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Archives: October 16, 2003

Mark Hertsgaard (Salon): How Bush could save his presidency/why he won't

An interesting article on religion and politics

Hans Blix isn't needed in space - yet

On Listening: Friedman in NY Times

Rhetoric on Cuba self-serving

An affront to the Cuban nation

Senior Federal Prosecutors and F.B.I. Officials Fault Ashcroft

Mad Max World

California dreaming got lost along the way

Comments: Electronic Voting Easy to Rig

Halliburton gouging on gas prices in Iraq

Darwin: not the first to post on evolution theory?

Cohen (WP): Not Getting the Truth

Qibya and Sharon: 50 Years Later

John Kerry speech

Pat Buchanan: The End of the imperial project

Interview with Dennis

Limbaugh's Legacy

Great Cartoon: Man (*) keeps Tiger in Small apartment.

Robert Jensen: What the "Fighting Sioux" Tells Us About Whites

Molly Ivins: Politics for grownups

Lots of letters to Nethercutt over "just a couple soldiers a day" remarks

Kennedy to assail Bush over Iraq war

Salon - Keeping Dissent Invisible Keeping dissent invisible

Liberal group fights war policy in full-page ads (

UK Stop the War Coalition prepares for Bush London visit

SF Oct. 25th ......End The Occupation Rally

Opinion Polls and the Primaries: Story on NewsHour

Wash Post editorial - Responsibility Gap - my letter:

Anyone notice the Plame-Bartman connection?

A.M radio - Michale Savage kiss my @#$%

Al Franken, guest on Prairie Home Companion this coming weekend

Yes! SoCal PBS station saved from the fundies!

Good News, Bad News

Australa promoted to Sheriff for Asia !!

So you have a Will set up? If not you should.

Practice your HTML skills here..especially helpful for newbies

Singer Wyclef Jean Hospitalized in NYC

Which is worse for White Collar Workers:

Germany overtakes US as world’s largest exporter

Rare red panda cubs make public debut at UK zoo

First Laser-Powered Aircraft Flown

Ground-Level Ozone Blocks Trees' Carbon Absorption

Khatami’s brother: Fundamentalism leading to increased secularism in Iran

Please do not move J/PS topics to other forums.

This cat is too cool!

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 16, 2003

"Fast Efficient People Killing Machines"- Brady Campaign

How long do you guys want the 'Guns in the News' threads to stay open?

I just bought a new gun....

wessa given up, how do you post an image as a link?

Congratulations on surpassing the previous total poll number

I'm a newbie but..

Something needs to be done

I wonder if reading the posts in this thread would be a good idea?

I said it gave an impression I wasnt sure you'd want

"Democrats" US political party, or democracy in general?

Does being a green count as being anti-Dem ?

I do not usually complain about locked threads, however......

Okay, so how 'bout a Keith Richards avatar?

I disagree with the locking of this thread

AP News Alert - UN Resolution on Iraq

The Truth About the Wall

US, Israel destroying the UN system

Report: Israel trying to keep U.S. from selling arms to Egypt

Spooks swallowing their own tails

Analysis / U.S. loses interest in the road map

U.S. Aid to Israel Fuels Repressive Occupation in Palestine

Israel dismisses arrests in Gaza bombing as imaginary

PA officials arrest three in connection with Gaza bombing

Shin Bet arrests PA official for smuggling weapons into Gaza

Bush Blames Palestinian Authorities

Skewing the media

PA blames Israel for Gaza bombing

Parents of peace activists fight on

Palestinians loathe US foreign policy

OIC opens with call to unite against Jewish 'control' of world

The One State Solution (The Nation)

New I/P Guidelines

Dean vs. Bush Donors...

The standards of the Dean bashers in their own words

Kick-Off Tour - Big Success

Cash on hand totals:

The bash Dean post count for today?

$87 billion not an emergency

(Concord Monitor)Kerry: Bush pushing pro-life agenda in Iraq

Flat Stanley visits Little Rock

Democrats joust for Iowa's elderly

Interesting Fundraising Facts...

Another look at how well Dean is doing (and we got Leonard Nimoy!)

Howard Dean and Utility Deregulation...

Special Announcement from John Kerry today at 3PM!

Why standards matter

It's going to come down to organization, charisma, money, and hustle

Democratic candidates warned on straw poll

John Kerry is a dishonest, lying politician...

Dr. Steinberg, medicine woman

New NYT/CBS Poll shows Americans feel we're on the "Wrong Track"

Elizabeth Edwards To Launch Book Drive

Governor Dean Unveils Economic Plan

Who Really Lost California? Part I

Look how well ALL of our candidates are doing in states vs. Bush

Dean sets RECORD

Dean Economic Policy Speech -- It's Great!

Dean on Iraq $87 billion

Quinnipiac poll on various NY pols. Spitzer in NY's favorite politician

Dean and Kerry are the only ones over $20 million

REFORM PARTY (national convention)

Andrew: If Kernan's In, I'm Out

Mich. Sen Debbie Stabenow's biography (wish we had more like her)

How will the Texas redistricting affect 2004?

Another poll has Dean doing worst in head-to-head with Bush.

