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Archives: August 1, 2003

Dear Mr Berlusconi...

AL GORE SUCKS by chris elliott

Sidestepping on Iraq (NY Times Op-Ed 7/31)

America helped ruin Liberia. Now it must help repair it

One in four brides last year came from abroad - In Taiwan

'I did not want to be a collaborator'

Boston Globe: Poindexter's policy bracket

Present at the Dissolution

Ali's Story (A must read)

Wham, bam, thank you PAM!

Great Joe Conason Interview at Buzzflash

Salon: The poseur in chief

DU's Bev-O-Matic rocks corporate voting world

Judge considers motion to dismiss lawsuit against Cheney, Halliburton

Why Iraq and Afghanistan?: Cheney tells All it's about Oil...

Greg Palast: Bush and the Saudi's sittin' in a tree...

Scientists: Alaskan warming is disturbing preview of future

Cheney recommits to pre-emptive strikes

America now thinks it's God - The US is no longer just a nation.

Still in the Running - E.J. Dionne, Wash Post (re Edwards & Gep)

Gene Lyons: Getting to Know the General (Wesley Clark)

Nobody checks the facts, even when they've

OMG!! A reporter connects the Smirky, 9/11 dots!!!!!

War on John Pilger

Fox & Friends Morning News

Howard Dean to speak at National Young Dems Convention! Everyone Under 36

you can "Shop to Drop bush"

Call Rep Maj Leader Bill Frist & tell "Why should Dems pass

Help he Democrats stop Texas Congressional Redistricting.

how to get involved (links) for the upcoming campaigns...

Is It Time For Some Civil Disobedience?

Media fight order in Bryant case

Iraqi War death count updated

Escapee wanted to raft, attend reunion

Happy Lammas!

CARTOONS! The "Really Cool Dream" Edition

A letter from a 3rd grade teacher sent home to pagan parents

Do we have a thread for jokes? How about it?

Speaking of Pagans, A Pagan must read is 'Jitterbug Perfume':Tom Robbins

Do you want to feel REAL GOOD?

Road tests show 'green' cars good for suicide

Phyllis Schlafly

Survey: Support for First Amendment Up

Taiwanese teacher marries his male partner in Canada

Gay Marriage

Captial Tax - alternative more progressive tax system

Kodak to Buy Laser-Pacific Media Corp

The REAL Unemployment Numbers(?)

'Toilet training not essential for this job'

GDP Smoke And Mirrors?

Environmental happy talk

Why did man jump? - SA

Blast at hospital in Russia Caucasus kills least 20

Alternative To Hip Replacement

Indian women give drunk hubbies the chop - India

Why did man jump? - SA

Gun Laws Cut Armed Robberies in Canada

The mods should give a personal DU welcome to a new member here....

New member is freeper

I think I have a freep on the line

Newest Member Is Here To Cause Trouble

Is Anyone Checking the Names New Members Are Using?

Member #29995 is a freeper

ADMIN: Congratulations on 30000 DUers!

Can you post a report on users versus posts

I was in LBN and "refreshed" my browser...and, a funny thing happened.

Can you post this Gathering Thread on the main page?

I can't post replies to this because of "Script Error"...can you help me?

Welcome to DU Alldemocratesmustdie!

Skinner can you check this thread out and explain why so much bigotry

The freeper registrations are getting absurd

Someone else registered with my moniker

U.S. deporting Palestinians

Sharon won't tolerate roadmap violations

Another ISM release? Locking?

Tom Delay's Pilgrimage

Israeli Forces Fire At Pacifists Protesting Separation Wall

U.S. on Gaza tender: settlement 'freeze is a freeze'

Palestinians angered by settlers' road plans

Wall makes Palestinian farmers refugees on their own land

Checkpoints: Suffocating Palestinian Society

Israel imposes 'racist' marriage law

Sharon: Peace road map must not be violated

Ga. lawmakers set for visit to Israel (including Denise Majette)

Why Is US Turning A Blind Eye To Israel's Nukes?

A refugee has a lesson for Arabs

PM Abbas Slams Israeli Wall as Racist, Title for No Coexistence

NSA Releases 1967 helicopter intercept transcripts (USS Liberty)

Dean calls for a 100-year vision for the environment.

Dean would not push for law on gay marriage

Howard Dean is only 5'-9" tall. He can't win

Kerry Makes Chickenhawk Rush Limbaugh Sputter

Kerry Scolds Vatican Over Gay Marriage

Is There Anybody Here That Has Not Made Up Their Mind?

Imprisoned Ex-Rep. May Run for President

Dean Will Run TV Ad in Bush's Home State

So Californians, who's gonna be your new governor?

Source: Gore still not running

Where would Dean Place without the Gay Vote?

Cash flows to Lingle (Repuke-HI) campaign (for 2006!!)

Should we consider Governor Larry Flynt to Rule California ?

How many people want Clark for VP or Pres?

Will the Real Howard Dean Please Stand Up?

Davis is told: No trash talk

The DLC's National White Man Conversation

Open Letter to the John Kerry Campaign

State Sen. West enters (Spokane) mayoral race | Spokesman-Review

Any people from the North Country in NY, near Canada?

