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Archives: November 11, 2005

The Case Against This Monstrous War (Book recommends)

The 'Nation' at War

'Purple Hearts' brings home war's human toll

Burying the lies on Iraq war: Judith Miller and the New York Times...

Mo’ Money for Monogamy

Christopher Buckley: Remedial ethics

Still No Jobs-Paul Craig Roberts

robertson warns Pennsylvania of god's wrath

“Leaning too close to the U.S. is detrimental.”

Film documents American use of chemical weapons in Iraq

What Kerry Definitely said on the '04 Stolen Election & Why...

National Review's Analysis of Each 2006 Senate Race


Libby Testimony Is Key To Rove Inquiry

"Germ Boys and Yes Men["

This is Your Story - The Progressive Story of America ... Bill Moyers

Disinformation and Death Squads in Iraq: Max Fuller

Libby Testimony is Key to Rove Inquiry

House delays budget vote GOP left without necessary votes after moderates

Cheney's new chief of staff reflects vice president

New Bush quote

Bush's problem is too many baloney sandwiches

If the U.S. doesn't torture, then why object to ban?

Forcing Bush and Senate Republicans to Honor Veterans

The Deadly Doughnut By Paul Krugman

Molly Ivins on the US "gulags"

Bush and his war on ... ????

Destroying Al Queda

Great post by John Cusack he is so much more then just a great actor

The President says that he trusted bad intelligence...

Goodman: The reconstruction of Iraq (How the Marines rebuilt Najaf)

Disproving the State - Four arguments against government

The White Death, by Chris Floyd

John Cusack: "Democrats will be left as passive bystanders"

Pat Robertson: The Fatal Flaw In Evolution Theory

I am not sure if this is where to post this

5000 Tons of Uranium and Thorium released to environment

Bush drops drilling plan for Arctic wilderness

Good dkos article on Tidal power options.

Environmentalists up in arms over new mining proposal

What about a 'green' gaseous cooking fuel?

Palestine Mourns in Solidarity with Jordan

A victory over death and hate

A Series of Dramatic Archaeological Finds

Palestinians remember Arafat

Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

Y. Professor Thinks Bombs, Not Planes Toppled WTC

BYU Physics Professor thinks Bombs, not Planes toppled the WTC

The BYU Physics Professor and Deseret News

BYU Physics Professor: Let's take another look at those WTC

BYU physics professor -live stream

BYU professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

Found a 2004 election and voting anomolies site...posting it here for you.

Cleve. Propagandist Daily-Top Ohio judges didn't Noe where they got $$$

No election too small for republicans to screw with: Mayoral race hijinks

With Diebold,you tweak to 'get the reports you need'?Odd news article-

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 11/11/05

Ohio-Judge removed from lawsuit over deadline to pick voting machines

MSM locally Quotes voter: Sequoia E-voting makes us "another Florida"

NJ: County feels betrayed by Freeholders decision to buy Sequoia

Progressives Get "VVPB" Bill in and Dem Governor's Crony Disses it

Greetings--and congratulations--from New Jersey!

I don't understand "Proposition I" on military recruiting in San Francisco

Schwarzenegger drops legal fight over nurse staffing ratios

Governor, pay back the costs of your special election

The disaster the CA Chamber of Commerce played in election

Sacramento DUers.... How can we eject carpetbagger lundgren?

Field Poll: Feinstein Would Get New Senate Term

"Take back Congress" meeting in Framingham 11/29

Minority politicians shut out (and other articles missing from the archive

Lawmakers move to lower penalty for bestiality

Mass. Democrat House Parties Tuesday Nov. 15th. Sign-up!

The modern-day KKK controls Mass - mittens laughs, spins damage control

Small indication the end is near for Bush: antiwar song...

Why is the DFL quoting scripture in their e-mails?

Xara being ported to Linux, Mac as GPL software

Test Your Browser's Security

Touch screens' debut in Medina not without glitches(odd Diebold info?)

Burnt Orange looking for transcript of Kinky quote

DU'ers DFW...trying to pick which "National Organizing Kickoff"

KXEB (AAR Dallas) just started running promos saying they're

KXEB, RIP?? (Dallas AAR affiliate dumps live broadcasting)

Missing woman story, but this one's different

Why is DU now Promoting Crosses in their Icons...what is this?

Olbermann rerun, including Scotty's rewritten press gaggle xscription

Torture Talking Point: WHY Does Cheney Need TORTURE?

"You Ain't Done Nothin' If You Ain't Been Called A Red"

oreilley is a damn lunatic - "we know who you are, we know where you are"

My husband was fired by e-mail today

Why isn't there an Activist Day or a Civic Day?

Help me out here. I'm confused by the counter-culture critique of society

Faux New's true feelings:

First time somebody called me a communist

Ah chickenhawks,... so it is Veteran's day

Media Covers The Texas Gay Marriage Ban, But Ignores Maine's Vote

Just cuz it's nice to see: now at $30,569

Remember when * said this during the debates with Kerry?

John '06

OC Weekly: Welfare-Mart

Wise UP with the CNN bashing already!

Tin soldiers and George is coming...

Veteran Herbert Reed & unit sue Govt for exposure to Depleted Uranium

Condi's had a rough week

Lawmaker: Conspiracy in Tupac killing

Is it wicked to smoke?

Not your ordinary smoking ban thread.


How many times is MSNBC gonna show that naked guy?

Veterans Day - Salute to ATHEISTS IN FOXHOLES

More money today

Interesting program on Free Speech TV (FSTV) now about

Didn't Know I Was UnAmerican

Save the Earth Vote Gibbons Out blog - He's a friend of Pombo

(VIDEO) Cafferty on Ahnuld's defeat

more odd weather...tornado in Ontario on wed

Sign this pettition comdemning Iran's vow to wipe Israel off the map

Question about Senate rules / swearing in Oil Execs

Rove at the Federalist Society last night on CSPAN

Some Republican lawmakers shun Alaska oil drilling

bush to answer critics on pre war intelligence, that'll be good

Great Hannity Deal!!! Hannity insider free 30 day trial!

Judy Miller interview on NPR coming up! You gotta hear it!!!

If we'd only remove the nazis from our govt., the world would thank us

Rice drops into Bagdad cnn

Support the Troops (urgent V-Day request) needs your support!

Today is Veterans Day. While Democrats are...

Michelle Malkin is on Washington Journal today at 8:00 EST

Highlights from today's War Speech by our fearless leader

WP: DeLay Team Weighed Misdemeanor Plea to Save GOP Post

Listen up!! If Rove is responsible for Bush success he is also

DeLay Team Weighed Misdemeanor Plea to Save GOP Post

Call me Sadistic, but I'm really enjoying watching bush squirm.

Vet's Day request for DU

I'm looking for ways to fuck up the don't ask don't tell campaign...

Bush warns world about the threat America poses to them

Would you die or kill someone else to put this man in charge of Iraq?

Hey, Fran! Not THAT God, Stupid!!!

Wounded Iraq vets say it was worth it but it is now time to leave

Veterans' Day. How come everything else is open?

Who would benefit from the Palestinian Intelligence Minister being killed?

Don't Look, Miss Unhinged herself, Michelle Malkin on C-spam

Cheney to honor vets at Arlington Nat. cemetary today.

Where is McCain planning on getting those extra 10,000 troops for Iraq?


If the crash is coming, why hasn't the Fed nixed the FDIC yet?!

Response Times

We should all take a moment to pause and thank our nations's veterans...

When they ask, "how can Bush come back," I think about the runup to war

Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq

Michael Savage says nukes are on the way!

Here's to the many of you DU United States Veterans & all other Vets, too

question about xm satellite radio

Your new weatherman: Lewis Black (of The Daily Show)

Any dream interpreters here?


Continuing the Homosexual-Talking-Sponge Agenda for 1 more year

Attack on Falluja compared to My Lai massacre

Harman wants House inquiry into pre-war Iraq intelligence

CSPAN2 9:30 EST Judith Miller & Isikoff at the National Press Club LIVE

Ok whose been posting over in Freeperville again?

In memory of veterans "A Pittance of Time" please...

Abu Graib an "aberration", but now Cheney wants to make it policy

"No Man's Land" (A somber ballad for today).

Why People Approve, Disapprove of Bush

Why do Robertson, Dobson, Falwell etc get any press

The temporary ploy to kill ANWR drilling

The Christmas Truce of 1914

Only the draft would get me to Iraq

Anne Rice turns to Jesus (who then sucks her blood and...)

This Guy, Ed On Springer Is a Nut

A twist on RW rhetoric re: abortion

NYT frontpage, above the fold: A picture is worth a thousand words

WSJ poll: 69% hold Cheney responsible for Plame leak

KKKarl gets ovation at Federalist Society Convention yesterday.

To Report Tax Fraud use the attached link....

DeLay Team Weighed Misdemeanor Plea to Save GOP Post (!!!)

Vet's Day request for DU

The troops and vets alike, hate Bush

From my local paper today-can't wait to read the LTTE's

Oh boy!!

Thank You To Vets

Prewar CIA report questioned al Qaeda-Iraq ties

NOT OVER? Americans want Congress to probe CIA leak case

Chickenhawk Cheney laying a wreath at the tomb of the

WSJ/ NBC News Poll: 48% to 37% say kick out repukes in 2006

It DOES pay to raise hell with Congress

NPR reported that Alito made judgments on

LA Times Drops Lib SCHEER and Wingnut Cartoonist Michael RAMIREZ

6 in 10 Americans say that georgie is a lying sack of shit

Halliburton violated pension laws -- two violations began under Cheney

Newly Discovered Lemur Named for John Cleese

If US military kills wedding party (and they have) not much outrage. Why?

Caption KKKarl---pix->>>

Judith Miller says Chalabi is an elected prime minister & deserves respect

WHY Is This Man Laughing? ---pix->>>

One Of Many Disgusting Freeper Posts ADVOCATING War Crimes and Torture

Powerful piece of writing

As Thanksgiving approaches... [Cindy Sheehan/GSF appreciation thread]

A re-release of F911 in theaters for people snapping out of hypnosis

Repug Rep-Threatens to subpoena Harriet Miers re: Katrina

Who Would You NOT Vote For? NBC/WSJ Poll

Congress should axe Pombo's extreme public land giveaway

#1000 post for 11/11: our family served in the Revolutionary War

Italy prosecutors seek extradition of CIA agents

USFS "tepidly" sets aside lynx habitat designations

Would you support needle exchange in your community?

