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Archives: October 17, 2003

Clark Tanks Rolled Into Mount Carmel

Keeping dissent invisible

Bush's order to stop leaks is leaked!

Dennis Kucinich: He's a vegan - not a menace

My letter to editor published

Weapons of Mass Seduction

Dr. Steinberg, Medicine Woman

Who Can Win in 2004? Just Use This Freshness Test by Jonathan Rauch

More spin on Iraq

Krugman: The Sweet Spot

Daniel Maguire-A Papacy's 25 Years of Unfulfilled Potential

LA Times - Students, Nuns and Sailor-Mongers, Beware

Turmoil in Bolivia

Telegraph (UK) : God put Bush in charge

Excellent Buzzflash interview with Bob Beckel

'Morale slides' for US troops

Thanks for the Hate Mailbag . . . Nothing like a bracing tonic of

Global Eye -- Circus Maximus

Geyer; Poppy's award to Ted Kennedy a slap at Junior?

Kinsley: Bush's Filtered News

Abrams and Novak and Rove? Oh My! -Alterman

Dean’s party: Howard is more than just hype

Ted Kennedy's Senate "Lie after lie" Remarks (and mine)

The New York Times’s “liberal” argument for colonial occupation

The National Bank Regulator's War on Consumers - by Ralph Nader

U.S. Supplies Nuclear Submarine Missles to Israel

A conservative's review of Al Franken's 'Lies and the Lying Liars'

The Pope's plainsong of self-righteousness

Stan Goff: Piss on my leg

Jim Rarey: The Murder of David Kelly

Portland Band on National Tour to Promote Awareness

What You Can Do To Speed (Pun Intended) Rush's Retirement

General Boykin

(links) rides to DC/SF for October 25 "Bring our troops home NOW!"

how2 print your own lawn signs: anyone know?

Wilson on RAY TAL NOW

Excellent article by Thom Hartmann

Heroes - ignore the real, make some up:

NY Post--Sorry You Lost, Yankee Fans?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - No child left behind, addict treatment, more

No More Conservatives?

The Right Has A Stronghold In The Wrong Place

Doubt over Mother Teresa's miracle

Life-size effigies mark fifth anniversary of Shepard's death

Gay couples counter Marriage Protection Week by counseling straights

Anglican leaders end meeting with stern warning

U. of Missouri offers pro-gay protections

More Jobs Lost!

investing abroad

What about the chips?

Internet speed record set by EU-U.S. labs

FirstEnergy customers lose chance to save billions in electricity costs

South American glaciers' big melt

National Service ?

DPP condemns conduct of Hualien council speaker - Taiwan

AIT (US embassy) urges Taiwan to beef up the armed forces

Chaos as police kick out Hillbrow squatters - SA

War-torn families piece together their lives - Africa

Union threatens to force down petrol prices - Nigeria

Ivory Coast bans protests after youth riot

Child labourers rescued from Nigerian quarries

Peace process 'under stress' - Horn of Africa

'Witches' face lynch mob wrath

No used undies for Tanzania

'Racist' Gandhi honoured by Johannesburg

Malaysia defends Jewish remarks

Zimbabwe media controller laughed at - in court

Guns in the News Oct 17th

Hollywood and guns

OK, who agrees with the following?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 17, 2003

PRESS RELEASE - "National Poll Redefines the Gun Issue"

The Second Amendment is now meaningless....

Dean, the NRA on guns

Fake Pizza Delivery Men Kill Man In Home Invasion

Drug legalisation

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DAMMIT, unlock the "hate mailbag rocks" thread...

Palestinians Find Their Voice Online

Sharon: Expelling Arafat not 'good for Israel'

Sharon: Expelling Arafat not 'good for Israel'

Lieberman, Arab Americans Spar Over Israel

Malaysia apologises for Mahathir's 'Jews rule world' remark

Poll: 75% of Palestinians support Haifa restaurant attack

Local man seeks help to buy ambulances for Israel

Purpose of the Settlements

PA official arrested for smuggling weapons comissioned by PA

Sharon buries a stillborn peace plan

The Pentagon Thread: Part 5.1

Dean Interview on Capitol Report Regarding His Economic Plan

Nixon wanted people to protest him and Graham in 72 race

Blind Rage At Bush On The Hill

Dean, the NRA on guns

Dean on Bush

internet campaign thingos...icons, banners, backgrounds, screensavers.

Dems aren't defining themselves on domestic issues

TNR article on possible GOP tinkering w/Dem Primary

Democrats Unified Against Bush, Split on Issues (Strong Dean lead in NH)

Are the Dems making the same mistake Edison did?