Anyone else get a survey from the DNC in the mail?

Lieberman's Words of Wisdom

Black Box Voting: the case of the vanishing trolls

Lets stop playing this game X doesn't have a chance

This week's Bill Moyers NOW -The Military Industrial Congressional Complex

Map of TN Governor's race 2002

The Solid South Era 1860-1946

Bill Maher has Alec Baldwin, Christopher Hitchens, and Barney Frank TONIGH

what do you do when you've found a Freeper here?

Real Time w/BIll Maher THread

Which is scarier: A Theocratic State or a Corporate State?

A little something to brighten up your night! (and caption contest!)

Over FIVE HUNDRED PROOFS of GodÕs Existence

I'm an Episcopalian.........I have problems......

Who believes the new line of White House B.S. about WMD?

OMG!! A reporter connects the Smirky, 9/11 dots!!!!!

How many of you are heterosexual and think gay people are your equals?

"Bill Clinton stunk up Oval Office"~Chris Matthews

Clark Doesn't Declare His Affiliation because

Coulter on Buchanan Reagan

Traficant proposed this in 1999. Good idea or no? You decide.

Black Box: Diebold puts more files on NEW ftp site; someone hacks into it

Oh Man.. Read this caption.. This pic sums it all up

A pro-Clarker thinks this is something we should all read :)

My Name is BobD And I'm a Demoralized Democrat

"The Guy James Show" needs your calls Saturday

how about Ronnie Reagan for CA governor?

A suggestion about DEM candidate threads

George W. Bush -- Asshole

Difference between "civil unions" and "gay marriage"

How come the Dems don't give up Davis?

Slate: Kobe Bryant's trial will showcase our mixed-up rape laws.

surround OUR white house on a rotating basis with 100 people

Dead Brit scientist was found with "4 electrocardiogram pads" on chest

A grieving father and Will Pitt's book

Does Dubbya deserve a presidential library?

Any chance that Clark would run as an Independent?

To all neocon lurkers, freepers and trolls.

Holy crap!! CNN just reported the truth behind unemployment numbers.

Why are you a Democrat?

At this point, who are the candidates that can truly challenge Bush?

Candidate Bashing: Serious DUers, can we nip this in the bud?

I just want to apologize to all

Bush sexual assault charges

Rene (rbnyc) lost the baby; follow link to post your condolences

Freepers Concerned about Democratic Victory in '04

Petition in support of Gay Marriage

Clark just said "i haven't declared that i'm a democrat" WTF???

Describe Wesley Clark's Appearence on "Crossfire"

in 1946....why didnt we slip back into a Depression?

regardless of who you support who do you think would do best against *

How are we Dems going to deal with this issue? Curious about ideas.

"Young Americans Are Heard" Tour

Do We Really Have to "Pander" to This???

Ron Reagan Jr. just cleaned Ann Coulters clock

Traficant considers run for Pres from hoosegow

Casualty counts....

Don't shoot the piano player!

How many of you would vote for Gen. Wesley Clark?

ARMY OF ONE is # 16 of the Top 40 at Daypop - does it mean much?

Is Clark the Democratic Eisenhower ?

Republicans start to sense a 'sweep' - Scary.

Protect the Sanctity of Marriage!

The American Spirit is Dying

Dean gives Bush the finger; Runs ads in Texas


Why did blacks vote Democrat before the Civil Rights Act?

Is Bush Gay?

If the Right can't live with the Constitution, aren't they unAmerican?

Democratic Underground ranking on

Gov. Howard Dean's answers to the AFL-CIO candidate questionnaire

Why is it anybody's business if someone is a homosexual...

And we are supposed to believe some guy sitting in a cave planned 9/11?

vile video - "Waging an Unrelenting War"

How do you find it, these days?

The American Medical Association is using pop-ups

Keith Olbermann: Al Gore not running, and not drafted (Friday night)

How do you feel about Local Government?

"Kelly death details revealed." But I'm still confused.

Bush Needs a Break

Donald Luskin's background

The Huddled Masses.

20th anniversary of "The Handshake" coming up...

Kucinich gets Green support

Deleted message

Bwawk Bwawk, Chicken Hawk!!!

AOL news headline.. IT'S THE JOBS STUPID

Article implicating PNAC and 9/11

Protecting the Rights of Individuals Act- R and L join forces !!!

So why not demoralize FReeperville?

Who isn't a registered Democrat?

Ann Coulter Vs. Ron Reagan Jr. (The Good Reagan)

Did anyone save the photo...

On Crossfire: Draft This Guy!

TONIGHT - HBO - The Texas Dems

Poll on

Clark on Crossfire...

I am soliciting opinions about a Daschle comment RE: Terror Futures

Frank Rich: The gospel according to Gibson

Tweety still talking about SOTU

Why haven't we had more Osama Bin Laden tapes?

Who would you betray for $30-million? - Poll TGM

In 1946

Republicans to put many Gray Davis's on the California recall ballot?

Terrorism Futures Trading (again)

Vacation starts NOW!

