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sabrina 1

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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
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Bernie Doesn't Just SAY He Opposes Citizens United He Shows How To Run A People Funded Campaign

It's no use saying that you oppose something if you participate in it and benefit from it.

Bernie has TAUGHT other Dem Candidates how they too can campaign without taking advantage of Citizen's United.

He has raised one third of what he said he will need for this campaign in just two months.

From small donors.

I have a feeling he will raise more than the goal he set for himself.

He won't have to pay for NEGATIVE ADS because he won't use them either, never has.

And he has so many volunteers to get the word out about his campaign he won't have to spend a lot of money there either.

CU needs to be over turned. Bernie has pledged to only appoint SC judges who will vote to do that.

Already, sadly, one of the Democratic Candidates' Super Pac has run a negative ad against BERNIE instead of the Republicans.

To my knowledge he has not denounced that ad.

That tells me this is not someone I could support.

Nor could I trust a candidate who taking advantage of CU to work to overturn it.

Just another good reason why I support Bernie Sanders.

Again, Bernie is not just talking, he is running a campaign WITHOUT taking advantage of something he opposes and he is teaching others that IT CAN BE DONE!

$15,000,000! From ordinary people in just 2 months. Why? Because he is delivering the message the people want to hear.

And when more people get to know who he is, more will be donating. This is with more than half the country not knowing him, yet.

Remember the Supreme Court when you chose a candidate!

Dirty Tricks? Bernie Sanders has no Pacs and has not approved of any Pacs.

I am editing this post to state that the headline of the article is where the problem is.

The pac has existed for a while and is for Progressive Candidates.

Why are we seeing false headlines to the contrary?

He is not associated with Pacs of any kind and has been clear that he has not approved of any pacs.

He has stated clearly that he does not like or want them.

So obviously someone is playing some dirty tricks here.

The next sentence was speculation on my part. The pac is legitimate, but is not Bernie's Pac as the headline implied so disregard that sentence, however I'm leaving it as that was the impression it created and was imo, intended to create.

Not hard to set up a pac then not follow the rules, THEN get your corporate buddies to finance some false reporting.

Donate ONLY to Bernie's Act Blue Account.

The following sentence still applies:

All pacs claiming to be for Bernie are NOT unless there is an official statement from the campaign!

UPDATES: Some photos from Madison tonight:

Photos are just beginning to be posted around the internet. I will add them when I see them rather than start new OPs.

Josh Klemons ‏@jlemonsk 2h

House, officially packed. #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern

Joe Nelson ‏@joe___nelson 29m

#BernieSanders draws crowd of 10,000 in Madison, Wisconsin. #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016 #WisconsinReallyHatesScottWalker

I will add more as I find them. What an incredible speech, he hit every important issue and ripped the Republicans apart to great cheers from the crowd.

Editing to add this photo from MadFloridian's OP in the Primary Forum:

Apparently they had to turn people away!

Bernie about to enter the stadium. The crowd roared!

"He's Never Flip Flopped, Never Sold Out, Never Said NO to Social Justice .....

Thank you Tina, you are 100% correct!

Explosion of Support Groups For Bernie Among Minorities Across Social Media.


Very exciting to see how, once the word about Bernie gets out, people are taking matters into their own hands and organizing to help others learn about his campaign.

All the 'concern' about AAs appears to be unfounded as groups are now forming to get the word out to ALL AMERICANS that a political revolution is necessary and giving people the information they need to participate.

See the above link for more info.

Explosion of Support Groups For Bernie Among Minorities Across Social Media.

Looking back to Jan of this year, Bernie was virtually unknown to Whites, Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Muslims and in fact he was at 3% among ALL Americans just months ago.

That was going to be his biggest challenge when he decided to run for the Presidency.

Hillary otoh, was a household name, which is to be expected. She was First Lady of the US and then Senator from NY. ran for the office in 2008 and was then SOS under Obama.

So for Bernie's campaign the first hurdle to overcome was getting his name out there to the overwhelming majority of Americans who had no idea who he was, what he stood for and probably had no idea of which state he was from.

So, the campaign decided on a strategy. First to focus on the critical, though small states. Score some victories there, gain some media attention from that, hoping to increase his name recognition.

Clearly the strategy is working, because people are now not just finding out about his campaign, but are so supportive of it that they are forming groups all over the country to help him form the Political Revolution they know is needed right now.

One other important tool to get the word out, was the very powerful New Media which is where people from across the country get their news now.

His name recognition has improved, though nowhere near where it needs to be yet.

I see some 'concern' from a few people about ONE GROUP among all the minorities and in fact Whites who did not know Bernie.

This seems odd to me since imo, Bernie needs to 'reach out ' TO ALL AMERICANS and he is doing just that.

