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Archives: March 26, 2005

Rise of the X-Cons

Madsen: Bush administration clears US troops in slaying of Calipari

Far too quiet on the homefront (CSM opEd)

Fear of Death gave George Bush presidency

When weeping for religious martyrs leads to the crucifixion of innocents

Curves Founder Under Fire

Dan Rather Gone, But White House Isn't Sated Yet

Iran-Japan soccer game stirs protests

Energy Corps With Record of Cheating Consumers Form New Lobbying Group

Jeff Danziger on Bill (Quack Quack) Frist...

Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn

Terri's Law: Sponsored by Kraft Cheese-James Wolcott

UN: Pass Resolution to Refer Darfur to ICC (HR Watch)

What "culture of life"?

EJ Dionne Nails it in WaPo: "A Thin View of Life"

Half of all Americans are Brain Dead (Online Journal, Commentary)

America's Most Wanted Desperate Housewife:

Missiles, microbes, sacked weapon sites: Loose ends proliferate in Iraq

More problems with Bush Immigration Policy at "Freepers"

This just in: Product placement on TV news ("Lazy Homeowner" exposed)

And Don't Even Get Her Started on the War (NYT on Janeane Garofalo)

Not really an article, just some good toons I found on the internet.

Privatizing Survivors, Abandoning Children

Official death toll doesn't add up

Dowd: The Vatican Code

Little Reporting on Paranoia in High Places

Friedman: Geo-Greening by Example (*'s Failure on Energy Policy)

Four words that will haunt Blair

Golden Escape Pods

Molly Ivins: Mercury rising

Body Double...(.An unheralded tube removal..Infant in Texas)

Sexual abuse and rape by soldiers ... "U.N. misconduct"

Why is MSM ignoring bio-mass oil at $60-80/barrel but no costs of finding

Deny Help for the Brain-Injured Soldiers-Save a Brain-Dead Woman-MSM says?

Americans Assess Oil Drilling In Alaska

Chinese chemists report catalyst for making hydrogen from water and light.

Polish chemists also report a photochemical means of splitting water.

Question about hydrogen.

Will Pitt's Truthout Blog discusses bio-mass oil (Thermal Depolymerization

War at sea: Greenpeace fights to save dolphins from the nets

Japan blasts China for carrying out undersea surveys

Philippine police `repent' in bid to keep their jobs

Cold medication ingredient to be banned by 2006

U.S. fights (Venezuelan) deportation denial

Shinui agrees to vote for pull-out budget

Lapid and Poraz assure Sharon of Shinui's support for budget

The Israeli Left Is Opting For Suicide

Any theories on why Building 7 was demolished?

non-mainstream 9/11 is front page story on SanFran BayGuardian



119 questions about 9/11

Tabulator questions (Ohio)

(CA) Judge tosses campaign cash limit, boosts Schwarzenegger's camp

(CA & TX) Republican...Stars: Corporate Sponsored and Ethically Challenged

GRAPHIC: This is your vote on Diebold...

Jimmy Carter to Chair Election Reform Commission

Everybody please learn about "Thor" .... proof of election fraud ....

Attn California: Help needed re: Possible Voter Registration Scam

Saturday 3/26 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

REPLY From Sec of State Candidate regarding Election Fraud


Ca--Protest McPherson at State Capital Tuesday Morning

Ca-Merksamer Smoking Gun- in case you still have questions

Paralell Elections?

Specific Questions for Ohio Sec. of State Candidate

My Letter Regarding Election Fraud to Ohio Sec. of State Candidate


I need a group of activists in Illinois that want to help with an

Action on this board is dwindling

DU Video Pre-release - Bob Fritrakis speaks at "Who got glitched" Teach-In

4/1 San Diego: Don't Be Fooled by Arnold rally & freeway blogging

Bush to visit Cedar Rapids on March 30

3/20 protest arrest witnesses needed.

Why is WZLX apolitical

Why is Kerry so disliked here at DU ?

Wanted to make sure you guys saw this

Need USB 2.0 drivers

I have about 50 Gmail Invites if anyone wants a Gmail account

"Word " glitch question

How do you get the formulas on an Excel spreadsheet to

SBC refusing connect with ZoneAlarm installed

How do I get SBC/Yahoo DSL service to use my wireless router connection?

Bryan Flannery IS a Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State

Go Tammy!!!!


Proposal: Let's all chip in to rent a crop-duster plane

Is DU having technical problems tonight?

What Should The Shindlers Do on Saturday 03/26

Let's all leave ourselves to Randall Terry in our living wills!

Dr. Dobson's Lunatics Give Away the TRUTH about "pro-life" !

How About Some Brad and Jen News Update

Are there any liberal fundamentalists?

New American low: Terri Schiavo is Joan of Arc on ebay Cufflinks

So has progress been made?? I can't even tell...

Interesting stats....OUR problem

NRA's response to Red Lake killing

Great Barbara Jordan Story by Way of Ann Richards

I spoke with my rw mother about my abortion tonight

Trap for your

al queda terrorist or conservative christian?

I had a conversation tonight with 2 friends

Bad news for developing nations:

I'm sorry....BUT another Terri thread? I have a question

Why doesn't anyone mention the rights

I think it is time for Terri Schievo parents to let her go as hard as

Scientists Find Soft Tissue in T-Rex Bone

Another young girl missing - registered sex offender involved

The Schiavo thing isn't about Terri Schiavo. It's about the Bushes

If this fascist trend continues, where will our country be in 5 years?

A 1,000 pities the Left in 2000 wasn't as tenacious as Schiavo protesters

Should Terri Schaivo be allowed to live?

Should Terri Schaivo be allowed to die?

The Iraq war is a failure because of no wmd....I'm tired of hearing about

My last thoughts on Terri....(I promise!)

Anyone notice how We're now selling Arms.......

Why are news channels using the "normal" looking photo of Schiavo?

So far I have only been wrong once.

Racist movie comments

Does anybody know about this (dealing with FCC)?

"Feeling Overwhelmed" . . . can you point me to that thread? . . .

The one thing I can't resolve about the Schaivo case

An Iraq War TV Series - Over There

Gotta Hand it to the Judges. They are doing what they think

Bush - won't someone help this poor man?

Aniston/Pitt divorce is now a bigger headline on Yahoo than Schiavo

Only about the feeding tube, my mother could meet her first grand grand Ci

How long before the right loonies claim Michael Schiavo is a democrat?

I am embarrassed to admit this, but I am really, really, really....

Where is Lincoln, when you need him....?

I've just about decided that the Schindlers are a couple of goofballs

The sun is coming out, and freepers are melting

NPR's "On the Media"

State Agents were en route to get Schiavo...local police say NO!