So the economy isn't turning around?

Another informative "Democracy Now" program connecting Saudi-Bush....

TalkingPointsMemo: New Twist on WMDs?

This or That? (just because I can post topics now)

May I have the link showing that Bush renewed sanctions?

Deleted message

Administration of PNAC Fanatics! WP: US Shifts Rhetoric

30,003 members on DU....WOOOHOOOO

My thoughts about marriage v civil unions..

If you're Gay...and you don't think we are in trouble....

Can it get any more bizarre? Liberian rebels in wedding dresses and wigs

Has "hard evidence" of WMD been found?

Bob Hope is in Hell

Deleted message

Many good candidates help us

Hardball: Who is this guy?

The Medeiros Family -- an average American family copes with war

Saddam's hip new look (New CentCom digitally enhanced image)

So ya think the economy's improving, huh...

Cable News Addict

I'd rather have Lieberman than Dean

Buchanan & Press (Reagan - subbing)

would a nationaly syndicated Lib talk show, if it was a True Lib

David Kelley planned his suicide in intricate detail.

Bush at 45% re-elect now

it was a good week for TOONS... (check it out!)

Today's Talking Point Memo....some interesting tidbits there about

Opinion: Clark should make a deal....

Anyone hear this yesterday (7/31) on NPR...

BUSH & BLAIR AT GAY BAR.....very funny!

Does anyone here besides me find...

did Limpbaugh really save AM radio?

Bush needs Saddam alive…

does anyone here have any wingnut or freeper offspring?

I don't mean this as an insult to Gephardt, but....

mystery illness hits troops

DU just surpassed 30,000.

Is the Republican party PUSHING the gay marriage question?

does the station that carries Limpbaugh in your area run their schedule

The guy who turned in Uday and much dough did he get

question for Kansas City Area DUers?

MSNBC: Flag Draped Coffin

Robert Novak is a True American Traitor

who's TV show was worse, Limpbaugh's or Weiner's

Clark will not answer a question fully

Hannity Just Said He Was 41 - Is That His I.Q.???

Pictures of what Saddam "might look like" being sent to troops...shit,

Question Inspired by the Smoking Brand Thread

The President Exempts Gays from Marriage, Saudis from Guilt

which (if any) candidates can best communicate with the young?

How will pro-gay marriage/civil unions lose us votes?

do the people who run Cocoon Nutrition know Savage Weiner from when

has anyone received a reply from any hate radio advertisers?

I propose that we reform the DLC

Saddam's daughters and photos and questions...

INSPIRED Bob Boudelang!

Who is your favorite DLC candidate?

nazis on homosexuality

Check out the House drug plan calculator

CROSSFIRE 8/1/03 - GEN Wesley Clark!!!

I feel bad for Saddam's daughters

The US military is ALL OVER this hearts and minds concept

Draft: inspired by another thread

Irakspeak--handy translations

Petition to stop Bush from reversing Congress FCC ruling!

w sez being gay is a sin...does mass murder qualify as a sin also?

Family Affair: the Bushes and the Bin Ladens

MUST SEE...Pallas180 thread in Meeting Room..."Kool Site" Cost of Iraq War

Rush endorsed CLINTON? in 1992 WTF?

Oh My Gay Stars! Attention Queers! Ready For The Parade?

I just saw the interview with Saddams daughter's

I hate this smarmy rw bastard!

Kick: WP's Faces of the Fallen site updated

Freepers scared Dems might use outsourcing issue against them (class war)

Did anyone catch Chris Jansing & Dana Milbank earlier?

CNN Play of the week

Amnesty Int'l: Iraq Occupiers Continuing Failure to Uphold Human Rights

Does 30,000 still classify us a focus group????

another 'investigation' whitewash of soldiers brutality

Did you know Saddam has another son?

Bush in 2004: For better or worse

Listen to the great Mike Malloy, liberal radio, right now!

Conservative Judicial Activism Panel @ The ACS (CSPAN 3:40PM ET Fri)

Slate's Will Saletan on NPR - Kucinich Catch Phrases

new Hannity sponsors, more coming later

Is Joe Lieberman too "Elmer Fudlike" to beat "Topgun"?

who has a better chance at beating Davis: Flynt, Arnold, or Savage Weiner

The saddest part is NO ONE CARES.

People Are Congratulating Limbaugh On The 15th Anniversary....

Bush expands Iraq sanctions

Hypothetical Saddam capture question

today's new Limpbaugh sponsors, 15 more years of a boycott

AWD's campaign now looking for....

GOOD NEWS: Evidence Mounts on Bush Vulnerability

George W. Bush Means Nothing (more Morford)

WTF? why aren't WE storming the DC/WH with protests about CA Recall

here's janis joplin's take on 'weaponsofmassdestruction'


I'm turning over a new leaf - Hope!

David Kelly Court Hearing On CSPAN (2PM ET)

Terrorism Financing C-Span

So whatever happened to the supposed Constitutional Convention...

Byrd on CSPAN2 now ... 11:50am ET

Teen Charged With Making Terrorist Threat At Logan

Bullsh*t Freeper Spam from Iraq

How many CA Duers will vote for Larry Flynt in the recall?

