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Archives: July 27, 2003

Sullivan the Bastard

The Mouths That Roared (Scathing WP Coulter Book Review)

Lessons From the Killing of Uday and Qusay

White House protecting faith-based hiring

Sudan Uses Dance to Heal Rifts of War

Why I Am Leaving This Country: Daniel Pipes and the Failure of Democracy

Dowd-Out of Their Cages

CIA head should be fired for error

Bush Boys Blow it Again

Pulling the Plug on Davis won't Change Much

The tragic cost of a rash Iraq war Reactionary Distinctions

Dennis, Say it ain't so!!!?!!!!

Now... and Then

Eric Margolis: Terms of engagement

Watching BushCo Crumble

Trouble mounts for Bush as lethal Iraqi resistance claims more lives

Spinmeisters in need of fodder

Bush needs to accept responsibility

Florida's GOP: A party at war with itself

Republicans are to blame for America's failing economy (Letter to editor)

I found an even better DEAN flyer to pass out!

Security Warning to about DK Parody Site

Dean versus Cheney


WP writers' email address list..(in case you ever need them)

Freeper logic from 7/25/2003 Akron Beacon Journal

Ann Coulter's Treason review in today's WP

Doonesbury rips Faux News

Drudge: Ann Coulter May Get $3M Book Deal

Chris Matthews is a spineless coward

Let’s talk about the killing of the Hussein brothers.

Keep pounding this into their heads (freepers, that is):

Who Made George Bush our King?

Anyone watching the little dweeb on "Booknotes?

Happy Sleepyhead Day

Few questions for the astrologers/psychics amongst us.

test post... ignore

Astro Disc:Why does "Wolfstar" on "Star IQ" see Bush Winning in 04?

Astrologer VS Skeptic foodfight

Guy James Show Steering Committee

Mindwalk - a highly recommended movie.

Say it loud!: Out in force for London's 31st Gay Pride parade

Corporation Personhood...

Sunday's Democratic Investment Ideas

Dennis Overbye (NYT): As Clock Ticks for Hubble, Some Plead for a Reprieve

Turkish-US tensions continue over Kurds in northern Iraq

McAlister On NPR 7/27 A.M.

Wesley Clark on N. Korea

Bring them home now

What would be the ideal healthcare plan for the Democratic nominee?

Smell Signatures Help Police

Rev. Moon son made gun (used in NYC Davis killing) - Kahr Arms

INFERIOR search tool in DU2

Are you getting any complaints about the double posting glitch?

Dupes. Would the moderators please be less restrictive?

What happened to the rest of the GD pages??

I see the "Ratings" column is gone...

Mods--I have written a review

Guarded welcome for Israeli moves to relax grip on the occupied territorie

The hudna can maybe go to hell

Does Israel target children?

The real fist in the face of the Palestinians

9/11 report advises U.S. spy chiefs to learn from Israel

Israeli army taking huge risk by lifting checkpoints: military source

The German Connection

Question for Kucinich supporters

What if no candidate has a majority of delegates after the primaries?

Kucinich: Reaching for dreams . . .

Wellstone's name invoked by Democratic presidential hopefuls

From the Dean blog re: The Bat...

Dean is Perfect

Ya gotta love the Bat.....

"I wish I could turn to the soldiers on that ship..."

Edwards steps up pace in Iowa

A different Presidential poll

Freepers question my patriotism!

BBV: Pima County, AZ Releases Investigation into Voting Flaws

The DLC, Beating and being Beaten.

Should Rape Victims' Names be Disclosed to the Public?

DUers, please answer this one question: Why did the Saudi's do it?

Jeanane Garafalo, Will Durst on TBTM Radio #3!

NASCAR Democrats?


My pastor called a little while ago

Hichens reloaded: you're all idiots

Arnold Schwarzeneggar's daddy was a NAZI

Bush, Republicans Losing Support of Retired Veterans

Why Dean is a Republican concern.

Black Box Voting, Gaining Media Traction, List of media links!

What Pisses Me Off Most About the DLC-3 (Lieberman, Edwards, Kerry).

When is Wesley Clark going to make my year

just wondering: who here HONESTLY believes

DEAN vs. KERRY on Iraq War

Once again: Do you believe that Monarchies are legitimate?

My Thoughts about the California Recall

How many recall candidates are there now?

