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Archives: January 6, 2004

Rotten Apples In Education Awards, 2003

Italy was ripe for Parmalat fraud (and the Berlusconi connection)

Georgia: A small pawn in the Great Game

Governmental secrecy

The Era of Distortion (Claims PNAC's staff of 5 does not influence)

It's weird what happens to this story..........

"Who is Howard Dean?"- The Pundits give the answers

Limbaugh Strikes Blow He Can't Take

Interesting LTTE in local paper

"Let's not fall for Charlie Hustle's latest hustle"

But George McGovern was right

Conflicting numbers and a surreal press conference

Wolves In 'Democrats' Clothing

Bernard Weiner: A Quick Pat on the Back -- Now Into the '04 Trenches

Carl Hiaasen: Welcome to the big house of prayer

Attn. Dems: Dean can’t beat Bush (from Kerry advisor)

Molly Ivins: Bad news drops into Bush's punchbowl

Sick Puppies and the Gomer Pyle U.S. President

Avenging angel of the religious right - Ahmanson


Interrogation, Torture, the Constitution, and the Courts

TPM vs NYT: Marshall takes on Brooks.

BBC's HARDtalk interview with John Le Carré - Fantastic!


Iraq's Arsenal of Ambitions

Kristof: The God Gulf

Out of Their Anti-Tax Minds

Monbiot: On the edge of lunacy

A New Google Bomb Campaign!

State website (WI) to promote fur trade

Powerful message (commercial) from

Favorite Moveon ad didn't make the cut - "SERIOUSLY"

GREAT LIBERAL TALK RADIO!!!! listen to Sea Bass live

DU on Randi Rhodes

*SEA BASS* rocking the Palm Beaches w/ GREAT liberal talk radio

Who here remembers an early 2001 Rush quote, something

Are Republicans and Conservatives Zealots?

Stories You May Have Missed Email

The Producers heads to big screen with Lane and Broderick

Who would you rather have in the US--Celine Dion or Ann Coulter

Shareholders' power is the new weapon in fight for workplace equality

2003: 'A watershed year for gays and lesbians'

Heterosexual accepts bishop's post declined by gay appointee

Fred Phelps Benched

Cities in revolt over Patriot Act

Flagpole for pride flag removed in Ohio

Partway Gay?

Asian Central Banks try to stop currency losses by buying US dollars

Factory orders suffer setback in November

next point of reference appearing - currency controls....= wage/gold price

Human-Caused Tropical Forest Fires Bigger GHG Source Than Thought

Honda To Sell Accord Hybrids In US This Year - Reuters

Top EPA Enforcement Officer Quits - Takes New Job At Wal-Mart

Pacific Island Nations Of Kiribati And Tuvalu Sinking And Ignored

Chinese Government, World Bank Warn Of Water Crisis - Boston Globe

Kansas Groundwater Levels Fall Dramatically For 2nd Year In A Row

Space Station Leaks

Study Unravels Mystery of Double Star (but why does black hole reject mass

Notion of cow-human transmission is tenous?

Hydrogen's Dirty Details - Village Voice

Egypt muzzles calls for democracy

Bolivia's drug crisis

France arrests imam in Chechnya probe...

Firearm deaths down 50 pc(Australia)

Another Mentally ill Prisoner Dead on Bush's Watch

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 6, 2004

Why more senior citizens are carrying guns

Hey! Did you know that you can't spell check in "Edit Post" mode?

Is it a no-no to bookmark directly to the forums?

Yo. NHL avatars and UF avatars?

Skinner, I have a confession to make...

I have a question about a thread

Just a comment-kind of silly-regarding a term used on this thread:

Just a heads up about Rush mentioning us on air again.

You asked what UF was?

Weird thing happened when I went to post on thread about Limbaugh

Hey Admins? Can we do this fundraising breakdown?

Name calling post in GD2004

How do I...

Spell checker and My Posts feature--COOL!!

I thought if a deleted post appeal was approved, the post was reinstated.

Why was Mike Post removed?

Finnfann (sp?)

I respectfully request

Candidates listed by favorites

I'm sick and tired of the obvious bias against...

The Suicide Bomber! The Suicide Bomber!

Right, left dismiss Sharon Likud speech as mere talk

Hamas 'contacts' with US officials

Handle with care: words like 'conflict', 'terrorist'

Looking Over The Horizon

EU suspends anti-Semitism seminar

Israel to Take No Action Against Soldiers

Israel and Turkey agree 'water for arms' deal

Interesting Facts About The Middle East

Ex-Mossad chief: Road map cannot be implemented

Not The Slightest Regret

IDF dogged by a credibility gap, and eroding consensus

Meeting to Address Israeli Strike on Ship

Breeding grounds for hatred

IDF source: shootings along fence can't be totally prevented

From Brainshrub: The fish that threatened national security (True story)

Walk-in suicide bombings inversely proportional

11 Airplanes Astray On September 11,

Social workers endorse Manchin (WV Governor's race)

does anyone know anything about Carl Wolfe--running for Congress VA-1

What's Dem response to Bush soft-focus upbeat national unity campaign

Kucinich Peace Train Iowa bound

Kucinich is only one to see the need to free the weed

NADER on CSPAN now monday 9AM eastern

Advice for Dean, as though he doesn't get enough of it....

Anyone else's computer screw up..?

If I knew the economy would unravel in 2005...

On April 10, the US Marines kidnapped us. . . . We were students.