Great Kucinich (or rather anti-Bush) rally in Riverside, cA

Dean's Corruption in the Green Mountain State

DU Schweitzer for Montana

Fall 2003 Keystone (PA) poll: Hoeffel 19%, Crystle 5%, Undecided 76%

Dean's friends at the NRA have an enemies list

John Kerry is a liar

Kerry statement on voting no on Iraq up now! Video up also.

Kerry "connects" with an Iowa voter....

To all the Kerry supporting Dean bashers out there

Twelve year old Kucinich supporter makes L.A. Channel 9 news at 9

Dean referred to as 'Ultimate panderer'

Would this be Hapening in Britian,Australia or Canada

Letterman funny: "Last night's crowd was rough...they were using their

Let's get Limpdick in even more trouble...

A question of party, what we have asked for, and the problem with

When Will Clark Announce His Health Care Plans?

Leno gets * slapped by O'Reilly!

"Hell Freezes Over" Left and Right Unite for Bill of Rights

How did Ron Paul vote on Clinton's impeachment?

DU this poll (major freeping work going on here!)

I just saw Howard Dean give a *barnburner!!* of a speech

Skewing the Bush Polls: Headlines from the Washington Post vs. ABC News

want to have a little fun on a repug debate blog?

The GOP are really scared of Dean

Senator Max Cleland SLAMS bush* (watch on C-span link)

An Algorithm for Determining the Winners of U.S. Presidential Elections

Bernie Ward thread --- Freeper raises hackles

What's up with the West Wing?

TV mob scenes (debates) not helping Democrats

Right Direction - Wrong track -- Ipsos-Reid/Cook Political Report Poll

Why Liberman can't be president

PNAC * ahem - i mean * PNIC

DU Schweitzer for Montana

What sense does it make to include only likely voters for approval ratings

Hey "America", why don't you really support the troops ?

Response to Shelton: Clark Releases Glowing Accounts of His Career

Stars & Stripes Has Changed Their Policy

is donating $ to Sharpton or Braun's campaign a worthwhile investment?

Who believes in this sentiment regarding the role of the government in...

ANOTHER station dumps Rush fill-in's!

Will Bush offer congratulations to Chinese?


The $20 Billion...?

Urgent - from True Majority

Cspan2 now -- Democrats debate in Iowa

Ttttttthhhhhhhhheeeee Ccccccuuuuubbbbssss Llllloooooossseee!!!

Boondocks censored by the Washington Post this week

Fascinating website tracking the candidates' "presence"

Who saw Franken in MN last night?

Let's put the accusations about Dean and utility deregulation to bed

Deleted message

Everything is going great in Iraq, just read this...

Matahir: Muslims must unite against Jews by using non-violent tactics

Joe Wilson gets truth-teller award in D.C., and Ms. Plame is there

your donation to the Clark campaign may be paying for your e-mail address

good article on "college for everyone" ( Edwards tuition program proposal)

Kennedy on CSPAN 2 NOW 10:26 eastern n/t

Bush* admits he lacks charisma, married poorly and is a cretin

UnPoll: Should Dean take matching funds?

Tenn. Republican fights Iraq package, defying party

O'Lielly caught spinnin' again! - FAIR ACTION ALERT

What will it finally take for Conservatives to blame eachother?

"trapped in the Bush illogic" (Dowd)

Ann Telnaes strikes again!

Ideas for VP candidates?

France, Germany and Russia to take vote in UN....

Poll: Low Morale amongst troops in Iraq: Why I am concerned

TrueMajority asks us to fight the $87B defense bill

Dennis Kucinich doesn't need much

Bush's WMD evidence (humor)

Call to Arms! House vote on $87 billion today!

Bush/Frist 2004?

Byrd up on C-SPAN2

C-SPAN2 Alert -- Kennedy to blast Bush*

Kenedy on C-Span2 NOW!

TV News Lies Webcast Starting at noon - Guest: Rob Kall

Flat Stanley visits Little Rock - experience the adventure here:

Tom DeLay's office just called me, let's call him!

The best 24 hour news channel

Democrats helping the neocons start another war again!

McAULIFFE ON cspan NOW..9.20 eastern

Haliburton = war profitteers 66 cents profit per gallon of gasoline

Who knew Pat O'Brien was a Democrat.

50 More Lies About the War in Iraq

Let's Make a Deal in Iraq.....American Style.

FYI: Microsoft publishes updates for Windows and Exchange

Bush brother walked away with 30,000 shares .......bribery

Judge Declares: Father Cannot Speak Spanish to His Daughter

Who is Sen. Clinton endorsing for the Dem nomination?

"If you can't say anything nice..." Media heeds Bush Junta instructions.

Spinsanity Nitpicks: When Bin Ladens left US days after 9/11

For all those (freepertypes) who believe that Repub-controlled

Al Franken in Denver tonight.

Now all the terrorists are in Iraq ?