A word to the fathers on DU

Somewhere in the near future, we must face the Fundamentalists

this little dust up in FL will do no harm the repooks.

Fundies, You Dance On Quicksand.

Native Americans Criticize Bush's Silence -- Response to School Shooting

The Dems in the Texas legislature should introduce a Terri Shiavo bill...

Agents readied in case 'legal window' opened

the whole catholic angle on shaivo is really weird...

Terri Schiavo will be the catalyst for the second Civil War

SO...when Mrs. Schiavo passes, will there be a fight over the final

63% in Florida oppose government intervention in Schiavo case

Useless News

Your former Attorney General, John Ashcroft

New details on the Sgrena/Calipari shooting

Trophy Hunting Advocate Named Acting Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife

BP Refinery Explosion--fishy fishy fishy.

Who said: "The greatest triumph of the Iraq war is the destruction of the

Campus Anti-War "Teach-Ins" Begin: Spread Them To Other Campuses!

the re-pugs are smart!

Cuba to present human rights case against the US

Anyone hear from southlandshari re: the kids show at school....

What is happening in Latin America is a portent of what will happen

The Florida DCF petition to take custody of TS

I'll bet there are a lot of Terri Terrorists out there plotting revenge

I think Bush and Rove are trying to unleash religious terrorism on the U.S

academic bill of rights ...

Where are Bush* and DeLay now ????????

DU Right Wing Bake Sale

My tortured mind forced me to open Paint Shop Pro ...

Protesters invite arrest

MAD TV has become a lot better than SNL

The aggressive use of medical technology to sustain biological function

Soylent Oil? Will dead people solve Peak Oil?

George Washington had Thomas Jefferson as his

Interesting info about Guckert/Gannon

the face of SATAN on this Turtle PROVES that these are the End Times

So we're gonna sell F-16's to a MILITARY DICTATOR????

The War on Michael Schiavo/The War Over Life--conservative blog

Link to legal opinions in TS case, if you are interested

"All you need is Fear", .....apologies to the beatles....

Any word on what caused that refinery in Texas city to blow up?

TV Funhouse, Conspiracy Theory Rock -- anyone see this?

Let's all write the Pinellas Park, FL police to thank them for integrity

The "Responsible Leading Act": A New Legislative Attack On Consumers

This Is Hell

The Secret Uses of Microwaves by British Police and Army

A thought on what else might be motivating the Bush Bros. re: Shiavo

where were these people when "Christian" Ashcroft was

Orange County city gives community OK to shoot bothersome bunnies

John Gibson before Fox News?

Religion in NASCAR

Lesbian pastor resigns post at Inland mission

Randall Terry and his Republican family values...

(R) Puppies & (D) Puppies

Greer denies emergency appeal

"We should pay an extra tax to supplement the president's salary

A look inside the strange world of Bush's Base.

Has the Schaivo incident effectively buried this bombshell????

How about creating a National End of Life Registry?

Persistent Vegetative State information

Why do pedophiles go free while petty theives and drug off. get years?

Cost of War in Iraq

BBC - International Energy Agency Proposes Oil Quotas - in the US as well

So, should I even bother giving my doctor and family my living will?

bush offers condolences to Minn. tribe re: shooting

Thankfully, the circus hasn't affected the OTHERS at the hospice

Anyone else here the story about the talking box on MSNBC

Late last week I read that Sharon

The God Racket, From DeMille to DeLay

Corporations file more lawsuits than individuals

A neocon freeper replies to...

The state of Amerika's Unhealth Uncare

Tell RW'ers to get over it


Feeding Tube Technique "far beyond its original purpose"

what's wrong with this picture? . . .

We need to use the ouster of mr bush

Why does the U.S. always support dictators against the interests

Andrew Sullivan gives DU a mention (not favorable, of course)

Did anyone else just see the report on CNN

What Odd Words Have You Found That DU's Spell Check Does Not Recognize?

Niche Marketing: Same-Sex Couples Who Buy Log Cabin Homes

If Terri Schiavo was a Democrat before her condition....

Jeb's Law Enforcement attempt to seize Terri: Staged or Not-Staged

Local man charged in Schiavo bounty plot

The "Responsible Lending Act": A New Congressional Attack On Consumers


Letter I rec'd from Wal-Mart regarding contraceptive sales:

Anybody else seen this wack job's (Hal Turner) website? Re: Terri S

Is it contradictory to be pro-choice, pro-death with dignity, but against

Is this an example of "the 10 commandments are legal history not religion"

Alex Witt/MSNBC... More Obvious Bias

An informative & poignant discussion of feeding tubes, end-of-life issues

Hal Turner website update:

Anyone expect this Schiavo thing happening over Easter weekend

'Beverly Hillbillies' Creator Dies at 93

SAN FRANCISCO: Empty boots are silent testament to war's toll

Former UN weapons inspector says NeoCons parasites of GOP

9/11 Poem -- I Wrote This 9/12 -- Just Thought I'd Share

Will Terri Schiavo receive sainthood?

The Profits of Religion

Randi re: Randall Terry on Friday: source of info?

Wanted: Women in Indonesia

PHOTO: Pro-Peace march in Ann Arbor, MI....spectacular (re-sized)

FIFTH Grader's "silent" anti-bush protest

My son in a Xitian video

what were terri schiavo's political views?

Im Baaaaaaaaack...and Auditing a county in Illinois.

Read it and shudder!!

Monday is my birthday

two importan msm text about peak oil in the last few days

I think when our media call everyone who resists American power

GRAPHIC: "Err on the side of life..." in Iraq


"Christian" spam is proliferating

Did everyone get their SS Administration Propaganda in the mail today?

CNN sexist headline really annoys me here: "Cheating wife gets

Terri Schiavo...reframing the debate

"Over himself,Over His Own Body And Mind The Individual Is Sovereign"

Does anyone else not give a sh*t about Schiavo?

Our president sucks

What if Terri Schiavo was "Terri Shabbaz"?

My stepdad has Alzheimer's, should we just "pull the plug" and give up?

To all the spelling "hall monitors" on DU

Is the TS thing a ploy to get protestants behind Jebbie?

I guess fundies don't care about the 'sanctity of marriage' at all.

Walt Starr was right - Fla. agents tried to "rescue" Schiavo--Props thread

I'm worried that hospices will start receiving the same treatment as PP

Press release: Christian Coalition tries to resurrect JEB! in public eye

Four more years of this shit.

With all the talk of morals lately. We need a Role Call

Delay upset that Liberals want Christians back in their churches

Nice Grammar, Dude

Has anyone else thought of this?

Is it impeachment time yet ?

Why is the Government changing my bank account numbers??

