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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 09:11 PM
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Scalia's passing is a giant squirrel, it might not be one that was manufactured but it will be used by anyone with a sly agenda to slip stuff under the radar while the M$M predictably chases the bright and shiny squirrel.

Keep your eye on the ball, ladies and germs, Scalia is just a distraction at this point.

Hillary has lost the under 45 vote, there are only two basic choices to make and it's getting late

One choice is for the Clinton campaign to try and get the younger crowd back, some planned spontaneity and perhaps some stern lectures from 75 year old icons might do it, then again maybe not.

The other basic choice is for the Clinton campaign to so revolt the under 45 crowd with their behavior that the less than geriatric just stay home out of disgust for all things political and the olds then triumph since we evidently as a group which I am ashamed to say I belong to will swallow any amount of the most grotesque slime and proclaim it caviar.

I guess we will see in the next few weeks and months which path the Clinton campaign is going to take, win young people with a bold vision or turn them off with a tsunami of slime.

"No conscience, no empathy . . . we have to bring them to heel" who said it, Clinton or Sanders?

What drives the extreme age division between Sanders and Clinton voters?

I think this may have a lot to do with it.

The Ring of Truth

Bernie has it, he speaks the plain language of everyday Americans rather than the carefully calibrated and focus group tested jargon of the average politician. He actually knows how to say yes and no, something most politicians are loath to do.

Trump will swing pretty far left if he gets the nomination

Trump's not an ideologue he's the ultimate pragmatist, whatever the hell will get him elected is fine with him.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to hear him call his own primary rhetoric bullshit if he were to get the nom, he's got enough money to get away with a lot and I"m gradually realizing he's actually wicked smaht, he certainly taking the Republican party for a ride.

What makes Hillary happy, what makes Hillary mad

"I feel your pain" Nice thing to say to someone or not?

A DUer wrote that to me some months back in fairly obvious sarcasm, who it was and why is immaterial and I'm truly sorry that it made me so angry that I lashed out at them the other day when I got the chance.

I want to apologize to that person for things I wrote which were hurtful and I want to apologize to DU for losing my temper. My very deepest button got pushed hard and combined with a currently stressful situation with a close relative and the usual personal problems of an old I lost my cool.

I'm sorry I acted like an idiot and an asshole.

Period. Full stop.

With that being said I would like to open a discussion about the phrase, particularly as used by a politician, what do you think? What I think should be self evident, no, no you don't.


"I feel your pain." Response to AIDS activist Bob Rafsky at the Laura Belle nightclub in Manhattan (March 27, 1992)

Sadly, over the Hill

Another blast from the past, some great writing here, powerful stuff.



When I heard Hillary’s comment that she and John McCain brought the necessary experience and expertise to the table, while her fellow Democrat, Barack Obama, was to be dismissed as nothing more than a speech, I was truly astounded. This was not the Hillary of sense and sensibility, but the Hillary of pride and prejudice, a woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her goal, with an immediate and vicious bias against anyone who had the audacity to try and stand in her way.

This code of conduct has not subsided, but instead has persisted and become more blatantly apparent with every passing day. It is the same “you’re with us or against us” mentality that has divided a nation for more than seven years; it is the same rhetoric that screams of entitlement and arrogance, rather than a sense of accepting the will of the people who have spoken, and continue to speak, about something more important than the ego of one politician with their eye focused on nothing else but the prize.


Float like a Butterfly, sting like a Bee, feel the Bern

I become more impressed with Bernie Sanders on a regular basis, he has the game figured out I do believe. He is letting his opponent wear themselves out futilely swinging at him while he concentrates on his message.

Bernie Sanders probably has the worst case of attention surplus disorder I've ever seen.

Feel the Bern!
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