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Sen. Bernie Sanders Calls out the Neocon Warmongers and Dick Cheney by Name on the Senate Floor!

Many people have waited for YEARS to hear this. Waited for our Representatives to TELL THE TRUTH about these Criminals, who are now trying to get us into MORE WAR, this time with Iran.

They have tried to undermine President Obama's efforts to avoid war with Iran, along with their neocon, warmongering buddy, Netanyahu, using OUR troops to fight yet another unnecessary War For Profit while they and their chicken hawk buddies reap the profits. Sanders reminded the world today of the cost of their Wars For Profit to those who were sent to fight them, and to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, Bernie Sanders did what he does so well, he told the TRUTH about those tragic wars:


Peace Warrior Bernie Sanders Storms The Senate And Calls Out GOP Warmongers

While announcing his support for the Iran nuclear agreement, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) called out the Republicans who wrong about Iraq and now oppose the Iran deal.

Sanders said:

Those who have spoken out against this agreement, including many in this chamber, and those who have made every effort to thwart the diplomatic process, are many of the same people who spoke out forcefully and irresponsibly about the need to go to war with Iraq – one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the modern history of our country.

Sadly, people like former vice president Dick Cheney and many of the other neo-cons who pushed us to war Iraq were not only tragically wrong then; they are wrong now. ]Unfortunately, these individuals have learned nothing from the results of that disastrous policy and how it destabilized the entire region.

I fear that many of my Republican colleagues do not understand that war must be a last resort, not the first resort. It is easy to go to war, it not so easy to comprehend the unintended consequences of that war.

As the former Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, I have talked to veterans from WWII to Iraq, and I have learned a little bit about what the cost of war entails. In Iraq and Afghanistan, we have lost 6,700 brave men and women, and many others have come home without legs, without arms, without eyesight.

Let us not forget that 500,000 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan came back to their families with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. The suicide rate of young veterans is appallingly high. The divorce rate is appallingly high, and the impact on children is appallingly high. God knows how many families have been devastated by these wars.

And we should not forget the many hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children who died in that war, and those whose lives who have been completely destabilized, including those who are fleeing their country today with only the clothes on their back as refugees. The cost of war is real.

The left has presented a united front on the Iran deal. The liberal leaders in the Senate have had President Obama’s back because they understand what is at stake. The Iran nuclear agreement is a matter of war and peace.

As Sen. Sanders pointed out on the Senate floor, the same people who lied to us about Iraq, now want the American people to believe them about the Iran deal.

Republicans have less than no credibility on this issue, and Sen. Sanders did his country a great service when he reminded everyone about the GOP’s record of pro-war lies.

He predicted the horrors the neocon wars would bring back when they started their lies and deceptions, and he was right then.

Thank you AGAIN Bernie for TELLING THE TRUTH! And for standing up for this country against these criminals who should be hiding in their undisclosed locations, breathing a sigh of relief that they are not sitting in a jail cell for the rest of their lives (which they should be and would be if it were up to me).

Joe Biden speaking in Pittsburgh to Bernie Supporters says: 'Vote For Bernie' 'He's a good man'!

Joe Biden says ‘vote for Bernie’ in Pittsburgh

Sanders volunteers were told to “vote for him” on Monday by Vice President Joe Biden, who has not yet decided if he will going to run for president.

A group of Bernie supporters at the Pittsburgh Labor Day parade were told by Biden to vote for Sanders, saying “he’s a good man.”

Joshua Sickels, who helps run grassroots efforts in Pittsburgh said Biden gave him a thumbs up and said, “Bernie is a great guy!”

In a speech before hundreds of steelworkers, Biden proclaimed that the media liked to portray him as a populist and said, “They’ll probably say (I’m) competing with Bernie Sanders, who is doing a helluva job by the way.”

Biden has made other very revealing statements recently that while not mentioning Bernie by name, were in complete agreement with Bernie's campaign against Citizen's United.

