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Latest Breaking News

Mexican journalist found slain with signs of torture
20 min ago - Associated Press

Christie booed mercilessly at Haskell
1 hr ago - NJ.com

Wildfire raging north of San Francisco threatens homes
2 hrs ago - AP

WWE Star Titus O’Neil Took A Group Of Homeless People To A Restaurant To Prove A Point
3 hrs ago - Uproxx Sports

1 dead, several injured in tent collapse in suburban Chicago
4 hrs ago - AP

Canada to hold national election in major test for PM Stephen Harper
7 hrs ago - The Guardian

East County Chaldeans plea for release of Christians detained by Homeleand Security at Otay
7 hrs ago - East County Magazine

Deputies: Bomb squad at scenes of 2 Las Cruces churches
7 hrs ago - KRQE News 13

Chris Christie vows to punch the national teachers union ‘in the face’ because they ‘deserve’ it
7 hrs ago - RawStory

Donald Trump: Blacks are ‘worse than just about ever’ because Obama ‘set a very low bar’
8 hrs ago - RawStory

Doctor becomes second American named in African lion-killing investigation: Pittsburgh gynecologist
8 hrs ago - UK Daily Mail

10 hrs ago - Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority

Salon agrees to recognize union, starts negotiations on contract
10 hrs ago - Poynter

16-year-old stabbed in Jerusalem pride parade succumbs to wounds
10 hrs ago - Haaretz.com

Sanders’ run is good for Democrats in long run, Klobuchar says at La Vista dinner
13 hrs ago - Omaha World Herald

Obama to Unveil 'Biggest Step Ever' in Climate Fight
13 hrs ago - Discovery

Burundi presidential aide Nshimirimana killed in attack
13 hrs ago - BBC

Kellogg, union agree to new 5-year deal
14 hrs ago - Battle Creek Enquirer

Official: New debris found in Reunion not a plane part
17 hrs ago - AP

Rally in support of women's right to go topless takes place in Waterloo, Ont.
17 hrs ago - The Canadian Press

Memphis police officer shot, killed during traffic stop
19 hrs ago - Memphis Commercial Appeal

Verizon workers to stay on job without new contract
19 hrs ago - AP

India wins patent war on hair loss formula
Yesterday - Times of India

US presidential hopeful Martin O'Malley visits Puerto Rico
Yesterday - AP

Letterkenny Army Depot's contract workers vote "union"
Yesterday - WITF

Mexico's president is facing the most damning charge yet — and his reputation is crumbling
Yesterday - Business Insider

Apple, Yahoo shuttle drivers unanimously approve union wage package
Yesterday - USA Today

Major Environmental Group Endorses Bernie Sanders' 2016 Bid
Saturday - National Journal

Syrian Kurds Accuse Turkey Of Attacks, Ask U.S. For Explanation
Saturday - Reuters

Feds find racial bias against black youths in St. Louis County family court

Judge wants Clinton certification on emails
Saturday - Politico

Security firm discovers yet another ‘fatal’ bug in Android phones
Saturday - Science Recorder

Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho is not dead despite rumors, say researchers
Saturday - The Guardian

Zimbabwe restricts hunting in area where Cecil the lion killed
Saturday - AP

Joe Biden Said to Be Taking New Look at Presidential Run
Saturday - New York Times

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Indicted, Sources Say
Saturday - NBCDFW.com

Cecil the lion's brother, Jericho, is also illegally killed in Zimbabwe, official says***(Updated)
Saturday - CNN

Feds: Action taken to fix mistakenly awarded work permits
Saturday - AP

South Sudan: Thousands risk starvation amid Nile blockade
Saturday - Times of India

Trump Has Big Lead In Iowa
Saturday - One America News

Union works at Verizon may strike tonight
Saturday - Boston Herald

Hillary Clinton Hits Jeb Bush First, and Hard, in Speech on Race
Saturday - New York Times