The latest poll numbers out of Pennsylvania

Democrat Blanco leads in new Louisiana poll

To all the passionate supporters of any candidate out there

Hardball re-airing hour long segment with John Edwards tonight

The $686 Billion Difference

The General and the Governor - Two Measures of American Desperation

5 way statistical tie in new Fox Poll. Clark loses 7%.

Dean, Kucinich Democratize Fundraising

for Dean fans & bloggers – MSNBC article about Zephyr Teachout

Dennis will be in Venice, CA tomorrow showing his support for strikers

Dean Campaign - a Battle Over Dem Party and Its Clinton-Era Legacy

Lieberman attacks Clark to bored condo owners

Ted Danson has given $2000 to Clark and to Edards

Voters Describe Ideal Nominee

Indymedia, Washington Post: Deanies Sending Duplicate Posts and emails...

Ashton Kutcher is hosting an Edwards fundraiser at Dennis Hopper's house

Dean: Hope is source of his anger

Kucinich Camp Brags of Success

Dennis has posted at the volunteer board!

Kucinich stands a very good chance of getting the nomination

where can i buy John Kerry things ?

Kucinich joins the picket line in CA tomorrow:

It's October 17, 2004-What's the mood at DU?

Krugman not endorsing Dean's, Gephardt plans

Standing by your principles:

Unions want Fair trade w/ Affordable health care & plan to create jobs -

Like Edwards' ideas? Dean does

I want to know if Wesley was in Waco

Kucinich supporter makes cross-country voyage

Ron Paul (R-Texas) speaking on C-Span

Byrd Will Speak Again This Afternoon

Poll regarding CIA Leak article on Yahoo has disappeared!

Next debate on Faux News - another fiasco?

a movie is already planned about the Cubs fan that caught the foul ball


Good! Cubs & Sox Lose! Media will have to go back to Leakgate

How Dean, Kerry, and Clark are doing vs. Bush in New Hampshire

Jeb asks TX company to rate schools on wealth and race, not just scores.

our similarities far outweigh our differences

Which is worse for White Collar Workers (POLL)

do gun-ownership rights extend to the homeless?

My impression of a China apologist criticising the CCP...

Classic Repuke BS: Reaganomics/Mondalenomics...

Joseph Wilson will

Googling The War Party: Lt. Col. Dominic Caraccilo

Why Bernie Ward is so cool.....

Canada: Tories and Alliance to merge

I wrote a new song about Bu$h.

Did anyone see Thursday's Frontline on PBS about Lackawanna ?

Joseph Wilson on KGO

LOL.... Ray Taliafero...

I'm gonna take flak for this, but I enjoy Shepard Smith's 7 pm show

Looking for Info on Bush's Big Game Hunter friends.

BBV Question: Write-in candidates?

TECHIES: Questions About Default Block Backdoor/SubSeven Trojan horse

Tariq Ali on Democracy Now! -

The rest of the world is giving us the finger...

Knowledge of terrorists/weapons? The UK needs you NOW:

Malaysian PM: "Jews rule the world" at meeting of Islamic leaders

Who do you think will win the nomination?

Need some inspiration?

A sign of the times...?

The New York Times’s “liberal” argument for colonial occupation

Clark and Edwards - playing the nice guys?

Another danger from fundamentalist republicans

It's a giant "Scooby Doo" episode.

God, it seems, is not without a sense of humor

Deleted message

Can Iraqi's say "no thanks"?

Apocolypse Now: Iraq, 4 more dead.... our Palestine

Advice to Dem Candidates From Krugman...

I Like John Edwards

Social Security Announces 2.1 Percent Benefit Increase for 2004

I don't like the looks of this

FOX lost chance @ $$$$$

US Spy Plane down near N.Korea

US Soldiers to America: Bring Us Home Now

Today's Trivial Wingnut Gossip re: KERRY, DEAN

Gotta read the Hate Mailbag

Strange post at Clark Blog

San Diego DUers, please help our involved youth

Wasserman on Healthcare

rummy: UPBEAT on military retention and recruitment (draft???)

New DNC ad about leakgate

Why I am concerned about Bush, the UN, and the Yen vs. the Dollar

The Second Amendment is now meaningless....

BBV: Suppose I knew of a certain county in a certain state..

Danziger: General Boykin explains it all

bush*: Iraq reconstruction..a more important story than soldiers dying...

This is why we're in so much trouble

Has anyone heard more about the FCC vote, DeLay, and MoveOn?

Stop the Importation of Endangered Species! (Sign the Petition)

Watching C-Span2 - Democrats

BBV: Were FTP files used in GA machines?

TV News Lies Webcast to Start at noon ET - Meria Heller guest

Secrecy shrouds Halliburton hiring frenzy at Houston hotel-bug control

Is Bob Beckel's new campaign to out Repugs Going to Backfire on Us?