Wonderful song and montage dedicated to our troops.....

Alito: I was "unduly restrictive"

I have a song for DU Veterans, and for Veterans everywhere

Right wing starts to reap the whirlwind

Condi Rice

In George Bush's America, treason is acceptable.

Remember when our troops broke into Chalabi's residence ?

O'Reilly, --- Let Terrorists Blow Up Coit Tower, --SF

Can you blow up hotels and then blame it on Zarqawi?

UN warns on Iraq environment fate

Is it just me or does the economy have an inverse relationship with *'s

E&P: 'NY Times' Sunday Preview: Hollywood Was Right on the War

No election too small for republicans to screw with: Mayoral race hijinks

Bush "speech": He has the familiar backdrop for his "Counterattack" speech

Another RW "Counter Attack": Democrats Were Lying To Us At Least 56 Times

So my daughter's boyfriend is in Iraq...

Arianna on Democracy Now, talking about Judy Miller.

Jessica Lynch on MSNBC

Bush will use VETERANS DAY speech to hit back at Dems!

Writer Koontz accused of racism

Write the View about Elizabeth whats her name

Wag the Veteran - Bush plans to use Veteran's Day to attack Democrats

Okay okay enough about the WMD's already

Why I am not concerned of *'s "counter attack"....

(dumb question) Can Congress just declare the war over with and order the

F&*K ME, whip me beat me call me Edna

Let's all send O'Reilly a kindergarten lesson on where the fed funding

The GOP strategy -- More of the SOS (Same Old S***)

Soooo, I go check out the new Research Forum and .......

All things considered, you have to admire this man's tailor...

Dem's should be promising to get this maniac out of office if we elect them

White House upbeat about Rove's return

McCain calls for 10,000 extra troops for Iraq at Chalabi gala in D.C.

Ukraine to withdraw all 1,650 troops from Iraq by year's end

chimpy** said: "The Defeat of the Taliban" again

man, they are REALLY DESPERATE to sell this shitty little war ain't they?

Veteran's day letter to fishwrap

just turned on the TV

On this Veterans Day Remember - Bush failed to go to one Funeral (Poem)

Where's the transcript for Nero's speech today?

Is ABC news PRIMETIME the biggest joke news organ, after the Dailey Show?

Here we go.... trying to support to the war

Where would we be now if Pat Robertson had won the Presidency

This is from my repug friend in response to my comments earlier:

Anybody freaking out on the guy behind Smirky at the speech?

The DEMS better keep the heat up...

Jeez, Chimpster is slurring more than usual today

Bush* & Cheney giving Veterans Day speeches is an afront to all Veterans.

Sorry dupe

Endless Bush Vets Day Speech...

* is either way passed drunk or he's had a stroke


BYU Physics Professor: Let's take another look at those WTC

No DU handwringing allowed folks!

Marines searching for a few good...oops!

Why ppl approve *: "approved of his Christian beliefs and his values..."

Girl Needs Surgery To Remove 16-Pound Tumor On Face

Is Bush* a veteran?

Chimpy's playing the RED card big time.

I am so offended!!!


LAX screener accused of stealing $300 from traveler's purse pleads no cont

Rove Gives a Speech to the Federalist Society ---pix->>>

Chalabi Pushes Iran Card in Last Ditch Self-Promotion Offensive


? about the troops seated behind *

90 Iraqi army batallions...There he goes again

BYU physics professor -live stream

Multi-level marketing: work from home. Should I do this?

Psst! Remember the "Shut It Down" thread?

Conscious Effort to “Clean-up” Niger Docs -Josh Marshall

A Toast for Veteran's Day

I hope the black soldier

What is this 'complete victory' The Chimp speaks of???

DU Terminology: A little help?

The Dems DID NOT have the same intel as *

If ID is NOT a religious the ID backers claim

Time for the ALL DEMOCRATIC LEADERS to gather on the STEPS

Become a Republican - hilarious in a very sad way

Malkin on WJ complaining she's getting ugly emails...

Aussie headline: "Bush denies sexing up Iraq brief"

House Plan to Cut (student) Loan Programs Stalls

Why must Bush administration officials conduct "surprise visits" to Iraq?

Bush once said he would let History judge him,now he says history is wrong

Wow! CNN's John King --

Bush Pre-senile Dementia Video

No greater evidence that Bush is a LIAR than his speech today

LTTE, America's best comedian, Pat Robertson

Jon Stewart's Attempts At "Balance" Water Down The Daily Show

The saddest Veteran's Day I've ever known...

We're less worried about the Economy, yet still slammin Chimpy

Talking Point: "Why should we start believing him now?"

VIDEO-David Gregory's comments

Did Anybody See That Freak malkin On C-Span This Morning?

a quite from a famous Republican

Distorting Islam?

the SOB lying mutherfuker is on msnbc

The WH's counterattack is starting up


While * is politicizing Vets day, 5 more soldiers killed :-(

I Get So Freaking Sick Of Kyra Phillips And Her Bible Banging.

I missed the speech - what's with the freaky stage set? ---pix->>>

Veteran's day blues . . .

Vaccines with no accountability... "Bioshield 2"

Zogby: "We should get out of Iraq now!"

David Gregory: Campaign mode defense

Flashback: Here's a great article that show's Bush is a clueless idiot

VIDEO-Chalabi from Press Conf 2 days ago and Durbin speech

Mrs.Olson's getting her beans squeezed in New Orleans again

Grand Opening!! Sign on a new church here in town.

Whoring AP Headline: Bush Forcefully Attacks Iraq Critics

Breaking: Bush vows to restore credibility in the same manner he

How much is an on-site liquor license worth in your town?

Mo. Conservative Talk Show Host Arrested for Murdering His Wife.

*'s Propaganda Transcript is Now Available:

Hillarycare or NO CARE?

Russia helps out with Our Iran problem.

Anyone have the patience to "truth Squad" Bush speech?

Odd that vote irregularities in Dover Pa School Board election, what -- "Why did we become Veterans in the first place?

If this is permitted to...

There G.W. goes again

Where is our annual DU VETERANS "check in" thread?

Tin Foilers: MIT is squeezing into our action:

Choice #4 in this Poll: It's Pure Idiocy - Have fun voting!!!

Kipling's Tommy is especially good today

Looking for a number on solar power investment

How unpatriotic was the Anti-Clinton crowd?

Please DU this poll on Pat Robertson

Our Mothers (and Thomas Paine) Warned Us About People Like Dick and George

Anyone know where to get a copy of Hannity's show?

The Nation magazine wants your help:

I don't know if I was just watching CNN or the 700 Club. A real

Karl Rove Plagiarized George Orwell...

So, what was the "Strategy for Victory"?

Wouldn't vets be peeved that * is using today, for political attacks?

Still No Jobs

Pombo's radical mining plan stirs anger

Poll - Did Bush lie? Don't bother voting....

Take a good look at the old folks with us now. They may be the last


Democrats fire back at Bush criticism

How much of this Bush crap is pushback to deflect about Chalabi?

Talk of the Nation, NPR, Sciency Friday, electronic voting machines. n/t

"...and in the morning we will Remember Them."

The truth about the Silberman-Ross Commission

I don't think Hillary is going to run in 2008. I think it's just RW

Tired Of Bush & his cronies saying this:

Trade deficit now $66 BILLION. Shatters all records.

Please Dems - react

Mike Malloy's guest last night, John Laesch, running against Hastert

Little Lord Pissypants gives a defensive whiny speech. Ain't gonna help.

Democrats and the War - "Nation" editorial

Embattled Bush defends case for Iraq war

2062 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Lest we forget...

Anti-smoking movement funded by Big Pharma?

Can someone please give me the 800 number for the Al Franken show?

Transcript of Bush Speech

We wouldn't need smoking bans if smokers would just step outside to smoke.


Saddam was not an imminent threat.

Do you have any Veteran's stories or remembrances?

That contemptible sleaze offends this veteran greatly.

America Is Still Suffering A Bad Case Of Rovian Flu.

The L.A. Times' Loss Is HuffPost's Gain

Is therea transcript for that bag of gibberish George just delivered?

Which one do you believe?

Good Insight Into the Freeper Mentality

Do you participate in smoking/anti-smoking rant threads?

Kerry plegdges support to the Bernie Sanders campaign in VT

Josh Marshall: Names on Ital. forgeries changed after found being outdated

Did * mislead? An Open Letter to Sen. John Warner

Bush in the river.

Not Valid in Kansas

Nader thrusts himself into T.O. drama

We don't want to "rewrite history" George, we want to read the history

AAR Now Has 72 Stations

I dont recall the current head of the DNC saying we should invade Iraq

Kennedy Reaction to Bush Iraq speech(from his website)

FEMA Has Yet to Reopen No-Bid Contracts

Conservative, orthodox Anglicans threaten to split over Gays

CNN poll: Do you think the Bush admin manipulated the prewar intel?

Sen. Kennedy, D-Mass., Quickly Criticizes Bush's Speech/NYT

How many will be able to say "I was wrong", how many to accept this?

Great read! "Colorado Soldier Founds Anti-War Group"...You go girl!

whether * is a Christian, or anyone is

Who saw the Hardball commercial? Exclusive new info that could

War blurs lines between good, evil

Once again, a poll on w's BS speech.

Has any democrat responsed to Bush*t speech?

Dem senators didn't support the Iraq invasion. Stop being a rePUKE tool.

Did you miss Bush's TERROR speech today?

Did Bush and Hadley invoke the "Obi-Wan Kenobi defense?"

Everything You Need To Know About Dubya's "Comeback Speech"

BYU Physics Professor thinks Bombs, not Planes toppled the WTC

Local Guy using 6th Amendment to fight Traffipax "radar camera" ticket

Joe Conason said he heard from source: Rove assistant speaking against him

NO TIES WHATSOEVER...EVER...between Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda

Caption this * pic....

Bush appears to be wearing his body armor again today ...