Is Graham Finally catching on?

US prison/jail population: 2,033,331 and counting

Voting Machines Question: the code was on the net anonymously?

These same military families upset about casualties were the same ones ...

Glory Hallelujah! My wife just said the most beautiful words to me!

Just watched something sickening – Coulter on Cspan

To Destroy a Village

Dean getting supported by Republicans again!

Has the FBI investigated any DU poster?

which GOP Senator inspires the most contempt from you?

Pictures and date killed...from start to current

Airport Screenings

Important Joe Wilson program on tonight! Must Watch

I hate to say this but get over to Drudge


i just conected some info i heard years ago that snapped into place..

Here is a link to the full-page Soros Ad

For the I wasn't for the war but now we have to stay and rebuild it DUers

Hmm. Intellectual elitism here?


I hope Saddam is caught as soon as possible

Death in Florida a possible lynching?

Dems Need to Have Davis Replacement Just In Case...

My Dad is Angry

Defeat the Right in three minutes

need to find..Definatin of Republican, date and forum...thanks

Why Bush deserves his share of the 9/11 blame.

Forbidden Connections: Class, Cowardice, and War

Dave Chapell: "What ever happened to that recount in Florida?"

Did David Kay Engineer WMD Evidence for Bush I -and Now Bush 2?

CBS: Bush supporter, to Bush: "You betrayed me."

TIME WARP: Colin Powell's remarks to the UN Security Council

The Tour de France

Is it me or..

The Long Kiss Goodnight.

They are so arrogant, now they TELL us what's up their sleeves

The Bat! We are almost there.

US accuses al Jazeera of "liberal bias"....?

Top 10 DU nicknames for G.W. Bush

Uday and Qusay: The Men Who Knew Too Much - Great Analysis

Saddam Almost Apprehended?

Bush Impeachment talk on Sunday Talk Shows !!!!!!

Malloy back tomorrow!

"international terrorist" google search = GWBush

Have we been given any evidence that the brothers Hussein are really dead?

letter to my Senator, John Warner.....your comments appreciated

Even now, the WMD situaion isn't certain. ...... ????

Bush* Junta kills more civilians in hunt for Saddam

The Football

What Gray Davis needs to do is...

Meet the Press, Graham on at beginning or end?

What I think it will take for liberals to beat Bush

just where is all the Billion$ Saddam Had ? In Cheney's bank?

That S.O.B. Wolfowitz

From Counterpunch: Francis Boyle: Impeaching George Bush

Is anyone else not comfortable with Americas new designation as...

Sanity Check: Will Bush Win in 2004?


Bush advisers cashed in on Saudi gravy train

Jon Stewart on the whole sheeple issue

Will the chimp cancel his vac. at his pig ranch?

The nuclear "haves", and the nuclear "have-nots"

60 Minutes: Tenet Healthcare Corporation and Michael Moore

If Diebold has nothing to hide, let Johns Hopkins research new software

can Davis register as a candidate in the potential recall election?

Why is Bush* hiding the Saudi connection to 9-11?

Michael Moore on Sixty Minutes Tonight

Did Bob Graham elaborate his case today?

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Ebert: calls warmongers PC

Give Bob Graham a Gold Star for Meet the Press this morning!

state with the worse senatorial combo

Saddam's doubles?

Is anyone in congress looking at electronic voting?

#1 photo at yahoo!!!

Prediction: Saddam will be killed/captured within the next ten days

Fresh E-Voting Media Monitor Thread...

Need more info on the Holt Amendment. Will it solve the problem?

just a rant...

Bushs new motto...

Wellstone: He Died Trying

Anybody hear about the 1100 lbs of explosives stolen in CO and CA ?

911 Survivor: The Game

"28 little pages" and The Lost

FOX: missing 28 pages says Saudis Financed 911

Dean wins new Boston Herald N.Hampshire poll; Kerry wins headline

Looking back to 1/3/03: The DU Encyclopedia of Computer Fraud..

What do you like or love about America?

The Saudi connection to 9-11 is the key to the Junta's downfall

anyone who wants to try impeachment

Another tasteless "Wanted" poster

Deep Doubt Over (the Brothers Hussein) Photos

'News' media waking up? I don't think so!

Why'd C-span stop televising Edwards townhall meetings?

any pictures of US forces blowing up the villa that Uday & Qusay were in?

