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Archives: October 8, 2005

[FTCR] Bodman must stop oil barons from exporting heat oil to hike prices

E. J. Dionner Jr. : Using religion to promote Miers

Emergency Truth Convergence - MIDWEST, Oct 28-30

WOO HOO! California's SB 370 Passes!

Emergency Truth Convergence - MIDWEST, Oct 28-30

I got a thank you card from Hackett

Is Al Qaeda That Stupid, or Do They Really Think We Are That Stupid?

Caption needed----------->>>>

Pop-a- top again...

Prime News New Zealand on NY Terror Threat

More Voters or Less?

VIDEO-Ron Paul (TX) on the Iraq War from today

VIDEO- Bill Maher- Crony Baloney

What I hope will happen between now and 2008

Caption needed - Karl Rove

Caption needed - Karl Rove II

I don't think the main source is Karl and here is why

Pigs, PIGS are flying high tonight 'cause Andrew

The problems continue piling on for DeLay..from Buzzflash

Bush-style democracy spreading in Iraq (photo)

8.0 Earthquake - Is the world ending?

Miers on abortion: "It's murder."

MSNBC POLL: Can President Bush recover from his low approval rating?

'The Sociopath Next Door', by Martha Stout, PHD

National Journal Revelation Suggests Bush Is Target in Leak Investigation

The DU (Political) Poetry Thread!

Rove says he wasn't involved in CIA leak case

NYT: Bush Plan Shows U.S. Is Not Ready for Deadly Flu

Quake rocks Pakistan, India, Afghanistan

Tax Panel to Consider Modifying Mortgage-Interest Deduction

Merkel to be chancellor after deal with SPD [Germany]

Marine who inspired sister to enlist dies (in Iraq)

Diabetic Sues Akron Police Over Beating (Tasered, Beaten while in shock)

Bob Marley Rises From Grave To Free Frat Boys From Bonds Of Oppression

Post your Hot or Not link!

Anyone here have an 'Ab Lounge'?

My pen is huge

I'm back and stuffed with sushi!

Can anyone link me to the chimp in the bubbles? Pleeeze?

I just figured out one thing more stressful than politics:

Ice Cream VS. Gelato

Anyone watching "Over There"?

Do the most unique people you know have an equally unique name?

I love all of our emoticons so much that I'm posting this just to show


Tell me about Missouri

when you were 8 years old

Any Girls State / Boy's State delegates here?

martial arts buffs - post your fave pix of swords here

Must see video - SHAME

If Rove revealed information about Miers to Dobson doesn't that kind of

Bulletin : It's not about Left, Middle, or Right....

"centrist" "new" Democrat strategy lost 49 of 50 States back in 84

wow, this is interesting. anyone see Bill Maher? Ann Coulter hates Bush?

Pelosi statement regarding the "shameless display" on the House floor

Editorial: The new red scare / Bush trots out another reason for the Iraq

WP: From the Oval Office To the Doghouse (Family Counseling Time for GOP)

Big idea: democratisation

TOM WALSH: For some in auto jobs, the apocalypse is now

A Question for Journalists: (Bill Moyers)

Democracy's Power Fades as Iraq Panacea -LAT

Why the US wants to end link between time and sun

Wal-Mart Photo Dept. employee turns student in to Secret Service over pic.

Long an outlet for the GOP message, talk radio undergoes a shift

Fortress Washington: Who's In Charge here?

Leonard Pitts Article about Bennett's remarks;

Italian elite braced as Calvi trial begins

Bush picks a pal and feeds a credibility crisis (The Sunday Times)

The Other Hurricane: Has the Age of Chaos Begun?

WP: (Howard) Dean Camp's Tactics Applied to Colorado

Being in America

WP: House Of Cards ( "A Fundraiser the Clintons Will Never Forget")

The logic of racism in the age of US imperialism

One Swampy Mess (USN & WR)

Theocracy Alert: The myth of the will of the people

Welcome to the Hackocracy

Creepy Miers article) A Love that was benched by their careers

Bush, DeLay and the GOP sociopathocracy

"Put your sword back into its sheath" -- Conservative Christian slams war

Newsweek: No More Illusions (Iraq - "There is an undeclared civil war")

National Journal (Waas): Rove Assured Bush He Was Not Leaker

America's war criminals pass the buck to underlings (Japan Times)

“a privileged people’s utter disregard or outright contempt for others.’

Friedman - What are you thinking?

Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group

DLC/THIRD WAY Report - Galston & Kamarck-Politics of Polarization

WP: The Slow Drowning of New Orleans

Sad choice for first veto

After Katrina, How Can Our Leaders Sleep at Night?

A shameful secret history (Susan Bell on Gary Webb, CIA, and narcotics)

Real Time With Bill Maher (Audio)

Easy way to help improve the media.

Facing up to the coming energy crisis

I guess every microwatt counts: MEMS environmental power.

Hirsch report. About our state of petroleum.

Question about bio-diesel...

New Word of the Day: PROMATORIUM

Admin. Drops Support of Plan to Save Great Lakes

Kunstler's Petrocollapse remarks

Kyrgyz hunt for radioactive matter

This is going to be good!

Which is more likely?

For those worried about the Avian Flu

Ohio Senate plans own version of vote by mail ahead of ballot question

What the stolen election needs are some snitchs, maybe this is one...

Dispatches from the White Mens Speakers Bureau

Mark your calendars, Next Friday 10/14 Freeman v Mitofsky

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 10/09/05

Gore Vidal suggests Ohio stolen in 2004

"Voter-registration total doesn't add up"

Help! Need specific recent examples of DRE vote-counting problems

Warning: Hart InterCivic Scanners Lose Votes

Opportunity to ask Sherrod Brown Questions

Peaceful Revolution Is The Elephant In The Room (Reflections on Portland)

Make sure you find out if your regular polling place is still that

Arnold's veto of expanded Healthy Families/ MediCal for kids -

Message to Democrats in CA-48: GET OUT THE VOTES!!

hurricane coming to Mass? ... probably not ...

This just breaks my heart today.

Why did the Star Tribune cut "Opus" from the Sunday comics?

Opportunity to Ask Sherrod Brown Questions

Photographs by Richard Avedon-"In The American West"...

