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White supremacist stabs interracial couple after seeing them kiss at bar, police say
Aug 19 - Washington Post

Clinton Told FBI Colin Powell Recommended Private Email: Sources
Aug 19 - NBC news

GOP preps tough perjury case against Clinton
Aug 19 - The Hill

Poroshenko Warns Of 'Martial Law' If Ukraine Conflict Escalates
Aug 19 - euronews

U.S. says sorry as swimmers leave Brazil to jeers
Aug 19 - Reuters

NYC Parks Dept. issues cheeky response to naked Trump statue
Aug 18 - CNN Politics

Texas lawyer acquitted of BP oil spill fraud
Aug 18 - Associated Press

Harley-Davidson pays $15 million in air-pollution settlement
Aug 18 - AP

Poll shows close race between Clinton and Trump in Nevada
Aug 18 - LA Times

Mexico's rights agency says police executed 22 at ranch
Aug 18 - Associated Press

Appeals court formally nullifies Texas abortion restrictions
Aug 18 - AP

Former Wyoming police officer arrested in cold case homicide
Aug 18 - Associated Press

Clinton, Trump agree to first 2016 Presidential Forum focusing on veterans, national security
Aug 18 - NBC News

Images show crowded, dirty Border Patrol cells in Arizona
Aug 18 - Associated Press

Autopsy: Patient died from mold linked to other deaths
Aug 18 - Associated Press

Baltimore ends contract with lawyer accused of Neo-Nazi ties
Aug 18 - Associated Press

Judge definitively blocks Florida abortion law
Aug 18 - Associated Press

Trump Says He Is Sorry, (Sort Of)
Aug 18 - Huff Post

Target Invests $20 Million For Single-Stall Bathrooms Following Transgender Policy
Aug 18 - CW33 NewsFix

Locally Transmitted Zika Virus Identified In Miami Beach: Source
Aug 18 - Reuters

BREAKING: Emails Show Trump Advisers Waged Covert Influence Campaign for Pro-Russian Ukraine Govt.
Aug 18 - Associated Press /NBC News

Gawker.com to End Operations Next Week
Aug 18 - Gawker

Sumner Redstone Is Said to Prevail in Fight for His Media Empire
Aug 18 - New York Times

UN Says It Was Involved In Introducing Cholera To Haiti

14 Killed In Attacks On Police, Military In Turkey; 220 Hurt

North Carolina GOP Out to Limit Crucial Early Voting Period
Aug 18 - NBC News

Zika Might Affect Adult Brains, Too, Study Finds
Aug 18 - NBC News

Hackers Targeted Trump Campaign and Republican Party Groups
Aug 18 - Reuters

Clinton Foundation to end foreign donations if Hillary elected
Aug 18 - USA TODAY

Brazilian Police Recommend US Swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen Face Charges After Robbery Claim
Aug 18 - ABC NEWS

The Latest: Can’t unsee: Naked Trump statues in major cities
Aug 18 - Washington Post

Uber to launch driverless car service in Pittsburgh
Aug 18 - AFP

Homer's nuclear incompetence has North Korea banning 'The Simpsons'
Aug 18 - UPI

Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon Failed To Properly Pay Taxes For Several Years
Aug 18 - Huffington Post

Senator praises ‘law and order’ Trump for demanding death penalty for innocent teens
Aug 18 - RawStory

"WE HAD ROCKS THROWN AT US":Trump aide Manafort implicated in pro-Russian protests against US troops
Aug 18 - Fusion

MSF To Evacuate Staff From Yemen Hospitals After Saudi-Led Air Strikes
Aug 18 - Reuters

New FOX 5 poll: Georgia now a battleground state
Aug 18 - Fox 5 Atlanta

Aug 18 - Associated Press

Brazil police: Swimmers were vandals, not robbery victims
Aug 18 - CNN

Baltimore terminates contract with attorney accused of neo-Nazi ties
Aug 18 - Baltimore Sun

T-Mobile ends cheaper plans and imposes new limits on unlimited data
Aug 18 - Arstechnica

Baltimore Hires Neo-Nazi Lawyer To Defend Police Department In Misconduct Case
Aug 18 - Huffington Post

Police: Notes urging violence against Muslims a hate crime
Aug 18 - newscenter1.t

Argentine Supreme Court strikes down President Macri's natural gas hikes nationwide.
Aug 18 - Buenos Aires Herald

Twitter Suspends 235,000 Accounts for Promoting Terrorism
Aug 18 - Gizmodo

Cybercriminals use non-existent ‘Clinton, IS money swap’ video to spread virus
Aug 18 - Hindustan Times (India)

Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper gets 18 years for drugging, raping women
Aug 18 - Associated Press

Justice Department says it's ending the use of private prisons
Aug 18 - The Washington Post

UPDATED: BREAKING: Report Says Lochte Fabricated Robbery Story, Fought With Security at Gas Station
Aug 18 - Mediaite

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