Did the 'christian' Right's persecution of Gays contribute to 9/11?

This Headline Is Hillarious: Bush warns Syria to work with UN

Govt finally taking Colbert's advice THREAT DOWN! - Bear take down

So Bush, Rove and the gang gave it their best shot and changed nothing

In His Own Words: Bush on pre-invasion intelligence

Meme: Faith in our Politics, Vs. Politics in Their Faith

I pulled the trigger.

Picture of Cheney from today

Robertson retracts Dover, PA God's wrath comments (satire)

Cornucopia Files Complaint Against Aurora Dairy

Cafferty: Veteran's Day - not about politics

Whoa!! Cafferty nails chimpy for politicizing this Veteran's Day!

GOP Spreads Blame On Iraq Intelligence Failures. Don't Buy the Spin.

First it was Al Queda. Then Mushroom Clouds. Then it was Democracy

I confess, I'm a freeper

"Who wouldn't kill someone for $150 billion?"

Is the Voluntary Simplicity movement now becoming Involuntary Simplicity

had Randi mentioned Bush's speech yet?

"FBI Whistleblower Runs for Congress"

Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds): Bush should question our patriotism


Able Danger News Conference - rebroadcast of 11/09/2005 event, CSPAN, 6:41

We're at War!

VIDEO-Bush's Speech today Jerked and Smirked

Clinton: The come back kid. Bush: The bum crack kid.

"I'm more anti-Dem than pro Bush".

"Why People Approve, Disapprove of Bush"

Does it seem obvious to you that the Rs are NEVER going end the Iraq war?

Local rag catapults the propaganda in Veterans Day story

This speech could be the turning point . . .

Can you believe it? We are actually calling Bush on LIEING US INTO WAR!

What To Do About The Research Forum?

"Rice calls for religious unity in Iraq"

Daily Pilot: Feeling blue in a red town ("the O.C.")

Have you noticed that the most anti-Dem scumbags turn to Democrats

The all out response from the Rethugs to the Dems is not working.

Kennedy to be on Situation Room on CNN today

Booman Trib: "President Relies on Forged Letter in Today's Speech"

It’s Veterans Day. A perfect time to reflect

"Presidential Aide Karl Rove Takes Aim at Democrats"

I don't know about you, but Dick Durbin is kicking tail and taking names

CNN Poll

big hug for Cindy Sheehan and parents of military killed in Iraq.

Should the word "Orwellian" be changed to "Bushian"?

What happened to the Al Franken show on Sundace?

VIDEO: Amazing Paul Hackett Clip

Fu*K the MSM

So * is worried about how history will refer to his War and that if it is

If I hand you a gun, are you then FORCED to use it?

Mark calendar 12/11/2005: 1000 days of the Iraq war

"Five Arrested While Trying to Remove Peace Group's Cemetery Flag Display"

Bush is a useless piece of human scum!

Bush Resurrects False Claim That Congress Had “Same Intelligence” On Iraq

Any evidence bird flu is biological warfare?

Things are so bad for Bush even Santorum is dissing him

O'Reilly thinks it would be just fine if Al Queda blew up San Francisco.

Rumsfeld can authorize torture with loophole

The fuckingest fuckup to ever fuck up our country

The Power of Nightmares

Robertson tips Fundies' hand: Intelligent Design IS Stealth "Creationism"

Where is Cindy Sheehan today?

Veteran's Day has been hijacked to support the occupation!!

Hey, FreeRepublic - WHAT'S THAT SMELL?

And now every April I sit on my porch & I watch the parade pass before me

Iraq..casualties ..up to date

The Thugs say we can't leave Iraq until

Hey SouthEast Wisconsin! E. Coli Alert Coming on the News at 5.

Wal-Mart hates Christmas

Folks, you know that budget meeting yesterday--

Miracle Headlines for Bush 11/11 : Key fugitive Saddam aide 'dead'

Bush Said Stand With Me, Now Blames Those Who Did

Boom!!! And there it is: Bush says, "Dems are trying to rewrite history"

Raw story reports that a WSJ poll McCain beats Hillary by slim margin

The Chimp has just upped the stakes with his confrontational

my gawd--I just heard that 5 more troops were killed today in Irag (msnbc

John Cusak's article

"Evil men obsessed with ambition and unburdened by conscience" --->>>

Wisconsin passes PAPER TRAIL legislation

Q?: So if Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson support terrorism...

Clinton Calls Impeachment 'Egregious' Abuse

How large WAS America's presence in Iraq on 9/11?

DU THIS POLL: Was the Clinton impeachment justified?

Let me hazard a guess. The repugs say much worse things

One stop glance at ALL the progressive blogs...

Freeper poll on Bush: A DU version for you to vote on.

Send a dollar to Dover Area School District to show our support

Um...this was the worst possible day for Bush to give this speech

Atrios: Who's Rewriting History?

VIDEO-Cafferty File on Veteran's Day

Bill O'Reilly's comments on San Francisco

Eleanor Clift blasts Bush for his bogus offensive

Will there be any quick feedback on *'s speech success?

Stop the ACLU! (crazy letter in my local paper)

Is the Voluntary Simplicity movement now Involuntary ?

I hate to say this, but Ted Kennedy doesn't look good. On CNN's Blitzer.

HOLY $@$! >> * fires back at Kennedy for using Veteran's Day to Attack WH

Has this been posted yet today? "Dulce et Decorum Est"

Happy birthday, Senator Boxer!

Anti war poetry lives..."Willy McBride", by Eric Bogle.

My blog is being "attacked" by some freeper blog.

Soldier exploitation(abuses by insurance agents)

Facts are stubborn things- Mr.ahem President

Complete McDonald's Strip story-MUST READ-on obeying "authority figures"

"I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier"

Randi re: Bush*

Fox has Shrub at 36%. Is this a ploy?

Robert Scheer and Michael Ramirez fired from LA Times

Just heard an anti Wal-Mart ad on a right-wing radio station!

Wow! Am I an IDIOT!!!

WOW! What just happened?^^^^

Official error in official WH response

Bill Press - BUSH Speech=big mistake

Question about vets serving in the senate...

We need DU equivalent in uk


I love Janeane Garofalo.

McDonald's Strip Search

I do not see any headlines about 5 troops dying today (msnbc said this

President thanks a wheelchair-bound vet.. (the one who went in HIS place?)

Pat Robertson makes me want to spit nails

A better idea about Wal Mart- go see "The High Cost of Low Price"

Would someone please tell Rice to quit smiling whenever she

Conyers on Veteran's Day and Rove

I guess Bush's speech today was just the beginning.......

If ChimpCo didn't know that they were spreading falsehoods, then WHY

Curious question: Let's say the IWR vote went "nay."

Hey Georgie! Guess what? (on veteran's day)

When cable shows the Bush "16 words" SOTU lie his poll numbers go down

Bush speech cheap political stunt on day of national mourning for war dead

What's the best one stop link for OIL motive for Iraq War?

Malkin just said DU wished Laura Ingram dead???

Did the repugs pass the budget package...


Up there! In the sky! It's SuperBush!

Is anyone watching CNN on this Steven Avery? Served 18 years for a rape

In 2000 when Bush won....

I cant believe Bush's speech

Delay may plead guilty to a misdemeanor to keep his Majority Leader seat

Would I get in trouble at church if I called the Administration

Clinton (Big Dog) says Impeachment was Abuse of Power

The Democrats Should Just Admit That They Were Shamed Into Authorizing War

Did Al Qaida hire Bushco as it's marketing arm?

Able Danger - Welden PR on C-2

Good News!!!! 11/11/2005

Here's a new term: Foxfarking.

CBS News just tore up Bush on the way the Administration used intelligence

My Letter to W.: Please quit twisting the truth

Bush Just Asked for a Major Ass Kicking by EVERYONE

Bush hoist again on his on quoted petard

Why haven't we been shown the conference yesterday by all our Democrats?

How many repubs are now saying to themselves.... either.... here

Caption this asshole!

So * strategy to gain support is to defend the war & blast its critics?

Management Guru Peter Drucker, 95, Dies

We need to face it, folks. Bush won today.

Guess what George, Once trust has been broken,

Keith is coming out swinging on *now*

Keith will investigate Iraqi war (pre war) intelligence

Sounds like Keith Olberman is going after

Did Bush Mislead Us into War?

KO time, he'll be covering O'Leilly

An idea for Harry Reid


Whew! It's Good To Be In the "Majority" Again. Ain't It!?

Has American Democracy died an electronic death in Ohio 2005's referenda..

Good night, and good luck.

Pics todays Veterans Day Parade with the Stars saved for Last!

Bush only ever campaigns. He never governs.

I am disappointed.

Keith Olberman: 57%, Bush has got to face it he has liar poll numbers now


Over 80,000 registered members. How many non-registered members

LOL. Keith Olberman's guest just nicknamed Karl 'Pigpen' Rove

Bush Convicted Himself By His Own Statement Today.

Ice worms... more fodder for the intelligent design crowd?

50 First Gates—A tragic comedy.

Bill O Reilly has one big brass set on him.

If I had an investment and lost my investment because of...

Watching video of Chimpy's "dog ate my homework" speech today

watching "saving private ryan" on tnt. wonder if dubya's ever watched it.

Could Someone Please Tell Me About Keith Olberman's show!??

CanOFun Temporarily down

Courtroom fight follows sentencing (are people becoming cold?)

2002 Bush's Vote For Peace

It works like this: tell the truth. FEEL THE BURN, GIRLYMAN

Remembering John Oneill for those who aren't familiar with his

Blogs came to life just on time, a little be later and we would be in

The October 2002 NIE was cooked. Bush: "they saw the same intelligence"

But I feel lonely

Freedom loving Democrats

I will not let this corrupt Admin smear my Dad's service

Will the Republicans impeach Bushit or will they go down with him?

Do you think Karl Rove should stay on the job? Vote!

My 1000th post

Steven Hawking endorses Bush, Creationism, and other RW obsessions

Daughters of the NEW American Revolution

Bush's speech deliberately uses grammatical 3-card monte to mislead

Hardball's promo-Is there a real connection between 911 and Iraq?

When did the senators see THIS memo, you prick?

