mark Williams Against Colleen Rowley MSNBC

Bush vows: as long as I am president ''we will stay"

Press Release: Western Shoshone

Olbermann's show introduction promo was awesome n/t

A letter to the editor I came across in my local paper that disgusted me.

The Phony King of England

If the Clerics declaring Fahtwas (SP?) apologized

Limbaugh Pigman not only do I question your patriotism I ? your manhood


Conservative attempt to paint it rosy

Urge all DU'ers to "click on".. "The Bear Get's Drilled" on DU Ads...NWF

U.S. invading South America soon ? Just got this from someone !!

Chavez, Castro offer Bush "aid" for poor Americans.

Did our cards and letters ever reach Cindy? Anyone know?

best thing about the pat robertson situation?

Two Amazing Patriots! Two Fearless Americans!

When Jesus said,"Love your enemy," he probably didn't mean

Did Pat Robertson Break The Law? Before you Decide, Read this:

The real reason Bush's suits don't fit and his haircut's ugly

I just saw Qualls on a Cindy-copycat ad

Teacher Appreciation Thread

Is it true Senator Feinstein wasted 3 million dollars to bring .....

I just thought this was so misguided

USA Today: " A patriotic camp with a "God Bless Our President!" banner.."

I spoke in frustration that we should accommodate the man who thinks.....

Energy bill offers tax breaks - with complications

bush's jaw going from left to right and right to left was almost non-stop

As the M$M Whips America into a Frenzy almost inciting Civil War

If You're Not OUTRAGED, you're not paying attention

Please explain the media's fascination with missing persons.


Question about intelligent design?

Q2: Anyone know of an UNINJURED active duty soldier coming home recently?

Hmmm... Caption THIS !!!

Where do you stand on illegal immigration?

Bill O' Liely's poll numbers.

Study Sees Race Disparity in Traffic Stops

I think Pat Robertson can be arrested in Canada....

How could anyone concerned about the security of the United States

RALLY Sat. in Crawford! Buses from TX metro-cities

Was it our strategy to lure all the terrorists into Iraq & smoke 'em out?

If you like looking at DU for 3 or 4 hours a day-what type of employment..

How many troops do we have on the ready here on our soil?

Locations having free wi-fi service in Waco, motels with free wi-fi?

Request from "Liberals Like Christ" concerning Pat Robertson:


Listening to Air America

Do you know any RWers now demanding 'respect for the prez' who were

Two Returning Iraq Soldiers Beaten in Seattle

Do you want to play a game?

Ed Schultz appreciation thread

This pic is priceless ...

The Pruitts haven't greeted any body bags yet. No moral authority.

They Are Invoking 9/11 Already -PIX->>>

If P.Robertson was applying for citizenship his application would be denie

Who is streaming the Brad Show?

This pic is priceless ...

15 of my kids are in the Army and Cindy Sheehan doesn't speak for me!

I suggest we dedicate a song to Cindy and Casey Sheehan

Thomas Jefferson - The highest form of Patriotism is dissent

Rumsfailed murdered American troops.

First we had the Runaway Bride

AGAIN TONIGHT! - Joan Baez Concert from Camp Casey LIVE!!! 9PM CDT

Does Bush love his wars?

America's just letting it all hang out now, isn't it?

Robertson apologized but he did not repent.

ty·ran·ni·cide ...from the when they killed ceasar

What Happened to the Al-Qaqaa story?

"My four sons and husband were killed in Iraq. U.S.A! U.S.A.!"

Scarborough: "If it's Hagel vs. Hillary in '08, I vote for Hillary"

DU this poll that the Sinclair affiliates have been running nationwide

OK, Greta's blog reply to Bob Costas's refusal on Larry King's bugging me.

"Greenday" has anti-war song. Video was number one on mtv's trl...anyone

Sperm donor reality show?

"We will win this war, as long as I am president..."

This is your Piggy-Bank on Gas:

Doctor gave my son promethazine for nausea and vomiting.....

Fuck Faux News

Mission Accomplished

Ed Schultz caller: "Bushco should take out Castro". Ed Shultz: "I agree".

Website owner can bash Falwell all he wants@

Does anyone know why Randi is complaining so openly about

Savage attacked JBaez for singing at CampCrawford

anyone have a picture of *'s daughter sticking tongue out at Cindy?

To all DU lawyers, I need some advice on a labour-related issue

Petition To Tell Robertson He Was Wrong-Thou Shalt No Kill

Showing Photos of the Effects of War Might Help to Stop It

VIPS | Memo for the President: Listen to the circle of "wise women"

Terrorist Threats from Radical Cleric Robertson Should NOT be Tolerated

Ok everybody, all together. Awwwwwwww

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:

While patriots at Camp Casey swelter, *'s vacation in Idaho goes upscale

Bush Job Approval Graph (40% Approve)

I want to check out how a controversial author voted. What's that website?

LIVE NOW! NOW! NOW! from Camp Casey!

i saw the stupidest political book ever today

Lord & Lady Macbeth >>>

George W Bush is a coward. Discuss.

Jim Leach (R-IA) is a member of the Ripon Society of the Republican Party

On XM Ed Shultz is moving from AAR to ASK...any idea who will

If anybody else recorded the Bradshow from Camp Casey contact me!

Thanks, Bushco. America is now officially fucked.

They died for THIS noble cause

A Republican Turns On Bu$h! See It Here!


any texas du'ers

Latest Radar Photo of Katrina out of Miami

This Hits Home-- A Picture of A Soldier Leaving His Family To Head to Iraq

NEWSMAKER-Firebrand Iraqi cleric hits centre stage again

Has the Shrub returned to Crawford yet?

Come and DU this poll!

I Need Help Finding A Way To and From DC for Sep 24

David Sirota - The Media Want the War

Man this sucks, a hurricane with no notice....

Intelligent Design proves that

Is this the next right wing attack on the anti-war movment?

How Pat Robertson’s remarks helped BushCo (Important!)

Intelligent Falling

I don't normally post from Drudge, but get this:

Alright, who'd vote for an anti-war (R) over a hawkish (D)?

The drink-soaked former Trotskyite popinjay speaks (does he ever stop?)

the American people WILL rise up against you bush, brace yourself

Welcome Back Home, Cindy!

NPR covers for Bush again.

Mandatory Jon Stewart "Go Fighting Seagulls" Thread.

Another way to look at homelessness

Question for Rush watchers (those who can stomach him, at least)

Base closings: Is it just me?

I'm going try to go to Crawford tomorrow and Friday

Those Of Us On The Left Have Had The Flag Stolen From Us! Reclaim It!

what right wing interest groups should I select for my report?

Do Native Americans believe in a type of intelligent design?

