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Archives: October 24, 2003

Evesdropping on the White House: preview of radio broadcast

WP: Intelligence Report for Iraq War Was 'Hastily Done'

Is he Gallup Organization for real? Jeff Koopersmith says "No!"

Liberal vs. Conservative - The Fight That Simply Must Stop

John & Elaine Mellencamp have their say ...

paste this over your neighbor's bumper sticker

JESUS CHRIST - switching parties with a vengence.

Pitching Bush revisonist movies to Hollywood

Talking points .....a must read

Syria Sees Fervent Islamic Resurgence- Neil MacFarquhar

Rare Candor - Deconstructing the Rumsfeld Memo

Why Conservatives Hate America (very funny)

Do the Crime, Do the Time: America's Drug War Farce

The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003: Republicans drum up support

Suzanne Goldenberg (Guardian Unltd): Dissent on the home front

UN Iraqathon falls flat on its face.

Is the draft coming sooner than we think ?

The one friend W can not afford to lose.

Katya Adler (BBC): Donors' summit fails to convince

Read This and Hurl

Wake Up and Piss, America!, Axis of Logic Editorial

Kerry and Edwards miss critical vote, let Repugs win

Letter from Mark Wellstone

Please Become More Selfish (Morford)

well, another letter to Shrub, Not that he'll ever see it..

WP: Inquiry Faults Intelligence on Iraq (Threat Was Overstated)

Kristof - Gay at Birth?

NYT Ed- Out of the Mainstream, Again

Kinsley : One Reason Not to Like Bush

Conquering our Fear

Bush insults Hawaiians with improper "Shaka"

Ed Garvey: As Democratic Party loses its soul, it loses its voice

BBV -HR2239 paper trail gets new sponsors - we need calls to GOP maybe's

Kucinich - the Peace Candidate - film info and flyer link

Are there any protests planned for Seattle tomorrow?

San Antonio Bush Protest Oct. 30 info!

Matt Groening mocks FOX News Channel in interview with Terry Gross

NewsMax calls to defend ronald & nancy reagan

Republicans doom us all to the fate of a new "Roman Empire"

BBC: What does the Bible actually say about being gay?

Eye/ear synchronicities

Any stamp collectors here? Got a question

QUACKWATCH: Water Enhancer ... Wellness Card .... Disk Doctor... And More

Come play with me--Be a Senator!!!

Wisconsin assembly passes defense of marriage act

University of Alabama faculty votes to prohibit antigay discrimination

Gay Games power struggle heats up in Montreal

More Women Forego Motherhood

Cannot find Second Half Recovery

California Outdoor News

Scientists find first dinosaur brain tumor

America is killing itself

Ramblings on nuclear power...

Veterans/Military Issues - Guests - Call in radio program.

Japanese voters 'ambivalent' as ever

Police seek shooter who saved teen girl

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 24, 2003

Gun owners oppose Democrats because they assume they support “gun control"

Plastic Gun Ban

I think I accidently broke the I/P forum rules

Can I see my post count without going through

Can you see who put you on ignore

Skinner, incase you missed it...:)

Is it against the rules to debate the rules?

Where did the John Malkovich thread go?

Why was this thread locked?

The Palestinian resistance

Why people can't discuss Israel without it degenerating into a flame fest

Israeli Air Raids in Gaza Stir Emotional Debate

Syria on the dock

Israel's new wall plan for the Jordan valley

Al Aqsa Martyrs...peace on their terms equals...

"By means of deception, thou shalt wage war"

Why should the Left save Arafat?

Bush Drops Opposition To Building Of Barrier

Three soldiers killed in Netzarim infiltration

Israel Maps Out Security Fence

MK's wife unhurt after bomb explodes under her car

Carnage in Gaza

Four deaths, not one answer

Oh Goddess, this Oliphant one is priceless!

Marine Corps Candidate Poll (somewhat surprising)

Just what will it take to get it through your heads that the vast majority

WSJ new GOP 04 soundbyte: Bush succeeded -changed all 3 in "axis of evil"

New Hampshire Poll: Yowsa!

How a caucus works

Anyone have access to WSJ? This item from ABC's The Note today...

Affirmative Action works

NYT Highlights consistancy of Kerry's position on Iraq

Teresa Heinz Kerry Campaigns in Michigan

Hardball tonight - Wes Clark

GA: Michelle Nunn not running for U.S. Senate

KY: GOP driver's mischief falls flat

NATO, Clark and Yugoslavia by Michael Parenti in '99. Bad, very bad.

Repug French-bashing: Could this help us carry Louisiana next year?

Dean is imploding! LOL!

Zogby Suffers from Personality Disorder

This is a funny Halloween idea

Kucinich mistakes himself for a serious candidate… makes absurd demands

I am scared of a Dean nomination

While Dean skiied in Aspen, Kerry was getting shot at in Vietnam

While Dean was Medically disqualified, Kerry was comitting war crimes..

The Bush Battle--Carville report

In tomorrow's NY Times Kerry Blasts Debate Format

Swett: Clark Knew Facts of Iraq Resolution

LA: Blanco, Jindal head for photo finish (new poll)

Zogby: Dean Leads 40-17 in NH!