DU Singles/Friendships

A thought for the unemployed

If the news headline is "Company Defends Electronic Voting System"

What Happened To 'Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer' ???

What will we do then?

The Bard on Bush

please. no more pictures of ann coulter.

Vote and vent

Wow! A nonwhorish comment from Dick Morris

Funny Story

Like Clinton's penis. The Republicans know a weapon when they see one.

Iraqis vent anger at informer

Chambliss is a rotten rat bastard ...

I hate headlines that are complete BS

Dept. of No f***ing D'UH! [re Rice, Niger]

Can we set up own own exit polling at precints??

Isn't anyone asking about what was missing this Sunday morning?

Is it NEWS or is it a COMMERCIAL for BUSH?

If they can recall Davis, we can IMPEACH Bush!!! Time to FIGHT!

WTF! USA Today to Bush: Reveal terrorism's backers

Time to re-open discussion of operation "Vigilant Guardian"

I think you'll like this "cartoon": Who's Committing Treason?

High-Ranking Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

Well, my time here is up.

U.S. troops raid Baghdad house, many dead, no sign of Saddam

Members of Saddam's tribe denied bodies of Saddam's sons

Does Mary Matalin get a free pass because she is married to James Carville

LOSE is the opposite of WIN, LOOSE is the opposite of TIGHT,

The "Stepford" Democrats.

Can somebody give me a quick recap of the Sunday shows?

Troops keep dying -- but for what?

The Bat.

California Recall: Worried about how the votes will be counted

A study in construction in Iraq Bechtel busy refurbishing primary schools

enough evidence to invade Iraq, but not to prevent 911?

How to counter the "Democrats hate Bush" charge....

Lynch Mob Mentallity

Indians getting back California

Report from "Christian" Youth concert. Hint: Toby Keith was there.

California Recall Republicans are Nazis and Crooks - Great story

Rumsfeld Began Iraq Attack Plans on 9/11, whether Saddam or not

New Harry Potter Director blasts BUSH and Saddam

dont forget - 9-11 happened because US troops in Saudi Arabia

Explain "stand down" as it relates to 9/11

Anne Coulters new magazine....

Question on posting link to FAUX NEWS transcript....

Saving the Net - MUST READ!

Are Republican women and "High Maintenance " women one in the same?

Did Bush Give Stand-down Orders Sept 11 ?

"Never interfere with the enemy when he is destroying himself..."

Question - Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda

Wolf Blitzer just misstated Graham on impeachment....

have people become more socially conservative since 9/11?

You filthy no-good yellowcaker! (I resemble that remark)


E-Voting Gets a Few Minutes on Coast to Coast

Ski Anderson of "Ski & Skinner" streaming now.

coulter on c-span 2

Vesting Order 248. Treason by Bush family in WW2

Did y'all see Wolfowitz's face twitching on MTP when he lied?

so my main problem these days is that Clinton

A lot of the missing Saudi info is in "Forbidden Truth"

The French Strike Back!!

I'm sick of this line...

What was the man thinking?

corporate like rap P Diddy

The Soldiers of Ward 57...powerful stuff here

Do Repubs worry more about Bush than our troops?

Wanda SYKES Ripping All Things Shrub

Should CIA Agents' Names be Disclosed to the Public?

White Rice Fried

How does the media report if and when Saddam is killed or captured ?

Jobless recovery?

New military buzz-phrase

Green Republicans!

Pelosi says, "The post-Iraq War plans were a disaster or non-existent..."

CSPAN callers REAMING faux admin over Tenet resignation

C-Span Rant

Why the strange lack of "passion" among Dems on Sunday talk shows?

After "the rapture", here's how to you email your loved ones from heaven

Doonesbury slices up Faux...


these Sun. shows - will anyone

Names of the dead. Bush lied & they died.

Happy Birthday, Charlie RANGEL, 7-31

Soldiers' addresses information here...

Has Condi Rice resigned yet?

do they have net access in prisons?

Are we becoming the bullies of the world?

Wolfowitz: "The lesson of 9/11"

Is Datson being haunted by Dennehy?

what are the stupidest excuses for owning or driving an SUV that

Ugly Americans (corp) in Paris. Bush hurts US corp business

Dean's anti-war stance galvanises Democrats (Scottish newspaper)

when will Moore's washing machine sized 10 commandments monument be moved?