Terry Gross interviews Bill O'Reilly

New female icon for France: who would US choose for its own?

about the hate mails

New Republic apologizes for comments..

Sen. John Edwards on Hardball Tonight (Friday) 7PM Eastern (Rerun?)

When is the third-quarter GDP number supposed to come out?

Australian leader tosses off "sheriff's badge" from Bush

More people die in accidents in New York than die in war in Iraq...

It's a self-licking ice-cream cone,"

Does Bush Plan to Withdraw from Iraq Before the Election ??

3 Reasons lastest UN resolution gave W a black eye

Gov.-elect Schwarzenegger Should Come Clean About Ken Lay Meeting Or Face

Bush has killed more than 101 soldiers since W declared 'war over'

An Activist's Conundrum

Where do we find todays Woodword, Bernstein and DEEPTHROAT?

Constitutional interpretation: Contstructionist or Expansionist?

A Report on Mesopotamia by T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia)

Bush Goggles - A Definition for the Term

Jackson Browne's Retro -Relevant Lyrics

Check out this juxtaposition on yahoo news

The man behind the Spam letters - He's EVERYWHERE!!

General to tone down religious rhetoric

I noticed in the hate mailbag that the dittoheads call us

Today's This Modern World (from BushWatch)

Bush Wants His Message Unfiltered? OK, Here's How He Can Do It

Bill Oreilly is out of his mind -- how small-minded can one be?

Did you ever get a $42,000 a year raise? FL education CEO did.

This cannot be good news:N Korea to show off N-prowess

If the country knows about * 's Iraq PR campaign...

Palast at it again re: Schwartzenazi ... Told ya' so!

Has anybody gotten the "ChickenHawk" playing cards?

Interesting post from a conservative at work

Who Can Win in 2004? Just use This freshness test

Krugman Advises AGAINST Full Tax Cut Rollback

Manchester Union Leader: Howard is more than just hype


O'Reilly's Harvard "Credential"

breaking msnbc: ....they found the body of that little boy in NH...

Is it possible for a common needy citizen to move to Iraq ?

Slashdot on e-voting - Now!!!

Good cop; bad cop: The $87 billion scam on America

194 dead US soldiers in Iraq since Juniors "Mission Accomplished" speech

BBV:Firm's attempts to down hyperlinks an attack on free speech, says EFF

Well, it's true: US supports one world's leading terrorist nations

Deleted message

Does this mean what I think it means?

Fox poll has Bush at 52 percent

DU Soldiers unit featured today in Stars and Stripes (SoCalDem)

Could Bush be correct about the loan to Iraq?

Just talked to a woman from Military Families speak out (clusterF)

Posner's Why America Slept gets rave in NYTBR

Foreign Policy Experts Target U.S. 'Empire-Building'

The war on democracy comes to Philly

Hardball re-airing hour long segment with John Edwards from Monday

Attn. DU Poets: Poets Against the War Pre-Rally in DC Oct. 25

Miss Nude World in Iowa

Noble Lies and Perpetual War

Byrd is Hot!!!!!

Latest NH poll: Dean opens 17-point lead (also results from Iowa, SC)

US's leading editorial pages are ignoring the Plame scandal.

This is what happens when the Repug fascists steal elections

A Warning to the Congress of the United States:

What will happen to all our dreams

All In The Family: Rob Reiner backing Dean, Norman Lear backing Clark

New to DU ? ----- here's a PNAC Intro to Never Ending Repug Wars

Is it "General Bonkers" or "General Boinkers?"

MoveOn MUST respond to this WP remark.

Ariel Sharon is EVIL!!!!

Wink just got his e-mail read on Crossfire

Heads up...Byrd speaking now!

Washington Post only paper to reject this week's Boondocks

will the senate dems join byrd in opposing the $87 billion?

BBV: Who will win the election?

Wrong Place For Nothing But Right

Are anti-war people responsible for cleaning up Iraq?

The Senate's Iraq Loan Amendment

Oh, brother! Limbaugh's Persecution complex (book by David)

Questions about Constitutionmal amendments

Is this man a lunatic?

Clark's Campaign ~FIZZLES~

Firsthand information on what foreigners think of the U.S.

Words of wisdom.... by Oregon Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer

CBS to talk about the new IRaqi Threat

why haven't freepers launched a boycott of Guthy-Renker?

Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor

Can we DUers buy phone cards as a means of supporting the troops

How could the GOP vote this bill down!? This is NOT supporting the troops!

TBTM needs "Secret Service" Agents in San Francisco Oct 25th

Heads Up...Vote now on the Senate Floor on the $87B Appropriations bill!

John Edwards repeat on Tweety...