Hey Limbaugh! Let's THROW DOWN!! You wanna question MY 'patriotism'? DO IT

Thomas Jefferson Would Have Loved The Camp Casey Posse!

Poll: Who is the Greater Threat: The Terrorists, or the bush Assholes

Limbaugh to "the people on the left":

Tough decision here

TV Ratings: The 700 Club, Should Be TV-14

Just an FYI post about "Echelon"

Song about Cindy tops country charts

The Lone Star Iconoclast has some amazing pictures & reports from today

Judge sets bail for 12 yr old at 250K for firing a gun in city limits

Bush's supporters against Cindy aren't as grassroots as he claims

Winter 2005/2006 heating costs-will poor people be able to have heat?

What jobs would you want Bush and Co. to be forced to have?

Has George Bush achieved cult status?

Pat Robertson Is A Fucking Idiot and Thinks WE'RE ALL IDIOTS!

Another reason to party in New Orleans

American Legion Declares War on Protestors -- Media Next?

Wal-Mart trying to roll back anti-Meth legislation (seriously)

How DARE you, Cindy Sheehan? He's on VACATION!

The Northwest strike: the end of the AFL-CIO and the political lessons

Why Pat Robertson isn't treated as a terrorist

Why is the RW so obsessed with Hugo Chavez?

Sadr says if the US puppets push through a constitution he is going postal

For all who love Bill Clinton...

Obesity and rank rant.

you fuck with we the people mr. bush, & we will fuck you back in spades

8/24 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 18

Freeper Forwards: Need some to send back


Energy -- Are we already in the Day of Reckoning predicted 30 years ago?

My Mom's co-worker thinks it's great that we invaded Iraq because ...

only 3 years of bush left, how bad could it be?

Any military family have a vet with leave approved after 9/7/2005?

"The plane hit the ground. You realize it's a crash." Wolf is on a roll.

What did Paula Zahn say? "...or is Pat Robertson on to something?"

Wow! Nightline tonight (Wed) looks revealing and bad for BushCo...

Randi on AAR said we are now just two votes shy of a vote in the house


Gary Hart: Who Will Say "NO MORE."

Citizen SpookTREASONGATE: Prior High Profile Convictions

An example of the repuke mind set...

Video (C&L): Olbermann exposes Move America Forward (Anti-Sheehan tour)

(CINDY SHEEHAN) Statement by Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson

Protests at military hospital???

We knew it was coming ... the fundies are going after divorce!

SERIOUS QUESTION: How to give to Dems NOT DLC?

Breaking Rank

Discovery Channel Presents "The Flight That Fought Back"

What's the truth about Castro ?

Song: "God Bless You Cindy Sheehan" #1 downloaded country song

Note to self: When setting up a contract with a religious psycho...

Intercepted Email: Newly discovered Talking Points from WH

We misunderstood Pat Robertson's words and owe him an apology.

Picture of US Soldier in Iraq: Will Work For Armor

Soldier who captured Saddam says "Pull Troops Out Now."

Rumsfeld, Spiderman and Captain America help ‘America Supports You'

Camp Casey is requesting bottled water

Cindy is arriving at camp 2 now. -n/t

Daydreaming causes Alzheimer's

Seymour Hersch on CNBC right now: torture, black ops and the Bush admin.

"Help Mom! There are liberals under my bed!"

Anti-Sheehan caravan nothing but a bunch of "press availablities"

Plame\Rove: Panel Discussion Provokes Heated Exchange (Video)

follow the link to a great smile!!! I PROMISE

Helpful hints and tips for the first time traveler to Crawford Texas

Christopher-drunken Hitchens...why is allowed to pass himself off

VIDEO: Bushbot Smackdown! at Anti-Cindy Protest

Where are those Republican Leaders, etc on Pat Robinsons call for murder?

Autistic boy dies during alternative medical treatment (chelation)

I Just Heard the Most Amazing Antiwar Song - Anybody heard this?

OMG! This makes me sick to my stomach: "Indentured Servitude"

"Listen To Cindy" a letter from Elizabeth Edwards. Very touching.

Okay, so don't sign the petition to tell Robertson he was wrong.

Can we all agree? No 9/11 if Gore had been in office in 2000.

My response to RW cousin

Some Camp Casey photos

Lurking on a Military wives board and I was shocked!

I love the French, but God are they whiners about Lance Armstrong!

Freeper: Let Cindy Sheehan meet the President (LOL)

Freeper emails Bush b/c he thinks Fox "News" Shepard Smith is treasonous


What's the ulterior motive in closing these specific bases?

Is Roe v. Wade the Main Cause of the 1990's Decrease in Violent Crime?

All I can do is report what happened.

Hastert’s Turkish Allies Tied to Bin Laden (Sibel Edmonds)

alaskan cuisine

I made the best white-sauce lasagna ever last night!

Kinder Morgan Marked by Spills ("the poster child for pipeline problems")

700 Club

Politics for Canadians

Lloyd Axworthy: Time to redefine ties to US.

Ottawa plots retaliation

Canadian broadcasters wage labor war on the Web

Canada makes show of force over disputed Arctic territory

Tonights football updates (Wednesday 24th August)

I'm sorry

UK DUers, what would be your ideal job/lifestyle?

Bus bomber had intended to hit train.

In case you missed it...

New terror plans

Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution Objects to Releasing Tareq Aziz


New Iraqi version of 'Cops' comes to Kirkuk television

Under US noses, brutal insurgents rule Sunni citadel

London bombers triggered blasts by hand - paper

EU powers still want Iran nuclear talks - France

Iraqi Envoy Criticizes Other Arab Nations

A look at U.S. military deaths in Iraq

Assassination quip riles Venezuela

Australian PM approves monitoring inside mosques

US Christian extremist branded a terrorist

Comments about Robertson in Venezuelan media

NYT: Florida State Can Keep Its Seminoles

Panel begins final voting on base realignment

Gunfights after Iraq police blast

How Leftists Aid Radical Islam

No one injured in ships' collision

Reuters calls for US to release Iraqi cameraman

War Slogans On Tombstones

Delete please - Dupe

Jailed Russian billionaire on hunger strike

Groton Sub Base stays open..

FBI Probing Alleged U.S. Islamic Leader

Ex-Bush aide expected to be appointed to state high court

Still No Agreement on Constitution

UN fear at rise in Afghan attacks

Panel Votes to Close 5 Major Army Bases (Ga.,NJ, Va., Mich.)

LAT: Wal-Mart Takes a Page From Vogue (new ad campaign)

Slogans appear on gravestones

Two Australian journalists face jail over government leaks

Factories See Orders for Costly Manufactured Goods Fall by 4.9 Percent in

Kremlin plots to secure Putin a third term

ABC Family "Strongly Rejects" Robertson's Comments

Reuters: Heavy clashes in Baghdad as rebels attack police

Roget has another word for Arab but it beggars belief

CBN News: Comments Add Fuel to the Fire

Britain sets out grounds for banning hate preachers

Cameron likens militants to Nazis

US dismisses Iran nuclear report

US base panel approves closing Ft. Monmouth, N.J.