San Antonio Proudly Lines Up Behind the Military Recruiter

BOR: Kinky Friedman campaign on life support

North (San Diego) County Times: Pendleton to be headquarters of West Coast

Bush Approval Ratings Versus Terror Levels

Karl and Tom. Don't drop the soap in the shower.

You could abort the Republican Party

help!-where is today's stock market watch?

Uh-Oh.. Looks like Poland is "forgetting about Bush"


Terror Threats: MSNBC's Countdown Counts Thirteen Coincidences

Just what is the DLC and how is it different than a difference of opinion

Jim Pinkerton on the CSPAN Call-In.

"Some of you may die, but that's a sacrifice I am willing to make."

VIDEO: Democrats' press conference post-energy bill vote!

The $100 Million FEMA Ice did I miss this one??

Terra-Train... new toon 10/8

"How did it come to this" video it's an oldie but worth the watch

Whenever the world is not to his liking, President Bush...

Turncoats.. do you welcome them?

i'm tired of all the "Ghouliani was a great leader" talk

Housing bubble pops, says NY Times??

Singaporeans jailed for anti-Muslim remarks

President George W. Bush allegedly said God told him to invade Iraq

Republicans; SOFT ON DEFENSE. And that's FACT.

I'll be danged Catholic Church Funds adult stem cell research

what would jesus say?

Dupe--delete see this DU link:

"shame, shame, shame" chant Dems (Pelosi) on the house floor -cnn

7 of the 9 justices were appointed by repukes

Mier's dossier:

There is an Occupation in America

The biggest lie

Anyone know where I can find full text of Edward Murrow speech?

US Helps Non-proliferation Effort by Stymying IAEA

Why does BushCo refuse to maintain law and order in Iraq?


Refinery Bill Passes House

About all the fetuses the right-wingers want to make women bring to term:

New Cartoon

Roads reopen near Australia parliament after not blowing up

I've never been to New York, but wouldn't Sunday be a stupid

War-dead Web site leads to Polk obscenity arrest

Russia Conducts Successful Ballistic Missile Test From Nuclear Submarine

What comes after TRILLION (not the brazilian joke) - Corporate Wealth vs.

Don't count Bush out - the media still has the power to boost him

Democratic Underground's IPO

Chris Hitchens mumble on C-SPAN!!

many people are afraid to say the truth

Mark Fiore has an excellent take on repub values:

MT-Sen: Conrad Burns (R) Denies Being Corrupt (has Abramoff ties)

Given the Choice: Kerry Elected OR Bush Impeached / Resign in Disgrace?

Sunday, sunday, SUNDAY--it's PORN SUNDAY tomorrow!!!!

Miers gets borked

Il Douche's Saturday Radio Address.

Iraq civil war? Iraq a "powder keg"? Gee who woulda thunk...

Let's get real here.

So I'm on vacation in a hotel room - what should I post on Freak Republik?

They're showing my 11 year old Anthrax videos in Science class

If you're ever feeling dumb, just listen to the people who call into CSPAN

C-Span "call-in-a-thon". . . DUers monitoring?

"I've tried spanking him with a switch like Dr. Dobson says...."

Don't count on the new found public dislike for Bush and Republicans...

Has anyone read this review of "Good Night and Good Luck"?

I dreamt about BUSH last night

Must Fitz give targets a heads up before indictments?

The Big CNN Lie: "Jitters evident among New York Commuters Friday"

Did Illinois Governor reopen a refinery?

What All Southern DUers Should Try To Understand. From A Yankee.

The North Still Has A Lot Of Racism To Deal With. Hell We All Do.

Is there a legal requirement for SCOTUS justices to Recuse themselves?

How to make a developed country a banana republic -

Regionalism is alive and well.

President Bush's First Plamegate Speech: A Work of Fiction?

Army general called out for wearing inappropriate uniform...

MEME: Separation of corporation and state

Oil Refinery Bill: It is beyond "shame, shame, shame" (Link)

Missing VA girl and connections to right wing nutjob. Get screen shots!

Bush voters say nation going in wrong direction /Houston Chronicle

I love it!!! My dad is slowly turning

Marriage on horizon for Brison (gay Canadian MP)

Whats Bush doing with all the bodies of Iraqis he has killed in Iraq?

150 Cadillacs "missing"? Oh, suuuuuure......

audio link for "nuclear power pants" speech?

"Good Night and Good Luck"

Astroturf special and ahem answer

A good idea ??????....maybe????

Long an outlet for the GOP message, talk radio undergoes a shift

I love conservatives!

Mary Mapes book for sale at Barnes and Nobles! Rate it up!



Flanigan Withdraws Nomination For Deputiy Atty Gen! This is HUGH!

We have wars, natural disasters, pestilence (pandemic),

LIVE NOW ::: Randi Rhodes on C-SPAN, talking about "talk radio"

Pakistan begins rescuing people in hours

New York Times article doesn't include "Shame, shame, shame"

Merry Fitzmas. By J. Lennon Warning Earworm.

"The German fight is a defensive fight." (Nazi's on Outbreak of WWII)

Elect Democrats!

my 2 point reform plan

WWJDCVT??? Or: Who would Jesus Deny Cancer Vaccines To?

Ever heard of the Global Islamic Media Front? Well, they're mentioned in

Resonating Message from the PetroCollapse Conference.

David Brin on Hurricane Responses

Isn't apocalyptic obsessions really a suicidal desire?

has ANY dem senator CONDEMNED the Mier nomination?

5 Bucks buys 1.7958461 gallons.

Molly Ivins: Meirs nomination = "ur-Establishment"

Are republicans leaving open vulnerable areas/issues and if so how can D's

Instead of the GOP, they should be called the GJP -

Wonderful, feel-good early Saturday cry

Randi Rhodes needs a TV Talk Show

BRAD BLOG: The Fight for American Democracy Continues...

Picture of Bush Speaking to God

Today is the FIRST sub-70 degree day of Fall in Metro Atlanta!

Why, Clinton's Christmas Message Was More Evangelical Than Ours! Almost Signed Me Up for the U.S. Army!!

Scary thought is Coulter running in 08?