David Shuster is about the only investigative reporter left in the news biz

Hardball is a must see tonight. Mapes coming up. Showed the

Is Condi really in the ME to

Cute new DU icons

*'s speech mention of Islamic intolerance seemed applicable to all fundies

A truly great story

Do you think Mary Mapes was horsewhipped over superscript

Guy on Hardball is trying to sell the idea that they never tried to

Is it me or is the time stamp off a few days?

Bush's own church (Methodists) condemn "this unjust and immoral" war

Gun crime up in Boston: Mayor suggests searching cars that cross the...

Listen to this wacky right winger for a good laugh!

My best Veterans Day ever.

Ok, I really want to know why American TV is obsessed w/ killing

Blinky is quoting from a fake Zawahri letter now

TOONS 4 Bush Veterans Day ----->

Rebuttal to "Rove is no genius" post and end-of-the-week rant

White Phosphorus: State Dept says illumination, Army says weapon.

Powell on Meet the Press: "(intelligence) deliberately misleading"

Melting the skin off babies. Graphic

Chicago NBC / Daily Herald poll: "Is it time to leave Iraq?" Vote here


Democraticunderground is eye candy for the political junkies on the left!

Bush's "rewriting history" speech really pisses me off

Is it just me, or did Bush give a CAMPAIGN speech today?

Arnold: "The best activities for your health are pumping and humping."

So can we all agree now that Rove is no genius?

White House (Scotty) Response to Kennedy (posted on WH site)

Does Bush know the election is over? What's with the bashing of Kerry?

"Mass. Democrats Angered by 'KKK' Joke"

How to fix the BU$HIT I have a plan. After we remove Commander Bunny pants

Does anyone else feel like me?

On These Days We Lifted Our Voices! LINKS to antiwar protests 2003-2005

Italian Prosecutors Seek Extradition of 22 Alleged CIA Operatives

Is there an "American People" any more?

College tuition promised to (ALL) Kalamazoo Public Schools grads

The Nation Mag - no support for Dems candidates who support Iraq war -

$100k prize offered for best idea to improve America (Since Sliced Bread)

I consider this site the place for democrats, liberals and progressives,

Hardball and Countdown tonight:2 hours of reality v Bush. Reality won.

Bush is the Best...

Separated at birth? Sean Hannity and Joe McCarthy (see photos)

HOLY SHIT! New ICONS! When did this happen?

"I don't want this, I'll just leave it on this shelf" (but not anymore)

HOLY SHIT - are you watching CNN??? (Kim Jong Il, North Korea)

Are you watching CNN? Footage from North Korea. Horrendous.

In Defense of Service Workers.

Why is Bush is trying to embarrass NJ?

Iraqi Constitution Ratified, Burned (The Onion)

UN Food Expert Condemns US Tactics Of Withholding Food And Water In Iraq

Mary Carillo says 100's of junior boys could beat either Williams sister

Vets' Day - A Time For Embarrassing, Stupid, Saccharine Patriotic Music

Dover, PA, Creationism, and Ayatollah Pat Robertson

Staffers At Detention Center Fired Over Rape Of Retarded Boy

For all you "Leave your Cart behind" people

AOL Poll: Bush, Lies & Iraq (Amazing)

This is Your Story - The Progressive Story of America ... Bill Moyers

Man Accused Of Stuffing Boy In Freezer For Punishment

Ways NOT to fight Terrorists

How many of you still can't type?

Cell Phone Bandit robs four Virginia banks

Female Veterans -- Atten-SHUN!!

Pat Robertson is badly in need of a straight jacket.

"Burned. Burned bodies. I mean, it burned children, and it burned women."

Dems, say it: "The President withheld intelligence from us."

Bush denies manipulating prewar intelligence on Iraq - I am not a crook!

The Media Are Minimising US and British War Crimes (Guardian)

Growing Gulf Between Rich And Rest Of Us

Vote Republican Or Die Horribly, So Say Falwell and O'Reilly

NCAA rejects Illinois' appeal of mascot ban

Congress needs to cut off money for Iraq--just like they did for Vietnam.

looking for a link...

America's response to Idiot Son's speech: Universal "CRAZY" gesture

Why does this Prez smile whenever he...

Merry Christmas; Happy Holidays; ... oh, whatever

How do you post on Michelle Malkin's blog?

Should DU adopt "A War on Blitzkrieg" into its vocabulary/dictionary?

DanBartlett on Scarborough country--"setting the record straight"

Congress Bought Our Intelligence; therefore, I’m NOT to Blame.

ABC now: voluntary simplicity/downshifters and American greed

Shouldn't O'Reilly be arrested under the Patriot Act for his

Yuck! This has to be one of the worst photos of chimpy**....

NYT: Bush Contends Partisan Critics Hurt War Effort

FWD: On this Veterans Day

The First Lie

Wow! Olberman's Guest was devastating on Bush's

How many of you don't have health insurence?

In memoriam: In Flander's Fields...

Breaking: Hippo dies, Chimp takes his place

Mandatory Mike Malloy Friday Truthseeker Shout Out

Walmart apologizes for employee e-mail saying Xmas is mix of traditions


Robert Schlesinger: "Is anyone surprised at how full of shit (Bush) is?"

Dishonoring America's Veterans, * AWOL from Arlington Ceremony

Internationally known idiot Nader intervenes on behalf of Terrell Owens.

Helen Thomas: "Probe Could Find Real 'Why' Of War In Iraq"

Reid Fires Back: President resorted to his old playbook

Why do Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson hate America?

Had A Little Work Done There, Arnold?

In honor of my father who served his country for 21 years.

Keeping up. Wouldn't it be great if there was a daily list of the

"Right to Life" Potato on EBay -- 20K highbid!

* tired of being a Compassionate Conservative, going to do something else

Pat Robertson

Attention!!!! Anyone who like to pose WMD questions to the administration

So, List The Differences Between Pat Robertson & Osama Bin Laden

Is the Republican party imploding?

Richard Miniter - WMDs Found in Iraq

Holy crap, it just hit me between the eyes.

I don't get it. What are the 36% that approve of Bush thinking?


What are your favorite websites (other than DU of course)?

"They value your virginity more than your life"

WHO'S "rewriting the history" of the march to war, MOTHERFUCKER?

CNN: A collection of Pat Robertson's "preachings"

Santorum's wife sues Doc for 500K, Gets 350K. He wants cap @ 250K?

Why do I keep hearing that another attack would help GOP & *?

Robert Schapiro is offering free living wills on his website til Monday

Dear NPR:

Venezuela's Chavez Calls Mexican President a “Puppy of US Empire”

Did Bush Just Admit That The Decision To Go To War Was Made...

A Sick, Racist Freeper Would Like Us To Answer This Question. Have At Him.

Please DU this CNN Poll: Bush manipulated intelligence?

Let's face it, folks - Bush is a Loser on his Way Out.

The most beautiful woman I’ve ever met...

An experience I had in Walmart that made me think in another direction

Heard from an X Fema employee who was on the ground in NO after Katrina

Dogs and hostile City ordinances. Legal Advice would be helpful.

The Democrats MUST get out in front of this counterattack by the WH

bush said we'll win the war we'll never win??? Rude Pundit

Harry Reid is pissed. (Counterattack)

Bush Resurrects False Claim That Congress Had “Same Intelligence” On Iraq

**Please DU AOL Poll: Clinton's impeachment; Abuse or not, & Rate his pres

Do you think Fitz has Rove, Libby's, Cheney's etc. phones bugged?

Robert Scheer fired from Los Angeles Times

All us old folks thought "I am not a crook" when we heard * today

Congratulations Americans

Our senators deserve this.

Huge Meteorite Discovered Underground in Area of Kansas Rich in Space Rock

Cancer question

Question for the Government of Jordan

Wow, the leave your cart behind at Wal-Mart thread stuns me a bit......

That Warm Feeling

My step-dad ABSOLUTELY MUST get home at the end of his shift at Wal-Mart.

"Leave the Cart?" Nah, "Keep the Receipt"

It was the Shrub's "I am Not a Crook" moment.......

Fox News Will Now Highlight "Global Warming" to Their Cult Audience.

You know you're a RW'er if...

So Blow O'Lielly was just on my teevee with 2 local wingnuts

Two Months Later, Katrina Survivors are Losing the Battle , Media Benjamin

What should the Democratic Party see as U.S. global interests

Chimpy's "exciting new speech"


A proposal: $5.00 a gallon

Check out the Peacekeepers! (pic)

I had a dream about Ted Kennedy

MY Near Run In With A BushBot....literley

Why does the news always presume to tell me what to think?

New movement=Fundy Christianity+GOP=Closet Homsexuality

Dean: The President ought to be ashamed of himself. Response to speech.

fuck you mr. bush, we didn't re-write history, YOU LIED us into war

Where are the threads on Chalabi?

just back from the future

What is the Right Wing's benefit to Society?

Michael Ventura: "We Are On Our Own"

"At first I thought (Ithe war) was a good thing."

Is Bush Drunk in this video?

TOONs to end my week

I want to make a small point about the South.

Robert Scheer Hired by the Huffington Post

"We believed the President was telling us the truth...we were wrong"

VIDEO-Justifying the WAR

Pervasive fat phobia hurts people

What's going on with Liberal Radio?

Microsoft - a rant.

How many on DU supported the decision to invade/occupy Iraq at ANY point?

Fed to cease publishing M3 money supply

"La Repubblica has confirmed that three days after SISMI sent its original

FORGET OLD INTEL! It was inoperable the moment weapons inspectors went in

Yes, Democratic Underground has new icons.

Know your BFEE: The China-Bush Axis

“Leave A Cart” Campaign At Wal-Mart

My experience with white phosphorus

Okay, no more Mr & Mrs. Nice Guy

Tuna Casserole kind of day

Remember our feng shui stove mirror project?

Hubby's pies - one last pic

I need a new peeler. Is there a decent one out there?

Heads up for the financially limited gadget junkies (you know who you are)

How to treat a new cutting board?

Please take "A Pittance of Time" to honour our veterans ...

Those veteran poppies - how long do you wear them for?