Lame answer from WPost I got on pulling of Boondocks

you should visit anandtech: politics and news forums

Just filled out the new Zogby Poll this AM

French Jews Call For Prosecuting ‘Criminal’ Sharon

Did Post 9/11 Regulations Contribute to Ferry Crash?

Continuing the conversation from the NYPOST Editorial locked thread

How does NPR report on Bolivia? Here's how:

Losing my cool...

Found the NBC video of Gen. Boykins "army of god" speech.

Novak Loses his mind again

RON PAUL on C-Span now, talking about the war!! He mentioned PNAC!

Understanding Clark's reasoning

Ashton Kutcher is hosting an Edwards fundraiser at Dennis Hopper's house

Eastwood,Penn,Robbins,Bacon,Fishburne etc.

Did you know Eli Pariser of is backing CLARK?

Senator From Vermont is talking

New Foreign Policy Team will try to counteract Kristol's PNAC

Next Health Disaster: Afghanistan & AIDS

After impeachment suggestion, Santa Cruz mayor's bakery visited by FDA

Hillary on CSPAN2 right now

Iowa republicans choose campaign issue for 2004..

a friendly reminder about who we may be dealing with

what they mean with a 'loan'?!?

Gen Wesley Clark: Overview, timeline, and released military records

Is the GOP attacking Clark and Kerry as openly as they do Dean?

Kerry on CNBC NOW !!

question re: Joseph Wilson

Anatomy Of A Lie - Op/Ed by Ted Rall

Another Republican/Freeper Head Exploder:

Lieberman heckled at Arab American talk

Democrats' Rallying Cry: Anybody but Bush

Why I think Dean has the best chance against Bush.

The exodus to Canada

How many days has Bush actually spent in the WH?

That BOXCUTTER story: an act of political activism?

BBV, David Dill at UCSC electronic voting forum October 25.....

The latest on the Schiavo case

Jessica Lynch book due out on Veteran's Day (no comment)

Proof that Californians are basically idiots.

Mike Malloy ragging on Pigboy -- streaming

"I knew that my God was bigger than his."

"It looked a good deal when they sold it to me"

Anyone watching VH1 Illustrated TV Show? It's fantastic!

In North Carolina, Bowles Leads Burr

Dean calls out the Republicans for trying to defund the government

Has anyone been to this message board?

Anybody watching "They Live" on AMC?

Why are you a Republican?

Edwards i just rewatched hardball

Web Site for the Like-Minded Turns into Boon for Dean

Does this freak you out, or I’m I too cynical?

So, our president has his hat out...

General Apologizes to Those Offended by His Anti-Muslim Comments

suggestion: instead of saying X candidate is our "only hope" of winning…

The Battalion Commander of the 716th Military Police was killed

Speaking of emigration, how long does it take to be granted...

Bill Clinton "lost" bin Laden?

Why do so many Americans (DU'ers) not understand Progressive Taxation?

Pro-Bush Impeachment Mayor burglarized and harassed by the FDA.

THEY LIVE: DU is like those sunglasses.... (catch it tonight!)

Saddam was a thug so we had to bomb Iraq.

The Tale of the Tape: Opinions on Dean vs Clark

Faux and Fiends - Madelyn Albright speaking French to the French!

I Am A Republican Because

Why I think Clark is our only hope of winning

Newbie re. Clark/Dean strife

Why has there been no motion toward impeachment?

Why start a "good news" PR offensive and then leave the country?

Look at this e-mail my Conservative friend sent me- it's kinda scary

BBV: Table of States & What Machines They Plan to Purchase

Economics of working for a living

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says war was lie and for oil???

Bogus Spam Harassment may Nuke BBV Activist List

Labor unrest and Corporate profits

Condosleeza Rice on Oprah today . . .

The great left hope? – Salon on Dennis Kucinich

Our pResident ...On the road again

Evidence that NPR whores for Republicans (follow-up on Clark story)

BBV: appears to have been yanked--again

Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor

Zell Miller is a republican

ABC Nightline For Friday -- R&R for troops in Iraq

Impeach the SOB !

OMFG. an actual Conservative exists.

Number of days off for Bush as of 8/3/03

What would it take to get Bush to resign the Presidency?

Mike Malloy Mentions Seventhson

Did I miss something? Did the US not invade and occupy Iraq?

re $87B - The money isn't even needed for troop support

The New $20.00 bill

CHINA IN SPACE: The new kid on the block (Warning, long)

Sen Byrd just TORE in half his copy of the Allocation Bill in the Senate

One Way to Surrender to the Neocons: Make "Patriotism" a bad word.

The National Review owes ME an apology re BUSH/Nazi past.

Deleted message

Even if the Economy Improves, Will the 2004 Tax Season Stop the Progress?