Will The Media Cover Schiavos Funeral

TX: Portraits of some victims of BP refinery explosion

Minorities charged less than whites at college GOP bake sale

Bleak Young Lives of Many Native Americans: Suicide, Depression, Poverty

To understand the Terri Schiavo frenzy, we must remember what Karl Rove

When Montana's Governor Declared Martial Law To Remove Elected Officials

The whole Schiavo thing makes me sad.

Scary Easter Greeting from the White House

Environmental & Conservation Movements Must End Appeasement Of The Right


DeLay's toast. Conservative San Diego paper STRAFES him

Sixty Years Later, Still No End to the Ripples of World War II

A die-hard Repub in our area is going Independent. His letter today.

Have a question

Hospice becoming Unsafe.......

If any thing comes from Ms. Schiavo's death

Will the fundies form their own party after TS?

Who this f*ck is this Nancy Grace woman on CNN headline?

Stupid E-mail i recieved

Pinellas Judge George Greer Attains New Fame, Infamy in Schiavo Case

Terri Schiavo singlehandedly did what no other issue/scandal did

I'm proud that the judges & courts have stood by the rules of law.

How many junkies will come back from Iraq/Afghanistan?

Found this on the Woodside Hospice site that may interest you

The Nazi Statements

Don't Be Fooled By Arnold Day -- 4/1/2005

Just like everyone else * touches, it turns to shit

What do these people think happens at a hospice? People go

AP tastefully renders Terri's alleged "I want to live!" plea

Quaker Oats Man Comes To Life And Speaks Out...

Liberal comes from Latin "liber" meaning "free"

To people complaining about the amount of Shiavo posts..........

my niece recovered from a prognosis of brain dead no hope

Two events, see which one * sided with. This is where we are headed.

Send your representatives your living wills!

I have an idea, but need help to develop it into a workable

Morans Strike Aagain

Hal Turner's reply to my e-mail................

Social Security: the Dems key back to prominence?

What is bushie thinking? Caption please

Computer glitch help

"Priests for Life" to courts: YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY

If you were in a vegetative state for over 5 years, what would you want?

The Christian Activist Community- basically a bowl of mixed nuts.

So, what's *'s approval rating right now? -nt-

Please remember to email thanks to Chief Thomas of Pinellas Park, FL

Remember that man-date Boosh thought he had? Gone

For my 200th post, I looked for an appropriate photo.

Is the current GOP plan to eliminate the judicial branch of government?

Why I Love Fundies

Now that's what I call a 'secretarial error'.

I simply do not understand this obsession with Rapture.

Are Republicans in denial about Peak Oil?

And while the circus plays out in Florida, some real news:

This one started last night

Let's get ONE THING STRAIGHT about this hearsay crap

What is Tom DeLay's middle name?

Taxwatch, or so they say....

Ultra right wing-nut columnist of Dallas Morning News

Katie and Christopher-- A Love Story for our times.

"Terry is dying of thirst" etc.... some facts from Florida hospice

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked

Why do they hate Privacy?

Bobby Sands and 9 other Irish Freedom Fighters lasted approximately 66 day

Mrs. PsN2Wind suggests

U.S. bars Italians from examining victim’s car

Terri Schiavo's eyes and tongue are now bleeding,

How to Contact Judge Greer

Horrible Breach Of Ethics By Schindler's Attorney

Terri Schiavo: Another Political Trap from Karl Rove?

As my spokesperson has stated, “I will make no further statements.”

Does anyone think this is pure wishful thinking?

I've left specific legal end-of-life directives NOT to be admitted . . .

My tinfoil hat theory...

The Blessing of Terri Schiavo.

Does the Schaivo deal seem an exercise in futility to anybody?

Do you feel sorry for Terri Schiavo's parents?

So what happens if "she who must not be named" dies on April 1?

FOX news fans the flames, suggests Michael Schiavo abused Terri

oops - dupe

Good Friday News: PEACE VIGIL at Duluth ANG...blood, arrests

PHOTO - Secretary of Education Roderick Paige is really a female bunny?

Anti-War Prankster Smuggles Art Into Top Museums

Comment on Dr. William Cheshire's involvement with Department of Children

********* DU GROUP PROPOSAL : Barbara Boxer '08 ***********

Christopher Hitchens rips Joe Scarborough

Florida forum has link to Petition to Impeach Jeb Bush

Dear Terri,

Wouldn't you rather have a President getting blow jobs in the oval office

Is anyone afraid or concerned

Who is this "Brother" giving the press conference? Is HE the problem?

PHOTO - Lynn Cheney in Wonderland

I have a prediction about the number of Terri Shiavo threads on DU

Anti-War Prankster Smuggles Art Into Top Museums

Government's spin on news poisons truth.

Diamonds 14, thanks for the Ft. Bragg pictures. They are very moving.

Hope you are listening to Karel tonight on KGO, 810

Does Laura Bush understand the neocon agenda?

Breaking news on MSNBC and CNN

Toll in Ebola-like virus in Angola rises to 115, kills two foreigners

Who is your favorite progressive talk show host or team?

POLL: Taiwan? Who's for it?

The Purpose Driven Dude Is Repeating the "Not Brain Dead" Crap

SURPRISE, seniors! Medicare premiums to rise AGAIN! 12%+

I've been drinking. Ask me anything,

Disney bowing now to Christians, Dobson involved, Southern Baptists.

George Bush and General Motors. . . . like a rock!

Happy Easter....Your Child Is Dead

Schiavo is for the upcoming election!!!

Is This a New Dark Age? Schiavo-Red Lake-Falluja-Bush Evangelicals

Cable news is the addiction. Terri is the cure.

Gov. Bush's power too little, too much

"Red facts" and "blue facts"

Governor Is Pressed on Schiavo as Legal Moves Dwindle

Question about Peak Oil: how realistic is it to stockpile one's own

WTF Day 2: More Brain Damaged People in Pinellas not named Terri

Smackdown LTTE in 3/26 Tennessean re: Biblical ban of same sex marriage

Andy, and Termite...A photo essay :-)

it took george bush to finally destroy America

Circus Freaks cost other families their chance to say goodbye

Save Starbucks from Conservative Onslaught

An outrage worthy of attention: Why the Schiavo story is important

can I gitta "Fuck You Bush"!!!!.......?

Norm "the Weasel" Coleman heading to South America

Give It Up For The Soldiers Abroad This Easter?

If this guy is right, we're in big trouble!

Culture of Crime: GOP's 34+ scandals

Why is it that republicans want to privatize everything except privacy?

Enough is enough

Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News

What makes a person want to CRAM Religion down your throat?