Stripes letter: We deserve answers (on US invasion of Iraq)

Guys at a Food Lion asking for money to help a "Christian Charity"...

Flu 'Oddities' Breaking News and Hot Articles:

Senate Dems Defend Miers on Top Court Nod

Well Poppy, it was a start...

Putting a happy face on Slavery in America... We were just outsourcing it.

Bush Approval Poll roundup as of 10/08/05

VIDEO- Randi Rhodes Takes on Janet "Read the Paper" Parshall

Let's assume that bird flu becomes a worldwide pandemic...

Bush pardons 14 on day DeLay is indicted (I missed this) from Randy

There is a THIRD WAY!!!

Question about c-span's special call-in show:

Did your local newspapers report on the House fiasco

Datewatch: 10/19/05- the day the government appeals Abu Ghraib pic release

They hated Bush's daddy when he left office too

Gannon; to be charged under the ESPIONAGE ACT? Heh.

MEME: you can't be an umpire if you played for one of the teams

OMG, Marines recruiter just called here, looking for a 'Matthew'

Will republicans unhappy with BushCo go Democratic or just stay put?


Duck flew pandemic

Video link to House Fiasco from Crooks and Liars

The New Labor Frontier.

DU this poll. At, lower right:

Are we serious about alternate feuls? Brazil's already on it.

Dream ticket 08 - Clark/Edwards

They Should Screen Out Schizophrenics From Calling C-Span

1953 Reasons why the DSM is Important

New Republican meme: We didn't lie, we were stupid!

Daily Kos: Something wicked this way comes

Does Rove actually set public policy and laws, or is he just a political

Something for us to lift our mind (music)

Krystal Reyes.... on cspan... No idea what side of politics she is on,


I don't believe for one second that conservatives are against H Miers

"You see... we're on a mission from God."

Dean: Hide the salami ???? VIDEO

Tropical Depression 22 headed towards North Carolina

Why the Miers nomination mystifies me... (rant)

Salvation Army Hiring Rules Upheld

I hear there is a revision to the new MediCare drug coverage..what is it,

'06 Elections: The Most Important Issue in Our Country. Right Now.

Republicans voting "no" on energy bill

How big, or small, is your "family"?

Remarks by Al Gore

Network ...the movie...

Freepers split between Coulter vs Bush!

Subway threat originated in Iraq

NORML: Immediate help needed for medical patient Steve Tuck

E-mail I received about the Muslim stamp

Gay Christians -- please answer me this

So now they are telling us we will die of the flu if we don't trust our

"I will be my own person, I will be independent." - Harriet Miers

Engineers: New Cause of New Orleans Flood

Arizona Voters: Do you think Pederson can unseat Kyl?

Bill Maher / New Rules (video)

Have you watched "Uncovered"?

1-800-5656-7495 Link TV fund raising drive going on now.

Times-Picayune: New Orleans Katrina death toll breaks 1,000

Was The "Grisly Iraq Photo Guy" Set Up on The Porno Charges?

The Fall of the Rovian empire!

I hate newspeak: Wilson wasn't critical

Anybody read "The Years of Lyndon Johnson" by Robert Caro?

Journal and Courier (of West Lafayette, IN) is a SHITRAG

The GOP: Everything they say is a lie and then they lie about the lies.

RW'ers try to connect Clinton to Iraq

I'll ask- Was William Krar one of the plots W singlehandedly foiled?

I want to run for Representative....

About those body bags, can anybody help me with the math?

BlondeSense on Randi Rhodes on C-span today

Letter shows Cheney aide was prodded in leak probe

DU this AOL Poll! Who do you trust more for security information?

miers was actually harry reid's idea in the first place

Matt Drudge on CSPAN reliving the glory days

WTF? A 1/2 hour General Motors Infomercial??

Jon Stewart on David Letterman (video)

Paul Wellstone, I never knew you.

Who hated who more?

Remember, it was CIA that forced Justice to investigate the Plame outting

This what CONSERVATIVES have done this is what REPUBLICANS have done

CNN just announced Katrina death toll tops 1000

VIDEOS- Floor speeches of Reps about Gas Bill today

Lol! When I read this headline on Yahoo I first thought it referred to *!

Why the *&#@ does C-Span have one neocon after another on..

this is WIERD: tried to "capture screen" from White House webcast....

Tea and apathy in Christchurch bomb scare

Miles, Iraq, Hurricanes prompt GOP to confront Bush

New George Clooney film connects the dots from McCarthy to today

So did Guy James get another week?

AOL founder Steve Case says he wants a revolution--in healthcare

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Ex-Marine tells his story about US brutality

Dr. Walter Orenstein just reminded CNN lady that 36,000 people die...

does anybody know where the Secret revisions for medicare apps is

Randi Rhodes C-SPAN segment is about to begin

Energy Bill, Shame! Shame!

Miller: Her claim that she didn't crack now seems, well ... like a crock.

Our Native Son returns to New Orleans

For those of us with Dish Network or Direct TV, GREAT stuff on Link TV now

My pic of the hysterical blonde vs Randi

Maureen Dowd: The Trouble With Harry (10/8 column)

How high up do the Abramoff connections go?

I see *'s approval ratings dropping very drastically at the year's end.

Thank you, Ebert and Roeper

I think that Bush never intented to have Meirs confirmed.

Like father like son - Bush senior picked Dan Quail (sp) to be his VP and

Laura Flanders is a repeat - GO GUY!

Official "Guy James Show" thread---Tune in for a "hot time" tonight

Relief for Pakistan Earthquake thread

Bird Flu - what do you think will be the rules of who get the shots first?


TONIGHT - Commander-in-Chief reruns

How do you guys debunk this right wing talking point on Plame?

Wedge Issues - What Can We Hammer Republicans With?

Insipid, gratuitous palaver from the NY Times "Public Editor" and ...

From the Washington Post-Neutered Group - Opus celebrates truth in news...

With Bush pushing fear from terra, bird flu, WMDs, etc. to the maximum...

What will BushCo do to try to distract attention from the indictments?

Interesting event in Wichita tomorrow.

Ok, I'm officially out of money to help the World.....

I know this is personal but where you ever in foster care?

So Kenneth TAFT Blackwell is running for governor of Ohio

Let me state the obvious

Republicans in Kerry Districts?