"The Guy James Show" special guest this week is Bev Harris

Uh oh. Dean has sealed his fate

Comprehensive "war dead" site..

Is W the Most Publically Protested Leader in World History?

Poppy Bush's reasoning for keeping Saddam in power...

Where Are All the Jewish TV Preachers?

Ben Affleck rips into rightwing politics...

BBV Activists: Brainstorming Thread #2 (images/memes/slogans)

Pass the Senator Wellstone Mental Health Equitable Treatment Act

What would happen if some computer geek hacked an election

I share the dismay of social conservatives at our media culture

NOW with Bill Moyers Tonight

Would you favor a Proportional system of Representation over Districting?

What will you do if the draft is brought back?

Is the Pope crazy?

If Bush thinks NAZI thing is bad, wait till JFK stuff goes public!

Young Conservatives of Texas to create professor "watch list"

I suggest that you all watch Kerry's biographical video!

Conservatism is a sick fraud, a madness!!

Portland Band on National Tour to Promote Awareness


Concern Over Mideast Prompted Europeans to Accept U.S. Move

Voters Describe Ideal Nominee

Experts downplay bioagent (tube of botulism in Iraq fridge)

'Bundling' contributions pays for Bush campaign

Map lines aren't all that move under GOP plan

U.S. Arab voting clout grows

His Majesty urges OIC to reinforce Muslim faith

Critics Debate Clark's Military Record (NPR Real Player Report)

Cheney: Some 'wrongs' righted by redistricting map

Ohio soldier killed in Iraq

Reporter Ignores Threats, Covers Rights Abuses

Dean Rallies N.Va. Democrats

War crimes trial for tyrant of Chad

WASHINGTON TODAY: Above all else, Democrats seek candidate who can beat Bu

US Anti-Doping Agency finds sports 'conspiracy'

Tax Break for Gas Drilling May Be Restored

Firefight kills 3 U.S. military police officers in Iraq (cnn - 9-17-03)

Mexican evangelists pray for Marilyn Manson

Dean on Bush

Saudi elections 'in three years'

Vichy mentally ill patients 'were not murdered'

Dean Says Economic Priorities Are Jobs and a Tax Overhaul

HOUSE WATCH-10/17/2003 (#1-9:00 AM) [$87B Appropriations]

Spy agencies seek new ways to track individuals

Critics question usefulness of APEC summit

Boxer holds slim edge as '04 Senate race nears

Universal Music slashes 800 jobs

Police arrest nearly 17,000 (Hindu) before planned Ayodya rally

UK: Teenager cleared of hacking

Nato urged to challenge European defence plan

'SA has Guinness world record for rapes'

Pope says God wants him to stay


CIA and Pentagon split over uranium intrugue

Drug firm denies abusing position - Boehringer, GlaxoSmithKline - SA


Taliban resurgence worries US

Saudis, U.S. Describe Intelligence Links

Troops killed in Iraqi gun battle

US Catholics losing faith

UK Chancellor's baby is born

Cheney praises lawmakers for new redistricting map

Panel backs silicon implants

Dean: Hope is source of his anger

Prepaid Tuition Plans Take A Hit

Missile Defense Brigade Activated

FBI Starts Probe of Deadly Gaza Bombing

U.S. Starts Iraq 'Good News' Offensive


Speaker blasts U.S. policies toward Cuba

Prosecutors Subpoena Baltimore Officials

Rising anti-US trend forcing Bush to adjust terror war tactics: analysts

Boston airport/Logan alarms going off now .. no links ..

Yale Profs Sue Over 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'

Dean: Big deficit suits GOP's plans

Russia's Putin defends decision not to send troops, aid to Iraq

UN official analises Resolution 1511

AFP: Bolivian president says he will step down


US Military Assessment Team Going to Bolivia

Split opens in Bolivia coalition

San Francisco Clamps Down On Gay Halloween Violence

SENATE WATCH-10/17/2003 (#1-9:00 AM) [$87B Appropriations]

House of Representative just passed $87 Billion for Iraq

FBI Raids 3 City Agencies, Street Fund-raiser's Office (Philadelphia)

In Iraq, some servicemembers live like princes while others sleep in the s

U.S. 'Peace Toll' in Iraq Passes 100 Combat Deaths

CNN reporting a 4th US soldier has been killed in Baghdad today

U.S. Efforts to Rebuild Iraq's Banks Hit Snags

(Gov?) Jerry Springer calls for political activism

Pentagon Expects to Call Up More Reserve Support Troops for Iraq Duty Next

Lieberman heckled at Arab American political conference

D.C. choppers go to 24/7 coverage

Gay Bishop Stands Firm

Joint Chiefs Chairman Worried by Morale Poll

Daschle, labor nix U.S. asbestos fund proposal

Sick, wounded US troops held in squalor

Annan will not send UN staff to an insecure Iraq

4 Alarm Fire in downtown Chicago

US troops to Bolivia, ostensibly to "evacuate Americans"

