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sabrina 1

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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
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Who won the debate? Here's your chance, Bernie, Hillary, O'Malley Supporters:



POLL: Who won the 2nd Democratic debate?
Posted 7:57 PM, November 14, 2015, by FOX 5 Digital Team, Updated at 08:03pm, November 14, 2015


DES MOINES, Iowa — Three Democratic presidential candidates gathered Saturday night in Des Moines, Iowa, for the second Democratic primary debate of this campaign cycle.

At 6 p.m. PST, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley gathered in the Sheslow Auditorium of Drake University for the debate, hosted by CBS News.

The debate was jolted by the terrorist attacks across Paris that killed more than 100 people and that the French President declared an “act of war.”

Thank you for voting!
Bernie Sanders 86.9% (1,598 votes)

Hillary Clinton 8.81% (162 votes)

Martin O'Malley 4.29% (79 votes)

TTotal Votes: 1,839

Hillary supporters CAN change these numbers!

Yes, we know, unscientific. So CHANGE the results. It's up to the people.

Bernie AGAIN the hands down winner of polls of people WHO ACTUALLY WATCHED the debate. So Far.

But Hillary supporters can change this poll.

Will check back later!

Hey Democrats, Bernie isn't the enemy, why not save the smears and attacks for the REAL Enemy?

Just wondering!

Bernie Sanders' Superb Civil Rights Record the REASON for the Rovian Smears We are Seeing.

This Weeks Corporate Funded Talking Point? Bernie Wasn't Bernie. The arrest record, the CORE leadership. Sssshhhh, they don't want you to KNOW about Bernie's excellent record on Civil Rights AGAIN when it COUNTED.

Does that mean they are beginning to really worry that people ARE finding out about his history regarding Civil Rights?

There really is no doubt about Sanders Civil Rights Record, where he was, what he was involved in during the Civil Rights Era.

So seeing the Rovian attempts to obliterate that history SHOWS US how FEARFUL his enemies are that the PEOPLE will learn about it, as they ARE and maybe wonder: What was Hillary DOING at that same time?


You've seen it, a few times now today. Frankly I am encouraged to see the EFFORT and MONEY going into the smear campaign to try to stop Bernie's momentum. You should be too. Because NOTHING says Bernie is WINNING like his enemies desperately turning out talking point after talking point and failing with every single one so far.


Bernie Sanders a member of the steering committee, stands next to George Beadle, University of Chicago president, who is speaking at a Committee On Racial Equality meeting on housing sit-ins. 1962.

Now the real question regarding that era when two of our Dem Candidates were around. We KNOW what Bernie was doing.

But where was Hillary?

I am hearing that question a lot lately!

Go Bernie! Best Civil Rights Record of almost anyone, not just in THIS campaign, but in Congress!


"We Need Somone In The WH Who Cares About Veterans" ~ Veterans For Bernie1


He opposed the Neocon War in Iraq, he refused to believe the lies.

He called out the warmongers so willing to send the troops to their Wars-For-Profit for REFUSING to take care of them when they came back!

No other Senator has done more for Veterans than Bernie Sanders.

And they are returning the favor by supporting him in this campaign!

For more on the Veterans For Bernie Organization see here:


Bernie Paying Interns MORE Than His Own Proposals for Raising the Minimum Wage to $15! Go Bernie!

Bernie's bill is calling for raising the federal wage from its current $7.25 an hour to:

$9 in 2016;

$10.50 in 2017

$12 in 2018

$13.50 in 2019

$15 in 2020

Once again, putting his actions where his words are!

And going further than he needed to!

He is paying interns $12.00 an hour. That is his projected pay raise for 2018!

This is all the more noble since he is not accepting the huge Corporate donations all the other candidates are receiving.

He has been a champion of the #FightForFifteen Movement which is growing by the day across the country.

Fight For 15

“It is a national disgrace that millions of full-time workers are living in poverty and millions more are forced to work two or three jobs just to pay their bills,” Sanders said. “A job must lift workers out of poverty, not keep them in it. The current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is a starvation wage and must be raised to a living wage.”

Reps. Keith Ellison, Raul Grijalva, Sheila Jackson-Lee and other members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus sponsored a companion version of the bill in the House.

The measures would phase in increases in the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020.

Note: This is a correction of a smearing dishonest article in one of the corp media publications which I won't link to.

The People's Champion! Bernie Sanders!

Mia Farrow on Bernie: " He Doesn't Pander and is Consistent and Clear on Important Issues"


He is an extremely rare politician.

We are so lucky that he chose to run on our behalf.

Bernie has the coolest supporters.

Smear Campaigns, Talking Points, Negative Ads all Funded by Money Made Possble By Citizens United!

The Money pouring into our electoral system is destroying the rights of voters to make informed decisions about the candidates asking them for their votes.

DC is so full of operatives, from Think Tanks, Lobbyists, people like Karl Rove and all the current Rove wanna-bes trying to get theri hands on some of that cash floating around ready to BUY the services of any sleazy smear monger in order to get THEIR choice of candidate into power.

Many good Democrats over the decades, have had their reputations destroyed by these dirty, filthy tactics.

We did not need any 'dissenter' from the army of hired provocateurs to tell US what the talking points are.

Because times have changed we KNOW what to look for, we RECOGNIZE the tactics and as soon as we see them, we expose them now.