Variety: Right wing goes goofy in spotlight

Turkmenistan bans recorded music

Poll: Bush's education law not right

Clashes erupt between rival Shi'ites in Iraq

Pelosi: President Bush Must Denounce Robertson's Call to Assassinate ....

Anti-Iraq war parents to take protests across nation

Bush Pledges to Stay Course in Iraq War ("So long as I am president")

US must ease grip when Iraqi army ready-US general

Sunnis reject Iraq draft constitution

Eco-terrorists are now above ultra-right extremists on the FBI charts

Fallujah: Insurgents return to face Iraqis

Iraqi minister suspends role over Shi'ite fighting

Pentagon Orders 1,500 More Troops to Iraq

RS Exclusive: DS reporter dissects pre-war Iraq intelligence

Kmart's former CEO, CFO face charges

Homeland Security looks over Utah nuke waste site

Pentagon: 1,500 More Troops to Iraq

Cuts at Ford may include plants (Blue-collar jobs likely at stake, too )

Robertson apologizes

Iraq PM urges calm, condemns attack on Sadr group

Quadriplegic Woman Sails English Channel

Arctic Ocean Could Be Ice-free In Summer Within 100 Years, Scientists Say

Bush pledges to stay course in Iraq war

Listening to Air America

Robertson apologizes

Anti-War Protesters Cheer Salt Lake Mayor

Another Poll Finds Bush Sinking

US Reps' letter to GAO Comptroller Requesting Review of US Asylum System

Customs Blocked Accused Suicide Bomber

Portsmouth shipyard (Kittery, Maine) & Conn Submarine Base to stay open

Customs agents blocked accused suicide bomber from entering U-S

Crude Oil Reaches $68 as Storm Threatens Gulf of Mexico Output

Iraq PM urges calm, condemns attack on Sadr group

Son was 'epitome of a Marine,' says Nevada mother

US evangelist apologizes for Chavez remarks

Bush Strengthens Defense of Iraq Policy in Latest Speech

African Christian body condemns U.S. evangelist

LAT: Nonprofits Cloak Schwarzenegger Donors (one pays hotel suite rent!)

Experts criticise Iraq's draft constitution

Chavez lashes back at Robertson ("I don't even know who that person is")

Texas Baptists condemn Robertson's remarks

Bush's War Stance Criticized on Sports Page

ABC Family "strongly rejects" Robertson's comments

Bush Meets with Families of Troops Killed in Iraq

WP: Bush Says Sheehan Doesn't Speak for Kin of Casualties

Iraqi deputy justice minister escapes assassination bid again

Al-Qaeda leader may flee to Africa

Approval Ratings for President and Congressional Leaders Continue to Drop,

US signs over 50 million dollar direct aid to Palestinians

(Ohio - Taft) Democrats not seeking to impeach

Exclusive: Downing Street reporter dissects pre-war Iraq intelligence

US States Bypass Bush to Tackle Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Pentagon to review Tillman investigation

Robertson denies Chavez assassination call

Tribe plans glass-bottomed walkway over Grand Canyon

Text of the Draft Iraqi Constitution (Full Text, Preamble and all)

Poll: 47% of Likud members would back Netanyahu, 30.5% prefer PM

Drug helps expel remains after failed pregnancy

Oil Prices Soar Above $67 Per Barrel

"Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans" (AP)

General Freakely takes over 10th Mountain Division

Aruban Court says Governmt Must Recognize Dutch Same-sex Marriage

New machine allows soldiers to hurdle buildings (in a single bound)

Ecuador Oil Protesters Threaten Hunger Strike

Robertson: Chavez remarks misinterpreted (liar)

NWA strike: Customers are stuck absorbing strike's impact

AP: New-Home Sales Climb but Median Price Falls

Motor scooters gain in popularity (Sales Soaring)

Less than 5 Iraqi Units can Fight Insurgents Alone

Reuters calls on U.S. to release cameraman

Firebrand Iraqi cleric hits centre stage again

Dollar signs in Afghan eyes as gas pipeline gets new lease of life

Reuters calls for release of Iraqi cameraman

NYTpg1,lead: 9 NE States in Plan to Cut Emissions by Power Plants

15 Chinese detainees still in limbo at Gitmo

Europeans join campaign to free jailed US journalist (Judith Miller)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 24 August

WP: In Iraq Jail, Resistance Goes Underground

Afghanistan: Osama Bin Laden Reported Injured

HuffPo Exclusive: Cindy Sheehan Returning to Camp Casey

U.S. workers still lag Europe in vacation stakes (* takes French like vac) Robertson apologizes

NYTimes/AP: CIA Sends Finished 9 / 11 Report to Panels

Hawaii Sets Caps on Wholesale Gas Prices

Anti-War Protesters Cheer Salt Lake Mayor

WP: Democrats Seeking Release of Withheld Roberts Documents (Iran-Contra)

Commission to Review Base Closings Plan (Guess the South Really Did Win)

U.S. approves full new warhead production

President Bush Job Approval (Rasmussen: 45% approve/54% disapprove)

DoD transcript: Rumsfeld compares critics to Stalinists

Rev. Jerry Falwell Loses Bid to Shut Down Disapproving Web Site

Northwest Employees Get Little Support From Other Unions

AQ Khan transferred centrifuges to N Korea: Musharraf

US General Sees Significant Withdrawal in Iraq

Pentagon Orders 1,500 More Troops to Iraq

Painkillers can cause fatal stomach bleeding

Humvee's days as military workhorse are running out

McCain Endorses Teaching Intelligent Design in Schools

Coin dealer releases documents to rebut Taft (Ohio Coingate)

Tropical Storm Katrina Moves Toward Fla.

Iraq secularists denounce "Islamist" constitution

Sheehan returns to Crawford

‘US combat troops returning from Iraq face major health peril’

GALLUP: Iraq more unpopular than Vietnam War at same point

FL: Mom Faces Charges For Not Giving Kids Medication

Of All Gas Consumers, Bush May Be Most

Republican PR Firm behind anti Sheehan bus tour

Britain to unveil new measures against hate preachers

Republican Congressman Breaks Ranks, Joins Demand for Documents on DSM!

Acts of hate: full list of 'deportation' acts (UK)

Abu Ghraib General Lambastes Bush Administration (Karpinski interview)

Two senators want Roberts to answer a question before hearing starts

American Legion Declares War on Protestors -- Media Next?

