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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
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Bernie Sanders Talks Foreign Policy

In an interview with Ezra Klein from Vox recently, Bernie, as always, was straightforward about his views on this country's FP and what he believes wrt to what the most important issues are facing not just this country, but the World. He talks about the I/P issue, and the issue he believes is of the utmost importance GLOBALLY, Climate Change.

Bernie Sanders Vox Conversation

Klein's first question was along the lines of 'Do consider yourself to be a realist re FP or a Democratic Socialist?'

Lol, whatever that means. As Bernie pointed out:

Bernie Sanders
I don't know what that means. I trust we're all realists.

Ezra Klein
I'm not sure we are.

Bernie Sanders
I don't know what that word means. Look, here's what I will tell you. When you talk about foreign policy you're talking about many, many things, but maybe the most important thing that you're talking about is war. Voting to go to war is the most difficult decision that any member of Congress has to make. I'll tell you a little bit about my foreign policy history if you like.

I was elected in 1990 to the House. You remember the first Gulf War once Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait? The first Bush was telling us the only alternative was war. The only way we can get them out — you have your whole world united against Saddam Hussein, and President Bush was saying the only way we can get him out is an invasion of that region. I voted no. That was a tough vote, because most people believed that we should go to war.

In 2003 the second Bush told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that it was absolutely imperative that we invade Iraq, that our soldiers would come home in six months, that we would establish democracy in Iraq and perhaps the whole region, everything would be wonderful. I didn't believe it, and if you check the speeches I gave on the floor of the House, sadly much of what I said about the destabilizing impact of that invasion turned out to be true.

I'm not a pacifist, and I understand that sometimes you do have to go to war. I think war is the very, very, very last option. In terms of Iran, which is what we're dealing with right now, I applaud the President and I applaud Secretary Kerry for their enormously difficult work of trying to reach out an agreement with the P5+1 in Iran, to try to figure out how we can prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, which to me is an absolute imperative, but you do it in a way that doesn't go to war. I get very nervous listening to many of my Republican colleagues who apparently have learned nothing from the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, and they're ready to go to war again, that's the simple truth.

I am the former chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee. Most people don't know that. People know that we lost 6,700 brave women in Iraq and Afghanistan. They don't know that 500,000 came home with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, and they don't know what that has done to those individuals and to their families. Before you go to war, you explore every other option. That would be the basic tenet of my foreign policy.

I agree, War should be a LAST OPTION. Our current FP has strayed far from that rational approach to one that goes to War For Profit. Thanks Bernie!

On the Israel/Palistinian Issue, Klein opens the discussion with this question:

Ezra Klein
Do you view yourself as a Zionist?

Bernie Sanders
A Zionist? What does that mean? Want to define what the word is? Do I think Israel has the right to exist, yeah, I do. Do I believe that the United States should be playing an even-handed role in terms of its dealings with the Palestinian community in Israel? Absolutely I do.

Again, I think that you have volatile regions in the world, the Middle East is one of them, and the United States has got to work with other countries around the world to fight for Israel's security and existence at the same time as we fight for a Palestinian state where the people in that country can enjoy a decent standard of living, which is certainly not the case right now. My long-term hope is that instead of pouring so much military aid into Israel, into Egypt, we can provide more economic aid to help improve the standard of living of the people in that area.

And we know that Bernie does not like Netanyahu and refused to attend his sneaky, vile attempt to influence Congress to vote AGAINST the President's efforts for a peaceful agreement with Iran.

Klein then demonstrates WHO the 'REALIST' is and who is not when he asks, what Bernie correctly points out is a HYPOTHESIS, iow, not a reality that Elected Officials need to consider re Iran at the moment.

He asks Bernie if the talks fail, if he would vote for War with Iran! Ezra, stick to what is the reality as Bernie instructs him on. What they are considering right now is the President's efforts to avoid war and that is what he is focused on. Good for you, Bernie!

The question Ezra Klein did NOT ask Bernie but which Bernie raised himself in response to Klein's questions re China outdoing the US economically, iow, ARE they doing so:

Bernie Sanders
No. I should also tell you when you talk about foreign policy, what you didn't ask me, which may be as important an issue as any, is the issue of climate change. If you talk to the CIA, if you talk to the Department of Defense, and I have, what they will tell you is that one of the great security issues facing this planet is the fact that as we see more and more drought, as poor people around the world are unable to grow the food they need to survive, you're going to see migrations of people in international climate.

I happen to believe that when you talk about foreign policy, a the very top of the list is the need for the United States to lead the world, to work with China, work with Russia, work with India in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy. This is not just an "environmental issue," this is also a global national security issue as well.