Nancy Pelosi was very smart on Meet the Press this morning.

What's wrong -- the picture that's worth the thousand words

Do this Dems and win the support that Bush is loosing at this very moment.

Now here's a good quote from * that we must file away for future reference

Does George Bush Jr. have a chance in 2004?

What's the story on the Presidential Records Act?

Deleted message


is Pelosi any better than Gephardt

Correct size for protest signs

Did Kristol on Fox say Saudi flight from FL on day after? Snope debunks.

Four US soldiers charged with abusing POW's - CBC

Russert is grilling Wolfowitz

Dean's comments on Uday and Qusay

Equivocation as an Art Form

Another Republican Vote is Lost

Captured - Another heart and mind

Amazing disappearing tax revenue ... where did it go?

Bob Graham And Nancy Pelosi On Meet The Press

Return to the wild, wild west - bush* style

Furious George and the missing link

Spent the day in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Global Forever War

Deleted message

Kant's reason why fundies are conservatives

jeb does not want to be president

Felons Line Up to Apply for Voting Rights (Florida)

My cousin is going to be in Baghdad until April 2004 and perhaps longer

Seymour Hersh: biting the Syrian hand that feeds us intel

I demand to know where the Hell Cheney always is!

The NY Times Ad for today is:

Does any Democrat have a chance in 2004?

I've heard claims fuel standards killed the station wagon

The Howard Dean Effect

I Have A New Term For Bush's Aircarrier

Felons line up to apply for voting rights

what Jesus would drive?

Nazi-Hunting Center Criticizes Austria

Please listen to C-Span (Imad Mustapha from Syria)!

did the old stationwagons get better mileage than today's SUVs?

NYT Bestsellers Non-fiction: Hillary #2, Coulter #6

why does this group call themselves Wallbuiders?

No blind sycophancy here

you can't drive an SUV anymore to make people think you aren't a

were stationwagons and minivans ever trendy?

Who set the 1991 Iraqi oil field fires?

Just how bad are those 27 pages for Bush? Seems like a LIHOP to me.

MSNBC must owe the Bushies big, growing more desperate to help the twit

what rural and southern Dems are pro-gun?

will there be any NRA propaganda in 2004 with Heston gone?

Everyone does realize that the Primaries can/will be stolen?

Bush's campaign manager warns popularity will drop

is this supposed to be a cross?

Full page Bush Ad...

do soccer moms believe the propaganda from Rush and others that Dems

Southern states Dems could win in 2004

Gee, this is strange. MSNBC: *'s ratings have improved over Iraq


What is this crap I hear about Hillary being pregnant?

Elect a Madman, Expect Madness!

Could we sway opinion? Could we place some doubt?

American History X

What Gray Davis's campaign strategy should be....

ITS THE SYSTEM, prone to fuckups because of Peterism

Iraq/Kuwait Pipeline?

What ever became of the story about

Rate Yahoo stories re: Black Box Voting

Bush Nominee for Navy Seceratary commits suicide

I need to know how many states are running a deficit ..

why do white Christians lean to the right?

Any opinions on World Com, the soon to be MCI (maybe)

Should sex offenders names, and address be posted on the internet?


Gen. Says Saddam Too Busy Moving to Attack

Wolfowitz says US must act even on "murky" data

NAACP Still Seeking Meeting With Bush

Early Alaska thaws curbing oil search

Newsweek: Families Ask Why-Relatives of GIs in Iraq are speaking out

Tribal Elder Seeks Saddam Sons Bodies for Burial

Hundreds protest WTO meetings in Montreal

Bush Offers Initiative to Aid Mentally Ill

America's 'murky' intelligence muddies the water for Blair

ETA bomb rocks Spanish airport

US troops charged with POW abuse (by Amnesty)

In Alaska, Father's Political Troubles Shadow Daughter's Senate Bid

Suspended MP Memoirs Stolen (Galloway)

San Francisco Chronicle (Sunday): Replacement hopefuls join recall rally

Report: MCI Facing Fraud Inquiry on Fees

Afghans Urge U.S. Action on Free-Roaming Taliban

U.S. Recovery Cold Comfort for Unemployed

Unrest in Iraq Holy City, Anti-U.S. Attacks Go On

CANF outraged by return of dozen Cubans (declare war on W* admin)

W.House criticized for censoring Sept. 11 report

Goldman Sachs to shift UK jobs to India

Russia to Clash with EU

See How They Ran, story; Kept alive, Poll; Input a question - Must read

White House Criticized for Censoring Sept. 11 Report (by a Republican!)

