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A New Left in Europe: Austerity Gves Rise to New Political Parties

Populist Left Policies are regaining support Globally, after the horrific Neo-Liberal Policies imposed on once First World countries throughout Europe. The damage caused may never be totally repairable, the IMF/Word Bank having indebted countries there as they have elsewhere, a practice which ends up stealing their sovereignty.

They were a total failure for the Working Class. However their main goals were achieved, which did not include the working class. Wall St investors and other Financial predators, profited wildly from the distress imposed on many of these nations. Forced in many cases to sell of their national assets.

Naomi Klein's 'Shock Doctrine' tells about the same neo liberal policies once reserved for Third World nations, which have now been in full swing with the same disastrous results in Europe.

It was inevitable that the people would eventually reject them.

A New Left in Europe: Austerity Gves Rise to New Political Parties

A new Left is rising in Europe as the new year begins. And despite the fears it engenders in polite society, this New Left is less Marxian than it is — oh, the horror — Keynesian.

Keynesianism is a complex economic theory, but its central insight is simple enough: If every institution stops spending, economic activity will decline. Self-evident though this may be, this insight has eluded such global economic institutions as the International Monetary Fund, as well as Europe’s economic hegemon, Germany, when dealing with the depression that has devastated southern Europe, and Greece in particular.

Naturally cuts to Social Programs was a key feature of these Draconian 'Austerity' policies. They really hate to see the 'little people' using up any money their own greedy hands could be grabbing.

The policies that the European Union — that is, Germany — has imposed on southern Europe run counter to every lesson history teaches us about how to counter a prolonged economic crisis. In the 1930s, Franklin Roosevelt devised the New Deal not merely to counter the Depression’s effects but specifically to bolster what was then the underdeveloped economy of the American South and Southwest. His remedies extended beyond such successful stimulus programs as the Works Progress Administration , which gave millions of Americans jobs building needed public infrastructure. His policies also were crafted to bring the Southern economy into the 20th century through such programs as the Tennessee Valley Authority and rural electrification. The Jeffersonian anti-statism of today’s South notwithstanding,
it was the New Deal and postwar military spending, as well as minimum wage and civil rights legislation, that enabled the Southern economy to catch up with the rest of the nation

I could see why the Third Way and the Republicans have worked hard to get rid of the New Deal programs here since Austerity European Style neo liberal policies are policies THEY support also.

A similar understanding of the economics of depression and under-development could have yielded more successful economic outcomes in the European south over the past few years. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also could have learned a lesson closer to home: It was the austerity policies enacted by Chancellor Heinrich Brüning in the early 1930s that plunged Germany deeper into depression and paved the way for the Nazi takeover. Say this for the German misunderstanding of macroeconomics: It’s consistent.

Is it possible that the world has had enough of these neo-liberal, Wall St, Third Way policies?

It does seem to be spreading, the movement toward a more populist agenda and the failure, for ordinary people, of the policies supported by the Right and neo-liberals, does seem to be what is driving this movement towards the Left.

So maybe the time is right now for Populist Reform of the Democratic Party?

Sen. Chuck Schumer wants suggestions for Bold Ideas for the 2016 Election.

It's an odd question for a Democrat to ask imo. Such ideas should be coming naturally to our elected officials especially since the people HAVE been TRYING to let them know, see the last midterm eg, where Progressive issues passed though not always, elected officialswhat they want to see and hear from Democratic Candidates.

Look no further than some of the Democrats who have articulated, and some implemented, see FDR, some of these bold ideas.


I watched Mario Cuomo's 1984 speech to the DNC and then read the transcript. .What a speech it was, and how prescient, see his references to what might happen if Reagan were to be given four more years! He spoke as if he could see into the future that night.

Gov. Mario Cuomo's 1984 Speech to the DNC

Here is my contribution to Sen. Schumer's request.

This comes after his vilification of Republican policies, Reagan and the crumbs that were supposed to 'trickle down' from their table.

These are some of the Bold Ideas outlined by Gov. Cuomo on that night which are as relevant if not more so today, than they were back then:

We Democrats still have a dream. We still believe in this nation's future. And this is our answer to the question. This is our credo:

We believe in only the government we need, but we insist on all the government we need.