Airc, while the Corporate Media was pushing for War in Iraq creating the fear that they were the biggest threat to NS, the reality was the Pentagon listed Climate Change as the #1 Security Threat to this country.

It's worth reading the entire interview.

I posted this because I saw a few comments saying that we don't know much about Bernie on FP. That was a surprise to me, as this one issues alone was enough to cause me to support Bernie Sanders.

He is clearly against our current FPs of going to war for Profit. He didn't believe the lies told by both Bushes and voted against what was at the time the WRONG and UNPATRIOTIC thing to do.

The recent article which made the ludicrous claim that somehow Bernie was a trojan horse working with the 'party' to fool the people or whatever the point was, had zero backup to any of the claims made and deserved the dismissive response it got in the face of the FACTS re Bernie's long record on FP.

To believe that article's ridiculous claims, you would have to believe that even before he entered Politics, 50 years ago, Bernie was programmed for THIS MOMENT whereby he would step in and pretend he had the record he has, or whatever.

Anyhow, his FPs have been consistent with those of most rational people for DECADES.

I have no doubt we would not have gone to war had he been president, unless he was run out of office, very likely, by the War Profiteers.

This man does not want war unless it is in unquestioned defense against an imminent threat to this country.

THAT is why I want him in the WH along with a real, Left/Progressive Congress that will support him in keeping this country out of foreign adventures that benefit only Defense Contractors.

A Sincere Tribute To DUers Who Kept US Sane During the Bush Era. Will Pitt For One. Add Others!

You had to be there, I suppose, those awful years when the Bush War Criminals, after grabbing power with the help of the Supreme Court.

The Media was unbearable to watch. Cheney, Rice, Rummy et al lying to the American people with not a single one of our so-called 'journalists' with the courage, or will to challenge them.

I know that many people stopped watching the Corporate Media during that time, and turned to the Internet instead to try to find some truth about what was really going on in this country.

When I found Liberal Forums, like DU at the time, it was like finding an oasis in the desert.

I thought I was the only one for a while who KNEW they were lying.

So to find people like William Pitt on DU saying publicly what many of us wanted to say, was, to say the least, like being rescued from a horrible nightmare.

He took a lot of abuse from the RIGHT for his public stand against the crimes of the Bush Administration.

Still does actually!

Not many people wanted to put themselves in that position at that time.

He went to War Protests and reported back to us what he saw and it gave us hope, not that we could STOP the War Criminals, but that there were GOOD PEOPLE, a lot of them, in this country who were not on board with the 'program'. Something you did not know if all you had was the Corporate Media.

There were many others, but WP stands out to me from those days because his writing was compelling, impassioned and it was so badly needed.

I just found out that Will may be leaving DU.

It will be our loss if he does, but I understand.

He has a wider audience now than he had when we first came to know him.

But selfishly I hope he changes his mind.

I also remember the relief that there WAS a Forum like DU where I read for a while before signing up, and laughed at the humor of many of those DUers who mocked Bush, Fox, Freepers et al.

I hadn't seen too much of that until then. And I felt better. The Right wasn't totally in control.

So to Will Pitt, thanks for keeping us sane during those awful years, and whatever you decide, I hope you and your family are happy, that is the most important thing in the end.

I know I have not named so many other DUers who at that time, helped keep us from total despair at the state of the country, H20 Man comes to mind.

I guess I just wanted to let Will know that many, many DUers SINCERELY appreciate all you have done for this community, helping to make it what it became.

Please feel free to name other great DUers whose posts and comments contributed to keeping you sane during those awful years.


I want to add an appreciation for the Administrators who provided the place where we got to meet and read all those great people, and I will always remember the night of the 2004 election and EarlG's analysis of the returns. That night was one of the worst but again, DU made it bearable! I guess you had to be there to fully understand. Anyhow, thanks to the Admins and to all those great DUers who probably have no idea what their words meant to people who had never felt so hopeless.

Will Pitt belongs on DU! Even if it is his choice not to be here!

Bernie Draws 4 Times the Crowd Jindal's Presidential Announcement Drew in Louisiana!

He's SHATTERING the Myth we've been fed for years that a Progressive Message won't work in Red States. Which, we were told, is WHY we had to put up with Third Way/Blue Dogs in those states.

Looks like his MESSAGE is what is drawing the crowds. Who would have thought all that Conventional Wisdom could be so wrong?