Armed Men Block U.S. Convoy in Lebanon

Dean: Big deficit suits Republican's plans

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Clashes

Bremer Fought to Weaken Iraqi Oil Watchdog-Sources

Cuban officials predict tourism 'avalanche'

Rule would control digital TV copies (RIAA tech on your pc, tv, etc)

Joseph Wilson Asked About DICK CHENEY LEAK (KGO/ABC Radio)

87 billion plan now moot, Clark says

Russian population may be halved within 70 years

BREAKING: CNN And Fox Reporting Massive Search Of Airliners...

General Says Troops May Stay in Iraq Until 2006

American in Qaeda Cell in Oil Co. -- Saudi Official

Rising anti-US trend forcing * to adjust terror war tactics: analysts

The picture which shames US army

The picture which shames US army

Halliburton Overbills in Iraq-Congressman

Military families protest big jump in price of soldiers' calls from Iraq

FBI Says Saudis Buy Off Witnesses

Candidates Seek Audience With Arab Americans

Putin confident Iran has no nuclear plans

India running terrorist camps in Afghanistan: Faisal

One dead, several injured in high-rise blaze

Briton cleared of hacking Houston port system

Web Site for the Like-Minded Turns into Boon for Dean

Cook County Building on fire downtown Chicago

God put Bush in charge, says the general hunting bin Laden [says it all]

Philadelphia mayor leads poll amid federal probe

Ten killed in firefight as tension grows in Iraq

WP: Bush* Floats Idea of N. Korean Deal

Vice-Premier Khristenko: Russia insists its oil interests in Iraq be recko

Europen Union Wants to Build Own Military

Iraqi Police Say Three Polish Soldiers Killed in Grenade Attack

Rejected Australian sheep bound for atoll

U.S. spy plane crash-lands near North Korea

Bush tells Koizumi UN is Old and should be reformed

Goni Sánchez de Lozada en Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

Travel Industry Bucks Bush Over Cuba Ban

Bush's Ancestor's Bank Seized (Grandad - Germany/Nazi)

U.S. Selling Off Iraq-Owned Companies

Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor

UCI shuts down doughnut sale, free speech imperiled (College Repugs)

Boston Church Abuse Deal Poised to Go Through

Foreign Policy Experts Target U.S. 'Empire-Building'

Drudge: Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor

Miller Book Calls Democrats out of Touch...

Storm over bottom (rectal)swabs at APEC meeting (Bangkok)

U.S. commander killed in Iraq firefight - CNN - CO of 716th MP Bn

France warns against Iran action

US general won't quit over Islam remarks -officials

Bush's EPA won't stop sludge fertilizer

Cheney: Americans have accepted terrorism challenge

(BBV) Electronic voting subject of forum at UCSC

Senate Passes $87 Billion to Iraq (87-12)

[FOX POLL] 2004 Democratic Candidates Still Mostly Unknown

Bolivia President Resigns After Revolt, Source Says

Gender Bender.. (best ones are past page 3)

deleted by user

How many innings will tonights baseball game go?

Red Sox Fans Heart Broken Again!


The Official "Yankees Back In The World Series" Thread

D0 Y0U LL4M45 KN0W L337 5P34K?

Congratulations,Yankee Fans

One hell of a season...thank you, Red Sox

Grady Little appreciation thread


YAYT (yet another yankee thread)

The Smurfs

To Red Sox/Cub Fans

I missed the game. How did The Curse manifest itself this time?

Now that my Twins and Red Sox are gone, and because...

GO MARLINS!!!! Beat the evil empire!!!

My Yankee Hat Is Off To The Boston Red Sox

The monkey brain implant guy on Charlie rose now

Let's give a big hand to BigMcLargeHuge for trying to contain the chaos.

The Cincinnati Bengals

Mod: For God's sake, Quit locking Red Sox threads

Don't Post Any Yankee Threads..............

I just saw myself on TV

Okay bedtime but before I go: a bedtime thread..

For your viewing pleasure.. Original 1984 movie from (1954) clip

Mod: Oh for God's sake, quit locking Red Sox Threads

It's not a metaphor - It's Just Folks Playing Ball


No one cares if you dont watch the WS

MLB sucks

HAHA! Best episode of Family Guy, EVER!

You know what you are? You're a gigolo aunt.

TECHIES: Questions About Default Block Backdoor/SubSeven Trojan horse

Back when I was a kid

RESOLVED: Rush supporters are no longer to be called "dittoheads"

Which Superhero Power Would You Most Like To Have

I was wrong Red_Storm was right.