"a victory for the United States which sought approval for its occupation"

Question about Media Regulation

Wash Post Editorial - Responsibility Gap - my letter:

Twofer: NOVAKula Whines, ELLSBERG Meets PLAME

Spies Attack White House Secrecy - Wired

Tom Delay is Redirecting Calls To MoveOn

Can we get the names of the newspapers which printed the

Was Colon Powell Prepared to Lie to the UN? Colin Powell’s Credibility Ga

Separated at birth

Another CNN whoring: "George Bush - Flyboy" (confusing Jr. & Sr.)

Is the UN resolution not all we might think it is?

Liberals Fascist AND Socialist simultaneously

Look what my local paper came up with

Drugs, lawsuits and meltdowns good for Franken

Limbaugh's comeback has begun....

Sen. Lautenberg on the Floor Right Now

Very interesting. A missing PNAC document...

"My God is Bigger than Your God"...Evangelicals in the Pentagon


TKP, Do You Think the Economy Will Rebound?

US House Iraq money debate on C-span right now (link)

New DNC Ad About CIA Leak

BBV, Georgia Meeting reminder! Tune in 3:00-4:30 PM EST.....

Malaysian PM calls for Muslim holy war against jews

Breaking News

Dennis Kucinich's campaign owes no money

For those who missed Mike Malloy last night

Is there any evidence Rush ever HAD back surgery?

Edwards On Inside Politics today

Who was Frist's opponent during the Senate leadership race?

Question about Dispensationalism/Christian Reconstruction

Rupert Murdoch Supported Al Gore in 2000? What the Hell?

guide for registered mail activism

Help -60% ofFox watcher think that Iraq respondsible for 9/11

Kucinich: The only candidate who would fix our broken health care system

Abortion cuts growth of black population

Senator Kennedy - An Act of Great Statesmanship

Bush to Cheney: Buh-Bye ?

Rupert Murdoch Gave Money to Al Gore? How Can That Be?

Mr. pResident! I can stop your leaks!

How fiscally stable is your candidate?

Washington Journal Alert: Terry McAuliffe

Something bugging me about those letters from GIs

Ahnuld failed already ...

"Silencing Conservatives" by Mike Gallagher. Check Out This Nonsense

"most dangerous country on earth"

The Super-Hegemon Bleeds Red Ink -- we're bankrupting our children!

should democracy allow negative voting?

Look at Who Praised Gen. Wesley Clark

Sen. Schumer on NOW - C-Span 2 on Plame outing

Pentagon officials say they are preparing to confront radical Iraqi cleric

Will Rush's boss make him do random drug testing?

Additional $ for Iraq not needed until May

Paranoid delusions plague Novak!

Former USSR countries taking hints on Bush nepotism realpolitik

The Ann Coulter Game

Deleted message

Nightline: The Most Dangerous Country On Earth - A Tour Of Pakistan

What are Bush's Vulnerabilities?

SAIC gets no-bid $2 -$17M sweetheart deal for scissors disposal!

Flat Stanley Visits Little Rock (w/Great Picture of the General)

W: not on the defensive - so stop saying that!

Most Explosive Black Box Voting Chapter Yet -- Chapter 9 is UP

"The Fire Next Time"

Ben To Hit New York Towing Giant Bush with Pants Aflame

Got my first freeper anti-Clark e-mail!!!! Must mean he has arrived!

Don't Look Now, But the Media is "Transitioning" Us.....

Can a Whore Be Raped?

DemocraticUnderground Poll : Dean comes in first - Clark close second!

SO how was O'Reilly on Leno last night?

my god can beat up your god!!!

Where did they go ?

Studio Plans 'Fan Interference' Movie

ACTION ALERT: "just say no" to BushCo's $87 billion request

Remember way back in 2002 when Repubs didn't like "foreign aid"?

Ann Coulter uses Rush's drug addiction to bash liberals

Mr. pResident please answer these two simple questions.

Dean's FEC report taller than Dean himself - Shows slow "Burn Rate"

Americans Are Not Going Bankrupt Over Lattes

American deaths may pull U.S. into Israel/Palestine conflict

it's time to say "we'd be better off with Saddam in power" Why?

Disturbing Dean Campaign Contributions (I'm a Dean supporter, btw)

I fear for Africa

What does Iraq have to do with the war on terrorism?

Prediction: God will strike down all those fascist dispensationalists.

Link to 60 Minutes II "The Man who Knew" last night.

New book about Paul Wellstone and Sheila Wellstone

And another thing about that wacky general

Dean's statement on Worker's Strikes over Health Care

ABC talking about the Stars & Stripes Poll

Say "so long" to the UN

Larouche declared eligible for matching funds..

FDR quote on Repugs

Why is Bill O'Reilly attacking Bill Moyers?

Shilling for El Rushbo: a mini-skit

Clark and Dean, are they ducking the 87 billion dollar question

Cheney says will donate any stock option profits to charity (Halliburton),

Are Ditto Heads now Dope Heads or Just Dopes?

3 Reasons UN resolution gives Bush a black eye

Anthony LewisNYTimes: "The Feeling of a Coup" (Mar 2001)

Another blow to the "Smile for Iraq" PR - troop dissatisfaction

Is it possible to have sex with someone else and still be raped by Kobe?

Iraqi Council eat our lunch.

A great pic of Cheney [snicker]

BBV - What Is Chris Dodd Up To With HAVA2002?