Mike Webb LIVE streaming now ... Dumbya and Hitler

Iraq the 51st State

Bush losing jobs by design.

Don't you think that Americans will get tired of all these scare tactics?

How unusual is this? Nearly as rare as Mr Feuerstein's generosity

Bush's soft-focus campaign plan echoes Reagan's "Morning in America"

Interview with 9/11 widow about her suit against Bush

fundamentalist missionaries find backlash in Sri Lanka . . .

"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley

Presidential Commission on Corporations in American Society

Media loves the "Martha Trial"..forgets "Tyco" and Kozlowski ($600M) trial

Ashcroft thinks he's Jesus Christ - calico cats are demonic

Osama is useless, unless he's in Iraq

Republican support for Bush softening?

Is bin Laden alive or dead? Nothing fancy, just yes or no.

My one qualm with the eventual move-on ad...

Another day, another allegation against Rowland

Need Nicknames for United States and Canada

John le Carre interview, and his new anti-neo con, anti-Iraq war novel

Novak's racist comment is making me sick

Troops from Georgia being shipped to Iraq.

JOHN Dean Book: Shrub Mal-Admin "worse than Watergate"

Dean and the Media

More evidence that a draft may happen

Mad Cow...I'm considering not eating meat anymore...

Everyone's notification record has been cleared: This creeps me out!

Attention supporters of Howard Dean

More Army stop-loss orders - 7,000 troops forced into DRAFT per se!

1980, 1984, 1988

Man envisions Christian nudist colony for families

Good News from the SoCal UFCW Strike!

unfreep this poll

Bush rally attracts 100 students! Ooooo...I'm soooo scared!

Diana "death plot" distraction again....before BCCI trial

Rush Limbaugh is no Nathan Algren....a Last Samari analogy

Strained U.S. Army Offers Fat Re-Enlistment Bonuses

Bush's 9/11, in song

DK is a vegitairian... How does that stand with you?

John Le Carre interview in Globe and Mail - Railing against neo-con junta

RSF: 2003, a black year - 42 journalists killed

Labor Dept. on How to Cheat Your Labor

what does the "neo" in neocon mean?

BFEE Fun Facts to Know and Tell: HINKLEYs and BUSHes

First COLOR photo from Spirit...

Limbaugh Sez You Can Trust Him With Your Wife Or Your Children......

2003 Political Dot-Comedy Awards - Vote Ends Tomorrow

Anti-American Video (North Korean origins)

In 1993 Howard Dean failed to send his aunt a "thank you" card!

Is George Bush an Embarrassment For The United States

Dean = Nazi Tactics

Disturbing Photo of Arnold the Gropenator

Can someone help me prove this statement from moveon

A poll worth taking....

CSPAN NOW : The Militia Movement and the Radical Right

A Poll That Just Begs to be Freep'd

Our Candidate

NBC Fires Maria Shriver?

Is the Debate today online? And is there a site with debate schedules?

The ugly truth about the Bush family exposed!!!!

Treasure hunter claims to have solved Oak Island Mystery

NPR debate: DK says "living wage" and NPR cues music

Cruel as Usual Mississippi Death Row conditions persist

Isn't it politically incorrect to call voters "stupid" ?

The "Clinton did it too..." Arguments

Help me answer this email

Need help with the minimum wage.

The "right" (?) Wingers are after TARGET now!!

HELP: I want to find the editorial by JIMROB posted HERE weeks ago,

Bob Somerby Annihilates David Brooks

How Washington Mutual funds Bush and the Religious Right

Bush = Hitler tactics

Details of Nader on Crossfire

The Fundamental President

Boo-Hoo-Hoo, them old mean guys at moveon called me Hitler!

Who else is as excited as I am about the ads?

Help me DU this poll - Gay Marriage

Man Seeks Christian Nudist Colony

Need help with the minimum wage.

Where's the spark to bring down Bush?

Move On Controversy / Republicans hate free speech

Will the French Indict Cheney?

Reparation day: A call for $21 billion from France aims to lift Haiti's bi

The education of the masses

regarding Brooks and NYT

Why do people here need so much help?

David Brooks: The neo in neocon means "Jewish" and other nonsense.

The coming Economic Crisis that isn't being talked about.

Rush accuses Dem's of having 'plantation-mentality', using black voters..

Court OKs Texas redistricting

Terry McAuliffe/Ed Gullespie on today's Crossfire

Joe Scarborough Ad in NY Daily News today

Crossfire - McAuliffe Vs. Gillespie

MOVE ON BACKS DOWN!!!!! Dang it anyway!

Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith - Dual Nationals?

What we respond to

Reposting BOSSHOG's thread: What we respond to

Proposal offers employers tips to avoid paying OT (Must Read)

Is "aiming for the middle" is really just "Winning over the 'S factor'"

Poll: How would you rate the job of the President’s Homeland Security

Comparing President Bush to Hitler is working out Great

Limbaugh Sez He's "An Excellent Role Model....."

Is Freeper propaganda backfiring on itself?


BUSHLER. You heard it here first. My new name for little king george.

End the unemployment insurance tax

It doesn't add up....

C-SPAN1 7:00PM EST - Kevin Phillips author of "American Dynasty"

Hannity's Getting Flustered

New Poll! 90% of Polls are Worthless!

One of the best things I've read this year, so far..

Why does the US media openly report Diana conspiracy....but ignores US

Did anybody see the Bush Hitler video?

How should I reply to this right wing e-mail?