Who Really Lost California Part 2

Will Dean be speaking at the march on Washington DC tomorrow?

Kucinich - the Peace Candidate - a film by Malachi Roth

Is Zogby push polling for Dean in NH?

MS: NRA endorses Musgrove

brady campaign has serious concerns... do you?

Dean gets A+ from NRA for a Reason.

Edwards fundraiser - CUTE!

Kucinich Demands Stations Stop Airing Dean Ad

At this point, I think it's gonna come down to DEAN v. EDWARDS

In Your Face, Tom Delay!! - Lloyd Doggett To Abandon Unwinnable

WTF? Clark urges his supporters to perform mutilation ceremony in his name

Army of ONE...........................

If anyone was working in a health care field and a patient was about to

Palm Beach County

On Puppetboy George and his weird fixation with fascist salutes...

From Baghdad to Manila:Another lousy analogy for the occupation of Iraq

US in Iraq: Now kidnapping Iraqi women!

Is it true that CSpan is censoring Krugman?

Matt Drudge dating Ann Coulter?

What is it with "WhistleAss"

Ladies, ladies. Are we just a bunch of selfish petulant brats?

Rescue American Jobs

has your employer tried to brainwash you to vote Repub?

Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Will he meet the Donahue fate?

What if soldiers at home, on leave, skip the country?

Are there any young DUers?

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pentagon...

Pulling CBS license?

Google considers online auction of IPO shares

Leaking, Squeaking, and Slashing Everyone in Sight....

The sun is shining on GB, what's the climate?

Gaffney and PNAC Cabal #1 attack Norquist and PNAC Cabal #2

Nightline on healthcare

Divine retribution as Jesus actor struck by lightning???

Australias hidden shame

The wheels are about to come of the Train & I am embigend by it.......

Monica Lewinsky - Votes Republican

Economic reconstruction pledges for Iraq

Bush greets vets, pupils in whirlwind O'ahu visit

I really love Michael Moore!

A lot going on in D.C.: Other observations like realpolitik's?

Some Chucklehead "Keyed" our Jeep.

Focus Group for Election 2004 - C-Span earlier tonight. Who watched?

"Let's hear those phones!"

CDC and Homeland Security: Illinois 'most prepared'

Honolulu Advertiser: Demonstrators protest against Bush

Another "Must Read"

Israel, Palestine, & the Wall: The One State solution

Eye On Iraq -- Please sign

Clark's statement on the prescription drug bill...

Panda Software: Weekly virus report

PNAC's 01-23-03 Letter to "President" Bush*

Tweety's guests Thursday

Clark -- Affirmative Action Works

Bob Faw...some jackass on C-Span now

An interesting page of Karl Rove's ugly activities.

Need ammo against the Republican mantra on the economy

For Oct 25: "Thank You, President Bush" by Paulo Coelho

Did you approve of Bill Clinton's job performance as president?

Faux to roll out "Fox News Radio" next year.

What An Observation

which candidate is the target of the most "opposition research" here?

Bush dodges another press conference - a secret government?

This is the level of insanity we've allowed to be unleashed onto the world

US Congress votes themselves another pay raise in middle of bad economy

MPAA Pays Big Money to teach schoolchildren that Sharing is Wrong

In 1/2 hour I have to awaken my son before he leaves for the Guard

Memo To Central Intelligence Agency | File Under 'Important'

Demonstrations in Hawaii

If you think Bush Supports the Troops...Read This!

Bob Wallace takes on insane Freepers who send him hatemail

Shop at Sears...seriously

Barbara Walters Exclusive: Tonite @ 10PM E Princess Diana

Is America bound to become a christian one party state ?

Coversation between a Clarkie and a wanna-be freeper.

America is Killing Itself

A heart-wrenching one from Ann Telnaes: "but you can't see this guy"

I don't love Michael Moore, and I fear the "Messiah complex"

Bush just doesn't get it.

Smoking Gun: Volusia County Memos Disclose Election 2000 Vote Fraud

Ktugman to be repeated

LBJ and McNamara cover up...

NATO, Clark and Yugoslavia by Michael Parenti in '99. Bad, very bad.

Earth put on solar storm alert

Khidhir Hamza: Bush's Bogus Iraqi Intelligence Source

Solar flare today - BFEE doing?

Spinsanity's response to Coulter column blasting Franken

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET - Happy News Day!

Wal-Mart - Ilegal Immigrants - What's Up With That?

Remembering Those Lost For Iraqi Oil... lost while in the wrong place

What will today's 'News Dump' be?

"The righteous Judeo-Christian God against the evil God of Islam"

NYT: Rumsfeld's memo leaked by Rumsfeld

Kucinich to stop doing debates, form own party, and move to Canada

Bush Administration: Fascist Efficiency or Fractured Mess of Egos?

Will Pitt Gets Mention in Mark Morford's Morning Fix

Where would Kerry supporters go if he dropped out

Mark Morford on Will Pitt

Health Care: "If it's good enough for Congress it's good enough for you"

Out-of-towners recruited for Gallegos recall bid (Humboldt county)

Fyi -- Sylvia Browne last night shared next President to be 'Democrat'

Rumsfeld and the "Leak"

hide your draft age kids


Should these moranic parents have their children taken from them?