A little bit of Hurricane GOOD NEWS

Hands up! Who Else is a CSPAN Junkie? I am

Wisdom from the Village Idiot

Help me find a great Barney Frank wisecrack!

New Meme: "Neo-Cronies: Same Old Con".

This cartoon is PRICELESS!!!

National Guard: Hostile Fire Caused Fatal Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

Limbaugh's "squeeze". She pisses me off, can't help it.

Swear to god

What is more obscene? Porn pics or graphic war dead pics?

Is there any mainstream media coverage of this House energy bill farce?

Roe v wade overturn = red state abortion outlaw = red state bankruptcy

How many more are they willing to "sacrifice" ?

NBC Nightly News Just NAILED Gov. Blanco & Her Response to Katrina!! WTF?

Forget the politics...

Quick reminder: Always refer to Dobson as "Radical Cleric Dobson."

We should all email CSPAN to invite Randi Rhodes on Washingon Journal

Rove needs an insider to bail his arse out on final appeal to SCOTUS.

POLL: Would Dems documenting OIL motive for war hurt Bush?

Who is JYNKZ ? (Graphic Pics)

Great question to ask Harriet in her confirmation hearings

What happened to crack?

Last night there was poetry, tonight there is music - Share a song

Follow The Red Bouncing Ball...

National Women's Hall of Fame Honors Hillary Clinton, Nine Others

I think I've figured out why RWers hate Bill Clinton

Framing alert: Neocons don't exist? That's the latest line I've heard.

The Day I Met George W. Bush - by Charlie Hardy

The *Makes the Enquirer Again: Bush's New Booze Blow

Have nominees for SCOTUS ever been turned down. I know Bork was but

WH Refutes Palestinian Claim That Bush Said God Directed Him

wanna laugh? arianna explains the math behind the 10 foiled terror attacks

Iraq: No WMDs, No Ties to Al Qaeda, Nothing to do With 9/11

They Just Got to Pull Clinton Out of Their Basket.

Write a prayer for Patrick Fitzgerald..... here's mine...

What exactly is the difference between yellow and orange fear?

Touching conversation with a NOLA evacuee....who knows he can't go home.

I have employer provided health insurance, for which I pay about

Dear Abby: Should pregnant teens tell their parents?

Ownership society : You're on your own !

CSPAN Schedule Sunday October 9

I'll never understand why "conservatives" hate Bill Clinton so much.

Berkeley Breathed- the new Gary Trudeau?

Hey freeper moran...How can you spot a genuine GWB disaster?

HELP argueing with fundie Bush statements about what GOD

Harriet Miers May Not Even Make It Through Committee

psst... don't type anything, but check this out:

Which of these stories is the most important ?

Frank Rich: The Faith-Based President Defrocked

The small-time hood who became Iraq's Public Enemy No1

Yahoo! front page: • Republicans may be losing talk radio edge

Iraq - Should we advocate for a UN peace force in this civil war?

Poll: Groups Unhappy With Bush Performance = 28% approval

Okay in response to all Clinton posts THIS IS WHY CONS HATE CLINTON

To President Gore:

If You Could Have Anyone (Living Or Dead) As President, Who Would It Be?

28% approval rating?

Have you visited this site about Laura Bush?

Democrats have plenty of ideas

Link TV, Channel 375 on DirectTV, is

Anyone have plans for National Porn Sunday tomorrow?

Could the GOP/Right Wing outfox us again? This time on Porn.

FEMA Chief: 100s of Trailer Parks to Be Built for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Hey, Freepers, Through your IGNORANCE...

Damn you, Joan Baez!!!

Sleep Loss Takes Toll on Health

!! Warning at the gas pump!!

Which are the best blogs or websites for DC news and politics?

This American Life this week-Killer robots for Christ!

Bird Flu

Quake toll rises towards 2,000 in Pakistan and India.. thank God, They're

How do I counter the "war is good for the economy" crowd.

Why is Ann Coulter allowed to lie about what the liberal researchers

the truth behind the genius of bush/nero

How many "military brats" are DU-ers today and anti-war?

What's the significance of 10/9/05?

CHECK out this mask auction for DUers devastated by Katrina!!

DU Photoshop and Cartooning geniuses: Hear my plea!

"Hurricane relief not government's responsibility" (IN secretary of state)

Pic of the Week, folks...The RW in true form:

Visual evidence RWers are deliberately ignorant

I'm about to piss off the Campus Crusade For Christ.

So Bush wants to conserve? Brazil fights oil prices with alcohol

Attention Earth People. This is an invasion by redneck zombies. (Photo)

Is This the Death of America?

Behind the DLC Takeover

The Truth about Female Genital Mutilation

US Army in Iraq Occupies 7 Mosques in Ramadi and Turns Them into Barracks

Frank Rich and William Kristol are now on CSPAN

Very Interesting article on AP about Dean and DNC06/08 strategy

Fighting for the "little guy. It's just not "financially viable" anymore.

Randi's email addy -- make sure you give her props

Bush values friendship..........

Conservative lurkers: Did you get the SMALL government you voted for?

"She needs a crash course in constitutional law."

Frank Rich: The Faith-Based President Defrocked

The Biggest Drug Dealers

Reid, Hackett, and Brown: Connections over policies?

I think Cheney is going down.

Bdeep, Bdeep, Bdeep, Bdeep, That's all folks!

How long will America's black communities take this?

A Salute to Randi Rhodes!!!

Where do you get your news?

Which race commits more crimes in America?

Need to lighten up a bit? Bomb the SMURFS!

Sirius vs XM

Please sign this petition asking AAR to pick up The Guy James Show.

I am sick of all the enablers for the Religious Right

I Don't Know Man, I Have Just Lost My Mojo. I'm Fatigued.

Coulter on Real Time Last PM: Has She Been Debunked?

TO DEMOCRATIC SENATORS: Tell public war was for OIL (& not us)


Gannon is sweating a Plame indictment....he is so busted for lying

These are OUR wedge issues; everyone but BushInc's Neo-Cons agrees with us

One Girl Goes MIA In Aruba And We Hear About It For Months. 10,000 Vanish

"We will fuck him. Do you hear me? We will fuck him. We will ruin him.">>>

Congressman Conyers continues To BE Presidential

Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

May I kindly tell you the difference between DNC and DLC?