WTC Memorial Design Chosen

AP kills Limbaugh/painkillers story...

google turns up 8,370 references to Hitlery

Washington Journal tomorrow AM...

Happy New Year, fellow travelers!

My apology to the RNC

Now This is a First Lady!!

SOLID :: A (free) book by FreshLaundry

Nine hundred and Eleven Missing Pieces

Class divorce.

Lou Dobbs on Cnn "The Selling of America" has been good lately..

"Stealth Draft"

So Who's Going to Lay into Rush, FR, et al for "Hitlery" Clinton?

Passports and dual citizenship.. ?

Official State of the State Address Thread (Govnah Ahnuld)

Thune vs. Daschle

Cspan now: Daniel Becker, Sierra Club Global Warming &Energy Director

Anybody Watching CSPAN1 ??? Unity '04 - National Press Club !!!

Schwarzenegger Says Bond Vital to Avoid Bankruptcy

Why all this "X is not electable/ can't beat bush.." is wrong and...

Malloy wound up again...

Is America safer? Look at some numbers...

Details of Bush Immigration Plan Outlined

I want to thank you, George Bush, for this...

A day in the life of George W Bu$h - 01/06/03 (Graphic Content)

Well educated people are terrorists

so you think your vote will count?

Dean does best against Bush, but people don't believe he can win

Zell Miller

A new GW Bush site for you to look at!

How do you feel about people like this?

Have you voted for Media Whore of the Year?

CSPAN NOW: "Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush"

Does anybody have a run down of the 1992 primaries (dates and results)

Newt on Tavis Smiley

More important aspect of a Democrat's evaluation of George W. Bush...

NPR's Biased Coverage of Dennis Kucinich

We need a "Plan B!"

Chapter - II - The Hitler Project

anyone going to a meetup this week?

Rummy declined honor as ‘Person of the Year’

Ok Folks are you watching Nightline on CIA Intelligence

Limbaugh Started His Show With an Attack on "Democrat Underground"

Anyone hear this Tom DeLay story on NPR tonight that left me sputtering?

U.S. & our laws were founded in Christian teachings & heritage

Did the Democrats stand for slavery in the past

Freepers flipping out over Bush's plans for immigrant amnesty.

OK, this is the last Nazi reference I want to see, today

We had a thread about the founding of the DLC and the funding.

Turn on Nightline NOW!

Why is the Dem party letting the RW define the terms of the debate AGAIN?

NRA Racist Comments Exposed

Would the DNC undermine

To which dictator does g. w. bush most merit comparison?

The death of the American Dream and the re-emergence of the caste system

Yet another good non-partisan election site

Biography unveils another side of 'The Perfect Wife' (Laura Bush story)

Bush Served With Personal 9-11 RICO Complaint

woman claims she lost $162 million lottery ticket

Anyone see Rumsfeld today...

Help me respond to this e-mail on the Clintons!!!

Only one campaign medal for both Afghanistan and Iraq....

My emotional disability: I don't get the fury at the Irwin croc incident

That Pesky Bush-Hitler Thing

What is your favorite Bush In 30 Seconds ad.

On Hitler comparisons: people think Hitler = Holocaust

PBS Newshour -Democratic Leadership Council sharing on Dean leading so far

We need fundraising ideas. Creative ones. Begging only goes so far.

Valerie Plame

I have a feeling that we are about to capture bin Laden

Do your duty: Write to NPR's Ombudsman and Check-In NOW

Latest Black Box Investigative Report

I just heard Kerry say that lobbyists "wrote" the medicare bill. True?

Why are corporations legally considered like 'persons'?

Who did you vote for Media Whore of the Year?

Here's the guy who did the Bush=Hitler Ad is a front organization for say rightie

Why does America have so many gun deaths?

Proposition: The Bush Administration will not give up power in 2004

OK, I am officially a MIHOPer now

If Rush is going too attack us...Lets bombard him with e-mails and faxes..

What German psychiatrist Karl Jaspers said about Bush=Hitler

"An End To Evil": a new neocon manifesto

What NRA Leaders Are Saying (nasty stuff)

Fighting a fear-governed government... with cowardice?

Kevin Phillips: Bush Family Dynasty on C-Span Now! 10:45 est!

Hey, David Brooks! Here are your unhinged conspiracy theorist full-mooners

Ed Schultz Show 3-6 pm EST .....Showtime

From the Deck of Hawker Hurricane

Resist the draft, right here

Radio Sub Rosa: "Pax Americana" and "Emerald Empire" mp3s

The Classic Bush/Hitler piece: "When Democracy Failed.." by Thom Hartmann

BFEE Factbook: GW Bush, James R Bath & House of bin Laden

U.S. Urged to Properly Approach Six-way Talks (N Korea)

Airline rejects guns on flights

Philippines Isolates 34 at Home Over SARS Scare

Syria firm on MIdeast WMD ban

Bradley set to endorse Dean, sources say

Syria Warns Against Kurdish Entity in Iraq

Bomb, Ambush Injure Four U.S. Troops in Iraq

Hamas reveals contacts with US

Dean Speaks At Boone Fairgrounds

Brazil's reforms lift emerging-markets funds

17 Canadians in custody in Iraq

Three weeks from coming home, NJ soldier dies in Iraq

Powerful bomb kills at least 10 in southern Afghan city

Soldier had planned to become a citizen when he returned from Iraq

Chief enforcement officer quits EPA (To Work For Wal-Mart)