We believe in a government that is characterized by fairness and reasonableness, a reasonableness that goes beyond labels, that doesn't distort or promise to do things that we know we can't do.

We believe in a government strong enough to use words like "love" and "compassion" and smart enough to convert our noblest aspirations into practical realities.

We believe in encouraging the talented, but we believe that while survival of the fittest may be a good working description of the process of evolution, a government of humans should elevate itself to a higher order.

We -- Our -- Our government -- Our government should be able to rise to the level where it can fill the gaps that are left by chance or by a wisdom we don't fully understand. We would rather have laws written by the patron of this great city, the man called the "world's most sincere Democrat," St. Francis of Assisi, than laws written by Darwin.

We believe -- We believe as Democrats, that a society as blessed as ours, the most affluent democracy in the world's history, one that can spend trillions on instruments of destruction, ought to be able to help the middle class in its struggle, ought to be able to find work for all who can do it, room at the table, shelter for the homeless, care for the elderly and infirm, and hope for the destitute. And we proclaim as loudly as we can the utter insanity of nuclear proliferation and the need for a nuclear freeze, if only to affirm the simple truth that peace is better than war because life is better than death.

We believe in firm -- We believe in firm but fair law and order.

We believe proudly in the union movement.

We believe in a -- We believe -- We believe in privacy for people, openness by government.

We believe in civil rights, and we believe in human rights.

We believe in a single -- We believe in a single fundamental idea that describes better than most textbooks and any speech that I could write what a proper government should be: the idea of family, mutuality, the sharing of benefits and burdens for the good of all, feeling one another's pain, sharing one another's blessings -- reasonably, honestly, fairly, without respect to race, or sex, or geography, or political affiliation.

We believe we must be the family of America, recognizing that at the heart of the matter we are bound one to another, that the problems of a retired school teacher in Duluth are our problems; that the future of the child -- that the future of the child in Buffalo is our future; that the struggle of a disabled man in Boston to survive and live decently is our struggle; that the hunger of a woman in Little Rock is our hunger; that the failure anywhere to provide what reasonably we might, to avoid pain, is our failure.

Now for 50 years -- for 50 years we Democrats created a better future for our children, using traditional Democratic principles as a fixed beacon, giving us direction and purpose, but constantly innovating, adapting to new realities: Roosevelt's alphabet programs; Truman's NATO and the GI Bill of Rights; Kennedy's intelligent tax incentives and the Alliance for Progress; Johnson's civil rights; Carter's human rights and the nearly miraculous Camp David Peace Accord.

Democrats did it -- Democrats did it and Democrats can do it again. We can build a future that deals with our deficit. Remember this, that 50 years of progress under our principles never cost us what the last four years of stagnation have. And we can deal with the deficit intelligently, by shared sacrifice, with all parts of the nation's family contributing, building partnerships with the private sector, providing a sound defense without depriving ourselves of what we need to feed our children and care for our people. We can have a future that provides for all the young of the present, by marrying common sense and compassion.

We know we can, because we did it for nearly 50 years before 1980. And we can do it again, if we do not forget -- if we do not forget that this entire nation has profited by these progressive principles; that they helped lift up generations to the middle class and higher; that they gave us a chance to work, to go to college, to raise a family, to own a house, to be secure in our old age and, before that, to reach heights that our own parents would not have dared dream of.

That struggle to live with dignity is the real story of the shining city. And it's a story, ladies and gentlemen, that I didn't read in a book, or learn in a classroom. I saw it and lived it, like many of you. I watched a small man with thick calluses on both his hands work 15 and 16 hours a day. I saw him once literally bleed from the bottoms of his feet, a man who came here uneducated, alone, unable to speak the language, who taught me all I needed to know about faith and hard work by the simple eloquence of his example. I learned about our kind of democracy from my father. And I learned about our obligation to each other from him and from my mother. They asked only for a chance to work and to make the world better for their children, and they -- they asked to be protected in those moments when they would not be able to protect themselves. This nation and this nation's government did that for them.