What is the DU obsession with the DLC?

Far right GOP agrees with far right DLC. Dobson's Focus on the Family.

********The Mardi Gras Mask Auction!********

Still enjoying my duck lust

We had a 'throw-away' meal that turned out to be WOW!

Diana's ex-squeeze Hewitt faces bankruptcy over £2.7m debt to taxman

Steady Numbers for Flores Nano in Peru

Nominee for Justice job chooses to withdraw (Links to Jack Abramoff)

Pakistan, India Are Hit by 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake

Pentagon seeks power to gather secret intelligence in US

NYPD, FBI hunt for possible bomber in NY

National Journal (Waas): Rove Assured Bush He Was Not Leaker

Hundreds Dead in Pakistan-India Earthquake

Vatican entitled to foreign immunity, judge rules

IRA investigators follow money to Eastern Europe

Blair's special envoy to Brunei on BAE payroll

Dallas gay leaders OK Miers pick

Poll: Groups Unhappy With Bush Performance

Mo. Town Rallies Around Illegal Immigrant

Sunnis fail to agree boycott of Iraq referendum

Sunni Arabs Urge 'No' Vote in Referendum

Medicare ripoff schemes starting already

Va. Gubernatorial Candidates in Dead Heat

Bush's God controversy stirs press fury

Iraq on verge of civil war - Arab League chief

San Diego pension woes covered up (by GOP Mayor) -City attorney

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq (1953)

Newsview: Dean Aims to Overhaul Democrats

Europe shocked over BBC's revelations( bush's mission from God remark)

Scope of Plots Bush Says Were Foiled Is Questioned

(Robert) Bork Calls Bush Court Pick 'A Disaster'

Senate Dems Defend Miers on Top Court Nod

Letter shows Cheney aide was prodded in leak probe

Webmaster for site with Iraqi corpse pics accused of obscenity

Names on Spokane (R) mayor recall petition certified (sex scandal)

Iraq Announces New Security Measures

Avian flu now in Europe?

Newsday: Authorities probe threat as New Yorkers shrug it off

Metro strike day 12: Protesters descend on Sentinel (Santa Cruz)

Earthquake hits South Asia

Escambia County defends officers in inmate death

Bush Justice Nominee Withdraws

Advocates criticize vetoes of bills for kids' health coverage (Schwarzeneg

War-dead Web site leads to Polk obscenity arrest

UK forces "destabilising Basra"

Goldsmith challenges Blair over terror laws

Guatemala storm death toll soars (BBC: 500+; Reuters: 1400 in one village)

After Offensive, Marines Try to Convince Sunni Arab Townspeople to Help Fi

Venezuelan Gasoline Arrives in Houston

Bush Addresses G.O.P. Unease Over Nominee

Experts at Case symposium urge U.S. to ban torture

Subtropical Depression Forms Near Bermuda

Bush Approval Drops Among Previously Staunch Backers, AP Finds

FDA control of colored contacts urged

Protesters say parking ban near Bush ranch won't deter them

Guard: Hostile Fire Caused Copter Crash

Car bomb attacks foiled

Iraq Announces New Security Measures

Death toll in Louisiana jumps to 1003

Newsview: Dean Aims to Overhaul Democrats

Senate Dems Defend Miers on Top Court Nod

McCain to Campaign for Schwarzenegger's Ballot Initiatives

U.S. death toll in Afghanistan hits 200

Black mayors call for long-term assistance for hurricane victims

Top UK police officer could be charged over Brazilian’s death

Dems Seek Penalties for Gas Price - Gougers

Iraq's Sistani distances himself from elections

Cities stopping prayer before meetings

WP: Miers Faces Tougher Time Than Roberts in Hearings

Nigeria Returns $4.5N to Fraud Victim

Webmaster for site with Iraqi corpse pics accused of obscenity

Reuters (Yahoo): New York Subway Attack Warning For Sunday

Job fears? Don't open e-mail (2,582 Texas State Employees sacked)

Pakistan earthquake toll reaches 18,000 dead and 41,000 injured

WP: Government Can't Explain Increase in 2002 TSA Contract (+$343 million)

Bush says Miers has experience, leadership

Clinton Inducted Into Women's Hall of Fame

Former Education Secretary Defends Remarks

U.S. Working on Plan to Designate ( in Case of Flu Pandemic)

AP: Auto Supplier Delphi Files for Bankruptcy

House GOP May Try to Weaken Detainee Rules

Robot vehicles conquer desert terrain race

Bird flu now also in Turkey

'Do-it-yourself' euthanasia clinic to open in Britain

'60 Minutes' to Include Clinton Camp's Denial of Freeh's Accusations

NASCAR CEO no fan of Confederate flag

Steven Bocho now showrunner for Commander in Chief

Is it just me? But whenever I see a photo of Harriet Miers, I keep

Any updates on the status of Project X?

I will fuck up on on Windows Pinball

Good night loungies..............

They're kissing Reagan's dead ass on C-Span

Ok, I think it's safe to say the Sox and Yanks alike aren't living up

Anybody else addicted to "Free Cell"?

Nighthawks at the Diner (Waits-up warning)

Its my birthday today and I got fired from my job yesterday

From the people with too much time on their hands. the profanity Wikipedia

Cuteness Break

Hot Damn this was an inspirational movie (FDR)

I just watched Fahrenheit 911 for the first time since it was in theaters

Crap! "Nightline" just made me cry!

Bruce Campbell trivia movie question

OMG there has not been an Ethel Merman thread all night!

Silly gray kitty


Couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about what Vonnegut

Holy shit, Theo Epstein and Mark Paul Gosselaar could have been

Fun with Nazi Propaganda: An Educational Game

Good night my friends

Night all! Had a great time time as always!

My wife is Dutch-Indonesian. So are the following people

anyone here ever work as a "canary"?

Happy Weekend DU

Do you love him?

If you are a cat lover or even if you're not, this should bring a smile to

Won't you be my neighbor?

Cool! George Carlin has a new HBO special in November!