Dean wins new Boston Herald N.Hampshire poll; Kerry wins headline

Koizumi vows to consider timing of SDF dispatch to Iraq carefully

Liberian rebels reject U.S. calls to withdraw

Iraqi grenade kills three U.S. soldiers

Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair

Troops Accused of Killing in Mosul

CDC Unveils Data System for HIV Cases

Iraqi killed as shooting erupts at anti-US protest

Lost along the way (mental health programs cut)

Al Jazeera says U.S. forces arrest two employees

National Guard units from N.C., Arkansas alerted to possible duty

Grenade explodes in Cambodia as voters head to polls

Government allows extradition of suspects from 'Dirty War'

Senate may swing on the South, Georgia, North Carolina key states

At least 50 rebel soldiers surrender in Philippines

(Philippine) President issues ultimatum (rebel soldiers must surrender)

Villagers feared US wrath

WP: GOP's Power Play (Hardnosed tactics in Congress)

U.S. Troops Hunting Fugitives Attack Baghdad House

At 11:17EST, Lance wins 5th Tour de France.

Government to Offer Amtrak Reform Plan

U.S. Soldiers Reportedly Escape From Iraq...(real?)

Democrats will nominate Richardson to chair 2004 convention

GOP senator seeks more 9/11 info

'Super-addictive' cigarette probe

BBC says UK Pressured Broadcaster (7-27-02 11:59 am et)

Five GI's Killed in Twenty-Four Hours.

Demos move into battle mode

Foreign terrorists operating in Iraq -- US general

ABC-TV News Chicago: Durbin Calls for Increased Auto Fuel Efficiency

Burmese sue US oil company

US accuses 'biased' Arab news (Wolfowitz)

Democrats Vie to Capture Public Attention in Campaign for Presidency

Insiders Suggest That Condoleeza Rice Could Leave

US Adopts Aggressive Tactics on Iraqi Fighters

Davis fans say Issa bashes gays

CNN Breaking: A fifth US serviceman has been killed.

Troops in Iraq Undaunted, U.S. Officer Says ( Hussein "irrelevant")

Rumors of Lynching Prompt Investigation Into Black Man's Hanging Death in

Loyalty Pays Off in Bush Camp...Regardless of the Facts


Those 16 Words Threaten the Tenure of Long-Serving CIA Chief

Niger hits back over uranium claim

what's wrong with my W2K computer

I Don't Know Shit From Shinola. Ask Me Anything.....

I love being orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My version of Wolfowitz's MTP punchlines

Major Quake Likely to Strike San Francisco Bay Region In Next 30 Years

Every 1's A Winner, Baby

I belong to the great washed. Ask me anything.

I am a liberal democrat on DU for the first time today ask me anything

State mottos that they should have used...

I'm gay and I speak some spanish.. Ask "MI" anything...

Whooo- had to take a breather from the General Discussion Forum

Bandwagon: I'm a Socialist/Democrat, ask me anything!

This author sat in front of me at church today...

TO ALL YOU LOOSERS: Okay, I have had it. It's LOSE not LOOSE.


I'm a horny Democrat. Ask "ME" anything

I'm a liberal democratic socialist who almost has a thousand posts

Is it just me,,, or is this site slower than the fog off of Shite?

What is the major factor in your sexual attraction to others?


This just in, the weekend was nice

"Banzai" or "Alexei Sayle's Stuff", which would you rather watch?

Most sexist DOCTOR WHO story?

I'm a Nazi, ask me ANYTHING!!!!!

I'm a Florida Democrat. Don't ask me a damn thing!

DU Singles/Friendships

I got a crown 2 weeks ago and now it hurts like hell. what's the deal?

Why do they arrogantly call it "Disney DVD"?

I was RIGHT to say that Linda Ronstadt refered to "Silk Purses"!!!!

Isn't taking American jobs overseas unpatriotic?

I'm not an Old Navy Democrat, tell me anything...

"Don't ask don't tell" sucks and not in the good way, ask me anything!!!!