LTTE: Overlooking the Key Issue in the Shiavo Case

the last time georgie's approval ratings slipped, we were ATTACKED

Bobby Fisher Question

Editorial from latest Scientific American (April)-pretty funny

"I want to live"..the movie

Senate Shut Down Update

OK, you guys can teach Creationism if we can teach:

Is this Babs Bush?

Her name is Mrs. Schiavo n/t

Just read the Rolling Stone article on Peak Oil. Consider me concerned.

New documentary, "God in Government", airs on FSTV Sunday.

I think the Schindlers are evil. I find how they are willing to prostitute

New Details: The FBI DID Help Saudis fly out right after 911.

What's the stupidest thing you have heard a RW'er say about certain...

This whole Schiavo stunt has backfired on bushco even more than the




DU Group proposal: Russ Feingold 2008



"We Need to Tell Them There is a God''

Delivery: by Till Nowak Excellent Video

OMG! 37 year friendship ends with discovery she's bushliter fan!

Oh, yes they did. Freepers say hospice violated the "HYPOCRATIC OATH"

Here's one for all those sporting "Support the Troops" stickers...

Does anyone else feel like we're surrounded by a cult

Tom Delay pulled the plug on his own father, apparently.


When someone brings up Jesus - out of the blue...

Plessy vs. ferguson

List the Schiavo case ironies/hypocrisies here!

I know many of you are tired of the Schiavo story, but

Has the Schiavo thing caused you to think differently about some

PHOTOS: Saturday brings another day of 'peace' for dying hospice patients

Hunter S. Thompson -- A story without an end?


Is it just my impression, or are fundies becoming emboldened...

While everyone dwells on Terri a nuclear blockbuster was dropped today

Jeff Weise - Minnesota Killer Resented Reservation Life - A must read

Starvation in perspective

Liberals, DUers and Life

Protests Outside Schiavo Hospice Chaotic- keeps families from the dying

Sensitive thoughts on the Schiavo issue from our friends at FR

PHOTOS: Pro-Peace summary....USA STANDS UP with the World for PEACE !

who else is sick of David Brooks

PHOTOS: Denver, Colorado STANDS UP FOR PEACE (resized photos)

Is Corporate media changing its tune?

Is the Chimp having trouble focusing his eyes? (photos)

Walk into the light.

Stay away from tall buildings on Monday - Anything's possible.

Poll on Gun Control

Today at a large intersection people with signs "Easter is about Jesus"

Ritter Discussion

Reality check: The Schindlers' are not suffering the worst tragedy ever.

Fox News' new name: The Psychic News Network

We found our dog Kiki!!!

Petition Drive to Impeach Governor Bush of Florida

What is the difference between a Dr. and a Physicians Assistant?

Progressive Radio Junkies, have I got somethin' for YOU!

Noonan, DU, and press attention in general.

"Christians" to leave roses for Michael Schiavo on Easter--AT HOME!

let's hire counter protestors!!

Just how bad is Canadian Health Care when Palm Beach resident,

A little Kurt Vonnegut is what we need right now

Why is Christopher Columbus credited with discovering the New World?

Anybody got some easy DUer crockpot recipes?

Butcher Block Countertops

Is it just me, or is Tilipia nasty?

Basic potato salad help needed please.

So, the important stuff - anybody else watch the new Dr Who?

Biologist discovers 2 species of octopus attempting to walk

India Objects to U.S.-Pakistan Arms Deal

US Loses Foreign Students to Post-9/11 Competition

Agents readied in case 'legal window' opened

Report: TSA Misled on Passenger Data

Sharpton To FCC: Fine Violent Rap

Sailor charged for refusing to board ship

Schindler's appeal rejected AGAIN early Sat. morning

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Wal-Mart exec resigns in (SEC) probe

Wal-Mart Director Resigns After Probe

Pakistan gang-rape victim files appeal

Cuba worried at US export change

Fairview Man Charged in Schiavo Bounty Plot

Doctors Who Developed Feeding Tube Technique

Detainee tells of bin Laden’s Afghan escape

Ukraine, Georgia urge Kyrgyzstan to avoid violence

REAL news-Jennifer Aniston files for divorce from Brad Pitt

Army enlistment rate low due to war on terrorism

Cuba to present human rights case against the US

Taiwanese march against China law

France, don't mess up Asia: Japan

Columnist Fatally Shot in Philippines

Brazil in best shape in years, IMF reports

Navy Files Charges Against Sailor Who Refused to Board Ship

Schiavo's Parents Say She Tried to Speak

USA Today: TSA misled public on personal data

DeLay quietly steps out of Schiavo spotlight

Man climbs onto roof of Vatican basilica

Bush decries school rampage; critics question delay

Red Lake shooter (recently) watched movie about a school attack (Elephant)

Adelphia offers $725m to settle fraud case

DeLay Quietly Steps Out of the Schiavo Spotlight

Pentagon Will Not Try 17 G.I.'s Implicated in Prisoners' Deaths

School Shooting Victims Being Laid to Rest

Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News

Vital Signs of a Ruined Falluja Grow Stronger

Wild horse gets home, avoids slaughterhouse with BLM sale

Jeb goes nuts...attempt to send in the troops

Adviser: Bush plan on track

UCSC clerical-strike talk heats up

Union vows to block strike-break efforts (Bee-Line / NYC area)

Bush decries school rampage; critics question delay

Marysville teachers move closer to strike (CA)

Turkish PM sues over animal cartoon

Teachers willing to go on strike (Bay area)

Convoy Unprepared for Last, Fatal Run (Halliburton)

Colombian police find drugs sub

Berkley would support effort to remove McCarran statue

U.N. report blames Syria for Hariri bomb assassination.

Here's one for all those sporting "Support the Troops" stickers...

Explosion rocks Sydney shopping strip

U.S. Drafts Plan to Strengthen Detainee Rights -NYT

Venezuela channel gives CNN competition

Fictional Doomsday Team Plays Out Scene After Scene

Church sets up nightclub missions to attract New Age followers

FBI admits accidentally giving classified files to man who took them

Five arrests after Baxter break-in bid (immigration / Australia)

For some soldiers, battle reaches home front

Salazar retreats from no-filibuster position

Roadside Bomb in Iraqi Capital Kills Two U.S. Soldiers, Injures Two Others

Allawi tells clerics to stay out of politics

Servicemen seek discharge as objectors

Russia Fumbles, and Former Sphere of Influence Deflates

Inside the Ring: New Candidate for Deputy Secretary of Defense

Four Indiana Nat Guardsmen victim of

Family Wonders If Prozac Spurred Rampage

Schindlers launch new appeal

Judge Says "NO" in Florida

Schiavo’s parents say no more Federal appeals

U.S. To Sell F-16 Jets To Pakistan Over India's Objection

Four US troops killed in mine blast in southeast Afghanistan

NYT: For Recruiters, a Hard Toll From a Hard Sell

CDP director placed on leave by Homeland Security IG

Breaking: Loud Explosion Heard in Lebanon Capital (Update1)