His remarks about the corrupting effects of money in politics a few weeks ago, can be found here:

Joe Biden on Money in Politics: “A Hell of a Way to Run a Democracy”

– He said on a variety of issues, nothing is going to happen until we address the broken system. “If you could do only one single thing, only one, to increase fairness, equity, opportunity to middle class, pass rational gun control, deal with immigration, etc. What would it be? I can tell you one thing I would do. It would be get private money out of political process.”

– He specifically called out the argument that candidates can’t “disarm” because their opponents won’t. “The first place you’ve got to start is the Democratic party. No matter how much you love me or somebody else, you have to demand of us that we demonstrate we understand. We can do something about the corrosive impact of massive amounts of money.”

I think Biden has seen the awful effects of money in politics and seems to be very impressed with Bernie, subtly implying that HE, Bernie, is doing what needs to be done.

Sanders grabs 9-point lead over Clinton in NH. Tightens Gap in Iowa!

Poll: Sanders grabs 9-point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. Tightens gap in Iowa!

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has jumped to a 9-point lead in New Hampshire over Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll.

Sanders is the favorite of 41 percent of Democratic voters in the NBC News/Marist poll out Sunday morning, compared to 32 percent for Clinton. Vice President Biden has 16 percent support in the Granite State.

Clinton topped Sanders in New Hampshire, 42 percent to 32 percent, in a similar poll in July.

Another NBC/Marist Poll out Sunday found that Sanders is gaining ground on Clinton in Iowa, where her lead over the Vermont senator has shrunk 13 points since July.

She now takes 38 percent support in Iowa, compared to Sanders’s 27 percent.

No Name Recognition just months ago.

Blackout by the Corporate Media

No Huge Corporate Money.

No help from the Dem Party.

DNC working AGAINST him.

Why is this happening?

Because Bernie is right!

The People DO still have the power to change things, but only IF they are united!

People Power is the reason for this amazing phenomenon!

Dear Bernie Supporters. Keep up the Good Work!


African Americans Feeling the Bern Start Grassroots Effort in Brooklyn, NY for Bernie!

Stan Williams ‏@stanlwilliams Aug 22

Here at @afropunk with @People4Bernie listening to stories on why #BernieSoPunk @BernieSanders #Feelthebern

Stan Williams ‏@stanlwilliams Aug 19

Me and @MouBerningluv @ a Bushwick for Bernie screen printing party! #FeelTheBern @BernieSanders

Stan Williams ‏@stanlwilliams Aug 24

1st African American for @BernieSanders meeting here in NYC. Details to come. #FeelTheBern @People4Bernie

Stan Williams is an activist, organizer, is part of OWS and is a symbol, imo, of how so many of the recent protest groups, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, eg, are joining forces to finally address the serious, the VERY serious issues this country is facing.

He was not overly impressed with Hillary's reaction to Black Lives Matter:

Stan Williams ‏@stanlwilliams Aug 18

So @HillaryClinton wants #BlackLivesMatter to come up with policy points so a polarized congress can shut down bills. I'll give suggestions.
6 retweets 12 favorites
Stan Williams ‏@stanlwilliams Aug 18

What @HillaryClinton said to #BlackLivesMatter was akin to telling women 2 write policy to get equal pay as men and if they didn't, too bad.
7 retweets 8 favorites
Stan Williams ‏@stanlwilliams Aug 18

Glad #BlackLivesMatter is confronting @BernieSanders. He's showing us he will make changes while @HillaryClinton tells us it's our problem.
107 retweets 105 favorites

He supported the actions taken by BLM to get the attention of politicians. He was very impressed by Bernie's response who listened, didn't tell them to go work on some policies themselves, but drew up a plan, apparently it was in the works before the protests, and demonstrated his deep passion for issues that concern African Americans.

Stan Williams ‏@stanlwilliams Aug 9

I think @BernieSanders campaign slogan should be #WeDoThisTogether #FeelTheBern
80 retweets 149 favorites
Stan Williams retweeted
deray mckesson ‏@deray Aug 9

The "violence" framing in the initial draft of the Sanders Racial Justice platform is powerful. & I look forward to seeing him expand this.
1,255 retweets 2,178 favorites

The meeting did take place in NY. They made several strategy proposals to introduce Bernie to African Americans only one third of whom are familiar with him. You can see the minutes from that meeting here:


There are many other minority groups around the country joining the Bernie Movement also:

African-Americans For Bernie Sanders
August 22 at 7:03pm · Edited ·

Today we asked a couple of our young African-American millennials at Afropunk music festival why they love Bernie and here's what they had to say. Enjoy!