Remember "Saddam's Bombmaker" - Khidhir Hamza? ......

Dem President + Rep Congress = UGLY First Term

Another biased anti-Democrat article from MSNBC

Military corruption website

"What I want to know..." New music video for Howard Dean.

Is the lottery rigged?

Additional Money for Iraq Not Needed Until Spring, According to New Study

T Baker: "What Freshly Censored Hell Is This?" (2001)

The Groper and the Doper were just on CNN.

Why don’t liberals everywhere start calling the right what it is?

Can liberals be blamed for America's military?

Pat Robertson, Mr. Holy o' Holy, wants to nuke the State Department!

Which Dem running do you ADMIRE most?

Well, so much for the 4th Amendment

Why doesn't the FBI ask Cliff May who exposed CIA operative Valerie Plame?

Dean got a union endorsement today

another reason for Republicans to hate Hillary

Unions Backing Gephardt Form Alliance

Questions for lurking conservatives and Republicans...

Today I learned about ACLU

History repeats itself, only this time it is Bush and his failed policy.

Whoopi replay NBC now - watch this!

Picketing the Religious Right - - GREAT READ!

The latest right wing wacknut

New York Observer Effectively Endorses Clark

My parents rock!

NPR is doing an ubelievable hit piece on Clark right now.

Bailing out Bush with $87 billion in taxpayer money.

I though NPR was doing a follow-up on the letter writing propaganda

Sign this petition for Ross Perot to run!

Will Bush's Tax Cuts Be Offset by Funding Cuts and/or Increases in Taxes?

ACLU 100 Greatest Hits

David Limbaugh admits lie, Coulter still has it posted on her web page!

Old Lady Bush calls Dem contenders "A Sorry Lot"

The Octopus Returns

I thought the freepers were bad until I accidentally ran across this site.

Tonight's Frontline was total BULLSH*T!!

What have those who support bush sacrificed?

Mike Malloy: ONLY wants to talk about the general who fights for {G}od

A new website exposing tactics of the right wing extremists

Great letter to DeLay about MoveOn at

Insidiousness of Clear Channel in one market (Cincinnati)

Everybody Watch Frontline Tonight!

Tragic Nightline

I'm opposed to loans for Iraq

Bush* Ya Ol' Potbellied Thang

New Quinnipiac Poll: Kerry and Clark Leading in PA Among Democrats

Wow! Dems just passed an amendment to the 87 billion.

Another Site Attacks Democratic Underground

Deleted message

Is Ross Perot back?

BBV - Has Anybody Tried Programs Like 60 Minutes?

Bush vs. Dean vs. Kerry vs. Clark -- Follow the Money

"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

BBV- Bob Ney, HAVA, and HR2239

In Bush's little chat from the Aircraft Carrier he

BBV: Statement of Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) on H.R. 2239 (10/8/2003)

There's no hope of getting along. These people are too evil.

A rather paranoid Novak disses Bush

Should Democrats attack Bush* or simply wait for him to be voted out?

Voters Describe Ideal Nominee (interesting poll results)

While some watched games, America shook tonight, ..the dam broke!

Joe Trippi should be the next head of the DNC

The UNEDITED Bush State of the Union address: See what Bush really meant

New Idea on cause of Senator Paul Wellstone crash

More like the fuhrer every day...

Dean: "If I Win, Congress will be scurrying away like cockroaches"

Are you a migrant or do you have a home?

Latest anonymous e-mail going around....on social security

Ross Perot and campaign finance. Was he on to something?

Is Fred Pelps behind this crap? (unfair statuatory rape laws in Kansas)

General Casts War in Religious Terms

I'm getting involved.

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

All this candidate-bashing has this baby Dem confused.

Iraq contracts (as of mid September)

Is It Wrong, Just To Say That Some Cubans Like Fidel And Some Don't?

Clark Supporters: Read This Now!

The "ethics" and "morality" of assassination

Bush quotes from his tongue to your brain

Winona LaDuke

I know how Arnold can get money for California

ASTONISHING interview with an American Officer in Iraq!!! MUST READ!

Need help correcting freeper that insists that Clinton was a felon -- Keep tabs on Bush contributors

New spin on Iraq war - they MEANT for Al Qaeda to come to Iraq

Do Mel Gibson and Bob Novak belong to the same sect?

Why are there so few news articles about Thielmanns revelations?

Must Read!! Dean's economic policy speech

Projection as Propaganda: A Classic Essay on Right Wing Polemic

is anyone else bothered by Clark's "New American Patriotism"?

Nightline talking about Pakistan

Jeb just made 12th grade optional in FL schools? are you kidding me?

Election 2004 Resources?

BBV: Chapter 8 now up

Senator Ted Kennedy-Senate Floor Remarks-October 16, 2003

Clark and the Globalist Neocons

Kucinich Supporters: Who Is Your 2nd Choice?

Republicans afraid of Dean and getting desperate

Hileah, FL

Can I support Dean AND Clark?

Satan General - From Bush's "cleaning house"?

Our troops are being treated TERRIBLY by Bush!