When Clinton tried to pass National Health Care numerous Dems voted

Clinton brokers AIDS drugs deal for poor

Medicare Changes Proposed by the Republicans?

GWB* Naked! (sorta)

Here is a pretty good tip off of why we can't do any good in Iraq

AOL Poll - Which 1st Lady do you admire the Most

How many electoral votes is Vermont worth?

Atomic Veterans revisited through depleted uranium exposure

Bush campaign has $70, 441,444 on hand -- send it to Iraq?

Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy vs. Project New American Century

Will New Hampshire be in play in '04?

Libertarians, War on Drugs and Rush...we have allies!

Advice for the New Poor, Part V

John Dean: Bush meets his own Ken Starr - David Corn.

More bad "focus group" news

76% of people in our area opposed Jeb's interference in Schiavo case.

Thieves-R-Us. Bush administration IS war profiteers, All the time

Pataki on CNN right now. I'm gonna puke!

The importance of sticking up for farmers

Holy invasion of privacy, Batman!!!

With All The Angry Accusations and Criticism Between The Dem Candidates...

Should DUers join the local draft board?

Who the F is this dork Curtis Ellis?

Heard it through the grape vine.

Just read the Rumsfeld memo for the first time

How Bad Was it in Iraq today?

Ah the liberal crazy liberals you....

editorial letter from a disgruntled republican

Anybody live close to the big fire raging in S. Califonia right now?

meanwhile in CA- new (R)Gov finds out He's not up to job

Take a minute to donate a mammogram

Help Randi Rhodes get syndicated!

BBV: MPR Future Tense discusses Diebold and lawsuits

Deleted message

There is a freeper in our midst...

Contact Kucinich to reconsider "Hardball".

Finally! Good News From Iraq!

About those Iraq donations of so much $$$, here's a closer look

Website for donating school supplies to Iraq

Barbata Bush's "Pearls" (wisdom) from King Interview

Proof of God's existance

Oh, no! Bob Somerby Considering Ditching The Daily Howler!

"By means of deception, thou shalt wage war"

What is going on with redistricting in Colorado and Texas?

Eric Cantor was on Buchanan and Press last night threatening CBS

Lieberman's Defense Secretary: John McCain???? HUH???

Sign petition to pass Wellstone Mental Health Equitable Treatment Act

Should DU have a one day a week moratorium on "Deleted Messages"?

Correct me if I am wrong... the Republicans have declared war on the CIA

Va. Man, Daughter Get Prison for Slavery Tax Claim

The end of the Oil Age

Who is Fareed Zakaria?

What is the "Tiger force" Cover up?

Are there any anti-war Republicans?

Attention all Washington State DU'ers

The press is severely accuracy challenged re: Lynch

A very senior officer hopes that Clark will be the next president...

This morning's public hearing on CIA leaks repeating now on CSpan

"Religious Conservatives: Schiavo Win Opens Doors".....Look out.

Bush family friend, Farrish, indicted for TREASON

White House is full of crooks & war profiteers. What are we going to do?

Any liberal-leaning radio shows in the Washington DC area?

Should we throw in the towel if Bush selects Condi as a VP?

Newbie Wondering about DU History

Le Monde has some bold cartoons - like this one...

When Social Services Gets Out of Hand

Memo to the CIA (Updated)

This Man Says Dean Will Lead the Democrats to Disaster

president of Florida Holocaust Museum links Bush wealth to Nazis

Lieberman Would Tap McCain if Elected

C-SPAN Washington Journal Weekend Schedule :

What effect do you think a Gore endorsement will have on Dem primary?

Resource thread: White House cooked the books on Iraq intelligence

Clark On Hard Ball Now

How do you react to the term "Liberal Media"?

Just Called My CBS Affiliate About the Upcoming Reagan Movie

Least despicable right-wing pundit?

I think everyone knows about the feud between Dean and Kucinich,

Republicans planning protest at Michigan Debate next Friday

I TOLD you so...

Comedy Central videos for those cable-challenged people like me.

Question: reliable resources for studying U.S. and world history

$67 Bn?

Hardball - 7pm ET - MSNBC

Gorka's new album Old Futures Gone

John Edwards will be on This Week this Sunday

Important story coming up on Olbermann's show. A guy who lives on

Is Arnie Arnesen another liberal talk show host?

Jon Stewart Interview with Bill Moyers NOW (PBS)

'I apologize' for voting for Bush

The attack of the (talking points), your predictions & hope's for 04

Jon Stewart on cover of Entertainment Weekly

CSPAN replaying Democratic hearing on the CIA leak...on now!!!

Dean on the Anniversary of the Death of Paul and Sheila Wellstone.

Gee, Limbaugh's rehab must really be working well

Advice for the New Poor, Part VI

Ambassador Joe Wilson on Mike Malloy's talkshow

So, the CIA is all set to take the blame for Bush admin hype and lies?

Clark: "I would have voted against the war resolution."

CSPAN 8pET Democratic policy committe meeting replay...

Political Matchup: President Dean vs House Majority Leader Delay

Anyone from Illinois? I have a question about Obama.

CBS Reagan Movie - This was Posted on the Free Republic

MoPaul's - Bush Wanted Poster. Fight Terrorism, turn in your Neighbor

Three more soldiers die in Iraq. Where is the anger?