So Amaya - did you go to the game last night

Hey what song were they singing after the game tonight?

Simon & Garfunkel Concert

You guys will be proud..

what an epic battle last night

S. Florida

I think this thread has just set the record

One cannot love baseball and hate the Yankees

I will be boycotting the World Series this year

Tiger attack footage

Pieces of intelligence - the existential poetry of Donald H. Rumsfeld

Well Since I Will NOT Watch The World Series Can You Tell Me Witch

What if Rush became a liberal?

Any fans of the group Biosphere?

What does Rush listen to when he is wasted?

Shepard Smith makes a blooper(FUNNY!)

Dear Red Soxs Fan: I Apologize--it was all my fault!

This may just be a coincidence but

My wife tells me that I am only interested in

History buffs: Kennedy "stealing" the election?

Who likes poppyseeds?

I just got one thousand posts!

I Just Got a Teaching Gig!

Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup finals

I wiil not watch the World Series because there will be no joy at the end!

FOX lost chance @ $$$$$

Are You Watching HBO's "Carnivale"?? -=-=-= MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Where can we get DU stickers....

Hey Yanks! The Marlins are gonna kick your asses!

Are the morons on Fox sports unable to pronounce French names...

Help me write my MANIFESTO!!!!

The Baseball Gods Must Be Crazy

Random Thought: When will Jockey make a line of underwear ...

Finished the afghan!

Hey, Canuckitards! Whaddaya think of the PC-CA romance?

Back From England! Did I Miss Anything Good?

Best Episode EVER

Two engineering students walk into a bar,

Georgia Straight update....Libs Back down

Shakespeare: By jove, I think he's got it (or had it): CHIMPY

Has anyone read Davis Corn's new book...

Rate Will Pitts Pain around 5pm on Sunday

Im Thinking of running for school board.....


See how the opposite sex experiences orgasim

Taking a moment to tell DU...

Who was the more brilliant philosopher?

For my 1000th post:

San Diego DUers, please help our involved youth

I Would Like To SINCERELY Congratulate ALL Yankee Fans on This Board

Workers find mummified monkey that vanished in '70s

Seems I missed all of the commotion

Pedro Martinez

Now onto football - have question, need help

If I were by chance to have a weekly column, what should it be called?

Anyone have a link to the story about the Deconstruction of America?

Is there anyone from Centre County, PA...

NYPost gives Sox fictional victory!

The Yankee F**** of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Ever seen a generic flame war

((((BREAKING NEWS)))) Body of Missing 10-year old Patrick McCarthy found

If You Could, Would You Pay $6,000 For A Nuclear Fallout Shelter?

Got a favorite bible quote?

Ralph Wiggum or George Bush: Who said it?

Osama - right or left handed

challenge: pick a Friday adjective

Man O Man...I've heard of some dedicated Cub Fans but this.....

Four months til spring training

Steve Bartman for halloween

Hell froze over: iTunes now available for Windows! End the OS wars

James Garner to join cast of "8 Simple Rules"

Episcopal anagram: Pepsi Cola

Just had lunch with my dad, Grampa was a commie...

Pick a rock-n-roll keyboarder

Recuperate from the game in The Grotto

How Many NY Yankee Games Will Chimp Attend?

Paging Khephra... MacFarlane figures

You! Yes, you! Stop that! Stop being interesting!

Welcome two new DUers (this time I mean it); great additions

Rate My Pain: Which is worse?

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/17

Take a look at this photo--NOW tell me you ain't watching Joe Millionaire!

Help I need photoshopped pics of Chimpy

Seen The Rating From Last Night's Game? EVERYBODY and their Mothers

Anyone into American Indian Archaeology?

Couldn't get in to see Michael Moore today

Rush (Limbaugh that is) sings......Rush!

Comics - una vez mas...

KNEEL before Zod!

has this wingnut even been to a Yankees game in his life?

Funny animation - turn your audio up!

My Partner Is Off To Hawaii And I'm Staying Home...

Ashcroft Chases Down, Loses CIA Leak Suspect .....

Feed a cold, starve a fever? What if you have both?!?

Some fun Canadian cities.

Anybody know of any sites with good info on sleep disorders?

The worst toupee I've ever seen is on C-Span now.

Americans are losing the Victory in Europe

The Marlins had 200,000 show up for the last home 3-game series.

Yankees or Marlins - DU Decides

A RANT - Flush the fucking toilet

Brand Spankin New Edition of (cool it now) The Have a Great Weekend Thread

Can we please stop the fat-bashing here?

I'm watching "Tales of the City" on DVD--ask me anything!

Help! I need a new printer. What should I know?