My children think I'm crazy because I don't want coworkers

I'm just the guy who does the thing.

Khash got his heart broken. Bad. Help him out!

Rumsfeld, Spiderman and Captain America help ‘America Supports You'

Have you ever hired a personal trainer?

I really thought that this week couldn't be that much worse than last week

I drink a little Mountain Dew and iced tea

I think Jon Stewart's been dipping into the Grecian Formula.

In ten minutes, I'm going to go read 1984

"Still Be Around"- Uncle Tupelo

I'm da boss, I'm da boss, I'm da boss, I'm da boss

I love Bill Moyers.

The hidden cost of clutter and accumulation of "STUFF".. (great article!)

Micro-Compact Home

Jon Stewart and Kevin (fraud) Trudeau


I just wonder, does anybody else here watch "Gunsmoke", that old TV


Good Morning, Everybody!

Do XM antennas work with Sirius Recievers and vice versa?

Frank Robinson Wants To Erase ALL Of Palmeiro's MLB Records

My temp assignment is almost over...gave my 'puter to another..

Man Calls 911 About Booze - Leads Police On Chase - Arrested

This is beyond scummy behaviour....

Guilty pleasure...

Getting old, but staying bitter

Schoolchildren To Write World's Longest Letter (To Bush*)

Bible Quiz!

So, my nine year old son wants a bro

Man, 79, Attacks Wife With Cleaver

Ever wonder where the spam comes from? why you can't find your glasses?

I miss my "Gramma."

Exterminate your television set.

This is a tribute to my wonderful husband on our 14th anniversary!

What time do your kids catch the bus for school?

Neener Neener Neener

Dennis Kucinich gets married

I fart in your general direction!

It's chili in Alaska

So, my nine year old daughter walks into a bar

What ever happened to the "Bermuda Triangle"??

I missed the SouthlandShari Appreciation Thread?

I'm going to the Cubs game this afternoon

Happy Birthday...... B***H!

For those who don't know....yes you can put liquid in a baggie.

Press Release For "Ghetto Fries" Enrages Food Critic

Screw war protests, gas prices and evangelical assasination threats!!!

Villagers Beat Up Electric Company Worker - Bite Off One Of His Ears

Organic free-range pest controllers triggering Balmoral false alarms

'Funny' Hitler cartoons sold


Would YOUR urine eat through a plastic baggie?

I think that this guy's urine would eat through metal.

I'm Miss Originality

You're in ... .. Intercourse

Lions to take on Indian bandits

i need a new fanny pack

You're in... .... ... Uranus

Good Morning All

Inside joke-threads suck!

Urinals as works of art - these are amazing

Insensitive butt-heads suck!

Police say dealer arrested after tossing garbage from truck, keeping drugs

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Brock Peters "To Kill a Mockingbird" has died at 78

How many agree with the statement... I'm not getting older

What do you think of my new haircut?

You're in... ... my pants

For those who don't know- you can't put paint thinner in a styrofoam cup

Yahoo! Fantasy Football - 5 More Teams Needed

Our new financial manager is Hellen Wait

Madonna's Bellybutton Named 'Most Incredible Rock Star Body Part'

Mi hombre no necessita huevos de tortuga. (Aphrodisiac turtle eggs.)

Hawaiians slide into dangerous sport

DU Elections are coming up - what office are you running for?

I originally missed it...

Man Goes On Drunken Bulldozer Ride - Arrested

My office-mates have all gone away - ask me anything

You've seen the picture now print out & make your own Bullshit Protectors

Meanies Get Their Due

I hereby declare...

I'm going to lunch.

Toyota Corolla--New levels of options.

spell check

What is up with all of these plane crashes lately?

Is this man any relation to John Kleeb?

Stupidest Freeper Post of the day

Thanks Skinner for pulling the animated ads

Why dogs and cats don't live as long as people


Best songs by Death Cab for Cutie?

Tomorrow, my family will get some answers.

Amazing what a whisky, a whisky, and a whisky can do for a guy's mood...

American Motors Appreciation Page

Amazingly simple home remedies

Ever lose interest in one of your own threads?

My mother made me a metrosexual

so... tell me something about DU that I did not know

Ten years ago today

My mother made me a heterosexual

lineup for the concert at the sept 24 protest- le tigre, steve earle, more

FUCK Yahoo! Anyone else getting their browser redirected???

I hate my constantly self-resizing firefox bookmark toolbar. I donwloaded

The Mindset of the Class of 2009

I like you. Do you like me?


Join The Cynics Club (or don't, what difference does it make?)

I'm leaving ...

Does anyone drive a mini cooper?

Photo: "Bush takes questions from the press while vacationing"

Did Frankie ever *get* to Hollywood?

Total Eclipse of the Kitchen

Utterly offensive thought of the day

CNBC's "Mad Money" a must watch

Are the Kurds in the way.......

30-pound pig escapes livestock truck, gets "adopted" a FARMER

The Demented Cartoon Movie

Note To All: Let's enjoy each other for who we are, not how we


Hey MrsGrumpy! I took another woman to "our" restaurant.

I'm getting off work early!

From Bill Maher's "I'm Swiss" special

Low cut jeans on CNN - the eweee reaction

A couple interesting political observations at Milwaukee Irish Fest

What is your first quest?

Did anyone else notice that cowboy boots seem to be "in"?

Not to All: These Word You Are Using Is To Much

Did anybody catch Tommy Lee goes to college

progmom has forsaken me.

ZombyCoffee: The Cindy Sheehan Appreciation Blend!

Mr. Bomber! Check out this exclusive offer!

WWN: Cheney Rigged Second Grade Election

re Grandma: Thank you (is your name here?) for your reply.

The Onion: Dave Matthews Not That Into Himself Anymore

I'm watching "Secret Honor". A one man movie about a crazed and ...

Sniffa is on a cooking kick

Dang it, we CAN dance if we want to! We CAN leave our friends behind.

South Salt Lake city drafts home-brew ban - just in case

YAHOOOOOO!!!! Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is SAVED!!!!


Mmmm, leftover Everett and Jones for lunch

Happy St. Bartholomew Day!

THAT'S IT! One more Vanilla Ice thread and I'll shoot this dog!

My job today consists largely of shouting "HO!"

Elvis or Beatles?

Lets talk about something else now... how about this Freeper Rally:

DU musicians: Do you read sheet music?

so is it okay to do the "hokey-pokey" now?

So is "hoe" OK to use now?

Everybody say HEY! HEY! HO! HO!

One thing I just will not tolerate: inbreeding

Egads. I'll have to do something much worse than shouting "HO!" at work.

Dr. Phil's test

Nick Lachey calls firing of Cincinnati Bearcats head coach "ludicrious"

What is your fantasy?