Did Someone Say Bernie Can't Defeat Republicans? When a Virtual Unknown Democratic Socialist Draws 4 Times the Crowd the Gov. of Louisiana Drew for his Presidential Election, I Say, Whoever Said That is Wrong

The rally was something of a foray into enemy territory for Sanders. Statewide, Louisiana is solidly in the GOP’s column. The venue chosen for the rally, the Pontchartrain Center in conservative Jefferson Parish, hosted Gov. Bobby Jindal last month when he announced his own campaign for the presidency.

Sanders packed a larger room at the center for his speech, with supporters filling bleachers and crowding into a standing-room section of the venue. Estimates by organizers suggested the crowd was about four times as large as the roughly 1,000 people who came out to see Jindal’s speech.

Bernie stated that the Dem Party is wrong to 'write off' half the country:

Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont on the left wing of the Democratic Party, kicked off his speech by acknowledging that Louisiana does not frequently see Democratic candidates for president, something he said was a problem with an electoral strategy that writes off large swaths of the country.

“Somebody told me Louisiana was a conservative state. Well, guess what?” Sanders said as the crowd erupted in cheers. “I think my colleagues in the Democratic Party have made a serious, serious mistake, which is they have kind of written off half of America, including Louisiana. The time is now for us to fight in 50 states in the country.”

Same Venue as Jindal.

Bernie 4 - Jindal 1.

Jindal is the Governor of the State!

And Louisiana isn't the ONLY Red State where Bernie is packing in the crowds.

Bernie Sanders Delivers A Lone Star Smash As 13,200 Supporters Rock Texas Swing

The myth that America is made up of only red and blue was smashed by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who drew 13,200 supporters during two campaign stops in Republican-dominated Texas.


He drew huge crowds in Arizona also!

It's all about ISSUES. Across the political spectrum, that is what people care about.

Bernie is tuned in to the People.

As Far Away As London, They are 'Feeling the Bern'!

The WORLD needs new leadership in this country.

Sometimes other nations know more about our government than Americans.

Because what happens here has adversely affected not just Americans, but other parts of the world.

Go Bernie!

A Question Hillary is Going to be Asked since her Campaign raised it in the First Place:

Maybe before you start slamming Civil Rights activists with demeaning comments like 'who cares what he did 50 years ago' you should consider the fact that maybe a LOT OF PEOPLE care and they might then want to know what YOU were doing at that same time.

I know that was the first question that occurred to me when I saw people dismissing the Civil Rights Movement: 'Hillary was there back then too, what was she doing'?

People For Bernie ‏@People4Bernie 15h15 hours ago
ReTweet @LILBTHEBASEDGOD seen here taking a 👊👊👊#FeelTheBern👊👊👊 stance. We love this human!

And yet another popular AA rapper, author, composer with over one million followers #FeelingTheBern!

I don't know, what I read here at DU sometimes seems like we are on another planet here.

Meantime, the world out there is just moving along, oblivious to all the 'concerns' here.

'A Moment of Shame' ~ Bernie V Hillary on the DLC/Republican 'Welfare Reform Bill'

In 1996 in what Marian Wright Edelman called a 'A Moment of Shame', Bill Clinton signed into law, what many predicted would plummet, mostly Minority Women and Children, into poverty.

It was the dream legislation of the right wing 'Pull Yourselves Up By Your Bootstraps' crowd, who for years were the proponents of the mythical, but without a doubt Racist, 'Welfare Queen' imagery of single minority women, pushed and promoted relentlessly, until finally, they got their way in one of those now sadly familiar Bi-Partisan efforts against the poor and minorities.

A Republican Bill Signed By A Democratic President.

Edelman's husband, Peter, then Clinton's Asst Secretary of Health & Human Svces, resigned from the Clinton Administration in protest after the bill was signed.

The DLC and Republican policies on Social Programs are so similar it's hard to tell the difference. And that is a huge issue that needs to be addressed as the results of these policies combined with DLC/Third Way economic policies, see Deregulation and the Economic Collapse, but that's for another OP, become the reality for the poor and especially for minorities, that was predicted by those who opposed them.

Fast forward to the 2016 Presidential Campaign where we have two candidates for the Democratic Nomination who were present when that Bill was passed.

Where did they stand then?

Bernie Sanders voted against it.

Of course he did because Bernie Sanders has always stood up for the poor and disenfranchised, for Civil Rights and for the most vulnerable members of this society.

But what of Hillary Clinton? She SAYS she is for the poor, for minorities, for children etc, but what does her record say?

Hillary Clinton, First Lady at the time FULLY SUPPORTED her husband's Welfare Reform Bill. (she uses her time as First Lady as part of her resume so we must look at that to see where she was on these issues)

We know the poverty statistics of children in this country SINCE the passage of that Bill. We know the economic situation of Single Mothers and their children, in particular Minority mothers and children.