White Trash: The Construction of an American Scapegoat

Deleted message

Help! Searching for quote, a response to *

Watch Kerry Explain Why He Voted No On $87 Billion

What has Tony Blair been up to lately?

Spoils of War ~ The Modern Equivalent of Pillage

BBV Activists: Thoughts on strategy, slogans, images

Impeach Bush: Arcata Votes!

Can a Prostitute Be Raped?

The Georgia election machine meeting 10/16/03

The Left and Jews.

WTF, national 23% consumption or sales tax on goods or services

BBV - S. Korea feeling effects of EVM's - bribery/ballot counting scandal

If Lieberman wins the nom, will we see a third party candidate?

Mike Malloy says buy a gun.

Are there more centrist Democrats than Greens?

Has anyone at DU ever heard of DS-MAX or of Granton Marketing?

When Plame Decides to Talk

"the wounded are brought in after midnight" (Leahy)

DU's adopted soldiers do not "qualify" for leave..(pics)

BBV - Wa. State Secretary of State is Making A Tour

Can Michael Moore do ANYTHING without screwing it up?

10 Die as Staten Island Ferry Slams Into Pier

U.S. Admits Convicted Man Is No Hacker (only a whistleblower)

3 Americans Slain in Blast in Gaza Strip

Unlucky Cubs fan getting support - from Floridians

Sept. 11 Panel Votes to Subpoena FAA

Jury Orders Former Chilean Officer to Pay $4 Million in Death

Latino coalition begins citizenship campaign

US agrees to postpone vote on resolution on Iraq

General Casts War in Religious Terms

Saddam's name more popular than ever in Iraqi oil town

Tenn. Republican Fights Iraq Aid Package

Paying Homage to Truth and Its Consequences

Spy probe causes ANC split

Employees Signing Away Right to Sue

Big banks accused of 'cynicism': UK

Pope 'losing the power of speech'

Church sex files 'should stay closed': UK archbishop

Iraq requests Islamic draft resolution scrapped: Egypt

EU governments to tackle defence issues

HOUSE WATCH-10/16/2003 (#1-10:00 AM) [$87B Iraq Appropriations]

Five Arrested in U.S. Convoy Bombing (NYT)

Russia to re-bury tsar's mother

Iran agrees to tougher nuclear inspections

Cherie's sympathy for Betsy

EU revives row over hormone beef ban

Logan screeners fail weapons tests


Monsanto retreats from Europe ahead of GM report

War critics to back Iraq resolution

Ben Affleck engages in attack on Dubya

Anti-War Powers to Back U.S. Iraq Resolution

74 Children Freed From Nigerian Labor (13+ Died Slaving)

Iraq war 'swells al Qaeda ranks'

Fisher grilled by senators, but is likely to win judgeship

Price of Gasoline for Iraq Questioned (Halliburton)

Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds

Halliburton accused of overcharging US taxpayers in Iraq

Iraq Resolution Getting Unanimous Support

Emails reveal Enron chief on anxiety tablets

Malaysia's prime minister has told Muslim leaders that Jews run the world

Fears as Nepalese (are) Disappear(ed) (With US Backing)

Report: N. Korea to Display Nuclear Arms

NYT - Federal Prosecutors and F.B.I. Officials Fault Ashcroft on leak ...

ICN Pharmaceuticals Will Cut 1,900 Jobs, Close 8 Plants

Thousands call on Bolivian leader to resign

Dates for Recall Petition Drive and Referendum are Set (Venezuela)

NCR trims benefits - Some retirees must pay for medical insurance

Argentina probes links with Hitler's henchmen

Four Jordanians killed by US troops in Baghdad: taxi firm

Indigenous Peoples & Peasants of Americas Promise to Globalize Resistance

Doctor shot dead in Iraq

Bolivia unrest rooted in years of free market reforms

Perry savors GOP's redistricting victory

Cuba says ready to establish "healthy" relations with US

Pipe sales still proving strong

Alliance / Tories agree to unite the right.

Senior Federal Prosecutors and F.B.I. Officials Fault Ashcroft Over Leak I

Greenpeace vessel denied Miami berth

Explosion damages pipeline in northern Iraq -- October 17 2003

Bush: "I don't mind protests." (The Age, Australia)

Chirac to Speak for Germany at EU Summit

Jews rule the world: Mahathir

High ranking Lt. Gen in charge of fighting terrorism- "Satan is our enemy"

3 Candidates' Spending Tops Funds Raised in Quarter

US troops storm Shia stronghold

SENATE WATCH-10/16/2003 (#1-9:30 AM)

Bush's foreign policy "not good for the world": Madeleine Albright

Argentina probes links with Hitler's henchmen

NYC -- Water Main Break Floods Harlem River Drive

Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds


Iran-Contra Figure Emerges in WMD Probe

ElBaradei says poor Iraqi security opens WMD risk

Exxon Mobil clinches massive deal for Qatari gas

Bush Aides Defend Handling of Afghanistan

A child's view of the Iraq war

Dean Economic Policy Speech -- It's Great!

