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Archives: March 31, 2005

Why Is Hinderaker Changing the Subject on Schiavo? (Watching the Watchers)

toons for Thursday (and a download available)

Creating the Next Pandemic. The Avian Flu

McKinney grills rummy about Dyncorp,missing $trilloions and 9/11 war games

Fueling South Asia's rivalry

Priceless! WSJ: "If he were a CEO, he'd be out on his ear."

Cheney for president? It’s on a lot of minds / Chait

50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers (New York Press, via Gawker)

DeLay vs. Rove?

Frank Rich?

Servicing the Rich (

Dowd - I Spy a Screw-Up

"Bush fixes what is not broken" and breaks the rest of us...

The Pentagon's Secret Stash - Abu Ghraib photos

Another Tragic case casts Schiavos in a new light

Helen Thomas: Government-Filtered News

Bill O'Reilly: murder by number (detainee deaths)

Global Eye - Infinite Injustice - By Chris Floyd

Dana Milbank (Washington Post): Schiavo Case Rife With Political Symbolism

Watchdog Agencies Asleep at the House of Death

Well aware that the US government is on a rampage to discredit Chavez

Orange County Weekly: You’re Going to Die But not before Tom DeLay says so

Molly Ivins: Oil-for-food is small potatoes

Ex-Bush Official Warns the Administration: Don't Rush on the Road to Damas

Ward Churchill's Berkeley address

Katha Pollitt (The Nation): Backward Christian Soldiers


Newsday: Diplomatically speaking, Bolton is no Moynihan.

Left Apologists for the Occupation

Georgia DA so far refuses to prosecute suspects behind 1946 black lynching

Army Recruiters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

A Tale Told by an Idiot (Media coverage of Schiavo)

Dr. Cranford/A powerful antidote to lunacy (Star Tribune)

Earth has suffered irreversible damage: study

WP: From Howard Kurtz's column today

New Democrats: Hugo Chavez Out of Control


Chicagoans Protest Bush Social Security Plan

Social Security protesters target Schwab headquarters

CIA has no place at NYU

DU this poll

A look back at the anti-Vietnam War movement in US

Seal hunt protesters arrested on Gulf ice floes

The continuing problem with the media

Media ignores ACLU request to Justice for perjury investigation of Sanchez

WP reporter can't spell "bear"

Democrats, the media, and Iraq

Tina Brown:America's Endless News Loop ("integrity of information gone")

O'Reilly: You said AAR would be off the air by now....

Professor reportedly fired for calling for freer press in China

History is not copyrightable, lawyers claim

Corporate media`s next 24/7 vigil.

If you can't stand Franken's Ditto Head segment, please DU this poll.

Ted Koppel leaves ABC

Peter Drucker on the Upcoming Dollar Crisis (and Much More)

To get a good job - break a leg and "grow" taller

Pfizer takes on Chinese courts to protect Viagra

The 90s Economy

The Tax Plan To Kill K Street - George Will endores 23% National Sales Tax

Department of Homeland Security in REAL ID ACT can waive Enviro/other laws

Did you see the photos of the shark migration in Florida?

Nuclear Resurgence

Why evangelical dislike the environmentalists themselves

CWD found in NY white-tailed deer

Atmospheric CO2 Concentration Hits New Record - BBC

spinach cells powering electronic devices...spinach powered house.. links

A glimpse of photovoltaic cell development: Darren Bagnall /U.Southampton

Indonesian Earthquake Activity

Q&A: Sweig on U.S.-Venezuela relations

WMD Commission Releases Scathing Report

MOFA says US is wrong on China's human rights

S American leaders agree to collaborate on poverty, security

Cambodians flee as blast at munitions dump causes panic

Venezuela, Frustrated by the U.S., Turns to Containment

General Sanchez perjury investigation over Toture lies requested by ACLU

The KMT doesn't represent Taiwan

Department of Homeland Security in REAL ID ACT can waive Enviro/other laws

1000 "Minutemen- vigilantes" join 2000 new Border Patrol 'ers

Palestinian women 'have suffered most in intifada': Amnesty

Nonna Gorilovskaya (Mother Jones): Interview With Natan Sharansky

NIST Public Meeting - April 5, 2005 - Latest Findings on WTC Collapse

Interview with rescue worker

Need help with porn magazine

Vote for your favorite Exit Poll Smoking Gun

There are rumors on the internets that Countdown's second anniversary ...

"Countdown" to spend the ENTIRE HOUR on Schiavo??!

BradBlog: GOPUSA Runs CNS Story on GOP Front Group ACVR


KOEB (Thursday)

Documented, illustrated electronic voting failures.

Which should have been mentioned in the final report?

Thursday 3/31 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Just had an idea....

I was interviewed in a local paper about voting machines

Ohio Secretary of State Candidate Agrees: Election 2004 was Stolen

Name the top three Diebold experts you know of

State Law: VVPB and VVPAT. Please Help Complete Resource

Here it is.... Analysis Suggests Vote Counts May Have Been Altered

$chwarzenegger's Blood Money

CA: Legislature considers bill to ban chemical from kids' products

LA Times (3/31): Angelides Strives to Get His 'Anti-Arnold' Message Heard

Help! Time is running out for my family to file suit

Why did CA dems roll over and confirm Diebold McPherson for Sec of State?

Should we oppose, for higher office, anyone who voted for McPherson?

LA DU'ers! Two Town Hall Meetings this Saturday!

Bush snubs family of slain 10 year old girl

Hey western Iowans (others too)

The letter the local paper didnt print.

Breaking: Coleman issues invite to call him on Count Every Vote Act

Health care costs. Im confused.

Marriage Amendment In The House Now

boycott NBC and NBC news. Brian Williams is a weasle.

Please help fellow DU'erS!!

Pawlenty to get a boost from Karl Rove

Time for another meetup!

Murmph. My car was just stolen.

Pleasant surprise in the parking lot

FairVote Minnesota E-News Extra!!! DEAN TO SPEAK IN MPLS!

DVD question- drive not reading DVDs..but does play CDs...

Ohio "Patriot Pastors" pushing Kenneth Blackwell for Governor...

Support Bryan Flannery for Secretary of State!!!

Delay case file - special report!!

"Tom DeLay, what about Baby Sun?" Need this on a billboard

OK. I got pictures from the DeLay protest at his new office!

Flub flummoxes Senate into rare silence

Concience Clause Bill blasted by Republican at hearing in Capitol

Wanna help Russ?

Yahoo article on Tom Delay - please unfreep if you have a minute

Something I wonder with the Schavio case

Does it seem like it's getting harder to make ends meet ?

How come you didn't tell me iTunes streams AAR now?

"Hollywood Heroes": Mel Gibson, Tom Selleck, Andy Garcia, Gary Sinise...

Don't forget: AAR HBO documentary

I'm tired of this bull crap. I'm an American and I want in.

I think the DOD has blocked me out of their website

What a coincidence

My Plane flew through lightning

anyone else think of necrophilia when they see the term "neocons"?

Bernie Ward about to discuss the "Christian Taliban"

The most important thing about being a man is not being a woman

The Terri Schiavo Case (Rant)

AMERICAblog's fucked.

David Gregory--does he seem to be fair when reporting?

Schiavo shows "how out-of-touch Repubs are w/"mainstream American values"

Does anybody know how many soldiers have died since Terri

Congressman Tim Ryan's rant

A quiz for the intelligent:

toons for thursday -- (and a download)

Rupert's $50m Bermudan tax lurk ( Rupert Murdoch)

Almost 4 years later and bin Laden is still free

Anyone else think the format of the forum hear is hard to keep track of?

ignore - please lock

Bush WMD Panel to Release Final Report

Were you aware that John Danforth accused Republicans of pandering

Relegated to "Humor"

Calling all recruiters!

A question: How will we know Terri Schiavo is dead?

Old habits die hard? Or is it jes same ol', same ol'.

Clinical Vaccination Trial Participation?

Meet the new CEO of Air America, read about the future of liberal radio

God's roll in miscarriages

Outrage Overload Syndrome . . .

Great photoshop pic of Bush/Schiavo

The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes the Bush Presidency.

Kos points out REAL Iraq coverage in USAToday this week of all places

Export ban on Blake's vision of 'Blair's Grave'

God, this 911 recording of a little 5 year old girl breaks my heart...

Are Schindlers trying to get Gonzalez?

So NOW Shrub wants to clean out the riff raff!!!!

Caption the Exploited Junior Freeper/ShiavoProtester

As far as hospice care goes....

Must be really easy being "Science Advisor To the President"

The continuing problem with the media

Before Terri: Nancy Klein, Coma, Choice and the Religious Right

My friend went to a bar in Atlanta this weekend

Are all those people protesting at the hospice

My wife finally agrees to move $ out of market and into R/E!

No Osama equals Failed Presidency, or it would under Clinton anyway

Another way to divide us..

had to laugh at just how low American "culture" has sunk . . .

Potty mouth man can't fool science

Bush is going to be the Father of Democracy in the Middle East,not

What diversion will the neocons/ fundies use next?

Report of intelligence failures given to the President. Here's link

If you put your religion into politics do not be surprised when your

Contrasting media sources (WaPo & CNN) re: the news of Schiavo's death

Does Terri Schiavo's husband have police protection?

According to Family spokes man Terri has passed away

so who is in front of a TV - are the fundies rioting yet?

Sign of intelligent life at FR

The Revelationist with the horn has got to go

Supreme Ct. rules against Oneida Nation

And In Other News....100,000+ Civilians STILL Dead In Iraq

Business told to hide copies of classical statues - They're NUDE!!!

What's next for the traveling MSM circus?

Schiavo's Body Dies: Earthly Vessel Finally Joins Her Departed Soul

Tweety: Terri's father looks like he's having fun.

Terri's gone........breaking

Well, now you can forget about any talk of WMD, Draft, etc...

Rest in Peace, Terri Schiavo

What's the deal with Florida?

chimp going to make a live statement...

Cross Post: Analysis Suggests Vote Counts May Have Been Altered

CNBC special 2nit GOD AND MONEY

Who is Randall Terry

"They believe that Terri is now ultimately at peace with God himself."

How long before GW, Jeb, Delay or the GOP issue a statement?

