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Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2006, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 26,664

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Thanks to my Anonymous Heart Donor(s)

- From the bottom of mine!

Kerry: US may lift Russia sanctions if Minsk agreements enacted

- Great news. A ''ceasefire.'' Nothing pisses weapons manufacturers and the morally-deficient bankers who fund them, more than that single word. Meanwhile, ''our allies'' in the Ukrainian parliament are in need of a peace plan themselves.

Or at least a referee......


Thom Hartmann- Q: ''What's More Dangerous Than Fukushima?''

DeSwiss- A: ''Congress''

Min. Katrougalos: ''Greece was negotiating as 'debt colony’ until now, we don’t want a new loan''

Finally, someone whose mind is straight. It's the physical attributes, the resources, the skills, the technology that has the value. Not the money. The money is like inches, a way of measuring something.

- Only we have a set of people (1%ers) who have screwed with the tape. And their inches are longer than anyone else's inches. Way longer.


Russia to build Egypt’s first nuclear plant, help in ‘whole new industry’

- You've heard of Gunboat Diplomacy? Well, this is Nuclear Reactor Diplomacy. Same school of thought, different class altogether.

With Nuclear Reactor Diplomacy peace is achieved, but everyone dies anyway.......

The Daily Show - An Egyptian Satirist in America

- And of course there's the formal black and white collar for state occasions and official ceremonies.....

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors (HBO)

- The ''Your Doctor's On Pharma Dollars'' ad should be required to play on all media devices in every doctor's office, clinic and hospital throughout the country.


500 Greek families survive in ‘temporary camp’ with no power & running water for 15 years

- The EU sez: ''Let them eat cake!''

'No peace with NATO': Protesters rally outside Munich Security Conference

- Gee. A fella'd get the idea we aren't as well liked in Europe as we thought......

Merkel, Hollande to meet Putin in Moscow on Ukraine peace plan

- If this doesn't signal to everyone just how serious things have turned, they should probably check their pulse.

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