US troops move against fundamentalist cleric's supporters

Pentagon to Call on More Support Troops

Army Concerned About Suicides of U.S. Troops in Iraq

Iran and al Qaeda: Odd bedfellows

Clark's Campaign Releases Glowing Accounts of His Military Career

Ted Kennedy calls the lies lies - Will it make network news?

FBI Raid City Offices (Philadelphia)

Chinese astronaut returns to earth safely

Bush, Schwarzenegger Meet, Talk Economy

Other Candidates Again Target Dean

We're Still Number One! Miami: America's Poorest City

Explosion Damages Northern Iraqi Pipeline

UK Protesters Aim to Humiliate Bush Like Saddam

Justice Scalia to Stay Out of Pledge Case

Is optional 12th grade turning Florida schools into a joke?

Monsanto Cuts Jobs Because Of Drop In Roundup Sales (900-1200)

Getty heir sued for campaign donation violation

More Reserve Troops to Be Sent to Iraq

Gov.-Elect May Seek a Cap on Spending

Bush, Schwarzenegger Stage Lovefest

The Man Who Knew (Inspectors laughed at Colin Powell's UN speech)

Space set to become war zone, warns US general

Unions Backing Gephardt Form Alliance

Boeing to shut down 757 jetliner production in late 2004

SAIC gets no-bid $2 -$17M sweetheart deal for scissors disposal!


Turkish conscripts likely to be least willing of coalition

Congress May Take Class on Law It Passed

Bush, Fox to discuss immigration reform

Conn. Gov. Rowland's stepson arrested (drug possession)

In California, Hoping for Help

TV camera rigged to kill Afghan rebel Masood stolen in France: police-AFP

Syrian Leader Condemns Iraqi War

Smoke at Barbeque (Haley Barbour attends CCC event)

Child labourers freed from granite pits (more "outsourcing?")

'Perle commends Israeli raid in Syria'

Barr asks State of Georgia to Opt-out of MATRIX System

Painkillers May Have Caused Limbaugh's Deafness

Ashcroft Sees Progress in CIA Leak Probe

Sharon, Arafat not peacemakers

Voters Describe Ideal Nominee

Bush orders officials to stop the leaks

WP: A Solid Vote That Buttresses 'Made in USA'

Addiction to Painkillers Hard to Overcome

Survey Indicates U.S. Troop Morale Problems in Iraq

Bush calculating Schwarzenegger will pump him up

Germans lap up claim that US plotted Sept 11

Senate defies Bush, approves Iraqi loans

Home losses on the upswing

Pope says God wants him to stay

Ashcroft Sees Progress in CIA Leak Probe

Senior Federal Prosecutors and F.B.I. Officials Fault Ashcroft Over Leak I

Bush orders officials to stop the leaks

Is Scalia Too Blunt to Be Effective?

Templeton feeling bearish

Agent No Longer Out of Sight- CIA officer in leak case attends event

US imposes sanctions on Syria

Bush hails 'sheriff' Australia

Iraqi Oil Reaches US Shores

9/11 Investigation Panel Subpoenas FAA Documents

Arab Americans Losing Faith in Bush - - - Look to Democratic Candidates

Anna's injuries may end tennis career

NTSB Probes Pilot in Fatal Ferry Accident

Rumsfeld defends general who commented on war, Satan

Cuban dancers defect

Senior U.S. general says Muslims worship 'idol' (His God is the real God)

US world leader in arms sales, Saudi Arabia no 1 buyer

Bolivia on 'Brink of Catastrophe,' U.S. Urged to Mediate

Two Genetically Modified crops face ban for damaging wildlife in EU

Jobless Claims Fall, Inflation Stays Low (Drudge w/Shrub Photo)

BREAKING: Iraq Resolution has just been Adopted unanimously

Democrats resist Florida straw poll

"...awaiting the hour of reprisal, your time slips a-way..."

Fantagraphics to publish 50 yrs. of Peanuts

What is up with Japanese Anime Porn?

Fly, Granny, Flyyyyyyyy

Anyone chatting on AIM tonight?

Party time in the Governator's mansion

Don't let your teens see THIS

Sucking it in...

Kucinich is coming to Hawaii!!!

help with listening to KGO

Great MSN article on religion and politics

The whole world loves him

Incriminati students know the drill...:)

How do you post pictures?

Sonebody, please animate this know what I'm looking for

A skeleton

Ahhnold crank calls

This is from a right-wing crazy freepers site

Wooohooo! The NEW Toyota hybrids and concept cars.

Brittney Spears Lookalike - Sorta

Enough of the baseball talk already!

awesome animation ..stick figure dancer

Ttttttthhhhhhhhheeeee Ccccccuuuuubbbbssss Llllloooooossseee!!!

UK Stop the War Coalition memorabilia/Bush state visit

Various Sports Articles

whiney O'riley is on the Lame show

Plagiarized paper update III

Onion: Liberman Pledges to Glass Over The Boring Issues

T-shirt seen on campus (should be in Gore's wardrobe)

They are destroying my aina (land)

The Arizona State vs North Carolina Thread

Woo-Hoo!!!! 33,000 DU-ers!!!!!!

Colorblind?? Take the test

Should I go to the Yankees/Red Sox game tonight?