GW To Make Statement On WMD Report!! Can't Wait To Hear That Litte Gem!

Even Instapundit is sick of hypocritical Republican hypermoralizing

tens of thousands of Iraqi women wanted to live too george....

Stell Cell research could have helped Terri Schiavo

Sad America even following the White Van holding Terris body

Evolution debate hasn't really changed

My letter to the Queen

Air America: Rachael Maddow and Chuck D to announce plans


"King George the Undie Turd"...W undeterred on resistance to S.S. plan

What did Stepford Wife have to say about Federal government intervention

So now all we are going to hear is

WhatWill The Protesters DoNow? Will TheyProtest HerAutopsy? Her Cremation?

Yep... wait for it......... and NOW:

Just as Bush Soc. Sec. plan is losing support, our Dems lay out one.

Irresponsible of Judge Greer to order feeding tube removed on 3/18

Reporting on Terri's death....CNN still spinning...

Bush to speak 11:30-Same time WMD report is to be released

"New Rome", Canada and Mexico to be 'Absorbed' Into Growing US Empire,

Bush* to speak about Terri: Bush* not to speak about WMD's?

Watching people die

It took Bush FOUR DAYS to make a statement on the TSUNAMI >

South Carolina witch hunt (attacking "in Jesus name")

Northwest Airlines Suspends Mechanic For Questioning Aircraft Safety!

Missed Opportunity Rant

Ivy League Imperialism and American Democracy.

Are doctors even allowed to diagnose a patient without seeing them?

Somebody on is reporting Terry Shiavo has passed.

Check out one of the pictures being posted by Freepers over Ms. Shiavo's

Evil Idea Alert

So, Bush can address the nation about Terri's death but not US soldiers

When Some Fundie Hurts Someone, the Media Needs to be Held Accountable

Exactly one year ago this very minute...

So, Bush* is proud of his 'DEAD WRONG' intel agencies.

Anyone watching South Park?

Dear President Bush, (re: Culture of Life)

Dems look united against Bolton

Video rental alert: If you want to know what's wrong with America

President Bush Expresses Sorrow toward Terri

This Schiavo post on MSNBC sums up my feelings.

So Bush can make a TV statement about Terri Schiavo but

Since Jeb Bush can't be bothered to say it....

Did anyone play the Bush drinking game today? Said work a lot.


Doctor of NVa Suspect to Look for Signs of Torture

Fox following van carrying Terri Schiavo like it was O.J.'s Bronco. SICK!

Bush: U.S. had 'darn good intelligence' on Iraq -- Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Tim Lahaye on CNN as expert on death?

The Bizarre Philosophy Of Bush's Court Nominee: Justice Janice Brown

The trouble with america?

New Repub Slogan:Republican family Values- More Government Intervention,

Cadet: Sexual assault scandal at academy is leadership's fault

ABC and Wal-Mart have gotten married & some Dems are upset

When will * realize the "hard work" shtick isn't going to work?

W of the Day-February 27, 2004

Looks Like The Power of Prayer is Worthless...Again.

SS Fax scam soliciting people to call a "poll"

Isn't the selective service draft readiness

There are photos of seven people on right now

Maybe Condi is not so dumb.

Music to my ears: Catherine Crier smacks down Joe Scarborough

Why I have come to respect Michael Schiavo...

check out the freepers and Focks news on Schiavo

Are they attacking the last remaining independent branch of government,...

Creating the Next Pandemic. The Avian Flu

Divorce in Florida

Our New Nightmare: The United States of America

"Operation Resurrection" 1500 to 2000 militia were going to kidnap

Freepers were so concerned with Terry Schiavo, but.........

Tonight on Countdown (email newsletter list show schedule)

Lawyer thwarted plan to send militias to aid Terri Schiavo:

I am a bit Confused On this Schiavo Thing

Tackled by cop, 77-year-old cries foul

A supply side remedy for our health care system.

This months Vanity Fair Magazine is a must read

Is there a website where you can post directly to the Swindlers?

Can't wait to see the price tag for new pro-artificial-life laws

EU Will Seek to Impose Sanctions on U.S.

Leaking pipeline causes oil spill in Alaska (but dont worry about ANWR)

Thief Steals Poop From Woman Walking Dog!

During the Schavio mess what was missed?

To call anyone a "murderer" over the Shiavo case shows how low the human

So we're going to fund brain dead people indefinitely but not health care?

Pickles gives the "all clear" signal for travel in Afghanistan

The MTA signalled how they felt about NYC's West Side Stadium plan

The Irony of the Religious rights attitude on Terri Schaivo...

Family of Truckdriver Killed in Iraq Sues Halliburton For Wrongful Death

Flashback Video: Jeb Bush signs death warrant for mentally ill woman

The Family Research Council Emails This To Me

I'm Seeing More and More Little Cars!

How many people are taken off life support in the U.S. each year?

Silberman: intel community was "absolutely uniform" on WMD

The Schiavo case and the filibuster

To Terri Schiavo.

How will fundies explain that God saw fit to take his child home

Fitting Tribute: FL renames Alzheimer's Center for Reagan, Slashes Budget

Andy Stephenson Update:

Will the Schaivo Funeral be exploitive as well?

Funny how these oil prices rise sharply after a fall.

Bush accepts no blame. YET, GOP blamed Clinton himself for aspirin factory

The Long Emergency - the world to come.

Republicans Pull the Plug

Is there a powerful pro-euthanasia lobby?

Schiavo supporters blame the Bushes and Congress

Giuliani cleared $80,000 at tsunami benefit

How long before the federal and state judges

Hey, Bush. Do "Millions Mourn" the Death of Spc. Robert S. Pugh?

Has the Iraqi Insurgency turned its attention to the new Government?

Is Anyone listening to the AL FRANKEN show?

Why are no protesters weeping and wailing over the dead soldiers we

Zap! 68-year-old man gets 50,000 volts as Cheney passes

FreeRepublic imploding over Schiavo

Martin Luther Would Be Rolling Over

The Schindler's are a prime example of what's wrong with religion...

Why is there no outrage over boulimia? Insn't that like taking harmful

Dead Wrong: Preemption

Need advice on confronting Diebold, etc at our Countys' Vendor Meeting:

Bush Mentions 911 ONE MINUTE into Schiavo statement!

Anyone here get a 25% raise?

Oil Surges $2 on 'Super-Spike' Prediction - Goldman Sachs says $100 bbl.

I get to hear from and question Steve Forbes on Monday

Please vote in this MSNBC Poll on Terri Schiavo

"Credentialed media only" at national press club GUCKERT/GANNON event!

Anybody Catch The Threat In Tom Delay's Statement - Re: Schiavo ???

Anyone else hear that veiled threat in the form of a question about

I still don't get it

And the spin continues: New topic Rev Pavone

On CSPAN right now: Campaign Regulation and the Internet/Bloggers

Rumor -- Comedian Mitch Hedberg is Dead

If I'm a parent of a dead twenty-something US soldier from the Iraq war

Anybody hear about US veterans donating organs/marrow to Iraqis?

New Order of Catholic Priests Is Forming to Fight Abortions

Hypothetical: Assume Iran nukes Miami

Bobby Schindler fought with police just before Mrs. Schiavo died.

I posted this in the Lounge - please bear with me because I just got home.

Felos DISSES Religious Right/Priest

DU this poll

35 sentences of 15 to life PLUS 66 yrs in prison..(ex-cop sex abuse case)

Is Bob Woodward a right-wing shill?

Has anyone heard if Mitch Hedburg died?

Chimpoleon says "Err on the side of life"*

Protesters Move To MED Examiners Office

CNBC at 8pm tonight - "God & Money" -

Kansas teachers to boycott Monkey Trial 2

There are two things that make all news suspect for me.

It is NOT a KILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more "Resident Ditto Head" on Franken?

Why aren't they crying for these....

Israeli religious leaders unite, call gays "unacceptable, dirty".

Mr. Schiavo's lawyer is speaking with reporters

I somehow missed this quote from Rabbi Schmuley Boteach on Terri Schiavo

If a mourner drops to their knees and bawls in the forest . . .

protection of incapacitated persons act

3...2....1....Schaivo Dead...Let the Pope watch begin

Was Terri S. brain-dead or wasn't she?

The right's ultimate divider: Body or Being

Don't forget the HBO special tonight.....AAR

Draft may be needed in a year, military analysts warn

"Christian" doctors call Schiavo death "unnatural","deliberate", "painful"

Poll at MSNBC

Census Bureau Survey: More Workers Commuting 90 minutes or more

My guess as to why Mrs. Schaivo's parents asked Jesse Jackson to come

Cripe, now they're starting with the Pope..............

Governor Bush Mourns Schiavo, Prepares to Kill Mentally Ill Man

Only the Pope could knock Terri Schiavo out of the headlines

$2.27 gallon gas MISSION ACCOMPLISHED n/t

21st Century Mummification - The religious extremists view on life.

Anyone know of a good radio station website?

Laura Bush brings "Cookie Diplomacy" to Afghanistan

DeLay Issues Threats

Nightline will continue after ted leaves

They come in 3s: Cochran, Shiavo & the Pope

Jesse Jackson using Schaivo to talk about improving Health Care

PHOTO: Uh, JEB!, I don't think this is meant to be a compliment

For those who are interested, how the Church picks a new Pope

America is the BEST country in the 14 others

How does a president create jobs?

sean hannity may have a point

ACLU & Child Pornography

MSNBC news conference few minutes: Schindlers to refute

When bush's term is over

God to freepers/fundies: Fuck You.

Sure...go after Sandy Berger, but...

Does everyone realize how quick our descent into insanity has been?

The Rapture?

Randi Rhodes

I wonder how the arab world is reacting to the "No wmd" report?

Here's the trick - Pope very sick but not in hopital = no life support

Hardball to be about the pre-war intel on WMD...

Why doesn't Jerry Falwell get Benny Hin to slap his forehead and heal him?

Need Info on Peak Oil

'Oil prices may rise as high as $105./barrel'

Rising incomes and inflation

Lou Dobbs just said "The Pope has been given last rites"

Tom Delay's on Faux right now.