Alleged Iraq spy: I'm just a journalist

Timeline: US losses in Iraq

Islamists fan rumor U.S. soldiers raping girls

Race to lead right is far from over (Cdn Politics) -

Army Discharges 3 in Beating Scandal

Feeling Besieged, Iraq's Sunnis Unite

Three Illinois units called up for anti-terrorism duty

India and Pakistan reach peace breakthrough, - ( oh, - oh )

IBM bribery case sparks SEC inquiry-WSJ

Labor Department offers tips to avoid paying overtime

Missionaries Offer $5,000US Bounty to Bulgarian Muslim Volunteers for Iraq

Iraq police fire on protesting ex-soldiers

17 Canadians in custody in Iraq

AP: N. Korea Offers to Halt Nuke Facilities

Vermont Auditors Faulted Dean Aide on '92 Contract

French nationals killed in Iraq

Accidents cutting down soldiers

Teachers Support Gov.'s Plan to Cut Schools by $2 Billion

Bush aims to dodge tough poll issues

Dean in Newsweek: 'I'm Feeling Like Job'

$162 million winning ticket turned in amid dispute

Bolivian gas referendum for March 28

Venezuelan Government Denies Supporting Leftists and Guerillas

Harassment Forces Gay Dads To Flee UK

B.C. drug raid not tied to federal Liberals, Martin says - Globe and Mail

Archibald Candy selling Fannie May and Fanny Farmer, closing Chicago plant

Delta Flight to Cincinnati, Ohio under military escort.

November U.S. factory orders fall 1.4% & Dec. ISM nonmanufacturing Falls

Embattled governor says he has no intention of resigning;

Army psych unit tries to persuade Iraqi insurgents fight is over

Ex-Iraqi troops fired on in Basra protest

U.S. Official: Castro 'Playing With Fire'

More troops join Iraqi army as insurgents kill two French nationals

Media advocacy group cites Iraq war for surge in journalist killings

Assassinations Send Chill Through Iraqi City

President Bush renews US sanctions on Libya

U.S. frees Reuters, NBC staff detained in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 6 January (#1)

Dollar Slide Accelerates; Risks of Rout Increase

Senator Urges White House on Leak Probe (Schumer of NY)

Teachers Support Gov.'s (Ahnuld) Plan to Cut Schools by $2 Billion

Initiative Effort OKd to Allow Bible as a Literature Textbook

U.S. says it will slaughter hundreds of cattle to contain BSE

Kurds pay price for 'Mr' remark

Loud Blasts Heard in Baghdad

Iraqi police fire on protesting ex-soldiers in Basra, at least four hit

Online Contest Attracts Hundreds Of Anti-Bush Ads (MoveOn.Org on AP)

Britain opens Diana inquest, finger points at Prince Charles

Murata to shut down factory (More job loss in Central PA)

White House Seeks Secrecy on Detainee (please read)

European U.S. Air Bases Likely Going East

USAID awards $1.8B Iraq contract to Bechtel

NYT: Vermont Auditors Faulted Dean Aide on Contract in'92

Job loss is unfair, Guard member claims

2 Frenchmen killed west of Baghdad

Bush (regime) seeks secrecy for Supreme Court proceedings

Syrian president makes landmark Turkey trip ( - ME is uniting ? ? )

Interrogation, Torture, the Constitution, and the Courts

Bush plan lets illegal workers keep jobs

Breaking: Air France Flight En- Route to US Being Escorted By F-16's.

Hardball Tonight...Judy Bachrach...

US Official Says Castro Playing With Fire

Iraq's Arsenal of Ambitions

Multi-million Dollar Cash Smuggling will be Investigated by Venezuela´s

Breaking: NYC to pay Diallo's family $3 million

Explosion rocks Arkansas chemical plant

New poll: US split 50-50 on many issues

Man seeks to establish Christian nudist colony outside Tampa

Pilots' Union Accepts Use of Sky Marshals

French nationals killed in drive-by shooting

Pennsylvania Porn Law Blocks Too Much?

42 Journalists Killed During Iraq War

US State Department spokesmen beginning to sound like a broken record...

A Partner in Shaping an Assertive Foreign Policy (Condi Rice)

Schwarzenegger Says Bond Vital to Avoid Bankruptcy

Washington still plays Cold War games in Latin America (Venezuela/Cuba)

Crash flight recorder 'too deep'

Bush's Support Building (Clark Ties Dean)

Bechtel Wins Its Second Big Contract for Iraq

Iraqis use tactics of Afghan guerrillas

Clark's Campaign responds to dean Secret Strategy Disclosure

Bill Bradley Endorses Front - Runner Dean

Dean called 'real Democrat' (attacking Clark)

Marines Offer New Tactics in Iraq

American troops create 'The Exorcist Experience' in the ancient city of Ha

Court OKs Texas redistricting

Army Allows Halliburton to Supply Iraq Fuel Without Giving Price Data

From MoveOn - RNC lies about "Nazi" ads - not sponsored or commissed

China Killing Civet Cats (10,000!) in SARS Scare

NRC says Dean violated federal law

US Is Controlling What We Hear From Iraq (Especially US Deaths)

School district agrees to protect gay students

Bush Makes Good On Promise (Starve the beast)

Conservatives launch TV attack ad on Dean (in Iowa)

Kucinich Shows Pie Chart on Radio Debate


President Served Personal 9-11 RICO Complaint

"Nightline" to let CIA respond

US officials wary of troops suicide

Sen. Clinton Regrets Joke About Gandhi, Gas Station

CNN vows caution in calling 2004 races

NYT: Bush* Would Give Illegal Workers Broad New Rights

Powell says U.S. foreign policy respects allies (Great Pic)

Consumer Debt More Than Doubles in Decade

Reflecting Pools Picked for WTC Memorial

Protests widen over sky marshals

Accounting Problems Found in Major US Economic Indices

US protests fingerprinting of Americans in Brazil

DNA shows BSE cow is Canadian

U.S. Army clears Halliburton of overbilling-WSJ

Danish Troops in Iraq Being Kept Safely from the Action: Danish Sergeant

alright, getting ready for Macworld Keynote

Looks like Britney's publicity stunt backfired

Got Milt?