As a mother, as a human being, as a minority who became specialist

At Newspapers That Backed Bush in 04: New Worries...Few Regrets (For Now)

Pat Robertson

Bush to swing back at Democrats on Iraq criticism (on Veteran;'s Day)

No truth to report of Israeli evacuations before Amman bombs

US Secretary of State Sneaks Into Iraq

Mo’ Money for Monogamy

Bush to swing back at Democrats (will use Vets Day speech to do so)

Over 100 arrested following Jordan bombings

Some Republican lawmakers shun Alaska oil drilling

DeLay Team Weighed Misdemeanor Plea to Save GOP Post

Study: U.S. Can't Keep Illegal Meds Out

Coin dealer's contributions to state candidates under scrutiny

WP: DeLay Team Weighed Misdemeanor Plea to Save GOP Post

Top Senate Republican backtracks on legislative pay hike

Weak Chinese currency to ruin US economy with cheap imports from China

White House upbeat about Rove's return

DeLay Team Weighed Misdemeanor Plea to Save GOP Post (!!!)

Amid Deep Discord, N.Korea Nuke Talks End

Veterans Day Outrage: Conservatives End 55-Year-Old Practice of Hearings

NYT/AP: Security Is Tightened in Central Paris

Senate Approves Limiting Rights of U.S. Detainees - NYT

Poll: Most Americans (57%) Doubt Bush's Honesty

His Image Tarnished, Bush Seeks to Restore Credibility

Swedish airport evacuated

O'Reilly Encourages Domestic Terrorism: Blow up Coit Tower in SF

Bush to swing back at Democrats

Inland Republicans stay home from the polls

British Newspaper to Pay Damages to Kofi Annan's Son Over Oil-for-Food

Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

Producer Of 'Halloween' Movies Dies Of Bombing Injuries

Senate Judiciary Panel Backs Constitutional Amendmt on Marriage

House Republicans Vow to Revive Budget-Cuts

Top Ohio labor mediator fired over boozy incident (car bottles,fake tags)

50 Cent Movie Pulled After Pa. Shooting

This speech could be the turning point . . .

NYT: No-Bid Contract to Replace Schools After Katrina Is Faulted (crooks!)

I am not sure if this is where to post this

Ex-Wildfire Chief Accused of Setting Fires

WP,pg1: (D.C.) Housing Market Cooling, Data Say

Al-Qaida: Amman attacks carried out by four Iraqis including husband, wife

WP: Calls for Shift in Iraq Strategy Growing: Protect Population Centers

(Hadley) Bush Aide Fires Back at Critics On Justification for War in Iraq

US senators demand report on secret CIA prisons abroad-- (82-9)

U.N. Says Thousands of Contaminated Industrial and Military Sites in Iraq

Libby Testimony is Key to Rove Inquiry

U.S. Trade Deficit Hits $66 Billion, Another Record

Iraq gunmen target Oman embassy

Bush Forcefully Attacks Iraq Critics

Prewar CIA report questioned al Qaeda-Iraq ties (CNN obtains document)

Yellowstone Grizzlies Off List?...

AP: Feds to Take Bears Off Endangered List

Saudi Arabia wins WTO membership (AFP)

Bush says Iraq intel critics irresponsible (Reuters)

Touch screens' debut in Medina not without glitches(odd Diebold info?)

2005 base closings quietly become law

Foreign Trade Hits US $1.148 Trillion (China)

Three U.S. Troops Killed In Western Iraq

LAT/AP: Consumer Confidence Returning, Poll Shows

Protesters Try to Remove Maine Peace Flags

BYU professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

F.D.A. Reports Reduced Risks With Condoms (Really???)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 11 November

Bush warns Syria to work with UN

E-mails show link between Cornyn, lobbyist under investigation (Abramoff)

Soldier exploitation: report will detail abuses by insurance agents

CNN/ Hubble sees stars being born

FEMA halts removal of beached vessels

Faux: Methodist Bishops Repent Iraq War 'Complicity'

Army Meets a Recruitment Goal (lowered by about a third from '04)

Veterans still haven't seen college money

German parties reach coalition deal: report

Peruvian Paramilitary Death Squad Massacres Loom Large in Fujimori Extradi

6 Fired After Rape at Fla. Detention Center

Bulgarian Nurses Face Death Sentences in Libya NPR -

'Mother ship' behind pirate raids

The Mundane and Joyous Alike Transformed Into the Unthinkable

U.S. (DoJ) accuses SIU of anti-white bias (Chicago Sun-Times)

FBI Whistleblower Runs for Congress (Guardian UK)

Brother's arrest embarrasses Iraq parliament speaker

Key fugitive Saddam aide 'dead

White House (Scotty) Response to Kennedy (posted on WH site)

Lib breaks ranks to speak up for Hicks(Try Hicks or free him)

Former New York Times Reporter Miller Says Her Conscience Is Clear

Italians Seek Extradition of CIA Agents

Bruce ready to run (for Senate)?: Phila. Daily News

Halloween horror films producer Moustapha Akkad dies in Jordan blasts

Bill O'Reilly takes aim at San Francisco

Cheney Places Wreath at Arlington National Cemetery

Chalabi: U.S. troops may leave Iraq in '06

Iran rejects nuclear compromise

LA Daily News: Nissan to flee L.A. area

Vatican restricts gay priests

Annan's Son Accepts Iraq Libel Damages

WP: Bolton Prods U.N. To Act on Spending, Human Rights Issues

WSJ poll: 69% hold Cheney responsible for Plame leak; 60% want public....

AP Wire-Poll: Most Americans say Bush not honest

Santorum blames media, White House for war's unpopularity

Democrats fire back at Bush criticism

Appeals court says girl, 17, can have abortion without telling parents

It's official: Nixon to run for governor in '08 (Missouri)!

"Remarks by the President on the War on Terror" - WaPo & WH trancripts

U.S. 'can't maintain Iraq troop levels' (think tank report)

Marine dies from IED (# 2060)

LAT: (LAT) Plans New Op-Ed Lineup (drops Scheer, Ramirez)

Clinton Calls Impeachment Egregious Abuse

Momentum grows for Blair to step down

America's S.O.S to the IDF (Israel to save Bush?)

Ex-Powell Aide Suggests Pre-War Memo Was Kept From Bush(/Col. Wilkerson)

FEMA Has Yet to Reopen No-Bid Contracts

Engaged in a Very Civil War (Federalist Society influence on us)

Feds' Net-wiretap order set to kick in

Pelosi/Waxman Request Docs Relating to Abramoff's..$9m..meeting with Bush

Bush Defends Iraq Policy, Chides Critics

GM Auto Workers OK Health Care Proposal

Spending Bill Stalls Over Cuba Dispute

Al-Zarqawi myth U.S.'s own creation ("He became what we wanted him to be")

Mortgage rates in U.S. rise steadily

Tobin asks court to dismiss phone jamming charges (vote conspiracy!)

After uncertainty, (Katherine) Harris says Senate campaign is going ahead

Saddam's right-hand man dies

AP: Much of world vexed about U.S. control of Net

LAT: Schwarzenegger Drops Fight With Nurses Over Staffing Ratios

C-130 plane 'crashes near Kabul'

WP: A Nervous Eye On Defense Firms: End of Post-9/11 Pentagon Budgets

Romney distances himself from KKK joke

Bush: Irresponsible to rewrite history of Iraq war

Vote to strip rights of Guantanamo prisoners may be reconsidered

WP: Democrats Losing Race For Funds Under Dean

Just. Dept. May Sue Over Scholarship("Discreminates against whites/Males")

Paper admits libel of Annan's son

Dalai Lama needles US over democratic rights

O'Reilly Won't Back Down After Blasting S.F. (what a surprise)

Talk host's towering rant: S.F. not worth saving (O'Reilly)

Secretary of state makes surprise visit to northern Iraq

I'M NOT CRAZY...Tinfoil helmets debunked...

The late night movie quote thread

Dear ten-year-old.,

Something you REALLY do not want to see up close (pic)

Altrac3 VS. MP3 - HELP answers needed

Colbert just FLAYED Bush in "The Word"

Would you set foot on it?

Anyone have any 'cosmetic work' done?

For anyone looking for a good late-night movie, "The Crow"...

Oh my god. This is funny. "SHE IS NOT A CHRISTIAAAAN!!!!"""

Hey - America-hating swine pigs - can I, a freeper plant, post here?

Snack time! Whadda ya want?

Oh no! I know what has happened!

So if two guys are twins and one knocks up a woman and the

Yesterday afternoon something really strange happened

What single song rocks hardest?

Joan Crawford has risen from the grave

Whatcha gonna do, enigmatic, when Wetzelbillmania runs wild on you!?!?

Want to check out a commercial with a naked lady in it?

Tank Girl ~

Buddha's Finger Bone Now On Display

MatcomNews Update: Man Glued To Toilet Passes Polygraph Test

Convicted Rapist Tells Judge He's "Rude" - Gets Extra Jail Time

Thief Robs Banks While Chatting On Cell Phone

Chimps Get Retirement Home

Caption This

Good Friday Morning, Everyone!

I think I just had my first fight with my boyfriend

Buying a house for the first time....

Are banks open today? (Vet, Day)

A new Micky D's toy for all the DU lady's of the night....

Are sperm banks open today?

Why, oh why?

We here at Levy Pants would like to welcome Bianca,


GD, GD, GD is on fire. We don't need no water. Let the motherfucker burn!

Welcome to Ahnold's Neighborhood

Well, I know what I WON'T be getting for Christmas

More fall pictures from Ticino, Switzerland. (Dial-up warning)

When it comes to a potential date, how can you tell if they dig you or not

Female Veterans -- Atten-SHUN!!

I have a question about the Left Behind movie series...

OK. Rule #1 about putting your ex-husband on the phone with your BF:

Tinfoil hats attract mind-control signals, boffins learn

Kipling for Veterans Part One

Kipling for Veterans Part Two

Offhand, I'd say this guy has a serious problem...

Mother & Boyfriend Arrested For Stuffing Her 5 Year Old Son In Freezer

To-Do list for Veterans' Day 2005

Boortz: new sponsor?

DU vets of any nation check in

Deranged ex?

Some things in life are bad,

50 Cent

Lou The White Frog Is A Connecticut Rarity

Am I allowed to post here even if I don't have any kitten photos?