Is Bush taking his annual month long vacation this year?

Word to the wise, I'm tired of the negaitivity on * beatability

The US is World's Leading Jailer

will pitt.. have you posted details re: speaking engagement in san diego?

Bush and the Saudis sitting in a tree

Saddam should throw himself on the mercy of the international UN court.

Brazil Bans Viagra Ads

How many pages will the recall ballot be?

****ANIMAL WELFARE vs da CIRCUS*** (about damn time!)

My Fax to Maj Leader Bill Frist on "obstructionist Dems" & Energy Bill:

Joe Conason on Convservatives:

Did others see the HC show on '79 Greensboro massacre?

Fundie nutsack threatens everyone

Can someone explain primaries to me?

Did the US press ever report Bush scrapping nuclear wathdog?

If the "gay marriage" issue is a negative for our Party, then would not it

NOW.... things are getting interesting!

12:45 pm et Friday -- Hillary Clinton on Judicial Nominations CSPAN

One thing I really want to know about Kucinich....

Bay Area: "Dr Strangelove" play again this weekend

Kerry vs. Dean: BushCo. laughs its collective ass off...

Has everyone heard the new hit.."Where Is the Love?"

Everybody, sing along with me!

I wrote to Mr. Boudelang

What issues does Bush have to run on?

When did CNN & MSNBC stop carrying the Daily WH Press Briefings?

USA social/economic model is CHINA (PBS' wide angle)

Jonathan Bush's Bank is source of terrorist's money

GOP to make gay marriage a 2004 campaign issue

Query to Milwaukee area DUers on BBV

Hillary live on C-SPAN

Major Clinton bashing on CSPAN NOW

Young Republican's party plan crashes (Bush has taught them well!!)

Explosion at Russian Military Hospital.

be vew-w-w-y quiet...i'm hunting hussein

Military finds a bunch of old, rusted planes in the iraqi desert...

Outsource Bush

Stories from Gay veterans

where you were when you first heard Limpbaugh?

Election Supervisor Issues Hopkins Heroes A Diebold Challenge

If the al Jazeera can smuggle out a tape of Saddam ...??

George W. Bush Means Nothing (Read this, it will make August go better)

Graham: Another sad episode in a series of sad episodes surrounding Bush

Don't Count on Bush* Being VOTED Out of Office.

hell, let's ALL take a frikkin' month long vacation shall we?

Something troubling me about Catholicism...

What happened to "We're an inch away from getting Saddam"?

Did I miss a piehole alert?

Another Rovian shift in wording

Tom Delay's Bitch Lives Here.

Watergate 30years ago

Interesting comment my dad had about the NG ...

New song! 'Den of Thieves'

Tribune Editorial denigrates DeLay/Christian Zionists

Republican Leadership Briefing (CSPAN 10:30 AM ET) LIVE NOW

Satire on C-Span

Apology for bush shirt.. ha!

Unemployment declines becuz 500,000 discouraged workers give up

A potential light-bulb moment.

Byrd Alert -- Leahy Up Now on Judges (CSPAN 11:50AM ET FRI)

Australia demands U.S. retracts airline attack threat

Has Bush lost his "low expectations" advantage?

Just for fun: Take part in candidate "first impressions" research

Take the MSNBC poll

Smokin Joe Conason NAILS the Right Wing. (A Must Read)

Bob Graham, 2 allies introduce overhaul of U.S. intelligence

Wolfowitz PRAISES Scott Ritter - WMD Whistleblower

My local paper: "Rochester families grow weary of war"

Bush and Rove thrive on political division...

It must be true: NewsMax published book claims Hillary is running in 2004

Freep this poll! "To what extent do you love George W Bush?"

911 tinfoil hat stories ...... if you have any like this....share them

Harvey Milk High School... Again.

Is New York's economy on the rise?

CNN Headline news ticker "War Spending Boosts Q2 Revenues"

Our warrior president is a phony in a flyboy suit

Gay Marriage

C-span 30 minute ad for the Anti-Clinton Library

Scarboro was incredible tonight!

Booze soaked sex bash in Boston...with junior GOPpers

What Part of IMUS's Dementia Am I Not Getting?

Judge invalidates Boy Scout Lease

Surfing with Friar

* leaves for 30 vacation, see ya!

Why will Gore come back? New poll shows why

Executive Order 13303 - legal immunity for oil companies in Iraq

Good news? Jobs created in July.

Idea for Californians: Recall the GOP governor right away.

The WMD have been planted & guess how I know

Freeper Friday @ CSPAN

New Harry Potter director not a Bush/Blair fan

Media blackout

Iraqi War deaths updated

WMD do exist---Bush puts Country in Jeopardy

Do we harbor as much ire and vitriol?

House on my street has been painted w/large swastikas!

Anyone else find Bush's new conferences entertaining?

Interesting timing - Harvard to Post Nuremberg Trial Documents

Dupe sorry

so bush confessed he lied in the state of the union...