'Pioneer' with weapons and Bibles arrested

Five killed in stampede after Iran's win

Five die after Iran football game

Blair kept quiet about Wolfowitz candidacy to World Bank: press

Tsunami relief groups face Indonesian crackdown

Iraqi forces seize suspected insurgents

11 days that led Britain to war

U.S. Troops Tortured Iraqis in Mosul, Documents Show

Mahoning County (Ohio) Goes Forward With Layoffs (50 deputies)

Experimental Nuclear Fuel on the Way to SC

Grandmother Pleads Guilty to Abusing Grandsons

Native Americans Battle Suicide, Poverty

A daily look at U.S. military deaths in Iraq

Picked to Write Social Security Bill, Grassley Finds No Clamor for It

Man fatally shot by deputy on Nevada Indian reservation

Colorado Springs officials join in protest of anti-gay protesters

AAFES gas prices going up 18 cents in Germany, U.K., Netherlands

Depressed Annan close to quitting over UN scandals

Wave of Violence Across Iraq Leaves 21 Dead

State workers spent >50 hours building Schwarzenegger campaign prop

Blair hints at “common cause” with Lib Dems against Tories

Democrat pans private accounts for Social Security (Sat. radio address)

Panel Ignored Evidence on Detainee -WP pgA01

Crucifixion fever saves police jobs in Philippines

Bush's Back-and-Forth Reflects Rift in Party -WaPo

Lord Callaghan, Ex-Prime Minister of Britain, Dies at 92

Euphoria swings to anxiety in post-coup Kyrgyzstan

Democrats take early swing at GOP's likely candidate for governor

Airbus jets face rudder probe

France Threatens Military Action Against Syria over Lebanon

Peace Activists Protest At Sub Base

CIA Shuttered Spy Ring Infiltrating Iranian Militants -LAT

Reservist: Knee blows that killed 2 detainees were approved

Coffee with steam: Some conservatives are angered by opinionated quotes th

Schiavo Judge Protected After Threats

Doctors: Shiavo tapes dont tell story

Kennedy, Chafee Could Face Off in R.I.

For Recruiters, a Hard Toll From a Hard Sell -NYT

Business Sees Gain in GOP Takeover

Next pope is set to be another conservative

$7M in diamonds taken from NYC store

Report: Current Situation in Falluja-61st Session UN Commission

Friend: Minn. Gunman took Antidepressants

Banks increase monthly amount due on credit cards


Pentagon denies mother's plea for photo (of returning casket at Dover)

Taiwanese Hold Massive Protest Against China

Rice Describes Plans To Spread Democracy (weakens settlement remarks)

SAN FRANCISCO Empty Boots 1500

Sen. Lieberman's Wife Hired As Senior Counselor By PR Company

Parents seek to give Terri Communion

Fl Supreme Ct denies request to reinsert tube MSNBC 448pm PST - updated

Movement in the Pews Tries to Jolt Ohio -NYT

DeLay Family Outcome Different From Schiavo's -LAT

New Details on F.B.I. Aid for Saudis After 9/11

World Food Programme cuts food aid for N.Korea, says worse ahead

EU delegation pressures Havana over rights record

Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News

Got it in me, I've got it in me,

I'm getting squiffy on Oban single-malt and listening to Stooges and Amen!

Wow...Battlestar Galatica kicked major ass tonight (no spoilers).



I've been stuck under something heavy for 10 hours but I'm ok now

Did DU go boom for anyone else?

I am almost over 100 posts - - Help me get there!

I think I'm going to break down and cry...

In memory of Paul Henning which is you're favorite show...

How appropriate is this? "Children of the Corn" just started on TV!!!

Starting him out on DU early....


UNC wins!

I just went into GD...

How About Some Brad and Jen News Update

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entertain me

Did anyone else have trouble with DU site in the past 15 minutes?

So, with the tax cuts from Bush,

wtf was that?

Just joined the 700 club...

I'm on dial-up and I can't take it anymore!!!!

What are they doing to this poor woman?

I broke DU - spank me!!

For the spelling "hall monitors"

I've posted on average every 9.3 minutes for the last 3 hours and 18 mins.

wonder how the polygamists in Utah take the latest marriage arguments

I need some rock n roll.

What do these events have in common?

Hubby quit smoking (again) on Tuesday.

A Serious Post About Taco Cabana

Do you ever find yourself in GD when you thought you were in the Lounge?


"Oh you dropped a chocolate on your foot. I'll get it."

I have a photo of Paul Tsongas in front of me.

How do you feel when you read this?

"Strangers have the best candy"

MAJOR Freep controversy over constitution ....(this is pretty funny).

My work computer is editing my dirty thoughts.

My work computer is dirtying my edited thoughts

Members of the Cult of Progmom bring your sacrifice here.

Do you think there's a champion Fischerman named Bobby Chess?

Best Teenager/High School TV Shows

Hey, Pussy Cat

Does violent music make you feel bad?

Anyone still having trouble on DU tonight

I can say without hyperbole that Gwar are a billion times better than Kiss

Another riddle.

Hope the moderators are ok with my new sig pic.

Self delete/ Dupe

These are old but i thought some of you might want to see them

Why did edie brickell marry paul simon??

I'm losing respect and affection for this country

Does bad music make you feel violent?

Smithereens, what a great rock and roll band

new toons

So I've been at work for twelve hours.

I'm getting tired at work now. Should I.....?

Send Frist photos of your ailments for diagnosis

What happened to GD? Nothing there makes sense anymore.

Bob Marley, I love this man

Condoleeza Will Lead Us

Define Irony

I've been up all night...should I go to sleep now?

Here Comes The Sun...

Nobody posts "DUPE" anymore

Big sports weekend, this weekend

Did Anybody See Dwayne Wade's Sixty Eight Foot Jump Shot Last Night?


Kitty Joke

question for students: are people obnoxiously competitive in your classes?

@#$&@^%!! Murphy's Law!

UPDATE - WORST COMMERCIAL TO DATE: It's a McDonald's commercial:

Anybody hungry for some dessert?

REAL news-Jennifer Aniston files for divorce from Brad Pitt

What's your alcohol IQ?

The "Columbian Cocaine Sub" story almost writes its own jokes, eh?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Today's ?: Does the Easter Bunny come down the chimney?

Better off dead

"cache library"

MAD TV has become a lot better than SNL

Catfish Basketball

ya know, the hospice isn't really far from where i live.

Is Bobby Fischer insane, extremely intelligent, or both?