Trooper in Sandra Bland arrest once warned for conduct
Saturday - AP

APNewsBreak: Germany shelves Nazi crimes probe of US man
Saturday - AP

2 Female Soldiers Advance To Final Phase of Army Ranger School
Saturday - The Arizona Daily Star-9 hours ago

Weekly Address: Celebrating Fifty Years of Medicare and Medicaid
Saturday - White House

Ricketts gives another $100,000 to Nebraskans for the Death Penalty
Saturday - Omaha World Herald

Firefighter killed, hundreds flee as California blazes burn
Saturday - AP

Australia walks away from Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal talks
Saturday - The Guardian

City NLRB director rules against New School grad union
Saturday - Capital NY

Feds hope billboards will help to curb corruption in Kentucky
Saturday - WDRB Louisville

Venezuela supermarket looting leaves one dead, dozens detained
Saturday - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Puerto Rico will fail to make Aug.1 payment, signaling default
Saturday - Yahoo! News / Reuters

MH370: Part number on plane wreckage confirms debris is from Boeing 777, Malaysian official says
Saturday - ABC News Australia

Exclusive: Donald Trump's Companies Have Sought Visas To Import At Least 1,100 Workers
Saturday - Reuters

Feds force El Super to rehire fired union supporter
Saturday - Press-Telegram

Jail for man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman in Florida
Saturday - Reuters

In western Iowa, Scott Walker wants to talk about issues, not Donald Trump
Friday - Omaha World Herald

Obama Restores Some Prisoners’ Pell Grant Eligibility
Friday - Newsweek

Talks for Pacific Trade Deal Stall at a Critical Step
Friday - New York Times

Judge Blocks More Video Releases by Group Behind Planned Parenthood Recordings
Friday - Associated Press

'Rowdy' Roddy Piper Dies at 61 From Cardiac Arrest
Friday - TMZ

Trump Sues Chef Who Backed Out Of Restaurant Deal
Friday - ABC News

Emails released from Clinton's private server heavily redacted
Friday - CNN

Family’s attorney says Seneca teen shot from behind
Friday - Greenville Online

Private jet crashes in England killing four people: police (Bin Laden Family)
Friday - Reuters

Accused Charleston church gunman pleads not guilty but plans to plead guilty to federal hate crime c
Friday - Washington Post

Poll: Trump Running As Independent Would Crush GOP's 2016 Chances
Friday - TPM

Mike Huckabee Won't Rule Out Using FBI, Troops To Prevent Abortions
Friday - TPM

Court Grants Stay in O'Bannon Case
Friday - New York Times

Sen. Bob Menendez intros CECIL Act to restrict big-game hunting
Friday - Politico

Good Samaritan Family Gunned Down Trying to Help Stranded Driver in Montana
Friday - KTLA.com

Baltimore killings soar to a level unseen in 43 years
Friday - AP

US extends sanctions on Russians over Ukraine civil war
Friday - Deutsche Welle

White House Vows To Veto Budget Bill That Defunds Planned Parenthood
Friday - TPM

Coast Guard: Search for Teens Will Be Suspended at Sunset
Friday - Associated Press

Latest Batch of Hillary Clinton E-Mails as Secretary of State Released
Friday - Bloomberg

Mysterious $1 Million Donor Helps Bush ‘Super PAC’ Meet Fund-Raising Goal
Friday - New York Times

Clean bill of health: Hillary Clinton's doctor says 2012 health scare resolved
Friday - CNN

In historic announcement, Marine Corps declares controversial F-35 ready for combat
Friday - Washington Post

Environment & Energy
World's Fastest Charging Electric Bus Takes 10 seconds to Charge
By kristopher - 5 min ago

African American
By sheshe2 - 7 min ago

General Discussion
Puppy protects its charge. (Warning, major squee) ...
By aggiesal - 10 min ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Salon: Draft Al Gore for president in 2016
By NYCButterfinger - 13 min ago

Hillary Clinton
"Benghazi" is Republicanese for....
By sheshe2 - 13 min ago

Latest Breaking News
Mexican journalist found slain with signs of torture
By Judi Lynn - 20 min ago