But that was 20 years ago. And we know that Hillary's record shows her constantly having to reverse her position on some pretty major issues, issues that affected the lives of millions of people.

So, where does Bernie Sanders stand on that Welfare Reform Bill now?

Exactly where he stood when he voted against it, BECAUSE HE WAS RIGHT showing the amazing foresight and good judgement he displayed over and over again.

And where does Hillary Clinton stand on the bill she once supported so strongly?

Well, it's hard to say. But here is what she herself said in 2003:

Will Hillary Run Against Her Husband's Welfare Legacy?

In Hillary Clinton’s first memoir, “Living History,” published in 2003, she wrote at some length about the fight over welfare reform. Clinton had vetoed the first two bills that hit his desk, but when the third one passed, she wrote, “I agreed that he should sign it and worked hard to round up votes for its passage—though he and the legislation were roundly criticized by some liberals, advocacy groups for immigrants and most people who worked with the welfare system … I was most concerned with the five-year lifetime limit, because it applied whether the economy was up or down, whether jobs were available or not, but I felt, on balance, that this was a historic opportunity to change a system oriented toward dependence to one that encouraged independence.

Note the 'Pull Up Your Bootstraps, Poor People' lingo there!!

The latest we have on where she stands now is from 2008 when she ran for the WH.

When asked if she had any second thoughts about her husband's Welfare Reform Legislation, which she fully supported, she stressed that she did not:

Hillary Clinton Wants to Help Families at the Bottom. So Will She Change Her Mind About Welfare Reform?

she also voiced support for it during her 2008 campaign, expressing no misgivings about how it turned out and telling The New York Times that she thought it was necessary and enormously successful.

Bernie, RIGHT on the issues, fighting for the poor and minorities, using his position in Congress to VOTE AGAINST Legislation he had the foresight to see would be harmful to Minorities and to children.

Hillary, wrong on an issue that has greatly harmed untold numbers of minorities economically, still wrong in 2003, still wrong in 2008.

We'll have to wait and see if she no longer views those on the Left, as she more or less said at the time as 'naive' and 'purist' on issues like Welfare.

Or will she finally acknowledge, that maybe it was SHE who was wrong?

Bernie never worried about how things would look 'politically'. He voted for what was RIGHT.

Hillary, we know, due to her own words, makes and has made decisions for political purposes.

From the Bloomberg link above:

There were political considerations, of course: “The legislation was far from perfect,’’ she wrote, “which is where pragmatic politics entered in. It was preferable to sign the measure knowing that a Democratic administration was in place to implement it humanely. If he vetoed welfare reform a third time, Bill would be handing the Republicans a potential political windfall.”

She was nonetheless sorry, she wrote, that “Bill’s decision, and my endorsement of it, outraged some of our most loyal supporters,” including the Edelmans, and “n the painful aftermath, I realized that I had crossed the line from advocate to policy maker. I hadn’t altered my beliefs, but I respectfully disagreed with the convictions and passion of the Edelmans and others who objected to the legislation.”

And she was wrong.

And they were right.

When people are entrusted with great power by the people, they should do all in their power to do what is right for the people, regardless of politics. Politics should never enter into a decisions as important as that one was.

And this is yet another reason why I support Bernie Sanders. Because over and over again when decisions had to be made, Bernie Sanders consistently made the right decision.

Bernie, right on the issues ....

Hillary, not so much ....

The only way to judge a candidate who is asking for the highest office in the land, is to study their records on the issues.

All the rest is noise which will be gone once the election is over.

I felt strange rec'g this thread, but then I always rec your threads Manny so

it's just a habit.

I didn't see this thread until this morning, and didn't quite know what to say so I guess all I can say is, thank you, and return the compliment.

I didn't know that three of my OPs were on the FP either, still don't know what the third one was. So thanks for telling me.

And btw, now YOU have TWO OPs on the Greatest Page! Lol! Good for you!

Memo to my Fellow Bernie Supporters!

First, I know you all know this, but I just like saying it because it is the truth.

We have an AMAZING candidate, someone that we can TRUST when he talks about what he will do when he wins this election.

We KNOW this because of his long, long record that proves, this is not the usual Politician telling voters what they want to hear during a campaign.

This is someone who has the BEST RECORD of ANYONE in this Campaign on:

CIVIL RIGHTS (check out his long history on this and his voting record, simply indisputable)

WALL ST CORRUPTION (see his voting record on this)

WOMEN'S RIGHTS (again, see his record on this and his voting record)

(check for yourselves, I know you have already but it makes you wish we had had more of him when those votes were so critical)

CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (so few stood up when the draconian Patriot Act came up for a vote, but Bernie was there again, among the few, doing the unpopular but the RIGHT thing when it was needed.