The Economist's new attack against Berlusconi.

ok. sooooo the U.S. Gov't Is PHOTOSHOPPING pics of Saddam now?

Larry Flynt has thrown his hat into the Cali gubernatorial recall race

job for john (blog)

31 July 2003: Bush Renews Sanctions on Iraq

Halliburton Iraq contract queried ............... ($$ 7B cap)

FBI Errors in 911 or prevention of truth..... Mr. Wright told us earlier

Why wasn't the headline "Bush downplays uranium claims"?

Young Activist Changes Name to

California... Anti-Recall Slogan: "Get Over It!"

Legal Question about the California recall

oooooo, a new movie is made: The Pentagon Papers!

Tweety The Bush Whore

Joe Biden

A fun Bill Clinton movie review

"How Dare You Insult America?!" - the Homeland's Mandatory Gameshow

Proposed label for the enemy: Urinal-cake Republicans

Humans are an inevitability,

Coincidence? Terra alert as they try a new "security" scam.

Africa thread---what Bush put the civilans through

Democrats hit the Trifecta this week:

Armor Cracks: From a Republican site

Bush is trying to bait the Democrats with filibusters

Does Mary Landrieu have short-term memory loss?

My Son & Friends Playing w/ Squirt Guns Pulled Over Police

Has any credible evidence for weapons and/or weapons programs been found?

I oppose opposers of gay-marriage.

Niger was a nudge, not a noose

Freepers think liberal Christians will be pissed at judicial filibusters

WoW, Calvin Trillin on Charlie Rose

Young Republican's party plan crashes

Hypothetical Question: If Clark runs, would the DLC use him as a pawn

Sid Rosenberg will be humiliated on Oct. 3rd.

Hear ye Hear ye...DU's 18 and under crowd...

The Ethiopian Language/Calendar

Polish troops targeted in Iraq

Survey Shows Support for First Amendment Increasing

Bush Defends Handling of 2001 Recession

WP: U.S. Cool to New U.N. Vote – Unfettered Role in Iraq Preferred

FOX (of course) Report: Sen. Edwards Owes $11,000 in Taxes

NYT: Jobless Rate Falls to 6.2%, but Payrolls Slump: 500K discouraged drop

Dean Will Run TV Ad in Bush's Home State

Iraq war splits Democrats seeking to replace Bush

CIA investigation into Valerie Palme affair - TalkingPointsMemo

Rain Cuts Short Bush's Golf Game

Dean Donations take the fight straight to Texas

TNR - 28 Pages Show 9/11 Link to Saudi Royal Family

Armed marshals 'flying by Christmas' (between Aust-US)

Russian hospital blast kills 20

United Way Charity Suspends Scout Grants Over Gays

Blair hit hard by suicide scandal

Top Silver Aide Michael Boxley Indicted on Rape Charges

Sen. Clinton Questions Supreme Court

Howard tips request for US bases

Speculation, fact hard to separate in story of Iraq's 'nuclear' tubes

Iraqi gas pipeline on fire after blast

Source: Gore still not running

1 killed, 2 hurt in Afghan landmine blast

Oil prices jump after Iraq pipeline blast

Gay Episcopal bishop candidate receives panel's OK

Davis won't pursue repayment if he wins | Sacramento Bee

Davis Changes Course on Immigrants (?)

(Oregon) Governor (Kulongoski) prepares for state shutdown | Oregonian

Bomb shatters Russian hospital

Army Sends Team to Probe Iraq Illness - Guardian

Gunbattle near Mexico border kills at least three (Bazooka fired)

Another warning issued about flaw in Microsoft software

It Could Be a Long, Quirky Ballot ( Ca Governor/200 take out papers)

U.S. Finds Evidence Iraq Had Banned Weapons, Telegraph Says

Jobless rate now at 9.3 percent ,4 counties in North Carolina

Colo. leaders bristle at church edict | Denver Post

New Poll Shows Bush, Vatican Out Of Step On Gay Unions

Jailed Trafficant Mulls Presidential Bid

Repubs (Cheney) seek to delay FERC grid rules (industry sources)

Fewer polling sites for (Davis) recall | San Francisco Chronicle

Bush's acceptance of blame does not close book on flawed Iraq intelligence

North Korea, US "re-engage"

More Than Two-Thirds of California Voters Support Abortion Rights


Hustler Publisher Files in Calif. Recall

Liberian President Taylor Leaves Monrovia (to avoid meeting)

Schwarzenegger to Reveal Plan on Gov. Run (on "Tonight Show")

Saddam's Daughter Says Dad Was Betrayed | Chicago Tribune

Canada priest accused of spying on Hizbollah, army (Beirut)

Lieberman Leads in South Carolina Poll

Iraq weapons strategy (Pentagon's Big Impact Plan)

National parks log a decline in visitors | Salt Lake Tribune

Energy Bill Gives Way to Old One in the Senate

Al Qaeda link to attacks in Iraq -(un-named) "UK source"

