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Gender: Female
Hometown: Seattle, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 01:09 PM
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Being the "Queen of Everything" (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

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"the days when we could fight foreign wars and be safe at home may be long gone"

This is the header of a news story, but what the story is really about is that people in the middle East do not feel themselves tied to any particular country whose borders were created 100 years ago by Western powers
and why that is a crucial aspect of ISIS's success.
Written by Robert Fisk, who is worth following..

Early in 2014, Isis released one of its first videos. Largely unseen in Europe, it had neither the slick, cutting-edge professionalism of its later execution tapes nor the haunting “nasheed” music that accompanies most of its propaganda. Instead, a hand-held camera showed a bulldozer pushing down a rampart of sand that had marked the border between Iraq and Syria. As the machine destroyed the dirt revetment, the camera panned down to a handwritten poster lying in the sand. “End of Sykes-Picot”, it said.

Like many hundreds of thousands of Arabs in the Middle East, for whom Sykes-Picot was an almost cancerous expression, I watched this early Isis video in Beirut. The bloody repercussions of the borders that the British and French diplomats, Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot, drew in secret during the First World War – originally giving Syria, Mount Lebanon and northern Iraq to the French, and Palestine, Transjordan and the rest of Iraq to the British – are known to every Arab, Christian and Muslim and, indeed, every Jew in the region. They eviscerated the governorates of the old dying Ottoman empire and created artificial nations in which borders, watchtowers and hills of sand separated tribes, families and peoples. They were an Anglo-French colonial production.

The same night that I saw the early Isis video, I happened to be visiting the Lebanese Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt. “The end of Sykes-Picot!” he roared at me. “Rubbish,” I snorted. But of course, I was wrong and Jumblatt was right. He had spotted at once how Isis captured symbolically – but with almost breathtaking speed – what so many Arabs had sought for almost exactly 100 years: the unravelling of the fake borders with which the victors of the First World War – largely the British and the French – had divided the Arab people. It was our colonial construction – not just the frontiers we imposed upon them, but the administrations and the false democracies that we fraudulently thrust upon them, the mandates and trusteeships which allowed us to rule them – that poisoned their lives. Colin Powell claimed just such a trusteeship for Iraq's oil prior to the illegal Anglo-American invasion of 2003.

We foisted kings upon the Arabs – we engineered a 96 per cent referendum in favour of the Hashemite King Faisal in Iraq in 1922 – and then provided them with generals and dictators. The people of Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt – which had been invaded by the British in the 19th century – were subsequently blessed with mendacious governments, brutal policemen, lying newspapers and fake elections. Mubarak even scored Faisal's epic 96 per cent election victory all over again. For the Arabs, “democracy” did not mean freedom of speech and freedom to elect their own leaders; it referred to the “democratic” Western nations that continued to support the cruel dictators who oppressed them.


Brzezinski boasted:“The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, ( of Afghanistan)

I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.”


Modern international jihad ( ISIS) originated as an instrument of US foreign policy.
The “great menace of our era” was built up by the CIA to wage a proxy war against the Soviets.

A 1973 coup in Afghanistan installed a new secular government that, while not fully communist, was Soviet-leaning. That was a capital offense from the perspective of America’s Cold War national security state, at the time headed by Henry Kissinger.

Conveniently for Kissinger, the dirt poor country was sandwiched between two US client states: Pakistan to the east and Iran (then still ruled by the CIA-installed Shah) to the west. Immediately after the coup, the CIA and the clandestine security agencies of Pakistan (ISI) and Iran (SAVAK) began regime change operations in Afghanistan, orchestrating and sponsoring Islamic fundamentalist insurrections and coup attempts.

Due to these efforts, as well as the government’s own oppressiveness, a widespread rebellion broke out in Afghanistan in 1978. In July 1979, US President Jimmy Carter, on the advice of National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, officially authorized aid to the puritanical Mujahideen rebels, to be delivered through the CIA’s “Operation Cyclone.” This was on top of the unofficial aid that the CIA had already been funneling to Afghan Islamist insurgents for years through Pakistan and Iran.

In a 1998 interview, Brzezinski openly admitted that he and Carter thus “knowingly increased the probability” that the Soviets would militarily intervene. And indeed Russia did invade in December 1979, beginning the decade-long Soviet-Afghan War.

Anyone else here lost their bookmarks?

Was checking my account features and under "bookmarks" nothing shows up.

Was there a change I missed?
anyone else have this problem?

I could ask admin, but that forum is weeks behind in replies.

How big is the refugee problem? ........... THIS big.

a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan

from Planting Peace dot org.

New candidate has entered the race for Pres.

In New Hampshire today, a man calling himself Vermin Supreme filed for the presidential primary.
He said in his administration, every American will receive a pony.
He also plans to defeat ISIS by going back in time.
Oh, and he wears a large boot on his head.

as seen on Facebook:

He doesn't sound much nuttier than some others in teh race. ( Looking at you, Carson)

Handy list of who is who in the Syrian and Middle East conflict

Esp. interesting is who arms who, listed halfway down.
Remember, it boils down to a Sunni/Shia conflict primarily. ( ISIS is anti Shia and most everyone else except their version of Sunni Islam)


Next time you hear someone say "send Syrian refugees back where they came from", show them this:

Something to bear in mind, perhaps

Roanoke Mayor gets BLASTED by the world after racist remarks re: refugees.

He invoked President Roosevelt's incarceration of the Japanese, implying it was a good thing!
and compared Syrian refugees to them.

He called for all involved to “suspend and delay” any assistance “until these atrocities end, or at the very least until regarded as under control by U.S. authorities, and normalcy is restored.”

He continued, “I’m reminded that President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt compelled to sequester Japanese foreign nationals after the bombing of Pearl Harbor,” he said, "and it appears that the threat of harm to America from ISIS now is just as real and serious as that from our enemies then.”

then he apologized today , saying he did not realize anyone outside of the Roanoke would have noticed.

Well, everyone noticed, including George Takei, who put up a Facebook post about it.

Watch this, it's a treat:

Have you seen the new-ish "Americans for Jesus" superPac page?

Here is the landing page.......look at the list of coming events.

Next, swallow all liquids, then look at their "list of Issues" down page, under "Platform".


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