However, to set the minds of those who appear to think that only African Americans are not likely to find out about Bernie on their own, at rest, not to worry, AAs, Latinos, just like Whites ARE finding out about him, the same way, from the sources and are JOINING his Political Revolution along with every other American.

Some of the groups that have formed within the past few weeks are:

@POCForBernie who have established a FB and Twitter account joining the campaign to do what Whites are doing, get his name known to All Americans. Some of the work they are doing since their launch is to make sure people know about Bernie's 'incredible history of fighting for Civil Rights for ALL Americans by posting it on their websites, informing people about WHO he is. This is now posted on @POCForBernie's twitter acct eg.

So as you can see, people are taking the lead themselves because they understand the daunting task it will be for Bernie to reach ALL Americans.

@LGBTForBernie, again, taking the initiative themselves to make sure all Americans know about the man they support for POTUS

@LatinosForBernie, doing what all Americans who support Bernie are doing, working with the campaign now to overcome the huge task of getting his name out there because, they believe, once people KNOW him, they will support him.

@BlacksForBernie, joining Bernie's Political Revolution, not waiting for anyone to 'reach out' to them because they KNOW Bernie's history of fighting for their Civil Rights from BEFORE he entered Politics.

I am puzzled by the singling out of ONLY AAs who are as capable as any other group of following this election and deciding who best represents them. AND taking action without anyone holding their hands.

There are dozens of other minority groups forming every day.

So to those who are worried that only ONE group might need someone to hold their hands, rest assured, they do NOT.

Americans KNOW something is terribly wrong in this country.

Now many have found a candidate who is speaking to THEM and highlighting the ISSUES that concern THEM, not engaging in the dirty tricks and negative campaigning Americans are so sick and tired of, but focusing on the ISSUES.

And they are not waiting for the campaign to organize them, they are doing it themselves, because they understand what Bernie means about not being able to do it alone, that it will take a 'Political Movement' and they GET THAT.

So please do not single out any group of people and assume they, more than any other group, need to have the way pointed out to them. That is pretty insulting imho.

No American who has watched the downward trajectory of this nation in so many areas needs their hands held when they finally see someone who is willing to stand up for them and fight for them and who has done so for decades.

They know exactly what to do AND they are doing it. This, after all, is THEIR COUNTRY!

It is rather demeaning imo, to assume that just one group is incapable of doing what every other group is doing so I would like to put that to rest if possible. There is absolutely NO NEED TO WORRY about that.

The Bernie Sanders Campaign plans to reach out to All Americans, their strategy of gaining some name recognition AND SUCCESS to begin with, has worked.

This has led Americans to take matters into their own hands and help the Campaign by forming their own groups all over the country to spread the word!

If anyone wants to help any of these groups, some are asking for help eg, people to provide content for their online accounts, to help forward the message by adding their groups names to their own FB and Twitter accts etc.

It is very exciting to watch this Campaign grow from where it was on the day Bernie Announced to where it is now.

From 3% all the way to being neck and neck with the Front Runner in the states where he has focused his campaign up to now, in less than two months.

And that is due mainly to the massive army of volunteers who have helped spread the word and of course to his campaign managagement.

And once again, that army of campaigners includes ALL Americans.

UPDATE: BernieTV Launches Today To Cover Madison Event! Counting Down to Madison Right Now!

They will be livestreaming the event.

Let's give them a hand by watching.

Their Twitter Account is here:


Bernie2016 TV ‏@Bernie2016tv 2h2 hours ago
TY @facebook @BernieSanders Supporters! We're making NEWS! Keep it up. You can't stop Bernie cause you can't stop us! #feelthebern

Bernie2016 TV ‏@Bernie2016tv 2h2 hours ago
Bernie2016 TV retweeted WI4BernieSanders2016
Moving on up!! The @berniebriagde is growing! Watch it unfold at #Bernie2016tv. Live from Madison! @NV4Bernie2016

They have people on the ground in Madison who will try to talk to some of those attending the event!

Bernie2016 TV ‏@Bernie2016tv 2h2 hours ago
We will have people filming the speech and if possible asking people questions to see what YOU have to say, all live.
2 retweets 3 favorites

Bernie2016 TV ‏@Bernie2016tv 2h2 hours ago
Tonight at 6:30 the Madison, Wisconsin speech will be Live streaming on Bernie2016tv YouTube! We will have people on the ground filming!

You can follow them on Twitter to keep up with what they are doing. They now have over 200 followers, the more the better.

Bernie TV is a fantastic idea and I hope that enough people know about them so their first event coverage is a huge success!

I know I'l be watching, spreading the word on Social Media and rec'ing their Utube Channel.

They are on the air! I am watching some video of Bernie right now, as they wait for the event to begin.