T. Monk Quartet & John Coltrane: Live at Carnegie Hall November 29, 1957

ADULT SWIM in Brazil! Woo hoo!

We need a new bubble.

Where the (bleep) is all that Global Warming?

Should I dip into my life insurance account?

I wish whatever damn weather front is moving through would hurry up

Kyrie eleison - down the road that I must travel

I hate it when I can't sleep....

My turn--I had a shitty day.

It's Pumkin Carving Time!!!!!!!!!!

Goodnight, folks.

Hey WCGreen and Crazy Guggenheim!

Photo: In the wake of Grand Jury indictments, Rove & family flee the U.S.

Pat Tillman, Our kind of soldier

Yes, Yes, Yes (Funny Video)

OK, so on a whim I rented the 1st DVD of both Lost & Desparate Housewives

Gather 'Round Kiddies For LynneSin's Saturday Morning Joke!

I LOVE Formula One races with a fucked-up starting grid! And rain!

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Saturday Morning Joke!

It's Saturday!!!! Here's the plan.....

Move over, BigMcLargeHuge, you have competition from above

Did you know...

The Zombies - how much do you love, hate or are in to them?

This is a long shot (re: Jon Stewart)

So how long does it take before you can PM somebody?





What's For Lunch? - Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers & A Mike's Hard Lemonade

HELP! Anyone who is fluent in Spanish:

Anyone ever post or been the subject of a Craigslist Missed Connection?

Greetings from Nevada!

Yankee fans booing Randy Johnson, cool, or ungrateful and classless

Good Morning, Everyone!

You want to piss off trolls? LOL. If/When one comes DU, reply

Definition of infinity. Is infinity a "number"? No it's not. Discuss.

How many zeros in a sextillion?

Hey HypnoToad!

I'm going to build an ark... who's with me?

I'm going to build a fark... who's with me?

Do you think, given our economy, that taking ANY classes will result in

Always get the kids into watching television early in life...

Dark chololate lovers check in

Does anybody here have stats comparing population to relgious beliefs?

A sure sign of the Apocalypse......

So did film director Hal Hartley read "No Logo" by Naomi Klein????

Face it . . . we all have a "Tom Cruise" in the family - it may be you

Any one know about laser acupuncture?

Anyone ever worked with Yahoo personals?

Wow, Doom3 really IS playable!

Now that the relationship is over, can I go to the bar tonight?

It's too damn quiet up in here!

Kee-ripes, PETA is at it again...

I always thought * was Shit - now he's really beginning to resemble it.

is there a way to change your IP address on a PC?

That's it! I've had enough of all of your hufflepuff antics around here.

Would YOU give a crippled crab a crutch?

If you think Bush's mistakes are bad...

I don't know if I should post this or not, but the first thing I thought

Clean the INSIDE of your computer screen!

I had a very involved dream last nite regarding a friend of mine whom

Does anyone here have PGH Connect for dial-up internet?

How come people can run 5 miles and lose weight?

Does Playboy send out unsolicited subscriptions?

How Intelligent Design REALLY happened...

Happy birthday, undeterred!

An awesome movie called "Syriana"

Cheers to all yall Democrats out there!

What is the secret to good vinegar and oil dressing?

Turn on C-Span! Randi Rhoads and some conservative talk

What have you been listening to over and over and over recently?

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...

Just trying to be funny

Texas seems to be walking all over Oklahoma - 24 - 6.

Why can I only receive AAR local radio in my car & not in the house?

Question for cat and dog owners.

So, I'm sitting here drinking Kool-aid.

"No sex, please, we're riding a Harley" Trademarks, porn, and image:

Since we're talking about regionalism a lot lately....

Question for alien abductees.

the whole female arc

Hey JimmyJazz! Turn on VH1 Classics Headline Act

Best Tropical Island Chain to visit

Time to take my afternoon nap......

Great new photos of Bush and Miers!

When your change is one penny, do you wait???

Coffee from a french press is SOOOOO good, even if it will kill you...

The gift that keeps on giving...

I found some clothes I saved from when I was a teen

It's 1983 - write your best Heavy Metal review of the best gig playing!

Who would win in a fight? Randi Rhodes or Ann Coulter? Ok,

If there were "rules" to political spin, what would they be?

23 days till...

So who are the official FlirtMasters/Mistresses of the Lounge


How wrong is it to eat dead horses here on DU?

Does ANYbody play defense? Nwestrn 51, Badgers 48?


Porn in church tomorrow! "PORN SUNDAY"

Who would win in a fight Andy Taylor or Jed Clampett?

It's Halloween Gift-Giving Season

I'm watching "The Last Detail". Ask me fucking anything!

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here!

MnGophs Go! Beat Mich! 20-20, Minn ball late 3rd quarter

Goodnight y'all!

I just tossed a slug off the back porch - Wonder how long it took him....

I am making shishkebobs, but only for Lionesspriyanka, so sod off.

so, do my mum and grandparents look like Brits ?

I had a dream that I met Sniffa. Have I been on DU too much?

Duck flew pandemic

Is it wrong for a non-handicapped person to use a handicapped accessible..

i've lost £15

Should I do a Khashkaesque attention-whoring thread?

Any fans of the Axis and Allies video game?

We need more smilies!

There shall be no new milestones so long as Kirk lives!

Good night to one and all.

Boy Boy Crazy Boy....

I just got a client's "crashed" computer restarted through email. Ask

Gather 'Round Kiddies ...

JimmyJazz says I should ignore alien orders

Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way : Marijuana

DU Needs Some New Rules

I'm still drunk.

Random generic self indulgent thread with self obsessed message

Damn it, Huskers...

Anybody have a pontiac solstice?

Sooners LOOOOOOST!!!

Neener, neener

My new kitten just got into a fight with the Shrug Smiley

It that Venus? Near the "convex" side of the Moon?

Weird Poll about your BODY and DANCING

Okay when comparing West Side Story to Romeo and Juliet...

The Unmet DU friend appreciation thread-

Should I go to North Carolina next weekend?

I learned a new word today in GD: Smegmalith

Boy!....Yesterday, the Aliens scared the hell out of me!

I am making a huge steak...anyone want to join me for early dinner

You know it's coming......say it with me....HOOK 'EM!!!!!!!