Nancy Grace watchers/"fans" have you noticed anything?

Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" Series on Travel Channel

Look out! Ricky Gervais and Christopher Guest to do a movie!

THIS JUST IN: General Discussion-Politics Refused Fire Insurance

Viva Venezuela! Viva Chavez!

My puppy has a new buddy!

I don't normally say such things, but Al Franken

Can someone catch the phone?

I just killed a parrothead in my driveway. That's two in a week!

I just killed a man for snoring in my driveway. That's two in a week!

Iron Maiden egged at Ozzfest

Yay! It appears I've been accepted to grad school!

Ladies**** GET YOUR P-MATE******Ladies

Spaceseed/Harvey Bainbridge (HAWKWIND) tour...

Oh crap.

Hello, dear friends and colleagues -- I'm home

Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney are the absolute BEST!!!

I'm baaaaack!

When Was The Last Time You Gave A Newbie A Big DU Welcome?

Has anyone gotten DU to work with Netscape 8?

Do The Black Folks In Canada Prefer To Be Called African-Canadians?

So if ABC can't fire Robertson then we need to boycott ABC

Is it just me...

Hey baby, wanna see the Capitol at sunrise???

Playboy to hit Internet with digital edition

Little Help with.. Gretchen Wilson,

Do you remember The Professor and Rock Bottom?


Amazing what hashish, a babe, and some "hair gel" can do for a guy's mood!

Thats not a woman...

Or is the Shi'ite hitting the fan

Hey, is Arwalden gay?

Rock-n-Roll has lied to me FOR THE LAST TIME

Banana Slugs - - the next wave in US politics!

Baseball size bladder stone removed from SF Zoo tortoise. Yikes!

You don't have to give up your favorite shows to boycott a TV station.

My sister was just in Nicaragua, and this was the signage EVERYWHERE....

This dog must be a "Police Academy" alumni

Good vibes requested as my future is at stake

Caption this

Goodnight Lounge!

Crap! I got deferred as a blood donor for the second time in my life

Greatest Third Baseman Of All Time

Name your poison

If I ask you

1 hour left of work.

Most famous baseball flops!!!

Rumor I'd like to start

Today's 'Non Sequitur' comic: Should I post it in the Religion forum?

Drink, choke, strangle, or....

The lyrics to"Ice Ice Baby" translated into Italian and back into English:

Did baseball fanatics come in and take over the lounge?

Has anyone seen the short film "Rings" that's on...

Greatest Waterboy of All Time?

Shot drinkers: what's your favorite shot?

Best Center Fielder of All Time

Greatest Waterboys Song of All Time?

Poul Anderson, Gallows Pole, North Pole, Zogby Poll, Wimpole Street

progmom's jaded, cantankerous tip for Wednesday:

are things going s-l-o-w?

Iron Maiden manager: Ozzfest group 'vile'

Question for college students and/or scientists...

Went out today to get reading material

Greatest Catcher of All Time...

I'd never get breast implants, but I'd love to see plants with breasts...

Cindy Tops the country charts

Greatest Catcher of All Time?

Greatest catcher of all time? (pic heavy)

My ten-second salesman visit.

A great song....

Greatest First Baseman of All time...

How Does It Feel To Fall In Love........

Greatest Right Fielder of All Time

Have you ever seen breast imprints?

Hi Conservative lurkers, a message from GWB:

Pernicious earworm (you've been warned - click at your own risk)

Custom graphic for those who can't differentiate between sarcasm and irony

Did I hear correctly? Did Pat Robertson REALLY say .....

Something to ease the sting of the pump...

Son of GoG had his wisdom teeth extracted today...

chavez speaks the truth needs to grow some faciaL hair

Nice wallpaper here

How Do You Explain "One Hit Wonders"?

Scientific finding: Mango juice + Bacardi = awesome. Goes well with

SKY PILOT, Parts 1 & 2 - Eric Burdon & the Animals

The American Legion vs. the Legion of Super Heroes

"Why This Band Plays On" -- NYT Op-Ed

What's all this fuss about being iconic?

Adam Corolla--New Levels of Suck.

Anyone know the lyrics to Deep Forest's Sweet Lullaby?

DU musicians: Do you play shit music?

Economics 101

THIS is the official smilie of the day... sorry so late:


Haven't been around for a while. Miss anything?

Have you ever seen Breasts in Plants?

Isn't it ironic,

Back of Dumptruck Tips Over - Crashes Into Porn Arcade

For those of you who workout with weight machines - a question....

more choices...

this quote from cracked me up

"You can go with this, you can go with that!"

Major Series

I want to post this......

Hugo Chavez needs to grow some facial hair.

Greatest Shortstop of All Time...





Heehee I fooled them all....

so what is the Clenis to blame for today??

BAAWWW! I'm gonna rename my dog

I am not dum


What price, politics?

I took a 530 mile road trip yesterday - price of gas rant -

While we are talking about fashion, what's the deal with John Deere?

The Phony King of England

Ok - Here's my fantasy - the only thing right now I have to cling to......

The "Far Side" Appreciation Thread

Ok , so it's Wednesday.......anyone wanna just call it a week?


I'm thinking of getting a tattoo this weekend..

"Who Would Jesus Bomb?" - Best Bumper Sticker I've seen in a long time.

I hit originality

Matcom throwin' down to Oxycyst Limbaugh--be there or be square.

This never happened to me before:The location for the Friday DC Party.....

Anyone know where I can find a listing of the bumper music...

A serious question for designers, artists, architects, and otherwise


Wow, a blast from the past.

If GW Bush were President in 1941, which country would he have invaded?

Favorite song off American Idiot?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Would you ever get breast implants?

On the list of crappy days...this one ranks near the top...

Peep what my son brought home from the dollar store!

Anyone in DC hiring a web developer?

Does anyone else feel like we're at a crossroads?

Anybody ever own a Saab?

Deadheads and friends

Ever get the feeling you done fucked up?

Well, I, for one, am not questioning Rush Limbaugh's patriotism.

I hate it when people copy and paste forwarded emails into lounge threads

So, who has tried Google Talk (Google Instant Message Client)

Funny thing heard during tonights Twins telecast.


Finally made it home

Should I confront a brown shirt 16yo

SF up tonight!!!!

Amazing what coffee, a shower and hair gel can do for a guy's mood...

I say, is it Tea Time?

Is LP (album) cover art available on the internet?

Oh no! Left_Winger is nearly a member of the 700 Club...

Be jealous. A woman in my office

We disrupt this forum for an unimportant announcement...

Hurricane time. Oh noes.

Wilford Brimley is the hottest man on the planet!

Would you ever get beast implants?

How many Venezuelans are watching "The 700 Club" tonight?

So my lower jaw seems to have fallen off my face

Never burn a clown.