Average Gas Price in San Diego now $2.40

Hannity has someone named Pat Anderson on claiming the following:

The Pope has been given Last Rites


Call me naive or ignorant, but here is(are) my question(s)

Medical Information on Persistent Vegetative States

LOL! Official Calls Bush-Chimp Comparison Bad Taste - I don't!!

found this touching, weird and funny (Re: Schiavo & God finally meet)

The death of Christ versus the death of Schiavo

If you could go any place in history and witness it, where would you go?

Terri Schiavo, as she would like us to remember her

Caption the new head of The World Bank

Damn that Tom Delay!

I can understand a rogue not having a conscience

I am so sad.When did our country turn into this mess? How in the world

Does anyone have video of George Felos speaking today?

Jeb Bush Won't Feel Impact From Schiavo

Freeper Meltdown - courtesy dKos diary

Foreign advertisements to "live in beautiful America"?

Godspeed Terri Schiavo

dupe? Wolfowitz is confirmed as president of world bank.

The 'Speechalist'. The brain behind Bush's speeches

Wow, there's a Top-10 Idiot if I've ever seen one

Should we be happy that people are upset at the Bush brothers....

Delay's words speak volumes about his political intentions.

MSNBC Breaking news; Pope's condition is deteriorating

The Schiavo case has reaffirmed my Commitment to Church/State separation

What is this crap?

What's it gonna take to fill the streets for the Environment?

WOLFOWITZ on PBS Newshour NOW 7:40 EST >

More Danger From the ACLU - O'Reilly Video

"Left of the Dial" (AAR) on HBO tonight at 8

Will the era of Christianism go down in history with McCarthyism

Terri has died (rip) The Freepers are going nuts !

"What if they keep doing it?" The courts

Ladies & Gentlemen that was Terri Schiavo; next up we have the Pope!!

Listening to Leon Russell and reading DU

Countdown w/Keith Olbermann turns TWO Tonight !

Did the right pay off Schiavo's parents?

Left of the Dial on at 7pm

"The Terri Schiavo Story" next on A&E

CNN vs FOX 7 years or 15 years? Sciavo

The RW and S.C.???

my mother (93) died last night ........ hard to know where to post this

Is Olbermann gone? NYPost says Tucker to get 8pm slot on MSNBC

Can you imagine the kind of country we would have if....

A baby died today.

Moran caller to Malloy reminded me of "Celsius 41.11"

El Presidente for Life might be in little bit of trouble. election rigged

Rev. Jesse Jackson. Turncoat or GOP infiltraitor?

Who is going to the National Convention on Media Reform in St. Louis this

CNN is going to get an STD

George Bush's Handpicked Commission Blames Intel Agencies for his Lies >

Fox is sending soldiers to Arizona borders to counter the minutemen

Should Anchor babies continue to give their families automatic citizenship

Liberal followers of Christ need to start a new religion

Taking on the "Fighting Sioux"| Native American mascots & logos in sports

Mexican troops given green light to operate up to 400 miles into US

Kenny is Terri Schiavo! Last night's South Park...

The Problem With Republicans And Fundamentalists

Is it odd that Michael Schiavo received death threats from "pro-lifers?"

Is Wolfowitz laying the groundwork to escape War Criminal judgement

How long will bottom-feeder Hannity and Faux news continue to milk

Bio of Father Frank Pavone, Schindler spokesman and anti-abortion activist

Boot camp against abortion in the works (Pavone)

Father Pavone (with the Schindlers) is the most unsympathetic character

REMINDER: HBO's Left of the Dial comes on in 7 minutes..

Pope recieves last rites according to yahoo news

Reminder "Left of the dial" on tonight on HBO

They can start the apologies anytime...

I'm so glad we now see the immigrant invasion plan

I hear there's a good documentary on HBO.

So what do you think, did NNguyenMD just watch the AAR special on HBO?

Now here's an idea for your child's gift list!

Scott Ritter: Neocons as Parasites

I have something that hasn't been said about Terri Schiavo...

I'm starting a one-line Republican "vent/insult/whatever" thread

Do you guys like to watch freeper Kamikaze stunts

Jeb Bush and the Republican controlled legislature killed Terri Schiavo

So 80% oppose the fundies in the Schiavo matter

Are we allowed to discuss the pop-up ads on this site?

The next pope will be Latin American

"Darned Good Intelligence" - Warning: This thread may make you freak out

Question on AAR ratings

Remember the Ellie Nesler vigilante case (warning: 0% Schiavo content)?

nevermind!' sick joke

SORRY GUYS!!!! Oh dear god I am so embarrassed...

Will this day ever end?

Fineman exposed ALL on Keith

The Right Of Self Determination Is NOT Their Issue

Where are the threads with all the protestor pictures?

All Terri, all the time

Repost: 18 Things We Learned From the Schiavo Case

Anyone else notice that Bobby Schindler

Psychopath Mutant Freepers Advocate Schiavo Death Threats

" Brain chip reads man's thoughts"

Pope says life-extending treatments are a moral duty for Roman Catholics

self delete

EU Mulls Compromise with Iran--Deutsche Welle

the christian conservative crows are comin' home to roost george.....

If, as Scarborough claims, it's up to God when people die,

I just saw a movie called Murderball about quadriplegic athletes.

The Schindlers are not bad people.

Guest reminding Scarborough that 40,000 kids die a day from starvation

Marriage issue

Will Bobby Schindler run for Congress?

Republicans laughed, mocked & predicted it wouldn't work-Air America Radio

This post from is hilarious

Ok, I promise only one post for this topic: Evan Cohen former AAR exec

Save the Sierra Club from Hostile Takeover (

Happy Anniversary Air America Radio! Interview with new CEO...

hey, I just got an email from Sundance Channel

Tonight's corporate news

I can't wait to see tonight's "Scarborough Country"

Anyone know what came out of the WA GOP challenge to Gregoire's election?

"Left of the Dial" gave me a new and better opinion of Randi Rhodes

Regarding the infamous hospice bagpipers

CNN: of half the people on the planet, this pope is

Removing a feeding tube = murder

Commentary: "Why American neocons are out for Kofi Annan's blood"

Anybody else watching David Westin, ABC Pres. on Charlie Rose?

And they say WE love death?

"Go Home, Hippies"????

Jeff Gannon/Guckert to have some interesting news to report soon?

Islamic, Christian, Jewish Clerics Unite

Anyone have a link to the story about the little boy and the feeding tube?

The world seems to stink with the stench of death lately

List the Hypocrisies of the "Culture of Life" here:

I saw a scary political yard sign today

This Modern World: Condoleeza Rice Feeds on Human Brains

Abandoning the News

Brand This!

tv tonight -- the idiot's parade

Scarborough's ass handed to him by Catherine Cryer! (video)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Round Up

Uh-oh, Looks Like History Channel Has a Whack Job on FDR in the Chute

My freeper Dad said something the other day that just stunned me

Canadians - am I the only one SICK of bill 101?

If the Pope dies DU is going to erupt into religious warfare

Hello, lurking bushkissers!

PIX! Bill Kristol Gets PIED >>>

Jay Sekulow and the AC:LJ......he was on Scarborough's show tonite

Bay Buchanan just said that she hates America on CNN.

"The Culture Of Life" Is Coming For You! Watch Out! GW As "THE REAPER"!

They say 9-11 changed everything, did it change YOU?

Um... Caption This... Or Not !!!

DH and DD saw a great bumpersticker coming home from daycare...

What is your attitude towards carpet-bagging?

How long before the CIA and FBI out this administration?

Senator Byrd and Moveon

Anybody out there questioning their own faith because of the Shavio

A suggestion

Who here has either had a loved one receive hospice care

Has NPR gone rightward?

I've lived under a dozen presidents.

Your veiled threats aren't fooling anyone, Mr. Delay, you're going DOWN!

Catherine Crier.....Wow! During this mornings mad clicking

Freepers & Fundies are getting ahead of us

George W. Bush, the Frightened Man

Open letter to the Freepers: You are an embarassment to humanity.

Has there been any proof that W has let the price of oil sky rocket?

Who Saw South Park Last Night?

Do you think that the GOP has now been split at its seams?

Support unilateral US military intervention to stop Genocide in Darfur?

cnn using Tim "Left Behind" Lahaye for religious commentary now

I'm done with the Democratic party.

Take a look at this credit union's services logo.

Rev. Frank Pavone says "it's a killing"

YESS!!! KEITH going to talk about DeLays THREAT!!

Lockheed Martin: Good guys or bad guys?

Illegal immigration - the politics of blame - look up, not down

South Carolina (solid Bu$h/Jesus country) loses 76,000 manufacturing jobs.

William Kristol Pie Incident GIF Animation (Thanks Stephanie For The Shot)

How high will gas go before year's end?

What about the needs of the Living??? Home care funds threatened

Schaivo denied Parents permission to be with her when she died

Is there a bright side to higher gas prices?

Question about Terri Schiavo (Any help appreciated)

The Democratic Leadership is paralyzed

Does anyone think the Fundies will ever reach the nice "liberal" areas

FBI investigating

New car buyers owe more on loans than trade-in value of their vehicle

"Michael kept the parents from being with Terri when she died!!!"

**1,297 DAYS since 9/11 & Bin Laden STILL a free man.**

Let me see if I understand this "culture of life"

WOMEN! (Okay, and Men Too) How Would You Respond to These Comments?

WTF? Associated Press Slams Michael Schiavo in Story on Terri's Life?

Just saw "Left of the Dial"

How the Working Class Views Immigration

Caption this...Schiavo "mourner".

"The gates of hell are open in Iraq "

What should the Cause of Death be on Schiavo's Autopsy Report?

Why I do not like this Pope....

1981 Gas Price..........

Blaming the CIA for "WMD" lies. What total BULLSHIT.

Caption this photo of Ann Coulter.

I'm going to make chili cheese dogs for tonight.

did anyone see the finale of "The Newsroom" this week?

Prince Charles and Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit): separated at birth?

At the end of the whole sorry Terri Schiavo fiasco ...