And that they were able to build a family and live in dignity and see one of their children go from behind their little grocery store in South Jamaica on the other side of the tracks where he was born, to occupy the highest seat, in the greatest State, in the greatest nation, in the only world we would know, is an ineffably beautiful tribute to the democratic process.

And -- And ladies and gentlemen, on January 20, 1985, it will happen again -- only on a much, much grander scale. We will have a new President of the United States, a Democrat born not to the blood of kings but to the blood of pioneers and immigrants. And we will have America's first woman Vice President, the child of immigrants, and she -- she -- she will open with one magnificent stroke, a whole new frontier for the United States.

Now, it will happen. It will happen if we make it happen; if you and I make it happen. And I ask you now, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, for the good of all of us, for the love of this great nation, for the family of America, for the love of God: Please, make this nation remember how futures are built.

Thank you and God bless you.

You really need to LISTEN to the speech also. His delivery was excellent, passionate, rousing and inspiring, because I believe he meant every word he said.

You can see it here, and elsewhere in this group:

No fear of Republicans or what they might 'think' should a Dem attack them justifiably in that speech. And so much pride in what his/our Party has achieved, no running away from it.

Dems as everyone knows, didn't get the chance to implement the policies Cuomo so passionately believed in.

But he was right, right about the disaster of a second Reagan term.

I wonder if he had been the candidate, would we have suffered through that second term?

He didn't want to run.

"What Makes Non-Violent Movements Explode?"

From Bill Moyers' site, in this, imo, good analysis of protest movements, a question that is vital to those trying to get attention for important issues, is asked: 'Why do some such movements fail to get attention while others 'explode' as he calls it, 'dominating the news cycles for weeks at a time'?

What Makes Non-Violent Movements Explode?

By the fall of 2011, three years after the economic downturn had begun, political observers such as Krugman had long wondered when worsening conditions would result in public demonstrations against joblessness and foreclosures. Labor unions and major nonprofit organizations had attempted to build mass movement energy around these very issues. In the fall of 2010, the “One Nation Working Together” march — initiated primarily by the AFL-CIO and the NAACP — drew more than 175,000 people to Washington, DC, with demands to combat runaway inequality. The next year, long-time organizer and charismatic former White House staffer Van Jones launched Rebuild the Dream, a major drive to form a progressive alternative to the tea party.

According to the rules of conventional organizing, these efforts did everything right. They rallied significant resources, they drew on the strength of organizations with robust membership bases, they came up with sophisticated policy demands, and they forged impressive coalitions. And yet, they made little headway. Even their largest mobilizations attracted only modest press attention and quickly faded from popular political memory.

This is so true, remember the anti-War protests, eg? They were huge, well organized but received little attention at all to the point where many people still don't remember them.

What worked was something different. “A group of people started camping out in Zuccotti Park,” Krugman explained just weeks after Occupy burst into the national consciousness, “and all of a sudden the conversation has changed significantly towards being about the right things.”

“It’s kind of a miracle,” he added.

For those who study the use of strategic nonviolent conflict, the abrupt rise of Occupy Wall Street was certainly impressive, but its emergence was not a product of miraculous, otherworldly intervention. Instead, it was an example of two powerful forces working in tandem: namely, disruption and sacrifice.

The article is worth reading in its entirety. But for the most part I think the observations made as to why OWS was such a success (despite the attempts to deny this from the Right) while other even larger and very organized movements that preceded it, failed to get that kind of attention are pretty accurate.

I would add to what the author has to say that it was BECAUSE of the failure to gain attention by the anti-War movement and the others, Van Jones' eg, that OWS decided to use the different strategy they used.

As the article points out, a huge protest in DC for one day, gets little attention. They get their permits, cops get overtime, and everyone goes home and it is quickly forgotten.

All of which had been noted by the organizers of OWS. They did not expect to last longer a week or two at most.

They succeeded beyond even their own predictions. And while the spotlight was on them, they presented a 'lingo' to the world that concisely described the corruption on Wall St that led to the crash and to the loss of jobs, the inequality in the country etc, that is now part of the language.

The most important proof of the huge success of OWS is the absolute hatred directed towards it by the usual suspects. However those 'suspects' had a lot to overcome. At one point in NYC polls showed the over 80% of the public supported their right to do what they were doing.