Remember that amazing kid? He is incredible. As he says here, 'Bernie's only problem is GETTING THE MESSAGE OUT THERE! Posted one of his early videos in this Group!

And what all this says is that smart people of all demographics know that the people must be united because when they are 'they cannot be defeated'.

We have allowed division to diminish the people's power.

Bernie is changing that!

You can follow Stan Williams on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/stanlwilliams

"Sitting next to Bernie on flight home very proud that he's from VT. Feel the Bern!"


johncohnvt ‏@johncohnvt 19h19 hours ago
Sitting next to Bernie on a plane when i got this on FB. Showed him...and he liked it ! #FeelTheBern

johncohnvt ‏@johncohnvt 19h19 hours ago
Sitting next to Bernie Sanders on flight home very Proud that he's from VT. Feel the Bern !

Bernie is still mingling with ordinary people, on planes, on trains and I've read he often just drives with a friend to get to DC from Vt.

People do worry about him but I guess he wants to stay in touch with the people he feels most comfortable with as long as he can.

Phish for Bernie! Bernie has the most cool supporters!

Hilarious! Billionaires Try To Shut Down Bernie Sanders Headquarters!

Lol! Bernie's supporters are fantastic!

It will definitely make you laugh.

PPPolling: Bernie Sanders is the most popular candidate on either side of the aisle in New Hampshire

This is from Public Policy Polling:

Ayotte/Hassan a Toss Up; Clinton/Sanders Generally Lead GOP Field

Bernie Sanders is the most popular candidate on either side of the aisle in New Hampshire and actually does an average of 3.5 points better than Clinton in comparable head to head match ups. Sanders has a 46/36 favorability rating. The only other candidates who come out positively with the overall electorate are Kasich at 36/30 and Carson at 36/33. Sanders does similarly to Clinton against Bush (he leads him by 8 at 46/38, she leads him by 7), and Walker (they both lead him 47/39). Against Trump and Rubio, Sanders actually fares a good deal better than Clinton. He leads Trump by 9 at 50/41, compared to Clinton's 2 point advantage, and he leads Rubio by 13 at 48/35, compared to Clinton's 8 point advantage.

He's doing better than Hillary by one point against Bush.

And better than Clinton against Trump and Rubio!

More and more polls are showing Bernie closing the gap with Clinton as more and more people get to know him.


West Virginia Poll: Clinton 36%, Sanders 32%!

W.V. Poll Clinton 36% Sanders 32%

The report noted that all respondents knew who Hillary was, while one third did not know who Bernie was. Yet!

Poll: Democrats running for WV gov locked in dead heat

The poll also noted about 36 percent of those likely to vote in the Democratic presidential race supported Hillary Clinton, while 32 percent supported Bernie Sanders. About 32 percent remained undecided.

Clinton was recognized by nearly all of the survey’s respondents while Sanders could not be rated by a third of respondents.

Bernie rises in polls as people get to know him. Several polls are now showing him going into the 30s while half the country still doesn't know who he is.

So a lot of work still to be done to introduce Bernie to as many people as possible, but amazing work considering its only been a few months, Bernie is doing it without Corporate money, without the backing of the DNC, and starting out with practically zero name recognition.

Watch Young Senator Barack Obama Campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2006

Watch Young Senator Barack Obama Campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2006


"When ordinary people decide they want a different future for themselves and for their children and their grandchildren, and they come together and work at a grassroots level, it doesn't matter how much money is spent," Obama said, previewing a theme that would dominate his first presidential campaign, "it doesn't matter what the powers and principalities say; we can bring about a change."

Obama also teased Sanders about his cult following in Vermont.

"How do you campaign where everybody knows you?" he asked. "I mean, what's the point?"

Sanders would go on to win his race with 67% of the vote.