Lib Dems vow to ditch council tax

Eccleston quits Doctor Who role

Seattle P-I: Signs of tsunami emerging after all

U.S. Army's Stryker Vehicle Faulty -Report (Reuters)

Dollar headed for collapse: Mahathir

Federal Judge (Birch) Condemns Intervention in Schiavo Case

The Neocon revolution (The Guardian)

BBC: Canada Radio Sikh Slur Censured

Behind diplomacy, Iran sees a fight coming

WP: Syria Moves to Keep Control of Lebanon

BP Texas Plant Workers Saw Leak Before Blast (Reuters)

Aspirin Beats (more expensive blood thinner) Coumadin for Brain Blockage

Bush Is Keeping Cabinet Secretaries Close to Home (info control)

Lawsuit is filed in Iraq death:Daughter claims Halliburton, KBR used her f

Top US court rejects Schiavo plea (SC rejects for 6th time)

Supreme Court expands older workers' protection

Immigration Opponents (Civilians!) To Patrol U.S. Border

Tenn. Meth Law Restricts Cold Tablet Sales(st. meth production "hotbed")

ABC News Brief says Terri Schiavo has Died

AP: U.S. Soldier Convicted In Killing of Wounded Iraqi

Next-Gen Modular Wearable Computer Systems Being Developed for US Marine C

Lawyer: Schiavo Legal Battle May Be Over

3,000 international figures sign manifesto against US anti-Cuba measures

WP, Pincus: Intelligence Panel's Findings Criticized

GOP Agenda Conflicting With States' Rights

Mr. Nice Guy days are over, IRS chief says

One Killed in Blast at S.C. Duct-Tape Plant

Ex-Yukos boss faces labour camp

US 'knows little about its foes'

TUCKER (Carlson) OUT AT PBS --- NY Post ---- Is K.O. out?

Jews, Christians, Moslems in Israel unite ... to protest gays.

Assassinated left-wing Archbishop on the road to sainthood

Europe throws World Bank to Wolfowitz

Report: WMD Intelligence Was 'Dead Wrong'

EU Head Office Says It Will Impose Trade Sanctions on Washington

FBI Reportedly Studies Possible Yucca Mountain Fraud

Democrats solidly against nominee (Bolton)

Pope appoints new bishop for Providence

UN boss faces harassment charge

LAT: Assassinated Salvadoran Archbishop Romero to Join Beatification Path

Panel: Agencies 'Dead Wrong' on Iraq WMDs

NYT/AP: U.S. Consumer Spending Rose Solidly in February

Schiavo dies 14 days after tube removed

6 Iraqis detained on Mexican border

Judge Blocks Companies' Cutting Benefits When Retirees Reach Medicare Age

Terri Schiavo Dies (cnn+link)

Wildlife faces wipeout in the cradle of evolution (Galapagos)

Terri Shaivo Has Died

US bars Sandinista academic

Bush aide says ouster made 'out of concern' (due to bumpersticker)

Two Suicide Car Bombers Kill 8 in Iraq; Two U.S. Soldiers Killed

Terri Schiavo Dies - Rest In Peace, Terri!

German Unemployment Hits Postwar High

Iran Invites Foreign Media to Examine Nuclear Plant

Spanish arms deal to provoke US

Shell confirms position on reserves (replaced 19% of oil pumped from '04)

Indian Reserve Emptied of Tigers

Bush tries to reassure seniors

Man Gets 90 Days For Attacking Girlfriend Over Support Of Kerry

Woman gives birth in car before police pull her over at gunpoint

Bush Names Partner (and Cheney's Son-in-Law) Homeland Security GC

Bush holding Press Conference on WMD at 11:40 E.S.T.

NYT: Bush Names Cheney Kin to Legal Post (son-in-law)

CORRECTED: Report: U.S. Intelligence 'Dead Wrong' on Iraq

Bush now says Americans pose bigger threat than Iran, North Korea

Bush Undeterred By Resistance To Plan

NYT: Homeland Report Says Threat From Terror-List Nations Is Declining

Philippine call for four-day week (BBC) (to save on oil costs)

China's demand for oil causes worries worldwide (must read)

Schiavo judge drops out of Clearwater church after inquiry

Republicans Find Agenda Conflicts With States' Rights Principles

Pennslyvania Republican indicted for framing constituent for Anthrax

Crime Wave Sweeps Across Afghanistan

Bill tests Colorado governor's faith

Powell criticises Bush on Iraq

Our New Nightmare: The United States of America

HK Stadium may be used as clinic if bird flu hits


The state of the world? It is on the brink of disaster

NYT/AP: States Debate Photo IDs at Polls

Army Memo Released By ACLU Suggests Perjury In Testimony on Torture

Hastert gets short end of swap (Bush Budget vs Stem Cell Research)

California insurers accused of denying benefits

Sanchez Torture Perjury) Harsh Tactics Were Allowed, General Told Jailers


NYT: Clerics of 3 Faiths Protest Gay Festival Planned for Jerusalem

Governor (CA) takes heat for absences

Prominent Anti-Castro Exile May Be In Miami Area (Posada seeks asylum)

Ukraine troops to exit Iraq by end of year

Ethiopia expels pro-democracy groups

DMN: DeLay holds head high at home (demonstrators, local commercials)

Oil tops $55 a barrel level

Nightline Anchor Ted Koppel To Leave ABC News In December

Kansas teachers to boycott Monkey Trial 2


MSNBC: Pope's condition worsening

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 31 March

Snow sees US Social Security legislation by summer

Italy and Bulgaria to pull troops, Iraq's Shiites reject Sunni candidate

Pope John Paul II has been given the last rites

Pope Given Last Rights

Pope given last rites -- CNN Breaking

Vatican source: Pope given last rites

State GOP rips Democrats over Gibbons billboards

CEO pay 'business as usual' (25% increase in 2004!)

EU and Canada to Impose Trade Sanctions on US. Japan to follow..

U.N. troops, Haiti police surround city

Americans' Incomes Rise Solidly

Gas prices extend record climb(national avg. $2.159)

Activists see deception in night arrivals at Walter Reed

Congressional Committee Summons Tagliabue;

Using Clues From Libya to Study a Nuclear Mystery

Gas prices dry up volunteer drivers(Charities struggle...)

Jury awards $100,000 in damages to Nugent for canceled concert

Pope gets last rites

Strike Ends for Gold Fields, Continues for Harmony (S.Africa)

Union unhappy with contract proposal (Rolls-Royce / OH)

Service employees starving for equality (SEIU / SIUE)

[BusinessWeek] Ford to write a report on global warming

Afghan Court Cuts Sentences for Jailed US Mercenaries

Civil rights groups concerned about Taser use in Houston

Family mourns loss of four children to alleged drunken driver

Government Abstinence Web Site Draws Ire

Berger to Plead Guilty to Taking Materials

Source "Curveball" blamed in U.S. intel failure

I pulled out my own teeth

UK Greenhouse Emissions Still Rising

Goldman ups top of 'super OIL spike' range est to $105/bbl (Peak Oil)

Coalition forces holding Zarqawi operative with dual citizenship

Riot police use tear gas on protesters (Uganda)

Union may consider delaying strike

Canadian Who Died in Iran Was Tortured (Kazemi)

British Army blunders Iraq home raid

Apology demand for Somare insult (Australia / PNG)

Iraq Sunnis name speaker candidate

Christian Council Press Release: No more Schiavos (oppose liberal judges)

Prince Albert takes over in Monaco

Caring for the seriously wounded wears on Air Evacuation Squadron crew

Vatican source: Pope given last rites

Dallas: Blockbuster laying off 20 percent of headquarters staff

EU Head Office Says It Will Impose Trade Sanctions on Washington

Mitsubishi to sue directors over cover-ups

U.S. Stocks Fall on Oil; S&P 500 Has Worst Quarter in 2 Years

St. Paul-born comedian Mitch Hedberg dead; heart failure blamed

UN Rights Expert Charges US Using Food Access As Military Tactic

Pakistan--Govt alerted to Indo-Israeli plan against nuclear installations

Bush names pick for Pentagon civilian job (replace Wolfowitz)

Canada slaps trade sanctions on U.S.

Crucial Role if China Hits Taiwan (Australia/US neo-cons)--SMH

Gay marriage ban passes [Minnesota] House and gets closer to 2006 ballot

Mexico: Spectre of Bankruptcy Looms Over State Oil Monopoly

Comedian Mitch Hedberg dead at 37

Schiavo Autopsy To Be Performed Within 24 Hours

Schiavo Family In Pennsylvania Getting Death Threats

USAToday: Mental Disorders On Rise For Afghanistan, Iraq Vets

A year after the launch of the Air America radio network, ...

N Korea says US poses nuclear threat

Chinese agents abduct, detain Catholic priest

Time Running Out for Indonesia Quake Survivors

Rallying Democrats, Dean blasts Santorum

Argentine defaulted bonds exchange delayed

E&P: Duluth Paper Apologizes for (Red Lake) Cartoon; Cartoonist Unhappy

N.Korea Wants Explicit U.S. Apology Before Talks

Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Iraqis Near Shrine

Extra Services May Mean Costlier Medicare

Armed neighborhood militias spring up as ethnic tensions worsen

USTR cites high level of fake goods

Thousands flee after chlorine spill in China

US calls Iran tour a media stunt (BBC News)

NYT: Collision of Disparate Forces May Be Reshaping U.S. (end-of-life) Law

WP: WMD Data Flawed, Lacking, Panel Says

Some In U.S. Fear Nuclear Terrorist Attack

Hizbollah Challenges U.S. to Take Away Its Weapons

AIG acknowledges improper booking of transactions

Guards, Father Charged in Alleged "scared Straight" Abuse in Pennsylvania

Judge rules against EPA on dumping of ships' ballast water

New welfare system not computing, Help is slowing to a crawl...