Who does this White House oil stooge think he is , Napoleon ?

Kobe Cheered by thousands - meanwhile victim continues to get slammed

Confessions Of A Bush Hater

FBI's actions ".despicable," he said. "It's certainly undemocratic."

John Malkovich wants George Galloway dead!

This White House should be arrested.

Joseph C. Hough on NOW with Bill Moyers

For those who think Democrats should abandon rural America

What is your opinion of the New York Time's William Safire?

"George Bush, whore press & lying GOP can kiss my ass"

Things ARE bad-- theologian sees coming need for civil disobedience

S.F. Peninsula DUers: Al Franken in Menlo Park tonight

Jury found FBI & police lied/ framed activists. $4.4M Award in 2002

Paul Wellstone Special on radio today, streaming 6 pm Central

When a pundit on tv says why are the liberals saying................

What's-his-name Diddy says Dems need to "get back to the streets"

Dems hearing on CIA Leaks repeating now on C-span


BBV: Letter to go with books pledged to congress

Why did Soldier who planted explosive at power plant get probation?

DC Protest: Disguise Myself ? (I think NOT)

holy cow!! fox just did BBV!!

Drudge: Top Dem Candidates Say Televised Debates Are 'Waste Of Time'

BBV - Help Needed In Kentucky

WHOA! just saw a Sierra Club ad on CNN....

Huh? A thread is locked for "excessive punctuation"?

Is Pelosi nuts? (aka wanna make Bush look better?)

SFChron: FBI's Campaign to Disrupt Free Speech

It's been two years. Why no news in the anthrax murders?

"War Morale" Posters

Is for real?

"Finally the FBI Tells the truth" * humorous

Technical IT Help needed for Progressive Org.

Fascinating Discussion About C-SPAN Focus Group of Likely Voters

US troops smash head of 100-yr old Afghan village elder w rifle butt

Kucinich tells Hardball to get lost...

Mn. public radio breaking my heart right now...(Wellstone retrospective)

John Mellencamp blasts Bush in open letter

TV Alert: Clark on Hardball. 11:00pm Eastern MSRNC

Pentagon planned for terrorist plane crash. UK reports. US News does not.

Isn't it postively AMAZING, that repubes can recognize propaganda

Wellstone's Son tries to change Dem. Party: also critical of MuAuliffe

BBV: Florida Election Supervisors Take a Stand on DREs

Today's CNN interview with Repub CIA agents

Neuromarketing - creepy

Grover Norquist is 'Field Marshal' of the Bush Plan after liberal groups

That weasel Coleman still thinks God put him in office

Which Statement by GW Bush Will Haunt Him the Most in 2004?

Here Comes Another Load of BS. CIA Exaggerated Saddam Threat

The Reagan Movie Flap. Another Example of Rewriting History.

Remember the Inauguration Day Eggs ? hit smirk's coup limo

just watched o'really factor.

Top Ten List of Conservative Idiots...!

Today is the one year anniversary of Wellstone's death

C-SPAN to cover anti-war rally LIVE -- Saturday 11am ET

Selective Service (draft) registration; would you refuse to do so?

University of Baghdad Professor: Iraqi Resistance Not "Saddam Loyalists"

Seeing Nightline Now

a MoPaul Masterpiece! (put on a happy face)

Rolling Stone Interview With Dennis Kucinich

Howard Dean to get California teachers union endorsement?

Hardball: Clark coming up

The BIG Election! Who would you vote for.

My email to Chris Matthews re: the unfair Kerry interview

Freepers say 1,000 people will show up to their "Pro-America" rally.

Transcript from Olbermann's show is up. Takes it to the White House.

Advice for the New Poor, Part VII

Clinton recommends campaigning to the left to satisfy the base

Honesty Thread: What's Good, What's Bad about YOUR Candidate?

Pilots ok'd for guns since JFK, but Bush cancelled July 2001

Assault on American liberals: America is 40% conservative

For those confused as to why WalMart is a bad "standard" read this.

ABC Nightline for Friday -- E.R.'s, healthcare of last resort?

If Dean or Clark win the nomination

Last DC protest thread! Tomorrow's the big day! Last chance!

Michael Reagan...

Can someone help me with the health insurance thing?

What is it about Anglo-Saxon countries?

IMPORTANT! Rate This Yahoo! Story Off the Charts!

Clinton seals deal for cheaper Aids drugs

anti-terrorism record of Clinton compared to Bush's do-nothing

BBV-Congress Appropriating Money for Voting Machines- Contact Official Now

Is the fence around the Washington Monument a ploy? Tomorrow's rally.

Yo George: Here's how a real president does diplomacy (slow dialup)

Proposals? What to do for Dec. 12, 2003 = Three Years After Selection...

Why we're urging that people support Dennis or Al.

Arnold will NOT move to Sacramento

Joe Scarborough Whinefest for Tonight

Another suspicious article

BBV: A Brief History of Computerized Election Fraud (truthout exclusive)

Murdoch and Blair vs, the BBC to "Foxify" British media

JUST IN: Zogby Poll --> DEAN 40% in NH!

Rummy "laid a turd on the doorstep of happy talk" (Best. Quote. Ever.)