Streakers on the Loose in Sleepy Resort

Man Digs Up Park for Buried Birthday Beer Money

NESN Pregame

Songs that represent

Top 10 reasons why trick or treating is better than sex

The Day Raygun was Shot by Oliver Stone

What's Your Favorite Propaganda Device?

Strange things you did as a child?

How to tick off an MLB fan this week

My personal truce to Yankee Fans

Looking for a good nacho recipe

Who is glad the heroes of "Blair Witch" are 'dead'?

Is the West Wing being censored?

Any Harvard Pilgrim members here?

80 Year Old Woman Knocks Out Rat

Who is going to win tonight: Red Sox or Yankees

Michael Collins: Born October 16,1890


October 18th, 2003: MENSA National Testing Day

The Federation Files Suite Against Chinese Space Agency

Silver Lining for Cubs fans

Wait, Republicans are mad at Dems/Liberals because we started

Apple will start a iTunes promotion with Pepsi--buy Pepsi, FREE songs from

If Kerry is bad for the Cubs, he must be bad for America.

I won't vote for my Dem congressman again

Sports Headline--October 1, 2003: "Cubs Bury 58-year-old Jinx"

Cheney and Halliburton conflict on Senate floor 1:54 PM Eastern

Song lyrics that give you the lump in the throat or back chill....

Hey NCians - Hell House?


Is it me, or is the snickers bar I bought in Cesky Budejovice taste

Anyone know where I can find Clinton footage?

"Bartman" Bush cartoon - t3h funn4y

Ever Won an Argument at DU?

today's new OxyRush and Dr Laura advertisers

The Home Depot ad on Yahoo is creepy

Conversations with right-wing acquaintances

I never thought about

Most Over-rated "Great" Rock Group

I hate the RIAA even more now

Can anyone here read European handwriting?

We're winning.

The Biggest Baseball Game in 100 Years Will Be Played Tonight

What is the biggest Cubs choke job?

Coffee mug with built in pencil sharpener.

Seven More Posts Until 3,000-Ask Me Anything!

Ok, who here is from New Orleans?

In Search of the Toon "Incurious George" and the Man in the Yellow Hat

new $20 bill...

Extra wrinkle: This could be the LAST start for Roger Clemens

Would you use a home video transfer service?

The Cultural Clusterbomb of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Can you pass the citizenship test? Quizzes here!

Some good advice: DON"T watch the 700 club when you're PMSing

I just peed on a urinal screen!

Ha ha! Wooo! Hel-LO, Big Brother!! (toots horn)

Great for Halloween mail.....

Looking for Haunted Places to go?

"Peace as a goal means Communist world control"

Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary or

I saw House of the Dead (gasp)

Best Song To Come Out In The Past 10 Years?

What does n/t mean?

Do you have a tattoo you wish you could just make dissappear

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

A grammar question (wisdom of Al Franken)

4:41 PM Eastern and I've already put away one martini!

Bombs Found In Salem Potato Chip Plant

Oh MAN was watching Oliver Stone's "Nixon" a mistake...

RELAX! It's only a game! (Especially you, Will!)

POLL: Please select only one

I can 'bearly' CAPTION a prediction

Looking for brewpubs, microbreweries, or beerbars in another town?

Arnold Groping pResident Bush

AH!! the cable company was right

My name is Buck, and I'm here to...

I hate Florida.

The Robbers

Red Sox Fans, how will you feel tomorrow morning?

I'm So Excited about the Sox/Yanks Game Tonight

HOLY SHITE! "Back To The Future (Movie)" Predicted THIS World Series?

ayyyyyyyeyah bada bah bada bah

Will the guy who did Rush's,'I'm a Nazi'do "I'm a Junkie'?

itunes for Windows released any reviews from DU'ers?

Why have the Yankees won 4 MLB Championships since 1996

They're Making A Movie About The Cubs Fan (seriously)

Poll: Who should throw out the first ball at (gag) Pro Player next week?

Let me ask you an honest question

I've been gone for a week.

Local News: WATERMAIN Break Just Outside Yankee Stadium

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

I still really detest Bush.

Do You Have, Or Would You Ever Get, A Tattoo?

I picked up my in-laws for the weekend. Ask me anything

Mandella meets Bush - British Comic

I badly sprained my wrist yesterday. I can barely post anything.

Where's the damn Official NY-RedSox Game Seven Thread????

A sad story.

If Lennon were alive today, what would the title of his latest song be?

How many gifts does Santa bring to your house?

I left my baby corn snakes alone until today...

here it okra recipe even you okra haters will love

MCSE certified folk, which books should I read to help?

Is Magic Rat really He-Man


Digital Freedom (Cool picture)

Need help quick...

You know this whole Bartman thing would make a good movie

Just saw an ad for Michael Moore's new book

Who is the most over-rated politician ever?

has anyone received a response from any hate radio advertisers?

Who's seen "Kill Bill"?

Is He-Man Gay?

Just realized something about Reno 9-1-1 last night.

Any DU'er from State College, PA....

Official Red Sox/NYY Game Seven Thread

Imports Of Seconhand Underwear Banned

Funniest Saturday Night Live Performer

Can anyone here tell me about leukemia and relapse?