Adding this link for anyone who isn't aware of Bernie TV's creators: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1280&pid=16621

Editing to add the link to Bernie's site's live stream:


Powerful Union Leader Joins Bernie's Campaign Citing 'Clinton's hesitation on Fast Track'

And the backlash to the passage of fast tracking of the TPA has begun. Did they really think that there would be no consequences for that betrayal of the workers of America?

Labor Leader Joins Bernie Sanders' Campaign, Citing Clinton's 'Silence' On Fast Track

CWA President Larry Cohen

WASHINGTON -- The longtime leader of one of the country’s most powerful labor unions is joining the Democratic presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and he says presumed frontrunner Hillary Clinton made it an easy call.


Cohen, a staunch progressive, said Clinton's handling of the trade issue helped clarify why he wanted to get behind Sanders, whose candidacy is still considered a long shot despite standing-room-only crowds he's been drawing early on the trail. Sanders has been a vocal critic of giving Obama fast-track trade authority.

“Without a candidate like Bernie, we’re going to get a repeat of the same stuff,
" Cohen said. "Bernie is movement-building, and we need a new movement. We need to get big money out of politics."

Cohen was head of the CWA for ten years. The Union has 700,000 members. He will be volunteering now to work for Bernie's campaign starting next week in Iowa.

His volunteering is not an endorsement by the Union, but how long before the Unions get on board?

"The key is him being the progressive candidate," Cohen said of Sanders. "You build the movement -- you don't just inherit it from labor or any other tent."

Cohen said Clinton's hesitation on fast track "won't be forgotten" anytime soon.

"We're not a rubber stamp for the Democratic Party," Cohen said of organized labor, "and certainly not for corporate Democrats."

Unions and Progressive orgs warned the Democratic Party not to take them for granted anymore. Now they DO have 'somewhere to go'!

The TPP is going to be a huge factor in this campaign. Like Cohen it may well have been the last straw for many working class people.

Bernie Sanders is likely to attract many of those who belong to the over 2,000 Progressive Orgs who opposed it, and every Union in the country.

So they got their secret deal through.

It's going to cause not just a Political Revolution here, but Globally, and it's about time.

Why She Supports Bernie Sanders!

Did anyone ever call Dick Cheney or Bush 'radical'?

I agree with her.

Sick and tired of honest politicians being called names, while lying, cheating, war criminals, and Wall St criminals are treated as if they were normal.

That's a primary reason why I am supporting Bernie also. He is honest!

Buckwheat Zydeco to Bobby Jindal: 'You don't Represent Us'! To Bernie Sanders: 'Tres Bien'

Buckwheat was not pleased that Jindal used his music for his WH run announcement and tweeted his displeasure calling Jindal's use of his music 'not cool'.

Buckwheat Zydeco to Gov. Bobby Jindal: Don't use my music

First Neil Young, now Buckwheat Zydeco and both are fans of Bernie Sanders:

@The_Gambit Using our music is not cool at all #BobbyJindal. @SenSanders using our "Make A Change" to make his announcement is tres bien!

— Buckwheat Zydeco (@buckwheatzydeco) June 25, 2015

Followed by another tweet:

Let us cleanse our palate of #BobbyJindal by remembering the King of Zydeco, Clifton Chenier, on his 90th birthday!

— Buckwheat Zydeco (@buckwheatzydeco) June 25, 2015

Buckwheat Zydeco's camp said Gov. Bobby Jindal's use of his music "is not cool at all."

At Jindal’s campaign announcement rally June 24, organizers played songs by several Louisiana artists to entertain the crowd before the main event, including Buckwheat Zydeco’s 1990 cover version of the standard “Hey, Good Lookin’.”

After Gambit reported the Jindal playlist (which also included songs by Wayne Toups and Zydecajun, Garth Brooks, Montgomery Gentry and the Zac Brown Band), Buckwheat Zydeco chided the Jindal campaign in a tweet, indicating that Buck's candidate of choice is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a registered independent who is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

“Using our music is not cool at all #BobbyJindal,” the musician tweeted. “@SenSanders using our ‘Make A Change’ to make his announcement is tres bien!”

Jindal's Campaign Responded:

UPDATE: Asked for comment, Shannon Dirmann, a spokeswoman for Jindal, replied:

We licensed the music we played. But if Mr. Zydeco wants to be a good socialist like Bernie Sanders, he might need to rethink the idea of private property.

To which Zydeco's camp responded:

Buckwheat Zydeco ‏@buckwheatzydeco

They can buy a song but can't buy our approval. It's not worth it. We are not a prop. http://bit.ly/1Gvx8Cu

All I can say is I hope they keep doing it. Look at all the free advertising they are giving to Bernie 'a good Socialist" they are so in the past.

Bernie is apparently a fan of Buckwheat also. This is the great song 'Make a Change' he used in his announcement for the WH race:

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