Miracles & Mary: Illinois A Mecca For Sightings

Black Magic and Pit Bulls: Raid Uncovers More than Just Drugs

The 3 Stooges are on Spike TV right now!

It's time to kick back, mellow out, and crank Gens du pays

Monkey Sucker

It's the 11th of November and I'm already eating a mince pie

Groundhog or Woodchuck?

Military Wives drama

This song is getting on my nerves *Gracious amount of Numa Numa warning*

It is so quiet and peaceful tonight?

Military wives / families might find this of interest

Next Wednesday, I am trying out to be the alto soloist for Messiah.

Every human emotion doesn't have to be expressed in

Really cool visual effect

Okay...that was gross.

We should get some left-leaning software company to make:

Really Really Cool Bushes!!

Leaves lying dead in my yard...

So um, I need a boyfriend.

Good Samaritan Has Run-In With Demon

Cocaine insight from Rod Stewart.

Trans Siberian Orchestra ROCKED last night!!!

since we have to be subjected to discussion of "intelligent design"

Oh yeah, left over pizza!!!

Why does Redqueen REALLY need a long lunch for?

Serious question here -- has anyone ever been involved in an

I always thought Ann was the hotter of the Wilson sisters.

Ok so I'm makin gumbo tonight

MY GOD! Was Jimi Hendrix the best ever guitarist, or what?

New iPod Flea

I'm on vacation in North Carolina...ask me anything

Well, THIS sucks ass.

The Rolling Stones, 20 years from now --->>

My dog was mauled by another

DU Terminology: A little help?

Just Had Lunch With DS1 - He told me to tell you

Well the shoe is going to fall this weekend

I am hanging up the keyboard for the night!


Any other men out there who can't grow a beard to save their life?

Woman finds dead baby turtle in freeze-dried coffee

"...and in the morning, we will Remember Them"

What would you like to see invented?

Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, get paid

Who's better Sam Kinison or Andrew Dice Clay?

Girl Needs Surgery To Remove 16-Pound Tumor On Face

Well, got daddyo into rehab today.

Ideas for DU Radio

Happy Birthday DEMI MOORE!! (oh and Vonnegut too)

WB putting the axe on 7th Heaven

Someone please neuter this dog...please! (pic)

My daughter's school has a Veteran's Day program and it was awesome.

"It was a one-in-a-million-type situation," Man hit by deer

welcome thee to the first Amish Homepage

So I got my Christmas bonus yesterday!!

I Shot A Man In Reno, Just To Watch Him Die

Why I Like Bush

Has anyone here watched "Chris Angel: Mindfreak"?

I like bush

George Takei interview on Howard Stern (audio) from this Thursday

Motorist Struck By Flying Deer - Injured

Should I go out on this date?

Picture Request

I have some visitors at my house today. (Pretty picture inside)

Kate Bush's new disk, "Aerial", is pretty damn good.

Wife Always Dragging Husband Into Her Marital Problems

Here's a feel good story for you cat lovers

Anyone else dislike the typical pablum being sold as written media?

When I say "brown trout" what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Thanks southlandsherri! You made me laugh.

"Do not send money, or pipe bombs."

Multi-level marketing: work from home. Should I do this?

I have an awful feeling in my stomach that the Cash movie is shit

Good Morning everybody

Thank you lounge

Flamewar starter: if you eat a diet of RC and MoonPies you'll live forever

Bored. Wired. Ask me anything, and I will answer in a rhyming couplet.

Man Gave Woman Drain Cleaner To Drink To Watch Her Vomit For Sexual Kicks

Porn and masturbation and Washington D.C.

Destiny's Recruiters


Anyone ever feel down for no explicable reason


Look At The Rack On That White Girl

Anyone have the pc game "The Movies" ?

So I screwed up at work on Wednesday

School Bus Stop Relocated To Sex Offender's House

Next new buzz phrase: "Dude, you're meat."

What's a good excuse for taking a really long lunch?

"My Posts" is broken


Arh-nuld's future is looking bright in 2006!!!!

Has anyone signed up as a DU member under the name Agent Mike?

From me to you...

Here's my "Zathura" movie review for your reading pleasure.

How else was he supposed to react? FUNNY!!!!!!!

ANTQUARIUM poetry per babelfish

Thank you, Vets...

Got a spare $900k and need a singer for an Xmas Party...hire Russell Crowe

For those of you who haven't seen the first lounge page. .

Another one (uniformative subject line - funny post inside)


Put 200GB of space into your iPod Nano!!!

Been working so hard

Belle has made it through surgery

UK prof: sexual affairs between pupils and teachers can be beneficial

"Who wants to go deep?" asks the announcer...

The effectiveness of tinfoil hats finally proven

Boll Simmons: Don't Blame T.O.

The threadkiller thread just will not die...

What should I change my avatar to?

A rebuttal to Bush's speech

I met a survivor of the Battle for Pork Chop Hill today

The last TWO times I filled up with gas, I discovered my trip meter read

I'm still in love

My 9 yo daughter has the absolute best mental health in the world.

Should I change my user name?

BREAKING NEWS: Hershey's to stop making Heath bars

Difference between a "college" and a "university?"

What do you call a guy with his hand in a horse's ass?

Took the kids to see Chicken Little.

Whose cat is this?

Geriatric Cat and Milk Replacer (KMR)

Flamewar starter: "Cheers" was the Last Great Sitcom.

Woodpigeons in Australia get drunk from Guava tree

Anyone know of a good online calling card site?

I shall now stick my head into this woodchipper.

I've been in prison all week

Cat lovers unite.

Here, enjoy some beauty (this is so neato)

Goodnight y'all

Who cares? Who gives a shit? Who wants to know? eom

Song recommendation

I'm in love.

For my good friend KitchenWitch: Something to help her feel happier!

Wow, daytime spankings!

50 Cent Movie Pulled After Pa. Shooting

Mother Offered 4 Year Old Daughter Up For Sex - Arrested

They're Fucking Cancelling Arrested Development

900 club ask me anything

Watch a cool TV show or kill braincells, what would you do?

Take this amazing quiz:

How does Blogger make money?

I'm an aching grouchy klutz today

Support this Act for Animals!!

AAAAARRRGGGHH! Madonna "All Hung Up" Earworm!! Aaarrrgh!

Southlandshari Gave Me Pabst To Watch Me Vomit For Sexual Kicks!

It's Friday


New Author Profile icon reminds me of Tinky the "gay" teletubby

Cross post: Anti wal mart ad airing on right wing radio station

No way. Uh-uh. Way too early. You've got to be kidding me.

Have a good weekend!!

What the frig has happened to all the icons?!

Did everyone's icons just change?

You want WHAT? The customer of the day

Zathura absolutely Rocked!

Paris Hilton... ugh

How can we set-up a DU Chat Room?

Does anybody own a Dyson vacuum?

what should I have for dinner tonite?

Nice to see most Farkers are sane...

Make me laugh!

Great jumping hornytoads, "The Golden Girls" is 20 years old today!

Ashlee Simpson Looking for an Average Joe

(Funny Pics) Never underestimate the power of makeup

Fark photoshop contest does it again...

Thomas Paine fans check in here:


Rod Stewart: Reason I don't do cocaine anymore because it isn't as pure

Where can I buy wheat grass juice in bulk?

Dirty Joke:

Raking leaves on my corner of the world - What a beautiful day

I guess this makes it a tradition? Vet's Day Rant

New Live8 DVD - boy am I disappointed

I return to DU after a day and a half - and it looks like Firefox!

Freeper hunting dogs (photo)

Panda Wedding!

It was a cool and lonely, breezy afternoon

Zarathustra absolutely Sprached!

I've made The Greatest Page. Enjoy Armageddon, as it's surely upon us.

Don't ask what the "my posts"/"lookup profile" purple thing looks like...

Guilty pleasure: Englishman in New York by Sting

Oooh... shiny lights...

I almost bought an iPod nano today,,,

what is the DU record for longest thread?

Amazing cat survival story.


Guys, I had a lousy day at work today, but now I've got a

i better remember not to hit the red X

Punpirate is 25 posts away from 10,000!

Yikes! I'm gonna be a granny again.

wow, look at the new icons! I feel like I'm at a rave!!

My Lawn REALLY Needs Watering

Questions you want the answer to.

Driving REALLY, REALLY fast through the streets of Paris

Would Jennifer Anniston just PLEASE GO AWAY!!!??!!


Freeper masterpiece - The Green Berets on AMC right now.

I have to get this....It's a shitting santa!!!

Spanish translation to English?

What's with the women bankrobbers on the news tonight?

So...I just found out my SO has another son.

Ladies--Had my first mammogram today...

Ladies And Gentlemen: BOW DOWN !

Is it true that there are undercover mods in here????

Kneel before me DU. I am your Queen Thread Killer.

Help! I'm not seeing things!

Can you be a seafood eating vegetarian...?

Whats the weirdest thing you got in the mail?

Did Roberto Duran really utter, "No Mas"?

My friend wrestled Bobby Lashley for the NAIA national championship....

HELP! Hubby asks me to choose from among FIVE movies he bought.

Does anyone know of an Atheist singles site on the Internet?

Post here if you don't know me.

Wouldn't it be great if they could cross a pickle with a jalapeno pepper?

I think this is too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.

Ladies and Gents: I am abdicating my crown. All hail Texanwitch.

This obsession with trashing Jennifer Aniston, Paris, and thread killing?

Good Night

Cat videos are tonight's agenda at my place.

I like that there's a new research forum, but

I already know Jamastiene, so I can't post in her thread

help with pic posting

Oh man, Terrell Owens why did you do it?

Hercules, hero of song and story

A reminder to Oregon DUers

How many of you still can't type?

So, there's this fat actress eating chicken breaded in corn flakes,

Dominos Pizza is the WORST pizza ever!


Did you ever put something off...something that shouldn't have been put

Okay which Commander Adama do you like the best

Was anyone's bank not open today? My direct deposit didn't go through...

The McDonald's Experience!!! Seems they have forgotten about the food.

Since I didn't see any threads that the bar is open

Mars is VERY bright in the ecleptic plane east of the moon tonight.

Wizard of Oz coming up at 9 Eastern on TBS

OK! I get it! The D. C. Zoo has a baby panda!