So can populists use these strategies to get their message across?

Strikes, boycotts what will it take to get the attention of the public enough to gain support for a populist movement?

Mayor de Blasio Gets Warm Welcome from FDNY - NYC's Bravest

Mayor de Blasio gets warm welcome from FDNY

Speaking in front of over 300 of the FDNY's newest firefighters, Mayor de Blasio on Monday lauded the bravest for their courage and told them the city needs heroes like them "more than ever."

"You made the heroic choice, you made that choice to serve ... people you don't even know, but whose humanity you are here to protect," he said at the FDNY Academy on Randall's Island.

He said serving in the FDNY is the "highest calling of public service."

"It is a profoundly important choice for New York City. Times like these, the city needs heroes more than ever," he said.

The most applause went to FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro, a former firefighter who served as chief of department after 9-11.

Referring to Mayor de Blasio, Nigro told the firefighters, "He's here to support the New York City Fire Department, which I know he loves and respects."

NYC's Fire Fighters are indeed NY's Bravest. To have their support is a huge compliment to Mayor de Blasio. Clearly they recognize what a good man he is and how sincere he is.

Unlike the whiners from the NYPD, they do a very dangerous job without all the histrionics we are seeing from the pouting, childish members of the City's Police Dept.

Bill Moyers: 'Wall Street's Secret Weapon - Congress!

Wall Street's Secret Weapon Congress

Bill Moyers Essay: Wall Street’s Secret Weapon: Congress

Why haven’t any big bankers been prosecuted for their role in the housing crisis that led to the Great Recession?

These finance executives took part in “scandals that violate the most basic ethical norms,” as the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde put it last month, including illegal foreclosures, money laundering and the fixing of interest rate benchmarks. In fact, banking CEOs not only avoided prosecution but got average pay rises of 10 percent last year, taking home, on average, $13 million in compensation.

These “gentlemen” are among the leaders of the industry’s efforts to repeal, or water down, some of the tougher rules and regulations enacted in the Dodd-Frank legislation that was passed to prevent another crash. As usual, they’re swelling their ranks with the very people who helped to write that bill. More than two dozen federal officials have pushed through the revolving door to the private sector they once sought to regulate.

And then there are the lapdogs in Congress willfully collaborating with the financial industry. As the Center for Public Integrity put it recently, they are “Wall Street’s secret weapon,” a handful of representatives at the beck and call of the banks, eager to do their bidding. Jeb Hensarling is their head honcho. The Republican from Texas chairs the House Financial Services Committee, which functions for Wall Street like one of those no-tell motels with the neon sign. Hensarling makes no bones as to where his loyalties lie. “Occasionally we have been accused of trying to undermine aspects of Dodd-Frank,” he said recently, adding, with a chuckle, “I hope we’re guilty of it.” Guilty as charged, Congressman. And it tells us all we need to know about our bought and paid for government that you think it’s funny.

This essay is part of the show Too Big to Fail and Getting Bigger. Watch now »

It's wearying, isn't it? We KNOW what they did, we KNOW they are criminals. We had HOPED for some accountablity, and all we got was to have OUR TAX dollars BAIL THEM OUT!

What happened to King Henry Paulson? Is he living in luxury somewhere?

And yes, I know. President Obama assured us that no 'crimes were committed'. It was all just 'immoral'.

I don't expect much reaction to this. Seems we have become desensitized to the massive crimes being committed against the people.

But I can't NOT support the few real journalists we have left, like Bill Moyers, in his amazing resilience when most of us have all but given up, in continuing to report on these massive frauds against the people.

We can't say we didn't know.

How will history record the PEOPLE of the US's reaction to the numerous crimes committed and ignored and/or facilitated by the people THEY elected.

All I can add to this, with a sense of weariness is: GET THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!

Just wanted to thank Bill Moyers, who is a National Treasure for his continued efforts to inform the people despite how apathetic they appear to be. I am trying to be as optimistic as he is, that ONE DAY, all of these crimes will be prosecuted.

It's hard!

What are we going to do about it?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: "Please join me in vigorously opposing the #TPP trade agreement."