I'm So Excited! I Got Tix to a Dave Matthews Band Concert!

Connecticut welcomes you!!!

I just changed the "theme" of my site. How does it look?

I have the Trojan.Vundo virus, fails to fix, fails to quarantine, fails

Is it wrong to *require* study abroad to get a college degree?

Katie Holmes to give birth the scientological way

Are there werewolves in SE Wisconsin?

i've lost 15 lbs

Anybody got a good duck recipe?

Well... we had the cheer clinic today. 3 kids showed up

I hate you all !!!

My dorm is deserted...

What does "Permalink" mean or do? I just noticed in the area where you re

Weirdness is the keyword for today, dear Aries.

I've found 15 lbs.

Is it possible to be a "little" bipolar?

Am I an INXS homer?

My GF is on Yahoo!

What sounds do you HATE?

This last week was AWESOME!

Dog lovers!

Funny comment on the avian flu...


I am a golden god

I dot want a BIGGER AND BETTER New ...

No kidding. Even Mr. Ed says that * is an idiot.

Tonight's Hockey Thread

Wi = Wireless. But what does the Fi in WiFi stand for?

Ha! Michael Jackson goes to performance of 'Billy Elliot' in London

When you hit an out of the park HR in baseball, why do they make you run

I just chopped the head off a centipede.

I was going to buy the new Stones CD on its release date - 6 September

Who else here has turned on the heat/furnace yet?

I don't want a BIGGER AND BETTER New Orleans

anyone have something really ridiculously funny to share?

Brace yourselves - Ashlee Simpson returns to SNL for do-over

I've been awake for 20 hours...

Hilarity at the Jon Stewart show tonight!!!

any other free photo/pic hosting services besides Imageshack?

Holy SHIT!!

A one question quiz . . .

Ted Nugent thinking of running for governor of Michigan

It's a great time to be an Astros fan!

Minnesota 23, Michigan 20!!!!!!

Go Padres!

I need a hug

Should I fire this physician? What would you do?

Want to hear some creepy ghost sounds (re: EVPs)?

MrG is snoring....

Freeper in my econ class explained to me why unemployment is rising

Project X is starting to pay off

Woo! 500! (well, 501 now)

Just saw " Good Night and Good Luck," it was magnificent

Gosh...why am I watching SNL??

My refrigerator started working again!

Say goodbye to our newest addition!

Ah, the Lounge...

Movie scary guy/gal that creeped you out the most.

Ever think about kicking a bunch of really old threads to the top


Wish us luck!

What song are you listening to right now?

This is post number five thousand!

Whoohoo!!! GO PENN STATE!!!

Is the phrase 'in a coon's age' a racial remark?

Are you easily amused? Tell a story.

Any 6th grade teachers out there?

***********The Mardi Gras Mask and Fetish Auction**********

What are the greatest documentaries ever made?

The ShrubPranos.

"Just because it happened to you doesn't make it interesting."

Ouch! Just found out ex is remarried with twins...

Post poems about October here

The Shock Of My Life -- Last Night.

"Jesus' Hands"- American Music Club

I wonder if Brian Hamby will get more death threats now?

Who is the first DUer you met in person?

Are you a Sexagenarian?

I have a pic heavy collection of web cam to share:

Does any one here have a truly crazy relative?

Which is scarier?


The official Ohio State vs Penn State gamethread

Stop drinking the kool-aid

Today is my 4th anniversary at DU.

Anybody interested in "numbers stations" on shortwave?

What will happen today:

How long do we beat dead horses here on DU?

My Twins are being gutted

Question about motorcycles

I want all 78,404 DUers to post something profoundly stupid

What are your posting pet peeves? Be nice. Be constructive.

Favorite Barbara Streisand Song?

Need help debunking this.


Whom do you dislike most?

My Bedroom smells like BURNING!

I met this drop-dead gorgeous guy today

Taking a small small break. Re Dyskinesia Flare

Generic SarahBelle gratuitous PDA thread that should be handled in a PM.

Advice for lovers and spouses

Marital buffs (SO buffs)-- post favorite pics of your spouse here

DU Members Pics!

A love-note to DU!

Post a Latin word (or phrase)

URGENT...St Louis MO cat lovers...Three cats need homes

How many here don't have health insurance?

Gay Christians -- please answer me this

FDA Confuses Consumers by Allowing Dubious Health Claims on Foods

Flu 'Oddities' Breaking News and Hot Articles:

Europe ice satellite feared lost


Networks reject second UCC ad

Are we making the best case for gay unions?

Synagogues ponder place of Lev. 18:22

Gawd, the National League is boooooring!

Best World Series since 1960?

URGENT...MO cat lovers...

I'm such a sucker for a furry face....

Rainy days and sleepy cats

I had my life endangered three times last week...

OK, so I exhalt the virtues of a secular society and some neanderthal

I hereby declare that some religions are MORE fucked up than others.

I don't know how I get some of this mail, but check out this movie review

Kerry at Aspen today on global warming

Kerry Birthday Card (packaging)

Teresa Heinz OpEd in BGlobe 10/8/05

SBVT Group is contacting Kerry Supporters to spew hate.

Autumn in Alaska

About as manual as you get with a digital camera

"Good Night and Good Luck"

A Speech Revised

VIDEO: Democrats' press conference post-energy bill vote!

Wm Bennett: you could abort every black baby in this country

Miers, The Constitution, Election 2000 & The WSJ

Question regarding PlameGate...

Headlines Are Deceiving With Respect to NY Subway Bombing Plot....

Last girl on Maher tonight

Washington Monument Evacuated

Iran is next...

The 'oil refinery' vote today

Chicago Sun-Times: "Bush high on Miers' confirmation"

"A growing, deep discontentment & pessimism about the country's direction"

Tax Reformers Eye Breaks for Housing (yikes?)

When the President talks to God... "Burdens and benefits of a National Sales Tax"

"Bush Tax Panel" gets new Nov. 1st deadline ("National Sales Tax")

Bloomberg: Bush Switching Priority From S.S. Social Security to Taxes

Bush Radio Address: Nothing but a Harriet Miers Infomercial

Imperialists in Democratic Clothing - Just read that from the main page

"Blunt Will Seek to Continue Indicted DeLay's Political Agenda "

Panel OKs Immigration Nominee Julie Myers

National Environmental Policy Act under siege

which would hurt folks more, losing mortgage ded., or losing health ins?