I like the new graphics at the top of the page.

It feels like kindergarten in here now

It's time for a fundie movie review!

When was the largest single gathering in American history?


with all those Panda posts, I feel you guys are neglecting someone

Battle of the pop bands: Tears For Fears vs. 10cc

I love the Queer Eye makeover DU has gotten today.

Do you still have old letters from your ex bfs/gfs/significant others ?

Can someone tell me the correct pronunciation of a German word?

It's 5:10 PM. Too late for a nap?

Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

New face in town

The old icons aren't dead. They're over at my house, planning revenge

I found the perfect bathing suit for matcom!

What subject do you wish you knew more about?

Okay then all you Computer Savvvy Cats......

Today, November 11, 1911 was my father's birthday -- (Photo of our family)

I must admit: I LOVE gossip

Is DU copyrighted?

Guess what I did earlier.


Alright.. So shoot me... I left the fucking cookies in the Toaster

Can we all pray for a meteorite to hit Pat Robertson?

The cashier at the store asked me what 24 cents minus 14 cents was.

Okay, my fellow Lounge Lizards: There are 16 days till my birthday....

DU fundraiser idea: "Mods Gone Wild!" DVD

To the DU Vets:

Sounds In Bathroom Were Tears, Not Sex, Ex-Cheerleader Says

Who will be TK1K (ThreadKiller 1,000)???????

Orville Reddenbacher - why are they using the commercial from 1976?

OMG! I'm part of the non-Swiss indigenes!!

A question for the men

Let Me Get Your Opinion, What Would Be Some Good Ideas For New Avatars??

Recommend a nice red wine!

Has anyone seen Gunner Palace?

Presenting....our new tats!! (pics)

It's my birthday tomorrow--I'll be 48. So tell me...

Could you write a book?

Who is he and what does he mean to you?

Yo! Post here if you know me!!

Kirk or Picard or Sisko or Janeway?

I'm just going to say it. The Kansas Jayhawks will upset Texas

Why oh why are they making a THIRD remake of Night of the Living Dead???

when self-image and self-denial are 180 degrees seperated.

I want some pie.

Who else here doesn't bother listening to lyrics of their fave music?

The "Logout" icon is the key to our 1977 Landcruiser.

would you say this to your child?


Damn! I keep clicking "Research" by accident.

Psychiatrist studying link between cats, schizophrenia

Have you ever adopted a persona.....

Are Men Just Happier People, Or What...

Photos of Mesa Verde--Anaszai Cliff Dwellings--for your viewing enjoyment

I figured out why people are so hostile to me at work.

Why would anyone with a brain waste their time text-messaging on cell

Need SoulSeek Users

Have you ever become a Vegetarian and THEN lapsed and gone back?

Metal Council Convenes To Discuss 'Metal Hand Sign' Abuse

my paintings...

it's true...pimping ain't easy!

And now....your moment of Awwwwwwwwwww

Just when you thought Nader couldn't be more of an ass.

Yes, Democratic Underground has new icons.

Threadkiller thread continued here... don't go there...

J.Springer's caller just now, ". . . What is the cause of Evolutionary

Where religion came from

whether * is a Christian, or anyone is

Why do Christians feel the need to assign a gender to God??

I'd like to take a Roll Call of all Nurses on DU.

"Godzilla" Fossils Reveal Real-Life Sea Monster

Newly Discovered Lemur Named for John Cleese

Brain difference discovered in gay fruit flies

MIT study: Do tinfoil helmets really work?

Startling revelation: Children need sleep to do well in school.

From Worldnewstrust: MIT :On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets

AAS Statement on the Teaching of Evolution

Hardy lichen shown to survive in space

Professor says 3-D Universe is an illusion

Sub-cmte of U.S. Senate Judiciary Cmte passes Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Gay man who fought attack gets out of jail

Vatican Reportedly Moving Ahead On Gay Priest Ban

Maine Gay Rights Act Going Into Effect

Stop Santorum Sunday House Parties Nov 13th!

Lambda Legal Disavows Comment By 'Staffer' In NY Times On Alito

Fiji Methodists Warned They Risk Arrest Over Anti-Gay Protest

Lawsuit: Colorado Springs Illegally Cancelled Gay Partner Benefits

Is what we need is a new 'Queer Nation'?

Anti-gay group can't make payroll or pay rent or phonebill!

Conservative Anglicans Fly To US To Urge Episcopal Schism Over Gay Bishop

The Crimson Tide Rolls Over The LSU Corndogs Tomorrow

22,000 tickets sold (so far) for Lambeau Field hockey game

Mary Carillo says 100's of junior boys could beat either Williams sister

A week later...the official "Vanderbilt was Screwed!!" thread...

Will Notre Dame make it 42 in a row over Navy tomorrow?

Can someone help me find

Geriatric Cat and Milk Replacer (KMR)

Goddammit, there are fleas in my brand new apartment

We got Buffy's memorial yesterday...

Young artist Akiane Kramarik. She has to be an Indigo.

just arrived back from the future

Visions of the end of the Bush Administration

Money missing/hidden somewhere in my house. Any advice from sensitives?

"It's A Miracle!"

Another OT post: What level of computer do you need to play the

More on ID...

Cheney at Tomb of Unknown Soldier today

Today is Veteran's Day... Our conservative friends show their true colors

Who else is tired of campaign movies?

It's been a really great day - so you may not want to read this.

Kerry's office # in DC. por favor?

The Carpetbagger takes note

Photo Thread because he is just so good to look at.

Did anyone here see the PBS Newshour?

OMG! Bush is still campaigning against Kerry!

anyone see this on Santorum (more right wing hypocrisy)

Bush attacks Kennedy (link taken from a DU -P thread)

What does John Kerry's birthdate mean?

Dec. 11 Boston update.

John Kerry Responds to George Bush’s Veterans Day Political Attacks

Kerry pledges support for Bernie Sanders' Senate campaign in VT

A little diversion-- Kerry knows true love, too.

Hmmm. Which of these is the least underwhelming?

My first foray out this fall.

KOEB 11/11/05: Fridays were made for the Newsquiz Edition

Vet's Day request for the KOEB

My guess for "Worst Person in the World!"

This article shows why there was such a sea change in local elections.

Arthur Sulzburger & Charlie Rose: Judie Miller: PBS 11:30CT. nt

OK, 'fess up now! Who did it?

Just a reminder about Santorum's lack of ethics

Tom Hayden is Listening

How bad a day was Tuesday for scrub??? Think about this

An idle question about Miller and Scooter...

A heartwarming blog about Saratoga Springs elections results.

Judith Miller on NPR Morning Edition 11/11...

Lord, those Ethiopians know how to protest! We need to learn

Fling Poo Malkin now on C-Span - Her picture on her book's cover

No Child Left Behind

I am not sure this is the right place to post this, very funny

Did anyone catch O'Reilly's lie when he interviewed Mary Mapes?

Scalito + Vanguard rulings = Time for Ethics Class?

Sen. John McCain's live Veteran's Day bookcast and tour

Romney rips SJC's justices on values

Al Franken Podcasts.

Why Bush’s Case On Iraq Was Different From Clinton’s (good summary)

Schwarzenegger jokes about his multi-million $ special election fiasco

Sullivan: GOP Budget Betrays Our Values

Quick question: Are the torture prisons illegal? Just looking to counter..

Divide and Conquer

A very short campaign speech.

C&L Vid Clip: Judy Miller plays the innocent victim on Larry King Live

Poll: Most Americans Doubt Bush's Honesty (82% say "stubborn")

Bush to take on critics of his case for Iraq war

Attention Rick Santorum - Bush is in Scranton, Pa. today.

Pat Robsthedumb should help the Dems in PA next time around

Project Vote-Smart

Today's Bush speech will "take on accusations" of exaggerating Iraq threat

Are We On the Cusp of a New Dialectic?

WP blogger Chris Cillizza posts first list of WH hopefuls --

I screamed at the TV...I begged McCain to NOT say it.........

Chickenhawk Dick "Other Priorities" Cheney to lay wreath in Arlington

An open letter to Judy Miller...

Do Asian-Americans trend Bushie?

Sen. Kerry pledges support for Sanders Senate race in Vermont

Tell me about Mark Warner: viable in '08?

Please DU! Is US doing enough for our war vets?

The Dover Eight - what a great group of people!

Mr. President, Bring it on!!!

"When I made the decision to remove Saddam from power..."

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "THE CHAIRMAN" Voter Deregistration

Is Fox Jumping Ship?

Senate flips off the Supreme Court. Five Dems need a wake up call.

Wow, Repubs Are NASTY And VICIOUS and HATEFUL When They Lose!

Frist: Prison leak threatens national security - please vote

Real Change, Right Now!!! Paul Hackett... Beautiful Video!!!

Is Judge Samuel Alito "unethical" at best and "criminal" at worst?

KKKarls happy again!!


On CNN: Bush Chokes On Words (Live)

Juan Cole on the French Suburban Youth Riots

Paul Hackett interview by liberal radio host Stephanie Miller.

Bush: The buck stops with my defeated opponent

Political junkie trivia: Rockefeller, Boxer, Kennedy do South Beach

Party of the Moustache of Understanding, or of the People? by Dave Sirota

GOP War Red Herring: Pressure on Analysts

Must WE prepare DEM talking points?

Dick Durbin (D, IL) Just Kicked Ass on Hardball About Chalabi


Why doesn't Bush go to soldiers' funerals?

I don't understand the US - nobel prize winner says

Is There Any Teeth In The Movement To Get * To Agree Not To Pardon Libby?.

If you can't get into the CC, you shouldn't be able to get on Delay jury!

Detroit election

"We will not rest until the 'war on terror' is won..."

Democrats - The Party of Good Ideas

Bush uses Veterans Day for his own personal politics.

Irony meter - on tilt (Re: Bush speech)

Next Week’s Tuesday Surprise

Want to start a good argument with a Rethuglican?

Y. Professor Thinks Bombs, Not Planes Toppled WTC

Simple question about Senate intelligence briefings pre-Iraq war vote

Sen. Ted Stevens behavior is unacceptable.

Why BushCheney's lack of military experience is worse than B. Clinton's..