Canadian Duers: Should we marry into Green Cards through DU?

Robot eye on Expo visitors

The Secret Uses of Microwaves by the Universe

I don't want to work. I don't want to play. What do I want to do?

So I... errr... changed my avatar... .again.

Why should I be made to feel like a turncoat freeper just because I don't

Man climbs onto roof of Vatican basilica

I dare you to...

It's all in the eyes man . . .

Has anyone else thrown dryer lint into a paddle fan?

My sister is having a baby!

If you save yourself for marriage the terrorist win!

Original Country Rock...yeah sure I'll take some

(R) Puppies & (D) Puppies

If my stepdad had wheels, would he be a teacart?

Grrr...Rain doesn't even begin to describe today's weather

Does anyone else find this hilarious?

When's the last time you masticated in public?

What does it mean when someone posts a provocative thread...

So the media is scrutinizing the school shooter's posts on the Nazi site

I just realized I was so tired last night that I misspelled "advice"

Now THAT Was Some $ Well Spent!

What does it mean when someone posts a predicative thread

The Cure appreciation thread

Which DVD set should I return?

Turkish PM sues over animal cartoon

Internet Radio for Cats - Anyone here let their cats listen to it?

Is there AAR in Chicago?

My Tamago-making skills improve...

okay, got a job offer. But it's at a red company... need advice.

String Cheese Incident

What does it mean when someone posts a prevaricative thread

This year I'm celebrating the pagan festival of the rabbit goddess Eastre

Lookee what's happened to me

Let's talk about the blues in this thread.

Guaranteed to make you laugh

I have a cold

Christ is rising tommorow?

I am addicted to black Jelly Bellys

Emoticon Appreciation Thread

Bumper Sticker of the Day: "Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam."

Chinese woman lets down her hair - all 13.8 ft of it....

Progmom is on the air from 12:00 - 2:00 eastern. Post your requests here!

a little police humor....

If my lip gloss says "do not eat" on the tube

well i`m in "white boy heaven" this afternoon

Seeds planted and in the process of germinating, captain!

Hey progmom listeners...check in here!

Got milk? Or, with today's hormonified moo, got pus?

I need to be an informed consumer. Which is better?

reply to this thread without using vowels

Oh the hostility !

Anyone else glad Girl Scout cookie season is over?

reply to this thread using only umlauts

'02 Blue Mustang GT, $16,000, Kicker amp $400, JBL subs $300

My day so far

Words that sounds funny.

Why do my kids...

reply to this thread without using the letter "i"

How about a Mid-Atlantic get together?

Monday is my birthday

I'm watching an old rerun of Buck Rogers....

yesterday this SUV kept honking the horn at my car...then it

My bedroom smells like hippies- Ask Me Anything!

i'm listening to the new Over The Rhine CD - ask me anything ....


'Waiting For Godot' opened last night - we wowed 'em!

Ok, I'm a dork, but I still love this car.

How about a global DU gathering?

Saw a vanity license plate today, here in blue PA:

My l'il ol puddy tatt

What ancient TV shows are they still showing round your way?

SarahBelle just planted an earworm!

Greatest number of times you have kicked your own thread?


anyone (kleeb?) played brothers in arms yet?

i have a fed-ex guy and a UPS guy coming on monday

How much spam pertaining solely to the following do you get per WEEK?

I had a cute girl run her hands through my hair today.

My local bar in Miami has a confederate flag hanging from its ceiling

High school football in Texas is king. Just look at their stadiums:

I'm COMPLETELY put out


the coolest fictitious car ever... yes, even cooler than the one you like!

SAN FRANCISCO BAY: Bonanza of birds on the bay

Rev Acts isn't really bored.

Only in America and in the MSM is it acceptable that an extremist minority

IIS is the shittiest web server available

Listening to the Foo Fighters "The Colour and Shape".

I have to go to work


DU GROUP PROPOSAL : Barbara Boxer '08

About to get our butts kicked

I had a dream last night that VelmaD (DUer) was my fairy godmother!

Hey, DU. I'm stuck in a hotel room in Texas.

Describe your "You-Topia"

For those who remember Little Bouncy's Barbara Jordan report, here are her

Can you believe?

Dogs are the shittiest pets available

The new band name, please tell me it isn't already in existence

DU GROUP PROPOSAL : Vlad The Impaler '08

The Mailman is here! The Mailman is here!

OK, the fun's over.

Listening to "Camp granada" - is it canned laughter?

When you're proven right after a big argument - do you gloat?

So I saw a bunch of demonstrators in front of Target today

Axis of whatever

Watch Japanese girls get really scared after watching The Ring

Beer Theories

"Attack of the Big Dig Woman" new version!

impeach governor bush - petition link here

Yummy!! Just cooked Eggs & Home Fried Potatoes

Ok so I'm sitting alone in my quiet house this morning when I

A few minutes ago I thought there was an animal

So, I'm watching "The Devil's Own"

A couple of Firefox questions, por favor.

I absolutely LOVE Milla Jovovich

Badger badger badger badger...

So, if Britney's pregnant, can we be assured we won't have any more

I absolutely love my dog

words I saw scrawled in the dirt and dust on the back of a van:

So what are you and what do you love to do?

What should I have for dinner tonight

How I set my basement on FIRE....

What do you get when you cross Bush's with Morans?

If you could save the lives of 1,000 kids by killing yourself, would you?

Ladies, you MUST visit the Brawnyman!

Separated at birth?

Post your favorite Yak

I've fallen...and I can't get up!

Agreed. Woman Without Her Man Is Nothing

Ok I got brothers in arms a day earlier than expected

I used to have the biggest crush on Al Haig

Ok, who is cussing too much on DU?

Behold the 'Thousand-Handed Goddess of Mercy'

I'm bored, what should I do?

Die deutsche Sprache zu erlernen ist harte Arbeit!

Dang nabbit, son of a monkey spank.

Army of Darkness is on Sci-Fi right now!

Brush-Ups Suck

Skittles' new movie!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... A $448,300 car.

I've met JimmyJazz - She really is nice - her meanest is just an act

What is the best method for boiling eggs for decorating?

Does anybody know how to cook a "partially cooked" ham?

Looking for a good FDR biography

Look at this fantastic picture of Misunderestimator:

I just went off on a Freeper. Ask me anything


Funny! I just did a Google Image Search for "Dennis Miller"

We're watching "The Odd Couple" with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau

Need a face lift??? Face creams? Try here, cheap stuff works great.

Is It Just Me, Or Don't You Understand....

I'm going to see this play next week

Help me get this poll to 500 responses

How many of your fingers would you cut off for a million dollars tax-free?


Crazy/goofy things you have done for entertainment

You're so nasty, when you take a bath, the tub looks...