Bernie Sanders ‏@SenSanders 32m32 minutes ago
Please join me in vigorously opposing the #TPP trade agreement. pic.twitter.com/PaupxK1ZVm


More on the TPP's potential disastrous affects at Bernie's website:


Mayor de Blasio tries to appease Authoritarian, Bullying NYPD. This is what he got in return:

Hundreds Turn Their Back on de Blasio at NYPD Officer's Funeral

Mayor asks Protesters to pause until after funerals of the two dead officers

That was a mistake, as we have seen by the reaction of the NYPD.

Hundreds Turn Their Back on de Blasio at NYPD Officer's Funeral

NYC Mayor Asks Protesters to Pause Until After Cops' Funerals

The atmosphere was mostly respectful, but there were scattered signs of protest even before the police officers' action when the mayor spoke.

A block from the church, though, retired NYPD Officer John Mangan held a sign that read: "God Bless the NYPD. Dump de Blasio."

In his speech, the mayor seemed to try to reach out to police, honoring not only Ramos, but the entire NYPD.

After directing his remarks to the Ramos family, he said he wanted to "extend my condolences to another family -- the family of the NYPD -- that is hurting so deeply right now."

You cannot 'reach out' to bullies and authoritarians. They interpret it as WEAK, and like all bullies, rather than accept an extended hand, they will become even more emboldened and will delight in slapping it down.

In fact, bullies are more likely to RESPECT those who will not put up their childish behavior.

They may not like them but they are far less likely to mess with them.

The NYPD has been in need of reform for a very long time.

The Mayor ran on issues like reforming the police's interactions with the community in NYC. It was badly needed and he knew it.

He WON on those issues.

He wanted more community policing rather than the militarized tactics the NYPD has been operating under for years now.

The people of NYC AGREED with him.

Those who participated in this insubordination and lack of respect for an elected official, need to be disciplined.

They are proving more than ever just how much Police Reform is needed. I hope the Mayor realizes that and continues to do what he was elected to do, whether these cops like it or not.

Mayor de Blasio is a good man.

And he needs all the support he can get right now to end the insubordination of the NYPD and to do the job he was elected to do.

Edited to add photo of Mayor de Blasio's family. He dared to express concern for his own son and for doing so, members of the NYPD irrationally BLAMED him for the tragic deaths of the two Police Officers.

PS: Protests continue in many cities across the nation today against Police Brutality.


Occupy Atlanta retweeted
N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S.™ ‏@MrMilitantNegro 1h1 hour ago
One brave officer did not turn his back on the NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. Notice his skin color.

NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio, refuses to take Stephanopoulus Bait on Eric Garner GJ Decision

What is wrong with George Stephanopoulus? Why was he baiting Mayor de Blasio who has refused, rightfully, to endorse the Eric Garner GJ Decision?

He sounds more like one of those Right Wing talk show hosts playing 'gotcha' with one of NYC's best Progressive Mayors in a long time?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at the podium during a press conference on Thursday to discuss the retraining of police. Photograph: UPI/Landov/Barcroft Media

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Refuses to endorse Eric Garner GJ Decision

Appearing on ABC, de Blasio three times refused to respond to the question of whether he respected the decision by a grand jury not to bring charges against Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer who put Staten Island resident Eric Garner in a chokehold during an arrest attempt. The decision led to large-scale protests in the city and across the country, which on Sunday continued into a fifth day. On Saturday night, violence broke out at one such demonstration, in California.

After de Blasio had deflected the question, saying “as an executive in public service” he respected “the judicial process, but …” host George Stephanopoulos interrupted to ask: “So you respect the grand jury’s decision?”

De Blasio replied, with emphasis on the last word: “I respect the process.” He went on to talk about initiating a “systemic” retraining of police officers in New York, in order to “fix the relationship between the police and the community”.

Stephanopoulos countered: “So you respect the process but not the decision?”De Blasio gave the hint of a smile but did not reply.

Who need Rush Limbaugh with supposedly liberal hosts like this?

The Police Union has been attacking de Blasio for his comments about the decision which were honest and very personal to him. He is the father of a son who is Black and he expressed his and his wife's concerns over HIS safety every time he goes out.