It's official. I'm an Ohioan

Do we REALLY have 3 more years of the Asswipes in the White House?

Help Mom, There are liberals under my bed!

Equal time: Iron Maiden gives ITS version of the Ozzfest incident

How I Spent My Last 2 Hours At Work Today

In what kind of clothing are you most comfortable when appropriately

Just because I disagree with you is no reason to call

Hey, Chicago DUers: I have a gig tonight if you wanna see me play drums.

Gap uses a Costello line to sell Jeans

Daaaaaamn. Is this John Kerry or what?

Choose my snack while I watch the Mets sweep the Diamondbacks

I just got back from walking 2.5 miles ask me....

Mike Judge and King of the Hill...?

The funniest thing I have ever heard on the News.

I've been thinking about my doorbell,

I need to be sleeping but I'm stressed to the hilt

Guinness or elliptical. You make the call.

Wow. This is really mindless and vapid...

Is there some rally in DC on 9/24?

Tom Cruise isn't the only one--In my past life I was an agrarian serf

I'm following my dream.

I spent part of my morning with two hard-core DINO's

MIKE JACOBS!!!!! Does it again!

How does one learn to ride motorcycles?

Dear Forum: I'm a Freshman at a Small Midwestern College and I never

I need help...I'm hopelessly addicted

Although Adam Corolla sucks, his show is still better than "Tough Crowd"-

It's still August, but it's 60 degrees outside tonight and only

Orapred is pure liquid evil

Yesterday was my DU anniversary.

Kind of Exotic Booze question.

No rants tonight

Oooh....I was looking out my window and saw a hummer crash into a pole

Caption this Gender Check

Geeks are Sexy!

Ode to Admin: If something's rotten in Denmark then:

Have a look at this freeper wisdom.

western NC - anyone just feel a small earthquake?

Ever get involved in an intense email/PM exchange that lasted 1-2hrs,

Which Neocon is the Anti-Christ as predicted in the New Testament?

The Good News...My drink didn't EXPLODE

Moment of Zen on Daily Show (spoiler alert)...

Why in the HELL do I watch this show? (Over There)

Too Much Joy - My Past Lives

Earthquake 4.2 in Northern Cal

Exorcism is stalking me!

What should I expect at the Sept protests?

What's the scariest thing you've seen on television...?

what blocks satelite radio signals?

What do you LOVE about DU?

Did you ever never

It has been years since I have been to a rock concert

Grooming "Down There." Is this an evil repercussion of internet porno?

My Political Ideas Professor is a dead-ringer for CaliforniaPeggy....

6000 ... Now what.... Do I get an Apple Martini...

"She said I'll turn you on sonny to something strong..." (awesome song)

Think up weird plots for films

My dogs smells like death

al-kohl - a post about booze and slutty make up

Simpsons meme that needs to die

For DU full figured women: Have you had a breast reduction?

Maybe you smart folks can help me out with this.

What's your favourite anti-war song?

It's that time again

Is this REALLY appropriate for a newspaper comic page? (pic)

More insanity from Freerepublic's Mia T

gift giving from the poor

With my 7000 post I just want to declare my love for......

It's fricking °100 with the humidity 49%, that makes it °105 .(rant)

Things are worse than I thought - I'm listening to The Andrews Sisters

I received this from Veterans for Peace today: A darned good read

Dammit, I want to email People mag but I don't have aol.

Serious Question. Do Doctors still prescribe diet pills?

You think you are having a bad day.

Let's spread this one around.

DU - what is the most fun you can have with your shoes on?

Help name the Baby Panda and also win a chance for personal Panda time!

OK, Sirius' coughing and gagging is getting heart wrenching.

So, tonight is my last post on DU. Yes, I've gotten a TV show.

What is Bush's favorite ice cream flavor?

Good quote explains freeps, fundies, Jesus Crispies, sports fucks, etc.

Sirius just started coughing up copius bright red blood.

Dammit.. I am losing TWO TEXAS

I just figured out a great way for DU to raise cash

Poll: Does Pat Robertson's apology satisfy you?

Does anyone here confess to watching 'Rita Cosby' or that wimp

Do I put confetti in the invitation envelopes?

Snoogy Woogums!

I'm having a '"fat day" sigh

NJ/PA/DE/MD DUers! Yet more chances to come see me sell out!

To the lovely and inestimable NSMA!!

Caption this one... Warning may be disturbing to all.

So who's the biggest conservative idiot now?

They stole my sunflowers; now I have to become a Republican

Some questions for you to answer:

Funniest Rumsfeld Photos Ever, and Links to Story

I'm watching Dr. Phil while I'm cleaning...and there is a woman on there..

I just bought Bill Maher's book, ask me anything

What is the single greatest VIDEO GAME ever made?

This photo just fills me with joy.

Does Hugh Hefner really need all of those girlfriends?

Carl Hiaasen is damned nearly the last man standing

Bush singing Lennon's "Imagine"

DU loves hats - but which are their favorites? (pic heavy)

THIS JUST IN: Mrs. DMSRoar Rejects Latest DMSRoar Advances

Note to All: You use that word so much...

For no reason, and no segue worth a shit, I just wanna dis Oprah

Happy Birthday Joanie!!!

I would like people to welcome my wife to DU.

Jesus .. earthquake here in Transylvania County!

An Ashton Kutcher movie that didn't suck...

Tina didn't make it, please pray for her and her family. thank you DUers

So, uh, how's the weather where you are?

Post a DU pet peeve

Tom Cruise is BATSHIT CRAZY!

A Modest Proposal: Let's start referring to it as 'his war in Iraq';

DUers your prayers are needed

Ok, Methylprednisolone tastes fucking awful!

Help! Any good book recommendations?

Damn - my Step-Daughter gave a surprise birthday party for her

What are you listening to right now?

Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with?

Didya hear the one about the guy who couldn't afford personalized plates?

I am home. The Jacuzzi is OPEN! You'll come! Ya hear ...

What is your first name?

Tell Us Something That Everyone Here Already Knows About You...

anyone up for a Free Association Thread?

A reasonable assumption?

Religion and Sexual Ethics

Whom here is against syncretism (cobbling religions together)?

US Gets Fatter- and Faster than Ever

Autistic boy dies during controversial treatment

ID Question

Drug helps expel remains after failed pregnancy

Scientists to place radio transmitter on giant asteroid which endangers li

Foetuses 'don't feel pain until the final third of pregnancy'

Arctic Ocean Could Be Ice-free In Summer Within 100 Years, Scientists Say

Astronomers Gear Up for Historic Asteroid Pass in 2029

Redheads feel less pain.