(SC) Unemployment rate increases to 7.1 percent

Vatican Denounces Terri Schiavo's Death

Religious Charities in 10 States Get $1B

Student, Police Officer Tried To Stop Red Lake Shooter

Pope's condition worsens

Cuban exile suspected in bombings in U.S., source says

Second unmanned Predator aircraft in three days crashes in Iraq ($3.8M ea)

U.S. Soldiers Told to "Beat the F**k Out of" Detainees

WP: Schiavo Case a Precursor to Battles Ahead

CNN announcing that Terri Schiavo has died

Vatican moves to stop resignation rumours

NYT: ABC Must Decide Not Just Who but Also What for Late Night

Nine Believed Dead in US Military Plane Crash

Bush is hostage to religious right, says top Republican (The Guardian)

New York Jets Win Stadium Site, Boost to Olympic Bid

Pope's 'Living Will' Wants Life Support to the End (Reuters)

Oil Surges $2 on 'Super-Spike' Prediction ($100+ a barrel)

Reid opposes any timeline for Iraq

Bush Says Schiavo's Death Saddens Millions

Home care funds threatened

Mercedes recalls 1.3 million cars (BBC News)

Tom Brazaitis; Longtime D.C. Journalist,dies of kidney cancer

High Fuel Prices Hitting City Emergency Vehicle Fleets (Peak Oil & City $)

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise (up 30,000 to 350,000)

US jet crashes in central Albania

WP: Hastert Doubtful on Social Security Bill

Washington will let ICC hold Darfur trials: report

No Nations Should Have Nukes, Most In U.S. Say

Brazil:Drought Takes Toll on Transgenic Soy

Taser-related deaths top 100, Amnesty

Jane Fonda Says Vietnamese Visit Was a Betrayal

DeLay: Those Responsible for Schiavo's Death Will Answer For It

Henry Kissinger Undergoes Heart Procedure

Wolfowitz confirmed at World Bank

Shaky faultline raises the threat of a super-volcano (Sumatra)

Governor of Maine Signs Gay Rights Bill

Dollar "catastrophe" prompts call to replace George W Bush

Senator gives big boost to Byrd (Obama's MoveOn appeal worked)

Pakistan arrests al Qaeda suspects

Iraq WMD report to lay blame on CIA (The Guardian)

A Brain Tumor Can't Break An Apartment Lease

Fred Korematsu Dies at Age 86 (Fought WWII Japanese Internment)

Massachusetts House approves stem cell bill

Schiavo Kin: Parents Not Wanted at Burial

Killing in the name of fashion

Activists Seek Action in 59-Year-Old GA Lynching Case

Man: Others Helped in 1981 Pope Shooting

BBC: Kabul Cuts Three U.S. Vigilante Sentences

Belgians rapped over Bush-chimp comparison

MSNBC reporting Sandy Berger to plead guilty to misd of mishandling docs

Alabama Senate filibuster going into second week (donor disclosure in ads)

Freeper fuckwads eat my shorts.....

Stupid freepers ate my shorts

Universal Autonomy and the Religious Right.

How much do you pay for green bell peppers?

Soulseek is my new best friend.

OK, I am officially old and a square...

How come you didn't tell me iTunes streams AAR now?

This will be my last post. I'm leaving DU.

Plastic eggs make great cat toys!

Is Air America coming back to Chicago radio???

Star Wars Clone Wars

Does it seem like it's getting harder to make ends meet ?

Ever get the impression that people take this shit way to seriously? n/t

There's a guy on the Fidonet who claims he's "taking DU'ers to task."

who cant get on AIM?

Eccleston quits Doctor Who role

AIM is back! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if England had lost to Azerbijan

Is the Lounge just a waste of time?

When I see an Albertsons or a Wal Mart commercial I want to...

I decided to leave DU

Who else has cried/got teary listening to the little girl's call to 911?

I'm joining a group of freedom fighters.

Where is RevActs tonight?

My cat is telling me it's time for bed

A rather screwed up scene at work

ASK ME ANYTHING! I need 5 more to hit a 1000

Anybody see South Park tonight

A funny video for the DU MacGyver types

ever visited

What kind of spam annoys you the most?

Goodnight DU!

Chain Story....

Did any of you start paying attention to politics relatively late in life?

Supreme Court Ruling Re Schiavo (Satire)

Tell me a secret...I promise I won't tell anybody

Anyone watched Eyes, the new ABC series?

dookus gets some pals together for a flame war.

Which Heroine Would You Trust Most to Save You?

I heard that Inch Hedwig died tonight

Watching drunk passengers on " Airlines " on A&E is so fun .

Hehehe...apparently, Europeans do think that I am some sort of god.

John Lennon: "I'm not Noel Gallagher."

They say the girls are something else on Broadway

Jeez, my kids can be a handful. (sigh)

Are anyone else's allergies fucking brutal lately?

"If you step in my way I will SMITE you!!!"

Is the creator of the Simpsons a Democrat or Republican?

"Natural Born Killers" is incredible.

Mathematical proof that Oasis is better than the Beatles.

The weather was lovely in Illinois today!

Paula Zahn is about as sexy as a dog turd

My spoon is too big

Laura and Madame

Have you ever farted in church?

Favorite latter-era Beatles album?

Happy birthday to me!

I guess I'm a big softy after all

Question for guys about A. Coulter

Who'all's here?

Can cats eat too much?

It's 4:45 AM, I have a class at 9:30, and I'm not tired....

insidious terrorist attack? 1 killed in blast at S.C. duct-tape plant

Bunny Suicides

Some Say the Divil is Dead !

Rate some pussy

Thursday morning toons... (and a download)

good morning to all of you who just got up

what does it mean when all the postings at AmericaBlog look like this


Wanna be cuddled and loved?

Subject Deleted!

Celebrity Poker

How long does it take for caffeine to start working in your body?

Thief Steals Poop From Woman Walking Her Dog

responding to an e-mail

William Kristol Hit In Face With Pie During Speech At College

In a Blue State for the first time since the election

Listening to "Blind Boys of Alabama" now on IMUS......

There's a monster in my pants !

Ok this is furkin' funny

Do you have a double?

Mitch Hedberg - Farewell to a Friend (

Cop Tackles 77 Year Old Man Taking Stroll Across Bridge

I am a genius! I automated thread hiding!

Pictures of Tsunami like waves

Please help whoisalhedges.

m.a.t.c.o.m. at the Jacko Trial?

Show off your desktops!!!!

Anyone else find it painful to watch the Pope being wheeled up

I wanted to post this in the lounge, Its my 900th post

Man Conned 41 People Into Paying For Super Bowl Tickets He Didn't Have

Thank you Bob Saget

"I've seen this in the movies before! The black guy dies!" Spoilers

Dammit Dammit Dammit

Couple Sue Homebuilder Over Urine-Soaked Walls

Coolest Mouse

Is it me?

DAMMIT!!! I knew it was too good to be true!

I need help with the name of a song.

Self deleted. Resepect for Terri's passing.

I am going to say this one time and one time only.

Which Judge Will the Schindlers Turn to Now?

Scientists find new role for the swastika

Another Two-Hour Delay This Morning!!

Need LCD Monitor

Happy Birthday-Ewan-Al GoreRhea-Mista Cahtare-more cowbell-HerbGordieCesar

Happy Birthday Mr. President (Gore). Happy Birthday to you.

So How was Dr. Dean at the "Bluezette" in Philly last night?

Self-deleted out of respect...

Terri is gone. I'll be hiding in here the rest of the week.

Beatles cooler gifs

Oh matcom

Any live video of Terri S. coverage online?

Need LCD monitor advice

Today's earworm:

Please don't tell skinner, but

"Life is Simple and Easy for Me"

T. Schaivo has passed away.

Please don't tell skinner, but

John Lennon got arrested for heckling the Smothers Brothers.

I swear, today I refuse to read or post anything related to Terri Schiavo

Religious leaders unite against Jerusalem gay festival

Who here is awaiting the debut of the movie..........

Terri Schiavo is REALLY dead this time

A cup of coffee and some valium for the mods.

For freepers who are visiting remembrance of NightTrain

I hope the DU server can handle the GD load.

Why do people reply to my posts?

Thank you Bob Segar!

sooo which poLiticos wiLL attend terri's funeraL

Now back to regular news...

If someone called you "wacky," what would you say back?

best threads/forums for current events+apocalyptic prediction stuff?

"What kind of an embrace did her parents give Terri?"

Ozzy, wife flee blaze at mansion

I'm "waking" my Ma tonight. Funeral tomorrow.

If I click on a link to the Lounge...

FreeRepublic---Terri Schiavo archive

Are Pop-Tarts Getting More Persistent?

Ozzy, wife blaze Flea at mansion


FLASH: Ronald Reagan still dead.

Kenny is dead.

I just woke up and discovered I'm out of coffee

Thank you Elzie Segar!

What the heck is it with this mushy food?

Stop me from sayin' it!!! Stop me from sayin' it!!!

Flash! 146,000 people died today!

What the heck is with this mushy d00d?

How do you feel about Demonds?

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled life..."

I am so lonely.

We aren't *really* going to let hedges push us around are we? Pile On.

What the heck is with this tushy mood?

Breaking News!! Generallissimo Francisco Franco is still dead...

If you called someone "wacky," and they took offense..

Lately I've seen some close-up photos of MJ's hands - creepy..

What the heck is with this mushy mood?

If I click on the link to GD, will my computer explode?

I just painted my fingernails

That's IT! I'm calling Skittles!!!

Should we eat this chicken?

Wow. Terri Schievo gets the first remarks from Bush. I just wonder . . .

"Japanese People don't have souls"

Is Al Franken always eating something when he's on the radio?

Last Day of Unfiltered!

Spain and Columbia *seem* to be getting along quite well

From a Kevin Smith Point of View, What if Terry Shiavo Was God?

Is it Goth in here?

Woman gives birth in car before police pull her over at gunpoint

"Liberal judges are trying to destroy God's presence in America"

So the loudmouth is telling everyone here I was let go

Isn't it funny how money can get you in the worst mood?

minneapolis citizens, please be my friend

I am getting a Blackberry....

i need some advice

My mom is moving to Mexico.

My sprout can't elope!

What the heck is with this pushy mood?

4 GI's assult friend outside 7/11:

Anyone see South Park last night?

Amazing Jesus Miracle Meteorite for sale, only $250,000!

My cantaloupe is sprouting!

I'm not wearing any pants!

Like Sam the butcher bringing Alice the meat

Spring Cleaver, who else is feeling it today?

I AM wearing pants!

There's a little bit of a foul whiff of fecundity in the air.

Spring beaver, who else is feeling it today?

Does anyone read Stephanie Klein's blog?

Just a damn shame the way we treat people.

SO some dumb-ass lawyer

I'm wearing someone elses pants.