Pep Boys Closing 33 Stores

Boy Scouts lose funding over anti-gay policy - from SE PA United Way

(AZ Sen) Kyl panel maps tactic to ban gay marriages | Arizona Republic

Powell Warns Syria of Regional Isolation

For Iraqi family, ‘no other choice’ .Villagers force execution of informer

Mixed Messages Natural Part of Government

Kucinich gets Green support

Five Taliban fighters, two Afghan soldiers killed in gunbattles in S Afgha

US troops wounded in attack on convoy near Fallujah: witnesses

Imprisoned Ex-Rep. May Run for President

July Unemployment Numbers Due Today (8:30)

20 reported dead in Russia blast

U.S. secretly negotiating with Iran

Rice cites 'personal responsibility' over disputed uranium claim

'Briton's abuse by US in Iraq'

WTF? why aren't WE storming the DC/WH with protests about CA Recall

Protest Planned Again for Latin Grammys in Miami

Davis recall election sparks Florida fears for top Democrats

Israel imposes 'racist' marriage law

Kashmir rebels 'beat girl to death'

Davis gets boosts from Sen. Clinton, national Demo chief

Hayward council voices opposition to USA Patriot Act

Bomb Blast Wounds 16 Turkish Officers

Polish troops under fire in Iraq

Dear Mr Berlusconi...

Nudists fight for the right to run camps (Foley at it again)

U.N. says Congo rebels use cannibalism

Russian oilman says probe is political

US government warns of imminent net attack

9/11 Funds Traced to Pakistan Accounts

 Zimbabwe's justice minister slams clergy

Doctor treated as terrorist settles suit

U.S. Approves Reward for Iraqi

Suicide blasts: Briton held - Casablanca

Immunity demand 'a violation' - U.S. in Liberia

Another mutiny threatens Philippines

Australia wins U.S. correction on airline threat

US hails war-crime verdict

Tucson One Target For Lawmen In "OPERATION TRIFECTA"

Cubans' return 'just not right,' Gov. Bush says

Inquiry accused Gilligan of misleading the public...

"Big Impact"

Fujimori Wants Back in Politics

Philippine Leader Confronts Jailbreak

Jeb takes a jab at his brother's administration


House on my street has been painted w/large swastikas!

For an Iraqi Family, 'No Other Choice'(Father forced to kill informer son)

Hustler's Larry Flynt wants to replace Davis

PETA Spokesman Grilled by Burger-Eaters at (ND) Capitol

Lieberman: No gay marriage (But Opposes Amendment Prohibiting It)

Investigator fears NASA inertia

'Diapers for checkout chicks' - OMFG !!!

Anti-depressants may help protect brain, Washington University researchers

U.S. Teams Seeking Weapons Find Iraqi Warplanes Buried in Desert

Iraqi anger at U.S. rises over sluggish rebuilding, unrealized dream

Investigator In Bryant Case Named In Racial Profiling Lawsuit

DJ US House Leader DeLay: Iraq Weapons "Totally Irrelevant"

GOP Sen: Bush Hasn't Made Case For Liberia Intervention

BBC: Seed battle heads to supreme court (Monsanto)

Bush Gets Drenched at Golf Course

NH poll: Clinton or Gore could grab primary lead

Prisoners Brutalized In Baghdad Gulag Prison

Bush Blames Media For Hyping `March To War' Before Iraq

US Homelessness and Poverty Rates Skyrocket

Libertarian's lawsuit targets electronic voting machines

Senators wage war of words over ("Chickenhawk") DeLay barbs

Teamsters look set to endorse Gephardt

Md. Pond Produces No Anthrax Microbes

Bush Says Recovery Might Have Looked Strong if He'd Let Recession Deepen

Dean finally announces fundraising suprise

US gives India Assurance on Outsourcing - The Economist

British defence ministry tried to burn Kelly 'media plan'

Pair of 17-Year-Olds Arrested in Cross-Burning

Party's Support of Davis Fraying

Saddam's Daughter Says Dad Was Betrayed

Classified Section of 9/11 Report Details Saudi Links

Bush lashes out at senators blocking judges’ confirmations

Randall Terry to rally in Savannah (antigay)

US debates bid to kill Hussein and avoid trial

Sen. Clinton Says Supreme Court Still Merits Mistrust

Saddam Withheld Evidence That Iraq Had No WMD to Deter Invasion, Aide Says

Jobless Rate Dips; 470,000 Stop Searches

Bush Says Too Many People Looking For Work

Rove Late on D.C. Property Tax Payment

Blair to face inquiry into Kelly's death

Centcom Releases Saddam Photo Renditions

Aide: Saddam Did Get Rid of Iraq WMD

Kerry Scolds Vatican Over Gay Marriage

Saudi intelligence involved in 9/11 attack?

La. Church Offers to Pay Whites to Attend

Report on 9/11 Suggests a Role by Saudi Spies

Officials Say Classified 9/11 Material Is 'Damning' | L.A. Times

bye for awhile- off to Canadian waters

who will it harm? who will it help?

Zero word thread

Jon Stewart should sue

I don't have any friends

Best Guitar Solo Ever Recorded? (not live)

DUers you'd like to do tequila shooters with

My first Science v religion thread.