Att. Old rockers, help me remember

Does anyone own this movie? "Ninja III: The Domination"?

DU this poll

There may be hope for music in 2004 - a boy band broke up today

Who made the Lewis & Clark expedition a success?

my Google bomb

I need your help!

"Leather Goddesses of Phobos" . . .

america- fight bush, but fight the fat too.

Put A Quarter In A Machine And Up Comes A Kid.

The only good thing about the movie "Urban Legend"....Alicia Witt!

I had this weird dream this morning

Pete Rose this....Pete Rose that...I'm sick of it already!!!

Just saw Donnie Darko recently...

Winter in Wisconsin

What do you think of "Average Joe 2" on NBC?

All in all, my day turned out OK.

new Oxyrush advertisers NextStudent, Cold-Eeze


What did YOU do today?

Can one copy DVDs onto a hard-drive?

Drunk Russians ......singing

"How Arnold won the West" - anyone seen it?


Microsoft ubisoft oops

Diana inquest adjourned until 2005

"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley

"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley

are the Freepers and PABAAH going to launch a Winsor Pilates Boycott?

are freepers going to boycott Slim-Fast

HEY LAAAAADIES !!! The power thong and strength bikini

Update on Nasha

Shots of my new stomping grounds...pic alert!

stop me if ya heard this one before...

Harassed 'Saddam' Seeks New Name

Anybody's kids get and electric scooter from Santa?

Anyone else notice the heavy Clinton coverage on E! THS lately?

All Men Are Apes! and other classics

Meet the true king of Canada (England etc)

Who else experiences poltergeist?

Jackie Chan retiring from Hollywood?

Medieval fresco on display for the first time in over 150 years

Another good liberal band - Travis

I just moved! Ask me anything!

Not For The Paranoid: Fontify Your Handwriting

I hope all of you have a nice day today. Because mine sucks.

When did the sixties take place?

Did Anyone Have a case of the Mondays today?

Man Seeks Christian Nudist Colony


Tug McGraw 1944-2004

Wild Boar Breaks Into Apartment - Hospitalizes Man

Origin of the "single digit salute"

OK..The Skipper or Gilligan? Who's hotter?

Singapore May Loosen Law On Oral Sex (Heterosexual)

Man envisions Christian nudist colony for families

A very important announcement concerning Britney Spears

Mystery Science Theater 3000 will air for perhaps the last time on 1/31

What REALLY causes hurricanes


Should I apply for this activist job?

Blast from the Past.

OK...Ginger or Mary Ann? Who's hotter?

A Question About Gay PDA

Hiarcut Poses Problem For Drunken Thief


ok, where'd he go?

'Governator' Beer Sold Only In CA

Hatfield's Death Said Caused by Cocaine

RatTerrier: I love your sig-line pic

Unfreep This Poll

The Ugly sweater gallery

Do you eat raw fish?

Local Man latest war dead....

Ladies, be honest: Do you watch Lifetime?

good iron supplements


Succulent beef

Nominations for best and worst movies of 2003

Quick, into the attic! What's that smell?

DC area DUers, please help!

Who's aging WELL

I just got into Grad School! (er, vanity, thy name is northzax!)

Tom Coughlin is the new head coach of the Giants

Stolen Fiberglass Pig Returned To Owner

Testamints : The mint with the Message

How about THIS impressive limousine???!!!!

Latest victim of Bush economy speaks out!

In 1993 Howard Dean failed to send his aunt a "thank you" card!

here we go. Macworld keynote about to start

Did any of you have relatives that kept dishes of stale candy

rabrrrrr.... what the hell are we doing up at 0343?

Cast your primary vote in this voting thingie... Now!

October Surprise?

When did the Seventies take place?

Hilarious anti-US video from North Korea

Looking for videos of failed rocket launches...

you lose a $100 bill. I find it an hour later. Whose money is it?

And you thought there was no food stranger than a Japanese pizza....

What should I write my editorial about?

Does anybody know what movie Nicolas Cage ate a roach in?

Crap! I can't listen to the Ed Schultz show.

Could you please, PLEASE use the DU Spell Checker before posting!?

Lottery ticket question....

Who's Ray Sinwell?

Worst Story contest----tommorow we will vote on the worst one

Do you think the Nasa guy who says "lift off" at space launches....

What is this painful, swollen spot on my gum?

Caption Smirk's latest photo op!

CAPTION sweetness

Caption the Big *

I HATE the new-year's-resolutioners!

Mutant animals

Who's racing WELL

First Images from the Crawford Ranch

LA DUers -- Have we decided on a date and place yet??

Hold everything THIS is the guy who married Britney????

shhhh. the fish is sleeping

Pete Rose: The Poll

Who else experiences Coultergeist?