The Cops are not used to a NYC Mayor not being totally on their side. I guess they have to learn the new rules, which are, when something is so blatantly WRONG sometimes you get a Mayor who has the guts to say so.

Bloomberg would have completely defended his 'army'. Giuliani always defended their crimes.

Now we have a Mayor who is actually doing his job.

Not only has he not backed down, he repeated the comments he made that have caused the cops to have apoplexy even more strongly on several other shows.

I am very proud of him for not backing down.

These bullies thought they OWNED NYC. And they did, getting away with murder literally.

The Police Union Chief whined that the Mayor had 'thrown the police under the bus'.

What bus would that be? His cops have been abusing their power for so long now it is hard to recall a time when they didn't, especially wrt to minorities.

Mayor de Blasio has all the right people upset. I hope he gets all the support he needs to finally reign in these cops which is long overdue.

Where did the notion come from that City Mayors only represent Cops btw?

Social Security Kept 27 Million Americans Out of Poverty in 2013

I posted this article in GD http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025915356

The New Deal programs are not as popular on DU as they used to be.

I believe any Populist movement MUST fight strongly those who are attempting to dismantle the New Deal Social Safety Net.

Social Security Kept 27 Million Americans Out of Poverty in 2013

Government programs can effectively reduce poverty in the United States. Using the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM)—a more comprehensive measure of economic security than traditional poverty thresholds—the figure below illustrates the strength of the government to mitigate the incidence of poverty.

Social Security is, by far, the most effective anti-poverty program in the United States.
Without Social Security, an additional 8.6 percent of Americans, or nearly 27 million, would fall below the SPM poverty threshold. Refundable tax credits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, kept 2.9 percent of Americans, or 9 million, above the SPM poverty threshold. Other programs, such as SNAP (food stamps), Supplemental Security Income, housing subsidies, and unemployment insurance, also have a significant impact on the ability of families to stay afloat.

Thanks to the Democratic Party, led by FDR, the party that cared about the people enough to initiate these Social Safety Nets, now under attack, not only from the Right, but also sadly from some in our own party.

The Chained CPI would cut SS benefits.

The Chained CPI was 'taken off the table' during election season. Probably with the hope it would not be a liability for Democrats, which it certainly would and should be.

I suppose they think that we won't remember these things if they just hide them when they need our votes.

FDR's work for the American people is almost unprecedented.

I cannot imagine anyone calling themselves a Democrat wanting to touch these programs other than to make them even better.

But sadly as we know, it was a Democrat who put SS 'on the deficit table'.

Would FDR have done that? Or LBJ even?

Not in a million years.

Officer Who Shot 12 Year Old Tamir Rice Had Been Judged Unfit For Duty in 2012

Officer Who Fatally Shot Tamir Rice Had Been Judged Unfit For Duty in 2012

Tomiko Shine holds up a picture of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy fatally shot on 22 November by a police officer, during a protest in response to a grand jury’s decision in Ferguson, Missouri. Photograph: Jose Luis Magana/AP

A police officer who shot a 12-year-old dead in a Cleveland park late last month had been judged unfit for police service two years earlier by a small suburban force where he worked for six months, according to records released on Wednesday.

Officer Timothy Loehmann, who killed Tamir Rice on 22 November, was specifically faulted for breaking down emotionally while handling a live gun. During a training episode at a firing range, Loehmann was reported to be “distracted and weepy” and incommunicative. “His handgun performance was dismal,” deputy chief Jim Polak of the Independence, Ohio, police department wrote in an internal memo.

The memo concludes with a recommendation that Loehmann be “released from the employment of the City of Independence”. Less than a week later, on 3 December 2012, Loehmann resigned.

In March of this year, Loehmann was hired by the Cleveland police department. It is unclear whether the department had seen the Independence memo at the time of Loehmann’s hiring.

The report on Loehmann concluded with the recommendation for his dismissal:

“Due to this dangerous loss of composure during live range training and his inability to manage this personal stress, I do not believe Ptl Loehmann shows the maturity needed to work in our employment. For these reasons, I am recommending he be released from the employment of the city of Independence. I do not believe time, nor training, will be able to change or correct these deficiencies.”

They gave him a choice of being fired, or resigning. He chose to resign.
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