I'm straight, and I support the Gay Agenda.

If you'd like to send a card to Rene (RBNYC)

Why must trolls be so f***ing OBVIOUS?

What did William Shakespeare say about lawyers?

Help, I'm being beat up by REPUBLICANS! Ahhhhh!

I'm a nudist, ask me anyting

A new tournement has begun at Everwars ...


Pastor Exposes Perverted Little Cartoon Character

GEORGIA DUERS - re: ACLU of Georgia

Full setlist from The Dead Show I saw

Phish "phans" traffic backed up 16 miles from entrance

Q for computer history experts

put a fork in the redsox, they're done

Alec Baldwin RETURNS as Jack Ryan in New Clancy Movie!

Three word thread

I'm and drinking a martini. help me get into the 700 club: ask me anything

True or False: You are going to answer this poll question false.

Man Arrested (Drunk) For Firing Potatoes Out Of Bazooka

Coffee addicts- has this ever happened to you?

Anyone watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

Question for attorneys about the profession.

yet another technical computer question

i am bored, my back hurts, and i'm stuck at home on a friday night...

Is this new sig image inappropriate?

Priest fans, you got another thing comin'

The movie 'Solaris' (new version) has me utterly perplexed

Any fans of Martin Denny around these parts?

Hitler's 2 and a half inch penis for sale

Aaaaw.. Poor widdle CondiLIAR Rice...not a happy camper

What am I doing wrong with this photo?

It's the Spin City vs Roseanne thread! (with pointless sundries!)

Cubs win in 14th but still fall back half a game...

Because I'm VERY bored: Toothpicks-- flat or rounded?

What about asexuality --- this is serious..

anybody know anything about reactions to antibiotics?

I Was Just Questioned By The SECRET SERVICE!!

someone close to me tried to commit suicide

Man Sticks Penis Through Fence...... Dog Bites It

Rumors at the workplace have my ulcers going.....

What Part of IMUS's Dementia Am I Not Getting?

why is it that progressive women are so much hotter than....

Lawyer Joke Thread

I'm curious about religious preferences here.

I heard you on the Radio, nostamj!

I lost Thursday...

AAAAHHH! Run for your lives! Amaya joins the 700 club!

One Word Thread!

What do your hands do when you sleep?

With a load as big as mine, do I need a bigger ass?

for catshrink, your cat, shrunk

Reno 911? LOVE IT!

great blues and soul!

I believe there are 4 kinds of people in this world

The Paramenapaus Rant Thread

My back hurts!

howard dean song

I had no idea so many Republicans lived in India

Roadside Market Signs

7 MORE MEMBERS TIL DU HITS 30,000!!!!!!!

I'm straight, and stroking a weasel. Query me.

Third World Thread!

Pete and Pete vs. Salute Your Shorts

Friday, 1st August 2003, I dub thee

Mr. President have pity on the working man

Does My Ass Make These Pants Look to Tight?

I'm going to frolic naked on the beach - ask me (almost) anything

This or That? (just because I can post topics now)

Get these wild animals away from me!

Hey Yall The daily chat at

COOL! Someone has me on IGNORE!!

who else here is naked


Teen abduction foiled by cell phone cam

Headline in Local Rag: 'Bush and Pope Fighting Gay Marriage'

Vacation starts NOW!

Linux freaks! What's the best way to make the switch? Dual boot first?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jerry Garcia!!!

Any bartenders here?

*&*(^^#%(#&)*&)*()^ Ask Me Anything!

Should dating services (internet & otherwise) screen applicants?

I smoked my first cigarette in 10 days just now

Are US Psy-Ops making these "Saddam messages?"

Finally, a somewhat creative spam....

If you were at a DU gathering would you....

Sounds like its time for a freeper joke thread

Anyone sick of "Americanized" ethnic food, restaurants, cookbooks?

For Fox-free vacationing, go to Starwood owned hotels!

Seems I ruffled some feathers in here today.

who else thinks Page Hopkins is hot?

Wow - I just got up from a 4 hour nap.

Is it backward to care about looks of potential partners?

I got ten minutes into gangs of New York, then off!

Have you ever been on a nullifying jury?

Since when did TBS start showing Futurama/Family Guy in the afternoon?

An ethical question.

Bush Coming to Tucson, AZ...protest??

BUSH & BLAIR AT GAY BAR.....very funny!

Wow! I'm on Buzzflash and didn't even know it!

Smokers, what's your brand?

I have finished the gin and open up the $$$$ glenmoranige Port Finish

Any IT folks here? Re: w32.mimail worm

Breaking News: FreeRepublic owner goes broke. Cites lack of web traffic!

Stupid Fucking exec. director

Have a good weekend everyone- I had fun, even on my rant

Here's the real reason why same-sex couples are evil

BBC News: Earth set for Mars close encounter

Favorite epithet learned on DU

There are currently 24253 REAL DUers...

The Ex-Addict of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

The Leaking Neo-Con of all CAPTIONS!!!

MY Philosophy: If You're Opposed to Gay Marriage......

Great Originals of Bad Remakes ('nother movie thread)

Which "uncool" musical act do you love?