BBV - Faux News Channel - Tony Snow

Bush's Bad Intelligence - Stovepipe by Seymour Hersh

215 Names and counting

Kerry accuses Dean of "duplicity" on Iraq

We believe George W. Bush is a merciful gift from the Lord to an undeservi

WI Assembly passes anti-gay marriage bill & Michael Moore

Do you think the issue of Gay Marriage should be downplayed?

Possible aftermath of passing Prop. 12 in Texas?

The good news is we were right.about global warming The bad news is

Christian Right come to the support of Gen Boykin

Ugly accusation against Kucinich in 1978 Cleveland Magazine article

Thoughts on Paul Wellstone: one year later

Democratic Policy Committee - Investigating CIA Leak - CSpan NOW 10:36 AM

Kerry's Dark Side.... Very interesting...

Republican friend back from Afghanistan, his wife is in Baghdad

Will Dean Keep Fighting the War..... on Drugs?

Teachers could be paid 100000 dollars

Do the Saudis unofficially hate us?

Is Zogby push polling for Dean in NH?

am i crazy to be getting upset???

Okay, whats the deal?Is the CBS Reagan Movie good or bad?

Take the Rush poll

Advice for the New Poor, Part IV

Advice for the New Poor, Part II

Advice for the New Poor, Part III

Advice for the New Poor, Part VIII

Kucinich to petition FCC over station's airing of misleading Dean ads...

We'll have a flat tax if Bush is re-elected

My deepest thank you to DU angels: You saved my son

Some advice for the newly outsourced, downsized, and generally unemployed

Oregon DUers -- I need your help!

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Downward Mobility (the war on wages), more

So why are you trying to destroy Venezuela Bush!?

Can't Improve Upon GOP Research Of Kerry

Buchanan and Press last night or night before....

Why do so many consider Kucinich unelectable?

The Unhappy History of Kossovo

Peace Corps Director to Leave Post

Smith Barney fires four brokers for market-timing

Access to 9-11 Suspect's Statements Nixed

Barring changes, Dems 'unable to support' prescription drug bill

SEC: Mutual Fund Execs Trade Own Funds

Afghan Government Weighing Talks With Former Top Taliban Official

EarthRights International examines EO 13303 For Possible Illegality

Google considers online auction of IPO shares

Auction house Christie's hid Nazi past of painting

China work accidents leave thousands dead

UK backs PFI military satellite

Blood Parasite Dogs Iraq GIs

Democrats Assail Medicare Proposals

US's homeless become new small-town pioneers

IRA 'sorry' for Disappeared

A voice from the front

HOUSE WATCH-10/24/2003 (#1-10:00 AM) [Pro Forma Session]

SENATE WATCH-10/24/2003 (#1-9:30 AM)

US charges N Korean 'agent'

Intelligence Report for Iraq War Was 'Hastily Done' (WP)

NYT: Rumsfeld Draws Republicans' Ire

Gorbachev copyrights his own name

Bush 's Press Aide, Rove Questioned in Leaks Probe

Clark's statement on the Medicare bill

Afghan beauty queen makes history

Metro eyes on Congress (funding being cut to Clinton's COPS program)

Clinton brokers landmark Aids deal

Chiang Kai-Shek dead at 105

U.S. Arrests Hundreds of Workers at Wal-Mart Stores (illegal aliens)

Virginia's governor fares well in poll

Bush's Press Aide, Rove Questioned in Leaks Probe

Charity says $4bn 'missing' in Iraq

Iraq Donors come Through for Bush

U.S. Isolated on Iran Nuke Program-Diplomats

Bush snubbed Aussie war widow.

DFW Star-Telegram: Report to blast CIA on Iraq intelligence

One U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Attack (Mosul)

AP Radio News: Mortar Attack on US Base No. Iraq 2 Dead More Injured

Turkish PM says Iraq deployment plan is on hold

Mistrust of U.S. Could Keep Iraq Pledges Low

CIA Rebuffs Criticism of Prewar Reports

(11 Dead) Cadmium Levels Puzzle Pa. Investigators

Muslim leader with D.C. ties indicted (Norquist/Rove connection)

Arctic ice cap melting at worrying rate: NASA

Anti-American protestors hurl rocks at Iraqi police in Fallujah

Deficits Loom Again for States in Fiscal 2005

Hundreds in Waikiki protest administration policies

Home found for 'sheep of shame'

Onassis heiress gives Brazilian boyfriend a cow

Paris: Diana crash photographers on trial

'Gay'-behavior author joins Farah today

Solar storm erupts

Mistrial Declared in Quattrone Case

WTAE PIttsburgh: Mayoral Recall Case

House Leaders Are Pushing to Cut Corporate Taxes

Donations to Rebuild Iraq May Fall Short of U.S. Target

Ex-communist nations offer what they can to needy Iraqis

Stalker sues Britney Spears for distress

Lieberman backs Jeb Bush on comatose woman

Church draws up secret plans for Anglican 'Pope'

Ex-agents: CIA leak a serious betrayal

AP: al-Qaida Planned to Attack Embassy

Ex-CIA officers seek Senate leak probe

Annan in No Hurry to send UN Staff Back to Iraq

Donors offer Iraq tea, rice, pilgrims

Former fighters parade to launch disarmament program in Afghanistan

Pakistan says attack threat up since joining U.S.