Luring pre-teens with red meat

regarding who is really # 1 in college football

Who is aging obsequiously?

First COLOR photo from Spirit...

Lieberman discusses his "Bob Dylan" phase

Hall of Fame - Molitor and Eckersley in, Sandberg gets JOBBED

CAPTION a fake president and his fake supporter

Thank lawd for liberal radio.

In the Jungle, the Quiet Jungle, the Lion sleeps tonight

Who wants some spam?

Bob Dylan discusses his "Joseph Lieberman" phase.

Can someone please convince me that there isn't a dead muskrat

How much will it cost to send a probe to Uranus?


Is email a good way to tell a girl......

Escape from Neverland..

What Words Do You MIS-Pronounce (And Don't Give A Damn If You Do)?

I got my hands on some CDs (and now I love the Replacements)

The Tony Montana Insult AND Wisdom Generator

anyone see the daily show's interview of Al Sharpton?

Any DUers own a 93 or 94 Toyota Land Cruiser?

today's new Hannity advertisers 1/6

Time for my AA meeting

LOTR: the short version

Snow in Seattle! The city is effectively shut down!

Mapie's Funny Movies and foreign commercials

Photoshopping is not a "new" phenomenon

CNN FLASH: No problems on Delta 43.

how about a law that says only freepers can get drafted....

Am I the only one who thinks sailling WEST to find the EAST

New Poll! 90% of Polls are Worthless!

Who's got media interview tips for a Dingbat?

The first DUer to correctly guess the temperature in Grand Rapids

Man on Mars

What's the REAL reason Britney Spears got married, and then annulled it?

I typed in and...

Worst album covers ever:

Do any of you have relatives with Cystic Fibrosis? Do you monitor

I.... Am Spartacus!!!

Help! My contact popped out

Butch , the Mushroom game

Message was left about potential job, but I cannot understand

Video clip: So you're living in a police state

Scatological Terror Set to Increase Excrementally

Going to Chris Rock!!!

On PBS NOVA tonight more "Mars Dead or Alive"

Snow Squalls! Get Your *$&@%# SNOW SQUALLS HERE!

Hello, sexual innuendo!

Mars Images

Jim Lehrer called Dean "The democrat who won't go away"...

Is Google on our side?

Am I The Only One Who Thinks NASA And Space In General Is A BIG

Warning major venting ahead.

"My husband is planning an accident"

I'm sad....I wanted my 1000th post to be "special" and I slept it

Desperately seeking Plaid Adder thread...

Is this the ugliest car you've ever seen?

I want to annoy my wife while she watches TV: Ask her anything.

Yet another Google treat

An Activist’s New Year’s Resolution: I will show up

Hey there, sugar dumplin', let me tell you somethin'....

Calling any KC DUers

Thank you, NPR!

Political movies this week, including one NOW

Best Mac/PC for video editing?

My 1-year DU anniversary is coming up; what are you getting me?

I'd like to introduce you to the newest DUer, chavezspeaksthetruth!

Wolf Nipple Chips! Get 'Em While They're Hot... They're Lovely!

When leaving a job, how polite should one be towards management?

"Coming to America" - uproariously funny or dumb?

Kid from my town who got stuck in machine speaks up.

LOL, new photoshop opportunity!!!

Who uses Norton antivirus 2003 pro?

Automotive Front end question-any specialist here?

Schoolyard politics

TV Alert! That's My Bush mini marathon showing NOW on Comedy TV

WOOHOO....I found out where Freepers get the names they use for Liberals

Insulting name generator

Yay! I just received 87 cents in a lawsuit!

Voluntary tax for space program, would you pay?

If I lose my job, what do I do first?

Anybody Watching "Line of Fire" Right Now?


Ohio Woman Claims She Lost Winning $162 Million Lotto Ticket

who the F*CK answered the latest CNN POLL??

Need info on how to live out of a car / van

Where is HEyHEY tonight?

Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Doll

Jim Jarmusch's "Night on Earth" on IFC at 11:45 PM EST

anyone else need cheering up? i know i do!

GURUving, on a Tuesday evening

Great line from M*A*S*H

Favorite Yahtzee Roll

Why are you here at DU???

My Idea of Fun...self-imposed "snow day"

Ahh, wintertime in Connecticut!

anyone heard of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds?

Redskins: Is Joe Gibbs Coming Back?

Official Tuesday Night Malloy Thread

Ahhhh, the Daily Show is BACK!

Is there an actor that u like so much you'll sit through a bad movie....

Which state is the LEAST corrupt?

When the Rapture Comes, Where Will Bush Be?

Share your Northwest snow report.

With apologies to all blonde DUers

10 years ago: Nancy & Tonya. What do you remember?

Yet another gratuitous kitten thread, please join in :)

Mid-day Poetry Thread

Fondue recipes?? What's your sign???

I just got a call: My sister's in the hospital

people mismatched with their profession

Funny occupational terms...

When you see a bumper sticker that reads

Who's aging WELL?

Pre-emptive poll defreeping: Has Bush made you feel safe since 9/11?

Puddle Of Mudd: "CNN Bullsh*ts You"

So - When should I take down the Christmas Tree?

Who the heck put this search bar at the bottom of my screen?

Here's what Howard Dean's own mom says about him

Help: Popups are back on my computer!!!

SHIT! It's a conspiracy!

Isn't it nice when a man has a picture of his wife in his office?

Favorite FOUR TOPS record?