What's your favorite 'heroic' story?

Have You Ever Had A Craving For Baby Food. I Am All Of A Sudden

I just noticed something about DU-2

I hate being organic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liam Neeson or Ralph Fiennes?

DU Singles/Friendships

Lollapalooza anyone???????????

How can one enjoy being offended

Bwa-Ha-Ha New Snickers Commercial

Who lives near Philly?

Anyone else like the looks of Laura Ingraham?

As Otto said

I shaved off my pubes--good lord, my crotch must've shrunken!

What was your most irate email? F**K CIRCUIT CITY

*panting* Well.....I'm....back..... *panting*

Bill Scheft is a very funny guy...............(Extreme Warning)...........

I'm Using (SuSE) Linux! It Works!

Big Dog comes in at #18...

Good anti-Bush joke

AARRRRGGGHHHH!! A telemarker called at 7:30 this MORNING!

The Way Children Can Make You Smile

POLL:Do you believe President Bush is telling the truth

Good, inexpensive Chinese restaurant in Van Nuys?

Thats it! Prozac is not for me

Movie that defined your teen years...

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Pink Floyd - a most amazing band in all respects

I am high on paint fumes-Ask me anything

School yard politics who would be who

Paoli......a blast from the past.

my Yak Drowned in My Scorpion Bowl and BOY am I HUNGOVER!

Family lexicon

Any DUers in the Cincinnati area ever get together?

Cat lovers...Now you can play Meow-mory


Tony Blair will still be able to make a living when he's booted out

Did Oday's grill bother you as much as it did me?

Why was God never married?

I'm an asshole-ask me anything!

RBNYC's Wedding Photo

Etiquette Question

RBNYC (Rene) Needs Our Help!!!!

Building a house is not fun

The Canted Cartwheel of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Answer me a question

I'm a Navy Democrat, ask me anything

Poll: Your favourite skit comedy show

I am George Bush (humorous and eery)

Who knows Santa Fe?

Deer: Cute little Bambis ... or giant, ravenous rats with antlers

My vote for the most unfortunately-named political party:

A temporary farewell

The Drive-Thru Lobotomy of all CAPTIONS!!!

Update on my sons kidney

Richmond DU'ers

I'm A New Democrat -Ask Me Anything

i sure hope louie armstrong wins the tour de france....

Best cocktail ever in the history of humanity?

What does the "H" in Jesus H. Christ stand for?

A Moral Question (i.e. Job Opportunity)

I'm wearing my new K-Mart Thongs,,,,,ask me everything!

I'm going to bed/Ask me nothing!

Need HELP with info on Hearing Aids

I stubbed my toe (left foot) over a week ago...

Who likes Babka?

SO,,,It's all about who's got the biggest ORGAN!

I'm an Old Democrat - ask *me* anything!

Are you investing?

My rabbit peed on the carpet, does he have problems?

Midnight at the oasis

I just discovered I lost my cell phone, ask me anything!!

It Was NOT "MURKY" Intelligence!!!!!!

Wife & daughter on vacation, me at home..don't ask.

Last three movies you've watched that you've never seen before

The Philosophy of Liberty

How Many Georgia DUers Here?

I shaved-off my goatee- good lord, my chin must have shrunken!

I belong to the Great Unwashed ask me anything

I Once Dated One Of Charlie's Angels-Ask Me Anything

Do hot peppers screw up your digestive system like they do mine?

Devotee of Ogou or do you tend towards Erzuli?

Conference Chat at OOM 9:30 pacific

Hillary Takes a Shot at Dubya

When, oh when

Anybody ever done the home traffic school vids?? Need help!

I am not anybody's Granny, but you can still ask me stuff:)

THEY LIVE is on AMC now!

Okay, I'll be leaving in a few minutes.

Compare and contrast these philosophical theories

When should American television stop vying for #1 ratings spots?

Walt Bremer on Meet The Press - Betraying 'Murka!!

Mobile phone chucking to become Olympic sport?

anyone in the whole wide world awake.....besides me ?

I'm feeling fairly lonely tonight..... (ranting) :-(

How much should I drink tonight?

$#@%&* English Beatles

Butter hog

Wally and Murk

$#@%&* Japanese Beetles

What is Amherst, MA like?

Just Saw Caroline Kennedy on Def Poetry

Are we brainwashed?