Australia Accused Of Not Doing Enough To Help Gay Tourist Facing Jail In F

Canadian Same-Sex Couples Wary Of Church Gay Weddings

The gift of being gay

Aruba Ordered To Register Gay Marriages

VA Man Triumphs Against Realtors

!!! !!! !!! Mass. Gay Marriage Vote Set for September 14th !!! !!! !!! !!!

Rick Perry sends mass e-mail condemning same-sex marriage

Hetero's rights are also infringed by anti-GLBT legislation

Dayton GLBT organization's application denied for local parade

Fred Phelps' 'Swedish King Is Gay' Tirade

Milwaukee vice squad shuts down "Naked Boys Singing," ACLU gets involved

Royal Air Force maintained a secret squad to root out and fire lesbians

Real Estate Firm Bars Gays From Neighborhood

Native Americans shouldn't be wed to battle against same-sex marriage

Falwell hints gay rights support (and hell must be freezing over!)

The Yankees have their motor running

The Mets are currently winning 13-0

Schilling gives rasberry to Raffy...

Lance Armstrong

WOOOOHOOOO!!! "Rosenborg beat Steaua, reach Champions League group stage"

Frank Robinson: Raffy's stats should be erased

An idea for Lorien's rescue fund-raising

Do any of you use Feline Pine?

Can someone here tell me what happened?

And yet another plane crash! -- What's up with that???

Distance healing urgently needed

Any interest in doing another simultaneous reading?

I don't DARE post this in GD after last week...

This turned out to be a very funny thread

I think I have the answer to a linguistic conundrum many here have

Non Sequitur explains it all

The religionist sickness is spreading even in Massachusetts

Pay to Pray (Pass the basket to the public, Father)

Fantasy Time: Help me come up with a line-up for our own TV Channel

Got a god?

Question about the "success" of the Iraq war

Homeland Security & the National Guard

Kerry on CAFE standards for trucks

Treat for Kerry lovers - DLCC Chairwoman's Remarks about JK last week!

Help!!! DKos Kerry bash thread -- send in the Kerry brigade!

is it ok to boycott advertisers

Kerry was right ! Example # 4,500,675: North Korean talks

WTF?!!! PDA Strikes Again!

The tale of the vanishing Vektor.

Hey, check out this Iraq War Quote I found from 9/25/04 (Post 1)

I guess Sen. Kerry is home

It's the media, stupid.

Are any of you going to Washington, DC next month?

Help me pick a reflection pic

Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!

Depressing medical study: daydreaming overworks your brain and may cause

The Worst Statute in the World!!!

KOEB 8/24/05

OK, Feingold and Hagel made the first comments

"Dishonest Dubya" Lying Action Figure!

Inside the Beltway — God’s Politics 101

Schwarzenegger at the Stones: 19th PR Breakdown

LA Times: Grooming Politicians for Christ

Are Robertson's Comments A Backhanded Slam To * Co's......

Campaign to kick Robertson off Air/ revoke license

BBC has two clips of Robertson Death Threat

Bush's approval rating is in the toilet, so why can't Dems...

USA Today Editorial: "FDR, Bush: No comparison," "'Insult to FDR's legacy"

KLLA Offensive Phase I: Inoculating Against "Anti-War" Charge

Amazing how quickly OUR troops can be trained for death in Iraq...

"The Buzz Cut” radio show host comes to Waco

Friday service at Tehran University

Retired Vets wear "Bullshit Protector" ear covers at Bush speech

How Many Americans must die in Iraq

Liberal Journalist In Red State America - Website Recommended

Washington Journal highlighting Wa Times article re academia


More Democrats should join with the people at Camp Casey..?

Keeping up with Hugo: compiled DU threads on Chavez, the Robertson fatwa,

Flash! Cuckoo Bananas Disapproval > Approval in 19 Red States !!!!!

Rush Limbaugh

"The Pat Robertson Wing of the Republican Party"

What Robertson's comments show about Rethug discipline...

God Damned...... Gary Hart for president!

Henderson Daily Dispatch opinion piece: "Bush is right; we stay in Iraq"

Sen. George Allen as the GOP 2008 candidate?

In Robertson's Tirade Against Chavez

Rush Limbaugh: "Pat, why didn't you include Castro?"

Guam envoy to Congress calls for Abramoff investigation

Another example of Christian Conservative Republican Values

how the G8 lied to the world on aid

Back to Basics: What is 'Liberal' and what is 'Conservative'??

Ask yourself why Robertson spoke out --and why now.

What!! OH Dems not proceeding with Taft impeachment articles

Bush's New Promotional Tool For His War

Latest Vacation Spin - * in Crawford cause West Wing Renovations

"Cindy Sheehan said the United States is not worth fighting for."

I guess families like the Sheehans don't help America be free.

I remember that Clinton could travel anywhere in the US and abroad

"You don't speak for me Cindy!"

LTTE: Religious fundamentalism is a form of tyranny

Harris Poll: Bush at 40 % approval.

I'm sorry, but bush is just plain disgusting. So insincere. Will he ever

I really wish the Kerry campaign had made an issue of Bush's vacations

We are "achieving our strategic objectives in Iraq".

Have *you* spread Freedom today?

Base Closure Commission Kicks Georgia's Butt

KRON news producer from Texas (Anti Sheehan story) answers back

Can someone please give me a reason or reasons why.......

Pat Robertson - Flip Flop of the Week

"Since September 11th, 2001..."

DLC: "What we've done in the party is an intellectual leveraged buyout."

Does Writing Off The "DLC" Concerns Of Some Constitute "Left Bashing?"

Maher vs. Schafley

This is your Piggy-Bank on Gas:

Greta's Sister Running For Md. U.S. Senate Seat (as Dem)

Enron boys, "burn baby, burn" and the "Grandma Millie, man" audio.

Petition against Roberts to sign

Any word of this yet?

I think Bush's comment about the kind of family --that sacrefices their

Do you think Cindy's Non-violent Protest against Bush will prevent us

If Bush is on the defensive with the press about Cindy, then she has won!

FAUXNBC strikes again.

BushCo on tv now...posturing...

Jesus Almighty! They get more pathetic by the MINUTE!

Abu Ghraib interview with Janis Karpinski by Marjorie Cohn and wow

Neeed to start using "afraid" every time * is mentioned

If it weren't for his Dad, Bush's pic could have gone on a wall like this

CBN: How Leftists Aid Radical Islam

The "Face" of today's Republicans

Heavy clashes in Baghdad as rebels attack police - Dems stay the course?

Embedded over her head in Washington

Gary Hart up next(?) on CNN... or never ??????

A Modest Proposal: Refer to it as 'his war in Iraq'; not 'the war in Iraq'

Coburn, Martinez, Santorum, DeWine Only Senators to Lose Support !

Thanks from Ted Kennedy - $30,000 raised for Senator Byrd

Don't let Robertson get away with it! ...