CONFESS!!!!!! What one odor offends you the most

Why can't Mail Call's "Gunny" pronouce Vietnam?

Anyone going to NAMM show this year?


Happy New Year, all

WOOF!!! 15,000 Posts of ZombyWoofness!!!!!

The DU theme song? Woody Guthrie's "All You Fascists"? YES!!!!!

>>>SOteric<<< 8,000 POSTS!!!! You know what to do!

Any Steve Buscemi fans here?

Something Wrong ...

What book would you place beyond the reach of Hollywood forever?

What are the top three beers that you would find in your fridge?

I Had A Good Belly-Laugh At Safeway This Afternoon...

Now my tale is told

Describe Your Driver's License Photo...

January 6th. 2004. Who is still in the resolution game???( or not)

How do you react to the lives/emotions/spirits of animals?

I just survived a terrible car accident! Ask me anything

THE FROG WANTS TO KNOW : What exactly is a Fraternity ???

having a party January 30th-all DUers invited!

Happiness is a warm puppy

Milwaukee (and people who are willing to schlep) DUers: Get together?

I'm having a fight w/ a fellow eBayer. HELP!

A Contest---Who can write the worst opening to a story?

OK San Diego area DU'ers..last call for Saturday night with Prolesunited!!

Edited by me.

Does winning a debate change your choice of candidates?

What should Dean's response to the GOP attack ad be?

"Piling On. ...while Wesley Clark takes the high road.

Al From & DLC 'agent provocateurs'

Controversial theory: "Dean's gaffe" coverage helping Dean

Clark's Brillant Strategy Re: Karl Rove

Clark meetup/Pinellas Cty Florida

Book recommendation: "A Citizen's Guide to Howard Dean"

NYT- In Democratic Pack, the Race Is on for No. 3 and Maybe No. 4

A question for International DUers

NYT- Clark and Kerry Offering Plans to Help Middle Class

Dean "gaffs" or brilliant political strategy?

Jesse Jackson disappointed in candidates' "Mad Dean Disease"

Kerry - American's with Disabilities Plan

Who is best at Dirty campaigning?

Dean's DLC comment

Kerry, Bush I, and Bush II

Dean Hasn't Got a Prayer in Dixie

Can Clark beat expectations in Iowa without officially campaigning there?

Lieberman Support an Urban Legend?

Dean's tax claim called a "huge stretch"

NH Tracking poll Clark 14 (+2) , Kerry 14 (0), Dean 37 (-2)

Dean and the Media

NADER on CSPAN now monday 9AM eastern

How much do you make?

Why are all the "old Dems" so anti-Clark?

Kerry Campaign Finding New Life in Iowa by AP's Ron Fournier

Nader getting beat up on Crossfire

Debate idea: Bill Bradley should debate Gary Hart or...

Poll: Dean starts 2004 leading Dems - Has This been Talked About Yet ?

Confusing Polls, now Bush beats Dean by 14?

History Shows Jan. Front-runner Often Does Not Win Democratic Nomination

"Dean on the Rise" 5% story suppressed by Time/CNN. Graphic proof!

Hollywood for Clark

Attention supporters of Howard Dean

How the Reich Wing articles are listed first on Google News

Dean and the Media

Dean's education enemies list

Women speak out for Kerry

DK is a vegitairian... How does that stand with you?

Clark Working New Hampshire and Feb. Primary States Hard...

David Brooks on neocons today / response-edit

where the hell is there an acurate, official primary calandar

Bradley endorses Dean (CNN 1/6)

I am skeptical about the Dean "inevitability" argument

Kerry Blasts Labor Department on Overtime

NPR DEBATE - Live Thread

Clark's Tax Reform- LATimes Lists ALL Candidates' Tax Plans

Dean going to do hard time in Leavenworth now?

Dean considering cut in payroll tax!

Political Bandwagoning

Letters to the NYT re: Kucinich profile

Mosely Braun on Democracy Now

Autographed guitar for kucinich

NPR Debate Part II

Conservatives launch TV attack ad on Dean

Court OKs Texas redistricting

On John Edwards and the Patriot Act

CNN just debunked their own poll. Baloney to them.

So if Dean opponents think Bush will be better at attacking Dean than they

So, how long before Dean announces his "tax fairness" plan?

McAuliffe mentions the CNN poll with 5% factor, Novak acts silly.

Link to photos from today's NPR Debate

Just on Jimmy Kimmel, Kerry making the 'toke' sign

Clark's Tax Plan And Single People

Wesley Clark, no-show at first 2 debates of 2004 - why?

Associated Press admits having erroneously quoted Howard Dean

Clark passes Kerry

Does anybody know if the Dean NRC issue is making the news?

Explain to me why calling people at work instead of home .....

Kerry, Clark now tied in NH poll...

Why is it selfish?

Since Dean's 'Ameirca is not safer' comment

Over 800 turn out for Dean on sub-zero Fargo evening

Statement on Stop Dean Movement

Mary Frances Berry Endorses Clark!

Who do you think did the best job on the NPR Debate?

Charlie Rose (et/ now) show has a panel discussing Dean...its interesting.

Kerry: I'll back Dean if he gets Dem nod

Rumors that Kerry people are spreading rumors that Dean people

Clark says Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated

If all of us had "ABB" bumper stickers on, we'd scare the do-do out of 'em

Gallup: History Shows January Front-runner Usually Loses Nomination

Which candidate will get the Bill Clinton endorsement ?

Wesley Clark - now more than ever (part 2)

Does Clark's tax plan make him more liberal than Dean?