One Iraqi killed, six wounded in Baghdad market shelling as Wolfowitz tour

Senate approves additional $1 billion to overhaul election system

NYT writer 'should be stripped of Pulitzer'

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Mortar Attack in Iraq


Teacher gets minimum sentence for stealing from quadriplegic kid

WP: Protesters Try to Revive Antiwar Effort (about DC March tomorrow)

Bush Drops Opposition To Building Of Barrier

Orgasmatron Puts Tech in Sex

This morning's public hearing on CIA leaks repeating now on CSpan

Concorde Takes Flight for Final Time

GOP to put challengers in black voting precincts

Rumsfeld draws Republican ire

Britain Warns of Possible Saudi Attacks (Guardian)

Iraq Violence Claims 3 More Troops' Lives

Rumsfeld Suggests New Agency for 'War of Ideas'

NTSB schedules final report on Wellstone crash

Ambushed US vehicle crushes Iraqis in cruel fluke


Navy Wives Launch Boat Tour for Charity (Navy Welfare Fund)

Taliban Resurgence Undermining UN Afghan Aid Work

Republican Talks on Energy Bill at Impasse, Domenici Says

Sources: Wal - Mart Knew of Illegal Workers (Execs on Tape)

Rumsfeld Denies Shift in Iraq View

Diyas brighten White House (Rove Alert)

Bush Raises (Campaign) Funds in Hawaii on Way Home

A Tale Of Two Soldiers (Black POW Given Less Benefits Than Jessica Lynch)

Handicapped Woman Struck, Killed By Ft. Stewart Solider

Arar says he's being smeared by leaks

Scalia Ridicules Court's Gay Sex Ruling

N. Orleans school funds missing

GE boss sees substantial China role for company

Anti-War Protesters Gathering on Coasts

Japanese ambassador fired after voicing dissent over US-led war on Iraq

Carlyle man Major: "Spin is the pornography of politics"

Schiavo's husband says he'll fight back

PFAW response to false RNC charges --- Janice Brown cartoon

Massive Strike Leads Italy Into Temporary Paralysis

Harassment class for new governor? (Gropinator)

A Visitor from China Eclipses Bush*s Stop in Australia

US Senator (Rockefeller) Says Senate Inquiry on Iraq Ignoring White House

Largest gang headquarters in Japan raided

Authorities baffled by teen’s death

Bishop welcomes honesty on gays

Repukes plan to make Gay Marriage central to next year's campaign

Dems: Prewar Probe Ignores Misuse Queries

Senators Decry Care of Troops Returning from Iraq

Bug Didn't Incriminate Mayor

UK Protesters Aim to Humiliate Bush Like Saddam

Cuba Welcomes U.S. Senate Vote on Travel

Protesters to Bush: How dare you?

‘Non-Hostile’ Fire - Iraq: Rise in Rate of G.I. Suicides

Virginia Attorney General Attacked For Supporting Gay Workers

Pledges to Rebuild Iraq Total $33 Billion (That includes our $20 Billion)

U.S. Senate intelligence leaders at odds on Iraq

Iraqi resistance peaks as Wolfowitz arrives

France reiterates will not send troops to Iraq

Questions about Schwarzenegger's treatment of women persist

Dollar Slides, Hurt by Weak U.S. Stocks

Rumsfeld's 'Slog' Already Seen in Iraq

Lieberman Would Name McCain Defense Secretary

Kucinich Declines 'Hardball' Interview

Schwarzenegger Finds State of Budget 'Disastrous'

Ex-POW's Family Accuses Army of Double Standard on Benefit

Iraqi Family Crushed by US Tank

Clashes Led to Probe of Cleric - Guantanamo Bay

Cuba Vote Shows Bush's Waning Authority

Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Dies in NYC at 105

Become a Selective Service System Local Board Member

Smurfette II

Unofficial Not-a-Poll

Okay, I know you've been going through this thing lately

Smurfette III : This time, it's personal!

Great Arnold political cartoon

WTF? Clark urges his supporters to perform mutilation ceremony in his name

Why can't I find a song about clubs, thugs, hot tubs, and rollin' dubs?

Eddie Izzard on Charlie Rose tonight &

Never hire a maid named Chester

Video Catnip, Day 3

Was that you that waved as I was driving by?

What is the most colorful thing you ever saw?

I need to tap the DU braintrust for college help

A song about my love life

I know a man named Elvester.

something disturbing found in iraq


Are there any young DUers?

I'm going out on the deck now to watch for Northern Lights

Great article on Salon

Divine retribution as Jesus actor struck by lightning???

Regrettable tattoos...

Monica Lewinsky - Votes Republican

Why is the Democratic Party dubbed "the left"?

Skeet shooting game (don't flame KNOW I love cats)

Kapt'n K declares war

Real Protection Against Spam

Found Barbara Bush's Debutante picture

Donate 100 bucks-Get a free background check from John Ashcroft

Hey, I am here in Hawaii

Protests against Chimpy in Hawaii, too.

Is Ann Coulter really a man?

OMG, Jerry Lewis has put on 200 pounds!