People who deserve to be drawn and quartered -- Part II

Great antiwar movie on Turner's now

I haven't gotten any in over 6 months, ask me anything

Tonight I get one degree closer

Well, I just ate my first proper meal in over 3 weeks

I really should be doing something more constructive

Hey everybody...Post your state avatar.. Where you are NOW

Which actor/actress has the most *overrated* looks in history?


Fire alarm!

Telemarketers are already devising ways to get around "Do Not Call" lists

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Simpsons Quote Throwdown Thread!

Listen to the great Mike Malloy, liberal radio right now!

Should I take my 6 yr old to see Seabiscuit?

going back to school to finish my dissertation. wish me luck

Today's the day we crack 30,000 members!!!!!

Dictator's dick for sale!!!!!!! Get it while it's hot

Does anybody else have preteen headbangers?

Hey lookat that, we got 30000 members

29998 !!!! w00t! this is better than New Years!

I get to go and piss off some freepers this weekend

Which fictional robots were the dumbest?

I just remembered something about my big fat bitch boss

Brazil Bans Viagra Ads

Anyone out there work on commision

Hey, I want an avatar!

WACO the CIA and Biological Weapons and computers...fwif

Computer people - please help - my modem is very ill

I Want To Get A Bean Bag Chair. Are They Comfortable.

what do gays think of bush?

David Lettermen does it again!

do you put potato chips in your sandwich?

When do you think we'll reach 30,000 registered users?

Flasher bitten on happy sack by victim's dog.

where you were when you first heard Limpbaugh?

here's janis joplin's take on 'weaponsofmassdestruction'

I've Been a Working Stiff For 30 Years Now!!!

Charles Bronson & Bob Graham separated at birth?

Hey fellow Lounge Lizards...check this GD thread out. You'll love it!

Help me battle the Evil Empire!

Don't feed the trolls

W. Pitt in the Bay Area soon?

Alright!! "Home Movies" back in the weekday Adult Swim line-up...

Awesome Clock...

I really am a bad Hoosier

I wrote to Mr. Boudelang

Comedy to be outsourced to India

You all need a tongue lashing, and I know just who will do it!

I must not read fascist garbage--it's bad for mental health.

Bitchinest Song in Gringo's iTunes playlist

NewYawker99...where are you?

Smilies?? Who needs 'em?? This place has 'em..

Where Annie's Bulk Purchase books are going - Free to NewsMax subscribers

Bay Area: "Dr Strangelove" play again this weekend

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

diss ihs dee bhad-spellin thred, wat do yoo tink?

Clearing my desk to go on vacation for 2 weeks, don't ask me anything

Did anyone else

Holy cowflop, Batman! At the Cuyahoga County Fair

Home with injury - day two

News of the obvious: Gigli a dog

Intel now pushing Big Brother

The Check is in the Mail!

If you're not going to use the edit function

Democratic Underground, if my math is correct....

Damn I am in a bad mood

Today in the mail...

They're remaking the Manchurian Candidate


A question for legal scholars

Revised State of the Union Address - funny

Hey! If it works for the White House

(NYC saavy DU-ers)I need to find a decent upper west side hotel

Help me rebut an article from a conservative friend

Does anyone know how I can disable my website without erasing it?

I'm off to the home state of the last elected president of the US


Anyone read Susan McDougal's book?

do the next 25 people who sign up at DU

Has anyone here had laser hair removal or electrolysis?

Barbra Streisand and the Democratic Party

Any gay guys out there think David Hasselhoff is hot?

For breakfast... produce....coconut and fruit

Salt Lake Tribune published my anti-war letter.

Why don't we do it in the road?

Urgent question for techies:

Two tv show ideas for the most liberal network:

Ever volunteered to be bumped from a flight?

Wasn't the point of DU to have a common ground with eachother?

Well, there goes the fall-back job.

Visiting the Great Smokies / Blue Ridge Mtns. next weekend.

Drunken Voting Coming To Norway

How many DU kitties like Bra's

Dupe sorry

bat tales

follow-up: Church demands principal leave

So I'm listening to "Easy Listening" on directv

I've just been molested by a dolphin, ask me anything


A follow up to the bat story: Beetlephobia!!

I know I need a small vacation.....

lol it seems everyone is considering throwing their hat in to the recall

what's happening to Politics and Campaigns?

Can Fox invite Bush to a legal boxing match?

If Chimp were a fine art painting, what/which would it be?

I'm all alone with Barry White and a bottle of red...don't say a word.

Go Ahead, Kiss Me

Where is the allusive listenup?

this is so sad

500 anyone?

Poor me!

Exclusive, intimate Bush family portraits including Cookie...

My "Independant" co-worked LOVED "Cheap Labor Republicans"!

I'm drinking Samuel Smith's Organically Produced Lager...Ask me any-


My boss didn't know, and it was kinda funny to me.

ok so its a typical thursday night here in my basement aka room

Drinking a 40 of St. Ides high gravity malt liquor, ask me anything!

so, how do you think Manchester United will do now?

some haiti Pics

Five Word Thread!