Democrats in Congress Turn Up the Political Pressure on Energy Policies

A Self-Inflicted Wound (re: Miers - Newsweek article)

Latest statement by Barbra Streisand

Pelosi: Shameless Display of the Republican Culture of Corruption

Bitterroot National Forest needs new leadership

Harriet Miers's Financial Disclosure Records

Will the Revolution begin when Bush starts his final, evil plan?

How much money has Fitzgerald

Fired For Comment In Rove Article, Texas Attorney Explores Legal Options

911, Katrina, Avian Flu - Vying For "Worst Disaster In Nations History....

Ask Repubs to explain what "Victory over terrorism" means.

Morgan Reynolds and Barry Zwicker 10/15, 10/16

Crony withdraws nomination for #2 justice spot because of ties to Abramoff

Rep. Pelosi: Republicans Chose Special Interests Over the American People.

Holy CRAP: O'Reilly "understands we are engaged in World War III"

Edwards Outlines Obligation To Help The Poor

Berkeley Breathed - Washington Post-Neutered Group

Reid's reaction to Mier nomination

Whoa! Did anyone just see GW on CSPAN from 1996?

Can anyone explain??

Kerry: “Restoring American Leadership In Science; Time to Take Back ...

clothing label: Notre President soit un idiot

In regards to the C-SPAN marathon ... Drudge will be on now. Discuss here.

"Faith and the Court: White House shouldn't have made it an iissue"

Can Anyone Tell Me if "Reform Ohio Now " is a Republican Group?

Corporatism, imperialism and the Democrats ...

My wife does not believe the unreleased torture data


Harriet Miers was paid $19K to investigate Bush's T.A.N.G. records in 2000

When will it start raining frogs?

Its a GOOD thing the Grand Jury mulling over ROVE is SECRET..

Newsmax is a great source. Late Night TV jokes about Rove, Miers

I can't find Al Gore's concession speech video anywhere!

We should be shouting that Repubs want to eliminate the mortgage deduction

As for a National Party, Is GWB the Republican's Bill Clinton?

Black Commentator article on the DLC from 2003

Video: Randi Rhodes tears NeoCon Talk Show host Janet Parshall a new one

Who are the most progressive / liberal / effective Elected Officials?

Right wingers telling their own flock Miers is crony

Republican reaction to the nomination of Miers

Corruption, Cronyism, and Calamity

Letter shows Cheney aide (Libby) was prodded in leak probe

GOP "scare strategy" has ancient roots:

The candidate I'll go all out to support for president !

An argument against strict constructionism

AP: White Evangelicals & Republican Men are top Bush-boosters

2008: Gore vs. Hillary vs. Clark: A Clinton-era civil war that shouldn't

AP Poll: Chimpy 39% approval ...58% disapproval..3% "mixed feelings"

CSPAN Schedule Sunday October 9

Voter trends and turn out - What if Dems...

"Bush" Web Site: Like "" for scum of the earth

"we're fighting them over there rather than over here"

DIY Suicide in UK

God, I hope Novak is right and Haley Barbour is running for President!

The Gore Defense Force

WH Refutes Palestinian Claim That Bush Said God Directed Him

We have to call them propagandists when we confront them

Randi Rhodes on C-Span NOW (1:00 pm et)

Neocons must know that Miers is

Halliburton Given Contract To Rebuild Cheney

The next person to starts a "What 2008 ticket do you support?" poll...

Robert Kennedy Jr. for President Miers, the Iraq war and hurricanes prompt GOP to confront Bush

America's Report Card - Where US Ranks in relation to other countries

Who can name one thing good that B*sh has done since being pRes?

The 3 Republicans swayed during the "Shame, Shame, Shame" vote

SBVT take their campaign against Kerry to Kerry web sites

"Watergate-level" event about to happen....

Should members of secret cults and societies be ineligible

What's up in Ohio governor's race and Repug support for Blackwell?

the Meirs nomination is not about ideology

Does Dean have more class than his loudest supporters would like him to?

Does anybody know what Bush said about the Rapture?

OMG! The End must be near! Coulter turns on the dub...

The latest "grinding coke jaw" photo of The Emperor

Check out where your governor stands in the ratings of all governors:

This site shows who U give to in political campaigns.

How to truly make Freepers go crazy

The List of Bush's Lies and Policy Failures (Incomplete).

Caroline Kennedy for Prez? Am watching a bio about her, am very impressed

Why Is Saying "The Democrat ______" Insulting?'m Feeling Lucky--- "Failure"

I think the RW's negativity about Harriet Miers is a bluff, but...

"Prediction: at least three high level Bush Admin. personnel indicted"

* threatened veto on senate vote to put military prisons under rule of law

I am so glad I didn't eat at Ruby Tuesday's tonight!!

When you are stranded in a desert, water is an issue...

Why don't Dems discuss abortion in terms of freedom of religion???


If the Devil were disguised as a Saint?

" Bush has tried to hijack Roosevelt's World War II legacy for his own"

Right Wing Talk Radio Losing Ground :

pubs deliver bill to benefit profitable oil companies & little for drivers

How do you think that Scalia will respond to B*'s not making him Chief...

How are w and Hitchens alike? Let me count the ways.

Rove Fired by GHWB in 1992 for leaking to Novakula then

What do the middle voters believe?

The time is ripe for a "Democratic contract with America"

Are you more qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice than Harriet Miers?

Am I the only one to see the TRUE Harriet Miers repuke strategy???

So, when do you think the "Bin Laden died in his cave when the

US News & World Report: Allies Planning Gore 2008 Run

What has happened to the U.S. Army leadership?

Our party should advocate for two parent families with one parent at home

It's not about KKKarl or Plame Outing: It is about WMDs, PNAC, AIPAC

Rep. John Conyers, patriot

How do we know Bush isn't the Anti-Christ ?

Would Barbara (mama) Bush allow an anti-choice Supreme Court nominee?

These are OUR wedge issues; everyone but BushInc’s Neo-Cons agrees with us