I absolutely love Milli Vanilli

I almost lost EINSTEIN Today.


Anybody think the Freemasons run the world?

I'm making hard-boiled eggs for everyone! How do you like yours?

who is YOUR dream date? m

Do you have any books for "Dummies"?

Will Malloy be back live on Monday? n/t


Why do American car companies let the European market have the cool cars?


There isn't a finger nail left in Illinois

Star Wars vs Lord of the Rings

DU on the brain: Just saw GDSAWSM vanity plate

my neighbors have put up a massive crucifix

Were the Illini overrated?

When one gets more mature....

Wow...that's good for the old ego.

Canada or USA?

ILLINI WIN!!!!!!!!!!

I have a fever blister INSIDE MY NOSE

Is this a scam?

Microsoft Access is the shittiest database available


my butt hurts.

Is Rooibos tea as wonderful as they say it is?

How much would you bet that the Shrub has never used a computer?

As my spokesperson has stated, “I will make no further statements.”

The Beckoning Shore: Another ZW Poetry Thread

I love to throw off POLL votes!

I just made something that tasted better than I thought it would.

New Game.

Is it REALLY all about the "O?"

Is it a full moon?

SF DUers: tell me where to eat.

The sexiest woman in the world...

bean dip - yum or yuk?

What was Santa?

Guess which Lab puppy is my sons..

so, what time can we expect matcom and underpants tomorrow?

Favorite "good mood" song?

What political PICS do you have in your office or your home?

I've inherited another kid...WTF??

How do you mix Red Bull with Vodka?

I just did 1.5 hours at the gym

..and I believe in going to church every Sunday, unless there's a game on.

We got a preview of our new puppy tonight.

Stop_the_War is gone!

It all boils down to fear of the dark

Illini v. Arizona - WHAT A GAME!!!

Why did they ban Jarts?

I've always wanted a little house on the sea.

Do not eat pizza without cooking.

Where have all the good men gone...

I've got Gmail invites if anyone wants one

I discovered the perfect cure for a hangover today

Okay - so this kid makes me feel inept.....She still rocks!

Can you guess what movie I'm watching by this quote?

Which Ancient Civilization Would You Like To Live In?

Like moths to a flame. Is man never gonna change

Why did they ban Cigarette Machines?

What was that noise just now?

This morning in Lindenhurst, NY

Are there any songs that you associate with something in a movie

Question about parking tickets

Can someone recommend a debt consolidation company...

Is it just me? Or has the traffic on the GD's forums

What's more fun to watch?

Fuck tha po-lice?


I'll take "Cities by another name for 200, Alex"

Happy Easter!


what is the difference between corned beef and pastrami?

Cuba or Mexico: which one would you flee to if you had to live in FL or TX

Question about bathroom remodeling (tiling, specifically)

Epiphany of the day: I don't shit on your beliefs. Don't shit on mine.

I'm offended when you disparage republicans, Heres why you shouldn't

About that Red Bull and Vodka.............

I saw Taking Lives and I fell in love with Montreal

I am offended when you decoupage Jesus. Here is why you shouldn't.

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

help get this poll to 300 votes

Epiphany of the day: I just don't fucking care.

Dying eggs

Favorite Fruit Salad Recipes?

Where's a decent, livable, affordable city to live in?

Bouncy Ball---where you at?

I guess you guys don't want to play "Who am I"

Question about bathroom reading (titles, specifically)


KNEEL BEFORE COD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was Satan?

Did Jesus ever, you know . . .

Is she dead yet?

Baseball fans! Check out the DU Baseball Group!

Anyone going to watch the new "Little House on the Prairie" tonight?

The boutique I work at was robbed today.

I.D. the movie from the screen capture (picture)

Not if I see you first. Hey I'll see you later!

I'm listening to my new music server and it is AWESOME....

Well, I'm off to wreak havoc for the evening

One of my favorite movies is on

extremely awesome online riddle game

Time for another "WHO AM I" - You guys love this game

People who get offended when they perceive some supernatural being

If you believe in a historical / non-mythical Jesus

Sigur Rós fans?

What's a worse abomination?

Milli Vanilli or Oasis

Have a holly-jolly Christmas!

The things we do for love

And speaking of blasphemy...

With Christ rising tomorrow, anyone else want to talk about

Help! I'm trying to remember the name of a REALLY BAD '80S BAND!

Bob Boudelang: "Republicans Are the Party for Brain-Dead People!"

I am offended when you disparage Oasis. Here is why you shouldn't.

Post a photo of an odd-looking celebrity you're strangely attracted to

Last song you downloaded from itunes or other site?


Just got home from the tavern - Illini triumph

"Once we hit that F****** groove, it will flow."


Favorite Easter candy? I like peeps...

Do you remember the thread "Is this kitten Francie or Frank?" Well....

Worst. Earworm. Ever. "Seventeen" by Winger

I've been drinking. Ask me anything,

Give It Up For The Soldiers Abroad This Easter?

Windows XP question

Good Friday humor:

How long were you here before you discovered DU has a

A little art for a Saturday afternoon...

What songs/bands/singers are you obsessed with, if any?

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists rock!

I live too close to a plethora of restaurants - I must not get take-out

Ever bought a computer on Ebay? Seeking advise.

Is there a flavor of ice cream….

Jelly Bellys? Check. Pretzel Rods? Check. Nicorette? Check.


Great Scott!

I'm signing 19 raffle tickets - ask me anything!

Am I the only person here who is NOT a fan of Stephen King?

A co-worker thinks working for government is cool b/c they never downsize.

Not photoshopped, this plane actually collided mid-air

I think there's something wrong with me.

I saw a full-on temper tantrum today

What are you watching this evening?

What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?

*** The 4th Monthly DU Photo Contest: THE FINAL FOUR ***

What sort of offbeat musical artists do you like?

Which is the most ostracized group at DU?

Baseball Fans: Who will win the NL East?

*** South Florida Meetup is one week away!!! ****

Gun control poll. Please Vote

Texas vs. Florida-Where would you live if you had to choose between the 2

The official SLAM OASIS HERE thread

Once again, Post a picture of yourself....

And God Created Canada . . .

I am offended when you disparage Jesus. Here is why you shouldn't.

Tattoos & Bumper Stickers always have a story, tell me yours.

I need to get meds into my little dog.

The Seal Hunt begins on Tuesday, 3/29..

An Easter Question

Is The Easter Bunny A Religious Symbol?

House powered by spinach

UCLA Builds Terasample Per Second Digitizer

Is Thermal Depolymerization oil (from bio-waste) still $80/barrel?

Catfish Basketball

College 'ball fans -- recall any of these names?

New fishing forum

Geaux LSU Lady Tigers!

