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Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2006, 12:17 AM
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Russia bans all U.S. food, EU fruit and vegetables in sanctions response; NATO fears invasion

Source: Reuters

By Polina Devitt and Maria Tsvetkova
Wed Aug 6, 2014 7:52pm EDT

- Russia will ban all imports of food from the United States and all fruit and vegetables from Europe, the state news agency reported on Wednesday, a sweeping response to Western sanctions imposed over its support for rebels in Ukraine.

The measures will hit consumers at home who rely on cheap imports, and on farmers in the West for whom Russia is a big market. Moscow is by far the biggest buyer of European fruit and vegetables and the second biggest importer of U.S. poultry.

RIA quoted the spokesman for Russia's food safety watchdog VPSS, Alexei Alexeenko, as saying all European fruit and vegetables and all produce from the United States would be included in a ban drawn up on the orders of President Vladimir Putin to punish countries that imposed sanctions on Russia.

Earlier, Alexeenko told Reuters bans on EU and U.S. goods would be "quite substantial", and would specifically include U.S. poultry, although he declined to give a full list of banned goods. He could not be reached again after the RIA report.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/06/us-ukraine-crisis-idUSKBN0G61K220140806

- Not to worry. The top poultry-producing states are all red. And since they know all about boot-straps and keeping your chin up during tough times (cause that's what they say to the poor all the time), they should be just fine. So I'm sure they won't be looking for any ''help'' other than what the Lord deems fit.

People power: passengers free man trapped by train in Australia

euronews (in English) * Published on Aug 6, 2014

A commuter near the Western Australian capital Perth had a lucky escape on Wednesday (August 6), after he fell into the gap between the train and the platform at Stirling Station.

The passenger, who found himself wedged in place, was rescued by his fellow travellers tilting the train, allowing him to be pulled to safety.

He was taken away by authorities and given the all clear by medics, local media reported. The passengers reboarded the train and left the platform just fifteen minutes behind schedule.

- Okay!?!?!

$619 billion missed from federal transparency site

Gregory Korte, USA TODAY 6:59 p.m. EDT August 5, 2014

WASHINGTON — A government website intended to make federal spending more transparent was missing at least $619 billion from 302 federal programs, a government audit has found.

And the data that does exist is wildly inaccurate, according to the Government Accountability Office, which looked at 2012 spending data. Only 2% to 7% of spending data on USASpending.gov is "fully consistent with agencies' records," according to the report.

Among the data missing from the 6-year-old federal website:
    • The Department of Health and Human Services failed to report nearly $544 billion, mostly in direct assistance programs like Medicare. The department admitted that it should have reported aggregate numbers of spending on those programs.

    • The Department of the Interior did not report spending for 163 of its 265 assistance programs because, the department said, its accounting systems were not compatible with the data formats required by USASpending.gov. The result: $5.3 billion in spending missing from the website.

    • The White House itself failed to report any of the programs it's directly responsible for. At the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is part of the White House, officials said they thought HHS was responsible for reporting their spending.


- Well, I'm glad they cleared that up. Now we know what they're not telling us. Sort of.

I think......

Humanitarian Crisis: No water, power, comms in Lugansk, E. Ukraine

RT * Published on Aug 5, 2014

The eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk has declared a state of humanitarian catastrophe over a lack of medical supplies, electricity, lighting, mobile and internet communication. Some 250,000 civilians are unable to leave, the statement also says.

READ MORE http://on.rt.com/7scs3a

- At the present time, I don't think the Ukrainian Army's soldiers are fighting these people as much as robbing them for their food.

10 Disturbing Facts About The Deep Web

Alltime10s * Published on Jan 15, 2014

10 Disturbing Facts About The Deep Web

Most of us who use the internet surf the Surface Web. As the name suggests, this is just a part of what goes on online. Find out what happens beyond in 10 disturbing facts about the Deep Web.

Music = Urban Requiem by Darren Leigh Purkiss | In the Shadows by Chris Egan and Trystan Francis

Image by Sjef van Gaalen @thesjef

Stephen Fry - The power of words in Nazi Germany

Ed Reeves * Uploaded on Nov 17, 2011

Stephen Fry talks about the power of words in Nazi Germany relating to the Jews.

An extract from Stephen Fry's talk on his BBC series Planet Word.

Full video podcast available here:

- Mr. Fry's perspective on how language can enable atrocities to happen, seemed apropos right about now.

New and Improved! NSA Promotional Interview

- I believe the Presidents speech will live on in comedy routines, for time immemorial.....

Let's Go Remove Hooks From Shark's Mouths! YAY!!!

- I know those sharks are saying to themselves: ''Okay this time I'm gonna let you slide. But next time I'm eatin' you!

Unless I have another hook in my mouth......''

Over 400 Ukrainian soldiers flee to Russia, ask for refuge

RT * Published on Aug 4, 2014

A total of 438 soldiers, including 164 Ukrainian border guards have been allowed to cross into Russia on Sunday night after they requested sanctuary. RT correspondent Marina Kosareva has the details.

- Didn't you just know it would come to this? Supplying your troops by having the families pay for their clothes and bullets through online web accounts. A sort of kickstarter for your own war using with online scam software.

Online War Supplyines© from Microsoft™ - ''You'll have ta' marraw.... I promise.''

Shocking FBI Malpractice Uncovered

The Young Turks * Published on Aug 3, 2014

"Nearly every criminal case reviewed by the FBI and the Justice Department as part of a massive investigation started in 2012 of problems at the FBI lab has included flawed forensic testimony from the agency, government officials said.

The findings troubled the bureau, and it stopped the review of convictions last August. Case reviews resumed this month at the order of the Justice Department, the officials said.

U.S. officials began the inquiry after The Washington Post reported two years ago that flawed forensic evidence involving microscopic hair matches might have led to the convictions of hundreds of potentially innocent people. Most of those defendants never were told of the problems in their cases."

Read more from Spencer S. Hsu at Washington Post here:

    From the article:
    U.S. officials began the inquiry after The Washington Post reported two years ago that flawed forensic evidence involving microscopic hair matches might have led to the convictions of hundreds of potentially innocent people. Most of those defendants never were told of the problems in their cases.

    The inquiry includes 2,600 convictions and 45 death-row cases from the 1980s and 1990s in which the FBI’s hair and fiber unit reported a match to a crime-scene sample before DNA testing of hair became common. The FBI had reviewed about 160 cases before it stopped, officials said.

    (Related: ‘Irreversible harm’ when FBI didn’t reveal flawed lab work in death-row cases)

    The investigation resumed after the Justice Department’s inspector general excoriated the department and the FBI for unacceptable delays and inadequate investigation in a separate inquiry from the mid-1990s. The inspector general found in that probe that three defendants were executed and a fourth died on death row in the five years it took officials to reexamine 60 death-row convictions that were potentially tainted by agent misconduct, mostly involving the same FBI hair and fiber analysis unit now under scrutiny.

“I love you, but why must you love the law? 'Tis plain for all to see that she's a whore...that virtuous persons have no need to woo; that villains screw, then studiously ignore.”

~V for Vendetta
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