Wild cats are just so beautiful

Bill's new physique has Hil pumped


The Marlin M************ of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Discount Tire guy # 6..(The Nose Hall of Fame)

my last day on the job today...ask me anything

Open letter to all DU baseball fans:

Cool... you can say "balls" on tv now...

Anyone out there who has ever tried to find work as a journalist..

Why does KG start a post then go 'way?

Who is the goofiest person you know?

Anyone here wanna put a hit out on my dad?

Yea! I have a job interview Monday at 9:30 AM

I apologize if anyone took offense to the thread some MORON

"Hello, my name is Doofy!"

Have you ever been to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW?

The new Pizza Hut commercial - how often has this happened to you?

Bartman Sucks!!

Cool my buddy just got a roundtrip ticket from Vancouver to Montreal

Kiss guitarist shot outside club

Tighten up, ya'll

Is a full ashtray a piece of art?

Question for Tricky fans.

STRAIGHT MEN - Take a look at this photo and tell me what you think?

Your Lovecraft Survival Guide

What is your favorite irrational number?

Chili con carne and a nice cold beer after a long week.

Boston Public is on right now - central time zone!

Sniper movie on USA

If MLB Had A Hard Salary Cap Like the NBA

The Next Joe Millionaire, who is the dumbest:

I love disco music. Rush Limbaugh hates it.

Tonight I'm gonna get me some of this:


I'm a multimillionaire that FOX left behind

Most Secretest Spot

Love means

It's a hard world, it's a hard life

Best song to listen to while dancing in front of your mirror?

I Saw An Ad For "Scary Movie 3"... Was That REALLY Michael Jackson?

The Screamin' Jay Hawkins of Rummy Captions!

Comics! Boondocks still trying to find Condoleeza a man....

The latest Hate Mailbag is definitely the Biz-Zomb!!

All Hail EarG's latest HATEMAIL BAG!

Wow, Americanism lives on via scalping world series tix on ebay

Does anyone think Jake 2.0 is cute, in a nerdy sort of way? Photo attached

Thanks for the Pepperoni

OK Kids let's play "ID the song lyric". I'll start

Anybody know of any new rock stations that broadcast over the web?

teaching young children and the "gross factor"

One more Cubs thread

ew.... cat snot

Hey, you! Psst...want to shrink some coins?

Hey y'all, ready for TCPA and Microsoft's upcoming Office s/w? Bad news.

WOW, now this is fast, physicists smash internet speed record

Wanna get pregnant? Then get your male buddy to stop doing these:

What if Spyware was on my computer

Iowa bumper sticker poll results

Help identify a movie quote, please.

They Live: Possibly Carpenter's most underrated movie?

In the Movie "The Ring"...

I'm part Rusyn. What is your ethnicity?

Best worst (or worst best) pop song

So, Letterman 1 for 2 mailbag girl 3 for 4

anybody remember "Midnight in Moscow?" a little tune...

I can't take it any more -- What Spam blocker do you recommend

Question for Gay and Lesbian DU'ers

Exclusive, behind-the-scene photo of Arnold/* photo op

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

The best article on the Red Sox disaster I have read

Career Advice

How many enemies do you have?

Any curses been put on you?

I'm one of the FRIGIN' FAG LOVEIN' LIBRALS and a nigger loving fag!

Dumbest Sports Mistakes - what's the one you remember the most!

So what have you been listening to lately?

Squirrel cook-off set for this weekend

Should I go out and get some beer?

Pat Robertson's favorite bible verse...

Anybody watching VH1 Illustrated???

Murphee the Tiel and the Hamburger....

GAY MEN--Look at this photo and let me know what you think!

Worst sports call of all time?

Public toilets: how do you flush?

Many a tear has to fall

Just watched EDWARDS on Hardball repeat.

I've Lost 15 pounds!

Where would you move to in Canada?

Post your favortie Sean Hannity Comment

I am so soooorrrrryyyy BeanTown

Old Moody Blues Lyrics

Dia de los Muertos

Jackson Browne's Retro -Relevant Lyrics

SuSE Linux 9 soon to be released (Oct 24)

Who was your favorite BEAT GENERATION WRITER?

Anybody know about "SpyHunter" software? Is this an Internet scam?

How many corporations are anti-family?

Supreme Court Halts Recount, Dashes Red Sox Pennant Hopes

Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers or SMokey Robinson and the miracles?

I desperately need a hug

Random Movie Quotes

How did you decide on your pseudonym here?

After several hours bush is fustrated &

So two years and 7000 posts.

Has Everyone Caught The New "Hate Mail" Yet?

Lightbulb joke thread...

OK, Who wants to be on my buddy list?

Sharing some good news...

Catholics: What is "Beatification?"

Hate Email Bag

iTunes for Windows 2000 - XP

What do you wear to bed?