General Discussion
Grassley cannot get Hillary, so he goes after Huma Abedin
By question everything - 22 min ago

General Discussion
Christie booed at Monmouth Park I mean really booed--loud sustained and truly a thing of beauty
By bklyncowgirl - 28 min ago

Hillary Clinton
I like Hillary's comment on the Planned Parenthood controvery
By Kath1 - 33 min ago

General Discussion
Why Social Security Beats All Rivals -- And the Case for Expanding It
By applegrove - 36 min ago

General Discussion
O'Reilly your only opinions should be about your problems not public issues
By UTUSN - 42 min ago

Just How Bad is Arne Duncan's Dept. of Ed Reform? BAD. Really, Really BAD.
By Smarmie Doofus - 46 min ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Bernie Sanders Lobs A Crippling Blow At The Kochs With Bill To Publicly Fund Elections
By 99th_Monkey - 49 min ago

General Discussion
Helping Inmates Pay For College Could Dramatically Reduce Incarceration
By applegrove - 57 min ago

General Discussion
Hello everyone. I'm ok.
By mmonk - 1 hr ago

On the lake today, the water was mostly green. Really. It reflected summer.
By Mira - 1 hr ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Sorry Hillary Clinton fans: no more...
By cui bono - 1 hr ago

General Discussion
It's state and county fair time, you know what that means...
By Archae - 1 hr ago

Environment & Energy
Agrarian settlements drive severe tropical deforestation across the Amazon
By OKIsItJustMe - 1 hr ago

Latest Breaking News
Christie booed mercilessly at Haskell
By bklyncowgirl - 1 hr ago

General Discussion
Animal Heroes Like This Deserve Our Thanks!
By Omaha Steve - 1 hr ago

General Discussion
The Documentary that Donald Trump Doesn't Want You to See
By no_hypocrisy - 1 hr ago

General Discussion
The Greek Coup: Liquidity as a Weapon of Coercion
By marmar - 1 hr ago

What If Teachers Were Treated Like Pro Athletes?
By progressoid - 1 hr ago

Environment & Energy
California “Rain Debt” Equal to Average Full Year of Precipitation
By OKIsItJustMe - 1 hr ago

Environment & Energy
Clean-energy debate pitted ambition against legal worries
By RiverLover - 1 hr ago

General Discussion
The animal rescue site: This shirt gives $5 to help stop poaching in AFRICA!
By Omaha Steve - 1 hr ago

Video & Multimedia
Deer attacks Cecil the lion killer dentist Walter Palmer
By RKP5637 - 1 hr ago

Atheists & Agnostics
Freethought of the day.
By progressoid - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion
Training Officers to Shoot First, and He Will Answer Questions Later
By Hotler - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Influential criminal justice experts consulted for Martin O'Malley's reform plan
By bigtree - 2 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
Wildfire raging north of San Francisco threatens homes
By Omaha Steve - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Bernie Pushing Public Campaign Financing Bill
By kenn3d - 2 hrs ago

The August, 2015 Competition will be Panoramas.
By PuppyBismark - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion
RNC set to vote on anti-gay resolutions at summer meeting
By brooklynite - 2 hrs ago

Houston We Have a Problem! Four Things You Need to Know about the Suspension of HERO
By icymist - 2 hrs ago

Report Indicates Bees Naturally Vaccinate Their Offspring
By IDemo - 2 hrs ago

Video & Multimedia
Anonymous: Operation Fun Kill
By swilton - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion
Cait Jenner is an entitled Republican jerk. She's no ally, at this point anyway.
By pnwmom - 2 hrs ago

Environment & Energy
Peru a Shining Example for South America’s Climate Action Plans
By forest444 - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Vintage Bernie Video -- Kicking Alan Greenspan's Butt with some truth
By Armstead - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion
Short And Sweet: One Of The Best Anti-War Statements Ever... Renee Zellwiger - Cold Mountain...
By WillyT - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion
LOL!! Look at this crazy gator
By CatWoman - 2 hrs ago