OK, would you rather have W or a banana slug as President?

The ad on the killing in Darfur the networks refuse to run - powerful!

California - Panel wants state to waive stem cell product royalties

The Fox guarding the Henhouse.

Is Pat Robertson

You don't need to DU this poll

Abu Ghraib General Lambastes Bush Administration

Who follows Jesus's teachings more: Hugo or Pat?

How many silly polls can we possibly have in one day?

DLC equals Elitism versus True Centrism


WTF? "Relatives of slain Idahoans may meet with Bush"

I think we need to send the Commander in Chief for an Iraq rotation.

What do you think our tight-lipped Dem leaders think of Cindy's crusade?

Bush back down to 45%: Rasmussen Reports

Buzzflash kicks Bu$h Butt! Excellent piece!

Iran's Khamenei: "US responsible for terror" - Video

Here's another phrase that frosts me: "In a time of war".

So, In His Speech In Idaho Today

Why do we "need" a BRAC during a war ?

Very good episode of Democracy Now ((video))

So I got brave and sent this LTTE.

Pat Robinson Clearifies his Statement on Chavez

* plans to spend the entire SS Trust Fund for other purposes!

Questions about the Northwest mechanics' strike

The mother of the 4 Pruett soldiers, deserves to be called "Mrs. Pruett."

Ed Schultz reads statement that Robertson has apologized.

Wow, the Cindy coverage on CNN just now (5:00 EST) was detailed,

Rep Inslee (D-Washington)

Bush doesn't think America is worth fighting for or Jenna would be in Iraq

Bill Clinton TWICE as popular as Jr.

"Striking them before they could kill more of our people." George W. Bush

Gary Hart on CNN ... NOW ... finally ... (5:27 pm edt)

Cindy for public office?

What's the difference?

this Al Qaeda guy has a message for you - Video

Rednecks in Crawford get their 15 minutes

Quick - I need address of Crawford Freedom House

New Strain Of Jet Lag Devastates Airline Industry

B*sh is so pathetic!!

Bush: Terrorists "spend their days struggling to avoid death or capture"

Help need photo of Lietta Ruger, MFSO, posted by DUer funkybutt

Should Robertson be Indicted?

Anybody still like McCain now? He endorses: Intelligent Design

Iraq: are most elected Dems badly out-of-touch with their constituents?

DNC: Bush Administration Buries Negative Racial Profiling Report

Quote on BartCop would make great bumpersticker.

Ohio Rep. and Minority Leader, Chris Redfern looks at a Taft Impeachment.

Sucess doesn't NEED reinforcements, you asshole.....

While fighting for democracy in Iraq, we'll need to suspend it here.

An oldie but a goodie, my fav Pat Robertson quote.

I HAD to vent.

More liberal bashing on MSNBC, "Help Mom there's a liberal under my bed"

I am sorry to be such a political moran....about the DLC

Base Closing Committee

The Hollywood Liberal Meets Russ Feingold (w/video)

Just found out that Harris poll is actually older than the ARG poll

Did Robertson violate FCC rules by advocating "assasination" of

President faces a new insurgency

Bushs speech--whats with the eyebrow?

Could Kenneth Lay's Enron trial dish Bush dirt?

Quiz time! Identify the Right-Wing Talking Point™! It’s easy & it’s fun!

HELP DU: I Want To Go To the Anti War Rally on Sept 24??????????

US House (Dems) Judiciary Commitee - GAO to review asylum system

Ted Kennedy: More than "photo-ops and spin" are needed to win the Iraq war

Is the Majority Report Blog being hacked?

[PDA] Kerry Update RE: Ohio Lawsuit

Reports: Radler To Plead Guilty Sept. 15 (Fitzgerald Hollinger indictment)

White House, Religious Right Fail to Condemn Robertson

Bush legacy: "The Great Divider"

If an American Islamic Cleric...

Is It ** Stalin** Yet??? (In honor of Sec. Rumsfeld's statement today!)

Robertson's excuse - "I squeezed my eyes too hard"

Bush will be visiting AZ....PROTEST IDEA

Diebold Elections Division Jolted by Security Concerns

Eminent domain plaintiffs in SC case being charged RENT!

Robertson (Kind Of, Sort Of) Apologizes For Fatwa

Labor Day gas-out will be our 3rd success... Thanks all!!!

What to do if BushCo won't go & elected officials do nothing.

Schwarzenegger Illegally Scalping Rolling Stones Tickets in Massachusetts

While patriots at Camp Casey swelter, *'s vacation in Idaho goes upscale

Chavez Dismisses Robertson Death Wish, Offers 'Medical Aid' to U.S. Poor!

"mortgaged to the house of saud"

Drudge's siren is on

Hey Prospect Park, NJ, The Daily Show just gave your Mayor "the treatment"

Newsweek: "He's going to find a Cindy in every community across the US."

A political Science Question, any opinion welcome...

BRAC voting on CSPAN now

What would be the opposite of "Hannity and Colmes?"

Google "September 24" protest iraq

Iraq Versus Vietnam: A Comparison of Public Opinion

I think McCain has become demented

David Frum in National Review criticizes Bush

Don't miss this, saw it on truthout about the Federalist Society

OOOOhhhhh Thank you Dobbs.

Things Republicans said about Clinton during the Bosnia action.

Fox front page has a photo of Bush being hugged by the jubilant "Iraq Mom"

So is it the shame/guilt or the whiskey that's taking its toll?

Oh, great, got this from a Freeper on a CC: list re: high gas prices

"Scaredy-cat Republicans, too wimpy to defy the President"

If UK can deport "hate" preachers, why can't we deport Robertson?

Who is the better President?

Legionnaires Condemn War Protests

CA Democratic Party has unanimously called for extradition of Posada

Bill O'Reilly: "Bush's tax cuts after 9/11 SAVED THE ECONOMY"

RW talk radio shows and rethug talking points - make a host's head explode

LATimes on Robertson's fatwa on Chavez: "A Call for Assassination Brings

Thomas P. Cadmus American Legion Cmdr./Chicken Hawk No Combat

Dr. Dean if you are listening = Please Send Talking Points !!!

Pentagon issues gag order on BRAC

Where are the Dems refuting Bush's "We need to fight them over there"?

A Strange Silence from the Chimp: Nothing on the Cross Mower

Need nicknames for Bush

Any photos of Pat Robertson with prominent Republicans?

HAGEL Considering Independent Bid for the Presidency

Who would you rather have in the White House making U.S. policy?

Pat Robertson has no problem with actual dictators when $ is to be made.

*'s "Comprehensive Strategy To Win The War On Terror"

Ron Jacobs; "Hugo Chavez and the Men Who Claim To Speak For Jesus"