Biden Will Not Accept Corporate Money If He Runs! Money in Politics 'Corrosive & Corrupting' he says

About one month ago, Joe Biden issued a challenge to Democrats after calling the Money that is so corrupting to our system of Government "A Hell of a Way to Run Democracy"

Biden said that Democrats MUST 'disarm' from this money and lead the way to getting it out of our system of government:

– He specifically called out the argument that candidates can’t “disarm” because their opponents won’t. ]“The first place you’ve got to start is the Democratic party. No matter how much you love me or somebody else, you have to demand of us that we demonstrate we understand. We can do something about the corrosive impact of massive amounts of money.”

That's a pretty strong statement so I am sure that if he enters the race, he will be joining Bernie Sanders and leading the way to END the takeover of our government by a small group of wealthy donors.

In fact, like Bernie, Biden believes that getting 'Private Money out of politics' is and should be a #1 issue for Democrats:

He said on a variety of issues, nothing is going to happen until we address the broken system. “If you could do only one single thing, only one, to increase fairness, equity, opportunity to middle class, pass rational gun control, deal with immigration, etc. What would it be? I can tell you one thing I would do. It would be get private money out of political process.”

And like Bernie Sanders, he believes that it CAN BE DONE, but of course, only if Candidates REFUSE to accept it, as Sanders is doing:

– And he believes change is possible: “You know, we have to speak up. You have to speak up. I know a lot of what I just said sounds Pollyannish to you. But I’ve been around longer than these other guys. I’m telling you it can be done. It always is done with generations like yours.”

“So ladies and gentleman, I predict one day that the American people are going to wake up and they are going to demand change....

The American People HAVE ALREADY wakened up. Over 80% of Americans across political lines, now say this IS a number one issue for this country.

And here Biden echoes, though he doesn't mention, Bernie Sanders on HOW it is possible to NOT accept money from Private Corporations:

If I get a chance to go on television with millions of dollars or I’m able to put 2,000 volunteers on the street, I’d take 2000 volunteers for free. Folks, don’t underestimate your ability to influence all of us who are tempted to yield to temptation to go ahead and do the same thing and, again, rationalize.

As everyone knows, Bernie Sanders has made Citizens United, which he calls 'one of the worst SC decisions ever made' a central issue of his campaign.

And as always, Bernie isn't just talking, he refuses to accept money from big donors and is taking small donations only from the PEOPLE who he hopes to represent and work for if elected.

He is demonstrating that it is FALSE to claim that candidates cannot run effective campaigns WITHOUT taking Corporate Money.

Biden NOT talking about Hillary he seems to want us to know, OR himself, I hope should he enter the race:

But what are we doing? I know a lot of people are going to read into this part of what I’m saying something I’m not intending. I’m not talking about any individual. I really am not.

So, I personally look forward to Biden joining Bernie in refusing to take the 'corrupting, corrosive' Corporate money now even more corrosive due to Citizens United IF he enters this race.

If he does NOT then he risks, as he stated himself, losing the trust of the people.

“Folks, we ought to start in our own party. You ought to be demanding of all of us, because at least in our own party fights among ourselves, in primaries, that we adhere to a policy that doesn’t rest on millionaires and billionaires.

We are, Mr. Vice President, we are! See Bernie Sanders' Campaign and join his Political Revolution which would benefit greatly with not one, but two Candidates for the WH running WITHOUT the influence of Corporate Money!

All highlights of quotes are mine ...

And if you want to know who else AGREES with Bernie, and now Biden, see here:

“Yes, We’re Corrupt”: A List of Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics

From Jim Hightower, one of the many from that article, both Repubs and Dems, who have now spoken out about this issue:

“Today’s whole political game, run by an absurdist’s nightmare of moneyed elites, is ridiculous – a game in which corporations are people and money is magically empowered to speak; candidates trek to the corporate suites and secret retreats of the rich, shamelessly selling their political souls.” – Jim Hightower, former Democratic agricultural commissioner of Texas, 2015.

Two Democratic Presidential Candidates running WITHOUT taking Corporate money would totally undermine Citizens United.

Let's hope more will join them in what is the #1 issue of this campaign!

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