If Lenin were alive today, what would the title of his latest work be?

Are the Marlins Villains?

need info re: military hardship

Best Long Island Musical Act

Who is the most overrated Democratic politician?

DON'T ask me anything about what's on TV


How I felt last night after the Cubs lost.

Help, do you speak French?

I Would Like To Plug My FIRST Item Ever Bought From An Infomercial

George Bush made me late for jury duty this morning.

I'm Cooking Dinner.... WHO WANTS TACOS?????

A letter to Dr. Laura about morals! (MUST READ)

Silly question; new DVD skips on one player but works on another ...

For Your Musical Pleasure (SOX FANS) I Give You..... "FU BABE!!!!!!!!!!!"

DVD recording software tips

OK, Who's a sucker for these mini RC rollover cars?

I am REALLY pissed off

Since I've Been Loving You

Into The Mystic

American Cultural Hstory..The Seventies

Wow, looks like Kobe is going to get off for sure

Hey Read This thread I posted in GD

Berkeley Breathed on book tour for his new book "Flawed Dogs"

I'm going to Toledo one of these decades, and am making a list

How much longer before the Boston Sox lose?

What Pat Robertson wants (picture)

Oh joy, new SNL features Halle Berry and the Pop Tart-kissed on the advert

ABC has a real sick sense of humor:

I got me an IFR 2398 - ask me any thing.

Ted Williams' son diagnosed with leukemia

What should the topic of my first DU poll be?

Most Believable curse

Rumor has it that Bartman is sitting someplace along the 3rd base seats

Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

Another car thread:GM forced to rename the Buick "Masturbator" in Canada

My parents rock!

Any Denver DUers get to see Michael Moore last night?

What the f**k is love ?

Should I go home?

Anti Bush Rally in here in Phoenix on 11/25 who wants to help?

How come all the cartoons are being made in Korea?

Congrats dorktv on 500 posts!

Teacher's you've HATED

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone, but the Sox are up 4-0 in the 5th inning.

You are not going to believe this REAL pic fm. Coulter's Website

if Fox puts their own ad on the billboard behind home plate?

My first grandson's name is William (after my deceased hub) and a great

Whoopi on right now (8:30PM CST)

I was away from DU. Been back a week and no Mopaul. What's up w/that?

New Job Opportunity for * a CAPTION

new Savage Weiner and Hannity advertisers 10/16

cough, cough, gasp, cough gasp, cough....don't mind me CHOKING!!!

Brother John Duncan is a mean person!

A toast to the man who invented ice cubes.

I'm Crazy For Prince All Over Again!!! (The Artist Formerly Known As...)

So you think you know the Pope? (Quiz)

what do you watch on ebay?

Mailing out Letters

Is the lottery rigged?

How do you move a thread to here?

Philosopher you would most like to have a beer with

a movie is already planned about the Cubs fan that caught the foul ball

I got picked for Jury Duty. Should I wear this T-shirt to court tommorrow?

I just got this original artwork in the mail.

You ever separate "loving someone" from "being in love with someone"?

The Tipsy Traveller of all CAPTIONS!!!!


How Will LynneSin Reveal Her A** To ALL Of DU?

what should I do about my hair

Now that we know what love is, "what the f**k is lust"????

What's your favorite even prime number?

A penny saved is a penny earned, but 18,000 pennies are hard to launder

I used to love language.

Where the hell is Will Pitt???

Steves Jobs interview on CNN

Do you know anyone in real life that has a catchphrase?

Tie-in with Mike Malloy mother recently called

Poor Roger Clemens

Let's get it on...what is your favorite love making music?

How do you choose which item to vote for in a poll?

I just read "Of Mice and Men."

GAME SEVEN Yankees vs Red Sox

Oh Brother! (John that is!) look at this so you may know this monster!

If the White House was Camelot during Kennedy's years, what is it now???

I am on my way to a Democratic Banquet ask me anything!

NEW AVATAR: Human Rights Campaign

Regarding the Cubs fan (you know the one)

I wrote a new song about Bu$h.

Men's rules

Weird Republican haircuts

This gorilla is eating its own feces. Ask me anything.

New AVATARS: Cthulhu Edition!

Hardcore whacked out religious web page.

What is sooooooo great about "100% Columbian coffee"?

Which is the BEST video game platform?

Brits Warming to David Blaine

I'm having a really bad day.


What Do You Miss Most About The 1980's ?

Ever Been To A Drag Show? (That's Drag QUEENS! Not Drag Races.)

Calling Brother Sky Blue

Are indicted Americans innocent until proven guilty, or guilty first?

Anybody gonna get the new Anti-Flag record?

left handed, right handed, or anibitrious

The Temple vs. Miami thread, Part 1

How Many People Have You Slept With In Your Life?

Have you seen Don Rumsfeld's website yet??

new Hannity Advertisers Lancome

our good friend Sffreeways needs a hug

Most exciting sporting event you've attended

Oh MY GOD.... Zimmer does it AGAIN!

Minor Masterpieces: Overlooked Novels

I just had some Oxycontin. Woo.

How Unique is yer Name?