DLC A Counter-Reformation on Taxes

Anyone for Wes? Daily Mojo from Mother Jones......

"Inside the mind of Howard Dean"

Rumors that Dean people are spreading that Kerry has cancer recurrance

Gallup yesterday had Bush beating Dean by 5, now he beats him by 22!

Dean's new ad in Iowa...anyone know anything about it?

I wonder who is going to endorse Dean next?

Another Dean endorsement?

Nuke flap dogs Dean

Clark Slams Media Consolidation

For Dean Supporters: A Daily Dean Photo Gallery

Good for Dean, this is how to campaign. Now, CNN, defend your poll.

Dean's largest campaign contributor is CNN parent AOL/TW

Deleted message

Signorile: Dean a winner due to fight for equality and principled stand

Mich. Dems Start Voting

CNN lies!

Why I support Dean.

Not so sure anymore

Gore plans Iowa swing for Dean

Nuke flap dogs Dean - WTF?

Howard Dean: "He enjoyed eating babies in a white wine sauce. . ."

Howard Dean: Vermont's Pinochet?

"Hitler's Brownshirts" and "Herr Howie" article in NY Post

Transcript of Bradley's remarks on Dean

Dean is Vulnerable, and Barney the Dinosaur is a Better Candidate

Supporters Make Push for Clark to Join in Iowa Caucuses

Clark Campaign Responds To Dean Secret Strategy Disclosure

Why all this "X is not electable/ can't beat bush.." is wrong and...

Conservative group buys AD against Dean in Iowa

John Edwards assured Bill O'Reilly Dems wouldn't give Bush "a hard time"

Gore plans Iowa swing for Dean

Transcript from NPR Democratic Presidential Radio Debate

Kerry on Hardball Tonight; Teresa Kerry on ABC's Good Morning America 1/7

Wesley Clark Airs Campaign Ads Statewide

Would you rather have Gephardt or Dean win Iowa?

Dean's energy debacle...

Clark hasn't explained why he thinks DU is OK

Clark taking the "high road"?

Does anybody have a run down of the 1992 primaries (dates and results)

Clarifying my feelings about today. Manipulation...don't let them.

Deleted message

One highlight of Dean's pattern of misleadingness in debate

Attn. Dems: Dean can’t beat Bush

Dean Plans To Go On Offensive Against Clark

Inside Politics: new national poll

The idea that Dean supporters won't vote for the eventual nominee

Favorite Yahtzee Roll

now THIS is funny

Dean needs to set these GUN NUTS straight!

National Polls vs Statewides...a looming Dean disaster?

Edwards: Proved he's not been co-opted by Bush

Who will stop the upward redistrubution of economic, political & cultural

Clark calls to reduce or end taxes for lower, middle class

Vote Clark to prevent October surprise!

Deleted message

Francis Schuelka endorses Kerry

A new philosophy of governing for all active democrats to consider.

NPR's Biased Coverage of Dennis Kucinich

Lawrence O'Donnell: Worries that Dean could alienate the whole country

Many on DU sure better hope Dean doesn't get the nomination.

Shouldn't one of the first groups Dean talks blunt to about race be..

Dean informs America about the Bush Tax

Why I decided to support Howard Dean (long)

I used to like Howard Dean.......but

The only groups Dean is "alienating" are. . .

OK what's going on here people, it's only been a slight upswing for

But George McGovern Was Right

Cover the debate, not the fight

Club For Growth at it again

Dean Meet-Ups top 170,000!

Dean Can't Win

Why Dean and Clark(and their supporters) need to blacken each other's eyes

A Pro-Dean Repuke Website!

Wash Post: Kerry has moved into position to challenge Dean/Gep in Iowa

The debate really illustrates why Dean is the frontrunner.

Have you seen the NEW CNN Jan. 6TH, 2004 poll? Clark is doing GREAT!

McAuliffe mentions the CNN poll with 5% factor, Novak acts silly.

Kerry on hardball now!

Iowa AFSCME local 231 President Sarah Little endorses John Kerry

A first step towards fair trade.

Is Clark's tax plan "pandering"?

Shouldn't Dean either repudiate the NRA or face negative ad's?

Whose Tax Plan is better for you?

Say one thing to promote the candidate you support

Clark cannot win the general election

Kerry Spreads His Populist Message

Underdog Kucinich campaign's philosophy: `anything is possible'

Something for Kucinich supporters to ponder - Zogby on Kuninch

My heart says Dean, but my head says Clark

USA Today Poll: Bush's support building (and Clark gains on Dean)

Nationalizing the Congreesional elections in 2004.

CMB, Democracy Now, and watching the left eat it's own

How Terry McAuliffe and James Carville created Howard Dean

Is Your Candidate Lying About "Free Trade"?

Braun fails to get on New York primary ballot

The Smoking Gun on Clark?: Stephens Group and Dean Attack Ads

Poll: Which rivals will candidates throw support to when dropping out

Dean is too liberal, too conservative, too pragmatic, too idealogical

Top ten reasons why Dean will beat Bush in a landslide!

Kevin Phillips: Bush very Vulnerable, but Dean is Hopeless Against Him

Dean: "Always seemed ready to abandon his cause...."

Dean fails to mention credit for his ghostwriter in his book.

What Are The Chances Of Getting A 'No Gloat' Policy Here ???

The campaign mistakes of Kucinich and how to set him right

Wow! What a gender gap? Or is it a gender chasm?