Miscast tv shows.. (Sopranos...starring ...Don Knotts??)

Hah! I am back....

I got my flu shot!

STOP SPAM, "I Saw You In Church and admired your snake!"

The Chomskybot

a toy SUV

Oh Man!!! I was going into this room to look for something, but

One of my colleagues was Wesley Clark's chauffeur!

Do You Know the Way to San José ??...(by)

UCLA vs Arizona State The Official Thread

Jesus actor struck by lightning ... TWICE!

You are here

Basketball Team Loses In Rare 61-0 Shutout

Get Your "Shock And Awe" Condoms Right Here

The Virgin Mary tree stump

Football Trivia

Madame Chiang Kai-shek dies at 106

Senator Feingold impressed me

Junior to relocate to this UK address in 2004?

WillPitt mentioned in today's Morning Fix

Touchy name for a Canadian car

Hello, anybody awake in the Grotto this morning?

Has anyone ever been inspired to purchase something based on a popup ad?

Please join me for prayers (or sending good karma) for a role model

Space Storms! How cool is all this?

Instead Of Saying "Do You Want A Bigger Package" What They Mean Is

Solar flare today - BFEE doing?

Man Draws Pension Of Dead Mother Hidden In Bathtub

Bartman Cost The Cubs... NOT!!!

Unintended Consequences, black cherries and a bird

Looks like Rush isin't full of sh*t after all...

Are a realist or an idealist?

Please recommend a Miami hotel...

Show and tell:

South Of Heaven

Is the Senate trying to blame the CIA for the intelligence lapses?

Doonesbury: Gropenfuhrer is on a roll!

Earth put on solar storm alert

Are you a pessimist or an optimist?

Are you as dumb as Jessica Simpson? (link)

New York Hotels?

Worst Movie Ever: Gigli or Manos, The Hands of Fate?

Truly Idiotic Criminals

CAPTIONING is fundamental

Help needed with plastic/glue work...

FOR ALL DUers! A balm for the Warrior's soul...



anybody tried new Lay's Stax?

Idiot freeper coworkers believe fellatio reduces breast cancer risk

Another unpaid day off

In the remote possibility of a draft, I will serve

CAPTION W trying to figure out how he can land on the USS Arizona

Anyone know how to read a .td1 file?

Any California Backpackers out there????

I saw a sunspot with the naked eye this morning!

TV help?

Anybody here use Chitosan?

Ethical dilamma:They double deposited my paycheck

!!!!!!Tomorrow in Toronto-the Rock,Paper, Scissors WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

What will the result of the World Series Be?

Next Freeper who refers to "Massachusetts leftists"

JFK Photos published despite loss of negatives in Twin Towers attack

"Hang loose" with some CAPTIONS

Walking the tightrope of CAPTIONS

If You Could Choose The Sex Of Your First Child

3-2 Yankee fans...Ya nervous !

Has anybody seen GOPisEvil???????

Have You Tried f** Yet?

Does anyone us SBC (southwesternbell) as their

Yankee fans. Your last two (possible) games are at home

Hosting my first dinner party ... any suggestions?

someone on your Xmas list hard to shop for?

Trivia Question

Cat Bowling

Kitty Cat. Puppy Dog. Doll Baby. Tuna Fish

How fast can you spank the monkey?

Whats long and green and smells like

That is it, DAMMIT, I am buying an axe

How Many Hours A Night Do You Sleep?

Bell Witch may return after all

Are the solar storms causing computers to run slower?

CAPTION him actually morphing into a shrub

Anyone read 'fear and loathing in Las vegas' by HS Thompson

What Movie to See Tonight?

Okay, Who Farted?

Pat Riley resigns as Miami Heat coach

What's Old & Wrinkled and Smells Like Ginger?

Am I getting fat?

British Couple Moves Due To Street Name - Butt Hole Road

No. My First Name Ain't "Baby", It's Janet! 'Miss Jackson' If You're Nasty

Bronco's 12th String QB Has Mad Yak Disease

Courtney Love is a pile of human garbage

Hey, White Stripes Fans!

Vikings' quarterback found playing darts in Irish pub.

Bronco's 17th string QB has Munchausen's by Proxy Disease

Bronco's 6th String QB Bought a Used Car From John Elway

Broncos fourth string QB has a cold

I forgot to take my anti-silly medication today so I've been posting

When is the last time you said "have a good day"

Alabama's first string quarterback has a separated shoulder (for real)

LBN worthy but I'll put it here-----Solar Storm Barrels Toward Earth

new OxyRush and Hannity advertisers 10/24

"Shake Your Groove Thing!"

I have to say.....

I just got interviewed by the AP! (OR: My "oh crap" moment)

Taranaki man ready for the apocalypse

What's the best way to advertise a web site online?

Ich bin ein Berliner - "I am a jelly doughnut"

hey, I've been a long-time lurker, and this is my first topic post!

Worst films seen lately?

Bronco's ninth string QB has existential dread.

Do I hold the record for being fired the fastest?

Any liberal-leaning radio shows in the Washington DC area?

Broncos third string QB has the flu

Do people not care????

This goes out to all of those on their way to the march in D.C.

Newbie Wondering about DU History

A guy just grabbed me on the street, scary, never happened to me before


Who is your favorite "Simpsons" character

Okay. What other than these things do we care about?