THE ENVIRONMENT (his long record on fighting for the environment is one of the best in Congress)

LABOR (need I go into detail on this issue? There's a reason why he has always had the support of Unions to keep him in office and just got the endorsement of the VT Teachers' Union)

Read his speeches and listen to them and see the consistency of his record going back throughout his entire career.

There is so much more for us to look at when choosing who we want as a leader for this country, FAR MORE than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE in this race.

So why, you may be asking, is there a single Democrat trying to derail, though failing spectacularly, his campaign?

Every other candidate in this campaign is compromised by taking Corporate Money.

Bernie has refused to be beholden to Big Money Donors and Special Interests.

THAT IS A DIRECT THREAT TO THOSE who have a vested interest in buying our candidates.

Free from the chains of corporate money, he is free to tell the truth.

You have noticed I am sure, one of the most persistent and FALSE Rovian Talking Points aimed at Bernie.

Money is spent on this kind of negative campaigning so when they think they've dome up with something, naturally they are going to keep on trying to make it stick.

But here's why Bernie and his growing number of supporters do not have to worry one bit about these feeble efforts we have been watching.


The Fact is Bernie Sanders has the BEST and LONGEST Record on Civil Rights of anyone in this campaign, and no amount of repetition of the lie is going to change that.

So USE it, if corporate money is going to be spent on negative campaigning, we should take advantage of it.

SHOW those you are talking to about Bernie in order to sign them up for his campaign, examples of what his opponents are focusing on.

Let them see what passes for campaigns among corporate funded candidates. Money is corrupting our entire system and it's a big issue for voters in this campaign. So show them examples of what that money is buying.

SHOW voters 'this is what his opponents are doing', and then show them what Bernie is doing and I can tell you, it is amazing how it works to draw that contrast between him and those who spend their time NOT talking about issues, but trying to get people to believe a lie hoping that is going to help their candidate.


Bernie continues to soar among the people because that is what he does.

And the TRUTH cannot be turned into a LIE no matter how hard someone tries to do.

THANK YOU Bernie, for being so honest, for refusing to engage in negative campaigning, for sticking to the issues that matter to the people.

Just wanted to say how proud I am to have a candidate like this.

It is so very refreshing to have such a candidate in this race!

Liberals Roar As Bernie Sanders Joins Elizabeth Warren On Bill To Reinstate Glass Steagall

Liberals Roar As Bernie Sanders Joins Elizabeth Warren On Bill To Reinstate Glass Steagall


This is where the tire hits the road. The great recession did not have to happen. It happened because constraints on Wall St. were eliminated leaving the savings and investments of Americans vulnerable to the greed and recklessness of Wall St.

Especially, the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999, which had been protecting American's savings since it was installed in response to the abuses of the Wall St. elite in 1933, left the country's pensions and livelihoods at great risk.

So our Liberal Lions in the Senate are taking matters into their own hands.

From Jason Easly at Politicususa:

Two of the most prominent liberals in the Senate have joined forces to take on the big banks as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced that he is teaming up with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to co-sponsor her bill that would reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act.
In a statement, Sanders said:

I strongly support Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bill to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act.

On July 1, 1999, while Congress was voting on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to permit commercial banks, investment banks and insurance companies to merge, then-Rep. Sanders said: “I believe this legislation, in its current form, will do more harm than good. It will lead to fewer banks and financial service providers; increased charges and fees for individual consumers and small businesses; diminished credit for rural America; and taxpayer exposure to potential losses should a financial conglomerate fail. It will lead to more mega-mergers; a small number of corporations dominating the financial service industry; and further concentration of economic power in our country.”

Bernie was RIGHT then and he and Warren are right now. Let's hope all Dems will join Warren and Bernie to get this done.

He has been right on almost every important issue over the past decades and didn't need to look at polls to decide how to vote on this issues. He voted as he did, no matter how unpopular it may have been at the time, because it was the RIGHT thing to do.

Leaders need to have that kind of good judgement and the courage to act on it.

Bernie will be a great president! Someone who will always do what is best for the PEOPLE.

Bernie Sanders Largerst Turnout Yet in Phoenix! Reports say 11,000!

People For Bernie ‏@People4Bernie 3h

Domenick wants @BernieSanders to be POTUS so his friends won't join the military to pay for college #FeelTheBern

Bernie Sanders ‏@BernieSanders 27m

Tonight more than 11,000 friends and I sent a powerful message to the billionaire class: You can’t have it all!

Will post more photos as they come in!

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