Good luck, Maine Black Bears Hockey Team

Bow down before the glory that is the Big Ten, you peons!

I've suddenly become a fan of..........Pittsnoggle??!!!

You can be a professional athlete. So what do you choose?

Wow. I can't believe West Virginia lost.

The official FINAL FOUR prediction thread!

My Abyssinians Moe and Maggie

Weim pups!

What is it with birds and hot chili peppers?

I need to get meds into my little dog.

It's all in the eyes . . .

Highly recommended astrological horoscope reports!

I keep remembering someone predicted that

An Easter Rant

The banana: "The atheist's nightmare!"

I just don't know what to say


Is this extreme?

My letter to Ohio Sec. of State CANDIDATE

The Bush family and the Moonies.

REPLY From Secretary of State Candidate regarding Election Fraud

Run Pigboy run!!! Mwhahahahaha....

"Sunset in DU Land"

"Tell all the truth -- but tell it SLANT." Emily D, with all her stars out

An Easter poem

Hey, REV! Hear John CLEESE say, "I want to buy some CHEESE!"

Information concerning the NAME "KEITH"

Who were the three Republican Senators in the Shiavo vote?

My letter to Ohio Sec of State Candidate

Is this guy ignorant or what? (my local paper)

The next issue to turn the Right against Bush; Eminent Domain

Contact page for Pinellas Park, Florida: Let them know how proud

Bush Signs Law on Release of CIA-Nazi Documents

Aljazeera reports

These Kind of Crises are what you get when you have no media

"Think of Ann Veneman as the Paul Wolfowitz of food policy.)

Homeland Security Officials exceeded H1-B visa limit

Do you know where Slovakia is?

Fox is trotting out a man who cared for his son for 2 years in a Hospice-

The disruption these freaks are causing outside the hospice is appalling..

cnn just did a great piece on Hospice care-at end of life--4 minutes at


The insensitivity of the FL protesters amazes me.

Help bin Laden, fund & support the Taliban, and help spread nuclear .....

Casting Angry Eye on Courts, Conservatives Prime for Bench-Clearing Brawl

Letter to the (CA) Press Enterprise: Reject theocracy

Petition drive launched for impeachment of Governor Bush

Mike Vasilinda - Jeb's paid-for journalist

Hugo Chavez, fasten your seatbelt!

Maggie Gallagher - paid-for journalist (HHS)

Reply from Ohio Sec of State Candidate

Watching Texas Crumble

Anderson Cooper on Randall Terry.

Becoming clearer and clearer

which is more disturbing

Paralell Elections?

Appears this fringe right wing christian group is turning on the

DeLay Quietly Steps Out of the Schiavo Spotlight

Bush approval rating plummets to 43% in Wisconsin

Time for a historry quiz.. when was the last time

Freepers plan for April 7 March For Justice(To End Nuclear option)

Culture of life party

Maybe it's just me but I'm scared that the Patriot Act HASN'T been invoked

Psycho hand-made flyer in NY about Terri Schiavo

Trash/ campaign to unseat Jeffords

If the following were in a Persistent Vegetative State?

Native Americans Criticize Bush's Silence

Bush Role in Schiavo Case Bothers Right

msnbc front page: Fallout - Schiavo case creates tremors on Capitol Hill

Chimpy's Easter radio speech

One source feeding the Schiavo madness. Terri S. has a "foundation".

Will Jebbie run, or have the wingnuts put him in a no-win situation?

NYT article on army recruiters' tribulations-- parents beware

My Mother-inlaw lived by the Delays

Did everyone get their SS Administration Propaganda in the mail today?

ACLU: The U.S. Buried Massive Mosul Torture Evidence (Doc. dump)

Text of Rep. Sandy Levin's Democratic response on Bush SS plan

Want a chuckle? Look up "Jimmy Carter Nobel Prize" on the

People Are Putting Their Selfish Religious Beliefs Over Terri's Wishes

Isn't Randall Terry an idiot?

Were the RW actions this week, just the latest anti-Judges scam?

F***ing Villiage Idiot

Tribes demand respect for peaks

Missing WMD Report

Soldiers told to "beat the f*ck out of" detainees:

I have always wondered about good old Karl Rove ...

Great photo and update site for Fayetteville peace rally!

Anti-Democrats ad regarding Social Security!!

"No; It's Not about Terri Schiavo Anymore"

Army hopes to spark recruiting with PR blitz, possible increase in age cap

Off Math: 120,000 Iraqi Deaths Vs One American

quotes that say it all

Pakistan ought to be PUNISHED for what they've done, not rewarded

USA is fecked up if soldiers come back from war and end up homeless...

This guy was ready to start a friggin' war

man, the wack jobs are crawling out of the woodwork

White House Easter Egg Roll - get your tickets now!

13 year old activist's March 19th speech - New Orleans 3/19/5

Give it up for the Judges in this Schiavo debacle. It appears they are

breaking news: Jeb sent state agents to sieze Schiavo

Advice for Democrats from a Republican ex-senator

What Are The Chances Of bu$h Not Finishing His 2nd Term?

My life is now complete! Freepland idiots finally realized I was a troll

Go Governor Dean...more about DC rally this week."Tired of being lied to."

Frist and Delay on tape at Family Research Council Washington Briefing

Remember when we used to start threads about Capital Gang?

What difference does it make if Bush's approval ratings dropped to zero?

Dissent in Freeper Central - good blue day in a red state

Does anyone think the circus people will go home now that the

SS Privatization: The $4.7 Trillion Pyramid.

Tom DeLay honored his own father's wishes

Democrats for Wolfowitz

Colorado's Salazar ought to hear from us..

The MOST IMPORTANT thing we must do is take back the media

Hersh speech blasts Bush and war policy

Conservatives are angered by opinionated quotes that Starbucks puts on its

Ludacris blows up Bill O'Reilly in new video

Bill Moyers: Welcome to Doomsday

C-SPAN Weekend Alert: Programming Information - Fri. 3/25 - Mon. 3/28

Weekend CSPAN programs

CARTOON - REPUBLICAN JESUS once again captures the hypocrisy perfectly

What's Hillary Thinking??

Business sees huge gains in GOP takeover and there's much more to come.

OMG TRUTH !! help rate it up... AP story on Schiavo...

Clark could be our generations John F Kennedy

Clark-Ogata discussion on CSpan2 Sat. 3:30PM

Conservative Website FREE REPUBLIC Mutinies over Bush Comments!

Bush as a ROLE MODEL???

Photo - Lynne Cheney in through the looking glass

Jeb Bush is regretting the day he ever mentioned Terry Schiavo

Is it arrogant for first time candidates to run for President?

Tired of right wing propaganda?