Beatles "Get Back/Let it Be Naked" vs Beach Boys "Smile"

First Review of Beatles' LET IT BE...NAKED

Question for PC know-it-all's...

Off to Camp David again!

Tomato cheese pie?

Healthy or unhealthy, what are you addicted to?

The "Why I Hate Republicans" Reader

I go for my mammogram today...

Somebody quick - Manipulate Me With SEX!

Do you carry a pocketknife?

DU Men, have you been manipulated with sex? Hope awaits!

The George Bush facial expression chart

Its National Rain Forest Awareness Week!!

Nationally Broadcast High School Football Tonight Anyone?


Why is Magic Rat obsessed with women, dating and sex???

Some Definitions to Aid Our New DUers

Well that was fun.

Proof of God's existance

One other helpful conceptual bath to help out some DUers experience with Microsoft India


anyone else score any of the new john kerry twenty dollar bills?

I'm Going To Have a Quickie Now While Listening To Heavy Metal

Catwoman proposed to me, then stood me up at the altar.

What was the origin of "...ask me anything"?

What Modern Metal Bands Are You Listening To?

My Summer and Kill Bill (potential SPOILERS-nothing major)

Marketing directors on DU

"God Bless America! And NO place else"

Search engines for shopping.

Role Model

Stop the Vatican's Lies - protest on Oct 29th, NYC (ACT UP)

The absolute BEST "Heavy Metal!"


Abstinence sounds like a good idea right about now...

Heavy Metal

Your favorite heavy metal tune

I'm driving home from work,worried about the bills,

Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy vs. Project New American Century

What HEAVY METAL band should I listen to now?

Long Hard Slog

What's your dream band line-up?


I'm eating French Cheese, ASK ME ANYTHING!

Does anybody have any experiences with the drug Celexa?

Hotdogs, anyone??

What's with the battle of the sexes on DU so much lately?

We're Here! We're Not Queer! (But We're Close!) Get Used To It!

A view of the sunset

R~E~S~P~E~C~T....find out what it means to ME...

If you get CBC, tomorrow there is a documentary that should be good

Yo, Fellow Lizards.. . Whatzup?

Oh no..... cat scan


Shaq is in great shape--from preseason broadcast on ESPN now

Go ahead, lie. How many of you have ever been teased sexually by a quiche?

OK This is totally bizarre

Read this GDF thread to actually LIFT your spirits!

Have you ever been robbed?

Stupid stuff you only hear of in stories

What are some good marijuana alternatives?

Get thee to the British Library (with apologies to Shakespeare)

Do Women Ever Crave A "Quickie"

A early 70's Pro Football question. Re: The halftime show

Star Wars Nerds video MUST SEE!

Jesus actor struck by lightning - twice

Would You Date Someone Shorter (or Taller) Than Yourself?

Laugh All You Want... I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It. --- E.R. Grosses Me Out

This is my Homework! My mouth is killing me!!!

Do men tease with sex?

Orgasmatron Puts Tech in Sex

DU Parents Poll: To Spank or Not To Spank? - That is the Question

Attention DU Golfers

ARGGGH....I hate trying to find an apartment in NYC, such a headache

Interesting show on Scifi channel, 2 hours documentary.

What are some over the counter drugs that can make you high?

“Elliot, just what was it you intend to do after government service?”

How many separate rooms do you have in your current residence?

Does anyone feel bitterness towards the opposite sex?

Humane Society Update and a Business Question - REPOST

Will Pitt, are you out there. Please weigh in on the Reagan movie

Northern Lights tonight!! (And I am going to miss it -rain in Chicago!)

has anyone in the NE U.S. seen an aurora yet tonight?

DU's Favorite Song

Three weeks and the pain is still exquisite. Broken big toe.

This coming Monday - My most depressing birthday... EVER!!!

Metal Heads check in here.....

"Teen Challenge"?

Republcans Up in Arms Over Unflattering Portrail of Hitler

"I do not think about things that…I do not think about!"

friend of the guy who jumped Niagara Falls is pissed off

For my 8000th DU post...

Does anyone read Parabola?

If one has a bad back what may they and what may they not do?

Is David Gest gay?

I quit smoking two years ago today

I need help New Mexico DUers! I'm planning a trip to your fine, fine

more website help--what do you see?

I have a 25 lb tortoise walking through my living room. Ask me anything...

Be Honest. How Many Here Ever Took LSD?

MY God is bigger and better than YOUR God

Guilty Pleasure: What's your FAVORITE War Movie?

If you were Superman would you fight for "the American way"?

Is the Government hiding ET evidence?

"Finding Nemo" - I found him

Hiphop is the new folk. Discuss.

I need some new terms to refer to pResident *. Help me out.

My heart was broken today

Any RYAN Adams fans out there ?

I'm 10 miles from a SoCal wildfire;ask me anything

10 Moives you can watch over and over again...

Do You Think That There Are Gay Male Professional Athletes?

I declare a Friday Night Flame War!

Help I'm in Arizona.. so what should I see here?

Losing my cat of 17 years tomorrow

Come play with me--be a Senator!!!

Kitten moral dilemma

Should I become exclusively a lounge lizard