Oh no! I just spilled my soda

Why can't people just say someone has "bitten the big one"? Or:

I am feeling like my head is going to explode.

Some classic Mitch Hedberg quotes

Why can't people just say someone's taking a "dirt nap"?

Why can't people just say someone has *died*?

I am getting a Raspberry

join me for strong coffee and Charlize Theron movies at 6am

What is it with "holy men" and humorous head gear?

jim, i wore a tie today

Woman gives birth in car before police pull her over at gunpoint

So....will Mel Gibson...

are pop-ups getting more persistent?

Redbuds Dogwoods and Cherries, oh my

I hereby dub CNN - SnuffTV.

Haunted nightgown on Ebay

A snarkiness of mine in a presentation has become a company standard.

I was takin a trip out to L.A.

Woman Gives Birth In Van - Police Pull Her Over At Gunpoint

At 1:15EST on CNN.COM

Who here has been to the Eiffel Tower?

Just a damn shame the way we treat people.

Signs of intelligent life in Pinellas Park!

Insanely funny, stupid, idiotic video by a little kid rapping

Monaco's Prince Albert Assuming the Regency, Palace Announces

"if it bleeds, we can kill it"

This is not the greatest song in the world...

Bush and the Native Americans

Which of these two albums is better?

The Dark Streets of London

We're Vegas-bound Saturday! Any recommendations?

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

450 spyware infections!?!?!?!?

Matt's to-do list.

HBO's Carnivale and William Butler Yeats' "The Second Coming"

Who will be the next Terri?

Breaking News: Long subjects require periodic spaces

On E-Bay, Blessing and necklace made by 5 year old for 1000.00$

Oh merde. Now I have gone and done it.

Twin Cities Pioneer Press confirms death of Mitch Hedberg

I'm bored.... somebody start a flamewar

Funniest Performance in CADDYSHACK

I just thought of a great way to promote DU: Get Skinner as a guest on AAR

Just had lunch: Broiled chicken sandwich, pan fries and a diet dr. pepper

Chick Tract of the day: The Evils of Christian Rock!

Need job advice

A Joke For You

Hey! How did I get a star?!

Check these lyrics:"Sonic Jihad" by Paris

Just For Men ...

Could someone go get me a glass of water please?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Is there a RIGHT and WRONG way to put a toilet paper roll in its holder?

My dad is currently flying down here on an airplane.

Forget it. I tried twice and it won't do the damned poll.

Britney Spears "Lashes Out" At Tabloids


If you have me on IGNORE, please speak up and tell me why!


So who likes handmade socks?

Stinky britches - you've got those stinky britches!

What is the catchiest song?

Tell me a funny joke or...

Why do freepers and fundies feel the need to rewrite history

What are the sights to see in Cleveland?

She was a fast machine. She kept the motor clean.

Deaf Karaoke... "Torn"


Breast Cancer Hospitalization Bill-important information for all women


Just got home - please allow me one Terri Schiavo post

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Flee House Fire

Help, I have a job interview tomorrow

Something very very bad will happen to all of us if I don't


Between these two comics' signature bits, which do you like better?




What are the best and worst albums you're heard recently?

Reminder "Left of the dial" is on tonight on HBO

Anyone know if Terri Schiavo will be buried or cremated?

How much narcotics is Laura Bush bringing to the United States?

Bill Kristol hit by Pie...with filmed by Zapruder!

I'm straight, it's great, get used to it!

More cowbell! Christopher Walken is 62 today.....

Will I play the piano anymore?

Oasis has an entry in the Wikipedia.

DUers rock. Thank you for captioning the critters.

Grilled Gardenburgers rock and I don't want to hear any argument

What's all this fuss I hear about Onassis?

PBS ran a special documentary about Krakatoa

Unfreep this poll

Hold It! Ringo's SON is the drummer in Oasis?

caption THESE beasties

Tallahassee DUers....

caption the critter

caption the critters # 3

caption the critters # 5 (last one for a while)

Dookus' fun fact for the day:

caption the critter # 2

I shall have to whine if you do not caption the critters.

I just cut off all my hair. Ask me anything.

Say baby what's your sign part II

Here ya go, Radical Activist! Coming in from London from over the pole

It's not gaydar it's

Carnivale' action needed! Blockbuster won't rent it out!.


Where you sent here by the devil?

Whew! I just got an extension on my term paper prospectus due date.

We need Fr. Guido Sarducci for an update.

Bored, stressed out, tense, on edge, waiting for a phone call

FLASH: Jimmy Jazz leads "highest maintenance" poll!

MY FIRST POLL: Name your favorite drunk Xultar statement

I'm hurt. JimmyJazz and Progmom aren't fighting over me.

Showing my house today

Breaking News from the United States!

Time for your daily cat thread!

Breaking News from Spain!

Mitch Hedberg remembrance thread

Richardo: Protecting corporate America from communist homosexuals...

Headlines We'd Like to Read, March 31, 2005

Don't things like this happen in trees?

Casting the "Terri Schiavo Story"



I have decided not to cut my throat for a long time

Don't things like this happen in threes?

My choice for the next Pontiff? Father Guido Sarducci of course!

I MAY or MAY NOT be wearing pants!

I'm in the mood for a "WHO AM I?" - Howzabout you?

Do you have a DU rash?

I've decided not to cut the cheese for a long time

Stupid thought of the day

I have decided not to cut my lawn for a long time

X-files on now is about psycho murderous fundie

Hide thread hide thread hide thread hide thread hide thread

Nostrils = extra storage space?

Here's a joke i heard today{not perverted}

Declare your candidacy for DU Comptroller here!

Who is highest maintenance on DU Lounge?

Robert Elms - "Why I hate The Beatles"

Who is this?

Stupid thought of the day

Oh the Garbage man can Marge the Garbage Man can

My husband just got two free tickets to Universal Studios!


I'm watching "First blood"

Is this ad as funny as I think it is/??

Time for a laugh here

Rumor about Prince Rainier

Tomorrow is my first anniversary on DU!

Jack Handey !!

I've decided not to cut my fingernails for a long time

I have decided not to cut my hair for a long time

First post of picture from new camera (of old cat)

now jesus came down in a vision

Kitty at my foot and I want to touch it

Highest maintenance hair on DU?

Now for todays "WHO AM I?" part two

I have decided not to cut the cheese for a long time

Highest maintenance Admin on DU?

my 44 year old doctor died and her 18 year old son had to

Who has the highest hair on DU ?

I Need 20 More Posts To Hit 29,000. Ask Me Anything

test message

What is your favorite cookie?

abuse me

I changed my Avatar!

Don't worry, "God looks after the stupid".


Has Jean-Claude Van Damme ever made a movie that doesn't have

Cat massage!

Pepsi or Coke?

Ever make a grocery list that just says EVERYTHING

My ears are burning

Coke or coke


Jury awards $100,000 in damages to Nugent for canceled concert

Dudes the pope is toast

So we start rehearsing, and the Sopranos walk on stage and kill everyone!

Out, damned cough! Out, I say!

Who wants to drink my DU Orange Crush?

The last words on Schiavo:

So what's so great about life?

Do you require a DU crush?

Why Harry Potter is so dangerous, by Jack T. Chick

MrsGrumpy, what hath thou wrought?

Do you require a DU stalker?

I can understand a rogue not having a conscience hubby knows a bargain when he sees it!!!!!

I need a bug

Does the DNC read DU??? Look at this...

Do you require a DU Hunny-Bunny?

Arguing w/ a ditto-head... need source links re: Terry Schiavo (Please!!!)

PETA to Target Star Jones Reynolds

Adding memory to a laptop - is it really difficult ?

Cherry Coke or Wild Cherry Pepsi

Robber only gets...

Delete - poll failed generation

I need to chug

Teen nearly breaks record for fastest stop

I need a hug.

GIMP (classic free image manipulation sw) remade to look like Photoshop

How do you nicely ask a fundy not to visit you in the hospital?

DU appreciation thread

Encore Love Channel - Jon Stewart in Playing By Heart

The FReepers are gonna commit suicide before the night's over...

Does this bring you back (** warning, semi-graphic pics!) ?

Ted Nugent vs. Oasis

i made big potty

Red Pop poll

What's your favorite candy bar ?

Everybody now....We Are Family !

i'm getting my cowbell fix....

My gaydar tells me Schindler "Spiritual Advisor" Brother O'Donnel

How many..... jokes!

We need to set up a shelter for Sundog due to the fight.

Science Project...

Caffeine free diet Crystal Pepsi or untreated water?

What's the plural of Dookus?

Some Mitch Hedberg clips

Vanilla Coke or Vanilla Pepsi?

Alright then - who needs a good ROGERING !

tried out a PSP for the first time today

I'm Poopinking Skunk

Lovely! I just discovered cat urp on my pillow!

Is Dookus the new Kleeb?

Is it wrong that I'm greiving more for Hedberg than Shiavo?

ooo entertainment - Police Scanner style

I pulled out my own teeth


add "umpy" to yer DU name. Thanks for the idea Cyndee_Lou_Whumpy!!!

I wonder if the "Power Of Software" company knows POS means other things

Did anybody watch "Lost" last night?

Times have changed and times are strange

Daily Show repeat of lunatic Rep wants to ban gay abortions

HEY! My cousin "got it"!

I am looking for Heywood Youcuddleme.

YUCK! my coworker has a AUTOGRAPHED picture of * and picklez hanging on

Hello. I'm looking for Mike. Last name Rotch.

My non-Schiavo-related post sank like a rock in GD. :D n/t

Postal Worker Found With Mail From 1996

Have you ever looked up a DUer's picture who you've argued with...

Terry Schiavo died on my birthday

Hotwire or Priceline?

Where does CD Chivas USA (MLS Soccer team) play at?

ANyone been to Iceland to wreakhavoc?

Someone once told me that Eva Peron's body is preserved....

Saw something weird today

I need a pug!


Where's me Jumper ?

Who's going to Heck?

I'd do That for a dollar

My sweet Lounge peasants!

Frequently Asked Questions page has been updated

Is Diet Coke with Lime the new Kleeb?

looks like I may win my NCAA pool... but lose the pope and schiavo ones


I need a thug!