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Shuvee Handicap
By twogunsid - 2 hrs ago

General Discussion
Five more systems in the Pacific
By malaise - 3 hrs ago

General Discussion
Holy sh!t. Heat index of 164 degrees in Iran
By progressoid - 3 hrs ago

General Discussion
Security minded Windows users look here, 10 is watching you
By JackInGreen - 3 hrs ago

Foreign Affairs
Iran uses fabricated WikiLeaks cable to smear UN rights rapporteur
By Eugene - 3 hrs ago

Computer Help and Support
Font style on MS Edge browser
By stopbush - 3 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
WWE Star Titus O’Neil Took A Group Of Homeless People To A Restaurant To Prove A Point
By 7962 - 3 hrs ago

Environment & Energy
New Solar Panel Technologies Will Drive Down Costs
By RiverLover - 3 hrs ago

General Discussion: Primaries
My one problem with Bernie Sanders.
By craigmatic - 3 hrs ago

Chemistry Question
By IrishAyes - 3 hrs ago

What are you reading the week of Sunday, August 2, 2015?
By hermetic - 3 hrs ago

General Discussion
Earlier today I crossed the section of I-10 where the bridge washed out (short vid)
By A HERETIC I AM - 3 hrs ago

General Discussion
Paramedic Who Makes $15/hr. Destroys Every Complaint About Fast Food Workers Earning The Same Amoun
By ashling - 3 hrs ago

Gun Control & RKBA
The Racist History of Gun Control....Pt. 1
By Kang Colby - 3 hrs ago

Video & Multimedia
The Gender Card - Don't Leave Home Without It
By yallerdawg - 3 hrs ago

Computer Help and Support
Special ? about Windows 10 Nobody Else Will Answer
By IrishAyes - 3 hrs ago

General Discussion
Cecil the lion: It's time to lift the lid on hunting greed and this whole sick scam
By Triana - 3 hrs ago

Life as Sara: What it's like to be a transgender woman when you’re not Caitlyn Jenner
By icymist - 3 hrs ago

General Discussion
city pays out $130k settlement for this 2013 action by "admirable" cop
By Liberal_in_LA - 3 hrs ago

General Discussion
The O'Reilly Factor Continues Dehumanizing Coverage Of New York's Homeless Population
By Lady Freedom Returns - 3 hrs ago

Bernie Sanders
Some thoughts about the spate of OPs/comments about Bernie's supporters.
By djean111 - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion
the candidate leading in the republican party polls is an avowed birther.
By spanone - 4 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
1 dead, several injured in tent collapse in suburban Chicago
By Omaha Steve - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion
Microsoft will NOT email you Windows 10, it's ransomware
By steve2470 - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion
CNN-Cop tosses food at homeless man in custody
By Lady Freedom Returns - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Take solace
By whatchamacallit - 4 hrs ago

Video & Multimedia
In Depth with Medea Benjamin - CSPAN Book TV
By Mika - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Thank you all for signing the Petition for Immediate schedualing of the Democratic Debates
By FreakinDJ - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion
ABC7, Chicago-A story the city won't discuss: Homeless population explosion
By Lady Freedom Returns - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion
Charles Koch compares work of his political network to civil rights movement
By steve2470 - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion
911 Dispatcher Resigns After Hanging Up On Teen Helping Dying Friend
By dixiegrrrrl - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion: Primaries
Sorry, Hillary Clinton fans, no more flogging the polls.
By Turchinsky - 4 hrs ago

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 3 August 2015
By Tansy_Gold - 4 hrs ago

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 William H. Haskell Invitational
By twogunsid - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion: Primaries
The Hunting of Hillary - A Conversation with Joe Conason
By mcar - 4 hrs ago

General Discussion
We know that harming animals is a sign of psychopathology - why do we tolerate it in trophy hunters?
By villager - 4 hrs ago

Understanding Religious Trauma Syndrome: It’s Time to Recognize It
By Warren Stupidity - 4 hrs ago