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Russian lawmakers cry foul over resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn
Tuesday - ABC News

Scarborough rips Conway as an 'out of the loop' liar after Flynn resignation
Tuesday - Politico

Russia Today tweets about Flynn 'retirement'
Tuesday - The Hill

Trade groups push Congress to reverse NLRB joint employer ruling
Tuesday - The Hill

Netanyahu adviser wants 'no gaps' with US on key issues
Tuesday - The Hill

British government rejects petition to stop Trump's visit
Tuesday - The Hill

Petraeus, Kellogg, Harward: Meet potential Flynn replacements
Tuesday - CNN

As trial date draws near, FBI releases more about secretive 9/11 Review Commission
Tuesday - Florida Bulldog

Journalist Claims Omarosa Manigault Threatened Her, Said White House Has Dossier on Her
Tuesday - New York Magazine

New immigration measures prompts surge in number of residents seeking U.S. citizenship
Tuesday - The Miami Herald

Dems Demand Jason Chaffetz Investigate Flynn, Or Step Aside
Tuesday - Huff post

Abe says Trump encouraged him to boost ties, dialogue with Putin
Tuesday - The Japan Times

Net closes on Peru's fugitive ex-president
Tuesday - Agence France-Presse

U.S. calls Venezuela's vice president an international drug trafficker
Tuesday - CNN

Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser
Feb 13 - NY Times

Federal judge in Virginia issues strong rebuke of Trump travel ban
Feb 13 - Washington Post

Warren blasts Labor nominee Puzder as business groups, protesters mobilize
Feb 13 - St Louis Post-Dispatch

Germany wants Greece in euro zone, IMF says no special deals
Feb 13 - Reuters

White House Sends Mixed Signals About Trumps Confidence in Michael Flynn.
Feb 13 - nyt

Freedom Caucus vows to oppose weakening ObamaCare repeal
Feb 13 - The Hill

Judge Rejects Request to Delay Travel Ban Lawsuit
Feb 13 - www.cnn.com

Justice Department warned White House that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials
Feb 13 - Washington Post

Senate easily confirms Trump pick of Shulkin as VA secretary
Feb 13 - Associated Press

Steven Mnuchin Is Confirmed as Treasury Secretary
Feb 13 - New York Times

Puzders Nomination In Jeopardy
Feb 13 - Political Wire

US House tax committee will not seek Trump tax returns
Feb 13 - Reuters

NC court blocks law stripping governor of election powers
Feb 13 - Associated Press

Right set to fight back on town hall protests
Feb 13 - The Hill

Trump Declines To Say Whether He Has Full Confidence In Flynn
Feb 13 - NPR

Oprah gives tape with Puzder abuse allegations to Senate

Flynn apologizes to Pence: report
Feb 13 - The Hill

Syrian forces used gas attacks as key part of campaign to retake Aleppo
Feb 13 - Washington Post

Justice Department asks Seattle judge to defer action on Trump order
Feb 13 - Reuters

TSA employees arrested for cocaine smuggling operation in Puerto Rico
Feb 13 - The Hill

IBM leader defends role on Trump advisory council
Feb 13 - The Hill

Trump cancels reported bill signing in Ohio
Feb 13 - The Hill

Trump: Well be tweaking NAFTA
Feb 13 - The Hill

200 patient groups ask Price to keep protections for those with pre-existing conditions
Feb 13 - The Hill

Mark Cuban on potential presidential run: 'We will see'
Feb 13 - The Hill

US judge denies tribes' request to block completion of Dakota pipeline
Feb 13 - Reuters

Adam Schiff drops bombshell: Michael Flynn may have used encryption to hide Russia talks from US
Feb 13 - RawStory

Burlington to drop Ivanka Trump brand online: Business Insider
Feb 13 - Reuters

Trump Brags About Election Win (Again) In Joint Press Conference With Trudeau
Feb 13 - Talking Points Memo

Jerry Sanduskys Son Charged With Child Sexual Abuse
Feb 13 - CBS Philly

I cant believe it: Internet loses it over apocalyptic selfie of Trump fan with the nuclear
Feb 13 - Raw Story

Nancy Pelosi Calls On Trump To Fire National Security Adviser Michael Flynn
Feb 13 - Talking Points Memo

Report: White House Pulled Flynn Out Of Speech At Defense Symposium
Feb 13 - Talking Points Memo

If You Want $1000, Offer This NH Republican Proof of Voter Fraud by Bus
Feb 13 - Mediaite

Judge questions effect of Trump comments on Bergdahl case
Feb 13 - Associated Press

Trump might return to Palm Beach for third straight weekend
Feb 13 - Palm Beach Post

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