What ever happened to these very cool DUers?


Replace any word in a movie title with "Dookus"

New Rule: No more TV during dinner!

Hey hey. Do the Zombie Stomp.

Can I hang out here for a while?

REMINDER: HBO's Left of the Dial comes on in 5 minutes..

"We have a new cool standard."

We've lost our profiles...

My ears are bleeding.

Terry Schiavo owed me money

Did you like the new Doctor Who?

Left of the Dial is on, are you watching?????

Politicians make decisions. They're the ones to blame. So don't blame me.


how fast are you?

What do you think we are doing today that History will judge harshly?

Add "ookus" to your DU name. Thanks for the idea Cyndee_Lou!!!

What's for supper?

Anybody gonna watch the new Bruce Campbell movie on Sci-Fi?

O.K. why would this happen to my computer....

Kleeb thinks My mom is going to murder us in our beds...

Get off my hand!


Who wants to be my DU crush?

Funny stuff, video of Bush's speech "writer"

Vein ladies of DU... your favorite tourniquet tips?

Goodnight peepholes

Maybe you all are homosexuals

At what point do people drop the idea that a person is a freepazoid?

I-10 Alabama meet up tomorrow

Have no heroes.

I just automagically hid 114 threads on you-know-who

Test Massage

Hello. Vandalay Industries.

The highly awaited Post Punchlines Only Thread!

You think I open a restuarant in the middle of the hood and don't know

Greg Giraldo: "Afghanistan is now producing 87% of the world's opium..."

If you've never heard Oasis, here are snippets on

That's it, I've had it!

Why did Sue Ellicott leave Morning Sedition ?

Egads. Randall Terry singing at Schiavo's service.

Awwww, one shy of 1000 posts...

Will American Idol act on this?

I just spent an hour composing


Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite is Lazlo Holyfeld from Real Genius

Vane ladies of DU....What are your weather conditions?

What do you do with sad, lonely people?

I'm Insane

I got a $50 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble for my b-day...

Tru Calling is back...pretty cool

Later - Gators -

Should I change my name to HypnoTookus?

So I just finished watching the HBO documentary on AAR..what's the final

What's that song on the new VW commercial?

Who will you miss MOST?

I had a threesome with Jesus!

Mods, Cleanup in aisle 1.

I haven't been posting a lot lately.

Highest maintenance male on DU?


An awesome line from the novelization of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

So, DU Psychologists, etc

Delete - dupe

Berate me, I'm an idiot.

What are your latest medical discoveries?

I'm watching "Sliders". Ask me anything!

Dedicated Air America Listeners??

Bill O'Reilly - Real Time with Bill Maher

Score one for the Scouts...

"Shrub: Reign of Madness" on History Channel. O.K., "Caligula"

What is your UD name?

"King of the Hill: Season Three"

What will the next big fad in GD be

I've decided to change my name to Rabrrrrrrookus

I am Generalissimo Francisco Franco Bohamonde, ask me anything!

I hate the word "KEWL", ask me anything!

one more day. one more day. one more day.

Forget adding things to DU names. Take some stuff away from DU names.

If Oasis was a sports team, would you wear their hat?

Gas up to $2.13 here. What is it where YOU live?

I'm going to lose 20 pounds dammit

Divorced DUers... a question?

South Park is doing a Feeding tube episode.

if oasis were musically talented would they still suck?

When comics go bad: Prickly City...

Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs.

Capital N, small Y,

Caption this beastie

I smell bullshit.

Poop Doggy Dog

"Come over to the Dark Side..."

What's your favorite Van Halen tune?

I need some happy and/or funny websites quick.

Will I dream?

Is "Last Comic Standing" going to come back? I watched the first

What would you do for a dollar?

My Cat Hates You

Anyone else notice that Bobby Schindler

Anyone been to Reykjavik?


Soon Dookus will announce his plans to be the next Pope.


Anyone Else Getting Tired of Donald Trump?

K. L. E-E B.

I have a feeling that ER just shumped the shark

Did that Heldreth guy get arrested?

my cat wants to eat you

I just ate a 15 inch submarine sandwich. Ask me anything.

moofookus, and stop calling us sue.

I'm still a freeper and you can still ask me anything!

Halve no hoagies, eat them whole.

Is the rejection of the name Hootie a modern version of Kunta Kinte...

His name isnt 'Darius Rucker'! It's Hootie!

I know morons judge artists by their politics, but I love Bruce Willis

I'm going to watch left of the Dial

I bought my law school diploma frame today!

The kids are asleep

3 categories during Double Jeopardy today...

His name isnt 'Hootie'! It's Darius Rucker!

Shortwavers...great sites re: current reception conditions!!!

Mr. is watching the WORST movie: Alien Apocalypse

Is this the end?

Baby boomers and younger, who was President when you were born?

I think we need to marry up some DUers and combine names

What do you think of the SUV ads showing some kind of furry

LeBron James just sank a three pointer at the buzzar to put it into OT

Didn't anyone see South Park?!?

President Bush has a blog....

I watched Tru Calling earlier and all I have to say is...

Favorite misheard lyric?

Is it possible to hijack a Forum (or a DU Group)?

I get offended when you disparage JohnKleeb. You shouldn't. Here's why:

OK, the fun's ----.

My guitar wants to kill your mama.

I get offended when you post too many Kleeb threads

DU pet peeve.

What Would Jesus Have Done... with Terri Schiavo (with feeding tube in)?

Warm beer Vs. Cold beer

Just a thread whose subject line ends with progmom

Is there a 'lowest maintenance male on DU' copycat thread, yet?

Viagra May Cause Vision Loss

i reached my personal best in being lazy tonight

Jamster can go to hell

Giant sculpture, missing for 137 years, discovered

I can handle two freepers at a time on another message board!!!

I gotta say

Have you ever had an "accy"???

Excellent statistic from Catholic Radio

I'm gonna sue any mofo who puts "ookus" on his name...

A Different Kind of Movie Quiz

This smilie isn't big enough.

LEFT OF THE DIAL - So, what did you think?

"Not to be reproduced" Do you find Magritte's painting spooky?

Use the name Dookus in album titles.

I held myself back!

So we start rehearsing, and the soprano walks onstage 30 seconds late

Listening to Frampton Comes Alive. Ask Me anything.

I'm meeting Al Franken tomorrow!!!

Your smile for the day from me.

DU gearheads/docu. fans/motocross fans/VW fans... it's finally here!

One HELL of a rack, bay-bee! (picture)

I'm really REALLY liking the L Word

Rev, yvr girl, JimmyJazz and I sharing a hotel room. What could happen?

I love Burt's Bees

Replace a word in your screen name with "Kleeb".

Ha! Here's a good one

East Coast DUers...April Fools Day in one hour!

Are there any current or former jazz djs here tonight?

I just pwn3d a freeper on another message board, and now I need a break...

Pre-baby boomers, who was President when you were born?

I don't care if they fire me! I've been set up.

George Carlin says

Is it just me, or is it dead here tonight?

Does anyone carry mace/pepper spray?

First President you referred to with a profanity?

What are your latest musical discoveries?

Type your replies to this post with your eyes closed.

Best name for a suggested Paris Hilton clothing line?

Best Giant Bug Movie

NEWS FLASH! The Dead are still Grateful

Rev is on her way to getting drunk, ask her something!

I still sleep with my stuffed lion- and I'm 20! Argh!

What's your favorite David Lee Roth tune?

my free download link for a Mitch Hedberg special. RIP Mitch

What percentage of advertisements in fact convince you to buy the product?

Saw a sneak peek of Sin City, ask me anything! (possible spoiler alert)

I'm so glad I didn't live in mideaval Europe

Do you have a DU crush?

Has anyone reading this never been to the United States?

Prefix part (or all) of your username with "Dirt"

You could close down Moe's

PLEASE!!!! Stay Off The Railroad Tracks

What insults do you use on Republican freepers?

Gmail email invites available

The bastards who stole my identity are in jail!

Spring fever, who else is feeling it today?

What is the median age of people on DU, and am I close?

A used-car buying tip from your Uncle Richardo...

It's here, it's finally here!!

Post your "Well, I'll be darn" responces here.

Paging Catwoman, would Catwoman pick up the white courtesy phone...

caption the critters # 4

I'm 31 and my hair is streaking grey

Full 60 second 'Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch' commerical

Vain Ladies of DU...Your favorite beauty secrets

I heard that Mitch Hedberg died tonight

Midlodemocrat is simply MAD with power (are you all afraid of her?)

ATTention DU XULTAR IS DRUnk @ the airport

things I have learned the hard way... (add your own)

Well, I never thought I'd ever turn off a Guy Ritchie movie

Oh No! Progmom and I are fighting! We may even have to break up!

Poll as art form: make a pretty curve!

"Blueberry Hill", "Strawberry Fields" - any other songs with the

How fast are you?

Did anyone catch last nights South Park

Put your favorite movie character in South Park!

A modest proposal to restore civility within DU...

what is your silliest fear?

I am just too damned political for a realtionship!

"DU: The Motion Picture" is in pre-production.

What book are you?

Which dead language is cooler to use at the bars?

Each of these poll options is a percentage.

Tragedy at the Bush* Library

Politically incorrect....BUT I DON'T CARE!!!

I changed my mind about the seal hunt.

I would like to say Thank you!

Grassroots Animal Rights Conference in NYC

Sealers not fairing well at all

Bags of Dead Dogs Discovered in Virginia

"News that the 'Rapture' Has Come and Gone Alarms Many Christians"

The Daily Office

Pope given last rites

An Evangelical that is pro-reason?

Statement of faith from the Church that I escaped from.

God's roll in miscarriages

United Church of Christ

Brain chip reads man's thoughts

Photos of T Rex Soft Tissue!

Simple Basic Theories

Larry Kramer Speech at Cooper Union:

Judge Stays SF Gay Marriage Ruling

NY Medical College Cannot Be Prosecuted For Refusing Gay Student Group

Too close to call Marriage Amendment in Kansas

Advice from other gay people would be extremely helpful sometimes. Please?