The Republicans have a special "GOP Team" for White People

Do you think Karl Rove should stay on the job? Vote!

Oldie, but goodie, RE: Lying about Iraq WMD

Is it just me, or do Chimpy's descriptions of the "enemy" describe BushCO?

White House upbeat about Rove's return (doesn't believe he's in trouble)

Corzine is considering Nia Gill, an African American woman, to replace him

Chalabi is trying to sell himself AGAIN! Saying only he can control Iran!

Bodman's Blunder

cheney's new plan: "the oil for bird flu program" with details

Pelosi: It's never appropriate to play politics with war or with veterans

Has Bush really screwed up this time?

I agree with the bushenfurher for the first time...that's right, I said it

Translation of morons* speech: don't blame me, blame them...n/t

This AP poll is a horror for thugs

An affront to Veterans' Day.... Mr. Bush bangs the drums of war, again.

British MOD poll of Iraqi opinion regarding occupation

Bush was planning this Iraqi war from before he was sworn in.

Happy Vets' Day. GOP's John O'Neill attempts to swiftboat America's Vets.

The NeoCon Twelve Step Program

Ooooh, AP is IMPRESSED: "Bush Forcefully Attacks Iraq Critics"...OOOOH!

Pennsylvania: We may make major pickups in this state in 2006

Americans doubt Bush's honesty. His words are cheap.

A call to service: 70 slots available

Hey! Leave South Park alone

What is the most reputable "Impeach Bush" movement to donate to?

Bush's speech, a new low in using war for partisan politics.

WHIG Resolution of Inquiry defeated by two democratic no shows

Bush** is the first president to use Veterans' Day for politics. He bashed

Romney tones down gay marriage remarks as attorney general criticizes him

Blondes (Republican) Have More Funds

Get the popcorn: Fitzgerald wants Libby to talk about Rove's role in leak

Freep-holes are calling today's speech "Bush's Gettysburg." Seriously.

CNN Poll: Did Bush administration manipulate prewar intelligence?

Video of the Dean, Richardson press conference is up at C-Span.

New Rasmussen 2008 Poll.

Bush Bashing Democrats

Email from my freeper /racist brother

C&L Video Clip: Bill O'Reilly really, really pisses off San Francisco

Kerry's Strategy for Success in Iraq

What I think the war was about

Can Dean do anything to reform the primary system?

Kerry's Response to Bush


Veterans Day: A wounded veteran of Iraq War

Vote for Missouri's soon to be 08 Governor!!! StL PD Poll.

Leeden-Berlusconi and WH

Don't understand it, Hannity said Shrub's speech was "killer"

Alert! NC Progressives Voted for VVPB...But Governor and his Cronies

Which Intelligence Agencies believed Iraq had WMD's?

George W., on Iraq You're No Bill Clinton: Margaret Carlson

Bushy speech today really pissed me off (my first DU rant).

Frivolous medical lawsuits ... like the one Mrs. Santorum won?

we're never going to leave iraq as long as bush is president.

Mehlman to deliver these talking points at GOP bean dinner in Indiana

"former Hill staffer" - Judith Miller quote revisited

FBI Whistleblower Runs for Congress (Guardian UK)

Europeans comment on U.S. gulags

John Fund on CNN: "This is a WAR. Casualties are to be EXPECTED."

Reality 2; Bush 0 -- Please sign Kerry's petitiion

Malkin breaks wind on Bush's speech: "What took him so long?"

Chalabi warns Bush admin he's "the only one who can make Iranians behave"

If Bush is not president if/when Libby/Rove are found guilty...

Harry Reid fires back at Bush speech


DA hires the son of senator despite history of arrests

Savage Love: The fundies want genital warts to kill our daughters.

Bush's Veterans Day speech today was offensive to every American

Clinton and Vietnam

I am having a CRS attack. Please help. Didn't the shrub give

Sermon on the mount (* cartoon)

Welfare Reform Act of 1996...

How can Bush restore his credibility?

It's Personality, Not Issues, That Wins Presidential Elections

Today is Veteran's Day... Our conservative friends show their true colors

Here is what real war is like - as opposed to "boutique war". Everyone

Crossing the line on Bush pardoning Libby

chalabi on PBS

"Hey, Democrats said I could go to war."

Why do 52% still consider * likeable? I myself have hated the

Education by Freeper

Bush IS more dangerous than Saddam Hussein or even Osama bin Laden were.

PR Tactics & Spin used by * to "Manipulate and Mislead"

We didn't "manipulate or mislead" - * opens floor for discussion

Santorum - what a piece of llama excrement.

Alexander Cockburn on Fitzgerald and pardons

Great LTTE on Roy Moore in Montgomery, Ala., paper

"GOP divided on policy issues" That was on the CNN Crawl

Robertson Screws the Pooch on Intelligent Design!!!

Pelosi and Waxman request all WH docs related to Abramoff & the $9 million

David Swanson: Politically Strategic Impeachment

A thought for the "Clarkies"

I think I just found our Senate candidate against Allen in VA 2006!

What is the Republican Party strength as perceived by the American people?

"Bush Dishonest"!!!! DU this...


Guys, check out these ANWR calculations:

John Bonifaz for Secretary of State (Massachusetts)

Helen Thomas: White House spokesman no help to media

Bill O'Reilly Attack San Francisco speech just on KO.

GOP Spreads Blame On Intelligence Failures. Don't Believe the Spin.

Will Ralph Nader run in 2008? I don't think so, but what are your thoughts

I think the CIA is killing Saddams lawyers

John Kerry Responds to George Bush’s Veterans Day Political Attacks

Bush, revisionist history, and Newspeak

List of Dem Veterans running in 2006- Happy Veteran's Day!

AOL Poll: What do you think of Bill Clinton's impeachment?

2006, it will be a battle to end all battles - if we work together

Corzine Is Considering Nia Gill (AA / F) for His Senate Replacement (mydd)

I wonder how many of the soldiers in the background behind

Is it just me

DU the hell out of this one - All we heard in 2000

Pro IWR Dems have to decide if they were stupid or misled

BUSH -- he has NO MANDATE to pick anyone for any job. Re: ALito

"What others are saying..."

Oooh! Oooh! Rita Cosby is doing a piece on

Check out this at"Trickle Down Corruption as Far as the

Clift on Bush: "A man-child who should never have been made president"

"Science Friday" about to talk about E-Voting and if any progress fixing

So... what's the DU opinion of W's speech today?

The Propagandist holds true to form. Denigrates America on Veterans' Day.

Governor Mark Warner in a nutshell.

Iraq: the truth even the Democrats won't tell you

Intelligence...A Simple Question

Corporatocracy or Free Enterprise?

Let’s Try Baloney

Zero-Sum Wealth, who wins?

Chavez accused Vicente Fox of acting like a "puppy" of the United States

I'm coining a new term for Bush's speeches: "Blackdrop"

Ted Koppel on Letterman? !!!

So we're thinking about moving up north

Post screenings of "WALMART: the High Cost of Low Price" here

Saddam accepted exile right before the invasion

I wonder if we're giving the cart-leavers too much attention.

#1 Economic Enemy of the People: Wal-Mart

Schwarzenegger DROPS battle with nurses over staffing

Here's A Pic Of The Flag In My Classroom - What Do You Think?

The Ultimate Campaign Slogan for 06

Michael Moore has the O'Reilly Thing on his front page

CT DUers-Help Choose Voting Machines!!!!


You Got The "Support the Troops" Magnet Are You Helping The Homeless Vets?

Does everyone else's DU icons suddenly look different?

An update on the "Wal-Mart Cart Fiasco" (I got an e-mail back)

Robert Greenwald (WALMART: The High Cost of Low Price) on Sun 2pm EST

If the anti gay forces get their way

What's up with John McCain? Who/What is John McCain?

Do you think the world will ever take a second look at Communism?

What's your favorite white or red Sangria recipe.

Bush Contends Partisan Critics Hurt War Effort (NYT)

Poll: Most Americans Say Bush Not Honest

Robert Scheer just fired from LA Times

WP: GOP Lobbyists Plan Show of Support for DeLay

CNN/AP: CDC: Deliveries will ease flu-shot shortages

Cuban (scientist) offended by US visa denial to claim science prize

Conservative Episcopalians Warn Church That It Must Change or Face Split

Many in Jordan See Old Enemy in Attack: Israel

WP: Asterisks Dot White House's Iraq Argument

Here's a cat video you may have seen. But it's epic.

Math Person Help Needed - Easy Math, If You Know How

Hah! Told you so!

Chicken gizzards.......Yummmmmm!

If a person quit smoking for three years

Which Celebrity Do You Most Love To Attack And Trash?

My E-Bay account was hacked into!!

I'm hungry for something sweet. I think i'll eat the new icons.

I sent my pitbull to attack the mailman

Woa, the Ultimate Warrior is a Conservative commentator and speaker?

I got a new swimsuit today. Ask me anything.

My cupcakes are moist and delicious

dedede dadadaa dodododo deedeeeee

The potatoes are the most important part of any breakfast.

What was your first live concert?

Tickly throat. What hooch goes good with Tension Tamer tea?

What do you think of the new icons?

Okay, who here bought the pants?

My cupcake storage device was hacked into

Question for folks with Asperger's

God help me, I'm addicted to Brazil Nuts.

Oooooh hey guys

enigmatic is spewing Right-wing hate rhetoric on his show right now....

Threadkiller thread continued there... don't go here...

So I got a new digital camera today.

Worst Place In The World To Live?

God help me, I'm addicted to Mongolian Huts.

Threadkiller thread killed where... don't go bare...

Will anyone admit to watching "Joey" this past Thursday night?

AP: Heatable Bra Is A Hot Fashion Statement

Unknown gay group claims behind bomb hoax in Warsaw

Not doing enough for veterans

How can Repug Strategists Clean Up *

Letter to the San Diego Union Tribune: Box score:

Who's the Girly-Man Now?

Not Doing Enough For Veterans

Columbus ohio seeks stem cell ban

So on this Veterans Day the Tortute of Living in War and war

bush's presidency is absolutely pointless!

What was the advice given to Bush before today's speech ?

Is the DNC trying to get rid of Dean?