There was a 'confession' supposedly by one of those who get paid to spread around talking points.

I don't know or care whether it was legitimate or not.


We had already identified the paid-for Talking Points and Smears from the Think Tanks and Super Pacs who get paid millions to come up with the lies and deceptions.

So here's part of the list WE recognized as Corporate Paid-for Talking Points:

1) 'He's a Commie/Socialist/Marxist who no one will vote for etc etc etc.

We know it was a talking point because talking points, no matter how often they are debunked, don't die!

You pay that much money to buy them, you're going to keep on trying to use them.

Unfortunately THAT ONE was thoroughly destroyed when Right Winger David 'Blinded by the Money' Brock was caught Red handed trying to plant his anti-Bernie Smear in the media, ANONYMOUSLY!

But he was outed instead, as they all should be, and Bernie made over $3 Million in donations as a result!

If Brock had NOT been caught like that, they would be telling us we are CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!! Lol!

That's another trick they play btw, see Cass Sunstein's diatribe on how to shut down people who THINK and SEE for themselves.

Since ALL Smearmongers view Karl Rove as the Master of the Dark Art of smear campaigns, you probably have noticed a very Rovian TAINT to the Talking Points aimed a Bernie!

So, since Bernie Sanders has the BEST CIVIL RIGHTS RECORD of anyone running in this election and actually one of the BEST of the current members of the Senate or Congress, naturally, following Rove's advice, they tried to attack that, his STRENGTH right away.

2) So, enter the RACISM Talking Point! intended to preempt Bernie becoming known to AAs and other minorities.

Definitely a paid-for TALKING POINT.

Still being PEDDLED though with less and less interest by a majority of people.

They couldn't keep people from checking Bernie's record for themselves.

Bernie's record on Women's and Gay Rights is practically unmatched in this race, wrt to his VOTES and his longtime activism on these issues.

3)So, enter the SEXISM Talking Point! That one was done in a hurry, jumping off of a Hillary comment, two weeks later emerging as a TACTIC.

You know them when you see them.

There are more, add your own in the thread.

But I wanted to point out that the Money in Politics is the REASON for these sleazy, deceptive, slimy, false smears against good people and one of the main reasons WHY we must make the Money in Politics a #1 Issue in this campaign.

So since we are better at recognizing, catching them, see Brock again, what is the best strategy to render them USELESS?

First EXPOSE them, when you see them, just slap the label 'Talking Point' on them.

It is no use. as I'm sure you've found out, arguing against a Paid For Talking Point.

Discussion isn't the Goal. Just keeping it GOING is the goal, true or not.

Don't feed the Talking Points. That is the number one best strategy to neutralize them.

Ignore them then go do some research to find out if they are being spread around.

Then use Social Media, all your accounts, to demolish them.

It is shameful that these people are allowed to interfere with our election process.

However, once their funding is cut off, the sleazy characters willing to do this dirty work for money, will also be cut off and maybe we will have clean elections, free of the dirty tricks and smear campaigns allowing the people access to FACTS about candidates enabling them to make informed decisions.

Just remember these names:



And don't fall for the tactics. The more you engage them, the better they like it.

Bernie will survive the attacks, in fact USE Those attacks to show people how far they are willing to go to try to stop him. People don't like these dirty tricks.

Bernie Sanders, a Candidate who doesn't NEED or WANT Super Pacs funded by Corporate Cash to use smears and deceptions against his opponents.

All he needs are the FACTS!

Bernie Sanders: "All These Ideas .... I Knew In My Heart ....

Cross-posted from GDP by request of Autumn!

All these ideas, I knew in my heart would resonate with Americans, I didn't believe they'd resonate so fast.- Bernie

You were wrong for once, Bernie!

We knew if we just had someone to speak for the PEOPLE the people would respond, as they have!

Thank you Bernie for BEING that Voice!

Bernie Sanders: "All These Ideas .... I Knew In My Heart ....

All these ideas, I knew in my heart would resonate with Americans, I didn't believe they'd resonate so fast.- Bernie

You were wrong for once, Bernie!

We knew if we just had someone to speak for the PEOPLE the people would respond, as they have!

Thank you Bernie for BEING that Voice!

It's Simple! Choosing a President Comes Down to: 'Who Can We Trust on the Issues'?

Setting aside all the Smear Campaigning, all the Paid-For Talking points, which are intended to distract voters from the real reasons for elections, in the end choosing who would be best to lead this country comes down to their RECORDS on major issues they were asked to take a stand on during their political careers.

Iow, Who Can We Trust to remain consistent on the Campaign Promises they will make during Campaign Season.

The best way to do that is to LOOK AT THEIR RECORDS!

It is a well known fact that Politicians will say whatever they think they need to say to get themselves elected.

Fortunately in this campaign all of the Democratic Candidates HAVE pretty long records for us to look at.

And without a doubt there is only ONE candidate whose record on major issues such as ......

Civil Rights, Social Justice, Foreign Interventions, Social Safety Nets, Trade Policies, Wall St Regulation, Health Care, The Money in Politics, the awful Welfare Reform Act and more

..... has remained consistent, and has been proven to be correct over the decades.

Which the ONLY reason why I support Bernie Sanders in this election!


Edit: A small correction to that chart. Hillary changed her mind on Marijuana in Nov of this year!

I really don't see any difficulty in choosing who should be our next President when you focus only on the issues!
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