Ohio To Plug Loophole In Gay Marriage Ban But Only For Straights

Louisiana Gays Battles 'Crimes Against Nature' Law

Bush Admin Tells Parents Of Gays To Tell Their Kids To Abstain From Sex

As Armstrong Gets Mysterious, Hincapie Leads Discovery in Flanders Classic

US Cyclist Julich wins Critérium International (adds to Paris-Nice win)

BoSox trade Kim to the Rockies

Sports Promotion Contracts

Lebron James

Help! I found two stray dogs, but I can't keep them!

Happy Birthday Murphee!!!

Anybody heard from Prozacnation?

Were we the only ones that got warned?

ATTN. ATHEISTS!!! PLEASE please please stop saying you "Lack belief"

Ahm, Okay it's odd news items day

For Europegrl4jfk, a lighthearted post

some pictures

Kerry in NTSB dispute with Reid, Kennedy 3/31/05

Some of these fools give the RWers all the ammo they need

Hey Fire, you speak Math: What does this mean?

WOOOOHOOOO The new camera has arrived!!!!

First picture post from new camera (of old cat)

The square biz re TUCKER CARLSON's time slot, from MSNBC's website

Nancy Grace's ratings continue to dive. . .

Tucker Carlson taking over Keef's time slot? WTF??

Emailed newsletter 3/31 -- the leadoff: "Terry Schiavo has died"

WTF?!? Tucker Carlson out at PBS, said to be targeted for 8 PM MSNBC

So . . are we all going to throw the newsletter pages at halftime? . . .

More Keith stuff for

Sen. Boxer Supports Safe Nursing and Patient Care Act of 2005, S. 351

SS- "GWB sets the standard of political cowardace for generations to come"

9 Urgent Actions from PDA - Debt Slavery to Opposing Bolton to the UN

Treasury Dept meets the public with false Soc Sec statements

PDA and Launch

Tell your congress & Senators you'll never vote again

Soc Sec - GWB's "Ace Up His Sleeve"

what if Jesse led Blacks to flood the GOP and change it?

Response to re pubs commercial on SS

William M. Hammesfahr, M.D: His report on Schiavo and a bit more.

'Mr. Smith' Joins Filibuster Fray

I must have missed the Geraldo/G/G story five days ago ...

BRAD BLOG: Ralph Nader Endorses VR's "Divestiture for Democracy" Campaign!

Former NIH director Healy misstated facts in Schiavo case

How do you feel about legalized gambling?

Now that the Supreme Court has refused to intervene in the Schiavo case...

Excellent LTTE in "NY Times" today: short, sweet, and to the point.

Republican Senator Bill Frist, M.D., does a bypass

The World According To Bush

What the enemy king is saying: Karl Rove's Speech to CPAC 2005

Who is Laurence Silberman? (WMD Commission co-chair)

D.C. Response Slow in Life-And-Death Cases (but quick with Terri S, case)

My letter to CNN regarding the Sanchez papers....Please Kick!

April 15th National Sick-out: IMPEACH Bush** CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ACTION!

Finger-pointing begins over failure to prolong Schiavo's life

FBI Arrests Saudi Prince's Wife in Maids Case

Send Tom DeLay an email (click here)

Who deserves a seat in the senate?

The neocon revolution

Some point to Mel Martinez as source of Shiavo talking points

Tom Delay - Catch & Release Voting

My 2 cents about congress and Terri Shiavo

CNN: Terri Schiavo has died, according to a spokesman for her parents.

Can we create a list of lies and untruths told by the GOP?

Should we eat this chicken?

With TS now a moot point , W Jeb will now run to shore up fundie support.

Ann Veneman (Bush's UNICEF Ex. Dir. nominee), corporate profits crusader

Jebuloid issued a statement on Schiavo

The trouble with America?

COWARD! He ran as fast as he could. (nt)

Bush holding Press Conference on WMD at 11:40 E.S.T.

Wanna help Russ Feingold?

Goldman Sachs: ''Oil Could hit $105 a Barrel''

Likes rats on a sinking ship, Howard Fineman weighs in on Delay

MSNBC Poll On Schiavo Case: Do You Think American Court System Worked?

New cartoon, posted as Schiavo's death was being announced

CNN: Kagan says the 9/11 Comission was formed by Bush

I'm hearing that Terri's parents were refused to watch her die

I hate to beat a dead horse, but can somebody assist me?

"He should be shot." Pro-life people say the darnedest things.

What is an activist judge?

Anyone notice Jesse Jackson everywhere trying to

What are the Schindler's doing with the money. MSNBC and CNN both had

Did the courts work in Terri S. case? poll-- 56% say yes, 44 % say no

How long before the parents sue the hospice....

Notice the blame of the Intelligence Report doesn't include

If media was left wing the headline would say: Terri Schiavo's body dead

Eating their own in Freeperville...

c-span asking: Is there a public strategy to demonize DeLay


Ethically compromised Delay is the one out of control, not the judiciary

3/31/2005 W: "We are saddened by an individual death. Now, on to

Did Anybody See The idiot's Press "Conference"?

Gov. Bush: 'I Wish I Could Have Done More'

Have you seen this man?

EU pulls a good one on Wolfowitz

Any word from Richard Clark on this Intel Report??????

Kofi said "hell no"

Dr. Healy on msnbc--chatting again on need to be merciful

Charles Schwab branch locator down -- protest day


PDA Launches Campaign to Defeat "Debt Slavery"

Have you seen this Man? (delay)

Press Conference: Michael Schiavo's lawyer on now, Praises Jesse Jackson

Issues now prime for discussion now that we're not distracted.

Tucker Carlson PBS show to end

Schindlers denied visitation overnight

Condi Curries Favors in India

Jeb offered no condolences to Michael Schaivo

National Guard: "Get even with Iraq for what they did to us on 9/11!!!"

Got Cluster Bombs?-- sell them here!

Scandal Man: DNC Special report on DeLay.

Lobbyist With Ties to Bush Investigated

Schiavo Poll - Need your votes

Mediawhores switch from Terriwatch to Popewatch without missing a beat.

If we manage to squash the nuclear option....

Commission on WMD Intel Failures Concludes Bush is Blameless >

Limbaugh sounds desperate today.

Since when are Hagel & Lugar moderates?

Just got a freeper email about Hillary not meeting with Gold Star Moms

Powell criticises Bush on Iraq (in an Aussie magazine ofcourse)

Highly insulting that Delay is preaching to me.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Was A Good Documentary, But...

C-SPAN Daily Alert: Programming Information for Thur. 3/31 - Fri. 4/1

It's 5:41PM EST and CNN is getting to the "scathing" report on WMD

Well She's Dead And The Sky Didn't Fall

Some Quotes about Novakula

Is mutiny in the air?

CNN reporting Sandy Berger charged with misdemeanor charge

Possible future of the American Talibornagain

The Terri saga goes on...Terri Schiavo Relatives Feud Over Burial

May I introduce..Mayor Tom Potter... he gots ballz!

Walter Pincus Washington Post CSPAN on WMD Report...

Did Anyone See South Park Last Night?

Pope given last rites

"Work to build a Culture of Life where all Americans are welcomed"..

CNBC now doing a special on "business and faith"

Robert Reich - The Lost Art of Democratic Narrative: Story Time - Jeb Bush

Great Blog exposing the PNAC

Senate Dems Offer 'Personal Constitution'

I wonder if any right wing, fundie nut jobs would volunteer to have their

Yikes! Randall Terry playing piano and singing (badly) at

"TRMPAC, in its own words"

Is "Judicial Activism" just code for

That Bush boy's a fucking genius .......

Excellent statistic from Catholic Radio

FAUX just played tape of a death threat called to Schiavo's brother

"Village Idiots for Bush**" bumper sticker idea.

DNC called tonight begging for money

Sun Myung Moon linked to Falwell, W, GHW Bush and GOP

BRAD BLOG: Revealing more ACVR! GOPUSA Runs CNS Story on GOP Front Group!

mission impossible

"New" WMD report Smells like C.I.A. "Team B" ver.2.0

What stories is the MSM currently covering up for Bush?

Freeper fears another 9/11 as punishment for Schiavo

Seymour Hersh: Bush is "Unreachable"---my article is now up at

Need help-- Anne Coulter's anti-Canadian/racist comments?

Did Bush really distance himself from the Schiavo vote?

Schiavo drama intensifies US culture war

60% of wounded troops coming back from Iraq have Traumatic Brain Injuries

Why are they so afraid of death?

DU this poll

Does the DNC read DU? Look here...

Bastard Priest Pavone calls for limits to the powers of the Courts. Says

Tell CNN what you think

Quick 'n Easy guide to DeLay scandals

I think from this day forward our candidates should only run against

Wes Clark in Qatar: Democracy Cannot be Imposed...

Remember when John Kerry said "healthcare should be a right"

TX repuke: Threatens oil shortage if TX Homeland Security $ not increased

U.S. Army Blocks Liberal Web Sites

can it be argued that "the state took the life of TS" (as Santorium says)?

The curious silence protecting RW pundits and politicians

The Ann Coulter Incident

Pat Boone is as disgusting as Fr. Pavone!

$817,403.76 collected for Senator Byrd in two days.

Is it just me, or is he having this press conference since he has

So, is Delay trying to poison the public's mind against judges BEFORE

"We are not the pro-abortion party"

4/1 CSPAN - Lots of Rethug April Fools!!!!

Ldotter pandemonium! Some ??? Bushes over Schaivo actions

Any word on when the pukes try and slide the nuclear option by us ?

It takes more courage to be a Democrat than a Republican

Three very important things to know about Michael Schiavo...

Why hasn't Bush done the whole terrorism thing yet?

DeLay calls for Impeachment on Schiavo Judges??? Pot Meet Kettle

Rudy G. pockets $80,000 from SC Tsunami Fund Relief Event

Why American neocons are out for Kofi Annan's blood

Ohio Secretary of State Candidate Agrees: Election 2004 was Stolen!!!

The Ghost of Baby Sun Hudson

GOP Chair @ Howard / PDA Board Member Dragged out of Meeting - Video

Would any DUers not support Russ Feingold in the general election?

"Recent years of neglect"??????Suzanne Vitadamo

Larry Kramer:The Powell Manifesto:The REAL Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Help Save the Senate Filibuster

Why the judicial decision is unacceptable for Terri Schiavo